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[ November 19, 2017 ]

Fellow police made my life torture for trying to stop Muslim child rape gangs

[ November 19, 2017 ]

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[ November 19, 2017 ]

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[ November 19, 2017 ]

‘We are going to kill you’: Villagers in Burma recount jihad violence by Rohingya Muslims

[ November 19, 2017 ]

30,000 Diversity Visas issued to people from terror-sponsoring countries since 2007

[ November 19, 2017 ]

Spain: Police shoot man ‘shouting Allahu Akbar’ near French border

[ November 18, 2017 ]

Saturday Night Cinema: Kiss Me Deadly

Shocking new ISIS video shows two young boys blowing themselves up as homicide bombers


This savagery is what the Democrats and Never Trumpers want to bring to the US.

“Shocking new ISIS video shows two young boys blowing themselves up as suicide bombers,” by Charlie Moore, Mailonline, February 14, 2017:

ISIS has released a shocking new suicide video that shows two young boys driving up to enemy targets and blowing themselves up.

It begins with the two fresh-faced youngsters, who look in their early teens, kneeling on a mound.

Wearing combat gear and holding assault rifles, they each speak to the camera, preparing themselves for their early deaths.

The clip then shows the bombers from Sinjar in Iraqi Kurdistan loading their rifles and smiling as one gets into his car rigged with explosives.

It shows one child starting up the Hyundai and then driving with a beaming smile, before cutting to slow-motion shots of the pair laughing as they hold their guns.

The video then captures the other child entering his vehicle, and shows the boot which is loaded with barrels of explosives.

Then aerial footage shows the two bombers driving their cars through streets up to enemy targets before detonating their bombs and ending their lives in huge explosions.

This is not the first time ISIS has used child bombers….

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  • Mahou Shoujo

    No loss, two less terrorists.

    • Don Wood ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

      IF THAT WERE TRUE, that would be good, but how many lives did they take with them?

    • Victoria Khan

      very sad comment , if you were born in islamic country and brainwashed from early age you would of done exact same . This just kids who truly believe in jihad

      • Glenn Petsin

        You are correct. I am 53yrs old and when I was a child we were taught the the Russians were bad. Later in life I learned the Russian people weren’t bad, the government policies. When your taught things when your young you believe them.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          You’re engaging in a fallacy of equivalence. Muslums are NOT Russians. Russians are not fascists by nature, but muslums are, because their religion is.

      • Lana Dorsey


    • JacksonPearson

      Islam have an endless supply of propaganda indoctrinated fools, kids included. Because the way Muslims breed, and their lack of love for life or children, exceeds their want for a normal civilized society.

  • Victoria Khan

    this kids have no idea what they are doing, i was one of them . They use to tell us if we go in name of Allah we will meet our parents in heaven. Islamism will destroy us if we don’t wake up

    • Craig

      Welcome to sanity, Victoria.

      • Lia

        Welcome, Victoria. Keep speaking out, please?

        • Victoria Khan

          thank you , i hope new president will shut down all islamic centers ( they can keep mosque’s for prayer if they wish and we should be monitoring and translating what they praying about ) however i am deeply disappointed that he didn’t include most dangerous country’s especially Saudi and Terroristan aka pakistan

          • Lia

            Victoria, you know better than I. If Mr Trump could cut off the ready supply of US money flowing to Saudi Arabia for oil, it should stop their deliberate spread of Wahhabism into Europe. Or wouldn’t it? But I agree: should Saudi Arabia keep on building, financing & sending teachers and preachers to spread their ideology, there should be very, very strict control. Also agree on Pakistan.

        • Victoria Khan

          thank you Lia

    • bannedquran20

      You are a darn brave person Victoria! Tell it like it is!!!!!

    • DancerTiffy

      So You are a boy named victoria who blew himself up? Are you delusional? What is your problem?

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        She was a muslum and is now an apostate. She knows what would happen to her in whatever sh!ttystan she left if it became public knowledge she left pi$$lum.

        • DancerTiffy

          Ok then. Thanks.

      • Victoria Khan

        i don’t have a problem DancerTiffy. I am a women who was born in afghanistan and after parents were killed i was brainwashed in wahabi camp for few years so i know why would kids this age would do such a horrible act . You seem mean :(

        • DancerTiffy

          NO. Actually, the title of the story was: “Shocking new ISIS video shows two young boys blowing themselves up as homicide bombers.” What video I asked myself? Usually when Pamela says she has a video—-there is a video. In this case—where is the video?
          Without the video we don’t know anything for sure.
          Then you responded to that with: “i was one of them.” Which indicated to me that you were stating that you thought you were one of the boys. This of course made no sense whatsoever.
          So, I thought that you were confused or misquoting. I mean, how could you be one of the boys if you had blown yourself up. Perhaps your apparent lack of english skills caused the confusion.
          AS far as me being mean: YES—I can be mean, but that depends on my adversaries and the situation at hand. Usually, however, i am a nice person.
          Well, thanks for clearing up the confusion you helped create. It’s really appreciated.

          And since you seem like a nice person, I’ll assume that you are telling us the truth about this.
          I’m happy you are among the living.

          • Victoria Khan

            english is my 7 th language and one of few ones i can read and write ( unfortunately not so good yet) other languages i can only speak so maybe way i said it is confusing what i meant was i use to truly believe that blowing your self up is the greatest jihad you can do . And as far as telling you the truth ? i just don’t see why would lie about my past it’s not something to be proud of in fact it’s deeply embarrassing that i use to hate jews however i wish all religious people freedom they all deserve
            sorry if hurt your feelings

    • gia

      So glad your no longer part of that insanity. I hope you never have to experience it again.

      • Victoria Khan

        thank you :)

  • Canadian Patriot

    They were just boys who trusted their elders to protect, guide, and teach them to be decent men. They were betrayed and used in a most base and barbaric way by the Islamic cowards and murderers who controlled them. The West, if it is to survive, must destroy these contemptible savages, and reduce Islam itself to a to a reviled and distant memory. Shorn of Islam these boys might have become physicians, engineers, philosophers, businessmen, inventors, contributors to humanity. Instead they are rotting flesh, and the instruments of death of countless others.

  • FieryJack

    Let’s see it from the positiv side: they are peaceful muslims now.

  • Dan Knight

    Reading is a fascist plot …

    Writing is a fascist plot …

    Arithmetic is a fascist plot …

    Phonics is a fascist plot …

    … but TAKING OFFENSE WHEN ISLAM BLOWS UP CHILDREN in the name of their SATANIC demon …

    Is hate, racism, intolerance, and Islamofauxbia …

    Lietards in action.

  • More Tommorow

    What people should remember is that the Islamic religion did not create these people. Rather, it was these people that created the Islamic religion.

    Basically, they created a religion that was in line with their own inherent depravity and savagery. Even if you could strip away the Islamic religion from these people and completely delete it from their memory a majority of them would continue to be depraved savages.

    The jihadist is not a symptom of the Islamic religion. Rather, the Islamic religion is a symptom of the jihadist. With or without their vile medieval religion a lot of these people would continue to be psychopaths, killers, rapists and criminals.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Nice try, but jihad is a central tenet of islum. Try spinning your fairy tale in any muslum state.

      • More Tommorow

        I can’t understand where you’re coming from at all!!!!!!!!! I think, perhaps, you’re incapable of understanding what I’ve written.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Yes, because it’s BS. Jihad has been a part of pi$$lum since muhamMUD shagged his 1st little girl.

  • Ravzie

    Islam is a disease. It kills quickly, it kills slowly. But the only thing it does is kill.

  • 762x51FMJ

    In order to create a level playing field and share the misery of Islam equally.
    Leftist believe every country needs an equal share of child suicide bombers.
    It is grossly unfair that Syria and Iraq gets the lions share of them…
    Anyone who doesn’t agree with this is obviously an Islamophobe and will have their house painted by Leftist thugs..

  • Darin Warren



    We have got to get the message out to this young men. Please keep doing this very same act, and promote the suicide bomber career path for them. Make movie stars out of them, as they begin their journey to their promised virgins!
    For every one of them that carries out the hatred over there is one less we have to worry about coming here.
    Hell, ship them better explosives! Make bleeders instead of breeders out everyone them. When you absolutely need to meet allah ASAP, call the MARINES! We have been facilitating travel arrangements of wayward muslims for decades!

  • DancerTiffy

    what video? Anybody else see a video here?

  • Chet

    And so now they’re gone out into eternity facing judgment as they learn just who the Lord Jesus Christ really is. Meanwhile, the old guys maintain their personal safety only to send forth other youth or young men to do their bidding… Bidding that they, personally, want no part of. And none so commissioned stop to wonder why???

  • Dorrie

    Muslims begin brainwashing children as soon as babies can understand language! What SATANIC and EVIL sub-humans they are!

  • Cetansapa

    Good riddance to stupid trash. At least they will never kill anyone else.

  • molon_labe

    Under Obama, you would have went to prison for shooting them.

  • JamesinUSA

    Islam is dangerous cult and it’s members a threat to public safety.

  • joe1429

    These kids are brainwashed from toddlers…braindead

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