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[ September 21, 2017 ]

Exposed: The relationship between al-Qaeda and Iran

[ September 21, 2017 ]

New Hampshire: Muslim “refugee” sexually attacks several little girls as young as 7

[ September 21, 2017 ]

Oklahoma trial of Muslim who BEHEADED co-worker: “Slave to Allah” said he did it because...

[ September 21, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Muslim “refugees” go on sex assault spree at church festival

[ September 21, 2017 ]

4 Muslim youth gang-raped Hindu teenage girl for 10 days, forced to convert

[ September 21, 2017 ]

Muslim cleric says fathers can marry off their newborn daughters

[ September 21, 2017 ]

Defense attorney: Muslim who plotted to behead Pamela Geller an “idiot,” not guilty

[ September 21, 2017 ]

Mayor of Lampedusa says his island is ‘collapsing’ because of Muslim migrant violence and crime

[ September 21, 2017 ]

Buy-Bye: Convicted Terrorist Rasmea Odeh Officially Off U.S. Soil

[ September 21, 2017 ]

90 Percent of Asylum Seekers in Austria End Up On Welfare

George Soros Hatchet Man David Brock’s Memo Outlining Plans to Attack Trump Memo @MMFA


One can only begin to imagine what we don’t see. Soros has doled out hundreds of millions of dollars to these Ellsworth Toohey wannabes.

Read the Confidential David Brock Memo Outlining Plans to Attack Trump

Memo was handed out to big money liberal donors at posh Florida retreat

BY: Joe Schoffstal, WFB January 26, 2017 (thanks to Todd):

David Brock, the seasoned liberal operative and Clinton loyalist who founded Media Matters, huddled with more than 100 donors last weekend at the swanky Turnberry Isle Resort in Aventura, Fla. to map out how Democrats will “kick Donald Trump’s ass.”

The Washington Free Beacon attended the retreat and obtained David Brock’s private and confidential memorandum from the meeting. The memo, “Democracy Matters: Strategic Plan for Action,” outlines Brock’s four-year agenda to attack Trump and Republicans using Media Matters, American Bridge, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), and Shareblue.

The memo contains plans for defeating Trump through impeachment, expanding Media Matters’ mission to combat “government misinformation,” ensuring Democratic control of the Senate in the 2018 midterm elections, filing lawsuits against the Trump administration, monetizing political advocacy, using a “digital attacker” to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and damage Republicans, and partnering with Facebook to combat “fake news.”

Brock sought to raise $40 million in 2017 for his organizations, and hoped the retreat would lead to the creation of a liberal donor network to rival the network of the conservative Koch brothers.

Below is the confidential memo in its entirety.

Full David Brock Confidential Memo On Fighting Trump by Joe on Scribd

  • Craig

    The soros anti-American machine is in full swing. Hopefully, Mr. Trump will kick the old nazi out.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The elitists lost the election despite their dirtiest tricks and worst effort, an a lot of money. There is no reason for them not to become targets now for the same legal initiatives they are planning to use on others. A vicious hostile tax audit of a few liberals is a good way to start. They can be forced into spending a lot more money defending themselves than attacking others.
    The massed attack of the social democrats, this is what the liberals got.

  • Snailmailtrucker

    I never even noticed it before….this Little Twinkie Slimebag is turning into a Tranny !

  • Peter Joffe

    What has happened to ‘democracy’ in the USA? According to the records that I have seen, report as follows:- Overall vote.
    Republicans 20,375,925, Democrats 15,070,178,
    By candidate
    Clinton 8,668,136
    Trump 7,548,429
    Sanders 6,131,951
    Cruz 5,484,494
    Rubio 3,394,134
    Kasich 2,725,327
    Carson 677,307
    Bush 249,894
    O’Malley 94,692
    The Republicans got 1/3 more votes than the Demodeplorables and if you add candidates that have since joined the Republicans and now back Trump, Republicans have 29 million to demodeplorables at 15 Million. That is a resounding rejection of Clinton and her demodeplorables. Stop taking about Trump, David Brock as you are going against the wishes of Americans who want change 2 to 1. You are traitors David Brock and George Soros as two out of every three Americans want Trump now. Please shut up and stop trying to cause insurrection or go to jail forever.

  • Ichabod Crain

    How nice we have their strategy. This is insidious! They cannot see that they themselves fit the definition of fake news? They must examine their basic assumptions, from which everything else proceeds. They think they have the “morality” behind them, but can morality be blind to the truth and still be moral? Until the MSM expose Islam for what it is, it is all fake news. Until the MSM expose the logical fallacies of the progressive left, it is all fake news. Until the MSM expose the the notion that they have a mission as SJWs as being in conflict with reporting the truth, it is all fake news that they report.

  • Stephen Honig

    Trump is in office for about a week and already improved our country. The Muslim Obama was in office for 8 miserable years and was he brought up for impeachment.

  • Jean

    Soros and his thugs should be arrested they can find enough evidence and that will stop all of this.

  • Jeanne

    Memo to Mr. Brock: No, you won’t.

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