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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

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[ August 22, 2017 ]

Trump’s Afghanistan speech: mentioned “terrorists” 16 times but for 1st time left out word “Islamic”

[ August 22, 2017 ]

Alliance Between the Left and Islam Cemented by Lenin and Hitler

[ August 22, 2017 ]

BBC Asks Twitter Followers If Criticism of Muslim Child Sex Gangs Is ‘Racist’

AFDI Video at #WomensMarch: Violence, Profanity and Hate, Our Reporter Attacked


I was in DC for the Inauguration and the DeploraBall and I can tell you, it was the best of times and it was the worst of times. The best of America and the worst. Last week I warned on this site and various email news-blasts that it was going to get ugly and we must get ready to fight for Trump. Events this past weekend bear me out — in spades. The left showed its teeth. This wasn’t a women’s march, it was a sore losers march. The man of the people was inaugurated on Friday, and they weren’t having it. They had every major institution — media, academia, Hollywood, music, Soros, and money, money, money, to advance their candidate and they lost. Donald had nothing — except the aspirations of the individual — and he triumphed.

If anyone thought the left would accept defeat and respect the democratic process, they have not been paying attention for the past 40 years. The left’s army of goons is fueled by incendiary rhetoric by the media, academia, Hollywood airheads was on full display this past weekend at the sore losers protests in leftwing cities across the country.

The left is irrational, anti-real, violent — evil. They will not calm down and accept the loss.

AFDI Women’s March Video Reveals Leftists’ Ignorance and Indifference Regarding Sharia Oppression of Women

NEW YORK, January 24: The human rights advocacy group the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) today unveiled a shocking new video, filmed at the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. the day after the inauguration of President Trump, showing that many marchers were ignorant of and indifferent to the plight of women suffering under Sharia oppression, even as they claimed to be marching in defense of women.

One of the organizers behind Saturday’s Women’s March, Linda Sarsour, is a notorious anti-semite and was recently spotted at a large Muslim convention in Chicago posing for pictures with an accused financier for Hamas, the terrorist group. An outspoken critic of Israel, Sarsour “supports the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) movement, a Hamas-inspired initiative that uses various forms of public protest, economic pressure, and court rulings to advance the Hamas agenda of permanently destroying Israel as a Jewish nation-state.”

AFDI President Pamela Geller noted: “As violent Leftists rioted in Washington on Donald Trump’s inauguration day, our AFDI correspondent Laura Loomer was there. Laura also attended the Women’s March the next day. At both, she found the opposition to Trump to be angry, arrogant, confrontational — and unwilling to confront facts that disproved their positions, particularly on Trump’s opposition to Islamic terrorism.”

Geller added: “This was true even of Democratic Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley, who sneered at our correspondent and accused her of ‘hate’ for standing up for Muslim women.”

The video shows that women’s marchers repeatedly showed that they had no idea of the grim reality of life for women under Islamic law — polygamy, beatings, honor killings, genital mutilation — and no interest in hearing about it. For them, Muslims are an oppressed class threatened by Trump; jihad terror and Sharia oppression just don’t matter to them. This tragic indifference is compounded by the fact that a principal organizer of the Women’s March was Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour. Sarsour is openly pro-Sharia and has numerous links with the terror group Hamas.

Concluded Geller: “These encounters show something very important about the Trump-hating, America-hating Left: it simply doesn’t know what it’s talking about.”


  • Jude

    It was the same in London. The People’s Charter asked several demonstrators why they were protesting, and apart from vague remarks (Well, Trump is against women, isn’t he?) none of them could come up with any actual examples; and some of them simply wiffled and waffled.

  • Jennifer Sands

    Whether the left ACCEPTS defeat or not, does not matter one bit in this country! They were defeated on Nov 8th by the People of America, again all through December by the Russian baloney and recount, Then again by the Electoral voting, then more leaked Russian Baloney and then again on Jan 20th when OUR CHOICE for President was sworn in! They are done!

    • But they are not done, if you haven’t noticed.

      It doesn’t matter one bit whether they win or lose, if you haven’t noticed.

      I think that you haven’t noticed.

      Whether the left ACCEPTS defeat or not, does not matter one bit in this country! They were defeated on Nov 8th by the People of America, again all through December by the Russian baloney and recount, Then again by the Electoral voting, then more leaked Russian Baloney and then again on Jan 20th when OUR CHOICE for President was sworn in! They are done!

      • Jennifer Sands

        LOL! Oh yes we have noticed the non-violent, loud rioters in the street. What have their accomplished, nothing! Now once the other side has had enough you will see a quite suppression of the loud mouths!

  • Tabludama

    Dialog was very hard to understand. It would be ten times more interesting and effective if you included text captions of the dialog.

  • Dennis

    To me, this article reinforces my belief that there are many people out there who simply do not recognize what dangers they are up against. Their ignorance is palpable, and because of that it is scary that they will say and do the things that they do. I commend the AFDI reporter for the courage it took to “face off” with these people, who were there to express their hate, it is as simple as that. I can only hope that now that they have spent their furor as our Constitution allows them to assemble and protest, they will go back home, reflect further on their thinking and come to realize that they accomplished nothing and, more importantly, they will come to their senses when they rethink their animosity and realize that what Trump is trying to do is save them all from a very scary world out there. I suspect that history will see the actions of these people as being consistent with similar conduct that might have brought down other governments , but I am certain that these marchers will have failed, simply because most of us are right and reasonable thinking people who understand the real world realities, as I have come to believe that Trump and people like him have as well. This march will fade away into history and be remembered as the “march of fools.”

  • Jess

    This wasn’t what it was for everyone, but for me the march was about accountability for those who commit crimes against women and minorities and get away with it because people aren’t likely to believe them. There are just as many fake accusstions for murder as there are for rape, domestic violence, and assault but these victims aren’t believed. It’s happened twice where a good friend of mine was attacked and they didn’t believe her. The lawyers told them both that it wouldn’t be worth it to follow through on the case. And sure enough, they lost. These women were bright beautiful and strong. Role models to me. One was beaten by her fiancé. The other was molested by her massage therapist.

    3 women have come forward at one point to say that Donald attacked or raped them. They then went back on their word. Look up what each of them have said in the past. Most people don’t follow through on taking their attacker to court because people automatically think they are lying. Why??? It’s not that way with any other crime.

    It’s terrifying to know that if something were to happen to me it’s likely that my attacker would get away with it and no one would believe me. This is the truth of the world we live in today.

    If I know of two people personally that this has happened to… I can’t imagine how many more are out there.

    • Dan Knight

      The march was about accountability alright – making sure those responsible for violence in our community – among other crimes – are NOT accountable.

      I’ve had this argument many times with Leftists: When Law Enforcement refuses to investigate a serious crime such as rape, child molesting, burglary, robbery, or domestic violence (just to name a few), how exactly does my white skin get privileged by that? Hum? No flippin’ explanation is ever forthcoming.

      But I can explain why it benefits Leftists: Because every crime Law Enforcement drops, a victim is left behind, and the victim will often be told – and will believe – that I support that crime – that I want that crime – because I am white and male.

      And Leftist bigots and their drones believe this Big Lie.

      Creating violence – to blame on your ‘enemy’ – really your victim – is an old tactic. Communists used it. And Leftists use it.

      White criminals, especially those with cash, can still use the Pro-criminal Legal system to spring them, but this is a meaningless consequence of a system designed to put millions of people at risk of violent crime with no intention of allowing Law Enforcement to do its job.

    • 3 women have come forward at one point to say that Donald attacked or
      raped them. They then went back on their word. Look up what each of them
      have said in the past

      What are we to make of “went back on their word”. What does “went back” mean?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The education system is disgracing itself when it produces uneducated, fools who mindlessly bleat some hate or another based on “celebrity hatred”. The imbeciles in these parades display why America needs President Trump, as a good “slap upside the head” is long overdue for these mindless drones. And another one for the education system that spawned them.

    • I bet not one of them protesters did bother to read the Koran. How do we take away their rosy glasses? How do we liberate the flour of the nation from the grasp of the leftist / facist oppressors?

      What are we going to do before it is too late again?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Anyone who reads the qur’an with any degree of understanding, will ridicule it to the point of disgust abhorrence. These stupid women don’t realize that they would never be allowed out of the house under shari’a,.

    • AHH!!!

      Try and find information on “New Civics”… This is what is being taught by the teachers… frightening.

  • Poppey

    To be honest, it would do those disgusting people some good if some of them were caught up in the next terror attack wherever they are. They’re so pig ignorant they shouldn’t be encouraged to breed, and that goes for those in the UK as well.

    Their kind of witless virtue signalling is aid and comfort to the enemy, I know, I had many conversations with one last summer in England, she was vegan, hard left, pro open borders, hated both her parents and foster mum all of whom refuse to have anything much to do with her, all she has is her visceral hatred for the people and society that nurtured and educated her, one sick young woman of 29.

  • swmntman

    Concluded Geller: “These encounters show something very important about the Trump-hating, America-hating Left: it simply doesn’t know what it’s talking about.”
    I don’t know Pamela – maybe they do! Maybe this is what they truly want. It seems inconceivable that anyone would choose socialism but I’m beginning to wonder. It seems to mimic Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” in many ways. Bizarre to say the least.

  • Patrick
    • Mahou Shoujo


    • skipsart

      She’s an oxymoron.

      • mamacancook

        Just a moron.

        • skipsart

          Do you not know what an oxymoron is?

          • mamacancook

            Of course! You missed it, buddy!

  • Joe Freedom

    Civil war is coming to America soon. There is but one way to deal with the lefist that will attack, destroy and rape the nation.

  • Dr. Doomsday

    You’ve heard of Angry Birds? These are Angry Lemmings…

  • Edward Vincent

    WOMANS MARCH of DEATH . Thats what it is ,

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    The demonstrators seem to get some kind of exhilarating high, which may be the real reason for the demonstrations.

  • Lia

    Can these women speak at all without displaying their command of profanity?

  • Alleged Comment

    When the SHTF these are the very people that will get BEHEADED AND RAPED. I might just watch from far away with my uhh, scoped assault rife, I dunno…..

  • Annie

    I love that sign of the AFDI reporter: “Islam Is Misogynist”.

    What gets me about all these delicate flowers who are marching is that
    they’re so utterly appalled by Trump’s locker room banter – yet their
    mouths are as foul as a sewer and they don’t have a word to say about
    all the soft porn, sexual trash which bombards them all the time on TV
    and in the movies. That’s okay but Trump’s private banter from 25 years
    ago isn’t and outrages them?

    What a bunch of stupid and grossly ignorant women – ready and ripe to
    be dominated by Islam.

    • Poppey

      Agreed, I spotted another banner you would have approved of held by a young woman in Germany last year, it said ” My perfume provoked you to assault me ?
      Your misogyny provokes me to smash your face “.

      As a pert reply, it’s hard to better don’t you agree ?

      • Annie

        Yes, I agree. I love that sign in Germany and heartily concur
        with its message.

  • Poppey

    On a Saturday nearly a year ago in Birmingham England, I marched in silence for two miles with two hundred other men and women on the first PEGIDA UK march through horizontal rain and a force 9 gale, we were surrounded on all sides by police with riot helmets and all the other paraphernalia of riot control.

    We were not seen by the people of that city because we were forced onto a closed off road through an empty industrial estate lined with police cars evidence gathering cameras and protected vans. The Socialist / Islamic Birmingham council refused us permission to go through the city centre because we were” Nazis” of the “far right”. No such restrictions had been placed on people favoured by that council at other demonstrations.

    I had driven a round trip in the most appalling weather of 350 miles with an overnight stay to protest the Islamification of my society, Europe in general and the events around New Year in Cologne Germany.

    When asked by a news film crew why I was there, I told them so that any Western woman or girl could walk where they liked, wearing what they liked wearing the perfume of her choice without fear of being molested, shouted at, punched, spat at kidnapped or gang raped by Muslim and African immigrants because of who and where she was and how she smelt or what she was wearing.

    I, have two daughters of 25 and 26, unlike many of those misinformed people in New York, the younger one when 17 and very attractive was snatched for forced prostitution while on holiday in Bodrum Turkey coming out of a toilet in a beach cafe in that tourist town.

    The tourist police heard her violent struggles, drew their pistols and got the male before he could drive her away,
    I found out later the release fee for the most fair and beautiful like her could go to $52,000 IF they were uncut by what you call “box cutters”.

    I like to think one year on, there was more morality in what I did and marched for than all those women with their snowflake agenda combined.

    WE marched for a truly worthy cause, they seemed to be enjoying having a very public bad tempered childish tantrum.

    Every one of them needed to see what that Islamic “peace truck” caused in Nice or the sights that greeted the police in the Bat-a-Clan theater Paris.

    Those dreadful distressing scenes and emotions in Europe over the last two years might have caused some to reflect on their actions and beliefs.

    • Annie

      You must still be sick with worry about your daughters after what happened
      and with the Muslim migrant problem in England – although they’re much
      safer home than in Turkey. I often think about the victims in Europe –
      the survivors and loved ones of those brutally killed AND the women
      and children victims of Muslim sexual assaults, beatings and rapes.
      And, of course, of the murdered and wounded Americans and their
      families here in my own country. I think of them all in the sense of
      how have they gone on with their lives – with all that wrenching
      suffering inflicted on them by Islam.

      I so root for people like yourself in the countries in Europe. I’m
      watching the upcoming elections this year – especially the Nether-
      lands, France and Germany. The current leaders have betrayed
      their own people with the inundation of male Muslim migrants in
      a way I never dreamed of seeing in my lifetime. I am so thankful
      to God President Trump was elected to try and counteract this
      Globalist-supported destruction of Western civilization.

      You did indeed march for a very worthy cause to which many of
      the women marchers in Washington are oblivious. But the march
      was Soros-funded and sponsored by many leftist, globalist
      groups here in the States – as was the very violent anarchy at the
      periphery of Mr. Trump’s inauguration. All are sympatico with
      European leaders and two known Communists spoke at the
      march: Angela Davis and Van Jones. These are not people who
      care at all about our President’s alleged misogyny – like the
      ignorant and uninformed women attendees do.

      • Poppey

        Thankyou so much for your support Annie, it’s lovely to get the occasional nod. As to my girls, the one in question is now living in Brighton on the South Coast 25 miles from me, two years ago it joined a list of 43 other towns and cities in the UK qualifying for special public funds to counter the growth of Islamic terror teaching.

        I’ve written a 10 page memorandum of understanding on Mass Immigration to Western Countries, it helps explain some of the decisions behind the issue and some of the consequences, it’s one of a series of explanatory documents and part of a 25 item information pack.

        It’s gone to many top people in UK as well as Germany France The Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland and Australia so far. Contact Pamela if you would like to read it, I call it my PEGIDA document.

    • Dan Knight

      God bless you and your daughters, and family.

      • Poppey

        Thankyou, we’re all on the same journey it seems, confusion to our enemies.

  • rightwing

    Would any of the women protesting want to live in Iran? Do they know the name Aqsa Parvez?

  • crbynum

    That was an example of a nasty woman.

  • Dan Knight

    Glad Laura was unhurt. Thank you for reporting the news.

    No surprise to me. I’ve felt the wrath of Leftists on more than one occasion. And I’ve seen the victims – with photos and lab reports – of their political favorites and their pro-criminal policies.

  • Scorpio

    Watching this video, I’m filled with horror and despair at the chance of Western Civilization prevailing. These young people are our future.

    • mamacancook

      There are millions of young women who were brought up by America-loving parents who instilled decent values and patriotism in their daughters. I have one and know hundreds more.

      The “protesters” are only a small segment of America. They just have really big (and disgusting!!) mouths. They speak for very few of America’s women.

      • Scorpio

        I REALLY hope you’re right. I look at my nieces and nephews, who are solid, patriotic young people and I think maybe we have a chance.

  • Thank you for exposing loathsome liberalism.

  • pipo

    Let send most of them on a holiday in IS controlled area and debrief when they are back. Probably back in body bags. In case not starting too harsh they can also enjoy Saudi Arabia. Please send us your holiday experiences. First your lousy lefty boyfriend will be beheaded and you woman rights advocates will be used by many filthy muzzrats. And that all out of liberal diversity.

  • joe1429

    Why dont these imbeciles protest against islam and sharia instead of Trump??

    • spudmans1

      Because most of them do not know the difference between S__t and Shine-ole-la

  • Robert Wilkerson,III

    Nice manners, ladies. Every lib, wanna-be, intellectual has a mouth like a sailor when you start to tallk politics, whereas at least conservative women can be graceful and refrain from ad hominem attacks. Nothing is filthy like the vocabulary of a mad-dog, female, PP advocate confronting a Republican man armed with the sense God gave him. I’ve seen these harpies going-off on Cons. at rallies, spittle flying from their oversized maws. I bet you a Buffalo nickel one will email me today and tell me that that I hate women b/c I don’t support babies being chopped up just so the mother can go to Bonnaroo and get knocked up again. Acting all the while like a jar of Marshmallow fluff – white, creamy and easy to spread. (My thanks to LaWanda Page)

  • SCS

    Why don’t we organize a march of our own? We can carry images of women who have been beaten, women being stoned, beheaded, in chains. There are diagrams of different levels of FGM readily available on the internet, images of women who have been disfigured by acid attacks, child marriages… Imagine a couple of million people marching all carrying these images. No crude language, no pussy hats, no gratuitous f-bomds, no man bashing, just the truth. The undeniable, horrible, unthinkable truth. Do you think that’ll get their attention? Will Pamela Geller help organize? And if so, who does she know that would help? Will Hirsi-Ali and the others who made The Honor Diaries film help? The Honor Diaries, for those of you who don’t know, is the film about honor killings that Linda Sarsour, womens march organizer, tried to block. I don’t know how to organize this, but damn straight, I’ll help. Who is on board?

  • curtis

    Did you see the one gal on the video- she was showing off her IQ for everyone to see- again! If these women want Shariah law, then, perhaps we should start with them, and see how they like it!

  • chichilouise

    Refusing to believe the truth, they are given a delusion to believe the lie. that AFDI reporter journalist was very courageous. Sheep on the right, goats on the left. The Bible had that declared long before there was a left.

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