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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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Muslim Convert Who Bought Guns for San Bernardino Jihad-Terrorists PLANNED OTHER ATTACKS Gets PLEA DEAL


25 years of prison dawah.

Acts of war — jihad attacks — should get the death penalty, or at the least life at Gitmo. The idea that these Islamic attacks can be plea-bargained is madness. Jihad terrorists get three hot halals, Qurans and prayer meetings with co-religionists, where they ‘radicalize’, incite, and plot future attacks.

Prisons have become hotbeds of jihad terror activity. This is a travesty.

Families of the victims are outraged. Gregory Clayborn said he didn’t understand why authorities agreed to a plea bargain that didn’t call for Enrique Marquez Jr. to spend the rest of his life in prison.  

Gregory Clayborn 

Not only did Muslim convert Marquez supply the guns to the San Bernardino jihad terrorists, Marquez also admitted to plotting with Farook in 2011 and 2012 to massacre college students and gun down motorists on a gridlocked California freeway, though those attacks never occurred.

Federal officials said the duo had envisioned halting traffic on state Route 91 with explosives and then firing at trapped motorists, or tossing pipe bombs into a crowded cafeteria at Riverside City College.

Man Who Bought Guns for San Bernardino Terrorists Planned Other Attacks

This story isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

By Trey Sanchez, February 15, 2017:

There’s been a guilty plea in the San Bernardino terror attack case from the only man who will be criminally charged for the killings.

The Associated Press reports, “Enrique Marquez Jr., 25, of Riverside, admitted in a plea agreement released Tuesday that he bought the assault rifles used by Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, in the Dec. 2, 2015, attack at a public health agency. Farook and Malik were later killed in a gunfight with authorities.”

Marquez also pled guilty to making false statements when purchasing the AR-15 rifles and for plotting a separate mass killing he and Farook never carried out. Prosecutors said Marquez bought the guns for his neighbors after they expressed concern that their Middle Eastern appearance would arouse suspicion from the sporting goods store. Even then, prosecutors had no evidence to tie him to the terror attack or to show he had advanced knowledge of the plans.

Photos from the scene of the officer involved shooting. Weapons & ammunition carried by the suspects

But here’s where the story gets even more interesting:

Marquez also admitted to plotting with Farook in 2011 and 2012 to massacre college students and gun down motorists on a gridlocked California freeway, though those attacks never occurred.

Federal officials said the duo had envisioned halting traffic on state Route 91 with explosives and then firing at trapped motorists, or tossing pipe bombs into a crowded cafeteria at Riverside City College.

Marquez said he backed out of the plot after four men in the area about 60 miles inland from Los Angeles were arrested on terrorism charges in late 2012, the FBI has said in court documents.

Marquez met Farook when they were teens, and became very close friends. The AP reveals even more sinister ties between the two:

Marquez and Farook first met in 2005 after Marquez moved next door to Farook’s family in Riverside, about 55 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, officials said. The then-teens would meet in Farook’s garage and Farook, a Muslim, began educating his new friend about his religion. Marquez converted and became a Muslim in 2007.

The FBI said the two began discussing extremist views shortly after Marquez converted. By late 2011, Marquez spent most of his time at Farook’s home, where he read Inspire magazine, an official publication of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula; watched videos produced by al-Qaida’s affiliate in Somalia; and studied radical material online, federal officials said.

John Hinderaker at PowerLine blog had this reaction:

Rizwan Farook was an American citizen, born in Chicago. His wife, Tashfeen Malik, was an immigrant from Pakistan. I haven’t seen any information on Marquez’s citizenship, but he moved to Riverside in 2005 and subsequently committed immigration fraud by entering into a sham marriage with a member of Farook’s family. There is a lot of “diversity” here, but also a common denominator: Islam.

Marquez faces up to 25 years in prison.

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    The world needs a non-Islamic dictator.

  • Chris Wolf

    LAPD arrested “an American man of Pakistani descent” who is accused of leaving his pipe bomb collection in a hotel in Denver.
    “Adam Hayat.”

    • mztore

      What can one say except “it’s California”. What else would one expect for all of the things mentioned ?

  • Craig

    That is right, we have become SO “enlightened”, that we do not put mass murderers to death. Aren’t we just the best?
    Then the murderers get out in a couple of years by some leftist activist and begin their activities all over again. I don’t think “enlightened” means what libtards think it means.

  • 762x51FMJ

    He should get the death sentence, But 25 years is acceptable for each murder victim… 25 years total is less than 2 years in prison per victim..

  • JacksonPearson

    This’s is just another travesty of our broken judicial system. If we don’t have equal law and order, instead of selective, than why’s anybody in prison at all? Close the courts, empty the prisons and let the fastest gun prevail. /Sarc

  • Halal Bacon

    Give him a 1 way ticket to Tehran

  • Sufferfortribe

    He acquired the weapons that were used to take 14 lives here in San Bernardino. He should receive a death sentence, nothing less.

    • Speak the Truth

      I don’t understand why he received a plea bargain. He conspired with his two friends, so he was just as culpable. Also, since there were 3 conspirators, he should have also been charged with organized crime. Apparently, those in charge of this case are leftists.

      • Sufferfortribe

        What I can’t understand is why he wasn’t charged with complicity to murder, at the least.

        • Drew the Infidel

          Agreed. He should have been charged with conspiracy, accessory, or both.

        • Pastor C

          He was, indeed, an accomplice to mass murder-just as much a savage as those who actually killed those innocent people.

          He should have been charged and tried with sedition and treason, and regarded as an enemy combatant.

          But he lives in California! So, how much ‘justice’ should we really expect?

      • AlgorithmicAnalyst

        You can almost always get a plea deal in California. Saves the prosecutors the expense and risk of a trial. The courts are so overloaded that without plea deals they would grind to a halt.

  • karl59

    Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo
    the fatigue of supporting it.——-Thomas Paine (1737-1809)

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    He should have received the maximum penalty allowed by law for his actions! What he was involved in with Farook and his wife was horrific!
    I live in the same county where this occurred and a photo of my granddaughter’s high school was on Farook’s phone! Did they plan to go to the school and murder innocent children!
    Trump was right to issue that pause from the 7 Middle East countries! These people are not compatible with western society!

  • Janet

    You mean to tell me that the prosecutors couldn’t convict this POS without making a plea deal? He could face up to 25 years in prison which usually means he could be up for parole in half that time. It makes me sick that this scumbag gets off with pretty much just a slap on the wrist! Now he’ll be with his Muslim brothers getting even more radicalized ready to attack when he gets out. Outrageous!

  • bannedquran20

    I would drop this scumbag muslim zombie somewhere over sudan where he can be caught by other muslim zombies and sold (by them) as a slave since he is black. Incidentally neighbor, muslims have been in the African Slave Trade since the 8th century.

  • Drew the Infidel

    As they say in prison lingo, he got “three hots and a cot”.

  • Pastor C

    Until, and unless, these savages are charged with sedition and treason (and sentenced accordingly) we will lose this war!

    This guy should have, also, been regarded as an enemy combatant and treated accordingly!

  • Cetansapa

    What else should we have expected from one of the most left wing liberal loving court systems in the nation? Kalifornia again excels in judicial idiocy.

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