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[ October 22, 2017 ]

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Hamas-CAIR to Announce Constitutional Challenge to Trump’s Immigration Executive Order


They invoke our constitutional freedoms to destroy our constitutional freedoms.

The CAIR court case against the ban should be a golden opportunity to expose them for what they are – their stupidity is a blessing.

“CAIR to Announce Constitutional Challenge to Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’ Executive Order,” Hamas-CAIR Press Release, January 27, 2017:

WASHINGTON, Jan. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — On Monday, January 30, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) will hold a news conference at its Capitol Hill headquarters in Washington, D.C., to announced the filing of a federal lawsuit on behalf of more than 20 individuals challenging the “Muslim ban” executive order signed today by President Donald Trump.

The lawsuit, to be filed in the U.S. District Court – Western District of Virginia, will challenge the constitutionality of the order because its apparent purpose and underlying motive is to ban people of the Islamic faith from Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States.

“There is no evidence that refugees – the most thoroughly vetted of all people entering our nation – are a threat to national security,” said CAIR National Litigation Director Lena F. Masri, Esq. “This is an order that is based on bigotry, not reality.”

“The courts must do what President Trump will not—ensure that our government refrains from segregating people based on their faith,” said Attorney Gadeir Abbas, Esq., who is co-counsel on the lawsuit.

“Our First Amendment is under attack. We, as attorneys, are foot soldiers of the American Constitution and took an oath to protect all from being targeted by the government because of their faith,” said Attorney Shereef Akeel, Esq., who is also co-counsel on the lawsuit….

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  • Ego

    ““There is no evidence that refugees – the most thoroughly vetted of all people entering our nation – are a threat to national security”

    You only have evidence once they have committed a crime, so yes, no evidence against would-be-newcomers yet.
    But quite a few of these “most thoroughly vetted of all people” commit crimes on a regular basis, so yes, they are a threat to national security.

    • Public_Citizen

      One only has to actually read a translation of the Koran to understand that more than half of the book [as has been stated by Lord Moncton] is a Manual For Terrorism.
      The “religious” content represents less than half of the entire book and has been demonstrated to have been purloined from Legitimate Religious Sources available at the time Moehamed [police beat upon him] was alive.

  • Michael Wilkes

    islam is a political movement it is not a religion therefore not protected by The Constitution. However The Constitution protects US from islam !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are a sovereign nation and do not have to accept any group active in terrorism. LIKE islam has attacked us
    many times on our on soil. Sir you are representing the enemy of America.

  • RealEngineer2

    Big doubts judiciary can mount a “challenge” to an “executive order”, the three branches of government are “separate but equal”, and, BY LAW, “under U.S. Code, the president does have the statutory authority to keep anyone out of the country, for any reason he thinks best. Per 8 USC §1182”.

    “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

  • Commieobamie

    Tough shiite islamos! Your god obama used it all the time to commit TREASON, so Trump can use it to PROTECT OUR country, (yep, NOT YOURS!).

  • Speak the Truth

    How can the refugees / migrants ever be vetted, if they have no documents, or fake documents? CAIR’s lies are nonsensical.

    • felix1999

      CAIR is a terrorist front. Their lawsuit will not go anywhere.

  • Patrick

    In addition to a Muslim ban, ban CAIR!

    • SRN99

      Majority of Muslims will want to abandon their religion.

      • Janet

        Don’t bet on it!

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        They’re winning, why would they?

    • felix1999

      CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood are TERRORIST FRONTS and need to be BANNED and those part of it DEPORTED.

    • Rocinante44

      amen. trump’s DOJ needs to turn this terrorist front inside out, prosecute them, and deport them. shouldn’t take long

    • sfr

      And also – Amend the damn constitution. The moment trump steps out of the white house, all his progress will be reversed in a jiffy by the leftists, using our own constitution as the justification. We must amend our outdated constitution.

  • Henry Hawk

    You can find it here at; 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act.. H.R.13342; Pub.L. 414;182 Stat.66.

    In Section 212 Chapter 2, Prohibits entry into America any IMMIGRANTS belonging to an organization seeking the unlawful overthrow of the federal government of the United States by force, violence and other unconstitutional means.

    • Mark Steiner

      Thanks for sharing this – and may our President and lawmakers examine the contents as well.

    • felix1999

      Thanks – post that OFTEN!

    • felix1999

      Think about posting that at Breitbart and send it to them as a “tip”. The word is Bannon READS Breitbart.

    • df

      Notice something? People here, and elsewhere, would rather die than admit that our constitution is indeed flawed. It is not perfect. They would keep arguing, and keep defending the constitution, no matter if the same constitution is taking our civilization toward its downfall.

      How did CAIR get the chuptzah to challenge the president? From where? Our own constitution! – That’s where.

      Would it be so god damn difficult to have a rational debate about the shortcomings of our constitution? If not, then what exactly is the difference between us and muslims, who hold their quran beyond reproach, just like we hold our constitution?

      • Jimmy Crackorn

        CAIR operate in the USA because of our social weakness.. Muslims take advantage of weak people.. They will steal your infidel women impregnate them and make you watch because you have been raised in a single Mothers family… I dont agree with Trump.. I think He should have the Mosques burned down and ban the Muslim religion…since its not a religion in text but a insurrection

      • katzkiner

        df-Have you read any amendments lately?

        • df

          I have. Why?

      • drummie

        No one has ever said that our constitution is perfect, but show me anything better. Look at the history of the very few amendments and study the history of them. You don’t like our constitution, then you are free to leave. Every “office” of the United States requires and oath to protect, preserve, and defend the constitution of the United States against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic and bear true allegiance to it. Want to change it? OK start the process for an amendment. Otherwise support it or leave.

        • df

          No, not going to leave. And you can do absolutely nothing about it. Understood?

          So you admit that the constitution is flawed? My point exactly. ” but show me anything better” I can show you much better things. But that does not take away from the fact that our constitution is flawed.

          The recent ban on muslim entry, is being challenged, thanks to our own constitution. Our constitution states – No discrimination. No matter what.

          So any race, any faith group, anyone for that matter, can commit any disproportionate number of crimes against us, and the moment you try to condemn them – Bam! They throw our constitution at our face and shriek – LOOK! IT SAYS NO DISCRIMINATION! Ha – Ha! Now have another punch!

          See the point, fool? Don’t you think this should be changed?

          • Dorrie

            I can do a LOT about you, little fool! I can BLOCK you!


          • df

            BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Ostrich burying its head in the sand. BWAWAHAHAHAHA!

            Please, do it!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I’d rather bury your muslum apologist/sympathizer ass in a shallow grave.

          • Wrong df… read the above response…you simply don’t understand original intent. IF we followed the Constitution as written and know the original reason for it, you wouldn’t be mouthing this pablum.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The Constitution isn’t a suicide pact hawse hole. Furthermore, I note you have no problems w/the persecution of Christians at the hands of muslums in Dearbornistan, Michigan. Please die.

      • Mack Pooh

        your lethargy overshadows your ignorance. “….what exactly is the difference between us and muslims…..” you teasingly ask….
        Our Constitution overwhelmingly supports our sovereignty. Our Constitution affords rights to individual Americans (however pathetic on many cases). The word containi g SOVEREIGN is key. It tells us we stand apart from other countries and peoples, or in the case of islam, things. Islam is not of American value. Muslims are not interactive, though they sre criminally deviant pathetics who rape children and women and fellow men. They idolize a prophet whose only rant is about islam being a global jihad. The eternal destruction of islam from birth to elder is the solution. I do not see islamic sympathizers heading to the nearest port to go lay in the sun of Iraq….
        The difference between islam and the American Constitution is just that……………..
        Now shut your buttock, or crawl back into that from which you fell

        • df

          Mack Pooh

          Your retardation overshadows your ignorance. Nothing that you said does anything by refute or even dispute the point. The monkey-brain imbecile that you are, no doubt you failed to realize this.

          Nowhere does the constitution explicitly criminalizes or outlaws islam. On the contrary, it is because of the constitution that islam has immunity. Do you not think this is something that should be changed, you bird-brain moron?

          • Mack Pooh

            Amazing how tunnel worshipping islamic puppets, such as DF, have no intellectual or geopolitical response. On top of that, they run off with the garbage can under their noses and lack the courage to sign on the dotted line admitting their support for muslims, islamic pukes, and illegals entering this country and share in the criminal and terrorist deviancy making them criminal and apt for federal judicial processes

          • insfv4335

            Are you somewhat mentally handicapped? Did you not understand his comments? Read them again. He is probably much more anti-islam than you can ever be.

            PS – If you actually are mentally challenged then I am sorry. Didn’t mean to make fun of your condition.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Yes, but it should hawse hole and while it may be impossible to implement such a solution considering the level of subversion and infiltration of the US government at all levels by f’ing muslums maybe a civil war will. ESAD.

      • Ray_Sears

        YOU, ARE AN ASS !

        • df

          Yes, now go play with your crayons kid.

          • Dorrie

            Go play with your own crayons, kid. You’re totally ignorant about our Constitution!

            A country without laws and walls, is not a country!

          • df

            Why don’t you enlighten me, monkey?

            And don’t deflect with walls and cars and what not. We are talking about islam.

            Our constitution grants immunity to islam through religious freedom. Do you think this is right?

          • Dorrie

            I’d love to, little fool! You’re now BLOCKED!

            Gosh that was fun!

          • df

            HAHAHAHA!! I am still replying to you.

            BWAHAHAHAHA! Gosh that was fun!

          • NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go back to school df and study the Constitution this time. Then we will accept your apologies…

      • Dorrie

        It isn’t the Constitution that is “taking our civilization toward it’s downfall,” it’s poor deluded souls like you!

        The Constitution isn’t flawed, it’s a strong, powerful document of FREEDOM!

        • df

          Why are you this stupid?

          U.S Department of Justice: Islam is a Recognized Religion
          The U.S. Department of Justice on Monday countered opponents of a mosque near Murfreesboro Tennessee on Monday, reminding them that slam is a valid, recognized religion.
          Opponents of the mosque had filed suit against Rutherford County officials, arguing that Islam is not a valid religion, but a political movement that is looking to supplant U.S. laws with Muslim laws.
          The U.S Department of Justice intervened on Monday by filing a brief in the lawsuit challenging the proposed mosque. The brief clarifies that Islam is an officially recognized religion and warns Rutherford County officials that treating Islam as anything other than a religion could violate civil rights laws.
          “Every court addressing the question has treated Islam as a religion for purposes of the First Amendment and other federal laws. No court has held otherwise,” the brief reads. “Islam falls plainly within the understanding of a religion for constitutional and other federal legal purposes”
          Specifically the brief clarifies that Islam is in fact a religion protected under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment, and that the Islamic center and mosque is recognized by the government as a place of religious assembly under the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000.

          Now run along nincompoop. Shoo.

          • spfg


        • spfg

          Proverbs 26:4
          Don’t answer the foolish arguments of fools, or you will become as foolish as they are.

      • Henry, you are ignorant of our Constitution and original intent. The 1st Amendment does NOT protect freedom of ALL religions. it is to preserve American’s right to freedom of CHRISTIANITY and denominational choices, not pagan, anti-biblical and anti-Christ belief systems. Our Founding Generation did NOT condone pagan belief systems or go against God’s own word regarding such religions…

        No apologies… no pagan religions or their “High Places” should be allowed in America, period, or we fight God.

    • Drew the Infidel

      Agreed. This and 8 US Code Section 1182 “Inadmissible Aliens” were used to keep communism out of the US following WWII, giving Trump all the legal footing he needs in the way of public law.

    • mezcukor

      And also time to declare Islam as a political cult and not a religion.Go to “Gates of Vienna” and look at the 5 reasons why Islam a cult and not a religion.In Slovenia they passed the law that Islam is NOT a religion and therefore NOT protected under their constitution. Also Get rid of CAIR

  • Fred

    Deport that C U Next Tuesday Lena Mascri!


    TRUMP 2020!

  • Tom


  • Alan

    Islam is NOT a religion. It has a death penalty against humanity. Islam and terrorist entties like “CAIR of HAMAS jihad” MUST be destroyed.

  • lorri

    People whom are not American citizens don’t have constitutional rights, they are only visitors. Not to mention that it’s been law since 1952, immigration and naturalization act section 212- the president can ban immigration based on ideology which is contrary to our constitution and seeks to subvert our way of life. It was put in due to communism and used as a way to keep our government and union from being infiltrated by those that would destroy it from within.

  • David Earl-Graef

    I am hopeful that Senator Sessions when confirmed will finally indict CAIR. Congress needs to get off of its rear end and back our President with legislation such as naming the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and others to stop the barrage of litigation that Trump will no doubt get from these anti American subversive groups.

  • Mark Steiner

    Sounds like an attempt at sedition, using our courts to accomplish a goal.

    They will fail.

  • Dennis

    These people avoid what the realities have established world-wide. Wherever the people of Islam go they take with them a political belief system that has as its intention to overthrow legitimate government, replacing that government with the purported “religious” belief system that is Islam. The world has clearly seen that wherever these people go they WILL bring with them those among them who would willingly commit murder and mayhem on non-believers, and that conduct has happened here. Therefore, it is obvious that we must guard against this very foul political philosophy misrepresented as a religion. Always keep in mind that it is not the right to practice a purported religion in this country which is the subject of this order to freeze refugee rights until we can devise some manner in which we can properly vet these people, as our Constitution does give our citizens the right to practice any belief system that can be defined as a religious belief system and does not insist on domination and overthrow, and meets our general definition of what we believe a religion ought to be about. Our President is attempting to stop the influx of a people who bring with them a potential danger, no different than the “isms” that heretofore would have overthrown our American form of government, and likewise needed to be kept from our country. This order from our chief executive officer is therefore both appropriate and not likely to be subject to constitutional challenges, as the liberal supporters would have you believe. With the experiences suffered by Europe, Israel and Australia, etc., we have every good reason to keep out of this country people who bring with them a hate that is consistent with Totalitarianism, and I, for one, applaud the President for his complying with his constitutional duty to vet those people very carefully. The next step is to monitor those here, so that we can stop the promotion and preaching of the foul philosophy that would result in terroristic conduct. Finally, there is a statute on the books which does in fact preclude those people who are promoting overthrow from this country, especially if the means they follow are intended to be accomplished thru violence. The Constitution separated the politics of governing from the practice of religion, something history had taught us would result in the one corrupting the other. CAIR has no standing to bring this attempted injunction, and I for one expect the court to reject this type of petition out of hand.

    • Public_Citizen

      Think “Blood Cult” and it begins to make sense.

  • Dr. Doomsday

    So, gee, Trump banned people from violent countries. Coincidentally, they are Islamic. That is not racism, and that is not unconstitutional. We have shut down immigration entirely before in our history.

    So F*ck off CAIR! (Creepy Ass Islamic Radicals)

    All these putrid little groups need to get the clue.

    It wasn’t just the election of Trump, we are all fed up and sick to death of your freakin whiney ass BS! That is why he was elected!

    Get it?

    • Rocinante44

      it’s common sense, too, and startling to see in a president. how much fun has this past week been….I feel like I got elected president

    • Janet

      I love your definition of what CAIR stands for. I’m going to use that one. Lol!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Present the qur’an as evidence in the hearings, with particular attention to the parts that demand muslims murder Jews, Christians and others, then, refer to contemporary news reports of instances here they have done precisely that. Next, charge cair with perjury as they say islamic the religion of peace.

    • Public_Citizen

      As part of the testimony introduce Lord Moncton’s investigations and conclusions on Islam.
      Since more than HALF of the book is a Manual For Terrorism and all of the “religious” components can be demonstrated to have been lifted from existing Legitimate Religious Sources available at the time of Moehamed it will make for an “interesting” hearing, particularly when the moehamedans start shouting in outrage and in defiance of the level of decorum required in a US Court.

    • Dorrie

      I believe Trump is going to put CAIR on the Terrorist Org. list. And the sooner he does that, the better!

  • felix1999

    Last time I checked, ALL JIHADISTS are MUSLIMS and the U.S. under President Trump has the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to PROTECT and DEFEND us from terrorism even if it is based on ISLAM. The U.S. is not REQUIRED to take in ANYONE. Immigrants can not FORCE themselves on us. We have the RIGHT to REJECT anyone for any reason. Good luck with that lawsuit. Let LAWSUITS drain you of money!

  • SOON.. VERY.. SOON. We will be able to tell cair to go piss up a rope.

    • Public_Citizen

      Preferably to be attempted while hanging from said rope.

  • pdxnag

    How would a U.S. District Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange rule on the matter? For her in the Oklahoma Question 755 matter the prohibited bigotry was more than enough to prevent the law from even being entered into the law books. That would be almost like blocking President Trump’s hand from putting his signature on an order. So who knows what some loony judge might say?

    Islam’s universally recognized penalty of death for apostates is quite enough to deny any legal recognition to any Islam-based organization or religion in America. They are repugnant to the First Amendment freedoms, particularly the right to change one’s religion and to declare apostasy from Islam.

  • Rocinante44

    here’s a deal. when the Saudis and the other horrid muslim nations start allowing jews on their airplanes, then we’ll talk. otherwise, go stuff your goat

  • sdj

    Quick question – What exactly is the difference between us and muslims, when just like they consider their quran sacred and inviolable, we likewise consider our constitution sacred and inviolable?

    Our constitution is fked up. There, I said it. Come at me. Go on. I dare you.

    • Janet

      Maybe you need to read the Quran!

  • Jimmy Crackorn

    American Constitution? These filthy lying Pigs only care about their PERVERTED RELIGION of Death!

    • Public_Citizen

      You have the Death part right but in reality it is a Blood/Death Cult and not a legitimate religion.

  • John Barron

    “The courts must do what President Trump will not—ensure that our government refrains from segregating people based on their faith,” – Hasn’t Islam been segregating people based on their faith for the past 1400 years?

  • Public_Citizen

    Bring Back HUAC

  • Janet

    CAIR can go pound sand! Preferably in the Middle East! All Pres. Trump is doing is trying to keep the American people safe. This organization should be banned anyway for their ties to terrorist organizations. It’s really an outrage that they’re not. They and the pain in the ass ACLU are going to try to stop the president at every turn. Liberals and Democrats are also going to pull this crap. They’d invite terrorists over for dinner and try to reason with them because they are so tolerant. Morons!


    CAIR are so enboldened by the last President, they still think they are untouchable. I hope their days are numbered just like the sharia courts in the U K.

  • bannedquran20

    Your days are numbered under President Trump…

  • charlie baker

    Since CAIR has proven terror ties it seems to me they would have no ‘standing’ in any court of law, and the case should be summarily dismissed. It would be as if the Nazi’s sued the Jews for badmouthing them about the holocaust! Chuck them out of court, out of the country, off the planet.

  • drummie

    HAMMAS and CAIR should have NO legal standing to challenge anything. They are not being harmed in any way. They are both terrorists organizations that have nothing but ill intent towards the US. Don’t the fools realize there is NO RIGHT to immigrate?

  • Mack Pooh


    I do not care or concern myself with your comic book the koran. I do not desire a relationship with groups of things who admire and idolize a rapist, murderer, child rapist as in your prophet mohammed. I do not carecthat you are a filthy distortion of human nature.
    I do care that as muslims, you are nothing more than toilet bowl residue taking up air and space in my country. You are flapping that comical and so called religion and ignorant Americans are gullible, lethargic, and too stupid (kinda like the islamic DNA) to realize how criminally deviant and unhuman your kind really is.
    Should you ever tell me that I cannot get in a taxi because I have a four legged kid as my partner in life, on my honor YOUR LIGHT FADES.
    I am no longer an American who will abide by law that coddles the islamic garbage you portray. Because the American government and some if its people hold you up as some sort of human value or worthy of air, those of us who are real and true America and who claim intellectual prowess are not gullible and are your worst nightmare. ON MY HONOR AS AN AMERICAN SOLDIER, I will not give you or your children a damn thing.
    America, wake up!! Islam in its entirety must be eternally destroyed, that is from birth to elder, every child, man, and woman. The islamic “human” inconvenience begins at birth. Muslims have not an ounce of value in America.
    To all of you Americans who reference muslims as being animals, try to find the marbles you lost. Animals have an incredibly more valued purpose than islam and in fact many of the human species.
    Islam is what it is: filthy, child rapist, deviants who idolize a comic book that portrays a piece of human inconvenience named mohammed.
    REALLY AMERICA???? It is time muslims look behind every step in OUR country.

  • iprazhm

    I can’t believe this is happening. Terrorists are in charge of our courts.

  • Randy Claywell

    There is no Constitutional challenge to expelling and banning Muslims. The Supreme Court has upheld the anti polygamy laws. So polygamy is unconstitutional. The Immigration Act of 1907 spelled out that the constitutional prohibition against polygamy extends to those wishing to enter the U.S in stating that no one is allowed in the country who teaches or believes in polygamy. An absulute constitutional basis to both expel them and deny them entrance.
    A second provision prohibits us takung in refugees. It says that no one is allowed to enter the U.S who might become a burden on the nation. This is why when we had Ports of Entry, like Ellis Island, those who wanted to enter the U.S had to prove that they would not be a financial burden to the country or they would be sent back.

  • VonFisch

    No evidence? Look at the “refugees” in Europe. That’s all the evidence I need to say I don’t want that here.

  • joe1429

    I believe Jeff Sessions.. will take care of cair. They need be designated a terrorist organization

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    LOL, a f’ing muslum complaining about “segregating people based on their faith” as is done in every, last muslum state on the face of this earth today then going on to complain about “bigotry” despite the fact pi$$Lam oozes Jew hatred from every pore.

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