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Media Shaming: Trump Aide Kellyanne Conway Under Fire for Feet on Couch


Members of the media are going nuts over a photograph of President Donald Trump’s right-hand aide, Kellyanne Conway, scrolling through her cell phone while seated on an Oval Office couch, feet tucked beneath her, a la kneel position.

North Korea? Iran? ISIS? Terrorism and national security? Jobs and the economy?

No, the story of the day, in the minds of the mainstream media, is the fact Conway would dare to put her feet on a sacred White House couch.

This, despite the fact Barack Obama set new standards of informality while serving his eight years in the White House, putting his feet on the desk, entering the inner Oval Office without coat, or even tied tie, and so forth.

But Conway has committed the cardinal sin.

This from NDTV:

“In an image captured by an AFP photographer, Ms. Conway appears casually kneeling on the couch as Trump poses for a photo with leaders of historically black colleges and universities.

“Twitter users were quick to berate Ms Conway, with many calling her body language a sign of ‘disrespect.’

“‘Conway with her shoes on the couch in Oval Office – consistent with general level of disrespect Trump team has shown,’ tweeted one user.

“‘The new stock photo for ‘white privilege,’ wrote another Twitter user of the image, which shows her surrounded by a large number of black people who are standing.

“‘The country’s most esteemed African American educators have gathered together at the White House, and Kellyanne Conway cannot be bothered to acknowledge them with the respect of formal courtesy,’ wrote one commentator on the women’s interest website Jezebel. …

“The photo also triggered a tide of memes: ‘The ancestors put plastic on the furniture just for women like Kellyanne Conway,’ read one post, with the AFP image juxtaposed against sofas cloaked in plastic furniture covers.”

Even conservatives got in on the shaming.

Wall Street Journal columnist Bret Stephens, for example, took Conway to task for the feet-on-couch photo, saying “if [Condoleeza] Rice or [Valerie] Jarrett sat like this in Oval Office, conservatives would have screamed themselves hoarse for weeks. Now we own trashy.”


Or maybe it’s the frequency of the offense that has something to do with the fact conservatives would criticize Democrats for the placing feet on desk, or feet on couch.

Conway, 1: Barack Obama, ???

To infinity and beyond, it appears.

Barack Obama puts his feet on the Oval Office desk many times while serving as president.
Once again, Barack Obama puts his feet on the desk.
Again, with the feet … Barack Obama.
Could somebody please get Barack Obama a footstool?!?
No, seriously now … a footstool please. A hassock or something …

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  • DISQUSted PussyGrabber

    The hypocrisy of the Left is staggering.

  • Mark Steiner

    Who can recall President Obama when he, on many occasions, was photographed reclining with shoes on the Oval Office desk? No matter … just being a cool dude.

  • patriotusa2

    Picturing Obama with his feet on the desk makes little difference to the mainstream media. Their hypocrisy knows no limits. On the other hand, I’ve got to admit that this wasn’t exactly a posture that would make for a professional photo. I’m sorry, but the least she could have done was to take her shoes off or sit more appropriately while in that kind of setting.

    • Joseph Guerra

      Well, from the appearance, this was not a “professional photo”. The others in the picture are looking away and the perspective is off the majority of the room.
      This was a voyuer/candid pic taken either before or after the official one meant to cause an issue

      • patriotusa2

        You can call this whatever you want, but as far as I’m concerned professionalism should be the decorum in this kind of setting. I was referring to the picture taken of her!

        • Craig

          I do not believe this is a real photo. I think this is a photo shop job. After all, why would Kellyanne disregard the people, the setting and her position? A lie is here in this fake photo.

          • patriotusa2

            Could be? Who knows at this point?

    • Suresh

      Muslim consider rape of infidel girls/women as halal (approved) form of prayer to allah

      And Leftists/Liberals are ok with it !

      • patriotusa2

        Yes, Muslims approve of a lot of crimes including murder. All in the name of Allah.

        • turkeychoker

          allah is just another critter I hunt for when out coyote hunting.

      • John Bates

        And their precious prophet even married a young girl … guess they weren’t decent enough men to make it with a real woman, so they abuse children ..

        • turkeychoker

          The men have ol Mo`s approval to cross dress, too, along with beastiality. Quite the ‘religion’

    • John Bates

      I remember that, and you’ll notice that the Dems didn’t say anything about that…

    • Well, I don’t see any shoes… and this certainly wasn’t a professional group photo… so, liberals grasping at straws while their ship is sinking because of their own failed, insane and criminal policies.

      • patriotusa2

        You don’t see any legs either, just knees. However, that doesn’t mean they are not there! Liberals might be grasping at straws, but as for me, a conservative, I think it’s in poor taste, period. Sorry if that upsets anyone.

  • Puh Lease… Conway dissing the Oval Office? Obama took a regular crap on the floor of the office and rubbed it in. No outrage there.

  • Chris DeSimone

    Didn’t Obummer show everyone his CHUBBY??? it was done on purpose when I saw the video! NO MENTION OF THAT!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Short peckered obama and his insatiable ego. Typical male with small head only functioning organ.

      • AlgorithmicAnalyst

        Did you see the video? It was classic. On an airplane, he’s talking on the phone, some of the girls (reporters) notice and start giggling, so he hitches up his pants and turns towards them and they all start cracking up :)

        Not sure I can find that video.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          When it first came out I saw it, typical black muslim, no self control, then brags about what is shameful. It looked like a penis, only smaller.

    • Craig

      Rat obama has done that MANY time, both semi-hard and flaccid. The female media types all swoon and comment.

      What do you expect from the gutter?

      • Drew the Infidel

        Needle Dick the bugf*cker.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      There is a law about displaying a disgusting object, no one wanted to get o’bimbo in trouble.

  • Larry Tucker

    kellyanne had probly been on her feet for 16 hrs or so just saying that the trump team has been going nonstop so you leftist know to try and strightin out a big mess 8 yrs of Obama left them and what a mess it is

    • Bradley Lexvold

      Seen a short vid clip. She wasn’t going to step on the symbol on the floor to take the picture. Looked as though she needed to be at the right distance away and she leans over symbol. Yes some short people naturally sit with feet tucked under them, but I don’t think that was what this was. I wouldn’t have stepped on that symbol.

    • Trump can’t ban islam

      seems she wanted to call the police

  • mysticld

    So photoshopped. Just look at how her knees are. More fake news

    • Richard

      How are her knees? She is a tiny lady and she has unusually slender legs. I don’t think her position indicates photoshop, but the fact that not a single person in room is looking at her is noteworthy. Photoshop? Perhaps, the truth will out.
      This wasn’t the group photo, she probably wasn’t even supposed to be in the official group photo.

  • Nim

    Looks fake,… one is even looking at her…..photoshopped!!

    • Craig

      I believe so.

  • Deanna D

    Looks like her legs might have been in the way of the photo being taken

    • Richard

      Good observation!

  • Mark Funk

    If you are in the Atlanta area, here’s chance to learn something.

    • Bob Smith

      I wouldn’t step inside a mosque if it was the last building standing.

  • bob434

    if this is all the left have to complain about, then we’re in pretty good shape – let the piggies squeal- just point and laugh

  • Lysy2

    Is this the best you can do, enemedia? pathetic !

  • Mahou Shoujo

    democrats and their yellow running dog yellow journalist’s trivial obsession with nit picking, as they are obviously too stupid to discuss real issues, make the lame stream media look like they are totally impotent on anything to do with reporting. What a bunch of dorks.

  • Craig

    Informality and lack of regard for White house furniture by rat obama. Sex and sticking cigars in vaginas in the Oval Office by POS clinton. Not to mention the tirades and chimpouts by hillary and moochele.

    I am not sure the pix is real. Seems like a photo shop pix. After all, why would Kellyanne be there on the couch in the middle of an obvious meeting?

    Methinks the rats are at work, here.

  • Deplorable_ Manhattaner

    DemocRats only support cigars under the desk…..and female humidors .

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Everyone was too polite to mention the lame stream media hacks were standing around with their thumbs up their derrières.

  • Tm.

    Kellyanne did nothing wrong. She felt comfortable in the company she was in. Perhaps her legs or feet ached. Men, the world over, are to freakin obsessed by women, women did this, women must wear that, women, women, women. This is some deep sense of domination, wishing to control women, entitlement that they feel they can rule over women. Treat women as children. I would have expected this of some countries. Sadly, I would expect this from the left, including left leaning media.
    Get yer minds off the womens and git somethin done.

    • She could still have paid attention to the proceedings instead of being on her phone. I notice that the real foul is being ignored.

      • Bob Smith

        Paying attention to what? Looks like they were doing a photo shoot. Everyone standing around smiling.

  • Noel Singletary

    I voted for Trump, but she shouldn’t put her damned feet on the sofa. It does not belong to her! Republicans should do better than the Democrats like Obama and his nasty feet on the desk.

  • Dave

    The media is sexist. My wife puts her feet on the couch and on chairs at all times. Her sister does it too. All the women in my extended family do it. It just something women do. I’ve seen women at work put their feet up on their chairs. It just something women do often.

    • And on the phone ignoring Trump?

    • Drew the Infidel

      When I was growing up, having your shoes on or off while your feet were on the furniture was the determining factor on whether or not you got a “whuppin'”.

  • Disalusioned

    It wasn’t even about her, and I’m sure a photographer took that picture on purpose!

  • It’s not the feet on the couch that is an issue…it is that she’s paying no attention to her boss while many others are paying attention.

  • Joseph Mack

    Sorry, folks – doesn’t look photo-shopped. Kellyanne, it isn’t proper to sit that way in that particular office! As a lifelong conservative, I think we need to look as proper as possible – no need to give the idiot left ammunition of any kind! I am sure that she meant no disrespect for the office, and she appears to have a small frame. It is uncomfortable for those of us who are ‘vertically challenged’ to sit on furniture where our legs don’t touch the ground – perhaps that is what caused her to sit in this fashion. Count on the DumpocRATS to find absolutely anything to hammer conservatives over.

  • Janet

    Liberals complain about everything the Trump administration does. At least she’s not doing what Billy boy was when he was in the Oval Office.

  • Alleged Comment

    As you know the negro did it on purpose. Showing you how much disdain he had for the American way. Despite we FREED and FEED Negroes now. The only country in the world to do so.

    Otherwise the poor little Negroes would be starving and left neked! Back in Africka Negroes kill each other. Ooops, I meant in Chicago.

  • usn

    Just goes to show you they are running out of crap to complain about.

  • Fanfaron2011

    My question is: Why would she feel comfortable in such an unladylike position? Makes her look like a teenager. Grow up.

  • Fanfaron2011

    Makes her look very unprofessional… like a teenager. Very unladylike position!

  • Drew the Infidel

    The media will use this casual photo as some form of rallying point while ignoring the very fact that Kellyanne Conway is the only woman in US history to have conducted a successful political campaign in which her candidate won the Presidency. You have to ask them, “Why demand perfection from others when you are willing to settle for so much less in yourself?”

  • M. Marsares

    Thank God Pamela had nothing to report on Canada. K. Conway is news?

  • The_Infidel_01

    They applauded bozo obama putting his feet on the desk.

  • John Bates

    Deflect! Deflect! … So what? It was an actually relaxed environment. People are being people … and did anyone stop to ask her if she had taken her shoes off first? I’ll bet she did … so now we can subtract another fact about Democrats .. they are more worried about appearance than substance, and that they are lacking in simple human pleasures, especially when it will play towards their sadly lacking political agenda. Trump offers solutions to their non-solution agenda, oh … except for tax and spend, and cripple the military and the jobs environments. We now have a president who is not a Muslim, who claims that the most beautiful thing he has ever heard in the morning call to prayer at a mosque, and a first for politicians .. that he actually follows through on his campaign promises. All the Dems can do is pull out the “phobia” cards, and complain. Now it is their turn to soothe their aching butts because the candidate who gave our uranium away to the Russians, and says that Trump is a Russian plant, is more complicit than anything or anyone else. Growing up is going to be hard for them to do. It’s not whether you win or lose, but how badly you complain about the results, in hopes that things will change. Fat chance!

  • John Deer

    What a SORRY State of Affairs if the Democrats can spend their “Mind” power on such a TRIVIAL detail while their “HERO” Obama had his feet on tables and desks with the VIP Visitor sitting across from him being FORCED to look at the soles of Obama’s shoes.!!! What utter disrespect and an INSULT to the VIP. !!!! The DEMOCRATS need a rethink on their existence and Future.!! Does the USA still need the Democrats after Pres.Trump’s Speech.????

  • Ayna

    Yes, the traitor media hasn’t got anything on Trump without pointing the 9 remaining fingers to themselves, that’s why this spasm -faux enragement – is one of the clear marks indicating the death struggle they’re in.

  • bannedquran20

    More Mickey Mouse garbage coming from the left again neighbor. Kellyanne, keep on truckin’

  • Mary Seres

    Did anyone notice that a picture was being taken and she got her legs and feet up out of the way of the picture… sick and tired of democrats, sick and tired of liberals, sick and tired of progressives and sick and tired of “stupid people with no grey matter in their skulls”.

  • notme123

    what 0 did was total disrespect, saw nothing wrong with Kellyanne.

  • salty2012

    F___ the media.

  • Super Man

    She brings sexy to the office!! Does it really matter? Do what you gotta do Kellyanne, the Dems are just one giant squeaky wheel that are starting to get ignored already from their continued negative garbage. Reminds me of a little childhood story about crying wolf

  • turkeychoker

    Where was the media when Monica was on her knees for Billy horndog ? Or when JFK was having skinny-dipping parties w/girls in the White House pool, when Jackie was out of town ?

  • aebe

    Bare feet on couch are OK . But , what is weird about the photo – She doesn’t fit with rest of scene .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights… Carry

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