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We The People Support Our New President – Rally at Trump Tower – NYC


Feb. 5, 2017- Noon – Outside Trump Tower Fifth Avenue. It was cold. It was SUPER BOWL Sunday. But that did not keep the patriots at home.

Only problem: I couldn’t hear or see the speakers. Otherwise, it was a Super Rally on Super Bowl Sunday.

I arrived a few minutes after twelve, and first thing I  heard was chanting “refugees are welcome here“. Did the pro-Trump Rally find a way to use the Lefists’ chants — as a hook for the press?  Nope. A few LOUD hard-core anti-Trumpers were on hand …. chanting away.

Moving on to the end of this block, between 55th and 56th streets, I was pleased to see the many pro-Trump rally signs. Eager. Happy. Already scoped out by the press. Cameras on tripods ready to film the action.

This was a nice turnout — kudos to the organizers. Visually the signs did not disappoint.

The enthusiasm was infectious.

Someone even brought a Donald Doll to the festivities

At the other end of the rally, the pro-Trumpers ….

…. They had a spirited exchange with the anti-Trumpers and the press, of course, drifted that direction.

AFSI  [Americans For a Safe Israel] was there. Reporting on this enthusiastic rally….

On a sunny but chilly Sunday afternoon, supporters of President Trump braved the cool weather and swarms of tourists on Fifth Avenue in front of Trump Tower, to tell the world: 


Since President Trump’s inauguration, there have been hundreds of anti-Trump rallies around the country, many of them violent and filled with language not worthy of the gutter. Yesterday, those who believe in democracy and the rule of law said, “enough is enough.” President Trump was elected democratically, according to the laws of our country, and it is time for the entire nation to accept it.

 AFSI’s Co-Executive Director, Helen Freedman, was one of the many speakers at the pro-Trump rally. Carrying an Israeli flag, she emphasized that the USA and JerUSAlem are entwined, since USA makes up the middle letters of Israel’s capital city. She also stressed the promises Trump made while campaigning regarding moving the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and keeping a hands-off policy regarding settlement building. The crowd was with her all the way.

More pictures in the slide show


Links to the some of the media reports:–organized-by-queens-gop-chairman–rally-in-manhattan.html

Organizers of  the pro-Trump Rally said they came to honor President Trump and to show support for the “electoral college process AND to show pride in America.” That they did.  Bravo!

++ all Photos are property of Pamela Hall++

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The voters have spoken, the protestors can sit down and shut up, they lost, with even grunt and utterance they make against the President, they lose more, if that’s possible.

    • JacksonPearson
      • HaplessChild

        Thanks for posting that Mr. Pearson.

        • foundingfathersfollower

          I agree, Thank you very, very much!

    • Steve

      When i look at the people gathered they look essentially like most people – even the ones at the anti-Trump anarchy riots minus the hooded masks and mayhem – but it occurs to me you certainly can’t tell books by their covers. You have to wait only a few seconds with the anti-Trumpers to start speaking to realize they are really the aliens who should be banned for bringing their irrational thinking and behavior to a still – fighting to be – civilized country.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That is how it truly appears.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    Sorry, but NO !!!
    80% of the New Yawker scum voted for Hilliary !!
    NYC Mayor and NYPD will ensure only Trump supporters are arrested and charged for ANY violence or wrongdoing !!
    Pam, try picking fights wisely !!!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Or alternatively, keep voting until the results come up the way you want them!

    • sodacrackers2

      Don’t malign the nypd.

    • Tm.

      If that is the case, then Trump supporters need to take cues from the other party and demand representation. Trump supporters need to litigate and press charges when they are assaulted at universities. Trump supporters need to organize and protest and ask why our universities, the ones funded by the American people do not allow conservative professors to hold positions, do not invite conservative speakers, and cannot assure their safety by expelling any students who resort to violence.
      Also, what’s happening at the White H., is illegal, and bereft morally. The moles and the holdovers need to be arrested and charged for treason. They are sabotaging the country!

      • foundingfathersfollower

        Well Said! Thank You!

    • Steve

      I wonder how much plastic and drugs are involved in keeping her together enough just to stand up.

  • Fred

    Trump 2020!

  • bannedquran20

    Spot on!! “We the People” remember neighbor, in BOLD Letters! God Bless America, The Land of the Big PX and President Trump!

  • Janet

    It’s about time we saw a rally in support of Trump! The Democrats are doing everything possible to undermine the Trump presidency and they’re not going to stop. I’ve never seen anything like it. The Democrats in office today have no morals or scruples. I wish people would see them for what they truly are. They are the new slave masters! They don’t give a crap about the poor or underprivileged in this country except for keeping them that way!

  • Drew the Infidel

    Though I am unable to travel to large venues to attend a rally in support of Trump, I would if I could. But I still do my small part. I wear my “Veterans for Trump” shirt in public often. I also am leaving my bumper sticker with the same message in place. Maybe the NRA sticker is the reason it hasn’t been jacked with. And my Trump yard sign is still standing. Maybe my “Property Protected by Glock” sign on the front gate has something to do with that as well.

  • Erica Ling

    Presumably Mr. Trump is removing his gold curtains already–Charlie Sheen, you know Charlie, folks, (what was the number ? 5000 ?) has just joined the band wagon predicting the President won’t last the four years. I must admit to being impressed by the calibre and expertise of the opposition !

    • Tm.

      Well, following that thought, we actually only have the moment. Four years from now? Who knows? We could be inside a black hole.
      President Trump was elected fairly. He is the President. The left is reaching and trying to undermine the Office. It would be one thing if they attempted this within the law and with some moral basis. The fact is that they want it their way, always. They want one party. They want Totalitarian Rule, throughout the world. They’ll never see it, or achieve that directive.

      • Erica Ling

        As shown by the bottom- of- the- barrel personnel and tactics used. When they have to unearth purported opinions of “social icons” dead 23 years, then they are really showing how desperate they are. Perhaps we should note the names and remarks and not give them the satisfaction of reacting. Trump should do the same. Revenge is best served cold–and silent.

  • Tm.

    Inspiring article and pictures. Note how the pro Trump signs were polite and the Lib signs were rude, downright mean. Soetimes I do think they are mean spirited. If the pro Trump rally didn’t have the numbers, it is probably because the vast majority of Trump supporters are middle classers who hold jobs, as in full time jobs. In addition, they don’t have a megalomaniac funding their protests.
    Hang in there President Trump, America needs you.

  • marlene

    What – no riots?? Oh, that’s right. The people who support President Trump are sane, rational and intelligent. There you have it.


    Trump is supposed to make a visit to the north of England where the real Brits live, if he comes near my town i will deffo make an effort to support him. He should stay away from londonistan too full of muslims and lefties. Welcome President Trump to the rust belt of good olde England.

  • Jack1948

    Does ANYBODY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Know what the ultimate goal of these people are ?

  • foundingfathersfollower

    Is this what we are seeing now, the real face of the Democratic party.
    They are so, so hateful and chaotic in their behavior. Am I mistaken,
    but are they trying to bring back the “Cold War” again? Democrats
    are throwing tantrums, running around like hysterics, making unsustainable
    accusations and making me/us ashamed that we
    were Democrats before. This behavior are NO way to win us back!
    The Establishment in Washington D.C. make me feel more convinced that
    President Trump has to “DRAIN THE SWAMP” there.
    The Democratic party are losing supporters every day, I can verify that.
    They think they are playing to the American, hardworking taxpayer,
    and that is a big mistake. They are only playing to the violent,
    extreme leftwing “haters” that doesn’t work and pay taxes.
    “We the People” are not opposed to have normal relations with
    Russia, it can NOT hurt in the face of ISIS’s attempt to exterminate
    all Christian people of ALL nationalities. I want the Democratic and
    Republican party, together with the President of the United States,
    to work on that very serious threat!

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