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LIVESTREAMING President Trump’s First Joint Address


President Donald J. Trump will be delivering his first address to a Joint Session of Congress on Tuesday, February 28, 2017. Be sure to tune in, as the President will be sharing his vision for the country. Watch it here and spare yourself the torture of the talking heads, the flapping tongues and the other clueless clowns who just. don’t. get . it.

I am looking forward to it like a kid on Christmas morning. How we suffered for eight long interminable years. It’s our turn.

When: Tuesday, February 28, 2017, at 9 p.m.

Where: The United States Capitol in the House Chamber, also known as the “Hall of the House of Representatives.”

Who: The President will address Members of both the House of Representatives and Senate in his first address to a Joint Session of Congress.

The Speech: President Trump is keeping the tradition of previous Presidents by delivering a formal address to a Joint Session of Congress during his inaugural year, and will deliver his first State of the Union address in 2018. The President will deliver his speech from the Speaker’s rostrum.

How to participate: Follow along live on Twitter @WhiteHouse and @POTUS for real-time information before, during and after the speech. The speech will also be live streamed at

“This will be an opportunity for the people and their representatives to hear directly from our new President about his vision and our shared agenda.” – Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Paul D. Ryan

During his first Joint Address to Congress, the President will communicate his vision for the future of the country directly to the American people as he moves forward with his plans to take on the many challenges facing this nation. Building on his inaugural address, President Trump will continue to lay out his agenda to Make America Great Again.

In just one month, President Trump’s Administration has already accomplished so much, including the following:

  • Reviving key job-creating energy projects such as the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines.
  • Eliminating costly Obama-era regulations such as the “Stream Protection Rule.”
  • Minimizing the economic burden of Obamacare while clearing the path toward repeal and replace.
  • Directing the Department of Defense to develop a plan to defeat ISIS.
  • Standing with American workers by withdrawing from the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • Enacting common sense regulatory reform by ordering any new regulations be offset by the repeal of two other regulations.
  • Building his Cabinet and Administration with the highest quality individuals to help implement the President’s vision for the country.
  • Establishing new ethics commitments for all executive branch appointees to enforce a five-year lobbying ban and a permanent ban on lobbying for foreign governments.

Find out more about the President’s Executive Actions

View the legislation President Trump has signed into law

The President’s Cabinet

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  • Michael L. Wallace Jr.

    Proudly Murdering Children with arrogant ignorance . Since the beginning of mammal existence marijuana/cannabis has been a staple of our diets . Many humans were burried with the herb since because it was regarded highly in worth . Eating average portions of raw unheated marijuana won’t make you high but it is essential to enable our bodies to fight of illnesses . Those people in power today knows marijuana was illegally made illegal to murder people of pigment & hippies in prisons . Yet they still insist Marijuana remain illegal with alcohol as the excepted recreational relaxant . Generation of St. Jude Children being mutated from their parents abstaining from this necessary medicine . And now the Gen Xers who went their teen years without experimenting with marijuana are growing colon rectal cancers in abundance . What is the government who is obsessed with unnatural synthetic poison pharmaceuticals going to do for them ? Shoot them up with chemo & allow them to suffer . Then near death they will give them marijuana/the cure .

  • hogsnort

    President Trump has not started talking yet but I’m LOVING his new and improved hair. Good move Donald.

    • Dwight

      He finally took my advice and got the BL7000 slick weave. It fits his head well.

  • Dravaa

    He’s hitting it out of the park!!!

  • Gizmo

    I noticed some of the Dhimmicrats were not applauding. Maxine Waters had a scowl on her face from start to finish.

    • Dwight

      That simp Al Franken too. Extreme Leftists.

    • Dravaa

      figures … he got lots of standing ovations though, and some even from both sides of the aisle

    • felix1999

      Government controlled lives is what they want. FREEDOM and LAWS ENFORCED is the last thing any Democrat wants.

  • Dravaa

    I wonder if the FAKE NEWS will find someone sitting improperly on the furniture to focus solely on … or will they include Trump’s hair as well?

  • Janet

    Wow Trump nailed it tonight! I thought he was awesome. The Democrats on the other hand acted like the spoiled brats they are and I knew they would. President Trump could walk on water and they would find fault with it. It just showed how classless they really are!

    • felix1999

      Trump is AWESOME and talks from the heart. He’s not a phony politician. He is acting on his promises.

  • Dennis

    I think that Mike Wallace said it all post the speech, when he observed that the speech was very impressive, and that tonight Donald Trump BECAME the President of the United States. That was also how I felt, and I hope that the people of this country had the same reaction. I believe that his speech was direct, forthcoming, and to the point. I believe that one would have to conclude that it was time to put divisiveness behind us, and begin working together to reach our appropriate goals. Although I expect some nit-picking from the Democrats and those in the media and the power brokers that still do not accept his victory, all of which will not be deserved, it is time for this country to recognize what it’s best interests are, and I do believe that he challenged everyone to begin that process, especially our Congress and Senate, a process that considers America first and involves an expectation of appropriate compromise to enable this country to properly re-establish itself as the world leader and enable our people to regain their status as American citizens. He proved himself to be a non-racist, and he suggested that every American deserves the opportunity to reach their appropriate goals. My conclusion is not only similar to what Mike Wallace said, it left me with the hope that all Americans will come together to “make America great again.”

  • Patti York


  • felix1999

    I liked Trump’s idea on MERIT BASED IMMIGRATION!
    We already have low skilled people here and don’t need to import more.
    We have 95 million LEGAL AMERICANS out of work. They need jobs FIRST. We don’t need illegals and immigrants that will be government dependent. Make it MERIT BASED where they are SELF SUFFICIENT.
    I also liked his emphasizing the CRIME illegals bring and the heartache of legal American families who lost loved ones to illegals.

    Out prisons are full of illegal aliens. Chose your percentage, 40% to 60% of our prisons house ILLEGAL aliens. They should not even be here! If they come here illegally and work under the table we lose 52 BILLION a year, tax free to float Mexico’s economy. Yes that’s right. Of course Mexico doesn’t want a WALL or ILLEGALS sent home. Illegal SEND money home to Mexico!

    Let’s say they want to work here ILLEGALLY. They have to get a FAKE or STOLEN social security number, a FAKE or STOLEN ID. Two MORE felony crimes. Let’s say they don’t work so instead they apply for SOCIAL BENEFITS that LEGAL tax payers fund to they can exist here. No matter now you look at it the FAKE SOB stories don’t cover it or their further ILLEGAL actions. They need to be deported and a wall up. Finger prints and DNA and take their pictures and NEVER let them in again for any fake reason for sympathy. They offer nothing but breaking our laws.

  • felix1999

    Next time AVOID the talking heads that talk OVER the speaker no matter who it is.
    Go to and see it LIVE STREAMING with NO TALKING HEADS! I USED to get so annoyed trying to HEAR what the person was saying while the STUPID talking heads talked OVER the person about nonsense and I missed what the person I tuned in to hear was saying. Besides, I don’t NEED their “analysis” or “opinions” . I draw my own conclusions and form my own opinions based on what I hear and see.

    • Dravaa

      I saw it right here at Geller Report. No talking heads at all.

  • Barbara Kail

    I think the democrats showed their true colors last night and it was not red, white and blue. They turned their backs on America and it’s people with such vile contempt which was demonstrated in their actions. These people are dead to me. I will never believe another thing that comes from their disgusting mouths. Their contempt for The President was never more present than shown last night. I’ve heard people say before that democrats would rather see this country destroyed than have Trump as President, and I would always say I can’t believe any American could think like this, but I see now this is exactly how the democrats feel.

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