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Engineering student rejected by Canadian school for being Israeli


Increasingly Canada is becoming Europe … The Island School in British Columbia rejected an applicant after he told them that he was born in Israel.

Engineering student says Canadian school rejected him for being Israeli

By Jerusalem Post, 31 January 2017:

The engineering student was told that he was rejected “due to the conflict and illegal settlement activity in the region.”

A Canadian trade school reportedly turned down an Israeli student applicant simply for being Israeli.

Israeli civil engineering student and amateur carpenter Stav Daron, who initially spoke with Mako News reporter Ido Daniel, said that he applied to study at the Island School of Building Arts, a Canadian trade school specializing in wood construction and design.

The report cited Daron as saying he had wanted to study at the ISBA, located on Gabriola Island in the province of British Columbia, due to its expertise and prominence in the wood construction field.

According to copies of emails received by The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday, Daron had been in correspondence with Patricia Rokosh, the ISBA’s manager of the school and student services, since February. He mentioned that he is Israeli and wanted to sign up for a four-week course costing $2,500 CND. He had even purchased a book from the ISBA website by the school’s founder in order to prepare him for the course

However, when the time came to sign up for the course, Rokosh wrote back to Daron on January 25 that the school is “not accepting applications from Israel.” She said the reason was “due to the conflict and illegal settlement activity in the region.”

Daron responded to Rokosh that “It’s really sad to hear that a place that takes pride in taking students from across the world would behave like this.”

Rokosh wrote back in response that “It is sad that decisions being made halfway around the world impact us here as we have had a number of students from Israel attend the school in the past.” The email continued: “This is a question of staying in line with our moral compass, which will always be important to us. We are still inclusive and cannot support that which is not inclusive.”

In his final email to the school, Daron wrote that “not taking applications from Israeli students just because they are from Israel is racism, which is basically what you are protesting against.”

  • Tatonka

    Fucking Muslim appeasers!!
    What the hell is our Country coming too?

    • Liatris Spicata

      Ahhh …. truly I savor the idea that Canadians seeking social justice may have to vote with their feet by heading south!

      Sorry, but a little Schadenfraude in us all :>)

      • Craig

        There are currently 93,000 Canadian visa overstays, now. The amount of illegal Canadian immigration is still being quantified…eh?

    • lostlegends

      Not coming. Your country has already arrived in totalitarian hell.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This really belongs in front of the Canadian human rights commission, with a copy sent to every member of parliament. The blatant bigotry and legislated hatred against Jews is as shameful a disgrace as grovelling before islam. trudeau, what say you on this?

    • Topposter

      Hear! Hear! Eh.

    • caliroxanne

      It should go before the Canadian human rights farce, but it won’t. Jews, Israel and conservative Christians are the only groups that it is permissible to discriminate against. Muslims definitely have most protected status and are at the very top of the human rights victimology spectrum. Remember the story about the Canadian lesbian who was refused a haircut by a Muslim barber?

      It’s Canada’s loss by not accepting this Israeli student, but I guess Canada needs more Parliament Hill shootings or another VIA Rail plot.

      Wood construction and design is important for Muslims so they can crucify more Christians.

    • Pray Hard

      Turdo says “allah’u akbar” …

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Would JP be willing to back a Shoujo Shogunate in Canadastan? I’m sure you would have lot’s of support from islamofauxbic Canadians. I’m sure JP’s military could take out a compromised /infiltrated/co-opted Canadian military.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Canada deserves the fate of stewing in its own juice. Every time someone sacrifices the lives of their citizens, such as was done in europe and the far east repeatedly, the result is usually ingratitude and contempt. It pleases me to no end to see Canadian liberals rationalize their incompetence to voters, then voters re-electing them. Japan has considerable investments in profitable sectors of the Canadian economy, it does not have to buy the cow when milk is free.

        • R Coward

          Don’t criticize all of us Canadians, after all you had your Obama years, we are having our Trudeu’. May we too have our Trump years. Many, many, Trump years.


    Trudeau should get arrested for this.
    ‘Moderate’ Muslim Trump won’t do anything, as Secretary of defense James or Jim Mattis strategically supports the PLO & the nuclear Iran-agreement.
    Stop believing in God or it will us all get killed.


      That university wouldn’t reject Saudi students over enslavement of castrated African slaves by Saudis in Saudi Arabia or for their support of Islamistisis or it wouldn’t reject U.S.-students over U.S.-arming of Islamistisis, Saudi Arabia & U.S.-support for the Boko Haram-, Iran- or PLO-government.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        They won’t reject Sudanese or Mauritanian muslums either — despite the fact both countries (spit) are bona fide slave states.

    • SnazzyD

      Sorry….are you suggesting that James Mattis “strategically supports the PLO & the nuclear Iran-agreement”? If so, you are mad….

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Mattis supports the two-state “solution” for Israel, a solution this is nothing but a lie.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    Last time I heard this happen, the student turned out to be an ARAB MUSLIM Israeli citizen. Milk came out my nose.

  • pointshaver

    Canada is officially a f@cking basket case.

    • berserker

      You have not seen anything yet. The fun is just beginning.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        A prediction you can bet on. Europe/Eurabia’s present, North America’s future.

  • lostlegends

    Bombard the school with email protests. It takes activism to be free.

    • Craig

      Freedom only accepts blood as payment.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        The ugly truth, when the f’ing muslums and their paid collaborating traitors take away your freedoms they won’t EVER be giving them back — as evidenced by every, last muslum state on the face of this earth today.

  • Dano50

    Just fired a nice little email off to this tool school.

    Have a number of carpenters in my family, and the school won’t be getting any of our business, or recommendations.

  • Dano50

    Holy moly. The school got back to me five minutes later and said they changed their decision.

    I was polite about things in the first e, and polite in my response, but, I said until I see public notice of the reversal in the same news site that first published this, at this point, sadly I had no reason to believe them.

  • Don’t Give Up Daron!

    Daron should sue the school. This is disgusting and should not be happening in Canada.

    This is what happens when the Muslim population of any country grows – the hate begins.

    Daron don’t give up. Canada loves Israelis. Sue the school but apply to other Canadian schools until you get in.
    Write letters to the UJA and members of parliament.

    It isn’t Israelis who bombed Boston – it was two Muslim brothers. It wasn’t the Israelis who committed the Fort Hood massacre – it was a Muslim.

    Israel has contributed to medicine, agriculture science and technology.

    Israelis are some of the most educated and intelligent people I have ever met.

    The Muslims biggest contribution are terrorism, death & destruction.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Please don’t leave out the muslum contribution to the slave trade in the 21st century…

  • Rocinante44

    i’d like to see this confirmed. it is difficult to believe that this Rokosh gal would be so unafraid of losing her job that she would state that in writing. if it’s indeed true, and nothing comes of it, then a long muslim night is falling on canada

  • Dravaa

    Legal fight here. Some lawyer needs to take this as a pro bono case. Directly against PATRICIA ROKOSH who is responsible for this “decision”. And if the school wants to back her up, they WILL be sued too.

  • He can thank (shiny pony) turdeau.
    This disgrace is because of turdeaus mindset that if you are not muzlum you ain’t s**T

  • Annie Pickett

    He should make an application to their human rights tribunal for compensation.

  • Craig

    There’s those self-righteous maple-head libtards, again.

  • Pray Hard

    Good way to NOT bring the average IQ of your engineering school up.

  • hawk ????


    • madsloth

      holy jesus my sides hahahahaha

    • IzlamIsTyranny


  • Poptoy1949

    Well now we can Kiss Canada goodbye with there MAN-CHILD Prime Minister. That Guy is a Fricking Joke.

  • Peter Joffe

    Canada is in favor of open borders for Muslims but closed borders to Jews? Canadians beware and be afraid as many Muslims have come to Canada to kill, and rape. No Jewish person would do this but then Canada you have the right to choose and you have made that choice so now live with it. I suggest that you start a bazaar where needy sex starved Muslims can choose a child bride for a day.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Maybe the morally retarded lieberals of Canadastan can volunteer their daughters as child brides for muslum rapefugees.

  • bannedquran20

    If he were a muslim….

  • Omar Kahlid

    Is it me or does this sentence, “We are still inclusive and cannot support that which is not inclusive.”, when it is obviously EXCLUDING someone, seem the typical liberal/fascists logic. Only liberal/facists could say this without laughing out loud. Canada was once proud. Now it cowers to the muzlum phallus, waiting for it’s insertion into their children and women.

  • Tom S.

    Don’t know Mr. Daron’s exact circumstances, but have him apply to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign ( ). The U of ILL may not have the specific short course he is looking for, but I think he will find the engineering program at Illinois to be far superior to that Podunk school in Canada. There are also a large number of student organizations, including Jewish ones, if he wants to socialize with like-minded students. I know – this is a shameless plug for my Alma Mater.

  • Rob Porter

    Why am I not surprised! I’m South African, lived in Canada for 8 years, got business experience and am a UBC grad. Some time after graduation I returned to SA. For 10 years, 1977 to 1987, through newspapers I bluntly spoke my mind in opposition to the government and mostly it’s racial policy, apartheid. With things going sour and the mostly communist ANC heading for power, we left the country and returned to a Canada – that meanwhile had become not only vociferously anti-apartheid but, as I slowed came to appreciate, also anti-white South African. We were branded racists, but no one actually saying so – and nobody bothering to establish where I stood on the apartheid issue. So never mind my “Canadian experience” and education, finding good employment proved a real struggle. Employment agencies in Toronto told me “Unfortunately, you don’t have Canadian experience”. (It’s a worn-out Canadian discriminatory game!) They hadn’t even examined my resume!

    So that this Israeli experienced what he did is par for the course, but it’s not only anti-Israeli, it anti-Semitism because it might upset Muslims and God forbid in Canada that Muslims get angry. If there were belief in principle and plain old ‘guts’, the Muslims would be told to get rid of their bigotry, get tolerant, or go to hell. Remember when Benjamin Netanyahu a number of years ago was turned away from a Montreal college by belligerent, mostly Muslim students? Canada has become so utterly gutless I don’t know why it doesn’t just roll and play dead. Whatever happened to the Canada I first came to?

    • We are seeing the fruits of a brainwashing Marxist education…

      • Rob Porter

        We really are and I’m glad I was at UBC when I was, but even then signs of things to come had begun. I proved a handful to one female prof in particular. She and her husband were card-carrying members of the Canadian Communist Party and in lectures she talked some total garbage about the ‘pleasures’ of life in the Soviet Union. I utterly mocked her and shot to ribbons her arguments, but most student sucked up her nonsense. For that I passed with a C, my lowest grade.

        • You’re lucky you passed! The daughter of a ZA friend with top marks, applied and was denied entry to medical school at UBC for three consecutive years. At the interviews she was asked a lot of personal questions, including about her faith (Xtian). She was considered not socially compatible enough. The quality of education was our one big disappointment when we immigrated in the early 70’s – it’s even worse now. EISH!

          • Rob Porter

            If I could have seen how Canada had changed during the 14 plus years I was back in SA, I would never have returned here. A friend, then head prof of chemistry at UCT, had done a year of exchange lecturing at UBC and did warn me, but I couldn’t conceive of the changes that had taken place. By the way, when back in SA I did further studies at Wits, a final year business course. Of the four major assignments we were given I got the top mark in three, but it didn’t do me any good in Canada. Suddenly I was too dense!
            How could people turn what was a good country into such a flipping mess?
            This is today an astoundingly intolerant society – unless you conform to what they consider good, and what they consider good too often is rubbish. Hence what your friend’s daughter experienced at UBC. I wasn’t asked such questions. Disgusting discrimination and what a mindset, but what’s new? Talk about their stereo-types – that here is condemned – and then practice it themselves. About 25 years ago on tv I saw a man who was introduced as Canada’s leading sociologist. He informed us that “Canadian don’t believe in anything much anymore. When people don’t believe in “anything much anymore” why would they fight for anything, for e.g. against injustice, true injustice, to get rid of disgusting Human Rights Commissions, stop courts creating laws and put this responsibility back in parliament, look after the persecuted Christians and Yazidis of Iraq and Syria, etc.

          • I am sorry to hear about your wife’s death. Raising the grandchildren is a tough haul regardless of where one is. I hope you have other family nearby to support you.
            I can understand that being in the business world here is not easy – like dog eat dog!
            My husband is an Onderstpoort grad with a Master’s. We had to have a job waiting here to get into the country, and the kids had to be tested for internal parasites and we for TB and syphilis! I am sure that is not a requirement for Muslims!
            ZA has gone from the frying pan into the fire! We knew a lot about the inner workings of the Nats and could not stand them.
            We built an animal hospital here which gave us a comfortable but not lucrative life, but running a small business was very frustrating due to all the government/union regulations and socialist clientele who expected freebees.
            After retirement we decided to move to Belize. If ever there is a beggar nation, that is it! Ten years later we were back.
            If you are interested you can look up my book on the adventure at You can also contact me via email through it if you wish :)
            Alles van die beste!

          • Rob Porter

            Very nice to hear from you. The only family I have here is my son (and the children’s mother who has issues). Their father died in June 2010, 6 days after having minor lower abdominal hernia surgery in Bowmanville’s Lakeridge Hospital. Considerable negligence by two doctors. I then fought the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons for two years. They simply covered and protected the doctors. Thank God my son lives with me and gives me a hand. This society has gone so nuts I could never let these children land up in a foster home when in Ontario ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ are obsolete words! My wife died trapped by fire in our home when for my son’s 11th birthday I had taken him to watch a NHL game in Toronto. I smelt a rat, investigated and despite incessant lies all round after 3 plus months discovered she’d phoned 911 for help and they messed up. I eventually got on national tv, exposed a huge mess, forced an inquest and in it, on my own, beat up the liars – from 5 bureaucracies – all over again.

            Before we came back to Canada, the only test we didn’t have to do was a brain scan. Total discrimination be assured! Bogus ‘refugees’ have been allowed in with no tests and brought in diseases. I know, a Canadian friend’s son almost died of something uncommon in Canada! Then because we had lived here before, the RCMP had to investigate us – and that took 3 months! Just consider who just walk in!
            Re running any business in Canada is made difficult because it is now an absurdly over-regulated country, absurdly bureaucratic and hopelessly inefficient – almost Third World level! And yes, the socialist mentality that has developed has created a disgusting expectation of freebees – and little expectation of personal responsibility. Was not like this when I first came here.

            I’ll look up and contact you. Ja, en alles van die beste.

          • My heart goes out to you with all the challenges you’ve had to face. I am familiar with child services here and the way they work is mostly a travesty.
            I look forward to connecting with you via my website. I can then give you my personal email.

          • Rob Porter

            Thanks very much for your kind word. Honesty and integrity has died, so it seems that lies and fabrications
            are second nature. If I didn’t have a very determined temperament these
            various bureaucracies would have got away with their messes involving the
            However, life goes on and I don’t spend life down in the dumps, but in all honesty, after these experiences cannot say I ooze enthusiasm for the country. Nevertheless, my attitude is one of ‘Never give in and never lose your humour’. We’ll talk again.

  • According to B’nai Brith Canada, after receiving a legal letter from them the school has rescinded their discriminating policy towards Israeli students and promised to make a public apology. Don’t know if the latter has materialized.
    However, how does one unring a bell!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      They’ve already showed their antisemitic hand.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Canadastan has arrived…. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was going on in the Islamic Puppet States of N. America.

  • iprazhm


  • Merchantseamen

    Pains me terribly. A country that “turned to” during World War II with volunteer Navy officers and enlisted men who braved the Atlantic and fought the U-Boat scourge to a standstill and then defeated them. My father was a U.S. Merchant Seamen and sailed in many a convoy with Flower Class Corvettes flying the Canadian flag herding them back and forth across the Atlantic. A brave legacy shat upon by snot nose not so much know it all’s. Hello Mahou howdy do once again.

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