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Women Using Babies in Suicide Bombings Called ‘Dangerous’ Trend


Nigerian officials have sent out a warning that women are actually using their babies to carry out suicide bombings in the name of Allah.

And they’re calling it a “dangerous” trend, suggesting these types of attacks are only going to increase in the future.

One attack in Madagali just this month saw two women carting babies were waved through a security checkpoint, and shortly after detonated their devices.

Two women carting babies so they could escape security scrutiny just blew themselves up, along with their infants, in a suicide mission in a village in Nigeria.

The women, their two babies and four others were killed in the suicide mission.

BBC has the story:

“They had passed a vigilante checkpoint, mistaken for civilians because they were carrying infants.

“Female attackers have been seen before, but officials said the use of babies could signal a ‘dangerous’ trend.

“The insurgent group Boko Haram is widely suspected of having carried out the attack.

“Four women attacked Madagali located in Adamawa State, which was recaptured from Boko Haram in 2015.

“Two were stopped at a security checkpoint, and detonated their devices, officials said.

“The two women carrying infants, however, were not stopped, and exploded their own devices past the security point.

“Boko Haram is known for using women, including young girls, as suicide bombers.”

Nigeria’s government has been fighting Boko Haram for some time.

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  • Fred

    Does this really surprise anyone?

    • shirley versace

      just when you thought they couldn’t stoop any lower or become any more deranged… whatever next?

    • harriet

      does anyone care?

      faster please

  • Dow Jones

    IS lam is the plague and there is only one cure; isolation and eradication.

  • patriotusa2

    The prophecy about people waxing worse and worse in the latter times is being fulfilled everywhere. These women are totally heartless using their infant children as bait.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    There are no muslims that can be trusted, islam must be destroyed, removed from the earth completely, sent to the hell that spawned it.

  • karl59

    A Moslem mother is the only mother I know who wants to blow up her child.

    • dad1927

      the father is just as sick

  • dad1927
  • Increase Mather

    Well, what’s wrong with getting rid of all of them???? Just leave the goats alone!

  • Greta Poole

    It just goes to show that Islam is not a Religion – it’s a cult and should be destroyed. Innocent babies??? Really…..what is going on in this world. But when you look at the big picture – these babies would have grown up learning how to kill other people so in the long run it’s probably the best thing that could have happened. RIP Kid’s.

  • El Seenyor Gato Pantalownais

    Apparently, it’s impossible to underestimate the humanity of muslims

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