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[ December 14, 2017 ]

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Obama RUSHED in last minutes in office to bring 900 Muslim migrants from Iran into US


This astonishing story from a longtime resident of Papua New Guinea shows how seriously broken our immigration system is. If the left and the enemedia successfully block President Trump’s reforms, there will be catastrophe in the United States.

This will be long, but I feel like people need to know this story, so they’ll realize what has been going on in the world and why America needs time to reassess our immigration policy.

I’ve been following a situation in Papua New Guinea for almost a year now … some “asylum seekers” were put on PNG’s island of Manus (and another island called Nauru) because they tried to get to Australia, which has a very strict immigration policy. There have been many problems with the arrangement.

The asylum seekers are essentially imprisoned on a tropical island they weren’t heading toward, and have complained of how they’re taken care of. Media is not allowed in. Many of the 900 men have been on Manus for 3-4 years. All are men, all are detained, all came from dangerous countries, and all have been denied Australian entry.

Australia has a strict immigration policy as I mentioned, which I won’t judge, because we don’t live where thousands try to come to our shores on makeshift boats. Australia pays for the detention camps, as they call them, and has offered the men $10,000 and travel expenses to return to their home country. Or…they may resettle in PNG (I have not been able to understand why Aus can offer this). Almost all of the men have refused; they don’t at all seem to like PNG.

Papua New Guinea, I’m so sad to say this, has been taken advantage of by Australia, and has been deeply hurt by the men housed on the island. I’ll attach one story that happened THIS WEEK to the comments – it will break every PNG MK heart. From what I can tell, PNG thought the arrangement would be very short term, but it has gone on for years. PNG’s Supreme Court ruled in May 2016 that the detainment camps are illegal and unconstitutional, yet the men remain on the PNG island as of today. Because they decided the detainment camps are illegal, they let the men roam freely on the island and…well, the story I mentioned happened.

I followed the story for many months in 2016, digging up facts, and I understand Australia’s tied hands and the detainee’s frustration, and of course I feel protective of Papua New Guinea who didn’t ask for or deserve this problem.

But I was shocked to see that within two DAYS of Hillary Clinton losing the election, the Obama administration moved swiftly to get the men into the United States. Why he did this, I cannot find an answer to. It simply doesn’t make sense : they’re all men, they’re all from dangerous countries, they’ve all been denied by Australia, and nobody asked us to help. Australia didn’t request us to do this, as it will make future asylum seekers think they can go to the US, too. PNG didn’t ask for this. President Obama just moved – to get the 900 men from mostly Iran, all Muslim, none accompanied by wives or children, into the United States. His administration completed the interviews quickly and finalized the paperwork ON Inauguration Day, HOURS before President Trump took office.

By following this one story, I’m able to understand why the new administration wants to have a 90-120 day ban on incoming refugees/asylum seekers. There have been so many coming in without most of us knowing, and rushed through the vetting process. We need a few months to stop and reassess the situation.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • bn

    Iran’s Penal Code prescribes execution by stoning. It dictates that the stones are large enough to cause pain, but not so large as to kill the victim immediately. Article 102 of the Penal Code states that men should be buried up to their waists and women up to their breasts for the purpose of execution by stoning. Article 104 states, with reference to the penalty for adultery, that the stones used should ‘not be large enough to kill the person by one or two strikes; nor should they be so small that they could not be defined as stones’

  • on

    Every day I lose more and more hope. The future of western civilization looks dark indeed –

    ‘Goodbye Racist!’ Passengers Cheer as Man Booted off FlightA man who reportedly harangued a Pakistani muslim couple was escorted off a United flight Saturday evening, drawing cheers from passengers. “Goodbye racist!” a woman hollered

  • karl59

    Can at least 800 of these Moslems stay at Obama’s house?

    • Craig

      Rat obama just had a massive stone and iron fence put around his D.C, home to keep them out. Fences don’t work, remember when he said that?

      • tatka150

        Now he heeds to build the bridges (per Pope) and start to accept refugees and kiss their legs (per Pope)

    • tatka150

      And send the rest of them to Hollywood. More quests for leftist Oscar

      • ladywarrior

        The Clooneys would just love to have them…..and Streep could use a few families in tents on her lawn. :0)

        • tatka150

          Boycott socialist “Oscar”! I will.

          • ladywarrior

            Right there with you. None of those wanks have anything to say that is either interesting or factual. I used to work in that industry for five years for a top director….I finally had to leave there to save my sanity.

            If people really knew just how mentally ill most of these people are they wouldn’t care what any of them said…..

          • tatka150

            Are you talking about the actors of “repefugees”
            They both crazy anyway:)

    • michaelofsydney

      They will probably visit to get instructions

  • berserker

    How is it that these so-called refugees get to pick and choose the first-world country they want to go to? There are over 200 countries in the world. Iran is far away from Australia. The Iranians could have picked from any number of safe countries closer to Iran.
    – There is something insidious going on at a very high level. Probably involves the UN.

    • felix1999

      These Muslims refugees are NOT our problem. They are the problem of Australia! Trump needs to say NO! He will be RESPECTED for that. If he gives in, he will be LAUGHED at and out country will continue to be mocked and be a dumping ground.

      • james ha

        these muslim “refugees” are NOT australia’s problem either. that is why they sent them to papua new guinea. now they are PNG’s problem because PNG is obviously too cowardly to put their foot down and refuse. oh. if PNG ships them to U.S. then they are indeed U.S. problem, especially if americans are too cowardly to put THEIR collective foot down.

    • Speak the Truth

      Is there a war in Iran? It seems the media considers every person of color, in the entire world, to be a “refugee.” The only persecuted people in Iran are the Christians, but they are routinely ignored and pushed aside.

      • Pastor C

        You are correct!

        Pray, diligently, for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world.

      • james ha

        christians are not persecuted in iran, there are a great many christians in iran and jews as well. iran is the only muslim country that does not molest christians, jews or women, who can actually hold positions of authority.

  • overboosted ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

    Obongo’s priorities in his last days were releasing criminals on our streets and taking in more potential terrorists. I hope there is a special place in hell for him.


    • felix1999

      Obama wants us to be a BROKE third world country that is LAWLESS. This is why he ONLY allowed MUSLIMS here who HATE US. Also they will vote for Democrappers and we’ll never have a decent President after Trump again.

      • Craig

        Yes, rat obama has said many times that he will punish the U.S. and these illegal alien criminals that obama let out of prison and the muslim terrorists are right in line with his plans to hurt the U.S. Why rat obama is not hanging from a rope just proves what gutless cowards American have become.

      • ladywarrior


        • Fred

          Good choice.

          How about Pamela Geller 2024?

      • Penitent Man

        Do you really think Obama masterminded these policies? Obama was raised to be the president of the United States of America. Yes, our enemies plan for the long-term and the plan to bring down America and western civilization as we know it existed long before WWI or WWII. Obama is nothing more then a patsy, a puppet that does what his masters tell him to do. He doesn’t have the intelligence or the power to bring about the destruction of western civilization. If you want to know who’s behind it just find out who you are not allowed to criticize. First thing’s first, you have to go beyond the false left-right paradigm and see things for what they really are.

    • Mike Kevins

      I am getting too impatient for him to have to wait for hell!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Why o’bimbo and many high ranking democrats are not facing criminal charges is amazing.

    • tatka150

      Because it wouldn’t be politically correct. It’s just my wild guess. In fact they obviously have to get their day in Court. The International Court for the high war crimes ( adding Merkel, Holand, May, etc)

    • Fanfaron2011

      You mean Obummer, no?

  • felix1999

    The Daily Mail somehow get there and did a story in it. This place is a NIGHTMARE! It is unsanitary and lawless. Rapes are common place. It is truly every male for himself. They have been living like this for YEARS. If there ever were civilized, they are NOT now. They have had YEARS of living like this. These are the LAST people we want here.

    Over at Breitbart there are Australians that participate there. Kerry and Obama met with the Australians in AUGUST 2016 and discussed this. When TRUMP won talks got serious and as reported FINALIZED the DAY TRUMP swore in. It was one more middle finger to TRUMP. The deal was this, Australia will take in CHRISTIANS from Costa Rico if we take the Muslims. Naturally Australia agreed to this. P,N, Turnbull was relieved of the problem and HE HATES TRUMP! Absolutely HATES Trump..

    Australian P.M. Turnbull was here when Trump was elected and REFUSED to congratulate him. He was “despondent” over Hillary’s loss. They all thought Hillary would win. So P.M. Trunbull was happy to screw Trump over too. Turnbull is a FLAMING liberal globalist. The media in Australia is nonstop TRUMP BASHING. The Australians say it is horrendous. That is WHY it is reported that Trump said on a phone call, “FRIENDS DON’T DO THIS TO FRIENDS” and they don’t. P.M. Turnbull is NOT FRIEND of TRUMP!

    The Australian migration and refugee policy is this. If they come by BOAT, they can NOT SEEK asylum, refugee of migrant status. They are automatically REJECTED. They REFUSE to return to their home country so they began putting them on this island and PAYING for them and they stayed. Australia is partly to blame by not FORCING them to RETURN to their country of origin. So there you have the whole story.

    Trump needs to DENY them refugee status here. These are uncivilized angry Muslims that KNOW no one wants them. They are MILITARY age, sued to being LAWLESS. Do you really see them as being GRATEFUL, HUMBLE people wanting to be LAW ABIDING AMERICAN CITIZENS? NO WAY! This is a disaster waiting to happen on OUR SOIL. Trump must say NO! He had nothing to do with this and totally contrary to our refugee and immigration policy. To the contrary, he will be RESPECTED for saying NO.

    • Craig

      Rat obama also agreed to take the CRIMINAL muslims from Australia and bring them to America. A civil war is long overdue.

    • michaelofsydney

      I can’t stand Malcolm Turnbull.

    • Speak the Truth

      Is there a war in Costa Rica? Why are Christians fleeing?

  • Annie Pickett

    Give them the extreme vetting treatment and if they fail, they should be on the next plane out. Trump will correct Obama’s bad decisions.

    • tatka150

      And the taxpayers will pay for all these planes in and out. No wonder we are in 20 Trillions of debt.

    • Penitent Man

      Extreme vetting is ridiculous. Why vet them at all? It shouldn’t even be possible for them to come to America. It amazes me how foolish our people have become. Americans are always looking in the wrong direction. The real solution to this problem is stopping all non-European immigration to America. We’ve taken in over 60 million non-European immigrants since 1965, not to mention the tens of millions of illegals that have slithered over our borders these past five decades. We need to identify them and throw them out and rebuild our nation. If we refuse to do this then there is literally no way we will survive.

  • Craig

    I don’t know if this is real or not, but the little butt-sniffing marxist rat has done a LOT to throw barricades and problems in front of Mr. Trump. Rat obama is supposed to be so bright, but he acts like he only realizes things as they happen and cannot plan for anything in the future, like his end of being the biggest POS “president’ in American history.
    He is so stupid (how stupid is he?) that he actually uses his ‘Organizing For Action’ name when paying the protesters that the anti-American democrat media report as Republican voters. The democrat media is dishonest and, like the democrats in general, are the enemy.

  • Rocinante44

    the muslim tried his best to burn our house down as he walked out the door

  • LibertyBelle

    Look at all the dangerous criminals Obama has let out of prison, while he commuted the sentences of others, the dangerous illegal aliens the sanctuary cities let back out on our streets; the criminals he has hosted in the White House the support of BLM, the non-enforcement of our borders — how can one say this is not treason?

  • Lynn D

    Most of the people I Know think Obama was wonderful as a president and Trump is bad news.. I hope time can change their opinions…I get shouted down, so I say nothing now.. Sad isn’t it?

  • Alleged Comment

    Send them back for it has been known for a long time the sodomite negro was never a legit president. All his edicts are illegal and unenforceable.

    Yet no one has arrested the negro for impersonating a US president.

    • Pastor C

      This black man is in complete agreement, with the exception to the characterization of him being a ‘Negro.” He is bi-racial; just as white as he is Negro.

      • Alleged Comment

        You are correct. Though, obama quite clearly sees himself as a “negro”.

        • Pastor C

          The Muslim megalomaniac, also, still sees himself as the savior of the world!

          After 8 years of his deliberately illegal, seditious, traitorous and delusional activities, he’s not that either!

  • bannedquran20

    No surprise here neighbor, since mom jeans is a muslim himself. He gave himself up when he said, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam.” That’s enough prove for me neighbor!.

  • Tonya Parnell


  • Bill Kay

    Totally amazing exactly right and they should resend this order NOW and bring charges now .

  • Mike Kevins

    They are being provided housing in his neighborhood, right? I didn’t think so.

  • Pastor C

    There’s no telling how many Islamic terrorists he and Hillary let into our country from the ranks of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Hezbollah and Hamas through this illegal, seditious and traitorous action!

    • Dorrie

      Out of 900 Iranians, we can be sure there were enough to keep American Imams fired up and radicalizing their people!

  • Penitent Man

    We don’t need months, we need years to stop and assess this situation. We’ve been taking in immigrants non-stop since 1965, over 90% of them coming from non-European countries. We’ve always halted immigration in the past, to allow the new immigrants to assimilate and become Americans. Immigrants, at one point in time, wanted to become Americans because we had a great country. Now they want to become Americans because they know that they can get free housing, free health care, free food, and even grants to start up small businesses. Americans who were born here are treated like second-class citizens. Our veterans go hungry, kill themselves because they cannot get the proper health care that they need, and live on the streets while our so-called “leaders” give everything away to these illegal aliens, refugees, whatever you want to call them.

    People tend to forget that illegal immigration isn’t our only problem, so-called “legal” immigration is just as serious a problem to native-born American citizens as illegal immigration. We should halt all immigration into the United States for at least a decade. Only the most severely persecuted of peoples should be allowed into our nation during that time (people undergoing persecution because they are Christian and believe in our western values and culture). We should reverse the Immigration & Nationality Act of 1965, making sure that 90% of all immigrants come from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, etc. (western peoples).

    Let’s face the facts, tolerance, diversity, and multiculturalism are only practiced in western nations. We are the only countries on earth allowing ourselves to be overrun and invaded by people who do not think like us, look like us, or behave like us. We’re taking in people who hate us and the politicians making it possible are traitors and should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity (ethnic cleansing – genocide against the European race). They have carried out their plans for the past four decades. They have successfully changed our demographics to the point that we are a nation completely divided. Their ruinous policies are already leading to civil unrest and will eventually lead us into a civil war (if we can even call it that) like nothing ever seen before.

    If you thought WWII was bad, wait until WWIII is unleashed upon humanity. This time an ocean separating us from the rest of the world will not protect us. The west is falling, has fallen.

  • joe1429

    The same reason obamahud, flooded the EU with millions of virulent young muslum men

  • dave oliver

    we should only take people from countries that we want to be more like and I cant think of one country. WE NEED MORE AMERICANS

  • mehmood mayet

    You will find that multiculturalism is a Jew construct , and they were instrumental in bringing non Whites in to the land of the Whites

  • junktex

    Obomber was just doing the will of his masters,Soros/Rothschilds

  • BobbyHead

    Sick people welcoming the Muslim horde

  • Dudley Twimp

    Welcome to the Malthusian Era.
    The first response is denial.

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