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Obama Lawyers Form ‘Worst-Case Scenario’ Group to Tackle Trump


Lawyers loyal to Barack Obama who helped him during his White House days craft and draft the legal means of enacting his oft-constitutionally questionable policies, have now jumped to a new mission: helping fight President Donald Trump.

These attorneys have banded together and formed a new group, United to Protect Democracy, with the sole mission of rooting out legal ways to resist Trump.

President Donald Trump is going to be facing a barrage of lawsuits and legal challenges, thanks to Barack Obama’s former White House attorneys, who’ve formed a new group dedicated to tying up the new administration with questions about the constitutionality of looming policies and actions.

The group, of course, puts a different spin on it: Members say they’re only trying to keep Trump accountable to the people, and fight off what they perceive as illegal White House policies.

Make no mistake about it. This is a hit job group, aimed at using the courts to tie up Trump, to trip up his agenda, and to tire out his team.

From Politico:

“United to Protect Democracy, which draws its name from a line in President Barack Obama’s farewell address that urged his supporters to pick up where he was leaving off, has already raised a $1.5 million operating budget, hired five staffers and has plans to double that in the coming months. They’ve incorporated as both a 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4), allowing them to operate as a nonprofit but participate in some forms of political advocacy as well.

“While other Trump opponents focus on taking the president to court over the travel ban and deportations, the new group plans to drill into issues that aren’t already hitting the headlines, like potential intervention in and intimidation of regulatory agencies by West Wing staff.

“‘When people hear concerns about democracies declining into authoritarianism, they expect that moment to come in a singular thunderclap where everyone can see that this is the time,’ said Ian Bassin, who’s leading the new group. ‘In reality, often times, democracies decline over a period of years that happen through a series of much smaller steps.’

“They started by submitting 50 Freedom of Information Act requests this week that they believe will confirm their suspicions. The plan is to bring what they find to reporters, build it into pressure for congressional oversight with the help of a campaign director they’ll hire, and, as necessary, to file lawsuits. …

“‘We need an organization that is specifically and holistically focused on that worst-case scenario,’ Bassin said.”

The group’s also actively seeking complainants.

Politico reported members have formed a website where government workers worried about Team Trump ethics can voice their frustrations and concerns – a gathering place for whistleblowers, if you will.

Sean Spicer, White House press secretary, remarked on the group’s formation with this: “This administration has raised the level of ethics training and oversight to a new level compared to the practices of the previous administration.”

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  • patriotusa2

    The Democratic party is in ruins because of Obama, despite his continuous campaigning on their behalf and also throwing his “popular” wife into the mix. Now he’s coming back into civilian life as a community organizer once again and compiling an army of protesters who are more equivalent to a pack of thugs who riot in our streets. Obama is your typical black thug from the mean streets of Chicago, only he wears a suit and tie and feigns civility.

    • Dave Quilty

      Leave race out of it ; OB and his fellow travelers are using tactics right out of Nationalist Socialist and Communist playbook, this has nothing to do with ChiTown. “What a maroon”,

      • Seadog48

        Nothing to do with ChiTown? It is home to Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, Louis Farrakhan, Rahm Emanuel, Jesse Jackson and Fr. Pfleger. Chicago is fertile ground for leftist radicals including Barry Soetero.

        • Mark Steiner

          A corrupt structure with a rotting foundation.

          • ladywarrior

            For decades and decades under Demon-rat rule…

      • patriotusa2

        The only “maroon” here is obviously yourself. No I won’t leave race out of it because race is what got him elected and gave him a pass for everything he’s done, besides I don’t take orders from you.

    • It does not not matter if the Dems are in ruins. It matters that these lawyers of an attempted coup can stop Trump, and as we have seen with Judge Robarts they can.

      • patriotusa2

        It matters to me that they’re in ruins, and yes, lawyers can stop a lot of things, but the Democrats do not have a monopoly on lawyers. Republicans have them too.

        • True, but in court it is the plaintiff who gets the injunction to stop whatever – just as the Dem/ACLU traitors did to Trump’s lawful EO on immigration. So as long as the Left keeps jumping into court first, it slows recovery of the country down.

          • patriotusa2

            Indeed it does slow down the changes Trump wants to make, but he doesn’t have any choice. His only alternative in my opinion is to be prepared, if possible. He surely knows by now that they their method is to pursue in court everything he does, especially since Obama and Soros are behind the movement to thwart his presidency. The problem is that our courtrooms are replete with liberal judges.

    • Craig

      “his ‘popular’ wife” you mean the wookie?

      • patriotusa2

        She’s certainly not popular with me, but in the Democratic party she’s a superstar as is Obama.

        • ladywarrior

          Says more about the Democrat party than all the other words and stories put together…..

          • patriotusa2

            Yes, I feel the same way. A woman who was never proud of her country until her husband became president. Someone who never practiced what she preached to others about self-sacrifice, etc., while she ate in exquisite places and indulged in whatever food she wanted to eat. The both of them were perfect for each other. Super hypocrites among many other things.

    • michaelofsydney

      The term ‘wife’ indicates Obama was married to a female. I am not sure this is the case.

    • ladywarrior

      Just like Sharpton and Jackson… difference.

  • KjellArneThomassen

    Trump’s answer should be to declassify most of Obama and Hilary documents truout the eighth years. Release all of it.
    Every single thing should be declassified.
    Same with documents of today, everything’s in the open that’s not working documents or sensitive information about state affairs.
    Millions of documents and mail should be released.

    • felix1999

      Excellent suggestion!!!!

      • Rob Porter

        KjellArneThomassen is right, but even more so Trump needs to investigate Obama’s actions and where any amount to treason – such as collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood – mis-use of public funds, etc. Tie these lawyers up with lawsuits against Trump.

    • Tonya Parnell


    • movingwaters

      You’re brilliant!

    • j. Tirado

      Didn’t BHO get rid of all the computers, evidence of the last 8 years, and replace them just before he left?

    • notislam

      It is like we are holding a bomb that is ready to explode —-The best way is to isolate it and then let it explode the TRUTH about all the treasonous acts committed against the USA by the LIBERAL LEFT! The moslem-BHO and the traitor who supports the evil of Islam -Hitlery- need TOTAL TRUTH TOLD ABOUT THEIR evil deeds against the USA!

  • Mark Steiner

    Looks like obstruction of justice is being planned.

    • Rob Porter

      Mark, as I said above, Trump needs to counter this by finally very fully investigating Obama, lay charges against him and tie up these lawyers while defending that rubbish ex-president.

      • Mark Steiner

        Agree 100% Rob. Same for Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. Cleanup will take time. Thanks.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    There are enough Republican lawyers to deal with these obstructionists, a few charges against the former democrat administration will keep them busy keeping hillary and o’bimbo out of jail for a while.

    • Craig

      The baby-eating hillary was on TV today telling the protesters to keep up the riots, which she laughingly calls ‘resistance’.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That is a good idea. The rioting fools will make democrats look stupider every day, as well as be seen as suckers as hillary will never soil her blood soaked hands with rioting.

      • Rob Porter

        Trump needs to take legal action against her for her criminal past. She is a vile human being who her campaign manager, John Podesta, in a hacked email said she ‘smells like rotting cabbages, farts and urine’ – not to mention a nut-job who upon discovering that she had lost the election behaved as if mentally deranged. How the dickens have Bill and Hillary Clinton escaped the law after years of criminal activity?

      • joe1429

        She should be prosecuted for treason against the us govt. Imagine if trump did this if he lost?

  • Dennis

    If this group is more of the ultra-liberal refusal to accept the results of the newly elected POTUS, it will be seen as a group of lawyers who are essentially “ambulance chasers.” To be so referred to in that manner is a put down. While I recognize the importance of the proper functioning of our Judicial system within the American democratic society, I, for one, will not condone unfounded conduct that intends to frustrate the fact that the American people have decided to protect themselves, which includes rebuilding our military, and trying to vet refugees, or create safe havens for those refugees within their own worlds, and provide jobs here, while reducing taxes, among other things that brought down the democratic machine that has proven itself to be a painful political practice that is no longer acceptable. We must ignore the liberal media and reject unfounded allegations concerning what Trump is intending to do for this country, and continue our support of him and his team. We must “make America great again.”

    • ladywarrior

      Everything he is “intending to do” is the reason we voted for him…….what he is intending to do is rebuild our country for the American people……and not let it fall to the Globalists and traitors like Soros, McLame, Grahamnesty, Lil’ Marco, Paula Ryan, McConnell, John the-drunken-sot- Boehner, the Bush/Clinton Cartels, and all the others that have worked so hard to kill America for their own wealth and elitism…..

  • G P

    Tantamount to sedition.

  • Craig

    Come on, civil war. Time to rout the communists and traitors.

  • felix1999

    Trump is really threatening them. They will do ALL possible to tie him up legally with frivilious lawsuits and purposely misinterpret issues to vilify Trump. They do NOT want Trump to be successful.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Mark my words, this gaggle of lawyers will soon be investigated by the IRS for violating the terms of their tax-exempt status, among other things. Did you ever see Obhammud, the worst US President ever, do anything right?

  • Tonya Parnell


  • sodacrackers2

    Obama has worked harder in the last month than he did in his eight years in office, only now he can openly brag about his destruction of western civilization.

  • Yarbles

    Extradite Soros to Russia

  • marlene

    President Trump has been more “accountable to the people” than obama had ever been in 8 years!

  • joe1429

    The 4th estate , shadow govt, led by obama, is now in full action mode. Trump needs to let the CIA start taking out these mf ers

    • RayG1

      Providing that the CIA is not on their side!

  • RayG1

    The only way Trump is going to rid himself of these goons is to go after Obama and Hillary. Their list of lawbreaking offences and violations of Constitutional law is a mile long!

  • Joe Bialobreski

    I just went through this comment section. And I get it, a bunch of angry white people unwilling to do the work to figure out who is screwing them in the ass, even though it is obvious.
    The first problem is you are not thinking, for the last few decades we have been operating under supply side, and I am not here to tell you it is not working, it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do, concentrate wealth at the top. The middle class as a result, is disappearing, the poor becoming more numerous, and the underpinnings of wealth creation continue to be offshored, and you folks cheer. It is true that no poor person ever offered anyone a job, what you fail to continue on to is that no rich person ever offered anyone a job if they could not make a profit off that hire. Jobs will not be created if there is no market for product or service and there will not be an exploitable market with accumulation at the top and a shrinking ability to purchase among all others.
    So who do you blame for the mess that we all agree has been unfolding since before the Reagan administration but took the upper hand since his election? The poor, folks whose skin is not the same shade as yours, those who don’t share “your faith”, that lets face it, you don’t practice either, those whose gender orientation or prefference does not line up with your open orientation and preference and of course anyone with a political ideology opposed to those who are screwing you in the ass.
    Does Dunning-Kruger phenomenon mean anything to you?
    And your answer, the resolution to all your problems, give more power and freedom to harm you to your “betters” who are screwing you in the ass, because in addition to your cognitive challenges, you are also cowards, who would rather pick on the weakest you can find rather than confront the powerful who you bow before.
    You say the rich will bring back jobs, and you are right, I don’t deny it, but look at what they ask in return, and what you call for, in their support. While Rush condemns the Chi-coms, he advocates for following their model, and you, dim as you are call for exactly the same. To spite the fact that in the United States, for much of our history, we had a thriving industrial capitlism, a vast majority of Americans lived hand to mouth, you want to bring that back, not, as much as possible, the few decades when working people thrived (as did the capitalist class). To spite the fact that the Chi-com economic miracle is starting to realize the errors of their ways and stall a bit, you strive to follow their model. Yes if you turn your “betters” lose to poison the air, water, and ground, and agree to work under terrible conditions for subsistence wages and live under an asymmetric model of law, differentiated by class, some jobs will return, but mostly production will return without the need for much labor.
    I agree with you that American “liberals” suffer a credibility problem approaching a mental illness, they rely on the same system as you worship above your God or gods, they only wish those powers to be a bit kinder and gentler.

    Fight the power!

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