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AP: U.S. just approved “huge” uranium transfer to Iran – enough for over 10 nukes


Obama’s last days are proving to be even worse than we could have predicted. The anti-Israel resolution at the UN, deploying US tanks at the German border to protect against an imaginary “Russian invasion” and now this. Obama and his quisling operatives are trying to burn the house down as much as possible before Jan. 20. It isn’t over until Trump takes the oath.

Omri Ceren has this:


AP: U.S. just approved “huge” uranium transfer to Iran — enough for 10+ nukes — to keep Iran “committed” to nuclear deal.

The 2015 nuclear deal obligated Iran to keep no more than 130 metric tonnes of heavy water, a material used in the production of weapons-grade plutonium.

But the Iranians have continued to produce heavy water, and they exceeded the cap in February and November [a][b]. The violations functionally blackmailing the Obama administration: either someone would purchase the excess heavy water, allowing Iran to literally profit from violating the deal, or the Iranians would go into formal noncompliance, endangering the deal.

After the Iranians violated the deal in February the Obama administration purchased the excess heavy water for $8.6 million [c]. After they violated the deal in November State Department spokesperson Toner refused to call the overproduction a violation — “I’m not going to use the V word necessarily in this case” — and the Iranians eventually found someone else to purchase the excess [d].

The Associated Press just revealed that in addition to getting millions of dollars, the Iranians are also getting 116 metric tons of uranium in exchange for their heavy water. That’s enough for more than 10 nuclear bombs. The Obama administration has approved those terms:

Iran is to receive a huge shipment of natural uranium from Russia to compensate it for exporting tons of reactor coolant, diplomats say, in a move approved by the outgoing U.S. administration and other governments seeking to keep Tehran committed to a landmark nuclear pact. Two senior diplomats said the transfer recently agreed by the U.S. and five other world powers that negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran foresees delivery of 116 metric tons (nearly 130 tons) of natural uranium…

David Albright, whose Institute of Science and International Security often briefs U.S. lawmakers on Iran’s nuclear program, says the shipment could be enriched to enough weapons-grade uranium for more than 10 simple nuclear bombs, “depending on the efficiency of the enrichment process and the design of the nuclear weapon.” The swap is in compensation for the 70 metric tons (77 tons) of heavy water exported by Iran to the United States, Russia and Oman since the nuclear agreement went into effect.

There are no diplomatic or technical reasons Iran needs to sell excess heavy water to avoid violating the deal: the Iranians could 1st, stop producing heavy water or 2nd, dump the excess in a river, since it’s just water. Obama officials have separately suggested that Iranian over-production is a win-win because there are shortages in the global market, but: there are no shortages, even if there were the Iranians are substandard suppliers, and using the Iranians may create actual shortages by kneecapping the existing legitimate suppliers [e].


AP Exclusive: Diplomats: Iran to get natural uranium batch

VIENNA (AP) — Iran is to receive a huge shipment of natural uranium from Russia to compensate it for exporting tons of reactor coolant, diplomats say, in a move approved by the outgoing U.S. administration and other governments seeking to keep Tehran committed to a landmark nuclear pact.

Two senior diplomats said the transfer recently agreed by the U.S. and five other world powers that negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran foresees delivery of 116 metric tons (nearly 130 tons) of natural uranium. U.N. Security Council approval is needed but a formality, considering five of those powers are permanent Security Council members, they said.

Uranium can be enriched to levels ranging from reactor fuel or medical and research purposes to the core of an atomic bomb. Iran says it has no interest in such weapons and its activities are being closely monitored under the nuclear pact to make sure they remain peaceful.

Tehran already got a similar amount of natural uranium in 2015 as part of negotiations leading up to the nuclear deal, in a swap for enriched uranium it sent to Russia. But the new shipment will be the first such consignment since the deal came into force a year ago.

The diplomats, whose main focus is Iran’s nuclear program, demanded anonymity Monday because they are not allowed to discuss the program’s confidential details.

They spoke ahead of a meeting this week in Vienna of representatives of Iran, the United States, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany to review Iranian complaints that the U.S. was reneging on sanctions relief pledges included in the nuclear deal.

The natural uranium agreement comes at a sensitive time. With the incoming U.S. administration and many U.S. lawmakers already skeptical of how effective the nuclear deal is in keeping Iran’s nuclear program peaceful over the long term, they might view it as further evidence that Tehran is being given too many concessions.

The diplomats said any natural uranium transferred to Iran after the deal came into effect would be under strict surveillance by the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency for 25 years after implementation of the deal.

They said Tehran has not said what it would do with the uranium but could choose to store it or turn it into low-enriched uranium and then export it for use as reactor fuel.

Despite present restrictions on its enrichment program, the amount of natural uranium is significant should Iran decide to keep it in storage, considering its potential uses once some limits on Tehran’s nuclear activities start to expire in less than a decade.

David Albright, whose Institute of Science and International Security often briefs U.S. lawmakers on Iran’s nuclear program, says the shipment could be enriched to enough weapons-grade uranium for more than 10 simple nuclear bombs, “depending on the efficiency of the enrichment process and the design of the nuclear weapon.”

The swap is in compensation for the 70 metric tons (77 tons) of heavy water exported by Iran to the United States, Russia and Oman since the nuclear agreement went into effect.

Heavy water is used to cool a type of reactor that produces more plutonium than reactors cooled by light water. Like enriched uranium, plutonium can be turned into the fissile core of a nuclear weapon.


  • rambler

    Still arming our enemies again. This never turns out well.

    • Rob Porter

      It won’t reach Iran before Trump takes office, so he can turn the shipment around – and charge Obama with treason for aiding and abetting the enemy! How stupid were Americans for putting this arse, community organizer and communist in office? I truly hope that Trump is going find some way of humiliating the disgusting Barack Obama, the biggest piece of pigs crap ‘Commander-in-Chief’ the world has ever seen.

  • AnnaGraceS

    Please say this is NOT so.

  • Mike in Illinois

    Supposed delays are not stoppages as this administration frames them.
    I have ta ask….is this uranium that used to reside in Iraq?

    • Dan Knight

      good question.

  • David Beres

    any Trump’s tweet about this?

    • tatka150

      Is it funny?

      • David Beres

        Sorry, no. I just cant believe it could be a real story. Sell such a risky material in two weeks cant be possible. If it would be true Trump should have comment it. It is a high ball…

  • M.D. Roud

    Terrible, what mental or moral deficiency causes someone to give the main ingredient of the most powerful weapons on the planet to people who call for our slaughter and the destruction of our allies?

    • Rob Porter

      A Muslim mental and moral deficient who needs to be tried for treason.

    • Ron Gonshorowski

      Look what Bill Clinton did for NK during his term, then you will understand the significance.

  • mrhdiver

    Would that be OUR uranium? From the Malheur National Refuge that was behind the Clintons’ shoving ranchers off of their grazing lands? Who exactly is assisting the Russians? Obama and the Clintons.
    “Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal”

    “The headline on the website Pravda trumpeted President Vladimir V. Putin’s latest coup, its nationalistic fervor recalling an era when its precursor served as the official mouthpiece of the Kremlin: “Russian Nuclear Energy Conquers the World.”
    The article, in January 2013, detailed how the Russian atomic energy agency, Rosatom, had taken over a Canadian company with uranium-mining stakes stretching from Central Asia to the American West. The deal made Rosatom one of the world’s largest uranium producers and brought Mr. Putin closer to his goal of controlling much of the global uranium supply chain.
    But the untold story behind that story is one that involves not just the Russian president, but also a former American president and a woman who would like to be the next one.
    At the heart of the tale are several men, leaders of the Canadian mining industry, who have been major donors to the charitable endeavors of former President Bill Clinton and his family. Members of that group built, financed and eventually sold off to the Russians a company that would become known as Uranium One.”

    • felix1999

      Trump had nothing to do with this. He’s not sworn in yet… GEESH!

      It was HILLARY that sold 25% of our uranium to Russia as Secretary of State. That had NOTHING to do with Trump.

      The payment for the uranium went to the CLINTON FOUNDATION. Again that had NOTING to do with Trump.

    • Dan Knight

      good question … but even if the ‘natural’ uranium (as if uranium ore just pops out of the ground by itself) comes / came from Russian mines – The Uranium One deal could replace any Russian needs for the same said ore, or a portion of it.

      In other words: Uranium is fungible.

      And: It does not matter what ‘zip code’ the ore came from … in this case our ore supplies are making some part of the transfer possible.

      • Ron Gonshorowski

        Remember that depleted uranium is used as tank and other cannon ammunition. Depleted uranium is produced in the uranium enrichment process when uranium-235 (U235) is extracted from natural uranium to concentrate this isotope into fuel for nuclear reactors.

  • felix1999

    Can’t Trump STOP this?
    Where is the GOP on this?
    Head up their arse, as usual?

    • VLParker

      Not their own arses. Obama’s arse. The GOP are the Obama Court Eunuchs. These pansies would rather sell out their country and their own granddaughters to islam than oppose Obama and be labeled racist by the Lamestream media.

      • Butch Nowak

        Seems so………..


    Then just arrest Barack Hussein Obama.

    If we manage to arrest Obama on that, we’ll prove, we as political society have credibility, integrity & responsibility.

    Trump must prevent that & blow the whistle now.

    Interior ministries, really closet Islamic ministries with their Islamic propaganda have created an Islamic anonymity, a safe-space to indoctrinate children into the dangerous, criminal, unethical Islam-cult using terms like rule of law, freedom of religion & similar.

    While I talk about saving lives & protecting human rights worldwide our enemies in government talk about a rule of law detached from reality & based in the belief that Islam is just & Saudi Arabia’s tyranny a legitimate government entity to which weapons can be sold & of which oil can be bought from.

    No to institutionalized hate-speech. Ban Islam.

    The world needs a strong leader, not a democratically elected, closet Muslim or nationalist.

    Join me in making a global party to save the world from Islam.

    The inside threat are all politicians who protect Islam.
    The Muhammadism-conspiracy’s interest now is to protect it’s newborns in Islamic state territory in Syria, Europe & worldwide.

    Instead of filling an emptiness with hate against Israel & letting in Muslims into their country, people need to fill their emptiness with love for human rights against Islam & ban Islam in Saudi Arabia & free the African slaves, imprisoned atheists & girls there & worldwide.

    The TV-media’s scrubbing, hiding that terror attacks are Islam is political Islam.

    Fake, Islamic government-media are a poisonous tree with it’s media censored to a point where the weaponized Muhammadism-conspiracy demands the attention of being the only shiny fruit in the garden.

    The reason why Islamic attacks occur is because the media doesn’t manage to persuade Muhammadists to apostate from Islam.
    Join Globalfirm, Human rights the new atheist religion. 

    The high standard of information of the Geller-report is the true mainstream-media & must be the base for a legitimate government.

    Islam’s founder was an unethical terrorist & thus all Muhammadists are terrorists as commanded by the Islam-guide.

    Muslims have a momentum of war, incited through prayer, the Islam-guide & censorship & this momentum is also present in seemingly non-Muslim governments. 

    Muhammadist conspirators need psychiatric help:
    1 being the general outlawing of Islam &
    de-Islamization centers until upright disgust for Islam.

    Interior ministries, really Islamic ministries with their Islamic propaganda have created an Islamic anonymity, a safe-space to indoctrinate children into the dangerous, criminal, unethical Islam-cult.
    Ban Islam. Save lives. Don’t be fooled.

    If you aint committed to enacting human rights, protecting people from Islam, what’s the point in being a cop, a politician, soldier? Tax-payer’s waste of money.

    If you can’t see that Islam is an unethical, imperialist conspiracy stay out of my government. That’s an order.

    Human rights is not paragraphs but a religion.

    Human rights is not paragraphs that can be pulled like the general right to smoke or freedom for some bogus religion, but a religion.

    Freedom of religion must be subjugated to true religion: to human rights the new atheist religion.

    Islamophobia is used as pretext for politicians to not come out as closet Muslims. Islam’s founder commands war to be deceit. The military deception must be upholded: if the deceit aint working it’s a failure.

    We should study how countries got Islamized to prevent Islam.

    Is the ‘black lives matter’ a mind-control initiative to keep Afro’ mericans unknowing about slavery of Africans in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania & elsewhere & about it’s justification in the Islam-guide, about the intention of Islamic State group to revive enslavement of Africans in the US & about the systematic mass-murder of non-Muslims in Nigeria by Islamic terrorists Barack Hussein Obama promotes as having “legitimate concerns”?

    Why are GITMO-inmates given the Islam-guide?

    I’ve read in 2009 Islamic State leader Al-Baghdadi was released from from GITMO, which might be not true or true.

    But it doesn’t matter because the true, most powerful Islamic State leader is & remains Barack Hussein Obama as he allegedly arms Islamic State & is complicit in Islam in it’s full extent.

    Barack Hussein Obama talking about transgender bathrooms, giving superficial interviews to the Rolling stone distracts from the fact that his policies are dedicated to systematic Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism.

    Islam is a “religion of peace” by those who peacefully let it happen, cause if we don’t fight against Islam, Islam enacts itself.
    Islam, translates “submission”. We have to avoid to fall into the trap of submission into Islam.
    We have to enact the protection of human rights worldwide to prevent Islam.
    Ban Islam. Save lives.

    Bush who allegedly let Saudi (& Iranian?) officials fly out who were complicit in the New York twin-tower attack, promoted Islam would be the “religion of peace”.
    Religion is piece of the puzzle of Islam, of which the Shoah-holocaust, enslavement of Africans, Islamic State, mass-murders & tyrannies worldwide are part of.

    People are under Islamic mind-control.
    Governments systematically erode our human rights, the basis of our empire by promoting Islam as benign.

    The pro-Islamic government is a bomb we have to dismantle.

    We got are own global media (The Geller-report). We should have our own global government.

    They try to divide us with misinformation.

    We are pushed into a corner by governments to either support Islam or vanish.

    Instead of using our force to accommodate Islamic imperialism into countries systematically deceived about Islamic imperialism, tyranny & history we should use our force to free African slaves in north-Africa & the Muslim middle east & free prisinors from Sharia-prisons & free citizens from Sharia Islamic tyranny.

    We need a globalism that is conscious & condemning about Islam.

    Armenians, Assyrians…have been cast out to die by the Islamic Ottoman empire, today people are lost in a labyrinth of misinformation & anti terror security-work.

    People are indifferent to & uncondemning about Islam because they haven’t developed ethics (human rights & ecology). 

    A justice-system that doesn’t condemn Islam & acts as if Islam would be just, is unjust & spreads injustice.

    We are witnessing a global forced mass-conversion to Islam & people manipulated by shallow & complicit media, lost in an identity crisis caused by systematic censorship & persecution flee to Islam for a solution to their problem.

    Freedom is fragile & suppressed today & marked for destruction by Islam.

    Defending ourselves from Islam is important like body-hygiene.

    Africans enslaved, children raped, atheists killed: Islamic tyrannies. Failed to being identified as problem by governments. Ban Islam. Save lives.

    They try to divide us. It’s important we, all non-Muslims no-matter with what heritage, stand united against Islam, against the harmless-making of the Islam-guide & against the obfuscation about Islam-tyrannies, history, crimes & imperialism.

    Giving asylum to people while not allowing people to talk about Islamic tyrannies & the cause for Islamic tyranny is not asylum but colonialism.

    These people carry out Islam as commanded by the Islam-guide.

    That governments live in a fantasy-world where Islam’s founder & his deity are in control of the world.

    If they can’t protect their minds from Islam they also can’t protect their state from Islam.
    & kissing the Koran like the last Polish Pope is not how you protect minds from Islam. On the contrary.

    This Islam-migration is an insult on the global culture of human rights & ecology.

    It’s ineffective to go fight against Muhammadist-conspirators if one is a Muhammadism-conspirator oneself.
    Condemn the Muhammadism-conspiracy in the media first & give people the chance to condemn it too. Then there might be no need to kill people as they condemn the Muhammadism-conspiracy & instead love human rights the new atheism/religion.

    While the government didn’t condemn the Muhammadism-conspiracy it has become more & more infiltrated by the Muhammadism-conspiracy even to the point where Barack Hussein Obama allegedly armed Islamic State in Syria, Lybia, releases Islamic terrorists (Islamic state leader Al-Baghdadi in 2009?), supports Muslim Brotherhood terrorist-group in Egypt, Boko Haram & Al-Shabab supporting Omar Al-Bashir in new north-Sudan & Boko Haram, promoted Boko Haram as having “legitimate concerns” & tolerating enslavement of Africans in Islamic tyrannies, financing Iran & trying to make it a nuclear power & financing Islam.
    The US-government/army should be put on trial for arming Islamic State’s caliphate, crufixion & burning-campaign & all that.

    Why did the U.S. army arm & observe Islamic State while they pillage, rape & crucify?

    Why weren’t crucified people relieved from their suffering, even if just with drones?

    Turkey I’ve read arms Islamic State with advanced weapons.

    People have been indoctrinated to not be in control through the idea that a deity is in control.

    Governing, protecting human rights is not a spectator-thing.

    People think they can just put on the Muhammadism-conspiracy identity on themselves, greet ‘Salaam Aleykum’, wear Islamic clothes without putting the Islamic guilt on themselves, the Africans enslaved today, the murders & crimes in Islamic countries, the murders & crimes commited by the Nazi-leader Amin-El Husseini & the murders & crimes of Islam since sadist…Muhammad.

    Islamic tyranny, terrorism & harassment is based on the Islam’s founder’s Islam-guide which is glorified & legitimized by Muslim-welcoming non-caliphate governments & their security institutions of media, police, electable parties, N.G.O.’s, academia & army, which intensifies & legitimizes Islamic conspiracy, harassment, terrorism & tyranny.
    Ban Islam, save lives.

    Why does Barack Hussein Obama promote Muhammadism-conspiracy army Boko Haram, who murder, burn alive 100?’s of 1000’s of people as having “legitimate concerns”?

    Did he instruct the Army to arm Islamic State while they crucify people while incarcerating innocent U.S.-soldiers?

    The Arabic word for African is SLAVE, (Abeed) & enslavement of Africans is happening in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Somalia, elsewhere. I’ve read also in Nigeria!

    Islamic tyrannies, North Africa are occupied land: Africans are enslaved in Mauritania (20% or more), North Sudan, Lybia, Algeria.

    The Muhammadism-conspirators want to ban fear & concern about the Islam-conspiracy in the media using theism to erase & relativize this fear & branded the fear of Islam Islamophobia, using Christian Jizya-organizations for their Islamic family-building project in non-caliphate regions.

    Weighing the Geller-report headlines & information against what common TV-channels inform shows that common TV-channels & media are a dangerous hate-group.

    The problem is non-globalism which amplifies Islam. Political parties that say they will protect us from Islam say Muslim & non-Muslim foreigners are equal.

    The Muhammadism-conspirators infiltrated the security institutions (voteable parties, CIA, FBI, Army & media, academia) because they fear a global government.

    The Islam-conspiracy should never have a ‘moderate’ status that would make it’s criminal fundaments legal. Islam should be banned.
    Our social fabric is dependent on values that protect ethics: human rights & ecology.
    The overlooked legality of Islam facilitates Islamic harassment by Muhammadism-conspirators & tears down & exposes rotten elements of our social fabric that are superficially not dedicated to ethics: to human rights & ecology.
    & the solution is to ban Islam & to create an ethics: human rights & ecology protecting global government.

    We need to look how we can balance security & openness & not just in a national but global way.

    Banning Islam is reasonable & gives structure to security-laws just like a tree bears fruits, gives orientation in policy & law making: no Muslim immigration, no mosques, no idealization of Islam’s founder, no lies, instead the must to expose Islam thoroughly in fundamentals & history & to crush Islamic harassment, terrorism & tyranny.

    Banning Islam is not persecution, it’s prosecution & in the interest of humanity.

    In Islam torturer, sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer, crucifier, genital mutilationist, clitodirectomist, child-rapist & pederast who ‘kissed’ little boys’ penises & sucked boys’ lips & tongues, theist psychopath, who burned people alive for not praying, for not being part of his conspiracy & to extort them, who gouged out eyes & cut off body-parts, gays-killer, Jews-killer, atheists-killer & child-beater, kidnapper, decapitator Muhammad’s Muhammadism-conspiracy guide is the static law.

    Police & media is used as 1-sided interface of the government to program the people instead of as 2-sided interface to develop a law dedicated to the protection of human rights & ecology together.

    We are denied the facts critical to our security by the media as these critical informations are condemned as dangerous fake-news blasphemous to the leaders of the anti-Islamophobia-caliphate.

    The TV-media & media in general doesn’t inform people about these things because education other than Islam is forbidden in the Muhammadism-conspiracy & facts educate the ethical ability, the judgement of people.

    Trump should pick me for secretary of defense instead of James Mattis who as I’ve read supports Hamas.

    People seem to identify with Muslims & not non-Muslims as Muslims have so much drama caused by Islam-indoctrination.
    Ban Islam, save lives.

    Let’s make a global culture without Islam.

    We need a concept:
    Ban Islam,
    Get the Muhammadism-conspirators out,
    Give the space non-Muslim global citizens,
    & make English globally optional official language.

    The believe in a deity gives people a false sense of security. 

    This is an ideological problem not a nationalist or racist problem.

    Instead of a deceptive differentiation between Islam & soft-Islam there must be made a differentiation between Muhammadist immigrant & non-Muhammadist immigrant.

    Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & keep the Muhammadism-conspiracy OUT where ever possible. 

    The Islamic deity is referred to as the greatest of all deceivers in the Muhammadism-conspiracy-guide being the greatest of all deceptions in reality.

    Sadist..Muhammad’s Muhammadism-conspiracy-guide, commands war to be deceit & describes his unproven deity, a deity which must be assumed is a deception, as best of all deceivers.

    But the people are mentally enslaved by the Muhammadism-conspiracy’s deception so they don’t free the people enslaved & don’t protect human rights.

    Education about sadist…Muhammad & drones should be used protect people’s lives.

    The media, academia, government is run by the OIC (Organization of Islamic cooperation).

    It must be assumed that the systematic Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism invasion is happening to increase the indoctrination inside nations to kill & oppress anti-Muhammadism-conspiracy politicians. 

    Systematic Muhammadism-Conspiracy Mass-Murder, Systematic Muhammadism-Conspiracy Deception & Systematic Muhammadism-Conspiracy Imperialism are problems we as humanity are facing.

    It must be assumed that the goal of the systematic hiding of Islam’s past, present probable future developments is to establish a global Muhammadism-conspiracy Sharia-tyranny.

    A government that systematically fails to inform people on relevant past & present human rights subjects & probable future-developments suggests that the government is doing the right thing & incites that people that talk about relevant human rights issues are illegitimate liars.

    A government that systematically fails to inform people on relevant past & present human rights developments & probable future-developments suggests that democratically powerful human rights-issues as Africans enslaved in Islamic countries (Saudi Arabia, Mauritania 20%, north Sudan, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain & more), Afro-mixed marriages annulled in Saudi Arabia, Africans killed by Islamists Boko Haram around Nigeria, girls institutionalizedely raped & forced into relationships, atheists, Jews, Christians, Hindus, non-Muslims systematically mass-murdered, harassed, killed, imprisoned, tortured, extorted (Jizya-tax), past developments of Nazis systematically murdering with Islamic authorities (Grandmufti Amin El-Husseini) that systematically fails to inform people about human rights endangering subjects of Islam (Sharia-law), that aggressively & systematically fails to educate & warn people about sadist…Muhammad doesn’t fulfill it’s duty to protect human rights & is illegitimate.

    There are those that claim to fight against Nazis but fight for the Nazis:
    History is being scrubbed from Islamist Hitler’s partnership with Muhammadism-conspiracy Ottoman empire general, Grandmufti of Jerusalem Amin El-Husseini who led the Nazis & Nazi-Muhammadist troops, his nephew Arafat called him the great leader. 
    Most Nazis were Muslims.

    The US, EU, UN hid General of the Assyrians-, Greek orthodox Christians-, Armenians- & other non-Muslims murdering Ottoman empire, Jews-hater Grandmufti of Jerusalem who murdered with Islamist Hitler in Europe, promoted the Nazis & led Muhammadism-conspiracy Nazi troops from history, it’s not even in memorials.

    The systematic & deceitful way in which Islamic Muhammadism-conspiracy ritual mass-murders & deception is carried out since sadist…Muhammad started it & indefinitely commanded it in his Muhammadism-conspiracy-guide & the systematic & deceitful way in which Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism invasion on the way of asylum is carried out should alarm us & motivate us to create a global electable party to bring human rights to the world, educate people & ban Islam.

    There are things that must be brought to light & condemned so society can function.
    A necessary cleansing-process.

    Enslavement of Africans, mass-murder, torture, rape, pederasty, crucifixions, extortion, decapitation, harassment, murder of atheists, of Jews & Christians are all things that must be condemned if society wants to uphold an ethical standard (ethics: human rights & ecology), have integrity, credibility & maturity.
    All these unethical crimes just mentioned are attributed to sadist…Muhammad.
    That’s why it must become a crime to not condemn Muhammad & Islam so society globally doesn’t deteriorate ethically, morally.

    Barack Hussein Obama through his fake-news media-outlets told us that there are many Muslims living peacefully,
    what he didn’t say is that this is happening on countless suffering people, African slaves, raped enslaved girls, people tortured, killed. 

    The media’s lies & scrubbing should alarm us as it is the best indicator for the government’s policies.

    Taking a glimpse of the truth by stepping into the Geller-report shows, the governments are not legitimate.

    We need to organize a legitimate global government.

    Every national pro-Islam-conspiracy government is an obstacle to freedom, our global empire.

    Politicians in non-Muslim countries think they can plant Islamic citizens inside their countries, while they can’t even manage to free African slaves in Islamic countries, girls from forced relationships or atheists & other non-Muslims imprisoned in Islamic tyrannies, while they can’t even speak about or learn the truth about sadist…Muhammad in their own countries.
    Something’s terribly wrong here.

    Instead of unifying society against the Islam-conspiracy, west-European anti-Islam parties create chaos by retreating from society into nationalism, calling it resistance.

    People that are aware of the Islamic threat globally, rise up for a global English language-empire with according electable factions.

    We need to file a suit against the planting of Islam into non-Muslim- (& Muslim-) countries, at some global court, at the U.S., African, European, Australian court & we need to set up a new global non-Muslim empire court & government.

    We can have a global culture.
    But it’s a fail to assume that a global culture has to be superficial & uncondemning about the Islam-Muhammadism-conspiracy & that prosperity can be just achieved if we work instead of imperialistically for human rights globally.

    We have to make clear that governance is no place for Nazis, violent nationalists or Muhammadists.

    We have an agenda. We want the non-Muhammadist conspirator prisinors freed, enslaved Africans freed, little girls forced to sex-slavery freed, Islam banned, Korans confiscated.

    Enough of the politicians who insult & deceive us, arm Islam & plant it into our systems.

    We have to make prosecutions & defend our honor & human rights in the long-term.

    We are divided & made ineffective because of internationalism instead of globalism, because of regional languages instead of English.

    We need a global, English language party & TV-channel.

    We reject any forced idealization of sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer, crucifier,…Muhammad on people.

    Muslims know Islam is not ethical, that’s why it’s only right to them to ban Islam.

    People with a mind-mix of no love & consequently uncondemning attitude towards Islam have made us be open to a culture that is open to Islam.

    We have been lulled into culture of superficiality, products, bad music, nationalism, admiration for Islam, for Muhammad.

    We need to integrate ourselves to Islam & Islamic regions by banning Islam, enacting love & human rights, freeing the imprisoned, the Africans enslaved, girls & women forced to sex-slave-marriage & NOT the other way around.

    The pathological tolerance for Islam has become a collective dangerous mind-control movement we know from Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism regions & the Nazi-Muhammadism-conspiracy of Adolf Hitler & Amin el-Husseini that has to be be stopped NOW.

    Barack Hussein Obama blocked an Israeli arms helicopter-deal to Nigeria to fight Boko haram before the Muhammadist president.

    Furthermore I’ve read that U.S.policies equip & arm Islamic State group in Syria for their crucifixion, terror, lynch & rape-campaign by the hands of Turkey & U.S. & E.U.-armed Saudi Arabia & the U.S.-army.
    A thorough investigation has to take place.

    We got armed drones-surveillance & the base of Israel, so I can’t understand why crimes like crucifixions & beheadings are happening.

    “Harass & kill them until Islamic law is the only governance”, says Koran 8:39.

    No tolerance for Islam in society, no African slaves enslaved in Mauritania or Saudi Arabia or elsewhere, no children raped, no people harassed by Islamic-police, no Islamic torture, whippings, stonings, clitodirectomies & crucifixions & torturous animal slaughters & no Muhammadism-conspiracy-terrorism & -imperialism.

    Did you know: There’s slavery today of Africans in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania(25%,50%?of population), new north Sudan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Algeria, Lebanon, Qatar (?), Pakistan, UAE, Niger, Libya, Nigeria, Chad, Mali, Somalia & elsewhere inspired by torturer, sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer, crucifier, genital mutilationist, clitodirectomist, child-rapist & pederast who ‘kissed’ little boys’ penises & sucked boys’ lips & tongues, theist psychopath, who burned people alive for not praying, for not being part of his conspiracy & to extort them, who gouged out eyes & cut off body-parts, gays-killer, Jews-killer, atheists-killer & child-beater, decapitator, kidnapper Muhammad who owned Africans as slaves & said that his deity turned Africans black, so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks (Abeed means African & slave in Arabic,) (Read more about sadist, racist slaver Muhammad at WikiIslam). & IslamicState stated they want to revive enslavement of Africans in America as I’ve read here.
    Islam is intolerable. The Koran says: “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies” (22:19).
    Anti-African racists & Muhammadism Out of Africa! 
    Ban Islam, the Muhammadism-conspiracy & democracy & save lives & profound human rights globally.
    Help me to win the next election with my worldwide low-budget-campaign, for human rights & ecology, globally.

    Free GF-tracks – 
    Join Human rights the new atheism.

    • Mary

      Stop already!

      • Bob Jonhson

        Stop supporting president Okama

        • Mary

          That commenter puts up novels. Ridiculous theories involving a global government, which we the people are somehow supposed to set up?! He needs help.
          If you are referring to the current outgoing U.S. Pres., I wondered about him from the first time I laid eyes on him. It was my fear, that he would be elected solely because people would be proud to call themselves colour blind… and they’d ignore his history, his personal and public opinions, his qualifications, etc.

          • Craig

            Yes, he should get his own web site.

          • tatka150

            or get lost – even better:)

  • Patrick
  • Craig

    The POS marxist rat obama is burning the house down as he leaves. DEMOCRATS ARE THE ENEMY!

  • VoodooDollHillary

    The Navy just fired upon Iranian navy and we’re selling them uranium?

    obamaworld sure is getting F’ed up.

    • notislam

      iDEALLY it would be interesting to see their whole area blow up and destroy itself with the weapons we sent them—–There are always mistakes and now is the time to have things back-fire on the enemy!

  • karl59

    Obama should be headed for a jail cell.
    In 2008, Obama told the US that he would negotiate with Iran
    without ANY conditions. Even Hillary Clinton said that was dangerously
    naive. Not enough people believed Obama’s words.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    obumbustang has got to have a better file than Wikileaks on key people who he is blackmailing as there is no other reason he has not been arrested for treason.

  • iprazhm

    I’m convinced it’s Uranium from the stolen land previously owned by ranchers. That’s why the U.S government is killing and imprisoning citizens protesting the theft of their land!

    • movingwaters

      It sounded highly in your face suspicious to me, too.

    • Vito Donofrio

      Exactly what has been happening with Hillary and Obama.

      • mike

        were from the government and we are here to help. scariest phrase in American history !!!

        • Anthony Jagers

          Whenever I saw “BLM” I all ways thought it read “Black Lives Matter.
          I don’t know what’s going on here.

          • mike

            BLM is also Bureau of Land Management

          • Anthony Jagers

            That’s why I’m behind on this issue. I just skipped over references to BLM.

    • Ron Gonshorowski

      Not yet as the Uranium One deal uses another process. Obviously there is Uranium on the land in Nevada and also in the land Utah.

  • iprazhm
  • Speak the Truth

    Sounds like the US will be borrowing billions more dollars, in order to pay Iran for all this “water.”

  • Jillian

    And I suppose Congress is still sitting on its collective thumbs?

  • Robert Bayer

    Actually ..the treason acts of Barack Obama do NOT end with Trump being sworn in as POTUS. Getting more uranium into the mad murderous hands of Iranian thug leaders just about guarantees it.

    The consequences of having open borders, importing thousands of jihadists into America, the creation and arming of ISIS and the nuclear weaponization of Iran as a terrorist state, will get a lot of people killed … the only question is how many … thousands or millions …

    The lies of the MSM and the complicity and stupidity of our congress is astounding.

    The fact is though, when the WMDs are detonated, they,the DEMS and NEOCONS, and MSM will blame the victims and Trump, NOT Obama-HRC and the spineless cluelesss corrupt congress that worked to bring about this catastrophic sabotage of civilization and human rights.

  • Bob Jonhson

    F**k that monkey-faced spook Obama.

  • Mark Steiner

    Iran already HAS nuclear devices. This nation has been working with PRNK on the technology. PRNK tests have demonstrated they have capability. Duplication this technology, or even construction of devices, is only a matter of expediency.

    Iran is patient. This nation can wait – it is pinging the US Navy with training attacks on Naval ships – one of which fired warning shots. A nation that thinks in can win will become more emboldened – and Obama’s fingerprints are all over the devices made and being made.

  • katzkiner

    In a lawful America Obama would have been arrested before ever being sworn in.
    We knew he was anti American.
    We were so afraid of being called “wacist”.
    America & Israel will feel so much better when we can cry about 100+ million Jews & Christians being irradiated.
    At least we can die with righteous indignation.
    The moral of the story is NEVER elect a leader from among the enemy.
    It never ends well.

  • Keith

    I’m guessing after the swearing in over time there will be a lot of attacks launched in America to discredit Trump. Prepare, keep an eye out for anything suspicious and fight back. Under a Trump Presidency I don’t think you have to worry about being prosecuted for being a Patriot.

  • Christian Abel

    “produces more plutonium than reactors cooled by light water”

    It isn’t the amount of Pu that matters, it’s the nature.

    Depending on irradiation, you get different results.

  • marlene

    Every vile government traitor who signed off on this needs to be tried for treason – with obama first up.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Just another in Obhammud’s long unbroken string of failures, another building block in his legacy of utter incompetence. What else do you expect from the worst US President ever?

    • Joe1938

      String of failures?! It has not been a string of failures for the islam world!

      • Drew the Infidel

        His accommodation of ragheads is, in itself, a failure for the supposed leader of the free world.

  • Peter Joffe

    Obama is the worst thing that ever could have happen to America. Sad part about all this is that the Democrats support this killer and have done so for 8 years as we all watched as Obama swung his sword of hate and death against us all. A legacy of hatred and death are what Obama will be remembered for. Did Hillary really admire this excuse for a man?? There is something very wrong with American “Democracy’ when one man can disregard everything and plan the downfall of ‘his’ own country. But then Obama’s country is Islam and not America.

    • Joe1938

      Re “Obama is the worst thing that ever could have happen to America”; The absolute worst thing for the USA has been the multitude of fools who have elected these clowns to positions of power.

      • Peter Joffe

        This is true as it is not so much the fool that becomes a president but with the support of more fools. Look at countries around the world and you will see that this is true. “Any idiot can become a president and usually does”. In Trumps case he is a self made man and did not need idiots to assist him but Democrats have pushed forward many idiots in a attempt to kick a good man down.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I’m using words to describe this waste of skin that were purged from my vocabulary back in 1966. But that’s how I feel. And that’s not going to change.

  • Robert Batchelor

    Obama and his minions should all be behind bars. This has been the most anti-American Administration in U.S. history. He’s just absolutely disgusting.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Just like Bill Clinton gave N. Korea a nuclear reactor when he was in office.
    And now it is suspected that N. Korea has a nuclear weapon.
    They (the Demmocommies ) just can’t leave office without doing one last ” stick it to ” this Republic. And let us not forget about Hillary Clinton as SEC. of State facilitating the sale of uranium/uranium mines here in the U.S. to Russia.
    So Obama is sneaking in one last dastardly deed before he leaves office to help his terrorist buddies?
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • Ron Gonshorowski

      There is no suspicion, just facts. What is happening is the NK is miniaturizing their warheads so they can be mounted on rockets.

  • Joe1938

    This bs happens because for decades, unfortunately for the USA, there is not a penny’s difference between the old stoneless blueblood GOP retread RINOs and the socialist, communist, marxist, islamofascist-racist “donkey demos”. Therefore, nothing changes so BOHICA the American serfs.

  • Steve

    This traitor and his gang’s activities need to be reviewed once Trump is in office.

  • Dorrie

    This is flat out TREASON and I’d sure like to know why Obama hasn’t been arrested and dragged out of the Oval Office!

  • Zoomie72

    And you wonder why some people think Obama is Muslim?

  • Veritas

    This has been my reaction to most of his antics lately; WTF?

    10 days. Good riddance.

  • Stefán Auðunn Stefánsson

    Your president is a muslim…..bare-naked….

  • 1johnnyrotten1

    I hope they don’t use it to attack us… you know like Israel did in 1967 when they tried to sink the USS Liberty…

    • Eu Wei Choi

      You ARE Rotten you,POS!

      • Dorrie

        He is also a stinking moslem…

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          He could also be a sailor from the USS Liberty who is now on the take to muslum petrodollars.
          What’s interesting is scum like this never mention the USS Stark or USS Cole — both attacked by muslums and one w/the assistance of a muslum USN sailor.

  • Frank Gilbert

    The next administration will stop it. But why aren’t the Republicans up in arms and getting the word out? Because they’re no damn better than Democrats!

  • Todd

    Obama will go down in history as the worst president, ever. Jimmy Carter is grateful. Obama is a lying, anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-Christian, anti-Jew, anti-Capitalism, anti-military, anti-veteran, anti-law enforcement, racist, Socialist, islamophile, candy-assed coward.

  • conan_drum

    Can DT stop a shipment from Russia? It would be a test of his ‘friendship’ with Putin

  • Street Wise

    Is this the same Uranium that Hillary gave up to the Russians while she was SOS?

    • Ron Gonshorowski

      Not exactly, she gave the rights of Uranium One to the Russian’s.
      It is recovered in a different manner than just mining.
      In 2007 Uranium One acquired a controlling interest in UrAsia Energy,[4] a Canadian firm with headquarters in Vancouver, from Frank Giustra.[5] UrAsia Energy has interests in rich uranium operations in Kazakhstan.[6] UrAsia Energy’s acquisition of its Kazakhstan uranium interests from Kazatomprom followed a trip to Almaty in 2005 by Giustra and former U.S. President Bill Clinton where they met with Nursultan Nazarbayev, the leader of Kazakhstan. Substantial contributions to the Clinton Foundation by Giustra followed.
      They are using spin by saying natural Uranium, when in fact it is Yellow cake.
      Look here for more details.

  • dad1927
    • IzlamIsTyranny

      LOL, excellent.

  • Baria

    USA do something. Charge obumo with treason and jail him immediately. Dont wait another day. He did more damage than enough. Do it.

  • Canadian Patriot

    If Mr. Obama does not go to prison for a long, long time, there is no justice.

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