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Fatah official: Palestinian leadership should downgrade US ties if embassy moved


Great idea! They should downgrade ties today. And the U.S. should respond in kind, by cutting off their gravy train for good. This genocidal jihad entity deserves not a dollar of U.S. taxpayer money.

“Fatah official: Palestinian leadership should downgrade US ties if embassy moved”, by Adam Rasgon, Jerusalem Post, January 23, 2017:

The Palestinian leadership should downgrade its diplomatic ties with the United States if the American embassy is relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a top Fatah official said on Monday.

“If that [the relocation of the embassy] takes place, the Palestinian side would have to sever its ties with the official staff of the illegal US Embassy in Jerusalem. In addition to that, there is the issue of the Palestinian political representative’s office in Washington; it would also be necessary to close [it],” Nasser al-Kidwa, a Fatah central committee member, told Al-Quds, a Palestinian daily newspaper, clarifying that the relocation the of the US Embassy would leave the Palestinians with “no other choice.”

The Palestinian leadership and the US have had a close relationship since the establishment of the PA in the early 1990s, to which the US has sent hundreds of millions of dollars in aid.

Kidwa, who is considered a contender to succeed PA President Mahmoud Abbas, added that the Palestinian leadership should also declare, in the event that US President Donald Trump follows through with his campaign promise to move the embassy, that the US is no longer a broker in the Middle East peace process and turn to the UN.

“It would be necessary for the Palestinian side to make clear that it no longer officially considers the United States an interlocutor and that it cannot cooperate with it directly or through the Quartet,” Kidwa stated, adding that it would also be imperative “to go to the Security Council to raise a complaint against the United States of America.”

In every round of bilateral negotiations, including the most recent talks mediated by former secretary of state John Kerry, the US has been the primary peace broker between the Israeli and Palestinian negotiating teams.

The Palestinian leadership launched a campaign two weeks ago to mobilize the international community against the relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Abbas sent a letter to Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, UK Prime Minister Theresa May and many other world leaders, warning that moving the embassy would have “destructive” consequences for the region’s stability and the two-state solution.

Abbas also met with King Abdullah in Jordan on Sunday to discuss the possible relocation of the American embassy.

According to Wafa, the official PA news site, Abbas said that he and Abdullah agreed to take a series of coordinated steps if the US relocates its embassy…

  • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

    How about we just beat them to it and declare the palistinians to be what they are, terrorists, and cut off all communication with them.

    • Mike in Illinois

      And all MONEY and ARMS.

      Oslo was one of the stupidest ideas of all time.

      • Dr. Doomsday

        Time for Fartah and the Phallustinians to get a clue, we don’t give a rip about their terrorist agenda!

        • Mike in Illinois

          That is one aspect that W never got enough due credit for. He set down right in the middle of Mesopotamia and put up our national dukes – with volunteers only, with those who CHOSE to fight for this nation. They were armed and trained and willing to fight those muslims who are so convinced they are on some mission from their moon rock god to enslave the entire planet. He refused to bow to their terrorist threats anymore.

          But something happened after his re election. It is like he lost his nerve. The “religion of peace’ thing took hold again. And he lost a great deal of support hence. I know many blame it on Iraq, but that wasn’t it. It was something else. Maybe someday we will find out what. Anyway, it is time to fight back and fight to win. Us or them, have it out once and for all.

        • Pastor C

          Except to destroy it!!

  • Tim Burrows

    And what this man says is important? It may damage relations if there were any to begin with.

  • 762x51FMJ

    The Israel Knesset is represented by Druze,Christian,Sunni and Jewish Seats,

    Hamas Fatah, the PA, they are not democracies their “assemblies” consist of terrorists huddled in a cave who worship rocket launchers aimed at Israel, nothing more..

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Minimally, Muslums should be purged from all government, law enforcement and judiciary — at best they’re nothing but a 5th column.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    palestinians are the dregs of the islamic worlds gutters to begin with, allowing them to have any say in anything is a total waste of time. The best thing that could happen is for the world is to totally ignore palestine, as it is of no relevance to civilization, a liability, actually.

    • Mike in Illinois

      Fatah and Hamas are the set up for ‘radical” and “moderate” paradigm used in the propaganda all across the world.

      Calling them both what they are – terrorist organizations- and treating them as such, is the truth that must finally be told.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Q: Why are there only two pallbearers at a paleswine funeral?

      A: garbage cans only have two handles.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It would be more environmentally sound, to put them in the same garbage bag they put women in, tie a knot in the top, toss it in a dumpster.

  • Mark Steiner

    Don’t stop at “downgrade”. Elimination of this “association” is the goal.

    Cry me a riv-vah!

  • I that a promise or a threat?

  • wilypagan

    LOL. Like the US cares about having ties with an imaginary country.

    • Pastor C

      Bam!! Bingo!!

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        No terroritory called out for carpet bombing like Gaza does.

  • Bucky

    Oh no!! Please don’t cut us off. The USA will never survive without you.

  • NotTheMama

    How about a one state solution – Israel.

    • Mike in Illinois

      How about a three state solution.

      • Pastor C

        Brilliant! But prophecy reveals that coalition will not exist at the end…

    • Janet

      Now you’re talking!

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Threats and blackmail, as usual.

  • Commieobamie

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, who gives an obama! CUT ties SLIME, you’re all worthless beings anyway. Fakestinians provide ZILCH benefit to the United States.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Downgrade? Heck, lets just CUT them altogether. Be done with this media drama creation of fiction once and for all.

    They want world war of domination ending in submission?
    Fine, it is time they HAVE their desired and declared war, to be fought, for keeps, once and for all.
    Then Earth can move beyond this 1500 year SCOURGE, finally.

    • Pastor C

      Biblical prophecy already reveals that’s, precisely, what will eventually happen.

  • freewoman

    Considering the PA isn’t even a thing, fine by me.

  • DemocracyRules

    Whoa! Downgrade ties! Don’t do that! And don’t make yourself disappear, either.
    How about if you demand that Muslims accept Israel? Be shocking, for once.

    • Pastor C

      Even better idea!! But that will never, ever happen…

  • knightsstrength

    Lets get the majority out before cutting ties.

    We have to fight the war on one front our homelands first and do not split our forces as there are many Mulims in our defences we got to get rid off

  • Eyal

    Another EXCELLENT reason to hurry up and move the embassy from TLV to Jerusalem!

    • Pastor C


  • Mahou Shoujo
    • mztore

      The problem; CAN needs to be changed to SHOULD. As it is now, the U.S. allows them to yell all the time.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      But Putin went on to invite the muslum pig and piglet Erdogan and Abbas (of the Paleswine Authority) to consecrate a mosquestrosity on Moscow. There are millions of muslums in Moscow alone. Putin also sold advanced anti-aircraft missile batteries to the Iranian Repugnant.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Business is business, America deals with lots of countries it dosen’t like.

  • Peter Joffe

    I am sure that Republicans are shivering in their boots. What a terrible threat to come from terrorists to the greatest power in the world? We have no ties with them anyway, but cut off all aid that is sent to them for illegal reasons. We fund our enemies – how dumb is that??

  • Mal M

    Taqiya – Islamic Deception. Muslims are taught to deceive the kuffar (non-Muslim) about their true beliefs in order to defend the cause of Islam and Jihad. This deception called – taqiya.

  • DVult

    It’s actually not such a bad idea for Trump to take on the palestinians first. They are despite all their bluster incredibly weak and therefore relatively easy to make an example of. I would guess/hope that there are a large number of retaliatory measures being prepared. In any case I don’t see how the embassy move could be called off without it being proclaimed a palestinian victory and Trump would have foreseen this before promising it.

  • Drew the Infidel

    You mean, it could get worse? Even before Trump stopped Obhammud’s parting gift of $21 billion there was never so much as a kind word or, “Thank you” from the ingrates. And we are only one sortie away from giving them what they so richly deserve.

  • Haha! LOL! The Palestinians are threatening to downgrade diplomatic ties with the US – we are truly living in a parallel universe. Let’s start immediately – all US taxpayer allocations for infrastructure that Palestinians have historically used to build tunnels instead of roads will be immediately redirected to build American roads that will actually be used to build American roads. We can start with the 221 million dollars that Obama tried to sneak through – it’s a good start.

  • notme123

    Good, we don’t want or need them. Let them crawl back in the holes they came out of. They don’t want their own state, they want to destroy Israel.

  • Stephen Honig

    Who cares about the Palestinians? Do they recognize Israel? They want them removed from the face of the earth like I also want them removed. There will never be peace with Jews and Muslims, at least in my life time.

  • Kriemhild

    U.S. should cut off Palestinian ties altogether — who cares what the filthy Palestinian scum thinks about anything? Build a beautiful big embassy in jerusalem, with enough space to accomodate some who are fleeing Islamic terror, real authentic refugees — and encourage other nations to follow suit and establish their embassies in Jerusalem..

    • Pastor C

      Wonderful idea…but dream on…

      • Kriemhild

        Do not limit the Holy One in Israel — and do not limit His anointed, Donald Trump. Trump is God’s Chosen One, and God is working through him.
        Have you seen the video about this? Please have a look at TruNews: “Trump Chosen By God to Stop America’s Destruction” This is a prophecy, and everything it foretold has come true. At the time of the election it had about
        4, 300,.000 hits — let’s say that in a household where it was seen, if two of them voted, that wcould mean more than 8 millions votes, generated just by this video — and that is a conservative estimate. In this video, the words of God say: “there is something greater in him than in all the others before him” — that means he is greater than Washington and Jefferson et alia — there is nobody to take his place, he is the only one who can stand against all the evil demons who have infested our country. He is divinely protected, nothing can harm him. His whole life so far has been a preparation for this mission. So I believe, with him, all things are possible because he is God’s tool. The prophecy says his influence will radiate out to all the world and bring positive changes, people will return to Yahweh and the Gospel of Jesus Christ will once again be respected. And these miracles are already beginning to happen.

        • Pastor C

          While I wholeheartedly agree that the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob (alone, not Allah) is, was and always will be who He claims to be; I, also, understand the heavy and eternal price all nations will, ultimately, pay for dividing the land of Israel and laying siege upon the covenant people of God.

          For the miraculous election of our great leader, I’m truly thankful.

          And for the wonderful conversion of so many souls (even Muslims) to the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ; His matchless and incomparable Name is to be praised!!

          However, hear this!

          America has been granted a brief reprieve from final judgment. She has a very short window of opportunity to repent!

          The multitude of sins which are responsible for her steep decline still remain, without repentance. They did not, magically, disappear simply because we had another presidential election.

          True repentance is demonstrable only by its fruit. So I look for wholesale revival in our land, reflected in several ways, beginning with our refusal to shed anymore innocent blood-which means we cease and desist the killing/murder of innocent babies and we restore the sanctity of the first institution created by God, the institution of marriage between a man and a woman)…

          That would be, in God’s sight, a good START!

          President Trump’s elevation, I believe to be our final opportunity to follow a righteous, but imperfect, leader. Hillary Clinton’s election, however, would have represented (for America) the final judgment of God!

          If President Trump seeks to lead us in renouncing the many grievous sins that, originally, set us on a devastating course spiraling in a downward direction; God will, indeed, restore to us, as a nation, some measure of greatness before final judgment falls.

          We do know what that judgment looks like for all who refuse to repent, don’t we, because we’ve already read the back of The Book!

  • Pastor C


    Why do we have ANY kind of relationship with these terrorists? Oh, I forgot…Barry, Hillary and their globalist, radical liberal and leftist bunch…my bad!

  • Geppetto

    My initial reaction to this was to laugh but this reflects the view that the Palestinians and the rest of the world have of America after 8 years of, in his own view, “the best U.S. President ever,” Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama. Mr. al-Kidwa likely has no idea he just increased President Trumps determination to follow through on his promise. It’s time these phony, Jew hating, Islamic agitators and so called “refugees” from a non existent Palestinian state, get a taste of reality.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Hundreds of millions of dollars in US free foreign aid to support a bunch of backwards, 8th century muslum apes and their totalitarian, religious apartheid state. I’ve read both Canadastan and JP also support the paleswine.

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