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The Leftist Christians and Jews Who Oppose Trump’s Immigration Policies


CAIR’s opposition to Trump’s action limiting refugees from Muslim countries is reportedly being supported by “Christians.” However, these are not your ordinary Christians. Indeed, one might argue these are not religious groups, at all. These are groups that are deeply invested in having the broken refugee program continue, and have no interest in “Hebrews,” or “Christians,” or Americans, or even the refugees they supposedly serve. Instead, it is all about the money.

Take for example, the Church World Service, which is a subsidiary of the far-left National Council of Churches, and is primarily funded by your tax dollars.

Susan Krehbiel of the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is part of CWS.

“In addition to providing funds for humanitarian response for Syrians overseas, PDA is working with our partner in refugee resettlement, Church World Service (CWS), to resettle Syrian refugees who are coming to the United States.”

Linda Hartke is president and CEO of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, and makes a six-figure salary paid for by our tax dollars. 

Or the Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, who freely admits she is running a political organization, and clashes with the Vatican over her social justice warrior-ing.

“We’re a political organization”@ 48:32

Then there is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, which dropped the word “Hebrew” from its name.

HIAS’ expansion and rebranding included making the group’s acronym its official name. Hetfield said the word “Hebrew” is exclusionary and outdated, much as the word “colored” is to refer to African Americans.

If you get in the way of HIAS, and their refugee resettlement plans, they will turn the SPLC on you.

Then there is Rev. John C. Dorhauer, who serves as the general minister and president of the United Church of Christ. The UCC, like the Church World Services, is part of the far-Left, quasi-Christian National Council of Churches. The UCC is an organization that teaches Black Lives Matter racism as enlightenment.

These are not people who are motivated by religion, as much as by profit, or politics. They all have their snouts in the trough of a federal government program that is funded well in excess of 2 billion dollars, and none of it is independently audited.

And yet these scoundrels are assuming the moral high ground, and claiming that shutting down this failed, and corrupt refugee program is a sin. This is really a disreputable group of people who very much deserve CAIR’s company.

Religious Leaders, Groups Are Appalled By Trump’s Immigration Orders

Antonia Blumberg

President Donald Trump’s first week in office has signaled major changes are on the way for immigrants and refugees seeking new lives in the United States.

On Wednesday, Trump signed executive orders to move forward on the construction of a wall on the southwest border and crackdown on so-called sanctuary cities, a broad term that refers to jurisdictions that do not fully cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement efforts.

Congressional sources also confirmed to The Huffington Post that the president is expected to issue an executive order later this week that will dramatically restrict refugee admissions to the U.S. and deny visas to individuals from countries his administration deems high-risk.

Many religious organizations that support refugee and immigrant populations responded to Wednesday’s news with dismay.

“Catholic teaching is very clear: we are called to welcome the stranger,” Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice said in a statement. “President Trump’s actions today are antithetical to our faith.”

A draft of the order on refugee resettlement obtained by HuffPost indicates that the Trump administration is planning block refugee admissions from the war-torn country of Syria indefinitely. It also plans to suspend refugee admissions from all countries for 120 days and ban all “immigrant and nonimmigrant” entry of individuals from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen for 30 days.

“This decision will mean that many of those who are the most vulnerable, the most at risk of further violence, the least likely to be able to fend for themselves, are now to be left without hope. Such a position does not reflect who we are as a nation, or as a people of faith,” The Rev’d Canon E. Mark Stevenson, director of Episcopal Migration Ministries said.

Refugees undergo a stringent, two-year long vetting process once they are recommended by the U.N. refugee agency for resettlement in the U.S. It includes various security and medical clearances as well as cultural orientation.

If the U.S. government stops processing or admitting people even for a week, “their exit visa expires or their medical expires, they have to go back and start all over,” Nina Zelic, director for refugee services for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, told HuffPost.

When do we stop being America? I think it could begin the moment any refugee thinks of us as a land to fear.”

Robert Bank, president and CEO of American Jewish World Service, noted that there was a time when the U.S. “acted with indifference to Jewish and other refugees from Europe during World War II.” He urged the Trump administration not to let history repeat itself.

“We object in the strongest terms to the demonization of Muslims by the new American administration,” Bank said in a statement. “We understand what it means for a community to be demonized by authoritarian powers, and we regret that President Trump does not understand this lesson from the darkest chapters in world history.”

Leaders from the the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Unitarian Universalist Association, Church World Service, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, the United Church of Christ and a host of other faith-based organizations also criticized Trump’s actions.

“If the president does go through with an executive order to suspend refugee resettlement and to close access to asylum seekers, we know that many lives will be put at risk and hopes for a future will be destroyed,” said Susan Krehbiel, of the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. Faith organizations and local congregations may need to pick up the slack, she added, “to mitigate the abandonment of the federal government to this cause.”

“As people of faith,” she said, “when others choose to act out of fear, we choose welcome.”

Trump’s orders could engender a humanitarian crisis that should worry all people of faith, said Linda Hartke, LIRS president and CEO, in a statement.

“As Christians, we do not fear our new neighbors who have fled for their very lives – we embrace them. As people of faith, we are called to love and serve our neighbors – and as a result, our churches, our communities and our nation are stronger,” Hartke said.

Rev. John C. Dorhauer, who serves as the general minister and president of the United Church of Christ, said: “As a religious leader, I am gravely concerned. I ask myself: when do we stop being America? I think it could begin the moment any refugee thinks of us as a land to fear.”

Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faith leaders organized a vigil and rally outside the White House Wednesday afternoon to stand in solidarity with immigrants and refugees. In New York, Muslim advocacy group the Council on American–Islamic Relations organized an “emergency rally for Muslim and immigrant rights” to take place Wednesday evening. Nearly 8,000 people said they were going to attend on Facebook.

Despite the outcry from many faith leaders, some of Trump’s own religious advisors argued that although the Christian faith commands believers to welcome the stranger, this imperative does not apply to the government.

“It’s not a biblical command for the country to let everyone in who wants to come, that’s not a Bible issue,” Rev. Franklin Graham, a prominent evangelical pastor and the president of the international Christian relief organization Samaritan’s Purse, told HuffPost.

But Sister Campbell urged senators and representatives to “remember what Pope Francis said when he addressed Congress, ‘We, the people of this continent, are not fearful of foreigners, because most of us were once foreigners.’”

“We call on Congress to do all they can to protect the vulnerable in our world, which include refugees, immigrants, and children,” Campbell said.

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  • Dr. Doomsday

    “Religious leaders” ? More like Communist retards using “religion” as cover for their nonsensical philosophy and manipulation of people. Nothing but sold out, evil loving losers.

    • ljm4

      get the money…That’s the carrot on a stick.

    • Richard Harris

      This is true. These are FAKE Christians and FAKE Jews who are pushing this nonsense.

    • Bolchevik duck

      Yeah 88 m$. A bike cake indeed.

    • Follow the money

      Take their money – they will get religion real quick. Time to remove tax-exempt status from any organization, religious or otherwise, that makes any political statement. And any members or officials who vow to provide sanctuary to illegals, or other criminals, should be charged and convicted of crimes of aiding and abetting, crimes against the United States, etc. Same should apply to any individual citizens who do the same.

  • Emmett

    This is why we need Senator Sessions to bring hundreds of inditements, no thousands of inditements against these moslem brotherhood groups and these pro-jihad refugee groups they have literally brought thousands of jihadist to America !!

  • Mark Steiner

    These so-called Christians behave as if they don’t know the Lord from a Lamppost. They are social justice experts and organizers, not those who worship God in spirit and in truth, and are obedient to his Word.

    • Craig

      Bingo. They use the Christian name to gain money and power. Hmmm, sounds like the POS democrats, since money and power is all they are obedient to.
      REMEMBER, just because we are Christians, does not mean we are floor mats.

      • Richard Harris

        This is true. REAL Christians….like the folks in the Visegrad 4 alliance nations Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia are AGAINST Anti-Christian Muslim Invaders.

        Polish girl speaks out against Muslim migrants – Poles support Mr. Trump’s Immigration Policy

        MASSIVE Polish rally against Muslim migrants – Polish people support Mr. Trump’s Immigration Policy

        Hungarian Prime Minister Orban speaks out against Muslim migration and EU

        Czech Republic leader speaks out on evil of Islam

        Slovaks protest Muslim migrants

        Slovaks tell Muslim migrants to Stay Out

        Czechs and Slovaks protest Islam

        • Michelle

          Spot on please share these videos on Facebook as I am very unhappy with uk churches who let in these subhumans of criminality of Islam under fake refugee status saying Jesus was refugee ! Jesus and Jews who were persecuted never harmed people they were grateful but now are persecuted along with the true Christian refugees and yazidis not being helped but Muslim refugees from Saudi and Arab state money controlled UN camps are the Trojan horse that these pretend Christians refuse to see are NOT refugees or persecuted as they are committing crimes against non Muslim people who let them in based on lies about the goals of islams jihad on western civilisation hence the rape jihad , they are doing the fake refugee stance that Mohamed used to gain sympathy from Jews and Christians against mecans ! The result once Mohamed had enough bad guys who had no morality or human decency and were in fact the criminal lie life’s we are now seeing today and then what happened ? Those stupid Jews and Christians were then massacred their women and children sold into sex slavery and raped and Mecca has been Muslim ever since plus 270+ million slaughtered to date by Islam ! It’s high time Europe was reminded of the Ottoman Empire and genocide of its people for hundreds of years before crusaders came to rescue or we’d have been all wiped out ! This history should be taught in ALL schools the truth of what happens when Islam invades your country once they have enough warriors ! Peaceful Muslims are being killed by the violent ones for not being evil Muslim Invader enough ! This is being allowed in our countries and lies about Islam being religion of peace when you look at Muslim countries and can see NO PEACE ! Our governments have been infiltrated with Saudi money to enable the persecution of our people and honour Muslims only where laws are not applied to them and no go zones have been allowed instead of deportations of violent Muslims who threaten and kill our citizens ! Towns like Bradford where I’m stuck is run by Muslims who are the majority who only have Muslim MPs so we have no voice ! Muslims get preferential treatment over non Muslims don’t have to look for work like non Muslims no penalties for them as they walk in , sign on then walk out and get into high priced cars paid for by drug money and they are the ones who have guns hence gun crime because too many Muslim drug dealer cartels so we have war on our streets because of them, police in their pocket, crimes by Muslims on non Muslims not acted on or reported as hate crimes ! All new homes taken by them, all grant money given to them while non Muslims like me get told no money left ! Unless we the people re educate our children on the real evil of Islam and prepare them for the civil war that will come , then we are doomed ! Rich elitist one world order want Islam to take over as inbreeding and iq is low hence easily controlled by fear tactics and violence by Islamist doctrine ! All politicians who lie about Islam being peaceful are traitors and should not be voted for as they are after the increasing Muslim populations votes not ours hence it’s a Muslim vote not democratic one and they are the same as those fooled by Mohamed before being slaughtered but with the promise that Muslims can’t be trusted for of allowing these corrupt Muslim apologetics a safe passage out when war starts ! This is not a war on Muslims but on Islam as if it was banned thousands of them would be free who are secretly atheists and Christian converts because they’ve seen the truth that Satan is Allah the moon god and not the god of Abraham and Moses whose commandments are against the evil acts of Allah and Mohamed but await the day that they too can be free because there will be no more extremists to kill them as apostates ! Plus they’re beginning to realise that God gave us free will but Allah takes it away !

        • Steve

          Thanks for the post. Keep these coming.

  • Craig

    Again, you see the cowards and appeasers. Those who have NEVER sacrificed for anyone and are not about to start now. The same people that say “better red that dead”. Cowards who will bend the knee to any oppressor, so long as they are left, more or less, alone. Ask the russians how that worked out…and the chinese, and the cubans, etc.
    These pieces of sh!t will sell out their own country, their own people, all for the hope that they are last. We must not allow the corrosive influence of these cowards and appeasers to defile our country and freedoms any more.

  • Joeyct

    No such thing as a leftist christian. You are either a follower of jesus or a lefty who are anti jesus. You don’t know you are deceived because you are deceived. Islam is a deception of global proportions.

  • Judi

    I watched juicidal Jew ‘Shmuck’ Schumer literally crying this morning on the news, surrounded by an assorted crowd of indignant muslims and lefties, speaking out about the travel ban. This is the same useful idiot who endorsed MB operative Keith Ellison. I just don’t get it.

    • Gordon Miller

      He’s started his run for the 2020 election.

      • Judi

        Heaven help America!

    • hal8196

      I have learned from this site that Schumer is a “Sha Shtil” Jew….I call him a fellow traveler. He may not be a card carrying communist, but he believes in their philosophies, and is very dangerous to our nation in his current governmental position.

      • Judi

        Agree, he is dangerous.

    • Janet

      They are all mental!

    • spfg

      Schumer will sell his mother for a dollar if he thought it might gain him a vote in the next election. He is a soulless bottom feeder that deceives New Yorkers so he can stay in office. Not many politicians out there that hit below the belt the way Schumer does…

  • kewlrockindaddy

    Religious left is an oxymoron?

  • KimWilde

    Watching the news last night it looked like the same losers from Europe with the “All refugees Welcome” signs that were used to destroy their Countries.

    • Janet

      Ya I was thinking the same thing. Totally disgusted!

  • hal8196

    Woe be to those that call evil good and good evil…their religion is false since their god is money….Their leftist ideology has blinded them. Proverbs 21:16 “The person who strays from common sense will end up in the company of the dead”.

  • KimWilde

    Cut off the funding and these “religious” organizations will disappear like the clinton foundation.


    Arrest Barack Hussein Obama for arming Islamistisis & conspiring for Islamistisis, Boko Haram, Islamic tyranny Nigeria, new north-Sudan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Mauritania, Lybia, PLO & Islam worldwide or get arrested with him.


      These pro-Islamic migration protesters don’t care if people get killed by U.S.-armed, funded & protected Islamic groups worldwide, they would want to arrest Barack Hussein Obama only if one of his daughters would say he raped’em.

  • Melo Gardener

    Absolutely NOT! I do not support Islam and do Support Trump and those who take a stand against Islamic Sharia HELL and its’ aggressive armies taking over all our countries. The Leftist plans our destruction…they are the Whore that enjoys its blood on the back of the Beast of Islam…they are evil altogether and that the filthy Pope has joined Islam and kisses their feet while he ignores the 800,000 slaughtered Christians in the last ten years speaks volumes of who he whores with and who the Leftist of this world have bedded. And that does not even include the 3 million slaughtered Sudanese and 3 million enslaved of the Sudanese non-muslims or the 450 million slaughtered of Indian by Islam…this is ludicrous! The Whore of the Leftist bedding with the Beast of Islams’ cups of slaughtered innocent is overflowing…it is time to stand against their filth of blood lust! Wake up World!

  • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

    Dear President Trump. Please stop ALL government funding of religious institutions. Period. All of them! Please also sponsor a bill to remove the tax-free status of the same institutions.

  • Glen Benjamin

    Religious nut jobs. They will destroy thus country. Maybe it us time to remove exemption religions have in houses of worship. They want exemptions but also to shield illegals etc.

  • iprazhm

    These are not Christians or traditional Jews. They’re subversive groups using the titles for financial gain. Shame on them and high fives to Pamela Geller for exposing these anarchists for hire.

  • Retiredextremelydangerous

    False Religions are the Devils workshop! Islam is the work of Satan and anyone or organization that promotes either is Hell Bound!

    • pipo

      Retired and extremely dangerous! Better not to know how dangerous you were when you were younger. Probably I would not have crossed your path voluntary.

  • Steve

    These people have not right to override government law and should be defunded for interfering with it. Separation of church and state should work both ways. Their personal dramas should not be inflicted on some to save others for their selfish causes.

  • Love 2 B Deplored

    They’re part of the swamp like a pathogen parasite slowly devouring its host.

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