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FATWA! Hunted in America: Pamela Geller’s New Book from Milo’s Dangerous Publishing House

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Berkeley Cancels Free Speech Week: Casus Belli

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Napolitano: Berkeley “Free Speech Week” to feature “controversial and noxious ideas”

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Canada: Muslim bus driver charged with sexually assaulting 15-year-old disabled girl

[ September 23, 2017 ]

Oklahoma Muslim: “I felt oppressed so I beheaded her…That’s what Allah said in the Quran”

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A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Vanity Fair: “Milo Yiannopoulos’s Fyre-Festival Free Speech Week Is Canceled, Says Everyone but Milo”

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Czech President Zeman: Islamic Refugees are a Trojan Horse Phenomenon

[ September 22, 2017 ]

Belgium: 119 Islamic Institutions Investigated for “Extremism” in 2016

[ September 22, 2017 ]

In Pamela Geller beheading plot, Muslims ‘hoped to achieve martyrdom’

Muslim Migrants Open Hookah Shop and Keep Sex Slave in the Basement


Sex slavery is sanctioned under Islam. As I have explained numerous times, sex slavery and rape of the infidel is sanctioned and rewarded under Islam. Muslim clerics all over the world confirm the right to have sex slaves. It is in the Qur’an — the word of Allah. Politicians can keep turning a blind eye, law enforcement can keep ignore it, so this pox on our communities will continue to get worse.

The history of sex slavery under Islam — look at this.

Sex slavery and rape is in accordance with Quran chapter and verse. Sex slaves are war booty. Following a victory, Muhammad would usually distribute the captives, both male and female, as slaves to his soldiers. And Muhammad is the “perfect example for Muslims.” According to Islamic law, Muslim men can take “captives of the right hand” (Qur’an 4:3, 4:24, 33:50). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet! Lo! We have made lawful unto thee thy wives unto whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesseth of those whom Allah hath given thee as spoils of war” (33:50). 4:3 and 4:24 extend this privilege to Muslim men in general. The Qur’an says that a man may have sex with his wives and with these slave girls: “The believers must (eventually) win through, those who humble themselves in their prayers; who avoid vain talk; who are active in deeds of charity; who abstain from sex, except with those joined to them in the marriage bond, or (the captives) whom their right hands possess, for (in their case) they are free from blame.” (Qur’an 23:1-6)

Syrian Refugees Open Hookah Shop, Cops Discover Sick ‘Secret’ In Basement

By Dom the Conservative, MWN, January 5, 2017:

After a pair of Syrian men were taken in as refugees, liberal volunteers helped them open their own business — a Middle Eastern hookah shop. However, as soon as authorities came to inspect the suspicious business, they discovered a stomach-churning surprise in the shop’s basement.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, Europe’s beacon of liberal policy has been afflicted with yet another shocking crime that’s rocked the nation. Sweden, now considered the “rape capital of the West” due to their inexhaustible resettlement of migrants, has once again watched as their leftist agenda produces another victim of multiculturalism — and it regrettably proves what we’ve predicted about the refugee crisis.

Fria Tider reports that after Swedish police raided a hookah cafe managed by 2 Syrian Muslim refugees, 28-year-old Khaled Azez Hegrs and 23-year-old Tareq Bakkar, they discovered a kidnapped Swedish woman chained in the shop’s basement. The brutalized victim was being kept as their own personal sex slave and had been repeatedly raped and tortured by at least 7 Arab Muslim men.

The horrific revelation provided investigators with proof that the unnamed woman had been kidnapped at gunpoint from Malmo before a group of 4 Muslim asylum seekers transported her by car to the cafe. She was then chained to a water pipe in the basement of the lounge in Helsingborg, where the men repeatedly gang raped her.

Authorities confirmed that as soon as the car arrived at the shop, 3 other Arab men were waiting to begin their sadistic sex spree. The men forced her onto a couch and stripped her naked before carrying out oral, vaginal, and anal rape. On at least one occasion, police say that she was raped by 2 men at once.

Avpixlat reports that Hegrs and Bakkar were each sentenced to 4 years in prison for aggravated rape and forced to pay $30,000 in damages. Neither was convicted of kidnapping or torture. The judge has finally agreed to deport the pair, although the convicted may appeal their sentences, as most migrant offenders do. Incredibly, the court is still struggling to convict the other 5 migrants.

“In this case,” a statement from Malmo District Court reads, “there are strong reasons to believe that an obstacle is not composed when questioning the enforcement of the expulsion decision occurs. In such circumstances, it is not considered to be an obstacle to expel Tareq Bakkar.”

Even more sickening is the handling of the so-called refugees. After Hegrs illegally came to Sweden in 2010, he was allowed to stay as an “undocumented migrant,” despite his denied asylum application. When Bakkar arrived in 2014, he qualified for nearly $800 per month in taxpayer benefits from the Employment Service and was given free schooling.

As previously inferred, this isn’t the first time Sweden has suffered Caliphate-like brutality from those claiming to be refugees. Just days earlier, authorities announced that they had recovered 48 different stains of semen from a gang-rape victim’s clothing after launching an investigation into one of the worst cases of migrant sex attacks the country has ever seen.

The woman was reportedly attacked in a refugee camp in Smaland by a gang of Muslim asylum seekers. The most shocking conviction concerned 25-year-old Rafi Bahaduri, an Afghan migrant who was employed by the Swedish Migration Board. Despite his previous rape conviction and being the suspect of several other rape cases, Bahaduri was given a position as an interpreter by the government before carrying out the attack.

Adding to the Swedish justice system’s shamelessness, a court in Uppsala refused to deport 5 Afghan child rapists because they deemed it would “be too dangerous” for them under Sharia law. The Muslim migrants were all tried as minors, even though the Swedish Migration Board confirmed that at least one of them was an adult male in his 20s.

The court convicted the asylum seekers of aggravated rape, and the migrant who filmed the crime was given an additional conviction of child pornography. The judge denied the prosecution’s demand for deportation, giving 4 of the rapists 15 months in jail and the fifth one just 13 months in prison.

Thanks to mass migration, mostly from Islamic countries, Sweden has seen a 1,472-percent increase in rapes and a 300-percent increase in violent crimes just 4 decades after opening their borders. The European country now tops the list at number 2 for countries with the most rapes, surpassed only by Lesotho. Statistics now suggest that 1 in 4 Swedish women will be raped.

  • Jimmy was a Koranderthal

    I’m unsure how much ‘lower’ things can descend, frankly. This is insanity.

    • Liatris Spicata

      Best thing is learn to live with it, right?

      • Jimmy was a Koranderthal

        Suckdick Khan and Manuel Valls both said in New York and France, that we should accept Koranderthal terrorism in Western Cities. In the former’s case, it was good, of him to confirm -inadvertently – that his religion is not the R.O.P.

  • Msgtdubb

    I wonder how much of that is going on in America. I believe an investigation is in order.

    • karl59

      The 2,200 mosques in the USA must be searched throughly

    • Dan Knight

      Out of my case load, I’ve got 3 rapes – all illegal criminals from Mexico – and nothing. One of the cases didn’t even get an incident report, none got an arrest, and the witnesses are terrified since they fear retaliation. … That’s out of only about a 150 pro-bono cases involving Mexicans in Texas. … Do the math. …

      Can’t fix Libtards, you can only defeat them.

      • Msgtdubb

        You definitely have your work cut out for you. Good hunting

  • Nefarious420

    So what is the problem? If you are going to bring in Refugees and let them live in their own Sharia communities, you should respect their wishes to enslave and rape your daughters and wives. If you do not like it, stop kowtowing to them and send them back to Arabia, otherwise get ready for whatever comes your way.

    • spacearcadian

      muslim refugees are escaping war and danger. western women should stop claiming “rape” anytime muslims want to…. integrate.
      This good woman was providing everything muslims need:

      • billdeserthills

        Ship them off to mars

      • Nefarious420

        So you’re saying they get what they deserve?

    • Rob Porter

      I confess to have developed such a loathing for these people, generally, that my attitude now is one of violence against them. No, unprovoked I wouldn’t assault anyone, not even Muslims – some of whom don’t have a clue what their ‘religion’ teaches or what is contained in the Quran – I know a couple like this. However I had to do military service and was taught riot drill using rifles, not shooting (well, not initially), but swinging the rifle butt into a rioters face, so I know it can do a lot of serious damage. A steel bar can also do serious damage, so if ever provoked by these disgusting bits of Muslim filth I don’t plan to take “whatever comes your way”, I plan to give them what comes their way and in the process doing serious damage. I’m absolutely flawed that men in the U.K. and Europe are not forming vigilante groups to make up for police failures – and then violently laying into Muslim groups. How can men continue to allow their women to be treated in such a disgusting manner by vile Muslim filth?

  • Peter Wiggin

    Guy tells his step-father to eat bacon gets about half the sentence of these gang rape monsters…

  • clubo

    The swedes deserve this. They elected these politicians for the last 40 years and continue to do so.

    Until they are prepared to elect a government that will stop these savages coming to the country and arrest and deport all the savages they have let in it will continue and just get worse.

    I have absolutely no sympathy what so ever for them, it’s all their own fault!!!!

    • Strangerinastangeland

      Any people that recognizes a Monarch are not truly free. The core belief that accompanies a monarch ruled society is that some, by virtue of birth, are superior to the rest of us.

  • Pam Neufeld

    This is will soon be the norm, in Canada. Thanks to our numbnutted prime minister.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Trudeau is a muslum for him this is acceptable behavior — although he’ll lie about that all the day long to the kafir al najjis because lying is completely acceptable behavior in islum, especially to the kafir al najjis.

      • Speak the Truth

        Breitbart reported Trudeau departed on his imam’s private jet for a lux vacation.

        • Keith

          Trudeau went to the Aga Khan’s Bahama Island for vacation. More backdoor payoffs to Muslims, we give him multi millions of Canadian Taxpayers money already.

    • billdeserthills

      Just one more of George Soros’ pals I expect

    • mad-aussie

      You Mean Traitorous Muslim Panderer. He Needs To Be Arrested Charged With Treason And Executed In A Public Place.NO MORE GIVING IN TO THESE TRAITOROUS DOGS!

    • Keith

      Vote for Kellie Leitch. Join the Conservative Party ($15.) and support her in her bid to be Conservative Leader, vote to be on May 27/2017.

  • Congress get off your asses!

    Either we define Islam as a political ideology, hate group, terrorist sponsor and NOT a religion they will take over. Islam is not a religion.

  • berserker

    And? The women are still going to vote in overwhelming numbers for the parties offering the same policies . Look at what happened in the Austrian election recently. They are also willing to tend to their poor pets at the asylum centers.
    – I am a little surprised that such news is even being reported and that the culprits are being identified as refugees.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Why are they in court? sweden is islamic, following shari’a every chance it gets. Slavery is part of islam, the swedes invited the muslim invasion, payed for it, and protected it from any accidental repercussions that might have comes a result of trivial violations of swedish law. Rape and murder are acceptable in sweden if performed by muslims.

    • Dan Knight

      they have to slap them on the wrist to show that Lietards ‘really care’ about a woman’s right to be raped … uh, ‘not’ … before they go back to business as usual

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Women have no rights in sweden, if they did, they would not ben raped more often there than in primitive undeveloped cultures, in less than third world nations. sweden has regressed to the moral stone age.

        • Lamarr01

          Sweden is a feminist nation. The twisted logic of feminism see the rapist as a man and all men are rapists.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Well, considering they invite, and encourage islamic rapists, that is sort of the case. Though I would not call it feminist, I would call it blatantly gender free stupid.

          • Speak the Truth

            The feminazis have blown their cover. They never really cared about the female masses. They just needed them as a voter base to push their agenda of control. Feminazis hate men AND women. It’s actually hypocritical of them to accuse a man of being a misogynist.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            It’s women who are being raped. How is the rape of women a central tenet of feminism?

        • Miximaxi

          The woman is from Iraq. Many erroneous information in the article.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            What difference does the nationality of a slave make? Is it justifiable to keep an iraqi slave, but not one from somewhere else? What errors are in the article?

    • Dean

      Right, after all who is supposed to be assimilating who whom. Wherever “moderate” Muslims go it become Muslim land so why did they think that the Muslims invaders wanted to accept Swedish cultural standards?

  • Susan Sucholbiak Bahr

    I am flabbergasted that there isn’t rioting over the light sentencing. What is wrong with them,how stupid passive can one be?

  • SJB

    All of Europe is committing cultural, and national suicide, and ‘rapefugees’ are more than willing to assist.

  • That’s what the Swedes want. The Swedish leadership that is.
    Anders Breivik fought his government over its policy of Islamification. We condemn that because he killed teenagers and we ignore the fact that those teenagers were being groomed to take over that awful government.
    Is there a way the problem of Islam in Europe can be resolved without great violence and much bloodshed. I am doubtful. For sure, the first step must be to crush the dhimmi governments.

  • avi15

    If it keeps going on like this, Europe will catch fire from end to end.


    It must stop that our human rights & sense for justice are systematically eroded by Islam.

    That’s Jizya-extortion & I’m sure this rape-reality, sex-slavery is well hidden from the public like the truth about the evil of Islam.

    The inside threat are all politicians who protect Islam.
    The Muhammadism-conspiracy’s interest now is to protect it’s newborns in Islamic state territory in Syria, Europe & worldwide.

    Free African slaves in Saudi Arabia NOW.

    Mauritania: occupied land. Free the African slaves!

    Muslims don’t want an open, global society with English, they want Sharia & Arabic.

    Bush, Barack Hussein Obama & many other politicians declared Islam the religion of peace on the backs of countless innocent people murdered & oppressed by Islam since Islam’s beginning.

    Stop the indoctrination. Ban Islam.

    Islam was main-motivator for Hitler.

    Today Islamic immigration is used by the German-government to establish institutionalized hatred against Jews, to establish Islam.

    We need to avoid falling into the trap of submission to Islam.

    People want Islam because media, academia, Wikipedia hide Islam’s crimes & glorify it, instead of condemning it.

    It was a big deception to hide Islam as motivation for Hitler & Naziism.

    What did the Jews do? They didn’t crucify like Muslims, they didn’t harass like Muslims, they didn’t enslave Africans like Muslims, they didn’t extort the Islamic Jizya-tax.

    The legal status of Islam is based on the fake news that Islam’s founder was benevolent & never harmed a person, while the truth is he was a sadist & mass-murderer & inventor of enslavement of Africans.

    There are a lot of people who want Islam. There are not a lot people who don’t want Islam. Why. Because they don’t know about Islam.

    Islamic terrorists & tyrants have a lot in common with Islam’s founder who they emulate.

    Democracy has been mixed with a vicious censorship making Islam’s criminal news & history a blind spot, crippling global justice which has led to policies that enact Islam & obstruct justice.

    Our enemies say condemning Islam would attack religious freedom like there would be the administrative capability to ban Islam.
    There is no capability to ban Islam because of media that falsify about Islam & hide Islam’s crimes in news & historically.

    They lie they change their policies but that’s just to buy time.

    Only when we will be able to speak the truth about Islam will we be able to develop as humanity.

    No to institutionalized hate-speech. Ban Islam. Save lives.

    Facebook is not legal because it’s loyalties are rooted in Saudi Arabia.
    Interior ministries, really closet Islamic ministries with their Islamic propaganda have created an Islamic anonymity, a safe-space to indoctrinate children into the dangerous, criminal, unethical Islam-cult using terms like rule of law, freedom of religion & similar.

    While I talk about saving lives & protecting human rights worldwide our enemies in government talk about a rule of law detached from reality & based in the belief that Islam is just & Saudi Arabia’s tyranny a legitimate government entity to which weapons can be sold & of which oil can be bought from.

    The world needs a strong leader, not a democratically elected, closet Muslim or nationalist.

    Join me in making a global party to save the world from Islam.

    Africans enslaved, children raped, atheists killed: Islamic tyrannies. Failed to being identified as problem by governments. Ban Islam. Save lives.

    Instead of filling an emptiness with hate against Israel & letting in Muslims into their country, people need to fill their emptiness with love for human rights against Islam & ban Islam in Saudi Arabia & free the African slaves, imprisoned atheists & girls there & worldwide.

    The Islam-Nazis burned books, now ban facebooks & the death-toll climbs.

    The TV-media’s scrubbing, hiding that terror attacks are Islam is political Islam.

    Fake, Islamic government-media are a poisonous tree with it’s media censored to a point where the weaponized Muhammadism-conspiracy demands the attention of being the only shiny fruit in the garden.

    The reason why Islamic attacks occur is because the media doesn’t manage to persuade Muhammadists to apostate from Islam.
    Join Globalfirm, Human rights the new atheist religion. 

    The high standard of information of the Geller-report is the true mainstream-media & must be the base for a legitimate government.

    Islam’s founder was an unethical terrorist & thus all Muhammadists are terrorists as commanded by the Islam-guide.

    Muslims have a momentum of war, incited through prayer, the Islam-guide & censorship & this momentum is also present in seemingly non-Muslim governments. 

    Muhammadist conspirators need psychiatric help:
    1 being the general outlawing of Islam &
    de-Islamization centers until upright disgust for Islam.

    If you aint committed to enacting human rights, protecting people from Islam, what’s the point in being a cop, a politician, soldier? Tax-payer’s waste of money.

    If you can’t see that Islam is an unethical, imperialist conspiracy stay out of my government. That’s an order.

    Human rights is not paragraphs but a religion.

    Human rights is not paragraphs that can be pulled like the general right to smoke or freedom for some bogus religion, but a religion.

    Freedom of religion must be subjugated to true religion: to human rights the new atheist religion.

    Islamophobia is used as pretext for politicians to not come out as closet Muslims. Islam’s founder commands war to be deceit. The military deception must be upholded: if the deceit aint working it’s a failure.

    We should study how countries got Islamized to prevent Islam.

    The Arabic word for African is SLAVE, (Abeed) & enslavement of Africans is happening in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Somalia, elsewhere. I’ve read also in Nigeria!

    Islamic tyrannies, North Africa are occupied land: Africans are enslaved in Mauritania (20% or more), North Sudan, Lybia, Algeria.

    Is the ‘black lives matter’ a mind-control initiative to keep Afro’ mericans unknowing about slavery of Africans in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania & elsewhere & about it’s justification in the Islam-guide, about the intention of Islamic State group to revive enslavement of Africans in the US & about the systematic mass-murder of non-Muslims in Nigeria by Islamic terrorists Barack Hussein Obama promotes as having “legitimate concerns”?

    # Arrest Barack Hussein Obama.

    Why are GITMO-inmates given the Islam-guide?

    I’ve read in 2009 Islamic State leader Al-Baghdadi was released from from GITMO, which might be not true or true.

    But it doesn’t matter because the true, most powerful Islamic State leader is & remains Barack Hussein Obama as he allegedly arms Islamic State & is complicit in Islam in it’s full extent.

    Barack Hussein Obama talking about transgender bathrooms, giving superficial interviews to the Rolling stone distracts from the fact that his policies are dedicated to systematic Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism.

    Bush who allegedly let Saudi (& Iranian?) officials fly out who were complicit in the New York twin-tower attack, promoted Islam would be the “religion of peace”.
    Religion is piece of the puzzle of Islam, of which the Shoah-holocaust, enslavement of Africans, Islamic State, mass-murders & tyrannies worldwide are part of.

    People are under Islamic mind-control.
    Governments systematically erode our human rights, the basis of our empire by promoting Islam as benign.

    The pro-Islamic government is a bomb we have to dismantle.

    We got are own global media (The Geller-report). We should have our own global government.

    They try to divide us with misinformation.

    We are pushed into a corner by governments to either support Islam or vanish.

    Instead of using our force to accommodate Islamic imperialism into countries systematically deceived about Islamic imperialism, tyranny & history we should use our force to free African slaves in north-Africa & the Muslim middle east & free prisinors from Sharia-prisons & free citizens from Sharia Islamic tyranny.

    We need a globalism that is conscious & condemning about Islam.

    Armenians, Assyrians…have been cast out to die by the Islamic Ottoman empire, today people are lost in a labyrinth of misinformation & anti terror security-work.

    People are indifferent to & uncondemning about Islam because they haven’t developed ethics (human rights & ecology). 

    A justice-system that doesn’t condemn Islam & acts as if Islam would be just, is unjust & spreads injustice.

    We are witnessing a global forced mass-conversion to Islam & people manipulated by shallow & complicit media, lost in an identity crisis caused by systematic censorship & persecution flee to Islam for a solution to their problem.

    Freedom is fragile & suppressed today & marked for destruction by Islam.

    Defending ourselves from Islam is important like body-hygiene.

    They try to divide us. It’s important we, all non-Muslims no-matter with what heritage, stand united against Islam, against the harmless-making of the Islam-guide & against the obfuscation about Islam-tyrannies, history, crimes & imperialism.

    Giving asylum to people while not allowing people to talk about Islamic tyrannies & the cause for Islamic tyranny is not asylum but colonialism.

    That governments live in a fantasy-world where Islam’s founder & his deity are in control of the world.

    If they can’t protect their minds from Islam they also can’t protect their state from Islam.
    & kissing the Koran like the last Polish Pope is not how you protect minds from Islam.

    This Islam-migration is an insult on the global culture of human rights & ecology.

    It’s ineffective to go fight against Muhammadist-conspirators if one is a Muhammadism-conspirator oneself.
    Condemn the Muhammadism-conspiracy in the media first & give people the chance to condemn it too. Then there might be no need to kill people as they condemn the Muhammadism-conspiracy & instead love human rights the new atheism/religion.

    While the government didn’t condemn the Muhammadism-conspiracy it has become more & more infiltrated by the Muhammadism-conspiracy even to the point where Barack Hussein Obama allegedly armed Islamic State in Syria, Lybia, releases Islamic terrorists (Islamic state leader Al-Baghdadi in 2009?), supports Muslim Brotherhood terrorist-group in Egypt, Hamas, Boko Haram & Al-Shabab supporting Omar Al-Bashir in new north-Sudan & Boko Haram, promoted Boko Haram as having “legitimate concerns” & tolerating enslavement of Africans in Islamic tyrannies, financing Iran & trying to make it a nuclear power & financing Islam.
    The US-government/army should be put on trial for arming Islamic State’s caliphate, crufixion & burning-campaign & all that.

    Why did the U.S. army arm & observe Islamic State while they pillage, rape & crucify?

    Why weren’t crucified people relieved from their suffering, even if just with drones?

    Turkey I’ve read arms Islamic State with advanced weapons.

    People have been indoctrinated to not be in control through the idea that a deity is in control.

    Governing, protecting human rights is not a spectator-thing.

    People think they can just put on the Muhammadism-conspiracy identity on themselves, greet ‘Salaam Aleykum’, wear Islamic clothes without putting the Islamic guilt on themselves, the Africans enslaved today, the murders & crimes in Islamic countries, the murders & crimes commited by the Nazi-leader Amin-El Husseini & the murders & crimes of Islam since sadist…Muhammad.

    Why does Barack Hussein Obama promote Muhammadism-conspiracy army Boko Haram, who murder, burn alive 100?’s of 1000’s of people as having “legitimate concerns”?

    Did he instruct the Army to arm Islamic State while they crucify people while incarcerating innocent U.S.-soldiers?

    The Muhammadism-conspirators want to ban fear & concern about the Islam-conspiracy in the media using theism to erase & relativize this fear & branded the fear of Islam Islamophobia, using Christian Jizya-organizations for their Islamic family-building project in non-caliphate regions.

    Weighing the Geller-report headlines & information against what common TV-channels inform shows that common TV-channels & media are a dangerous hate-group.

    The problem is non-globalism which amplifies Islam. Political parties that say they will protect us from Islam say Muslim & non-Muslim foreigners are equal.

    The Muhammadism-conspirators infiltrated the security institutions (voteable parties, CIA, FBI, Army & media, academia) because they fear a global government.

    The Islam-conspiracy should never have a ‘moderate’ status that would make it’s criminal fundaments legal. Islam should be banned.
    Our social fabric is dependent on values that protect ethics: human rights & ecology.
    The overlooked legality of Islam facilitates Islamic harassment by Muhammadism-conspirators & tears down & exposes rotten elements of our social fabric that are superficially not dedicated to ethics: to human rights & ecology.

    We need to look how we can balance security & openness & not just in a national but global way.

    Banning Islam is reasonable & gives structure to security-laws just like a tree bears fruits, gives orientation in policy & law making: no Muslim immigration, no mosques, no idealization of Islam’s founder, no lies, instead the must to expose Islam thoroughly in fundamentals & history & to crush Islamic harassment, terrorism & tyranny.

    Banning Islam is not persecution, it’s prosecution & in the interest of humanity.

    In Islam torturer, sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer, crucifier, genital mutilationist, clitodirectomist, child-rapist & pederast who ‘kissed’ little boys’ penises & sucked boys’ lips & tongues, theist psychopath, who burned people alive for not praying, for not being part of his conspiracy & to extort them, who gouged out eyes & cut off body-parts, gays-killer, Jews-killer, atheists-killer & child-beater, kidnapper, decapitator Muhammad’s Muhammadism-conspiracy guide is the static law.

    Police & media is used as 1-sided interface of the government to program the people instead of as 2-sided interface to develop a law dedicated to the protection of human rights & ecology together.

    We are denied the facts critical to our security by the media as these critical informations are condemned as dangerous fake-news blasphemous to the leaders of the anti-Islamophobia-caliphate.

    The TV-media & media in general doesn’t inform people about these things because education other than Islam is forbidden in the Muhammadism-conspiracy & facts educate the ethical ability, the judgement of people.

    Trump should pick me for secretary of defense instead of James Mattis who as I’ve read supports Hamas.

    People seem to identify with Muslims & not non-Muslims as Muslims have so much drama caused by Islam-indoctrination.
    Ban Islam, save lives.

    Let’s make a global culture without Islam.

    We need a concept:
    Ban Islam,
    Get the Muhammadism-conspirators out,
    Give the space non-Muslim global citizens,
    & make English globally optional official language.

    The believe in a deity gives people a false sense of security. 

    This is an ideological problem not a nationalist or racist problem.

    Instead of a deceptive differentiation between Islam & soft-Islam there must be made a differentiation between Muhammadist immigrant & non-Muhammadist immigrant.

    Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & keep the Muhammadism-conspiracy OUT where ever possible. 

    The Islamic deity is referred to as the greatest of all deceivers in the Muhammadism-conspiracy-guide being the greatest of all deceptions in reality.

    Sadist..Muhammad’s Muhammadism-conspiracy-guide, commands war to be deceit & describes his unproven deity, a deity which must be assumed is a deception, as best of all deceivers.

    The media, academia, government is run by the OIC (Organization of Islamic cooperation).

    It must be assumed that the systematic Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism invasion is happening to increase the indoctrination inside nations to kill & oppress anti-Muhammadism-conspiracy politicians. 

    Systematic Muhammadism-Conspiracy Mass-Murder, Systematic Muhammadism-Conspiracy Deception & Systematic Muhammadism-Conspiracy Imperialism are problems we as humanity are facing.

    It must be assumed that the goal of the systematic hiding of Islam’s past, present probable future developments is to establish a global Muhammadism-conspiracy Sharia-tyranny.

    A government that systematically fails to inform people on relevant past & present human rights subjects & probable future-developments suggests that the government is doing the right thing & incites that people that talk about relevant human rights issues are illegitimate liars.

    A government that systematically fails to inform people on relevant past & present human rights developments & probable future-developments suggests that democratically powerful human rights-issues as Africans enslaved in Islamic countries (Saudi Arabia, Mauritania 20%, north Sudan, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain & more), Afro-mixed marriages annulled in Saudi Arabia, Africans killed by Islamists Boko Haram around Nigeria, girls institutionalizedely raped & forced into relationships, atheists, Jews, Christians, Hindus, non-Muslims systematically mass-murdered, harassed, killed, imprisoned, tortured, extorted (Jizya-tax), past developments of Nazis systematically murdering with Islamic authorities (Grandmufti Amin El-Husseini) that systematically fails to inform people about human rights endangering subjects of Islam (Sharia-law), that aggressively & systematically fails to educate & warn people about sadist…Muhammad doesn’t fulfill it’s duty to protect human rights & is illegitimate.

    There are those that claim to fight against Nazis but fight for the Nazis:
    History is being scrubbed from Islamist Hitler’s partnership with Muhammadism-conspiracy Ottoman empire general, Grandmufti of Jerusalem Amin El-Husseini who led the Nazis & Nazi-Muhammadist troops, his nephew Arafat called him the great leader. 
    Most Nazis were Muslims.

    The US, EU, UN hid General of the Assyrians-, Greek orthodox Christians-, Armenians- & other non-Muslims murdering Ottoman empire, Jews-hater Grandmufti of Jerusalem who murdered with Islamist Hitler in Europe, promoted the Nazis & led Muhammadism-conspiracy Nazi troops from history, it’s not even in memorials.

    There are things that must be brought to light & condemned so society can function.
    A necessary cleansing-process.

    Enslavement of Africans, mass-murder, torture, rape, pederasty, crucifixions, extortion, decapitation, harassment, murder of atheists, of Jews & Christians are all things that must be condemned if society wants to uphold an ethical standard (ethics: human rights & ecology), have integrity, credibility & maturity.
    All these unethical crimes just mentioned are attributed to sadist…Muhammad.
    That’s why it must become a crime to not condemn Muhammad & Islam so society globally doesn’t deteriorate ethically, morally.

    Barack Hussein Obama through his fake-news media-outlets told us that there are many Muslims living peacefully,
    what he didn’t say is that this is happening on countless suffering people, African slaves, raped enslaved girls, people tortured, killed. 

    The media’s lies & scrubbing should alarm us as it is the best indicator for the government’s policies.

    Taking a glimpse of the truth by stepping into the Geller-report shows, the governments are not legitimate.

    We need to organize a legitimate global government.

    Politicians in non-Muslim countries think they can plant Islamic citizens inside their countries, while they can’t even manage to free African slaves in Islamic countries, girls from forced relationships or atheists & other non-Muslims imprisoned in Islamic tyrannies, while they can’t even speak about or learn the truth about sadist…Muhammad in their own countries.
    Something’s terribly wrong here.

    We are being sold to Islam by Muhammadism-conspirators that act as politicians, by politicians who are morally bankrupt & owe us.
    They owe us the truth because they deceive us & they owe us respect, money & repentance for their criminal activity & complicity which has led & leads to death & suffering.
    Ban Islam. Save lives worldwide.

    Instead of unifying society against the Islam-conspiracy, west-European anti-Islam parties create chaos by retreating from society into nationalism, calling it resistance.

    We need to file a suit against the planting of Islam into non-Muslim- (& Muslim-) countries, at some global court, at the U.S., African, European, Australian court & we need to set up a new global non-Muslim empire court & government.

    Planting Islam has nothing to do with national sovereignty.

    We can have a global culture.
    But it’s a fail to assume that a global culture has to be superficial & uncondemning about the Islam-Muhammadism-conspiracy & that prosperity can be just achieved if we work instead of imperialistically for human rights globally.

    We have to make clear that governance is no place for Nazis, violent nationalists or Muhammadists.

    We have an agenda. We want the non-Muhammadist conspirator prisinors freed, enslaved Africans freed, little girls forced to sex-slavery freed, Islam banned, Korans confiscated.

    Enough of the politicians who insult & deceive us, arm Islam & plant it into our systems.

    We have to make prosecutions & defend our honor & human rights in the long-term.

    We are divided & made ineffective because of internationalism instead of globalism, because of regional languages instead of English.

    We need a global, English language party & TV-channel.

    We reject any forced idealization of sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer, crucifier,…Muhammad on people.

    Muslims know Islam is not ethical, that’s why it’s only right to them to ban Islam.

    People with a mind-mix of no love & consequently uncondemning attitude towards Islam have made us be open to a culture that is open to Islam.

    We have been lulled into culture of superficiality, products, bad music, nationalism, admiration for Islam, for Muhammad.

    We need to integrate ourselves to Islam & Islamic regions by banning Islam, enacting love & human rights, freeing the imprisoned, the Africans enslaved, girls & women forced to sex-slave-marriage & NOT the other way around.

    The pathological tolerance for Islam has become a collective dangerous mind-control movement we know from Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism regions & the Nazi-Muhammadism-conspiracy of Adolf Hitler & Amin el-Husseini that has to be be stopped NOW.

    Barack Hussein Obama blocked an Israeli arms helicopter-deal to Nigeria to fight Boko haram before the Muhammadist president.

    Furthermore I’ve read that U.S.policies equip & arm Islamic State group in Syria for their crucifixion, terror, lynch & rape-campaign by the hands of Turkey & U.S. & E.U.-armed Saudi Arabia & the U.S.-army.
    A thorough investigation has to take place.

    We got armed drones-surveillance & the base of Israel, so I can’t understand why crimes like crucifixions & beheadings are happening.

    “Harass & kill them until Islamic law is the only governance”, says Koran 8:39.

    No tolerance for Islam in society, no African slaves enslaved..

    Did you know: There’s slavery today of Africans in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania(25%,50%?of population), new north Sudan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Algeria, Lebanon, Qatar (?), Pakistan, UAE, Niger, Libya, Nigeria, Chad, Mali, Somalia & elsewhere inspired by torturer, sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer, crucifier, genital mutilationist, clitodirectomist, child-rapist & pederast who ‘kissed’ little boys’ penises & sucked boys’ lips & tongues, theist psychopath, who burned people alive for not praying, for not being part of his conspiracy & to extort them, who gouged out eyes & cut off body-parts, gays-killer, Jews-killer, atheists-killer & child-beater, decapitator, kidnapper Muhammad who owned Africans as slaves & said that his deity turned Africans black, so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks (Abeed means African & slave in Arabic,) (Read more about sadist, racist slaver Muhammad at WikiIslam). & IslamicState stated they want to revive enslavement of Africans in America as I’ve read here.
    Islam is intolerable. The Koran says: “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies” (22:19).
    Anti-African racists & Muhammadism Out of Africa! 
    Ban Islam, the Muhammadism-conspiracy & democracy & save lives & profound human rights globally.
    Help me to win the next election with my worldwide low-budget-campaign, for human rights & ecology, globally.

    Free GF-tracks – 
    Join Human rights the new atheism.

  • karl59

    A lot of these politicians have been bought off by wealthy Moslems

    • sodacrackers2

      And these politicians also have no qualms about lying to us lesser mortals.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Of course this could never happen in North America — oops, but it already has more than once and the perps weren’t muslum, at least not yet.

    • Speak the Truth

      I strongly suspect they’re already doing it, and it just hasn’t been discovered / reported.

  • Dan Knight

    War on Women = Misogynist Westerners always interfering with the Muslim Right to Rape. …

  • The Prophet

    You can expect protests tomorrow against the police for arresting those barbarians.

  • The Prophet

    Sweden is like an experiment of what would happen if you were to let SJWs run the country.

  • Stephen

    I think people should study the historical lessons of Eudo the Great, Duke of Aquitaine and Charles “The Hammer” Martel. They had differences and views, but they fought side by side at the Battle of Tours (Poitiers).

  • Terry B

    Europe needs completely different leaders. This has gotten completely out of control. The Governments do nothing and the police and courts are not strong enough to deal with it while the media blacks out the bad news. In the US if you were to do this crime you would get life in prison (except for California).

  • nisha

    misogynists……the lot of them…… these gang rape monsters love being powerful over something or someone that is vulnerable…..I loathe them

  • ron ronson

    You go the jail for raping and kidnapping people in Sweden for 10 months…. your kidding me….

    • Speak the Truth

      The article also states she was tortured, but you can bet they will never reveal any details, lest it incite hate.

  • Dean

    Just can’t be, all cultures are equal, this is some kind of mistake. They invite into the country a culture who’s prophet was a slave owner, and he is considered the ideal man, but this comes as a surprise. How many “moderate” Muslims knew about this, including women, but didn’t report it?

    • Strangerinastangeland

      The idea that all ‘cultures are equal’ is cultural suicide.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Sweden, the Humanitarian Stupidpower :)

  • Stephen Honig

    Four years in prison and a $30,000 fine. Are they kidding. They should castrate all the motherfuckers and then let the families deal with them.

  • Political_qrm

    OMG.. What is wrong with European governments that they no longer want to protect their own people?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      socialists condition a population to expect that the government will do their thinking for them, over time the ability to think, rationalize and know right from wrong is bred out of the target group. Then they are in the hight desirable manipulatable drone state that socialism finds is the only way to control them. Socialism is a failure in an educated conscious population. Note, it is very popular in western europe throughout the e.u.

      • Pathfinder0100

        No mercy Mahou!! Well the world would be better off without it, huh???

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Absolutely, socialism is a degenerative disease that leads to intellectual regression.

  • movingwaters

    I am finally speechless.

  • RayG1

    This is where hypothetical meets reality. It’s one thing to understand that the Quran allows sex slavery, and the verified observed consequences of such brutality in your own community. So the Swedes with their longstanding reputation as a “cradle-to-grave” socialist government, are learning that their tear-jerking compassionate “love” for the downtrodden and unfortunates of the world is a recipe for utter failure when applying this “love” to invading barbarians. In the long run, no matter how rich their country may be, they will not be able to afford this course of action. We are at the beginning of what some describe a “mini-ice age”. This will task all of the intellectual and financial talent available to the northern European countries to get through the next twenty or so years. The Muslims, with no viable skills to contribute, will just be a financial drain on these countries. The Muslims will continue to depend on government handouts while the indigenous populations concentrate on survival. Thankfully, you will see many Muslims head south as winter time gets worse.

  • Norm

    Hot lead for these Islamic zombies. Hot lead.

  • Lana Dorsey

    Back to the 1400’s….this is allowed to go on all over the World, where Radical Islam is practiced. Maybe it’s time for us all to start to build another ARK? I don’t think GOD, or if Earth is just another Board Game for ET’s is going to go on much longer. Just my opinion.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Islum is radical by it’s very nature.

  • Steve

    The authorities by their weak actions encourage other muslims to behave in the same psychotic manner with their feigning its always about islam or the fault of the infidel.

  • rickyoo

    What is wrong with these Swedish men? If I had a daughter, a wife, a girlfriend that was raped by one or more of these fithy subhumans, I would not care how long it took, but he or they would be disposed of, or would be physically unable to sexually abuse anyone ever again.

  • Satan is Allah

    If this happens to SJW’s who support Hitlery in the United States …….shhhhhhhhhhhh*crickets*

  • Aaron DiBona

    drain the swamp

  • Keith

    Easy to see Who is in charge.

  • 48?

  • Dieter Reinhart

    Cannot find this report on any googled Swedish newspaper ?

  • Love 2 B Deplored

    High time for another FRENCH REVOLUTION!!!! Does anyone remember the Guillotine?????
    Down with the PIGS!!!!!!

  • Raday Rosseb

    Vi skyddar våra döttrar, fruar. Ye varför inte? Skämmas!

  • Chir

    ALLAHU AKBAR! Sweden will be the first to fall to the European Caliphate!! You Swede’s know its coming. It may not be your generation that is exterminated, but your children will and they will wonder in their last thoughts why their parents did this to them.

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