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Ex-Intel on Michael Flynn: ‘This Was a Hit Job’


Former members of America’s intelligence came forward and spoke to the Daily Caller about the recent resignation of Michael Flynn, saying the whole matter had all the showings a “hit job” from the left.

In fact, said retired Col. James Williamson, who served 32 years in the Special Forces, during which he worked tightly with the intelligence community, Flynn’s resignation was just the next step in a long-running campaign.

The resignation of Mike Flynn wasn’t so much about his failure to inform vice president Mike Pence on the content of conversations with Russia, but rather a “hit job,” former intelligence officials say.

“This was a hit job,” Williamson said, to the Daily Caller. “[The resignation was] stage two of ‘Kill Mike Flynn.'”

Flynn first came under fire from Barack Obama in 2014, when he was fired from his director spot at the Defense Intelligence Agency.

His resurrection in President Donald Trump’s administration didn’t go over well with those in the intelligence agencies who hailed back from Obama’s time.

The Daily Caller reported:

“National Security Advisor Gen. Michael T. Flynn (ret.) — who resigned Monday — was the victim of a “hit job” launched by intelligence operatives, Obama government holdovers and former Obama national security officials, according to former intelligence officials who spoke with The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

“The talk within the tight-knit community of retired intelligence officers was that Flynn’s sacking was a result of intelligence insiders at the CIA, NSA and National Security Council using a sophisticated ‘disinformation campaign’ to create a crisis atmosphere. The former intel officers say the tactics hurled against Flynn over the last few months were the type of high profile hard-ball accusations previously reserved for top figures in enemy states, not for White House officials. …

“Former intelligence officials who understand spy craft say Flynn’s resignation had everything to do with a ‘disinformation campaign’ and little to do with the December phone conversation he had with the Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

“They charge officials from America’s top spy counsels leaked classified government intercepts of Flynn and President Trump’s conversations with world leaders and had ‘cutouts’ — friendly civilians not associated with the agency — to distribute them to reporters in a coordinated fashion.

“The issue of leaks was a prime topic for Trump when he tweeted Wednesday, ‘Information is being illegally given to the failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost by the intelligence community (NSA and FBI?).Just like Russia.’

“‘I’ve never seen anything like this before,’ Retired Col. James Waurishuk, who spent three decades in top military intelligence posts and served at the National Security Council, said in an interview with TheDCNF. ‘We’ve never seen to the extent that those in the intelligence community are using intelligence apparatus and tools to be used politically against an administration official,’ he said.

“‘The knives are out,’ said Frederick Rustman, who retired after 24 years from the CIA’s Clandestine Service and was a member of its elite Senior Intelligence Service.

And what’s more, the entire Trump administration is at stake.

From the Daily Caller once again:

“I would not be surprised if Trump did not finish four years because of the vendetta they have out for him,” he said, calling the move on Flynn just a “mini-vendetta.”

“Williamson told TheDCNF in an interview, ‘I truly believe it’s orchestrated and it’s part of an overall strategy. The objective is to piece-by-piece, dismantle the Trump administration, to discredit Trump. This is part of an overarching plan.’

“D.W. Wilber, who has over 30 years of experience in security and counterterrorism with the CIA and the Defense Department agrees.

“‘It appears to me there has been a concerted effort to try to discredit not only General Flynn, but obviously, the entire Trump administration through him. He just happened to be the first scalp,’ Wilber told TheDCNF in an interview.

“Williamson agreed, telling theDCNF, ‘There are individuals who are well versed in information operations — we used to call that propaganda. They know how to do it. It’s deliberately orchestrated.’

“Retired Marine Col. Bill Cowan, who often interacted with the intelligence operatives in combat zones, believes Mike Pompeo, Trump’s new CIA Director, must clean house. Otherwise, the administration will encounter four years of attacks.”

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  • In point!

  • VLParker

    The bottom line though, is Trump got rid of Flynn. Why? Giving the left a scalp is just going to embolden them. If Trump had no beef with Flynn over the flap with Pence then why ask for his resignation and give the left a victory? It’s a foolish move on Trump’s part. You cannot give these traitors an inch.

    Sessions needs to build a case against Clapper, Brennan and Rhodes, if they indeed were behind the leaks, and he needs to prosecute them.

    • Cosmic Mastermind

      I completely agree, there is no getting around the simple fact that Donald Trump fired General Michael Flynn.
      Trump has made the first serious mistake of his Presidency and if you ask me it is a WHOPPER, it’s just blood in the water to his enemies, no good can come of it.

      this is an absolute gift to the Democrat-owned media and traitors in the US intelligence community; there was NO STORY right up until the moment that Mike Flynn resigned; THAT is the story, everything else was hum-drum “and in other news” fodder that nobody would have paid the least bit of attention to. Now Trump has turned a non-story into a serious threat to his administration.

      Donald, when they say “boo!” you do NOT run away.

    • Ron Cole

      Amen cubed Sir VLParker.

    • Dan Knight

      He had a ‘good’ reason – the Flynn sacrifice “seems” to be the only way to stop the appearances of wrong-doing the media would create if he didn’t go. …

      But it’s a bad move. Even in chess, sacrificing a strong piece is rarely a good move.

      The Left will continue to Big Lie about this, and the Russian Hacking – Sanction – Flynn Lied – Democracy Died – Lie will ultimately go right into the history books. Maybe by next year considering how fast the Left rewrites history.

      And if the RINO’s and Never Trumpers start holding Fishing Expeditions for Ethics against Flynn – the resignation will become not only evidence of guilt – without any evidence of a crime – but also evidence against his superiors for the obvious lies to follow. (don’t want to post it)

      Frankly, I’m disappointed. Trump, and his people, have not played this one right, and the issue may not go away.

      They need to believe – the Left is the Enemy – And start acting like it.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    If the left try and corner President Trump, he will come out fighting, which he will have to do anyway. Better he chose the battleground. Start by impeaching o’bimbo and charging hillary with treason.

  • Chris Wolf

    The loss of Mike Flynn is a huge victory for the jihad.
    This unconventional president needs to reinstate Flynn and tell the MSM, globalists, obamists and all other enemies of America to Go To Hell.

  • Ron Cole

    I realize that as an ordinary mostly non-political* elderly Christian Reactionary that:

    1. I am not privy to the “big picture” on General Flynn’s firing,
    2. or that feral “intelligence commune’s” leftist destructive treasonous mind set.

    * non-political: I hate em` all.

    That is what I love about President Trump, his grand Family, and his choice of administration members and advisers.
    My take is that the President hates treason and betrayal as do we deplorables.

    Drain that putrid swamp starting with mcturtle, mcshame, and especially that Яyn∅+Pilosi
    conjoined twin apparition that keeps popping to the top of the swamps frothing
    reeking fecal matter

  • Mrs. Chief

    When your 22 year old Bernie supporting son (who is now a Trump supporter because he heard a report on CNN runs downstairs & yells st you & tells you not to listen to CNN because they’re lying about Trump,) hears a snippet of what’s going on with Flynn on the news, stops on the steps on the way to his room & points his finger at you & tells you they learned about this in high school & it’s propaganda, that they’re lying about Flynn, you know he heard more than he lets on in the last year. This constant attack on Trump is turning people towards him. If my 22 year old who went to public school but has family who listen, then you know others his age are too.

    • Dan Knight

      an encouraging sign. …

      • Mrs. Chief

        I was really shocked, really, when he literally ran downstairs pointed to the tv then me & literally yelled for me not to watch CNN! I watch FOX & FOX Business network. He hears them, he hears my conversations with my other son (who, by the way wasn’t ever interested in listening to anything till he started listening to me yelling at the tv,) he hears the difference.

    • wilypagan

      Sounds like you brought him up right.

  • Mrs. Chief

    I’m hoping the traitors can be ferreted out, tried & convicted! This spying on Flynn & probably others in Trumps group happened during obamas reign. They need to go after obama, he gave the order no doubt in my mind!

  • Dan Knight

    thank you guys for affirming what we already suspect. …

    … if wasn’t a hit job, the transcripts of the calls would all be out there on the NY Slimes, et al, with the charges, and Flynn would be sporting an orange jumpsuit.

  • Drew the Infidel

    The Republicans have called for an extensive investigation of the matter. Have you noticed there have been no direct quotes or transcripts of the Flynn conversation made public? These Obhammud holdovers need to be flushed down the hole with the rest of the fecal matter. If you have grown restive of your employer and cannot show up to work with a professional attitude, clean intentions, and a clear conscience then GTFO.

  • Tonya Parnell


  • Ichabod Crain

    So why did Flynn resign? Why did Trump accept his resignation? Why did no one on Trump’s team defend him? Come on, gimme a break. There will always be conspiracies by the opposition. That is the nature of politics, but it wasn’t the conspiracy that brought Flynn down, it was his own untrustworthiness.

  • iprazhm

    It was a Hit Job orchestrated to distract from the federal crime of treason STILL being perpetrated by democrates and rinos in Washington.

  • Dorrie

    Of COURSE it was a hit job! Trump MUST clean out Deep State from government or he won’t make it another month!

  • Pamela Olson

    Let the oppositionist that are hold over from the Obama admin continue to reveal themselves as they continue to do the work of an old boss instead of the work that badly needs addressing right here and now. From the little research I did on the real ‘deal’ of Flynn’s ousting was tri fold. 1. DjT is no dummy, and knew leaks from his admin would/could be an issue in the months an years to come. So, he set a trap of sorts. Now not to worry, Flynn will always be at the service of our president and actually now has more freedom to do the jobs and Intel gathering needed then he could have ever done in a trap filled WH. 2. Mike Pence, who by all descriptions is a good man, has a very close friend who is going to be revealed in the huge yet to hist story on MSM’s known as pedogate/pizza gate. VP Pence was enraged at the news Flynn had for the Veep and caused a riff between the two. No, it had nothing to do with calls and conversations under Flynn’s job title, it had everything to do with VP Pence being informed what was about to hit the pike and to remove himself from this close friend so it wouldn’t back splash upon him or the president. 3. DJT and Gen Flynn go way back. Both men are highly intelligent and know better then most that the leaks and back stabbers in the WH must be flushed out in order for DJT to be successful. They both used this incident not only to vett those in questions, but to prove out to the DJT who was and who was not a hold over, establishment lap dog, leaker. Lets just say Rience Priebus shouldn’t be redecorating his office quiet yet as he won’t be there long enough to pick out curtains. 4th and lastly; while Soros, Clintons, Obama all work tirelessly to try and drag this president into unfruitful fights and under handed DC two stepping, DJT is vetting, not just his own cabinet; but those who work within the WH as ‘staff’ and were not chosen by he or his hand picked team. A huge upset to WH staffers, clandestine agencies and pentagon staff are all about to get their ‘pink slips’ if you will by the DJT admin and it won’t be warnings folks…a culling is coming.

    DJT plays three board chess Vulcan style while those around him play checkers. From the old establishment guard like Pelosi McCain, Ryan and Schummer, to those who profess they are with DjT when really they are only in it for themselves, are being watched. As I put it in another post, the watchers for the establishment are being ‘watched’. DjT is highly intelligent and boasts an IQ above all our other president. He’s removed J. Adams as the highest IQ president in fact. Beyond his high IQ, he knows business and is a great white when it comes to dealing with people. Give him room to do what he does best and I promise you the outcome is going to be outstanding. Trust not what the MSM’s are selling, trust your gut. Do your research and comb the net for real news. Soon, very soon now, some huge things are gonna hit DC and rock it to it’s very foundations. What DjT calls, draining the swamp.

    • I hope you are right Pamela. EX-president liar-in-chief Barack Obama is running a shadow government from his Georgetown palace. His operatives within Trump’s government and the colluding mainstream media are trying to topple Trump’s government. It is sedition. Donald Trump outsmarted all of them by defeating crooked Hillary – now let’s hope he can drain the swamp INSIDE his administration so that he can move forward and drain the swamp outside.

  • Goldbug

    I don’t like being pessimistic, but it appears the Swamp is draining right into Trump’s Administration. Too many globalists .. open borders guys .. jihadi defenders, etc. Flynn was Trump’s best pick .. why didn’t he fight for him? Seems uncharacteristic. I doubt we’ll ever know the truth.

    • Dorrie

      I wonder the very same things. Same with the other one who quit.

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