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JDL Facebook page pulled for ‘raised fist’ logo: Only ‘hate speech’ when Jews use it?


A raised-fist logo is “hate speech”? Would Facebook pull a page with this logo?

Of course they wouldn’t. This is more of the persecution of voices of freedom that has come to be so common on Facebook. It’s why we’re suing. And why we must prevail.

“JDL Facebook page pulled for ‘raised fist’ logo: Only ‘hate speech’ when Jews use it?,” by Sheila Gunn Reid, Rebel, February 15, 2017:

The Canadian Jewish Defence League, or the JDL, has had their Facebook page pulled down and one of their founding members banned from Facebook because the social media giant says their logo constitutes hate speech.

Who is Canadian JDL? They fight antisemitism. That’s pretty much it.

They aren’t radicals. They’re sort of right wing, but not purposefully. They’re right wing because antisemitism is so often mainstream and tolerated on the political Left.

And what about that hateful logo? It’s a raised fist, you know, the universal image of resistance. And it will look really familiar to you.

Watch my video to see the logo and see all the other versions of the fist that Facebook doesn’t considerhate speech.”

If there are images that Facebook won’t allow Jews to use, but will allow others to use, that just might make Facebook the actual purveyor of hate.

“UPDATED: Facebook removes JDL Canada’s page, calls group ‘dangerous,’” by Ron Csillag, CIJ News,

For the second time in a month, Facebook took down the page of the Jewish Defence League of Canada, citing its “community standards” policy on “dangerous organizations.”The social media giant removed the JDL’s Facebook page earlier this month.

The JDL believed it was because of its well-known logo, a raised fist silhouetted on a yellow Star of David.

Within days, the JDL put up a new page, with a new logo.

But on Feb. 15, Facebook took down that page, too.

Also taken down on Feb. 15 was the public group page “Jewish Defence League of Canada.”

Both JDL pages “are not allowed to be on Facebook, so they were correctly removed,” Facebook spokesperson Meg Sinclair told The CJN via email.

She sent a link to Facebook’s “community standards” and its section on “dangerous organizations,” which states that it does not allow “any organizations that are engaged in the following to have a presence on Facebook: terrorist activity, or organized criminal activity.

“We also remove content that expresses support for groups that are involved in the violent or criminal behaviour mentioned above,” the policy states.

Sinclair did not reply to a follow-up question on why Facebook considers the JDL in Canada a dangerous organization.

Still on Facebook as of Feb. 16 were public group pages for “Jewish Defence League Alberta,” “Jewish Defense League Chicago” and “Jewish Defence League New Zealand.”

At the same time as the first JDL page was taken down, Weinstein’s personal Facebook account was suspended for 30 days because, he said, he had re-posted an anti-Semitic threat he had received.

The accounts of several JDL page administrators were also suspended for a few days.

“We obviously strongly disagree with [Facebook’s] definition,” Weinstein told The CJN, “and we’ll going to deal with it in a legal manner. We’re going to be getting a lawyer involved.”

He said he’s also considering a human rights complaint.

In the United States, the FBI branded the JDL a “right-wing terrorist group.” No such designation has occurred in Canada.

Weinstein said the JDL’s old page was visited “thousands” of times a day and generated ad revenue.

He said administrators were building the new page just as it, too, was scrubbed.

“We’re a target of people who don’t like what we stand for,” he said, adding he believes Facebook has an anti-Israel and anti-Jewish bias.


    Look around. The Facebook-logo representing pro-Islamic censorship & Islamic tyranny is all around.
    Resist Facebook.

  • Craig

    BLM and Black Pussies (panthers) all use the “power fist” but..they are muslim-affiliated groups, so it stands to reason they would be upset. Also, the “raised fist” is the only thing they can lay claim to as having actually created, other that death, intractable poverty, riots, welfare brood sows and disease.

    • Jim Fox

      Muhammad Ali raised his fists, too. ‘Nation of Islam’ member, pal of Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X, draft refusenik, just an all-round American patriot and hero. WTF????? WHY is this racist prick still revered?

  • Inmate of Diversityland

    Now you see how there is only one particular (defined more broadly than merely religion) set of people for which these double standard rules apply. A certain pale people found in the West and in Israel. We dare not act collectively like all others do. That would defy the tenets of liberalism.

    • Joe Schmoe

      Trouble is that so many Jews are braindead liberals who end protecting our mutual enemies while attacking their friends

    • Skip Worther

      Cuomo is a brainwashed idiot. EXACTLY the mindset that has led to our current troubles. We are NOT all the same. Dumbass! No other group of people on the planet thinks that way. Only us, and we get our butts kicked for it every time! No more! I’ve learned my lesson very well.

  • DemocracyRules

    It’s Because
    Jews are not part of the resistance. So they can’t have fists.
    Leftists support any viable resistance culture that is willing to join in the forced overthrow of the government. In 1848 the main resistance culture was the proletariat (Marx / Engels, 1848). Now, thanks to Saul Alinsky and others, anyone who wants to fight can join the Left.

    Right now Islamists are “le resistance du jour” (favorite resistance of the day). And Jews assimilated into US mainstream culture, and they won’t riot and stuff. The Left never trusted or liked Jews anyway. And if you’re not part of the resistance, you can’t have a fist.

    • DemocracyRules

      “As socialists, we are opponents of the Jews, because we see in the Hebrews the incarnation of capitalism, of the misuse of the nation’s goods.” ~ Joseph Goebbels

    • Craig

      I have a “fist” for the libtards………..

      • DemocracyRules

        Hey Craig,
        Please keep up your commenting. They are great. Such a level head.

  • The JDL has been treated as a foreign terrorist organization for years (that they haven’t done anything illegal in Canada is irrelevant as Facebook is a USA company where they have engaged in terrorism and their trademark can be seized). The author is actually angry that their page has been pulled? They’re no different from ISIS. The last straw was their assassination attempt on Darrell Issa in 2001.

    • Skip Worther

      Meir Kahane was a hero of mine.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    face book sucks.

    • Jim Fox

      Absolutely. Suckerberg knew he was onto a winner when designing an outlet aimed at the intellectually challenged. “There’s one born every minute”?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Name have gotten very wealthy by pandering to useful idiots with more money than brains.

  • Lauren Brown

    Canada has a lot more problems in the pipeline as a result of PM Justin Zoolander’s mass muslim immigration.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020
  • Zuckerberg is a Coward & Creep

    The JDL Canada is a group that stands up to antisemitism when others stay silent.

    Jews around the world get attacked and murdered by Muslim terrorists in France, New York, Boston, Israel but who does Zuckerberg pick on? Not the Muslim terrorists but of course fellow Jews who have the courage and integrity to fight back against antisemitism.

    When other groups stick their heads in the sand it is JDL that provides leadership and opposes Israeli Apartheid week every year in Toronto held on university campuses.

    I guess Facebook has no problem with Israeli Apartheid Week and anti-Semitic & anti Israel speakers coming to university campuses adverised on Facebook.

    Zuckerberg only cares about money. Zuckerberg is a coward and picks on JDL Canada as Israel hate groups promote violence on his Facebook pages against the only Jewish state in the world.

    Mark Zuckerberg was portrayed in the movie The Social Network as a cold, mean, arrogant sob of a human being.

    When Al Quds Day is held in Toronto every year by Jew haters and hundreds of Muslims with kafiyehs come out shouting death to Jews it is the JDL Canada that stands across the street singing Oh Canada and Hatikva to oppose the Al Quds day protest held by Jew haters.

    I guess facebook has no problem with Jew haters but they go after Jewish groups that have the courage to oppose Israel hating left wingers and Muslims who hate Jews.

    There were lots of as_sholes like Mark Zuckerberg prior to and during the holocaust who looked the other way as antisemitism and attacks against Jews grew. Facebook wants us to stay silence but it will not be successful in silencing JDL and its thousands of supporters all over the world.

  • Soros & Zuckerberg Two Kapos

    George Soros and Mark Zuckerberg have things in common – they both are self-hating Jews who support Jew haters and terrorists. They both have blood on their hands.

  • marlene

    I’d like to see facebook “pulled” for hate censorship. Any objections? I didn’t think so. Now that I don’t use Fakebook, my pores are clean.

  • joe1429


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