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Jihad in the White House: Obama Scraps National Security Program to Screen Visitors From Middle Eastern Countries


This isn’t clueless. This is complicit.

Tick, tock, tick, tock….. TRUMP!

Obama Scraps National Security Program to Screen Visitors From Middle Eastern Countries

By Susan Jones || December 22, 2016 |
The Obama administration has ended a dormant national security program launched under President George W. Bush to track men coming to the United States from mostly Middle Eastern countries. (AP File Photo)

The American Civil Liberties Union hailed President Obama on Thursday for scrapping the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS), a Bush-era program used to screen and track certain individuals coming to the United States from mostly Middle Eastern countries where al Qaida was present.

The program was launched on Sept. 11, 2002, a year after the 9-11 attacks, and although it was suspended in 2011 by the Obama administration, some groups have warned that incoming President Donald Trump could reactivate it as a “Muslim registry.”

Under NSEERS, male foreign visitors over the age of 16, either arriving or staying in the U.S. from certain designated countries (most of them Muslim-majority countries) were required to register at immigration offices upon arrival in the United States.

They were fingerprinted, photographed, and interviewed under oath, and they also were required to notify the Immigration and Naturalization Service within ten days of any changes in address, employment, or school while in the United States. The program also included exit controls, to help the immigration service remove aliens who overstayed their visas.

Joanne Lin, the ACLU’s senior legislative counsel, described the overall NSEERS program as “a completely failed counter-terrorism tool and massive profiling program that didn’t yield a single terrorism conviction in nearly a decade.”

By ending NSEERS “for good,” Lin added, “the U.S. is on the right path to protect Muslim and Arab immigrants from discrimination.”

President-elect Trump has called for heightened scrutiny of Muslims coming to the United States from countries such as Syria, but he has never specifically mentioned NSEERS.

After a terrorist rammed a stolen truck into a Christmas market in Berlin this week, killing 12 people,Trump told reporters, “You know my plans.”

Last month, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a Trump immigration adviser during the campaign, said Trump should renew the program.

According to the Associated Press, the administration will publish its decision to scrap NSEERS in the Federal Register on Friday.

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  • patriotusa2

    Indeed he did, as he doesn’t care who comes in this country since he and his family are protected around the clock. Hopefully, Trump will be able to reverse this policy before too many Muslims are admitted. In the interim, maybe the congress can get off their duffs and try to block another scandalous attempt at eradicating our safety!

    • glnman

      Yes, however, I read elsewhere that this actual program was done away with long ago. The difference now is that Pajama boy Obama has destroyed all the records that were created in the program so that if it were restarted it would have to be done from scratch. Treason.

  • Richard

    “Obama ditches registry focused on immigrant men from Muslim countries” along with his declaration “The future must not belong to those who insult the prophet of Islam” could not make it clearer he is a traitor. A man who despises our western democratic values and is working to replace it with the reactionary, backward, vile, cult of Islam.
    Thank god Trump won. Can you imagine Hilary Clinton continuing his policies of destroying our freedoms and unraveling the fabric of our values.

    • Suresh

      Why can’t this scumbag be prosecuted for funding , arming , training syrian jihadis including ISIS ?

      Trump wants to secure America and Israel and Leftists/liberals Morons hate him for that !

      Its the Leftists /Liberal Loons especially women like Dumb Merkel, who have actively encouraged islamic invasion out of stupidity and ignorance that is leading to rapes , assaults on women , children and violence

      And Here’s Dumb Liberal/Leftists idea of stopping rape and assault on women by Muslim Rapugees

      • Richard

        The best thing that could happen is if he was captured and taken hostage by a Jihadist. Then the same policy could be applied to him that he applied to American citizens captured by Muslims. No ransom. The only one he agreed to ransom was the traitor Bergdahl, who he ransomed by freeing 5 Taliban murderers.
        It could happen if his security were reduced after he leaves office.

      • Obutthole the traitor

        It’s shocking that someone in the SS or intelligence hasn’t done him in. And why hasn’t Congress done anything about his various acts of treason? WTF.

  • Trevor Fortune

    “a completely failed counter-terrorism tool and massive profiling
    program that didn’t yield a single terrorism conviction in nearly a
    This is the stupid logic of the left. The fact that this program didn’t yield a conviction is because it stopped the terrorists before they could act. Their idea of success is for terrorists to enter unchecked, kill hundreds of people and for them to take the blame and say sorry that we offended them. Just FO you idiots.

    • balafama

      my sentiments exactly, it probably prevented lots of terrorists from doing harm ,given that their addresses ,fingerprints , relations etc were known. regardless of ones feelings about george bush he did keep america safe during those 8 yrs after 911.
      terrorist attacks unfortunately are now frequent . jihadis popping up everywhere like popcorn……..sad.

    • Joe Schmoe

      me three

  • pdxnag

    The ACLU has already been infested with pious Muslims and thus inverted from defender of individual liberty into enemy.

    • Dr. Doomsday

      The ACLU was never a defender of individual liberty. They were, and are, leftist, Communist agitators.

    • joe1429

      The DNC will soon be headed by a muzrat

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “By ending NSEERS “for good,” Lin added, “the U.S. is on the right path to protect Muslim and Arab immigrants from discrimination”. And, the unforeseen consequence is that it also removes any protection to Americans from terrorist attacks.

    • Craig

      But…the socialist democrats want to protect muzzies, not Americans. Because, the socialist anti-American democrats love anyone who hates the U.S.

    • aebe

      Not unforeseen , or even unwanted . Islamites are being imported solely to cause trouble that progressives are counting on .

  • Dommy

    The enemy within doing as much damage as he can get away with in the time remaining to him.

    • Dr. Doomsday

      “.. He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short…”

      Kinda applies here.. and to all rebels against the truth.

  • Dennis

    When you consider this articles contents, and the probability that Obama was preparing to abstain, rather than vetoing the U.N. resolution condemning Israel concerning it building settlements in Judea and Samaria, one should easily be able to conclude that this President is anti-Semitic and his foreign policy suffers from a total lack of respect and support for America’s allies. How he managed to get elected boggles my mind. He is so influenced by his traditional Islamic upbringing and his narcissism that he clearly was a bad choice for this country and its citizens. He certainly did nothing to help those of color, and even in his last days in office his blind refusal to deal with what is really happening is strangling this country and its Allies. Good riddance!

  • This is a very unwise and dangerous move on his part.

    • InfidelCrusader

      He knows exactly what he’s doing. This is retribution to the country for not electing his heir-apparent Hillary.

  • karl59

    When Obama leaves this world, there will be a very hot place burning for him.

  • J Hall

    This is another big F-you from Obama to the American people. He is an evil man….

  • Craig

    In 2007, rat obama said he was going to punish the U.S. This is just a continuation in the very long list of tyrannical actions and usurpations committed by this muslim marxist POS.
    Hopefully, one of his “lovely” muzzies will help rat obama to the promised land. THAT would be appropriate.

  • Drew the Infidel

    All this hysteria about a “muslime registry” qualifies as “fake news” or media propaganda. Trump’s stance on “extreme vetting”, as he calls it, is rooted in public law, namely 8 US Code Section 1182 entitled “Inadmissible Aliens”. Conduct a search for it and go down to Subsection #3 “Security and Related Grounds” and go to Item B “Terror”. There you will find nine different creteria for screening, one of them being persons coming from areas of the globe where terror is rampant.

  • Dorrie

    Obama has brought 110,000 moslems into U.S. just this year alone! Do others know about this?! Consider if just 1% are jihadis, that’s over 100 of them!

  • Ron Cole

    Its* play like muslim “faith” could be tested easily.
    Drop it in bath house drag into an IS&IL mob, and see just how the terrorist like preverts**.

    * it: Le perpetually lying incessantly groveling ever curtsying bath house blo fairy queen barbie hussein ∅’blamer valkeryie jarr&tit’s paperless alien puppet. ( the ever innocent, not involved, and never informed)

    ** Prevert: Prevert: This fine apt neologism comes compliments of Colonel Bat Guano (Kennan Wynn) from our cult sensation
    “Dr. Strangelove” referring to commie queers.
    This must be updated to mu%%ie perverts.

  • DemocracyRules

    At 2:30 pm today, wherever you are. New Yorkers, drive to the UN building, stop your car and honk your horn from 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm. Israel is in danger. Obama has conspired to wreck Israel’s chances of ever making ANY settlement in the West Bank.

    Please re-post this message anywhere you can.

  • aebe

    Scrapping the program is one thing . Destroying the program’s files is quite another . Progressives wanting to force the issue over allowing islamites into the country without any oversight will find no islamites allowed in , period .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights…. Carry

  • joe1429

    This traitor is going to be the most Dangerous in his last few days! Hope we make it to jan 20th!

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