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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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NSA pick McMaster told the National Defense University that “the Islamic State is not Islamic”


John Bolton lost out to this guy?

President Donald Trump has at last found a replacement for Michael Flynn as national security adviser: Lt General HR McMaster.

General McMaster: “Every time you disrespect an Iraqi, you’re working for the enemy.” They even had “Customer Satisfaction Forms” that detainees were asked to fill out upon release: Were you treated well? How was the food? What could we do better?

Exclusive: NSA pick McMaster told the National Defense University that “the Islamic State is not Islamic”

By Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch, February 20, 2017:

President Trump has confirmed that retired Lt. General H.R. McMaster is his new choice to be his National Security Adviser.

Score one from the swamp. A source that has asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals has informed me that he was present in August 2014 when McMaster was the featured speaker for the President’s Lecture Series at National Defense University in Washington, D.C. McMaster addressed an assembly of all the students in the colleges of the National Defense, including the National War College, the College of International Security Affairs (CISA), the Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy (formerly the Industrial College of the Armed Forces), and the others. There was, therefore, a large crowd, and multiple witnesses.

In his address, McMaster said flatly: “The Islamic State is not Islamic.”

Now, this was during the Obama regime, when that was the official policy of the U.S. government, but President Trump has repeatedly criticized his predecessor (and his 2016 election opponent) for not being willing to call the problem of jihad terror by its right name. Since he has become President, he has repeatedly reiterated his determination to eradicate “radical Islamic terrorism.” If McMaster genuinely holds the view that the Islamic State is not Islamic, then he is a disastrous pick as National Security Adviser, and will continue the willful ignorance of the Obama administration, hamstringing efforts to understand, and counter effectively, the motives and goals of the enemy.

If McMaster was stating his conviction and not just the party line, this would represent a victory for the compromised Republican establishment that is trying to neutralize Trump and keep the swamp from being drained. Say it ain’t so, General McMaster.

  • Honkingoose.

    Detainee/Prisoner/Terrorist “Customer Satisfaction Forms”? Just incredible.
    It’s not a country hotel, they offer water boarding not wake boarding.

    • tatka150

      I’ve never thought that the prisoner and the customer are synonyms.
      I can’t imagine anything more ridiculous. No wonder Trump couldn’t pick up the right person for a while. Great choice. Why?


    We see lack in substance in Trump’s mind.
    A little luck but we need to work.
    Superficiality is the problem.
    Free the Leavenworth 10, free the African slaves from Saudi Arabia, new north-Sudan to UAE to Mauritania, free the Biafra-leader, end Islamic tyranny, end arm-shipments & -sales & aid to Islamic tyrannies, expose Islam with Wikiislam, seize Wikipedia, Facebook, media, academia, schools.
    Socialism is a very creative & powerful tool that can be used to expose & ban Islam & establish human rights & ecology, while capitalism paralyzes ethical, political action as we see with Facebook, media, schools, academia & firms.


      Radical Islam is the assertion that Islam would be peaceful. Radix means root. The root hidden in the people’s minds. If Trump wants to fight against radical Islam, he has to make sure no one mistakenly assumes Islam would be peaceful or just.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Results, ,not rhetoric are required, best you get your priorities straight, Mr. McMaster, pay close attention to what happened to the last guy that had your job.

    • pandainc

      So much for clearing the swamp, ehhh?

      • Dorrie

        I’m surprised that people think Trump can or will clean out the swamp, when he’s been PART of it for 4 decades!

        • mmazzi

          Got proof? Put it up there!!!

          • Dorrie

            Honey, it’s a well known FACT that he has been buying politicians for 40 years – and bragging about it! Most were on the left, but not all. He is PART of the swamp! If you can’t see that, you’re blind!

          • Rob Porter

            Yes, and I think you are a bit ‘thick’! No doubt Trump played the swamp when confronted by it, but other than you we know that from the outset of his presidential campaign he talked about it and disparaged it. No doubt even if he played or used the swamp when confronted by, it’s evident that he recognized that it was a disgusting circumstance in a supposed democracy. So rather than siding with the Democrat garbage let/s see what he does with the swamp.

          • Dorrie

            Oh REALLY!? He ALSO disparages people who take their businesses abroad, Rob! Yet he has done that same thing and has clothing companies in China and Mexico! If you defend him for being the uber liberal he has always been, then YOU are the thick one!

          • purplej

            So, do you similarly recognise the corrupt dealings of the Clintons and Obama’s woeful policies? Regardless of any of their pasts, at least Trump is prepared to recognise the problems and act to restore some integrity to the system. To support any other action is to support a continued decline in sovereignty and security.

          • Dorrie

            You’re comparing apples to oranges and it has NOTHING to do with what I said.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Sooner or later the plugs in the line will be cleared out.

  • Ant. I. Liberal

    Well ? If it is NOT Islamic, General ! WTF IS IT ? Anyone Even Closely Associated with the Ovomit Regime Should NOT BE CONSIDERED ! Sorry ! This Would NOT Be MY PICK !

  • JacksonPearson

    In his address, McMaster said flatly: “The Islamic State is not Islamic.”

    All I can say is HUH???

    • Dorrie

      I hope you post that on Twitter as well!

  • Mark Steiner

    The Trump Administration does not need an “islamist” apologist.

    America already has John McCain. And other RINOs, compromisers and lawless political miscreants.

    • Craig

      Hanoi Songbird McCain, who was so stupid he launched a missile while his jet was parked on the deck of the Forrestal. Hanoi Song Bird McCain has, since his first day in the Senate fought AGAINST the Constitution and FOR relations with communist Viet Nam. The people of Arizona are some stupid people.

      • Samuel Barnett

        I Agree and I live in Arizona>>>

      • Drew the Infidel

        Agreed about McCain’s poor performance in office. But, being a combat aircrewman during the Vietnam War, you really need to be more particular about the garbage to which you attach your name. The Forrestal fire was triggered by a defective Zuni missile launched from an F-4 Phantom. McCain escaped injury by evacuating from his A-4 Skyhawk. There is a big difference. I also suggest you read “In Love And In War” by Admiral Stockdale to clear up your ridiculous assumptions about McCain’s time in the Hanoi Hilton.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I thought McCain flew the A6-Intruder?

          • Drew the Infidel

            When he experienced his shootdown he was piloting an A-4 since he was attached to a shipboard attack squadron. Those primitive ejection seats used back then injured many, including McCain. That gimpy arm he has was from that and he got a broken leg as well as a back injury. The North Vietnamese were content to see him die from his injuries until they figured out who he was, his dad being CINCPACFLT.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Whatever McCain was back then he’s a traitor today.
            Benedict Arnold once served in the Revolutionary Army.

          • Craig

            A traitor is a traitor…period.

        • Craig

          When I arrived at Ton Son Nhut while in-processing we heard of this “hanoi songbird”, some POW with connections.
          It was nearly twenty years later that the connection between the Anti-American McCain and “Hanoi Songbird” became clear. As for the rocket, that is old info back in the 1980’s.
          Regardless, Mccain’s record speaks for itself, the savings and loan scandal and a thousand other anti-American activities where POS McCain crawls in bed with the socialist democrats.
          I do not make peace with those that prove to be the enemy.

      • Mark Steiner

        They certainly drive like it Craig. Remember, California is just to the west, and the tidal wave from this direction has already overspread the Valley if the Sun. Politically, the state will change from red to blue, but McCain will always be welcome by the undiscerning electorate here.

      • mmazzi

        Chuck Schumer Going to Jail! Stew Webb
        McWarmonger not voted back into Senate?? Who let this traitor back in?? FIRE HIM!!

      • Rob Porter

        I recently saw Rand Paul in an interview and when the interviewer quoted John McCain, Paul said that McCain had been wrong on just about everything “for the last four decades”. Having now got into a dispute with Trump, McCain’s now gone almost totally irrational. What a dead loss – and a dimwit – he is!

  • Jan Favre

    The Guy who mocked the god of IS was prosecuted by the normal Jordanian justice for blasphemy proving that IS god is not unrelated to Allah. Islamist killed him on his way to court, the moderate Jrdanian government unae to protect him. A leading cleric refused to declaring IS as un Islamic, stating that they are Muslims, just wrongly interpreting the Quran. Hence there is just a difference of tactics.

  • harbidoll

    Maybe Bannon can talk some sense to him.

    • wildjew

      Maybe Bannon should have vetted this guy. Where was Sebastian Gorka; Walid Phares?

      • Pastor C

        That was my thinking as well. Both are experts on the subject-which is why I am infinitely more troubled by this brain-dead development.

        This move is a major matter, as far as I’m concerned, because it’s positive proof that, behind the scenes, RINOS are invested with far more power than we could have ever imagined!

        America, I tell you, is in grave trouble on so many different levels…

      • Dorrie

        That’s what REALLY blows me away! Dr. Gorka is brilliant when it comes to understanding the evil that is Islam! Why doesn’t HE know this general said that!?

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Maybe that’s why the left isn’t criticizing the pick.

    • Pastor C


  • Drew the Infidel

    One has to hope McMaster was merely playing the part of a political chameleon during the Obhammud years as a survival skill instead of making an honest assessment. The apologists for ISIS say it is not islamic even though that is the first world in their self-assigned title.

  • wildjew

    If the president is hoping by means of this pick he will ingratiate himself with these media wolves, he is mistaken.

  • JWM

    Is there anyone with a functioning brain in this country?

    • Pastor C

      Apparently, few and far between…

      • Dorrie

        This kind of thing is REALLY frightening! I’m so glad I belong to Yahweh. We are most assuredly in the last of the last days!

  • It may all be an instance of “fake news.” McMaster and Trump should counter it with a public announcement to that effect.

    • Dorrie

      I sure HOPE it’s fake news!!!

  • Muhammad was a military strategist, commanding his armies to strike terror. The Islamic State follows Muhammad’s orders as noted in the following teachings from Islam: ———————————

    “The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: I am commanded to fight with men till they testify that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is His servant and His Apostle, face our qiblah (direction of prayer), eat what we slaughter, and pray like us. When they do that, their life and property are unlawful for us except what is due to them. They will have the same rights as the Muslims have, and have the same responsibilities as the
    Muslims have.” (Sunan Abu-Dawud, Book 14, Number 2635, Narrated Anas ibn Malik)

    There is a penalty by Allah for Muslims who do not engage in jihad against the infidels, according to Muhammad’s proclamation: [ Penalty for not participating in “jihad:” ]

    “The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: ‘He who does not join the warlike expedition (jihad), or equip, or looks well after a warrior’s family when he is away, will be smitten by Allah with a sudden calamity. Yazid ibn Abdu Rabbihi said in his tradition: ‘before the Day of Resurrection'”.
    (Sunan Abu-Dawud, Book 14, Number 2497)

    The goal of fundamental Islamists is to follow Muhammad’s orders in an attempt to make Islam dominate over all the world. This is the goal of those who “CAIR” for America.

    Omar Ahmad, 5/16/2004, Co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)
    “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”

    • Pastor C

      Thank you, Mike. Please forward this to the White House. The next time they contact me, for any reason, this will be my personal reply. I encourage others to do the same!

      If enough of our citizens who ‘get it’ would do the same, hopefully they’ll get the message that many of our eyes are open, and we’re outraged by this latest, brain-dead move which places our survival in greater jeopardy now than before President Trump took office!

  • An article that tells it all:


    • sodacrackers2

      Thank you so much for that link. It is a wonderful article written by someone who truly knows about which he speaks!

      • Yes, sodacrackers2, Just like Pamela Geller, Amil Imani has been trying to warn Americans about the Islamic ideology and the Muslim agenda for America for many years. Please share his article with friends and family if possible. :)

        • sodacrackers2

          I certainly will! God love him and Pamela!

    • Pastor C

      Thank you! That link should be shared with as many people as possible. First on the list? The White House!!

      • Hi, Pastor C. Yes, I have shared this link with my email contact list including local news desks, and my congressman & state representatives. Good idea for sending to The White House. Will do!

  • Maranatha

    “Cursed is who trust in men”
    Jeremiah 17:5
    ….I am learning it very fast lately.

  • sodacrackers2

    Now that is scary!

  • Pastor C

    Wow! Unbelievable!

    Another ‘useful infidel’ (who could have just as well served in the Muslim usurper’s administration) now occupying such a critical, strategic, decision-making position in this new administration!

    Someone tell me, now, how this wacko, mindless appointment helps us to more successfully prosecute this war against Islamic terrorism!

    Wake up! America is losing this war! And this brain-dead move, in a backward direction, makes our nation less safe than ever!

  • Dorrie

    Well isn’t THAT just great! And ALL the media, including FOX, is applauding that pick! What the heck is wrong with people!!

    • Pastor C

      The folks at Fox, I’m almost certain, have not read this article.

      That is, I hope they haven’t-which would provide plausible denial for their own stupidity.

      • Dorrie

        I sure hope they see it! This is disastrous!

  • Dean

    Does Trump realize that he just took a big detour from the right track? We have a National Security Adviser that must be evading the connection between our biggest threat and its ideological foundations. Does he think it is our policies and therefore our fault, or poverty and something similar that is motivating the ongoing worldwide violence against civilization and innocents? It is one thing to be diplomatic in some situations but why deny what all the temporary Muslim allies know to be the truth.

  • marlene

    There just aren’t enough good men/women left to fill a cabinet.

  • Joel


  • mmazzi
  • More info: Islam’s 20 Point Plan to Take Over America – by 2020. (Quite possible had Hillary been elected)
    Radical Islam’s ‘plan’ to take over America…

    Anis Shorrosh, author of ”Islam Revealed” and ”The True Furqan,” is a Christian Arab-American who
    emigrated from Arab-controlled Jerusalem in January 1967. His commentary…

    ”The following is my analysis of Islamic invasion of America, the agenda of Islamists and visible methods to take over America by the year 2020,” Shorrosh says. ”Will Americans continue to sleep through this
    invasion as they did when we were attacked on 9/11?”

    1. Terminate America’s freedom of speech by replacing it with statewide and nationwide hate-crime

    2. Wage a war of words using black leaders like Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Jesse Jackson and other visible
    religious personalities who promote Islam as the religion of African-Americans while insisting Christianity is for whites only. What they fail to tell African-Americans is that it was Arab Muslims who captured them and sold them as slaves. In fact, the Arabic word for black and slave is the same, ”Abed.”

    3. Engage the American public in dialogues, discussions, debates in colleges, universities, public
    libraries, radio, TV, churches and mosques on the virtues of Islam. Proclaim how it is historically another religion like Judaism and Christianity with the same monotheistic faith.

    4. Nominate Muslim sympathizers to political office to bring about favorable legislation toward Islam
    and support potential sympathizers by block voting.

    5. Take control of as much of Hollywood, the press, TV, radio and the Internet as possible by buying the related
    corporations or a controlling stock.

    6. Yield to the fear of the imminent shut-off of the lifeblood of America – black gold. America’s economy depends on oil and 41 percent of it comes from the Middle East.

    7. Yell ”foul, out-of-context, personal interpretation, hate crime, Zionist, un- American, inaccurate interpretation of the Quran” anytime Islam is criticized or the Quran is analyzed in the public arena.

    8. Encourage Muslims to penetrate the White House, specifically with Islamists who can articulate a
    marvelous and peaceful picture of Islam. Acquire government positions and get membership in local school boards. Train Muslims as medical doctors to dominate the medical field, research and pharmaceutical companies. (Ever notice how numerous Muslim doctors in America are, when their countries need them more desperately than America?) Take over the computer industry. Establish Middle Eastern restaurants throughout the U.S. to connect planners of Islamization in a discreet way.

    9. Accelerate Islamic demographic growth via: Massive immigration (100,000 annually since 1961).
    Use no birth control whatsoever – every baby of Muslim parents is automatically a Muslim and cannot choose another religion later. Muslim men must marry American women and Islamize them (10,000 annually). Then divorce them and remarry every five years – since one can’t legally marry four at one time. This is a legal solution in America. – Convert angry, alienated black inmates and turn them into militants (so far 2,000 released inmates have joined al-Qaida worldwide). Only a few ”sleeper cells” have been captured in Afghanistan
    and on American soil.

    10. Reading, writing, arithmetic and research through the American educational system, mosques and student centers (now 1,500) should be sprinkled with dislike of Jews, evangelical Christians and democracy. There are currently 300 exclusively Muslim schools in the U.S. which teach loyalty to the Quran, not the U.S. Constitution. In January of 2002, Saudi Arabia’s Embassy in Washington mailed 4,500 packets of the Quran and videos promoting Islam to America’s high schools – free of charge. Saudi Arabia would not allow the U.S.
    to reciprocate.

    11. Provide very sizeable monetary Muslim grants to colleges and universities in America to establish ”Centers for Islamic studies” with Muslim directors to promote Islam in higher-education institutions.

    12. Let the entire world know through propaganda, speeches, seminars, local and national media that terrorists have hijacked Islam, when in truth, Islam hijacked the terrorists.

    13. Appeal to the historically compassionate and sensitive Americans for sympathy and tolerance towards Muslims in America who are portrayed as mainly immigrants from oppressed countries.

    14. Nullify America’s sense of security by manipulating the intelligence community with misinformation.
    Periodically terrorize Americans with reports of impending attacks on bridges, tunnels, water supplies, airports, apartment buildings and malls.

    15. Form riots and demonstrations in the prison system demanding Islamic Sharia as the way of life, not America’s justice system.

    16. Open numerous charities throughout the U.S., but use the funds to support Islamic terrorism with American dollars.

    17. Raise interest in Islam on America’s campuses by insisting freshman take at least one course on Islam.

    18. Unify the numerous Muslim lobbies in Washington, mosques, Islamic student centers, educational organizations, magazines and papers by Internet and an annual convention to coordinate plans, propagate the
    faith and engender news in the media.

    19. Send intimidating messages and messengers to the outspoken individuals who are critical of Islam
    and seek to eliminate them by hook or crook.

    20. Applaud Muslims as loyal citizens of the U.S. by spotlighting their voting record as the highest percentage of all minority and ethic groups in America.

    Shorrosh is a member of the Oxford Society of Scholars, has traveled in 76 countries, and is a lecturer
    and producer of TV documentaries. ”Islam Revealed” is a bestseller now in its eighth printing. His forthcoming 10th book, from which the 20-point plan is abridged, is titled ”Islam: A Threat or a Challenge.”

    Internet Source:

  • Free Tomorrow

    This was under the obozo regime, McMaster might have HAD to say that to protect his own ass from the muslim in chief. Way too much info that has yet to be verified.

    • Dorrie

      MAYBE, but how can we know for sure, unless he talks about it to WE THE PEOPLE and lets us know if he believes differently! If he doesn’t, there is no way to know otherwise! In fact, it means he still feels that way if he doesn’t refute it!

  • Deplorable Kulak

    Let us hope that was just political posturing. The Islamic State is uber Islamic. Gorka needs to slap this guy around a bit.

    • Dorrie

      I totally agree, but Trump has chosen him, in SPITE of the fact that he has NOT refuted saying that!

  • OptimisticallyCynical

    The man spent 2 decades studying this particular enemy. He’s actually been in the field engaged in actual combat and developed tactics that have proven to be very successful in defeating our enemies. He was awarded a Silver Star after the regiment he was leading defeating 80 Iraqi tanks with 9…n-i-n-e…Abrams tanks. During our second go around in Iraq, he took command of the 3rd Armored and defeated a counter-insurgency using innovative tactics he developed and were later adopted by the rest of the Army. McMaster has done more to counter terrorism in a single tour of duty than the nitwit who wrote the above article and all the clowns in this comments section who regurgitate this crap in their entire lifetime. There is no one better equipped to advise the President regarding how we combat terrorism than HR McMaster.

    • iprazhm

      That’s only true if he’s willing to admit who the terrorists are. Clearly by his own words, he is not.

  • iprazhm

    It doesn’t matter one bit if he were stating his conviction or going with the flow of the party line. On the one hand he sides with muslims and is no better than Obama. On the other hand he wasn’t telling the truth about siding with muslims and can’t be trusted to not switch sides when it benefits his career. Either way he isn’t qualified.

  • stephen crawford

    What a bunch of pea brain clueless ignorant moronic idiots you are , you have racist minds like smelly cheese and stale beer
    … he agriculture industry brings in $835 billion dollars a year. Over 1/3 are illegal immigrants. Send illegals home and this country loses $278 billion in revenue. Oh no! Americans would take those jobs! Not true. Alabama and Georgia started a policy of mass deportations but when it was apparent no white Americans wanted those jobs they revoked that policy.
    According to US News and World Report and Forbes magazine illegal immigrants pay about 12 billion in taxes. 30% pay property tax, 50% pay income tax using ITIN’s and there is sales tax. ( Itin’s are a tax processing number used by he IRS to insure that people, including unauthorized immigrants, pay taxes even if they do not have a social security number.) 75% of illegal aliens pay 13 billion into the social security system without any future benefit. In this country we use and abuse illegal immigrants giving them hard brutal work white Americans do not want to do. Then we turn around and blame them for anything and everything. The cost of deporting all illegal immigrants would cost 1.6 trillion dollars. If they stay they contribute 2.1 billion per year.

    MUSLIMS. Terrorists calling them selves Muslims are not true Muslims at all. I have lived several months in Pakistan and Morocco. There is a mosque on my block in queens, I have 3 muslims friends. I know first hand a little about their nature. If there was a terrorist group calling themselves the radical Christian Jihad would we then believe all Christians are terrorists ??? But for the sake of discussion let’s count terrorists calling themselves Muslims. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world.
    There were 1000 acts of terrorism in Europe in the last 5 years. How many were committed by terrorists calling themselves Muslims? Less than 2%.
    There were 140,000 terrorist acts world wide committed since 1970, less than 1% were carried out by terrorists calling themselves Muslims.
    There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. Terrorists calling themselves Muslims account for .0000009 % of the total Muslim population. That means that 99.9999991 % of Muslims are peaceful. Of the gun violence committed in the US in the last 5 years .0001 % was committed by Muslims. The vast majority ? White males. But let’s put a ban on all Muslims entering the country ! This will appeal to individuals looking for scapegoats to hate. Trump has a lot of supporters with this mind set and he caters to this mind set.
    BTW: in the USA there are 5000 Muslims in the military
    20,000 Muslim physicians
    10% of all American physicians are Muslims, source: AMA

    • Duchess of Pork

      A. That must be so comforting to the family and friends of those that have been killed.
      B. Please add in rape stats to your carefully calculated numbers. Every woman I know regards rape as an act of terror.
      C. You have not accounted for the “moderates” that shelter terrorists such as Abdeslam
      D. Who are you to claim that terrorists are not Muslim when they self-identify as such and even Al-Azhar refuses to declare ISIS heretical to Islam.

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