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Democrats, ‘Never Trumpers’ Thrilled at Prospect of Harward as National Security Adviser


This is a showdown. The Democrats and Never Trumpers are working hard to make sure that Trump’s presidency is toothless, weak, and replaced in four years by another hard-Left Democrat internationalist socialist President. We can only hope that President Trump will be able to fight back, but his pick of Harward is a very bad sign.

“Democrats, ‘Never Trumpers’ Thrilled at Prospect of Harward as National Security Adviser,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, February 15, 2017:

An ally of potential national security adviser Robert Harward is soliciting resumes from a who’s who of Republican foreign policy insiders and says the retired admiral and former Navy SEAL plans to revamp the White House’s National Security Council following the resignation earlier this week of Michael Flynn, according to an email obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Mary Beth Long, a former CIA officer and official in the George W. Bush administration, recently emailed a handful of prominent foreign policy leaders in Washington, D.C., to gauge interest in serving under Harward.

Long, who signed a letter critical of Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign but later changed her opinion of the New York real estate developer, said in the email that “Bob Harward is going to ‘start over’ at the NSC in about two weeks.”

Republicans and Democrats alike have championed the selection of Harward, who served on the National Security Council during the George W. Bush administration and is close to Defense Secretary James Mattis. This includes several former Obama administration officials such as Tommy Vietor, who served as the NSC’s spokesman under Obama.

But Long’s email, as well as the positive reception of Harward among former Obama officials, has spooked several current officials who worked under Flynn. They are concerned that Harward is planning to wholly revamp the NSC and remove staffers close to Flynn’s former team.

Harward “plans a housecleaning of Trump’s National Security Council staff,” read the headline on an article Wednesday in Foreign Policy.

These fears come at a time when multiple reports indicate that there is disarray among team Trump and fractures among its senior staff.

A restructuring of the NSC at this time could harm the Trump administration and contribute to further disarray inside the White House, according to sources familiar with NSC deliberations who spoke to the Free Beacon late Wednesday about the matter.

Long informed her colleagues included on the email, many of whom also opposed Trump during the campaign, that she could help secure them a spot under Harward. It is unclear if Harward is aware of the effort.

Long said the email was meant to help the Trump administration tap the best minds for a job in the White House.

“I feel an obligation to do what I can to help them do what they do best ‘serve their country and the President’ if permitted,” she told the Free Beacon, adding the email was sent to “true professionals in the field” who would benefit the Trump administration.

“Please let me know (and please don’t think this is an endorsement—I leave that to you, just didn’t want the opportunity to pass if it is given),” Long wrote in her email to the group of Trump critics. “You all have worked so very hard.”

Inside the White House, current staffers are worried that a reshuffling so early on will hamstring an administration that is already struggling to maintain control of the public narrative.

The NSC in particular could find itself behind the curve if Harward brings in his own team of confidantes.

Those already working on and with the NSC have spent months planning their course of action and have worked to identify elements of the administration still staffed by those who oppose Trump.

Multiple reports have indicated that the leaks targeting Flynn were in part spread by Obama administration loyalists still working within the government.

Those inside the White House fear that a massive overhaul would turn back the clock and erase some of the work already taking place inside the White House, according to those sources familiar with current NSC deliberations.

  • Suresh

    Agree ! Left/Liberal Loony Politicians can’t save the country and dumb voters who vote for them deserve it.
    Trump has to get good at vetting those who he gets on board.

    Unless more ppl start fighting back like the German resistance is doing

    ………. it will be very difficult to reverse the damage and take back the country.

    • Drifter12

      Funny…That’s what the AP writers in my paper say too…

    • Eu Wei Choi

      It CAN BE DONE

  • bamalamadingdong

    You have to purge the career civil system……..Federal workers ability to unionize and never be fired is a danger to Americas sovereignty, rule of law and Constitution……. Congress failed real over sight of unelected bureaucrats for decades and now the chickens have come home to roost….. prosecute these people and set examples out of them… have to get back control of these unelected bureaucrats and put the fear of God in them…….

    • Eu Wei Choi

      And pensions LOST
      They BETRAY THE COUNTRY.claiming they are “patriots”
      They are NOT
      And they’re AT WAR with US

  • Drifter12

    The “disarray and fractures” are largely a creation of the Mainstream media (fake news) and I’m surprised to see the author of this site, buying in to the left’s fraud. These kind of occurrences are common when someone is trying to drain a swamp filled with creatures whose normal abode would be the cesspool. Someone has to get their hands dirty.

    • Eu Wei Choi

      Not to mention Obama and his America Haters
      Human Time Bombs hand picked by Valerie Jarrett and REPORTING. to her ,now
      We can be sure it’s THEM NOT ANSWERING WH Phones as someone posted

  • Mickey S.

    I would definitely not take advice from a former Bush official. He is a globalist and has been a hindrance to change in our government. He had the Muslim Brotherhood in his administration before Obama, so that doesn’t seem like a good idea to follow anything the Bushes, Clintons or Obamas have to say. Be very wary!

    • Drew the Infidel

      False alarm. Harward has turned the offer down citing family and financial matters.

      • Chris Wolf

        We need a better answer.

        • Drew the Infidel

          Just on the face of it, if I were in his position I would probably turn it down as well. He has a job in the upper levels of management with Lockheed-Martin or some other aircraft manufacturer. Being that they are also a defense contractor, his contacts and ease in moving in upper circles of government make him a highly valued employee who is paid a hell of a lot better than a Cabinet member. When I was overseas with the US Navy, even the lower level tech rep from McDonald Douglas was raking in the big bucks.

      • Steve

        That means Trump talked to him and found unreconcilable differences.

  • Ron Cole

    Where do we find more on this appointee?
    Reading his bio he seems to be a solid American Warrior and with a fine intelligence background.

    • Eu Wei Choi

      He MUST be made AWARE
      The DEEP STATE is.out to CONTROL.HIM THRU STAFF and DATA BROUGHT TO HIM by those people

  • Eu Wei Choi

    So here’s a CIA DEEP STATER wheeling around in the shadows USING and Manipulating the situation
    Her OBJECT is for The NSA to Be totally Dependent on her and The DEEP STATE
    Clever little DEEP STATER she is
    Watch them go AFTER Dr.Ghorka Next

  • Richard

    There is a growing problem with trying to get the pulse on current political developments by aggregating published news sources. That problem, simply stated, is that a majority of the published news is more than ever 180 degrees opposite from the truth. More and more this website is becoming a site where the news is aggregated and less and less a site where lengthy articles with original analysis and opinion are published. I miss reading Pamela’s longer articles in which she presented her own analysis. If I want to read from a spectrum of legacy media articles there is Drudge for that.

    I don’t really know what to make of this article or it source. There is definitely a cabal of people embedded in the government who are trying to bring Trump’s administration to its knees, but I’m skeptical that Trump himself would be emplacing such individuals. I had thought that as Trump built his cabinet that well vetted selected leaders would take the lead in cleaning house in their respective agencies so that Trump would not have to do it all himself, but this article seems to suggest not only the opposite but also that Trump is making a serious error in choosing Harward. But then, I don’t know the Washington Free Beacon’s bias.

    Is this a case where Harward is actually a better person for the job than was Flynn, or should the administration have fought to keep Flynn? The leaks that sank Flynn were illegal and could have ONLY come from a mole in intelligence disloyal to the office of the President. We also have ZERO facts regarding what was said in the conversations Flynn had with the Russians and in that vacuum the left has built a narrative about those conversations built wholly on cynical speculation. And Flynn was let go over that straw man, despite the official reasons that have been given.

    • beth gimel

      Yesterday Jim Hanson said at Center for Security Policy that Flynn’s conversation with his Russian counterpart was “innocuous”. To paraphrase a paraphrase, Flynn was asked about sanctions and said that the new administration had not ruled out anything. Hanson spoke as if he knew the facts. If this is true, I would be suspicious of Pence for claiming he was misled. I don’t know what to think.

      • Richard

        It’s my understanding that not only the contents of the conversation, but also the fact that the conversation was tapped are both classified information. There has been no transcript of the conversation released so if Jim Hanson is privy to the actual content of the phone call he has committed a security violation in revealing classified information. If he is not privy to the content then his comment would be pure speculation and he should label it as such. And finally, if Hanson holds a clearance then he should not be making any comments which either deny or confirm classified information. I doubt he currently holds a clearance but he may have in the past. Being debriefed does not release one from their contract with the government to protect classified information, but in this case I believe Hanson is merely speculating.

  • Patti York

    every damn day this is an uphill fight for this President,,

  • VLParker

    For what it’s worth, this from Wikipedia:

    In January 2014, he became the Chief Executive of Lockheed Martin United Arab Emirates.

  • Mack Pooh

    There are fraudulent Republicans who, along with democrats, are trying hard to disrupt the Trump presidency. Lindsay Graham and John McCain are two Republicans who need to be shut down and shut out.
    Harward is a plant. He knows he has been breached and so he is not willing chance a treacherous inception into the National Security kingdom.
    There are too many idiotic womb rejects both public and private, including everyday civilians who are too stupid to comprehend Trump’s agenda…

  • conan_drum

    Harward will work for the President, so
    he can only do what Trump allows him to do

  • Drew the Infidel

    I’m not all that worried. First, each and every decision of this magnitude has got to have Trump’s seal of approval. Add to that the fact that Harward has combat mission experience as a Navy SEAL which can only be helpful. There was a two-hour special on NatGeo earlier this week on the SEALs in which Harward was prominently featured and offering his perspective.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    He’s OUT !!!
    Withdrawn his nomination !!

  • Chris Wolf

    He’s one guy from whom we won’t be hearing the old saw, “When the President calls, you answer the call.”
    You don’t want us, we don’t want you.

  • 1936benz

    We now know that this article is OBE (Overcome By Events) with Harward turning down the offer. As a former Navy Special Warfare (SEAL) officer, I can state with confidence that, just because he is a retired SEAL and admiral, he is not necessarily beyond reproach. There is a chance that he has a mountain of very explosive dirt behind him, and as a result he chose to turn down this position rather than risk having a sordid event/action exposed to the world, as was bound to happen. This only conjecture, but not beyond reason or possibility. Most of the SEALs I served with were, to say the least, very honorable people who were willing to sacrifice all for family and country. However, I must add that some of them (including very high-ranking officers) I wouldn’t trust to watch my children or even to borrow my car. Climbing the ranks to attain admiral is a vicious game for individuals for whom NOTHING is sacrosanct, in which no holes are barred.

  • joe1429

    Harewood is NOT a done deal

  • Ron Cole

    Did we miss something?
    A Seal and ranking Officer plus his track records seems pretty American to this old Marine.

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