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[ January 22, 2018 ]

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Migrant Boys Kidnap, Threaten to Kill Refugee Center Staff


A group of 12 migrant boys from the mostly Muslim nations of Gambia, Nigeria and Egypt kidnapped Italy’s children’s commissioner and refugee center staffers, locking them into a reoom at the facility and threatening to cut the manager’s throat.


Apparently, the boys weren’t getting answers to their questions quickly enough.

And here’s the unbelievable part: Migrant center officials, just coming off capture, actually sympathized with their kidnappers – even after they admitted such attacks could happen again.

The Express has the story:

“Filomena Albano and her team, including judges, were locked inside the migrant centre for 30 unaccompanied minors, mainly from Gambia, Nigeria and Egypt, in Cassano delle Murge, Puglia, Italy, for more than an hour yesterday.

“A group of 12 boys threatened the delegation by saying they would cut the facility manager’s throat as they demanded “answers” during the planned visit in which the team were reviewing the condition of the centre.

“They blocked the officials’ cars in by surrounding them and lying on the floor while other put chairs and benches in front of the exit gate to stop them leaving.

“Speaking to the Italian news agency ANSA, Ms Albano said: ‘They kidnapped us for more than an hour, it was a bad experience.

“‘We parked our cars and then they locked us inside the building while some of the minors blocked exit routes, preventing cars from moving.’

“She said some of the boys started screaming and tell her all they do is eat and sleep but do not go to school.

“They told her: “We do not do anything, we see nothing for our future.

“‘We don’t believe anyone because the Ministry has just told us lies.”

“As the group were held captive, Ms Albano found out the facility’s manager has repeatedly been threatened by the boys and last Saturday they destroyed a room at the centre.”

The boys freed the delegation and staff after police called and calmed them.

And center staff, unbelievably, were sympathetic.

Again, from the Express:

“Rosy Paparella, the local children’s commissioner for Puglia, said: ‘It was a painful experience. They were very angry.

“‘We have done this work for some time, but such a thing had never happened.

“‘They are desperate. By law they should remain in such facilities for no more than 60 days and instead there are cases where they are waiting more than 15 months.

“‘They faced a terrible journey to get to Italy and they imagined their future in a different way, not a long wait for who knows what.

“‘We need to give them answers very quickly. Otherwise, this craziness could happen again.'”

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  • … migrant :-) boys

    2:20 ‘… be careful about using the word refugees’

    • Suresh

      Left/Liberal politicians are the problem and those who are dumb enough to vote for them deserve this crap.

      Unless more ppl start fighting back like the German resistance is doing

      ……….it will be very difficult to reverse the damage and take back the country.

  • Jill

    Nothihg wrong with feeling sympathetic for their frustration but the admin staff were indeed lucky that the frustration was not fatal. Realising that this is the only way these boys know how to express themsleves is not a bad thing, but certainly this danger shoud be recognised.
    Unfortunately these boys will have to learn thatc being lied to by politicians is par for the course wherever you are!

  • Terri Sturgill

    Looks like they took in migrants that they had no placement for. So they languish in what they consider a prison-like situation. However, I bet they are fed and kept warm and given a bed, perhaps entertainment [phones, xbox, tv]. Wait and see what they threaten after being released into the real world. They attacked to take over as they know in their culture. How do you remove that?

  • Herbert Lee Poteet

    They should be shipped home and that as quickly as possible. If Italy or Europe is to have a future, these thugs should not. Their threats should be taken seriously if for no other reason than they are Muslims and killing non-Muslims is for them ok.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Send the ungrateful murderous little criminal bastardss back to wherever they came from. They will only get worse the longer they are there. And get some new staff, they are there to do a job, not sympathize with criminals.

    • Speak the Truth

      Well said! I will not be surprised if these authorities now advertise for adoptive parents for these “sweet orphan children.”

  • Tm.

    Demanding aren’t they? They come into Western Europe by the thousands, flood the society, and then expect resources to be available. Why weren’t they so demanding in their homelands? Why did they not vote out the corrupt politicians?
    When you are the one with the need, you do not demand, you remain patient and ask nicely, like the rest of us immigrants did.

  • Batters Box

    F**K them what did they expect, you lay with dogs you get fleas.

  • petedoc810

    So answer their questions. Sounds like the boys were being incarcerated indefinitely for no reason with no hope for the future. They probably felt they had no other recourse.

    • santashandler

      So, that’s the way to behave? Bite the hand that feeds you? If Italy were run by people who love their sovereignty and culture, these boys would have have been on flights, headed back home, sitting in the cargo hold, before they could slash the first throat. Nothing but the best for these filthy animals.

  • santashandler

    Aw, ain’t that nice. The police ‘calmed them down.’ Did they do it with Girl Scout cookies, milk and a puppet show? When you have the captives making statements like “‘We need to give them answers very quickly. Otherwise, this craziness could happen again” it’s clear, Italy, along with Germany and Sweden will soon be lost to these blood thirsty animals. But……I wonder what Putin would do. Surely, he wouldn’t apologize for ‘not answering quckly enough’ the demands of those who wish to take over his country. No, something tells me, if this had happened in Putin’s country, this would not even be a story. Why? Because there would be no migrant boys around to talk to and get their side of the story.

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