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BOMBSHELL: Leaked Audio of John Kerry Reveals President Obama Intentionally Allowed Rise of ISIS


For those of us who watched and reported on the Obama presidency from day one, we were struck by Obama’s seeming lack of interest in ISIS, arguably the most vicious, devout and successful jihad army in the world. Their savagery was breathtaking, even for jihadis. Their success was unprecedented in this century.

In 2011, I warned of the growing threat of ISIS. In late 2011, our organization, AFDI, and our international partners of SION called for emergency asylum for Christians and religious minorities being slaughtered in untold numbers, We warned of genocide. And still nothing was done.

In a stunning new post, Conservative Treehouse provides stunning proof that President Obama was not only aware of the growing ISIS threat, but he allowed it.

Absolutely Stunning – Leaked Audio of Secretary Kerry Reveals President Obama Intentionally Allowed Rise of ISIS…

By Sundance, Conservative Treehouse, Janauary 1, 2017:

There are moments within investigative research when your jaw can stand agape as you recognize the scope of what you are reading or hearing.  A brutally down-played audio of Secretary John Kerry is just such an occasion.

Syria Banner


♦ In August of 2014 President Obama (wearing a tan business suit) gave a press conference where he stated he “did not have a strategy” against ISIS. –Video Link

♦ Two months later, in October of 2014, Josh Earnest gave a press conference where he stated:  “Our ISIS strategy is dependent on something that does not yet exist” –Video Link

However, on September 30th 2016 the New York Times quietly released a leaked audio recording of Secretary John Kerry meeting with multiple factions associated within Syria.

When you listen to the audio recording (embed below) it becomes immediately obvious what was going on when both of those 2014 statements were made by the White House.  In addition, you discover why this jaw-dropping 2016 leak/story was buried by the U.S. media and how it connects to over 5 years of perplexing U.S. mid-east policy.

This evidence within this single story would/should forever remove any credibility toward the U.S. foreign policy under President Obama.  It also destroys the credibility of a large number of well known republicans.  What the recording reveals is substantive:

First, only regime change, the removal of Bashir Assad, in Syria was the goal for President Obama. This is admitted and outlined by Secretary John Kerry.

Secondly, in order to accomplish this primary goal, the White House was willing to watch the rise of ISIS by placing their bet that ISIS’s success would force Syrian President Bashir Assad to acquiesce toward Obama’s terms and step down.

Thirdly, in order to facilitate the two objectives, Obama and Kerry intentionally gave arms to ISIS and even, arguably, attacked a Syrian government military convoy to stop a strategic attack upon the Islamic extremists killing 80 Syrian soldiers.

Pause for a moment and consider those three points carefully before continuing.  Because this audio (below), along with accompanying research now surfacing, not only exposes these three points as truth – but also provides the specific evidence toward them.

The problem in the Obama/Kerry’s secret strategy became clear when ISIS grew in sufficient strength to give the White House optimism for the scheme – however, instead of capitulation Assad then turned to Russia for help.

When Russia came to aid Bashir Assad the Syrian Government began being able to defeat ISIS and the Islamic Extremist elements within Syria.  For the hidden plan of Obama/Kerry (and also McCain, Graham, et al), Russia defeating ISIS, al-Qaeda and al-Nusra, upended their objective.

The revelations within this leaked audio are simply astounding. The 40-minute discussion took place on the sidelines of a United Nations General Assembly in New York. The meeting took place at the Dutch Mission to the United Nations on Sept. 22nd 2016:

[…]  Kerry’s off-record conversation was apparently with two dozen ‘Syrian civilians’, all from US backed opposition-linked NGO’s in education and medical groups supposedly working in ‘rebel-held’ (aka terrorist-held) areas in Syria.

This opposition conclave also included ‘rescue workers’ which can only be ambassadors from the White Helmets, a pseudo NGO which serves as Washington and London’s primary PR front in pursuit of a “No Fly Zone’ in Syria, and it’s being bankrolled by the US, UK, EU and other coalition states to the tune of well over $100 million (so far). (link)

Listen to the audio.

Key Kerry moments at 02:00, and again at approximately 18:30 forward.

The discussion from 18:30 through to 29:00 are exceptionally revealing and should be listened to by anyone who has wondered what was going on in Syria.  Kerry even makes mention of the “Responsibility to Protect, or R2P” principle:

Reference Links:

♦ New York Times Link – HERE

♦ Analysis via 21st Century Wire – HERE

♦ More Analysis – HERE

John McCain and John Kerry in Cairo on Sunday - Egypt Stock Exchange

Against the backdrop of this recording we can reconcile so many historic issues.  We already know of a Second Presidential Finding Memo authorizing additional CIA covert action in 2012, this time in Syria. However, unlike the 2011 Libyan operation we do not know the operational name of the second action in 2012 Syria.

2012: WASHINGTON, Aug 1 (Reuters) – President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing U.S. support for rebels seeking to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government, U.S. sources familiar with the matter said.

Obama’s order, approved earlier this year and known as an intelligence “finding,” broadly permits the CIA and other U.S. agencies to provide support that could help the rebels oust Assad. (link)

Further consider how this Kerry audio tape, and the now transparent Obama policy toward Syria, absolutely confirms our previous research as it is contained with the Benghazi Brief surrounding Syria:

(JULY 2012) As they stood outside the commandeered government building in the town of Mohassen, it was hard to distinguish Abu Khuder’s men from any other brigade in the Syrian civil war, in their combat fatigues, T-shirts and beards.

But these were not average members of the Free Syrian Army. Abu Khuder and his men fight for al-Qaida. They call themselves the ghuraba’a, or “strangers”, after a famous jihadi poem celebrating Osama bin Laden’s time with his followers in the Afghan mountains, and they are one of a number of jihadi organisations establishing a foothold in the east of the country now that the conflict in Syria has stretched well into its second bloody year.

They try to hide their presence. “Some people are worried about carrying the [black] flags,” said Abu Khuder. “They fear America will come and fight us. So we fight in secret. Why give Bashar and the west a pretext?” But their existence is common knowledge in Mohassen. Even passers-by joke with the men about car bombs and IEDs.

According to Abu Khuder, his men are working closely with the military council that commands the Free Syrian Army brigades in the region. “We meet almost every day,” he said. “We have clear instructions from our [al-Qaida] leadership that if the FSA need our help we should give it. We help them with IEDs and car bombs. Our main talent is in the bombing operations.” Abu Khuder’s men had a lot of experience in bomb-making from Iraq and elsewhere, he added.

[…] Abu Khuder split with the FSA and pledged allegiance to al-Qaida’s organisation in Syria, the Jabhat al Nusra or Solidarity Front. He let his beard grow and adopted the religious rhetoric of a jihadi, becoming a commander of one their battalions.

“The Free Syrian Army has no rules and no military or religious order. Everything happens chaotically,” he said. “Al-Qaida has a law that no one, not even the emir, can break.

The FSA lacks the ability to plan and lacks military experience. That is what [al-Qaida] can bring. They have an organisation that all countries have acknowledged.

In the beginning there were very few. Now, mashallah, there are immigrants joining us and bringing their experience,” he told the gathered people. “Men from Yemen, Saudi, Iraq and Jordan. Yemenis are the best in their religion and discipline and the Iraqis are the worst in everything – even in religion.”

At this, one man in the room – an activist in his mid-30s who did not want to be named – said: “So what are you trying to do, Abu Khuder? Are you going to start cutting off hands and make us like Saudi? Is this why we are fighting a revolution?”

“[Al-Qaida’s] goal is establishing an Islamic state and not a Syrian state,” he replied. “Those who fear the organisation fear the implementation of Allah’s jurisdiction. If you don’t commit sins there is nothing to fear.” (link – more)

al-Qaeda’s goal was to establish the Islamic State, that’s the origin of ISIS.  Against the backdrop of ISIS formation in Syria, and understanding the Obama objectives were regime change first and foremost, we can now reconcile all of Obama’s foreign policy surrounding Syria.

President Obama, Secretary Clinton and later Secretary Kerry, together with John McCain, and the CIA tentacled team within the Republican party, were willing to support ISIS (under all factional names) in order to overthrow Bashir Assad…

THIS WAS THE POLICY.  Nothing else mattered.

Now, does THIS also begin to make more sense:

isis-brotherhood-1-kinzinger-mccain-mcmullinRepresentative Adam Kinzinger, Senator John McCain, candidate Evan McMullin

What you are about to read is specifically how the Muslim Brotherhood, and ISIS, connect to the Republicans outlined above – and how their individual behaviors within the 2016 election begin to make sense.   Perhaps, like us, you will have an ah-ha moment.

The “Never Trump” coalition has always consisted of a few noisy and indecent politicians within Washington DC.  Senator Ben Sasse, Senator Jeff Flake and Representative Adam Kinzinger the most noteworthy and vitriolic.

Whenever CNN, or for that matter any media, want a republican voice to argue against Donald Trump, in the “current days’ outrage du jour”, they call upon Kinzinger first and foremost.   He seemingly loves the spotlight as much as he enjoys promoting himself on social media.  In essence, he’s a proud #NeverTrumper.

We’ll come back to Kinzinger and McMullin in a moment.  But first we must place the second set of puzzle pieces on the table.

When we did all the exhaustive research into the Benghazi Brief three years ago, one of the pictures that continued to draw our interest was this one:


The picture above was taken during a time when Senator John McCain visited Syria, and the Western media were proclaiming there were “moderates” in the opposition to Bashir Assad.   Senator McCain proclaimed this 2012 visit to be meeting with the “Free Syrian Army”.   [Coincidentally, this was on the same trip where he met Ambassador Chris Stevens at the Benghazi courthouse in Libya for the last time].

However, at the same time McCain was trying to convince the world of moderate Syrian resistance, multiple voices within non-traditional journalism, and a large number of people doing independent research, reached the conclusion that al-qaeda and al-Nusra extremists had completely infiltrated the Syrian resistance groups, and a new militant Islamic network was forming.

"NO ISLAM WITHOUT JIHAD" - members of the Free Syrian Army. Abu Khuder and his men fight for al-Qaida. They call themselves the ghuraba'a, or "strangers", after a famous jihadi poem celebrating Osama bin Laden's time with his followers in the Afghan mountains, and they are one of a number of jihadi organisations establishing a foothold in the east of the country now that the conflict in Syria has stretched well into its second bloody year. They try to hide their presence. "Some people are worried about carrying the [black] flags," said Abu Khuder. "They fear America will come and fight us. So we fight in secret. Why give Bashar and the west a pretext?" But their existence is common knowledge in Mohassen. Even passers-by joke with the men about car bombs and IEDs.

“2012 NO ISLAM WITHOUT JIHAD” – members of the Free Syrian Army. Abu Khuder and his men fight for al-Qaida. They call themselves the ghuraba’a, or “strangers”, after a famous jihadi poem celebrating Osama bin Laden’s time with his followers in the Afghan mountains, and they are one of a number of jihadi organisations establishing a foothold in the east of the country now that the conflict in Syria has stretched well into its second bloody year.
They try to hide their presence. “Some people are worried about carrying the [black] flags,” said Abu Khuder. “They fear America will come and fight us. So we fight in secret. Why give Bashar and the west a pretext?” But their existence is common knowledge in Mohassen. Even passers-by joke with the men about car bombs and IEDs.

That network ultimately evidenced and defined itself as the Islamic State, or ISIS.

In 2013 and 2014, even though ISIS initially did not have a name, as the hardline extremists in Syria became more openly visible, eventually the western media accepted Raqqa and Aleppo had become the de-facto center of Syrian ISIS operations.  In August of 2014 President Obama finally admitted the problem and stated his administration was caught off guard and did not have a strategy to combat them.

Back To The Photograph – The importance of the McCain photograph became increasingly interesting because ISIS as an extremist force became increasingly visible.  As a direct consequence we were able to identify the ideology of the people in the picture:


There has been some skepticism as to #2 being al-Baghdadi himself, and Senator John McCain has strongly refuted this claim.  However, there is more evidence to prove it is Baghdadi than to refute it’s not Baghdadi.  Person #2 looks just like him:



In addition, one of the important bits of evidence to prove #2 is indeed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is actually found in #1 Abu Mosa (ISIS Press Officer).

There is absolutely no doubt that #1 is the (now dead) Islamic State Press Officer Abu Mosa.

abu-mosa-2abu mosa dead

Abu Mosa was killed in August 2014.   In 2012, during organization, Baghdadi would have a man with this level of importance to the Islamic State around him at the time this picture was taken.

However, lets look at #5 – “Mouaz Moustafa”, because he is the current person that should be of interest to everyone in the 2016 presidential discussion.  Moustafa is the connective tissue per se’.   In the photograph, he’s also Senator McCain’s intermediary:


Fast forward two intense years later and look where #5, Mouaz Moustafa shows up in 2014. And more specifically the two faces that show up with him:


Well lookie there.  During a trip to Turkey in 2014 to discuss arming Syrian rebel groups, under the auspices of fighting ISIS, you see Representative Adam Kinzinger appear.  Oh yeah, and who’s that other fellow circled in the meeting?  ….why that’s our anti-Trump candidate Evan McMullin.

Huh, fancy that.

Spotting Evan McMullin conspicuously standing there in the picture made us want to go back to the CNN file footage from the time and see if he was actually visible in the report they filed from Turkey.  Yup, he’s there alright.

Watch and spot him in the background during quite a bit of the footage:

Long before anyone heard about Evan McMullin running for President, there he is paling around with #NeverTrump Adam Kinzinger in Turkey chatting with the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates (guise SETF) who are essentially the political arm of ISIS under a differing name.

The declared purpose of the meeting was to discuss who and how to arm the entities within Syria.  However, just like in 2012/2013 these same Brotherhood voices in 2014 are simply trying to present themselves as one thing, only to gain the goal of another.  That’s ultimately the story behind the arms deals within The Benghazi Brief.  That’s the lesson that should have been learned if the truth contained within the brief were ever to have larger public interest.

Additionally, all that said – it’s connections like these that make other things, like the opposition to Donald Trump, make much more sense.

Read the rest here.

Pamela Geller's shocking new book, "FATWA: HUNTED IN AMERICA" is now available on Amazon. It's Geller's tell all, her story - and it's every story - it's what happens when you stand for freedom today. Buy it. Now. Here.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Strangely enough this was all legal as there is no move towards criminal charges, business as usual in the white mosque for the ummah?

  • hurricanepaul

    Thank GOD Hillary Clinton didn’t win, and Thank GOD our new President Trump is going to CRUSH our Islamic enemies, once Barak Hussein Obama is out of the White House.

  • Obumer is an agent of the muzlum brotherhood and a traitor to the people and country of the USA.

  • Prospector Ruby

    Our suspicions about Obama from the start have been confirmed. The Obama administration has blood stained hands and is responsible for the worst refugee crisis the world has ever seen.

  • gfmucci

    I’ll rule out stupidity, because these people aren’t stupid. The next possibility is a disdain for American culture in favor of Islamic culture. Every action by the Obama administration has supported this pro-Islam policy. The thing most difficult to grasp, however, is that so many in the administration supported these policies or didn’t express any opposition. This is a consequence of the stifling impact of absolute power and a useless, disgraceful Congress.

    • Jackie

      Follow the money. This is Soros’ plan to destablize Libya, then Syria, then 5 other countries.
      Syria was Timber Sycamore (each country getting tree name – get it ;)
      Why? OIL PIPELINE.
      How? Muslim Brotherhood and IS
      Who? Those exact Senators had hedge fund bets on said pipeline.

      It ALL makes sense now.

    • John Kyndesen

      I think the lack of opposition can be partially explained by political correctness. There is a palpable fear in many people of being accused of racism or any of the other buzzwords currently flying about and aimed at those who differ from the accepted norm. Particularly in the public service sectors such as State and Justice. The wrong word at the wrong time and you are a file clerk in perpetuity. The overlords are vicious and will brook no dissent from their agenda. Given the number of “accidents” around the dissenters of the Clinton years I can understand their fear.

      • Rob Porter

        There is no excuse for disgusting American conduct In Iraq and Syria and American military support for vile Muslims, be they ISIS, al Qaeda or ‘rebels’ who it turned it were sympathetic to ISIS and al Qaeda. Early on it became evident to this U.S. Administration – and this included the disgraceful Republicans, John McCain and Lindsey Graham – that ISIS- comprised depraved savages on a huge scale were murdering Christians and Yazidis, mass-murdering older Yazidi women and holding thousands of girls and women as sex slaves. They knew and permitted ISIS to ship by road into Turkey, convoys of oil tanker trucks – that the Russians bombed and the American-‘led’ coalition did not because Americans officers ‘conducting’ the coalitions war refused to permit coalition planes to bomb these convoys. Nothing hindered the scum Americans like Obama, Kerry, McCain and Graham, John Brennan and others supported by the low-life State Department official, John Kirby, and WH press secretary Josh Earnest. Why would Donald Trump now respect and heed anything that this garbage, Muslim John Brennan-led CIA presents as ‘intelligence’? All of them are trash and deserve execution. As long as I can recall Trump has said that Obama contributed to the rise of ISIS and supported it. He was right.

        Further, all of this simply reinforces Vladimir Putin’s accusation that Obama “is pretending to fight ISIS” and that the U.S. was helping ISIS. Pamela has highlighted this. America’s role has been shameful. “We don’t behave like Russians”, said the bloody fool, John Kerry. No, John Kerry, you and your scum president were vile bits of rubbish’ who sided with the Muslim savages in Iraq and Syria while Russia sided with other Muslim scum who at least prevented an ISIS take-over of Syria that Obama desired in order to get rid Assad – and lost! And you did this while trying to sound sanctimonious and honourable – while Christians children were having their eyes gouged out before being decapitated, buried alive or cut in two, other Christians crucified by the Muslim scum you were supporting. Obama’s America stood aside and contributed to this barbarism, while Russia at least crushed the Muslim jihadis of ISIS and others.

        When before one cease-fire the Russians conducted 1,888 strikes the United States conduct 16. America has played a treacherous role in Iraq and Syria and for this hundreds of thousands of non-Muslims – and some Muslim Kurds – have died.

        Listening to Kerry it is abundantly evident that this man is no genius. Further, it matters not how large and modern a military a country like the U.S. has, if the leadership at the top is trash, namely Barack Obama the community organizer, and weak leaders left in the military after the strong ones were weeded out for not being complicit with Obama treachery, then it’s military is weak. That today is America’s position and Trump has a huge task on his hands if he is to reinvigorate the military, clean out West Point, Annapolis and other military colleges. After that has begun invite in South African mercenaries to teach Americans unorthodox methods of how to fight the scum of Islam – leaving no prisoners as they did in Nigeria when fighting Boko Haram. They did to Boko Haram in 3 1/2 months what the Nigerian Army had failed to do in six years! When at the end asked what they had done about prisoners, the leading mercenary officer said, “Oh we didn’t have that problem”. No,they were dead. No doubt human rights groups were up in arms, so to hell with human right groups with their selection concerns for human rights. Has anyone heard them speaking out on behalf of ISIS victims in Iraq and Syria?

        • El Cid

          Exactly. We need to be clear that the enemy of humanity are the Islamic Radicals and their ilk. They do not deserve mercy. Their bodies should be buried with pigs blood and this fact should be published on twitter and facebook.

          I can well imagine that a punk like Obama without a shred of any experience running anything, would take any path to crossing a personal enemy like Assad who dared to stand up to him. To top it off, he truly does romanticize Islam–we have all heard his speeches.

        • Michelle

          Excellent post!

        • NoMoreMB

          When I say that I look awestruck at the hundreds of thousands of savages pouring into Eurabia, the atrocities they commit under Merkel’s nose, in Dortmund just this NYE, and I realize that all those ovens have remained intact, cold – I know for a fact that the retribution, when it comes, will be biblical. And many of us will do nothing. That’s the way it will be. Obama’s legacy.

    • Drain the effin’ swamp!

      Most of the Obutthole administration is Muztard. As is Obutthole himself.
      So, he and Kerry are traitors as are most of the Congress. Tell us something we didn’t already know. Time for Trump to literally destroy all of them.

      • Drew the Infidel

        Agreed. CIA Director Brennan is married to a raghead. Which of the two would you imagine converted to the religion of the other?

  • Jackie

    Those “White Helmets” are what is behind the stolen children aka Pizzagate btw. Sold off as domestics or child brides to Mid East neighbors. Or in brothels as 11-16 year old prostitutes for contractors or military. Absolute stomach turning.

  • Dr. Doomsday

    Lock them both up for Treason, along with Hillary the cankled horror.
    Funding and supplying these clowns from Benghazi, through Turkey into Syria.

    Evil people.

  • Dennis

    Having read this article, and listened to what I understand to be the voices on the audio, the conclusion that I am reaching is that the administration of this country’s foreign policy has been mishandled in a most horrible way. I am not one who promotes bloodshed, and I would be much in favor of avoiding the injury and loss of life of anyone, especially the American soldier. Unfortunately, we seem to have leaders who totally fail to see the so-called “trees from the forest.” Our leaders are so hung up by their concern for violating international law, that I doubt whether they would have considered taking out Hitler before he committed the genocide, even if they actually knew that was his evil intent. The Syrian leader has already violated international law by genocide of his own people; he has used chemical weapons on his own people, who do not accept his minority leadership, in violation of international law, and he has convinced the Russians to fight to save him, notwithstanding the fact that the U.S. has determined that it would be in the best interests of the Syrian people, and probably future world events to remove Bashir Assad. It would seem to me that we have the ability to remove him without having to use troop occupation and let the Syrian people continue to fight their own battles. With Bashir removed from the scene, and our agreeing to fight with the Russians against the radical groups out there, we would probably dramatically stop the fundamentalist movement within Islam. Unfortunately, our now President simply cannot recognize that one plus one does equal two, and he, according to what Kerry stated in the video, is a large part of the reason, along with a sheepish Congress, for the problems that exist in Syria, and will likely spill over to Israel and the rest of the world. International law be damned. We are facing history repeating itself. Hitlerism is now on the rise but it is called extreme radical Islam. We need to act now, lest the genocide encompass the whole of the world. I hope we now can see the handwriting on the wall, and the next President immediately orders the termination of Assad and those like him, if it is not already too late.

    • anthony edwards

      ” the administration of this country’s foreign policy has been mishandled in a most horrible way.”

      Actually .. it was all intentionally handled in a horrible way

      • Michelle

        Exactly and by a gay puppet with a transvestite wife and both probably muslims to boot. They will both still be laughing at the US constitution and people on their death beds. Obama is too stupid to be the one running this show so I wonder who it is?

    • mtmla

      Remove Assad, and then what???? Make Syria into a Lybia or Iraq? We see what happened to these countries when the west gets involved…

      • Dennis

        While I cannot argue with your reply comments, as you are correct, I would hope that by removing the thorn that is Assad, we can set in motion what needs to be done in that area of the world by concerted efforts of the big powers working together to defeat ISIS and the other radical groups and the ideology of hate directed against all non-Muslims, and knowingly create an atmosphere that would enable fair elections by the people of that country. I do not claim to be a foreign policy expert, but right now if we continue to do nothing, I sincerely believe that Fundamental Radical Islam will result in the next genocide directed against all non-Muslims in this world.

        • mtmla

          It is all in Islamic doctrine. It’s in the book of hatred and violence and murder., the Koran, and they are protected by the west, by the politicians, by the west’s freedom of religion, which does not bother to verify what said religion calls for, in the case of Islam, the destruction or subjugation of non believers.Muslims are brainwashed since childhood to hate everyone who does not think or believe like them. Their mosques are the breeding ground of teaching of this evil doctrine. Islam is a totalitarian cult/ political system and its goal is to take the world under islam and sharia…Islam and democracy cannot coexist. I have read a lot about islam, the prophet, in books written by ex muslims, this and other sites and have educated myself., Besides, when islam is the majority, they don’t allow other beliefs to coexist and they persecute the minorities and accuse them of blasphemy for not following islam. and they are praised by others.. We see what is going on in Europe, Pakistan and other areas of the world where muslims are represented in large numbers… chaos and violence. ISIS represents the good followers of the book of hatred the Koran. They are the good muslims. The ones who don’t believe like them are exterminated. Even clerics in SA have said ISIS is islam. Al Sisi from Egypt said Islam needs to be revised and the violence removed, something like that… good luck, I bet he has to be super careful, because his life is in danger for suggesting a change in islam. Islam was created by a violent , blood thirsty criminal, how can it be changed when the origins of this cult is war, thievery and murder???

          • NoMoreMB

            If you travel the world, you can tell a Muslim village by how barren it is, how poor they are, the sad looks on the women’s faces, the out of control or despondent children, the barren fields, the religious rhetoric at the extreme so they won’t get slaughtered, the animal abuse – we could always tell, and would not stop for even a glass of water. Yet nary a mile away, a different religion, the same lands and trades, bountiful villages, happy kids and people, welcoming smiling faces, flowers and fields of grain. When you see this for tens of thousands of Kilometers in so many parts of so many counties, you just know the Muslim meme is pure death. They always have to be bailed out, they are lazy and ungrateful. They will turn Europe into the barren deserts they come from. The solution is clear.

      • Keepin’itREALISTic

        So right, mtmla. The neocons duped our politicians to expend US lives and treasure to get Israel’s enemies Sadam and Gaddafi out of power, and have now unleased the jihad in Syria to similarly oust Assad for the same reason: to serve Israel who want him out because he sides with Iran.

    • Michelle

      The Syrian leader has…..Why don’t you actually ask the Syrians? they WANT Assad. As for the atrocities? Who is it that commits the worst ones? FGS do NOT ask the MSM or use it as a source there. it is the Sunni money(Qataris Saudis, etc.) who want to be rid of him like Hussein and Gadhafi so that they can continue their idea of the “Arab spring” which means IS torture murder everywhere. You are naively misguided about the ME but then so are 90% of people

      • Keepin’itREALISTic

        More likely a troll propaganda artist than “naively misguided”. The masters of deception are attempting to hide the reality that Obama, McCain and the rest of them empowered ISIS at the “request” (command really in light of who controls our politicians) of Israel to oust Iran supporter Assad.

  • Reality Check

    McCain was photographed with al-Baghdadi like Ted Cruz’s father was photographed with Lee Harvey Oswald.

    • Underzog

      Snopes is leftwing garbage. Did Kim LaCapria write that article and was she smoking marijuana as she is wont to do when writing in that leftwing, trash website?

      • Reality Check

        Snopes debunks the left wing and the right wing nuttery. It’s great. Beats “Conservative Treehouse” right wing garbage.
        “Brian Rogers, Mr. McCain’s communications director, was not amused. The man who was misidentified as Mr. Baghdadi in the photographs, Mr. Rogers said, was a commander of the Northern Storm Brigade, a group linked to the Free Syrian Army.”

        • Mahou Shoujo

          The only bigger joke than snopes, are democrats.

          • Underzog

            Snopes is trash. When Real Clear politics broke the news that Kim LaCapria was a dishonest Leftist who smoked pot while writing her articles, the head of Snopes referenced the unreliable Wikipedia in trying to refute some of it with what Wikipedia calls an “association fallacy.” It is actually called a guilt by association, logical fallacy which the lib/commies constantly misstate. Also, the head of Snopes embezzeled a large amount of money to spend on prostitutes.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            When I read that prostitutes were fundamental to snopes research, my opinion of them improved considerably.

          • Michelle

            They were being metaphorical.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That takes all the fun out of it.

          • Reality Check

            The above Snopes article was authored the Snopes founder David Mikkelson, who made Snopes a success because of its reliability.
            Apparently his wife accused him of embezzling money, and Trump’s first wife accused Trump of rape, and Bannon’s wife accused Bannon of antisemitism.
            That’s called an ad hominem logical fallacy. The Snopes article is fine, you can judge for yourself.

          • Underzog

            Con jobs are initially a success until people catch on to their crap. Snopes is an example of that. Do your own research instead of falling for democrat narrative sites such as Snopes!

          • Dorrie

            I think the liberal couple in California that has Snopes ARE Democrats.

            Figures, right?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That is what I read somewhere, also that snopes will not “snope” its funding. in any event I find it rather amusing to ridicule people who believe snopes.

        • docd777

          The Free Syrian Army, are you kidding me?Even liberal Geraldo Rivera admitted that the support for the FSA was ridiculous, and that the FSA hardly exists at all!Most of the , so called “good rebels” have disbanded and all that`s left are Al Nusra,Al Qaeda,with many smaller spin-off splinter groups with various names, beholding to Al Nusra and A lQaeda .The other, of course, is ISIS.Yeah Assad is no Angel but we are backing far more evil groups in a Quixotic campaign to oust Assad.Remember, he protected not only the Sunni minority in Syria, but the Kurds, Yazidis and Christians, as well.ISIS has been killing from among all of the aforementioned groups.Yes, we made a huge blunder in Syria, and we had better back out soon.

    • Michelle

      Snopes as a source? hahahaha!!! No degree of rationalization can clean that one up. Dead before it even crossed the start line.

  • oic

    why this extreme hatred of Assad?

    • Reality Check
      • Mike

        You have one guy´s claim to be a photographer of the dead to ¨keep track¨ of them. Regimes that commit atrocities like this do not catalogue or photograph their atrocities because they don´t want the rest of the world to know that they are doing it. The only people in the world who do are the people who are proud of it and tell the world about it and film it and use it as a recruiting tool, ie. Isis.

        Why would Assad, knowing that Obama and his allies are looking for any excuse to topple his regime, photograph and catalogue his alleged atrocities and allow a guy to photograph them, and allow the possibility that said photographer would go to the West and testify to Congress about it?

        Why would Assad bomb his own hospitals – hospitals that he built, and that he would have to rebuild if he holds on to power? The al-quaiada, etc terrorists use the hospitals as their base and force the Assad forces to bomb the hospitals, and that would be the only reason.

        Why would Assad use poison gas on his won people when he knows that Obama is needing any excuse to get rid of him? Why would he then do the one thing that would guarantee and expedite his removal? There is credible evidence that the Sarin gas came from Libya, from Gaddaffi´s stockpile – which, after his removal was made available to Jihadists, who could ferry it into Syria, use it on the Syrian people and then blame Assad and hence draw Obama into a policy of removing Assad and thus playing into their own agenda of establishing an Islamic State in Syria.

        What you have are pictures of an atrocity, just the sort of thing Isis would do. And we know they take videos and proudly tell the world. So Isis are the one group that would actually take photographs of their own atrocities. So from there it is only a short skip and jump to conveniently using this as another tool to expedite ¨regime change¨ policy from the US. It fits in with the rest of the above.

        How do you know this guy isn´t Isis? ¨International Law experts¨ find his story ¨credible¨? Next you are going to tell me that the CIA find it ¨credible¨ and so we should all just blame Assad because an arm of the government who´s job it is to lie and have a track record of lying to assist desired regime change tell us they find his (one person) story ¨credible¨. I do not find it ¨credible¨ that Assad, if he had committed such atrocities, would get someone to photograph and catalogue them and allowing himself open to having it get out to the West so it could be used, along with the Sarin gas attacks, to make a case for his own demise. Assad isn´t stupid but he would have to be to do that. I am not stupid either, but apparently the people in Congress are, if my suspicion and skepticism turn out to be correct.

        I vividly recall a young girl testifying to congress and the UN that Saddam´s forces went into Kuwaiti hostpitals and threw the babies out of the incubators. Turned out later that it was a lie and it was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador. Lame Stream Media was so lame, even back in 1992, that they didn´t pick up on it. Then of course, we all know Bush2 and WMD claim. Powell going into great detail before UN about Saddam´s stockpile! Don´t worry, the CIA have ¨evidence¨.

        Seems to me that allowing an Isis agent to go before Congress and using the atrocities of Isis against Assad, along with blaming him for Sarin gas, are a walk in the park for the CIA, especially with congress full of gullible and corrupt dummies and the media the same. Compared to what they have done in the past at least.

        So, any chance some more skepticism can be applied to this self-serving mainstream narrative? The facts only add up if what I am saying turns out to be true. On a pure logical analysis, considering who benefits and how Assad would serve his own self-interests, the narrative presented to us does not fit.

        We are supposed to believe that Assad likes to bomb his own hospitals (that he built and that he will have to rebuild if he wins), just for the sake of it or to kill his own citizens when in fact the only way to make sense of it is the claim that the ¨rebels¨ (ie. the jihadis) use it as a base and it´s win-win for them because more anti-Assad PR in the West. Again, a purely logical analysis based on asking the question ¨Who benefits?¨ It´s not rocket science, let alone rockets with Sarin gas warheads, just pure logic.

    • mtmla

      He’s not a sunni like Saudi Arabia and the saudis don’t like him., he’s an apostate, they need to get rid of him. According to sources, the gass used on the people was done by the FSA, helped by Obama, McCain and L. Graham, and other terrorist groups and blamed on Assad, to justify the west support against him.. The USA= Under Saudi Arabia.

  • Reality Check

    Kerry: The only reason they are letting us fly is because we are going after ISIL. If we were going after Assad, we would have to take out all the air defenses and we don’t have a legal justification for doing that.”

  • Reality Check

    “Kerry even makes mention of the “Responsibility to Protect, or R2P” principle”
    Yeah, he says, “So far, American legal theory does not buy into the so-called right to protect.”


    We must protect human rights.
    Arrest Obama, Kerry, McCain & all involved in the Isis-war crimes.

    Instead of using our man-power to accommodate Islamic imperialism into countries systematically deceived about Islamic imperialism, tyranny & history we should use our force to free African slaves in north-Africa & the Muslim middle east & free prisinors from Sharia-prisons & free citizens from Sharia Islamic tyranny.

    We need a globalism that is conscious & condemning about Islam.

    Armenians, Assyrians…have been cast out to die by the Islamic Ottoman empire, today people are lost in a labyrinth of misinformation & anti terror security-work.
    Ban Islam. Save lives.

    We are pushed into a corner by governments to either support Islam or vanish.

    The inside threat are all politicians who protect Islam.
    The Muhammadism-conspiracy’s interest now is to protect it’s newborns in Islamic state territory in Syria, Europe & worldwide.
    Ban Islam, save lives, worldwide.

    They try to divide us with misinformation.

    We got are own global media (The Geller-report). We should have our own global government.

    People are indifferent to & uncondemning about Islam because they haven’t developed ethics (human rights & ecology). 

    A justice-system that doesn’t condemn Islam & acts as if Islam would be just, is unjust & spreads injustice.

    We are witnessing a global forced mass-conversion to Islam & people manipulated by shallow & complicit media, lost in an identity crisis caused by systematic censorship & persecution flee to Islam for a solution to their problem.

    Freedom is fragile & suppressed today & marked for destruction by Islam.

    Defending ourselves from Islam is important like body-hygiene.

    Africans enslaved, children raped, atheists killed: Islamic tyrannies. Failed to being identified as problem by governments. Ban Islam. Save lives.

    They try to divide us. It’s important we, all non-Muslims no-matter with what heritage, stand united against Islam, against the harmless-making of the Islam-guide & against the obfuscation about Islam-tyrannies, history, crimes & imperialism.

    Giving asylum to people while not allowing people to talk about Islamic tyrannies & the cause for Islamic tyranny is not asylum but colonialism.

    These people carry out Islam as commanded by the Islam-guide.

    That governments live in a fantasy-world where Islam’s founder & his deity are in control of the world.

    If they can’t protect their minds from Islam they also can’t protect their state from Islam.
    & kissing the Koran like the last Polish Pope is not how you protect minds from Islam. On the contrary.

    This Islam-migration is an insult on the global culture of human rights & ecology.

    It’s ineffective to go fight against Muhammadist-conspirators if one is a Muhammadism-conspirator oneself.
    Condemn the Muhammadism-conspiracy in the media first & give people the chance to condemn it too. Then there might be no need to kill people as they condemn the Muhammadism-conspiracy & instead love human rights the new atheism/religion.

    While the government didn’t condemn the Muhammadism-conspiracy it has become more & more infiltrated by the Muhammadism-conspiracy even to the point where Barack Hussein Obama allegedly armed Islamic State in Syria, Lybia, released the Islamic State leader Al-Baghdadi from GITMO, supported Muslim Brotherhood terrorist-group in Egypt, Boko Haram & Al-Shabab supporting Omar Al-Bashir in new north-Sudan & Boko Haram, promoted Boko Haram as having “legitimate concerns” & tolerating enslavement of Africans in Islamic tyrannies, financing Iran & trying to make it a nuclear power.
    The US-government/army should be put on trial for arming Islamic State’s caliphate, crufixion & burning-campaign & all that.

    Why did the U.S. army arm & observe Islamic State while they pillage, rape & crucify? Why weren’t crucified people relieved from their suffering, even if just with drones?

    Turkey I’ve read arms Islamic State with advanced weapons.

    People have been indoctrinated to not be in control through the idea that a deity is in control.

    Governing, protecting human rights is not a spectator-thing.

    Islamic tyranny, terrorism & harassment is based on the Islam’s founder’s Islam-guide which is glorified & legitimized by Muslim-welcoming non-caliphate governments & their security institutions of media, police, electable parties, N.G.O.’s, academia & army, which intensifies & legitimizes Islamic conspiracy, harassment, terrorism & tyranny.
    Ban Islam, save lives.

    Why does Barack Hussein Obama promote Muhammadism-conspiracy army Boko Haram, who murder, burn alive 100?’s of 1000’s of people as having “legitimate concerns”?

    Did he instruct the Army to arm Islamic State while they crucify people while incarcerating innocent U.S.-soldiers?

    The Muhammadism-conspirators want to ban fear & concern about the Islam-conspiracy in the media using theism to erase & relativize this fear & branded the fear of Islam Islamophobia, using Christian Jizya-organizations for their Islamic family-building project in non-caliphate regions.

    Weighing the Geller-report headlines & information against what common TV-channels inform shows that common TV-channels & media are a dangerous hate-group.
    Media, political parties & academia are security institutions like the CIA, FBI, army, Police, government & all of these institutions have been infiltrated by Muhammadism-conspirators.

    The problem is non-globalism which amplifies Islam. Political parties that say they will protect us from Islam say Muslim & non-Muslim foreigners are equal.

    The Muhammadism-conspirators infiltrated the security institutions (voteable parties, FBI, Army & media too) because they fear a global government.

    The Islam-conspiracy should never have a ‘moderate’ status that would make it’s criminal fundaments legal. Islam should be banned.
    Our social fabric is dependent on values that protect ethics: human rights & ecology.
    The overlooked legality of Islam facilitates Islamic harassment by Muhammadism-conspirators & tears down & exposes rotten elements of our social fabric that are superficially not dedicated to ethics: to human rights & ecology.
    & the solution is to ban Islam & to create an ethics: human rights & ecology protecting global government.

    We need to look how we can balance security & openness & not just in a national but global way.

    Banning Islam is reasonable & gives structure to security-laws just like a tree bears fruits.

    Banning Islam gives orientation in policy & law making: no Muslim immigration, no mosques, no idealization of Islam’s founder, no lies, instead the must to expose Islam thoroughly in fundamentals & history & to crush Islamic harassment & terrorism.

    Banning Islam is not persecution, it’s prosecution & in the interest of humanity.

    Democracy is a Police which is something the Muhammadism-conspiracy fears because Islam is a crime, racist, unethical & illegal.
    Ban Islam, save lives, worldwide.

    In Islam torturer, sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer, crucifier, genital mutilationist, clitodirectomist, child-rapist & pederast who ‘kissed’ little boys’ penises & sucked boys’ lips & tongues, theist psychopath, who burned people alive for not praying, for not being part of his conspiracy & to extort them, who gouged out eyes & cut off body-parts, gays-killer, Jews-killer, atheists-killer & child-beater, kidnapper Muhammad’s Muhammadism-conspiracy guide is the static law.

    Police & media is used as 1-sided interface of the government to program the people instead of as 2-sided interface to develop a law dedicated to the protection of human rights & ecology together.

    We are denied the facts critical to our security by the media as these critical informations are condemned as dangerous fake-news, blasphemous to the leaders of the anti-Islamophobia-caliphate.

    The TV-media & media in general doesn’t inform people about these things because education other than Islam is forbidden in the Muhammadism-conspiracy & facts educate the ethical ability, the judgement of people.

    Trump should pick me for secretary of defense instead of James Mattis who as I’ve read supports Hamas.

    People seem to identify with Muslims & not non-Muslims as Muslims have so much drama caused by Islam-indoctrination.
    Ban Islam, save lives.

    Let’s make a global culture without Islam.

    We need a concept:
    Ban Islam,
    Get the Muhammadism-conspirators out,
    Give the space non-Muslim global citizens,
    & make English globally optional official language.

    The believe in a deity gives people a false sense of security. 

    This is an ideological problem not a nationalist or racist problem.

    Instead of a deceptive differentiation between Islam & soft-Islam there must be made a differentiation between Muhammadist immigrant & non-Muhammadist immigrant.

    Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & keep the Muhammadism-conspiracy OUT where ever possible.

    OIC-UN’s systematic Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism, deception & complicity should alarm us.

    Islam is clearly too systematic.

    Nations are part of a global system & the OIC-UN’s policies support Muhammadism-conspiracy deception, imperialism & tyranny to the detriment of those oppressed, harassed, raped, enslaved, tortured, imprisoned & crucified by the worldwide Muhammadism-conspiracy-tyranny.

    The OIC-UN closes the chances for freedom forever & must be stopped.

    We need a global counter-imperialism.
    Ban Islam, save lives.

    The creepy part is when people tell you that Islam wouldn’t command to kill & rob people. Muhammadist-reformers with their dishonest approach & life-stance are extremists, stealth, silent extremists of deception.
    That’s sad.

    Logic is a necessary element of communication. When it is crippled & corrupted we lose an ethical standard of communication & connection & disconnect.

    I think that is the reason why the unethical, sick doctrine of sadist,…, Muhammad flourishes, because we don’t enact logic & don’t insist on it.

    The Islamic deity is referred to as the greatest of all deceivers in the Muhammadism-conspiracy-guide being the greatest of all deceptions in reality.

    Sadist..Muhammad’s Muhammadism-conspiracy-guide, commands war to be deceit & describes his unproven deity, a deity which must be assumed is a deception, as best of all deceivers.

    But the people are mentally enslaved by the Muhammadism-conspiracy’s deception so they don’t free the people enslaved & don’t  protect human rights.

    Education about sadist…Muhammad & drones should be used protect people’s lives.

    The media, academia, government is run by the OIC (Organization of Islamic cooperation).

    Barack Hussein Obama talking about transgender bathrooms, giving superficial interviews to the Rolling stone distracts from the fact that his policies are dedicated to systematic Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism.

    People think they can just put on the Muhammadism-conspiracy identity on themselves, greet ‘Salaam Aleykum’, wear Islamic clothes without putting the Islamic guilt on themselves, the Africans enslaved today, the murders & crimes in Islamic countries, the murders & crimes commited by the Nazi-leader Amin-El Husseini & the murders & crimes of Islam since sadist…Muhammad. That’s not how it works. Who promotes the Muhammadism-conspiracy, puts the Islamic guilt on himself & amplifies this guilt by not admitting it.
    Ban Islam, save lives.

    It must be assumed that the systematic Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism invasion is happening to increase the indoctrination inside nations to kill & oppress anti-Muhammadism-conspiracy politicians. 

    Systematic Muhammadism-Conspiracy Mass-Murder, Systematic Muhammadism-Conspiracy Deception & Systematic Muhammadism-Conspiracy Imperialism are problems we as humanity are facing.

    It must be assumed that the goal of the systematic hiding of Islam’s past, present probable future developments is to establish a global Muhammadism-conspiracy Sharia tyranny.

    The effect of people not knowing about Islam’s systematical sadist & racist imperialism leads to people putting themselves in dangerous situations to the advantage of Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialists.

    It’s crucial how people handle this information & warnings. Who is capable of defending & enacting human rights worldwide & who is not?

    A government that systematically fails to inform people on relevant past & present human rights subjects & probable future-developments suggests, makes people believe that the government is doing the right thing & that people that talk about relevant human rights issues are illegitimate liars.

    A government that systematically fails to inform people on relevant past & present human rights developments & probable future-developments suggests that democratically powerful human rights-issues as Africans enslaved in Islamic countries (Saudi Arabia, Mauritania 20%, north Sudan, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain & more), Afro-mixed marriages annulled in Saudi Arabia, Africans killed by Islamists Boko Haram around Nigeria, girls institutionalizedely raped & forced into relationships, atheists, Jews, Christians, Hindus, non-Muslims systematically mass-murdered, harassed, killed, imprisoned, tortured, extorted (Jizya-tax), past developments of Nazis systematically murdering with Islamic authorities (Grandmufti Amin El-Husseini) that systematically fails to inform people about human rights endangering subjects of Islam (Sharia-law), that aggressively & systematically fails to educate & warn people about sadist,…, Muhammad doesn’t fulfill it’s duty to protect human rights & is illegitimate.

    The US, EU, UN hid General of the Assyrians-, Greek orthodox Christians-, Armenians- & other non-Muslims murdering Ottoman empire, Jews-hater Grandmufti of Jerusalem who murdered with Adolph Hitler in Europe, promoted the Nazis & led Muhammadism-conspiracy Nazi troops from history, it’s not even in memorials. Most Nazis were Muslims.

    The systematic & deceitful way in which Islamic Muhammadism-conspiracy ritual mass-murders & deception is carried out since sadist…Muhammad started it & indefinitely commanded it in his Muhammadism-conspiracy-guide & the systematic & deceitful way in which Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism invasion on the way of asylum is carried out should alarm us & motivate us to create a global electable party to bring human rights to the world, educate people & ban Islam.

    People are scared to speak about the Muhammadism-conspiracy because of systematic Islamic threats, harassments & killings.

    The more important it is to give us people harassed, killed, oppressed, tortured, imprisoned, enslaved & extorted by the Muhammadism-conspiracy tyranny a voice & to retake the power that has been manipulated & taken away from us. 

    We are the people.

    The Muhammadism-conspirators that infested government & media worldwide probably already plot the Islamic Jizya-extortion tax on every non-Muslims globally. Jizya-tax is extorted in Muslim countries & secretly enforced through taxes in seemingly non-Muslim countries.

    All those who made Islam-is-peace-propaganda, idealizing sadist…Muhammad & disrespecting his victims, burying alive the requests for help by non-Muslims worldwide are responsible for the Islamism-conspiracy indoctrination of the Muhammadism-conspiracy-tyranny globally.
    Ban islam, save lives worldwide.

    We must organize & create a united global resistance to the Muhammadism-conspiracy instead of being weakened & separated by nationalism.

    Not condemning Islam & Muhammad must become a crime.

    There are things that must be brought to light & condemned so society can function. A necessary cleansing-process.

    Enslavement of Africans, mass-murder, torture, rape, pederasty, crucifixions, extortion, decapitation, harassment, murder of atheists, of Jews & Christians are all things that must be condemned if society wants to uphold an ethical standard (ethics: human rights & ecology), have integrity, credibility & maturity.

    All these unethical crimes just mentioned are attributed to sadist,…, Muhammad.

    That’s why it must become a crime to not condemn Muhammad & Islam so society globally doesn’t deteriorate ethically, morally.

    Barack Hussein Obama through his fake-news media-outlets told us that there are many Muslims living peacefully, what he didn’t say is that this is happening on countless suffering people, African slaves, raped enslaved girls, people tortured, killed. 

    The media’s lies & scrubbing should alarm us as it is the best indicator for the government’s policies.

    Taking a glimpse of the truth by stepping into the Geller-report shows, the governments are not legitimate.

    We need to organize a legitimate global government.

    Every national pro-Islam-conspiracy government is an obstacle to freedom, that’s why we need a global empire.

    Politicians in non-Muslim countries think they can plant Islamic citizens inside their countries, while they can’t even manage to free African slaves in Islamic countries, girls in forced relationships or atheists & other non-Muslims imprisoned in Islamic tyrannies, while they can’t even speak about or learn the truth about sadist…Muhammad in their own countries.
    Something’s terribly wrong here.

    People that are aware of the Islamic threat globally, rise up for a global English language-empire with according electable factions. It’s ill-advised to delve in nationalist romanticism now. We need a global empire to protect ethics: human rights & ecology.

    We need to file a suit against the planting of Islam into non-Muslim- (& Muslim-) countries, at some global court, at the U.S., African, European, Australian court & we need to set up a new global non-Muslim empire court & government.

    Planting Islam has nothing to do with national sovereignty.
    National sovereignty has become a curse in that sense, so to speak.

    Nationalists underestimating the threat of global Islam undermine & threaten the work of global imperialism to counter & defeat the infiltration & harassment by the global Muhammadism-conspiracy since torturer, sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer, crucifier,…, kidnapper Muhammad. 

    Humanity floats around without concept while being infiltrated & harassed by Islam.

    We need a global, voteable party to establish a global empire dedicated to human rights & ecology, free the Africans enslaved in Islamic countries, the girls forced into rape-relationships & the non-Muslims imprisoned.

    We can’t afford division in these critical times.

    We need a party that is global, wants English as global, optional official language, that is dedicated to human rights & ecology & that condemns sadist…Muhammad. 

    We can have a global culture.
    But it’s a fail to assume that a global culture has to be superficial & uncondemning about the Islam-Muhammadism-conspiracy & that prosperity can be just achieved if we work nationally in the U.S., Europe, & Australia instead of imperialistically for human rights globally.

    We have to make clear that governance is no place for Nazis, violent nationalists or Muhammadists.

    We have an agenda. We want the non-Muhammadist conspirator prisinors freed, enslaved Africans freed, little girls forced to sex-slavery freed, Islam banned, Korans confiscated.

    Enough of the politicians who insult & deceive us, arm Islam & plant it into our systems.

    We have to make prosecutions & defend our honor & human rights in the long-term.

    Where is the love?
    Have we lost touch with reality?

    Love is what it should be all about.
    From a love & not corrupt perspective we understand the social media posts that condemn the Muhammadism-conspiracy & defend Israel for human rights.

    We are divided & made ineffective because of internationalism instead of globalism, because of regional languages instead of English.

    We need a global, English language party & TV-channel to develop an effective human rights protecting culture that condemns the Muhammadism-conspiracy & in an imperialist way enacts ethics, that is human rights & ecology, globally.

    We reject any forced idealization of sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer, crucifier,…Muhammad on people.

    Ban Islam, save lives.
    Close the mosques, confiscate the Korans.

    Muslims know Islam is not ethical, that’s why it’s only right to them to ban Islam.

    People with a mind-mix of no love & consequently uncondemning attitude towards Islam have made us be open to a culture that is open to hate against Africans, Jews, Christians, non-Muslims, atheists, women, children, gays, open to enslavement of Africans & girls, rape, crucifixions, stonings, gouging out of eyes, institutionalized & self-inititated decapitations, torture, amputations, clitodirectomies, circumcision, animal torture, pillaging, robbing, burning people alive, according imperialism & war.

    We have been lulled into culture of superficiality, products, bad music, nationalism, admiration for Islam, for Muhammad.

    We need to integrate ourselves to Islam & Islamic regions by banning Islam, enacting love & human rights, freeing the imprisoned, the Africans enslaved, girls & women forced to sex-slave-marriage & NOT the other way around.

    The pathological tolerance for Islam has become a collective dangerous mind-control movement we know from Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism regions & the Nazi-Muhammadism-conspiracy of Adolf Hitler & Amin el-Husseini that has to be be stopped NOW.

    There are those that claim to fight against Nazis but fight for the Nazis:
    History is being scrubbed from Hitler’s partnership with Muhammadism-conspiracy Ottoman empire general, Grandmufti of Jerusalem Amin El-Husseini who led the Nazis & Nazi-Muhammadist troops, his nephew Arafat called him the great leader.
    Most Nazis were Muslims.

    Barack Hussein Obama promotes Muhammadism-conspiracy army Boko Haram, who murder, burn alive 100?’s of 1000’s of people as having “legitimate concerns”

    & blocked an Israeli arms helicopter-deal to Nigeria to fight Boko haram before the Muhammadist president.

    Furthermore I’ve read that U.S.policies equip & arm Islamic State group in Syria for their crucifixion, terror, lynch & rape-campaign by the hands of Turkey & U.S. & E.U.-armed Saudi Arabia & the U.S.-army.
    A thorough investigation has to take place.

    We got armed drones-surveillance & the base of Israel, so I can’t understand why crimes like crucifixions & beheadings are happening.

    “Harass & kill them until Islamic law is the only governance”, says Koran 8:39.

    We need a global empire to ban Islam & free the people.

    No tolerance for Islam in society, no African slaves enslaved in Mauritania or Saudi Arabia or elsewhere, no children raped, no people harassed by Islamic-police, no Islamic torture, whippings, stonings, clitodirectomies & crucifixions & torturous animal slaughters & no Muhammadism-conspiracy terrorism & imperialism.
    Islam feeds on our tolerance, it needs our tolerance, respect, it breathes on our fear.

    Our respect for Islam is it’s oxygen.

    Without our tolerance the Muhammadism-conspiracy vanishes into oblivion.

    We need a global, ethical imperialism to defeat the Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism & free the people.

    The world should be made an English-language protectorate & English optional official language globally.

    Did you know: There’s slavery today of Africans in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania(25%,50%?of population), new north Sudan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Algeria, Lebanon, Qatar (?), Pakistan, UAE, Niger, Libya, Nigeria, Chad, Mali, Somalia & elsewhere inspired by torturer, sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer, crucifier, genital mutilationist, clitodirectomist, child-rapist & pederast who ‘kissed’ little boys’ penises & sucked boys’ lips & tongues, theist psychopath, who burned people alive for not praying, for not being part of his conspiracy & to extort them, who gouged out eyes & cut off body-parts, gays-killer, Jews-killer, atheists-killer & child-beater, kidnapper Muhammad who owned Africans as slaves & said that his deity turned Africans black, so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks (Abeed means African & slave in Arabic,) (Read more about sadist, racist slaver Muhammad at WikiIslam). & IslamicState stated they want to revive enslavement of Africans in America as I’ve read here.
    Anti-African racists & Muhammadism Out of Africa! 
    Islam is intolerable. The Koran says: “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies” (22:19).
    Ban Islam, the Muhammadism-conspiracy & democracy & save lives & profound human rights globally.
    Help me to win the next election with my worldwide low-budget-campaign, for human rights & ecology, globally.

    Free GF-tracks – 
    Join Human rights the new atheism.

  • Dan Knight

    Confirming what many of us suspect, and confirming the reports and allegations made by our media … but what this evidence does is up the ante. If this much is true … the whole truth must be worse!! This report does nothing to suggest we’ve over-estimated the corruption nor reached the bottom of the barrel.

    We’re in danger of being ‘wrong again’ – and learning the truth about American support of ISIS and other anti-Assad affiliates is far closer to what the “conspiracy theorists” have been claiming all along.

  • Dan Knight

    Upshot – assuming the audio is not disinformation – and if we believe what Kerry says – and that needs a little salt: Bam Bam was fomenting a war against Assad and supporting Islamic forces. The same forces attacking Kurds, minorities, and Christians and overrunning Iraq. Kerry points out that they fly against ISIS, but this is offered to explain why they don’t attack Assad’s positions from the air.

  • Dan Knight

    Assad had no choice but to invite the Russians in … his other choice was dying with his family and supporters.

    Not to suggest he should not die for his crimes … but seriously what idiot thinks a dictator is just going to say, ‘Oh, I’ll die now so that people who are just as monstrous as I am or worse can slaughter my family and my supporters.” …

    I mean it takes a special kind of stupid to think that’s ever an option.

    • Reality Check

      Could’ve fled with his family to Russia, Iran, North Korea, whoever would take them.

      • Dan Knight

        Here’s your sign.

    • mtmla

      If Assad was such a monster, how come there were millions of Christians and other religious minorities thriving in Syria? According to what I read, Christians liked Assad and he protected them. They were in great numbers before ISIS and were slaughtered in great numbers by ISIS and the Free Syrian Army, who was supposed to be the good guys, helped by the US…I think there is a campaign of character assassination by the Obama administration to justify his attacking Assad, the same done to Sadam and Ghadaffi, who were no angels, but kept their countries in control. After they were gone, what do we see? slaughter and mayhem which have spread beyond their borders. Yet, there is no criticism of Saudi Arabia, which is known for all kinds of abuses to their people, especially women and the spread of wahabism, terrorism, building of mosques, 9/11 attacks and the banishment of Christianity and any other religion in its land… but there is no criticism AT ALL of SA by the politicians. Quite the opposite, they are treated with utmost respect by republicans, democrats and presidents…
      It would be nice to read the opinions of Christians and other minorities who have lived under the Assad’s regime. What we see in the media and tv is the Obama’s regime propaganda to justify their anti -Assad policies. Assad’s branch of Islam is a minority and the Sunniis consider them apostates. And you know what they do with apostates…

  • Deplorable Kulak

    And just who would replace Assad? Islamic radicals or “rebels”, just as in Libya and temporarily in Egypt until the Army took over. Obama seems to want the Islamic fundamentalists to win in every case. Therefore, he favors a new Caliphate. McCainiac and Kinzinger and other RINOs seem to be of the same mind. Trump was right: McCain is no hero.

  • Tonya Parnell


  • marlene

    Obama said, in a video in his own words: “The end of the Republic has never looked better.”

    WATCH: “New World Order One World Government United Nations Global Takeover Breaking News September 19 2006” on YouTube and The Financial Armageddon.

  • Steve

    The man is still and has been an ongoing traitor to our country. He has relied on his arrogance and cognitive dissonance of the public to rely on the continuing progressive jabber of leftism promoted by his media and funding supporters. This information is really eye opening and makes the bay of pigs, watergate, whitewater and all those other gates look like playground games.

  • Drew the Infidel

    The first fatal course of action allowing the proliferation of ISIS elements was the massive withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and Afghanistan. Any idiot, other than Obhammud, knows that a war is not over until the enemy says it is, as aboard the deck of the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay in 1945. All along, I have been favoring Assad for two solid reasons: 1) His replacement is an unknown and 2) and most importantly, Obhammud is against him.

    I remember that tan business suit Obhammud wore to that presser. The networks called it “The audacity of taupe”, a take-off on the title of one of Obhammud’s clumsy books.

  • Roar

    No wonder there is such huge opposition to Trump.

  • movingwaters

    Are Congressmen neutered on their first day of office? What other job allows you to have lots of staff, money, and privileges to actually get by with doing something good once in a blue moon? You know, throwing your constituents a bone now and then to insure re-election. The State Dept needs to be thoroughly gutted, and all the NGO’s dismissed just for starters. I would like to see a new American Party to replace the Uniparty. No one is ever going to convince me that we can’t find good people with brains and integrity to fill those spots.

  • Dorrie

    All Muslim males should be castrated at birth.

  • Rapier Half-Witt ✓ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰᵃˡᶦˢᵗ

    Well this explains how and why arms were being sold to ISIS through Benghazi and why the Benghazi embassy had to be destroyed and all it’s personnel murdered by Hillary Clinton.

    • Dorrie

      I think you absolutely NAILED it. And I’m getting fed up with snowflakes whining about how she should have been elected. She belongs in Ft. Leavenworth for 25 to life!

      • NoMoreMB

        She belongs in an Auschwitz oven for what they did to Amb. Stevens and those other brave Americans.

        • Dorrie

          Yet it’s very probable she will never be held accountable. Watching her lie to the families that day, over the bodies of 4 dead patriots, made my blood boil! As an Army vet, my oath to “protect & defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign or domestic”, didn’t expire when I was discharged, and I firmly believe HRC is a traitor. So is Barry Soetoro and his entire administration.

          By the way, I don’t like to hear Auschwitz spoken of as a method to treat ANYONE, not even that wretch Hillary . My uncle was murdered there in November of 1943.

    • NoMoreMB

      Ambassador Steven had just returned to Benghazi from Switzerland with the goods on Hillary and McCain AND OTHERS. So they had him tortured and murdered. The date was the anniversary of 9/11. Hillary was supposed to have helped the sick and dying who needed medical help due to the toxic fumes of 9/11. She promised, did nothing, and more people died. When she went to Ground Zero in 2016, sacred ground in our eyes, and made like she was doing remembrance, she got what was coming to her. It was the beginning of the end for her, and she knows it. You don’t go to GZ and play that game. On our watch.

  • NoMoreMB

    McCain is from his earliest days, the quintessential American Coward who became a vile American Traitor, who hid his traitorous activities by arranging to get rid of over 500 heroes, many who had the goods on him, and by silencing those good Vietnamese who saves his sorry a$$: his days with the VietCong showed who he really was. He should never have been pardoned by Nixon. He hated his father a real American hero. And he has sailed on to political success on a sad tissue of lies that he was a tortured POW. Are we surprised he is Obama’s bag-man for ISIS? that he is a staunch defender of the most corrupt American female politician – the one who arranged for the torture and murder of Amb. Stevens on his return to Benghazi from Switzerland with the goods on both of them?

    • Dorrie

      Do you have proof of those allegations?

      • NoMoreMB

        The story of the 500 men is common knowledge, esp. to those of us who were from the Vietnam era, and were also connected with the fighter pilot community, and aware of the mercenaries hired by the CIA to sell drugs for Vietnam and that whole operation. Many brought up these facts in the 1970’s with McCain. “On” is one of many Vietnamese men who saved McCain and who McCain would never acknowledge because of what McCain did later with their enemy. The extent of his torture was always questioned for obvious reasons, he had a cushy job with the Vietcong. It’s all documented. Yes, Nixon pardoned him along with others. Regarding being the bagman handing over money to ISIS that was 2012. The Swiss bank account story is also now public knowledge. I wouldn’t trust him with one single American soldier’s life back in the 1970’s, I wouldn’t trust him with one in 2012, and I wouldn’t trust him with one single American solider’s life today.

        • Dorrie

          I’ve gotten fed up with the way this government hides important things from We The People and behave as if they rule rather than like the civil servants they’re supposed to be. Corruption seems to be in every nook and cranny of government and NOBODY is doing anything about it!

  • NoMoreMB

    As for Graham, why is it that wherever ISIS bag-man McCain goes, Graham is right by his side? Graham, always unpopular, minimized the rapist Clinton, who as sitting President stuck a cigar up a young woman’s private parts in the Oval office and Graham laughed it off calling it “Peyton Place” – calling all Hillary libtards, Canadian Schumer where are you on this one? A dark horse, paired with an ISIS-loving terrorist agendanista? What are the two of them up to?

  • joe1429

    Of Course… Obama knew EXACTLY what he was doing.. First by withdrawing all our forces, from iraq, second by encouraging the eu to take in millions of muzrats, than having all the intelligence agencies tell him WHAT he wants to hear. This one man.. should have been tried for treason, and executed. He planned it all. I believe the TRUTH will come out in the Trump admi, when he has TRUE intelligence. Watch how a REAL commander in chief deals with isis… t minus 17 days and counting

  • Persuader

    Surprise , surprise, there is anyone really surprised ?

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