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Maxine Waters Slams Team Trump as ‘Bunch of Scumbags’


Well, isn’t this befitting a sitting member of Congress: Rep. Maxine Waters, D-California, took to MSNBC national news to publicly slam members and supporters of President Donald Trump’s administration as “a bunch of scumbags.” Her words.


Or perhaps the better question is: Could you imagine if a Republican went on, say, Fox News and spoke similarly of Barack Obama’s administration while he was seated in the White House?

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-California, took to national television to slam President Donald Trump’s administration as “scumbags.”

Here’s a bit of the backstory, starting with comments she made to host Chris Hayes about Team Trump’s Russia ties, as noted by Breitbart:

“Reince Priebus has been trying to clean up for Donald Trump for far too long. He’s the one that stuck with him all during the campaign when he was making outrageous statements. When he was basically lying and so his time is going to run out. He can’t continue to try to defend this president who is entangled with this Kremlin clan of his while they are all seeking really to get rid of these sanctions that are placed on Russia, because all of them are connected to the oil and gas industry. Just take a look at this.

“Take a look at, of course, Michael Flynn—long history of ties to the Russian government, including a paid speech at a party for RT. Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, paid lobbyist for Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Russian politician in Ukraine who fled to Russia in 2014. Carter Page, one of Trump’s foreign policy advisers doing during his campaign a frequent guest on Russian state media, held a personal stake in Russian oil and gas interest. Roger Stone, who worked in the Ukraine. Wilbur Ross, Trump’s nominee for secretary of commerce was a business partner of Viktor.

“And a major financial project involving the bank of Cyprus. And, of course, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who was the one who negotiated it, the multi-billion dollar drilling contract with Putin where they were going to drill in the Arctic, and it has been stopped because of the sanctions that were placed by Obama. And I want to tell you, I believe that Tillerson’s real job is to get in here and get those sanctions lifted. But all of them want them lifted because this clan, this Kremlin clan is all about getting the oil and gas money and doing the drilling, and they need this president.”

And her reason for bringing up all that?

Waters said “they need this president” to lift the sanctions against Russia.

She went on:

“Not only to lift these sanctions but to take over all of these Soviet countries and pull them back into the Soviet Union so they can have access to all of these resources. It’s clear to me and I just think the American people have to have a better understand what’s going on. This is a bunch of scumbags. That’s what they are.”

Hayes jumped on the words, prompting her for explanation.

Again, from Breitbart, more of the exchange:

“HAYES: Who do you mean that when you call them scumbags?

“WATERS: All of these people that are organized with these oil and gas interest in the administration and friends of the President of the United States, this back channeling that you see. These are a bunch of scumbags, that’s what they are.

“HAYES: You mean the secretary of state of the United States?

“WATERS: Well I tell you this, Tillerson is there to get these sanctions lifted. I believe it. Just watch him. He’s going to continue to work on it. This is important for him. He was there because he negotiated the deal for Exxon with Putin.”

Waters has previously called Trump dangerous to America, and in recent weeks, has taken to calling for his impeachment.

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  • Dan Knight

    Takes one to know one Maxine Waters – but no one in the Trump administration can beat you in the scumbag awards.

  • Mark Steiner

    Again, what does this say about the electorate that put Maxine Waters in power? And dozens of other Congresspeople, statehouse representative/senators, and on and on – down to the dogcatcher?

    • groinpains

      Electorate? Gerrymandering lives. Dogcatcher would be well out of her comfort zone.

      • aebe

        By packing themselves into cities , progressives gerrymandered themselves out of an electorate .

  • O come on baby. Tell us what you really think.

  • Glen Benjamin

    Maxine waters is a hood rat. She belongs in a psychiatric institutions gown along with Nancy Pelosi. These demon cats keep digging their own grave. MSNBC and CNN NEVER really challenge them and of course Barack was the magic negro.
    Waters is dumb and Pelosi has Parkinson’s, dementia and lacks intelligence.

    • Dennis

      I was always taught to “consider the source” especially as they relate to egregious comments. Obama, Waters, Pelosi and their ilk are very disingenuous leaders within the Democratic party, and are fermenting fascist conduct, which they hope will become violent and result in the overthrow of the Constitutionally elected present POTUS. These people, although privileged by our Constitution to speak their piece, are instead using the bully pulpit to try and bring down our democratic processes. They avoid reality, and instead make unfounded colorful claims to push their agenda to its end result of domination and overthrow of everything American.They need to be seen for what they are. They need to be voted out of office and replaced by people who respect our form of government and are not simply rabble rousers. I especially find disfavor with those politicians, who unlike Trump who seems to be sincerely trying to lift the African American community from the poverty and danger that permeates their society, are doing nothing for their own people, and have done nothing for them over the last eight years. Instead of going back to Chicago, from whence he comes, and attempt to bring positive change to that area, Obama has chosen to ignore Illinois and ferment his negative discourse from D.C. Does not that identify his intent and disingenuousness? The African American community must recognize those facts and conclude that people like Obama and Waters and their ilk have no interest in helping create safe and productive communities for them. Their interest is protecting their power base, nothing more. They better figure that out soon, before it is too late to salvage their American dream.

      • Drew the Infidel

        Her freely tossing around the term “scumbag”reminds me of what I was taught long ago, it takes one to know one.

    • Michael Garfinkel

      Waters represents her constituency, no more, and no less.

      I suppose it’s to much to ask of the Republican eunuchs in the House that they censure this person.

    • spfg

      Even if what she said about Tillerson is true my response is soo what? Let them drill for oil and gas. I do not have a problem with it. As far as the old Soviet Union being brought back together well she is definitely on drugs on that one..Won’t happen. You have the internet now.

  • Craig

    Maxine Waters, the SCUMBAG that calls her donors monthly to make sure they have her monthly tribute to her on time. Maxine Waters, who told businessmen at a rat obama business “summit” “you better do what we tell you or we will go socialist on you and take your business” mean THAT scumbag?

    • joe1429

      YES, lol

  • JacksonPearson

    Maxine Waters is terribly corrupt, and has gotten away with it. Congress should have expelled her long ago, plus jail time…

  • Geovanny

    Maxine is disgusting to me. Get fired!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    What kind of comment would be expected from a douche’ bag?

  • Craig

    Speaking of SCUMBAGS..did anyone notice the protesters at Standing Rock have just burnt vehicles, tractors and their buildings and tents?
    This was SUPPOSED to be about no pollution, but when they did not get their way, they POLLUTED by burning everything in sight. Man! You cannot make this kind of stuff up!!!
    Liberals really are the dumbest.

  • Drifter12

    It is pretty clearly seen now, by anyone with normal eyesight and a functioning brain who the real scumbags really are… Waters used to be one of them but in her senility has become just a sick old crone. The fact that she still sits in Congress, tells quite a story on her constituents.

  • Halal Bacon

    Whats the word for Female Uncle Tom?

    • Halal Porky

      It is Maxine Waters.

  • RCCA

    The only thing Maxine left out was how Russia/Putin gained control of Trump’s mind to make his primary goal to benefit Russia. How does any of what Waters claimed help Trump exactly? Oh yeah, he’s being controlled by the Kremlin so he doesn’t have a choice. DumbX2

  • Blitzcrraig

    Hey Maxine — Breaking News — Russia is once again invading Korea !!! Hurry up and condone it !!

  • CraxyD

    Yyyeeah, this hag is hereby cordially invited to go hump a cactus

  • groinpains

    This woman is delusional. She makes Pelosi seem like a genius, which is way hard. Idiocy on full display. Carry on dems, I’m impressed with your idiocy. Keep it up. It is entertaining.

  • Lysy2

    She is dumb as a rock

  • karl59

    Being on Capitol Hill too long robs a person of sanity!!!!

    • Craig

      …and looks…..

    • Pat Hanson

      A perfect case for Congressional Limits.

  • Mark Millich

    scum·bag [skəm baɡ] NOUN informal: a contemptible or objectionable person. By her own behavior, by her own words, Rep. Maxine Waters proves herself guilty of what she judges President Trump’s administration members to be.

  • TheOtherWhiteMeat
    • CreoleGumbo

      Ditto OWM

  • Lia

    Is there no IQ test for members of Congress? Two Russian pranksters ‘phoned her and they had a hilarious discussion with her on Limpopo, which she seems not to have realised is the northernmost province of South Africa.

  • Mark Grantham

    She is a disgusting person, who needs to get knocked down a peg or two!

    • Drew the Infidel

      It is more likely she will get knocked up.

  • aebe

    Waters was a fan of letting the Russians buy American uranium interests . And her honey , the clintoon made a bit of change doing that deal .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights…. Carry

  • jerseycat406

    Maxine Waters is nothing but a loud mouth ignorant ghetto bitch.I cant believe how ignorant she is, she needs to go

  • Drew the Infidel

    She is doing her part to add to the civility and public discourse the only way she knows how, with her mouth and not through any meaningful action. That a member of the US Congress is so woefully ignorant as to claim Russia has invaded North Korea is scary.

  • hal8196

    What hypocrites! They never complained when Valerie Jarrett was “pimping” for Iran.

  • M. Marsares

    Maybe in the language of “Misspeak” the word scumbag is not the pejorative you Western infidels think it is.

  • Annie

    “All of them are connected to the oil and gas industry” screeches Maxine
    Waters. The same old Dem tune that Republicans are out to make profits
    through corporate interests at the expense of the American people. That
    they are self-serving fat cats and not loving and caring like she and the
    DEMS are.

    Not long ago, President Trump asked Rep. John Lewis of Georgia why his
    Congressional district was so crime infested and deteriorated. The same
    could be asked of Rep. Waters. She has been in Congress for 25 years
    and yet her district in South Los Angeles is rampant with unemployment
    and crime – much, much worse than when she first took office. Yet she
    herself has done very financially well during that time – even living outside
    her district in a big mansion in Hancock Park.

    And – while achieving much in America – through the years she has stood
    by the side of Assata Shakur, Black American name Joann Chesimard –
    who murdered a New Jersey police officer, then fled to Cuba where she
    still lives. To this day, Waters says Chesimard cannot get political justice
    in the United States.

    With a leader who has so abysmally failed her people but enriched
    herself – Maxine Waters’ constituents can’t get political justice either.
    Not from a scumbag like her.

  • TiredOfIt

    Delusional nig nog, I can’t understand how a person this stupid continues to get reelected.

  • Is it better to be Hillary’s “deplorables” or Water’s “scumbags”? Is this hate speech?
    A video titled “Worse Then War” exposes how genocides around the world are started and these rabid politicians are planting the seeds.

  • Banjoboy

    Sadly these entrenched Democrats never have an open mind , term limits would work wonders for this country.

  • Gene Ginzburg

    She wins every election as she has the ILLEGAL vote!

  • Black Opal

    Good for her! 💜💜💜💜

  • Merlinever

    Does any reasonably intelligent person really care at all what this worthless, black b**ch says or thinks? That a person like Maxine Waters ever got elected to congress, or to ANY political office, is a sign of how far down the toilet our country has gone.

  • Geppetto

    Don’t ya just love the intellectual give and take?

  • curtis

    None of that seemed to bother her when Killary was giving strategic materials to the russians?

  • joe1429

    This is the same maxine waters who said putin invaded korea, a few days ago. The only scumbag is you and your demonrats , maxine! Drop dead!

  • Janet

    Oh shut up prune face! There’s nothing more scummy or rotten than today’s Democratic Party! And you lady (and I use the term loosely) are a total joke and whack job!

  • Warren

    The fact that black people keep reelecting Maxine Waters over and over again calls their intelligence into question.

  • Merchantseamen

    She is trying to deflect her own corruption. They must be closing in on her. ;-)

  • Wow, and people still listen to waters, or msnbc? LOL… how pathetic can people become striving after wind? We have some seriously mentally ill Americans in our midst. What do we do with traitors and insurrectionists?

  • ninetyninepct

    Could it be that she truly is a pedophile? Is she controlled by CAIR? Why isn’t she wearing her burka?

  • turkeychoker

    Ol Maxi poo, is and continues to be a filthy Communist. Besides being butt uuuugly.

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