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Quebec Imam prays for the annihilation of the Jews


We await Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s condemnation (don’t hold your breath). Canada is enacting sharia laws to criminalize any criticism of Islam but Islamic exhortation to genocide, Trudeau demands we ‘respect it!’ Islamic Jew-hatred – it’s in the Quran.

Quebec Imam prays for the annihilation of the Jews

Posted by: Jonathan D. Halevi, CJN News, February 8, 2017:
At the end of his sermons at Al Andalous Islamic Center in Montreal, Quebec Imam Sayed AlGhitawi (سيد الغتاوي) recited supplications to Allah to support the mujahideen (Muslims who engage in jihad) in Palestine and to inflict total destruction on the Jews.

See also: ICNA Canada online syllabus: “Muslims will dominate the Jews”, kill them (click HERE).

The following are excerpts from Sayed AlGhitawi’s supplications in 2014 (originally in Arabic – click HERE and HERE):

O Allah, give victory to our brothers who engage in Jihad for Your sake in everywhere, O Lord of the Worlds

O Allah, give victory to our brothers who engage in Jihad in Palestine

O Allah, connect to their hearts

O Allah, make their feet firm

O Allah, make their feet firm

O Allah, give them victory over their enemy

O Allah, destroy the accursed Jews

O Allah, show us the black day you inflict on them

O Allah, show us the wonders of your power and ability inflicted on them, O the most Merciful

O Allah, show us how you do to them what you did to [the peoples] of ʿĀd and Thamud [ancient peoples that perished by Allah because they didn’t heed the warnings of the prophets]

O Allah, show us how you do them what you did to [the people] of ʿĀd and Thamud

O Allah, rain down on them rain of stones made of Sigil stones, O Lord of the Worlds

O Allah, rain down on them rain of stones made of Sigil stones, O the most Merciful

O Allah, make their children orphans and their women widows

O Allah, give victory to our brothers who engage in Jihad in Palestine, O Lord of the Worlds

O Allah, make their feet firm

O Allah, make their feet firm

O Allah, unite their ranks…

O Allah, destroy the accursed Jews

O Allah, show us the black day you inflict on them

O Allah, show us the wonders of your power and ability inflicted on them, O the most Merciful

Shook the ground beneath their feet

O Allah, kill them one by one

O Lord, don’t leave any of them [alive]

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is one of the many hate mongers the trudeau liberal government want to put in charge of Canadian hate legislation. muslims know all about hate, they practice and preach it every minute of every day. The fools that are liberals in Canada are trying to legislate that muslims can hate, but no one else can even have an opinion.

    • ninetyninepct

      Trudeau and his Liberals are controlled by his jihadist sharia terrorists. They are desperately trying to condemn and ban free speech with Motion – 103 which is an attempt to include “racism” and “Islamophobia” in the Canadian criminal Code. Any time a Muslim would claim to be “offended” could result in criminal charges and either hail or the payment of jizya by us kafirs and infidels. Do your research on those words and then write your MP to demand they vote against it. If passed, it will make Sharia law the law of Canada.

      • Mr Paul Middleton

        Here’s the dirt on the word ‘Islamophobia’ for your fellow Canadian citizen’s benefit I hope.
        Islamophobia is a term inflicted by Muslims against infidels in an attempt to shut down debate or dismiss any criticism of Islam. But the term actually better fits Muslims because they’re frightened to rigorously analyse Islam because their ideology threatens death for them if they deem to criticise it. So, it’s actually Muslims who are exhibiting the characteristics of a phobia. A right minded person should naturally feel hostility towards Islam’s backward ideology which separates man from his humanity.

        The word “Islamophobia” is all the evidence needed to show that Islam is intolerant. There’s the evidence right there, that it’s *Muslims who are the intolerant ones, not those who analyse Islam. No other religion is so intolerant.

        Christians have never used the term “Christophobia” nor have Hindus used the term “Hinduphobia” – only Islam does it! Furthermore, the reason Muslims persist in using the term Islamophobia is because of their desperation in attempting to explain away the rising tide of hatred against Islam in the world as well as attempting to intimidate people into thinking they’re wrong when they oppose jihad violence.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Of all the problems with islam, even the truth, if it offends a muslim is considered blasphemy. With islam’s view of hate speech, it would be a crime to even think anything about islam. The next problem is the punishment for blasphemy, which in islam, is death.


    The legal status of Islam goes hand in hand with the hiding of Nazi-leader Amin al-Husseini from history in schools. Ban Islam. Save lives.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The Grand Mufti never joined the Nazi party as he was NOT a German, stop LYING.

  • You can read how exactly the murder machine is being build here:

    • The link does not take you to my website. I do not know what is going on but I will investigate. In the meantime the address of my site is “”

      Type it in your browsers’ address bar and it should work. It does with Chrome and Firefox.

      • ninetyninepct

        It works if you delete – “%3Af6OvHY2y2-_q7eDy2UE3Rb47IjM&cuid=2597323” .

        That seems to be happening with a lot of links from various web sites. I wonder if it is the Liberals trying to interfere in or monitor our internet travels?

        • TY for the feedback. I wonder what is going on too. It can’t be that difficult. The address is just an address just like my home address. You send a letter to me and the pony express will deliver. Maybe we should organise our own virtual pony express.

  • Paul Reid

    The day is fast approaching when Canadian and American Patriots start inflicting some street justice on these filthy rats.

  • Gizmo

    What’s with the Jew fetish with these creeps. Jealous much?

    • Jessie Smith

      Look at the nations surrounding Israel, they have turned their countries into sand pits. Israel has a thriving agriculture because they make an effort to turn their land into a wonderful place. The places around them are only concerned about producing oil and raising pitiful examples of livestock. If Israel disappears, they will all kill each other with tribal wars within five years.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The incidence of Jew hatred found in the holey books of islam exceeds that found in Mein Kampf according to a retired physicist whose name escapes me at the moment. In the ahadith of islum there are no less than three passages that call for worldwide extermination of Jews.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        The retired physicist is Bill Warner — and Mrs. Geller has a link to one of his video in another article.
        I’ve actually attended a presentation by Dr. Warner (who has a PhD in physics), he’s a very cogent speaker.

    • Hussars2016

      The Koran is the source – this is mainstream Islam.

  • Tm.

    Oh God, reverse the curse. Bible is clear on Who has authority to curse, and it warns against cursing the Jews.

  • Tm.

    I’ll never set foot in Canada again. About 23 years ago, I had a strange annoying incident there. I didn’t understand what it was at that time, only that the person was nuts. I very clearly understand it now. Canada will rue the day they elected whom they did.

    • santashandler

      Good choice. F**K Canada. Canada, like England, may not be there for too long if they keep allowing this kind of filth to call for the extermination of people. They are now on a self-destructive path.

  • Craig

    I guess that it all balances out, because I am wishing for the extermination of the muslim savages.

  • santashandler

    This sounds very close to the incitement of a Civil War. And it will be anything but “Civil.” Let Canada fall. Their “leaders” are taking them straight into the blackness of total destruction. Why does no Canadian stand up. Why do they allow this. These bastards are going to learn in short order that, there is a line. When they cross it, THEY are the ones who will pay. ‘So, Mr. Sayed AlGhitawi, you and your fellow travelers in dirty night shirts take heed. You will all be pig food if you keep this up.’

  • Mahou Shoujo

    islam will be the death of the Canadian liberal party. It will be suicide.

    • DVult


    • Hussars2016

      I think the Canadian Liberal Party is the death of Canada. Canada has been fatally poisoned, it cannot recover.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Canada’s apathy will be its salvation. Except for southern ontario which is beyond hope of anything.

        • Hussars2016

          I don’t think so, it’s apathy has killed it , It is already dead.

        • Stephen Honig

          I pray for the annihilation of Muslims!

          • DCW left coast

            You may not have long to wait . . . interesting description in Zechariah 12 . . .

          • screminmimi

            How did you manage to get this comment posted? So much of this type of comment has been censored lately on social media.

          • Joseph

            Stephen please stop saying that it makes us look bad
            Say to ban islam and Quran
            there are many muslim woman especially that want to leave but fearful
            Many as well are ignorant that is why suppressing us to speak the truth
            is doling no favors to Muslims

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            There’s no such thing as extremism in defense of freedom and the f’ing muslums are the enemy — of the entire free world and humanity.
            How do you know there are “many muslim woman [sic] that want to leave but fearful”? Mental telepathy? Vulcan mind meld?

  • Dave Mc

    An answer should be required from the Canadian government as to why they will take no action against those who call for the genocide of any minority group. Doesn’t Pretty Boy allow questions at press conferences?

    • Hussars2016

      There is no free speech in Canada, none.
      The HRC has terrorized Canadians from speaking out.

      • ninetyninepct
        • Hussars2016

          Nice Graphic

        • screminmimi

          Since Obama turned the Internet over to the private monitoring group there has been a lot of censorship when trying to post certain types of comments about Islam, Muslims, mass migration, immigration, and illegal aliens, and certain types of wording in support of Israel and against Palestinian terrorism.

          The type of censorship is subtle. Some hateful comments are allowed, but when you try to post even semi-logically worded comments as to why Islam is a threat to Western civilization, why mass migration is destroying the social order of democracy, our ecosystem, and fast depleting our natural resources, you cannot post those types of things. Since the private group took over as watchdogs for the Internet and you have to sign on through FB to sites such as The Jewish Press, comments there are censored for the first time as well.

    • ninetyninepct
      • Joseph

        Deep in pray to Satan

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Notice he kneels in front, so he doesn’t have to admire man a$$ while praying to allah the barbarian.

    • Michele Coatta

      Fagot Trudeau converted to islam

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
    • ninetyninepct

      I followed your link. Quoting some parts of the Bible is illegal in Canada but the Koran, which meets every definition of hate literature, includes the prayer Death to infidels, is allowed. Is hate literature now legal in Canada?

    • Joseph

      It should be a cake walk to ban the Quran

  • Tim

    In Canada, just don’t say homosexuality is a sin and everything will be fine.

  • Hussars2016

    And then they came for me.

  • The real and only Toedeladoki

    Al Andalous Islamic Center in Montrea

    Fanatics and very dangerous .

  • poortaxpayerwindsor

    Canada is a Land of Fools
    Prime Minister turdeau is Vichy Scum
    We are living under the Boot of islamic sharia already

  • bannedquran20

    Same reprobate mind and mentality as that of Haman and hitler. With that said, whether you love them of not, the Jewish people and THEIR land will be around ’till the crack of doom neighbor!

  • nopeacenow

    PM Trudeau, Smears all Canadians with Islamophobia Lie to Create a Sharia State
    By Leslie Stoffel –

  • David Square

    Although he was a cruel dictator and a psychopathic murderer, Fidel Castro was reportedly an intelligent person.
    His alleged son, Justin Jr., is however a vacuum-headed imbecile who is leading Canada to a political, religious and economic catastrophe. Let’s pray that Justin Jr.’s reign of gross stupidity ends in three years when the next Canadian election is called.

  • ninetyninepct

    Why is Trudeau ignoring these threats? This Sayed Al Ghitawi is clearly breaking the law by inciting violence. By ignoring this it seems the Liberals support and approve this terrorism. Where is the Justice Minister? Why is she silent?

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Oh Canada…

  • David C. Telliho

    Hey,Canadian liberals! islam is EVIL ,Moslems are thieves,murderers,rapist`s,child molesters,liars,and terrorist`s. All in name of some creature they call allah.We call him Satan. So, pass your law,It will not change anything.

  • Glen Wilkerson

    The Viking blood in my veins calls out to draw the “blood eagle” on his back.

  • Ekul1021

    Congratulations to Canada, soon it might become something chaotic like Germany and Sweden. Sometimes refugees could be trash people kicked out of their own country because they were already doing extremist things like this and their own people kicked them out or started purging them.

  • Bacchus

    Not surprised allah is the Devil. Islam is cursed on so many levels its not funny.

  • c0zzy

    If I were to give the free world an enema I’d stick the hose in Canada.

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