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[ September 20, 2017 ]

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Ohio State University Course Teaches How Muslims Helped Build America


A new course offering at Ohio State University aims to teach students how Muslims actually had a hand in the founding of America, and a substantial role in shaping the nation to become a powerhouse on the global scale.

Remember the Barbary Wars? Muslim pirates?

The Daily Caller, citing the College Fix, reported a class due to make its debut at the Ohio campus this spring is called “Islam in the United States.” Taught by Sabra Webber, the class will underscore and explain how Muslims have been in America since the beginning and have, in fact, played a big role in bringing about the freest society the world’s ever seen.

Truly, this is propaganda of epic proportions.

From the Daily Caller (thanks to Jihad Watch):

“Ohio State is very familiar with Somalia’s propensity for terrorism: Abdul Razak Ali Artan, the student who drove his car into a unsuspecting students before stabbing several with a butcher knife, was a refugee from Somalia.

“Prof. Webber, revealed in an email that the course could not open at a more opportune time.

“The ratcheting up throughout contemporary college students’ lives of anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant (notably Mexico, Syria) public discourse has led them to seek a better understanding of the background in the U.S.,” Webber said.

“Webber is insistent that ‘Muslims have been part of American cultures for more than 500 years,’ according to The College Fix.

“’I start by sharing with the students something about the Muslims who came to the Americas at the beginning of the 1500s and those arriving in colonial America by the early 1600s because I have found that many assume the arrival of Muslims has been fairly recent,’ the professor said.

“And that’s just the beginning. Along the way, students are told that the Muslim Kingdom of Morocco was ‘the first country to recognize the independence of the United States’ in 1777 and that a treaty signed with Morocco a decade later ‘remains the longest unbroken treaty relationship in U. S. history.'”

Here’s a thought: Morocco was part and parcel of that whole Barbary pirates thing, involved in fighting the United States in the First Barbary War, 1801-1805.

Barbary pirates
Morocco was one of four Muslim nations that waged piracy wars in the Mediterranean for years, ultimately leading to two Barbary Wars that America won. Following, Morocco signed a treaty with America guaranteeing safety for all U.S. sailors and ships.

The war, the first of two, basically pitted Muslim pirates from four North African nations, including Morocco, against the United States. The pirates used to terrorize ships traversing Mediterranean waters, seizing both vessels and sailors and holding the crews for ransom.

The United States fought against these rogue nations and refused to pay any ransoms or tributes.

From these struggles came a U.S.-Morocco treaty, forged in large part by Thomas Jefferson, that required Morocco to stop the piracy and protect and shield any and all American merchants who might otherwise be captured and enslaved by the other rogue nations.

This is the treaty to which the Ohio State professor refers.

And to that, here’s a response: Really? This is the bragging point of Morocco that’s being spun as a good thing?

Let the propaganda begin, right? Only in  a far-leftist’s mind can a historical account of defeated Muslim pirates be skewed as a story of positive contributions to the American founding.

But wait, there’s more.

From the Daily Caller once again:

“The professor will also touch on the sensitive current issues such as the preponderance of Muslim extremists in world terrorism and and an examination of Sharia Law that many Muslims insist they should be subject to instead of regular U.S. law.”

  • Fred

    Now there’s a college to avoid like the plague.

    • Erica Ling

      Prospective students should be supplied with a comprehensive guide to all universities giving ratings for bias (either way) veracity of courses, and professors’ connections to dubious groups, and above all, the amount of funding received from foreign or connected sources. Along the lines of BDS protocols. Of course that would not concern most students so much as the descriptions of night life available !

      • Fred

        That would work in an ideal situation. Unfortunately, the left would have a hissy fit if things such as 9/11/01, FGM, stoning, rape, and the founder and prophet being a pedophile were taught.

  • david wilson

    You are fighting money Pam, it usually wins.

    • Blue Eyed Infidel

      Tell that to Soros and Hillary!

      • david wilson

        That’s what I thought I said.

  • Skip Worther

    This is how the Left rewrites history and brainwashes young minds. Without any other historical reference or knowledge, students will swear to it as the truth at a future anti-Trump rally.

    • Speak the Truth

      Suggestions for this professor’s course titles: Fantasia History 101, 102, 201, etc

      • p

        They burned our ships, killed many, and sold slaves… Thats the real history

    • movingwaters

      This is why education needs to be under the control of state and local government. Citizens needs to be able to censor and cut funds to those who mis educate their children. And teacher tenure must end.

      • DaveA

        I really don’t think Government should control what we learn. They have the tendency to not be up front with the total truth. Loo what they did with common core! I suggest to stick with the three R’s in their NATURAL form. Same with doing away with cursive writing. Are we going to forget, or change laws when signing legal documents? Or will it be like in the old days where you sign an “X”, then have some one attesting to the fact that person made the “X”

        • movingwaters

          ” They have the tendency to not be up front with the total truth.” LOL! You win the understatement of the year award. I am with you on cursive writing. I am no expert on these things by any means, but a lot of teachers think reading should be taught phonetically. I get the feeling that there are more poor readers than there were when I was growing up. Nothing makes any sense until you understand that our kids are intentionally being dumbed down so they can be destroyed; mentally, morally, emotionally, and even physically with chem trails, GMO frankenfood, etc. These control freaks are just Satanic.

  • Rocinante44

    follow the money. how did this come to pass? no doubt an interesting story on muslim oil money finding its way into some ohio state endowment

  • modal

    The left thinks that George Bush is still pres and the Putin is at war with Korea. We are in trouble all around.

  • DemocracyRules

    This will warm you up amid this cold news…
    “Remarks by President Trump in Roundtable with County Sheriffs”
    The Sheriffs are kind of stunned. This guy is actually doing what he promised to do…

    • AlgorithmicAnalyst

      Thanks, quite interesting.

      • DemocracyRules

        Hi Algorithm.
        Yes, and the Sheriffs were so happy!

    • purplej

      Very impressive.

  • Mariaca

    I plan to audit Professor Webber’s class so she can enlighten me on the myriad wonderful benefits Islam brings us. I confess I am woefully ignorant on the subject. When hell freezes over, of course.

    • nopeacenow

      How can you forget airplane hijacking, suicide bombings, beheadings, using children as human shields. We have much to be thankful to Islam.

      • Rob Porter

        Don’t be ungrateful to Muslims. Because of them Thomas Jefferson created the United States Navy and the Marine Corps so he could fight the Barbary Corsairs of North Africa and send Muslims to hell. This idiot professor is doing nothing more than did Barack Obama who cooked up the same rubbish history. Islam did nothing of worth for America other than drive it to create the means to fight Muslims.

        • MR_Mr_Deplorable_Hapla

          Jefferson expanded the Navy/Marine role to global/international waters,,,,

        • movingwaters

          I thought Obama was just lying by omission. We all know that Islam’s gift to the USA was forcing Jefferson’s hand to build us a Navy to fight them. So Obama was right that Islam had an affect on our early history. Someday, may we never have to say his name again.

      • movingwaters

        You forgot amputating an arm and a leg on alternate sides. That’s one of the other things you can do if a Christian won’t convert. You have to wonder what kind of people sit around dreaming up stuff like that.

      • marlene

        LOL – got that right!


    What the education-system & law-enforcement should focus on is how the U.S.-government Islamizes the world: Nigeria, Syria, Europe, America. We need prosecutions & truth teached. U.S.-armed Islamistisis suggested they want to relive enslavement of Africans in America, like Islam’s founder who commanded to kill, burn & crucify until Islam rules & who invented enslavement of Africans with a racist mythology like it is practiced from Saudi Arabia, to the UAE, to new north-Sudan, to Mauritania today.
    There’s a discrepancy between truth & lies in academia that is killing people, we need a task-force to close this gap & save lives, expose, condemn & ban Islam. Choose atheism.

  • Gizmo

    “We just arrived in London, and we love it here! Oh, and we will be practising FGM here too. Thank you, Mrs. May!”

  • Mrs. Chief

    How do we stop this? Will it do any good to write, call or email the university? This is wrong! I almost can’t take this anymore!

    • Sonya A. Willis

      Ohio State is a land grant university and they take public money. Of course with the mailman’s son John Kasich as Governor, he’s probably fine with this revisionist history.

    • M.D. Roud

      lol, no, I’m sorry. Take it from me, universities don’t care about these sorts of complaints. They are ideologues bent on complete thought control. They won’t tolerate other ideas. Universities have become mind control centers to disseminate left wing propaganda. It is non stop, intense and every semester it gets worse.

      • Mrs. Chief

        Alumni will have to withhold their money like the guy withholding from Berkeley.

  • NotTheMama

    Muslims lie, Demorats enable the lies, water is wet, bears crap in the woods, etc.

  • Martelson

    Given the ‘Ancient Aliens’ series is regular viewing on the now mis-named History Channel – is there any wonder that this course would pass mustard for a American university? But having the course doesn’t make the claims right.

    No wonder so many leftist have this truly odd outlook on the world.

  • Sufferfortribe

    If OSU allows this class to go forward this spring, then my rooting for their football team will end.

  • Blue Eyed Infidel

    American History, from us breaking away from Briton, to how the Republic was formed, to the immigrants who DO make our country a beautiful tapestry of amazing cultures should be mandatory.Including the vilification of the Republicans who presented the bill to abolish slavery to the vote to make it happen was passed because every Republican voted to end slavery. There was absolutely no Democrat support. The Democrats were primarily southern plantation owners who didn’t want to lose their slaves.

  • Joe Schmoe

    The first mosque in America wasn’t started until 1921 in North Dakota. Sounds like they were really building America up, NOT

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Another fake course in an alternate university taught by dysfunctional illiterates. Defintly a candidate for federal education funding cutbacks.

  • Raymond of Canada

    And don’t forget how the Muslims invented Algebra although it probably came about long before Mohammed was born, but I digress. India claims it used Algebra first. I know who I will believe.

  • Jack

    By the time College Students graduate from Universities their basic and extended knowledge of history will be as meaningful as a thimble of water to the ocean. The only history that will be known to them about the White man is oppression. The will know nothing like the Professors charged with teaching them.

  • Christian Nelson

    There will also be extra credit for reporting on the 1000 or so current FBI investigations targeting potential radical Islamist terrorists in America and a bonus 100 points for explaining why the shrieks of Allahu Akbar are coincident with terrorist attacks. Students who translate Islam as “the religion of peace” will be required to write a written record of all 2476 Islamic attacks in 61 countries in 2016, in which 21239 people were killed and 26677 injured for a passing grade

  • Jeffery Rightmire

    Where? What? Perhaps the name “Leather Neck” for our Marines as they got the name fighting them and killing them off the Barbary coast and perhaps the worst terrorist attack of all time a pile of rubble, but here they have not built one thing, except discord.

  • Jeffery Rightmire

    This is where someone should bring suit to this fiasco of lower learning.
    This is reprehensible and derogatory to the real folks who BUILT AMERICA→→ The many peoples who have come together peacefully. The Muslims only destroy and taint everything they come into contact with.
    Stand up, contact this college, tell them to teach truth and not bulls_it.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    Does it also teach that Bushmen actually invented the A-bomb?

  • DancerTiffy

    Thomas Jefferson banned the muslims from America because of their excessive piracy and slavery.
    The muslims were plundering way too much of American wealth by massive amounts of piracy.
    They were also taking huge numbers of American slaves.
    The muslims have done nothing for us.
    Lot’s of terror though—–that, we get from them in abundance.

  • santashandler

    Oh, of course Muslims were involved in early America. They developed explosives and were the first in America to wear filthy night shirts for months on end. Yeah, those Muslims really got their hands dirty and helped build America’s infrastructure, like the railroad, roads, telephone lines, right? I guess, all my history books in school were wrong. Good thing there are people like Prof. Weber here to tell us the “truth.” I’m so glad. But, one thing. If those Muslims were all oh so helpful in actually “building” this country, why are they now so hell bent on tearing it down? Oh, I get it. It’s their country to do as they wish with it, right?

  • M.D. Roud

    Well they certainly added incentive for us to strengthen our military… also lots of barricades have been erected so yeah I suppose credit where credit is due!

  • Hussars2016

    When America was being founded by European immigrants , Muslims were killing Europeans in Europe and elsewhere in their perpetual Jihad.
    This is taqiyya and cultural Jihad.

  • Hussars2016

    The advanced studies will be FGM, how to kill gays and Jew hatred.
    Graduates get their very own suicide vest.

  • Alleged Comment

    Should be a short course. 15 minutes long of silence.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Do the course curriculum materials include copies of the police report of Artan’s attack and a walk-through of the crime scene?

  • jjeffs63

    “How Muslims Helped Build America”. The course textbook will be engraved on the head of a pin.

  • bannedquran20

    This university’s address is La-La Land, not far from dipshitville.

  • phnxgrl

    What utter nonsense! The Evil Demented Death Cult Followers of the Mad Man Mohammad were Pirates! Their defeat No Way built this country! This country was built in spite of these enemies!

  • charlie baker

    Well, heck. Why not take the class? You sit in the classroom for five minutes until the course is over, take the test and, voila! There’s a couple more credits for your CV…easy money.

  • Political correctness, historical revisionism, and moral relativism are the three pillars of the left-wing liberal propaganda narrative that is indoctrinating students at American campuses all over the country. Colleges and Universities used to adhere to the moral principle of truthfulness while openly debating differing points of view. Now academia is like the mainstream media offering only Leftist indoctrination – there is no obligation for truthfulness. Fake news is not news and fake history is not history.

  • I wrote the commendatory preface for “The Muslim Discovery of America,” and Pamela Geller wrote the forward. This is a great book (the title is meant to ridicule false claims) that disputes a multitude of lies told by Muslims, who claim they were the “first” in just about everything.

  • Coeurmaeghan

    The best thing islam did for the United States is forcing President Jefferson to found the USMC, who carry the nickname ‘Leathernecks’, due to the propensity of muslims to try to behead the Marines with their swords, which the USMC countered by wearing heavy leather collars. The Marine Corps Hymn includes the words, to the shores of Tripoli, since that was a predominant victory in their fight against the muslim pirates. The reason these pirates were attacking, aside from the fact that that is what muslims in general do, is that the Bey(ruler) of Morocco specifically told our ambassador that it was their right to do so, since we were kufar and owed them the money, basically. Things haven’t changed since the pedophile ‘prophet’ first founded his ‘religion’.

  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    No doubt the course will include a section on how Muslims are the original inhabitants of America and that all non-Muslims are invaders and colonialists.

  • Fred Alexander

    This class should be for comedians so they have new material.

  • More lies from the left, acting as Dhimmi’s and trying to make Islam respectable and peaceful.

    The fact is that Islam was an enemy of the early U.S., and was recognized as such by the founders.

    The only “part” Islam had in building America, is in providing a mortal enemy that helped to strengthen our resolve and warfare tactics.

    Islam has always been the same violent, corrupt, and downright evil religious/political system that it is today, regardless as to the lies that come from the Left, and from the followers of Islam as well.

    Islamic doctrine, beliefs, and laws are based on the Hadith, Sira, and Koran, with the majority of authoritative teaching coming not from the Koran (only 14% – The supposed words of Allah), but instead from the Hadith (60% – Collections of the supposed sayings of Mohammed). Pedophilia, rage, violence, lies, corruption, rape, murder, and hatred have been integral parts of Islam from the time of Mohammad, and it has never been either respectable or peaceful, after Mohammad relocated to Mecca.

    Such teachings as this are worse than utter nonsense, and the tragic thing is that the clueless youth in colleges will actually accept it as fact.

  • foundingfathersfollower

    Were they by any chance Christian muslims?

  • MR_Mr_Deplorable_Hapla

    Islam: Anti-West, Anti-Christ — The Psychotic Murder Blood Death Moon Cult Examined

    PSYCH 556
    HIST 308
    REL 666
    POLI SCI 223

  • tuffone3

    Let’s see, Big Bang Theory of the left says the world exploded into being and muslims, who blow stuff up and behead people, built America. Stuck on stupid.

    • Erica Ling

      Note this is written by a Muslim and I , to my shame have never heard of any of it, before. I always assumed the greatest contribution was the ten million slaves to the Southern economy, but the Portuguese and British were the main culprits here.

  • joe1429

    Hope the govt checks into there are getting fed funds for this??

  • Mary Seres

    Someone should ask the dear Professor if he knows why the name “Leathernecks” is attributed to the U.S. Marine’s. In case he doesn’t know it’s because when our President sent our Marines over there to Libya, Morroco and the others to fight the Piracy that was going on and if one got caught he faced the possibility of being beheaded by a Muslim Pirate. So to help protect them they wore a “leather collar around their necks”. Sound like a peaceful religion to me?

  • notme123

    They helped build America by selling Africans as slaves also, are they teaching that!

  • marlene

    Parents, get your kid out of Ohio State University – or they will turn against you. From the first day the first musliim set foot on American soil, they have been destroying our Republic as the SS for the democratic party, the communist party. Islam has done nothing whatsoever for humanity but to “kill it by the sword.” Almost all of those grand monuments and buildings in muslim countries were built by Jewish slaves.

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