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Obama’s Legacy: Iran opens JIHAD THEME PARK, kids pretend to attack US and Israel


Obama gave these devout savages billions. Billions. Can we expect a member of the enemedia to ask the outgoing President why he would enrich and embolden a tyrannical genocidal regime? Why would they? They, too, are aligned with the jihad force.

Welcome to Jihadi land! Iran opens theme park where children get to dress up as soldiers and pretend to attack Israel and other Western enemies

  • The City of Games for Revolutionary Children has opened in Mashad, Iran
  • Run by the Iranian government, it teaches children to fight against enemies including Israel and the US
  • Young children as young as eight don military uniforms and fight ‘battles’
  • Visitors are encouraged to fire rubber bullets at an effigy of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

A new theme park has been opened by the Iranian government, where young children learn to be revolutionaries and fight against the country’s enemies.

Youngsters as young as eight are able to don military uniforms and fight ‘battles’ against the US and Israel at the new attraction in the city of Mashad.

The park is named The City of Games for Revolutionary Children.

A new theme park has been opened by the Iranian government, where young children learn to be revolutionaries and fight against the country’s enemies.

Youngsters as young as eight are able to don military uniforms and fight ‘battles’ against the US and Israel at the new attraction in the city of Mashad.

The park is named The City of Games for Revolutionary Children.

Visitors are kitted out with military gear and given guns, so they can learn how to fight the country’s enemies

A young boy holding a weapon at what looks like a mock military checkpoint at the theme park

Visitors are split into ‘squads’ of up to 10, the World Tribune reports, and go through 12 stages – including sections dedicated to the Iran-Iraq war, defending holy shrines, and walking through minefields.

They also learn about the battle in Syria against ISIS, and throw balls at effigies of the terror group.

And The Sun reports that they are encouraged to fire plastic bullets at an effigy of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Among the shrines children are required to save are the Shrine of Zaynab in Damascas, Syria.

Visitors are taught that the most important elements in war are ‘wisdom and intelligence’

They are also taught about Iranian leaders, including Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who founded the Islamic Republic.

Theme park boss Hamid Sadeghi said: ‘At the final station, the children learn that the most important elements for attaining victory are wisdom and intelligence for fighting the enemy.’

Speaking to Raja News in Iran, he said the park has been in ‘great demand’.


Some of the stages which the children pass through at the theme park: 

Stage one – Youngsters are taught about the Mahdi, the Shi’ite messiah

Stage two – They are taken to the station of the Rule of the Jurisprudent

Stage three – The children are taught about the Islamic Revolution and how the Shah’s dictatorship was vanquished

Stage four – They enter the first station of the Holy Defence, where they simulate fighting the enemy and learn about combat methods, including firing plastic bullets. They shoot at effigies of the Israeli Prime Minister and the US flag.

Stage five – The children go to the station of defence of the Shrine of Zaynab and learn about the fighting in Syria against ISIS

Stage six – Children have a contest throwing balls at effigies of ISIS and the Saudi royal family

Stage seven – They watch a video about the defence of the Shrine of Zaynab

Stage eight – The children receive a souvenir gift

Stage nine – Children are blindfolded and asked to stage thow a ball at an Israeli flag in the form of a puzzle and knock it down, and then assemble a puzzle of an Israeli flag

Children taking part in military training exercises at the theme park, which teaches children how to fight against Israel and the US

Read the rest.

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  • Dennis

    More evidence that the free world is dealing with a corrupt and insane culture. The fact that such a “theme park” would be adopted is overwhelming proof to the free world that Iran and its culture can mean nothing else but heartache and disharmony for our free world cultures. This so-called Islamic “Disneyland” should be recognized as a harbinger of what will come from Islam of the Middle East. Any one who fails to recognize that is a fool. The hope is that these children will some day revolt against the despotic culture and remember how they were taught to bring it down. Fortunately, Obama and his misguided cronies are about to vacate their offices, something that cannot come soon enough for me. Based on the choices being made by Trump to run the respective executive departments, I am expecting that reality will prevail and that our new leaders will recognize what dangers we face and bring to bear everything possible to terminate the control Islam has in the Middle East and elsewhere. History has taught mankind that whenever any religious philosophy possesses control over government, it becomes despotic and totalitarian. Islam, which is not a religion as we understand what a religion consists of here in the free world, rather it is a political philosophy which seeks world dominance and rejects all non-Muslim belief systems, is effectively spreading its tentacles, and unless we immediately see it for what it is, the consequences will be heartbreaking for our youth and future generations. We must get serious and, if nothing else, we must attempt to promote and preach to the youth of the world of Islam that they cannot continue the concept of Jihad, and that they must overthrow their own “theocratic” leaders and somehow require them to adopt a secular form of government or face the reality of severe consequences. Until we do that, if that is even possible, we must prepare ourselves for the combat that is sure to come.

  • Michael Copeland

    “…between us and you enmity and hatred forever”,
    Koran 60:4
    Start’em young.

    • peakpower

      That’s a good one. I highlighted it in my Koran so I have it for future reference.

  • Fred

    Does this really shock anyone?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    They should learn how to recognize the audio qualities of falling bombs or rockets, then, how to unroll a preyer mat and perform their last salat in under a minute.

    • tatka150

      Nuke them all

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        You got it.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Will Justin Trudeau be there for the grand opening? Maybe he could cast the first stone at the Stone the Adulteress Shooting Gallery attraction while wearing his urine colored thobe. It would be haute’ couture!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        With the Canadian economy circling the bowl, anything he wears is off the bargain rack at walmart.

  • Jackie Puppet

    I’m astonished that Obama wasn’t invited to cut the ribbon at the grand opening ceremony!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      LOL and then he could be guest of honor at Khameni’s Dancing Boy Review! A lap dance from every boy!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Do they have a special dancing boy review? Maybe featuring the Ayatrollah singing Thank Allah for Little Boys? How about a Glory Hole ride for little boys? R little girls allowed in as well? Maybe for the pre-pubescent matrimony ride?

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    All Muslim Parents: ” They’re so cute when they’re trained to kill young !!! “

  • reyol

    During the Iran-Iraq war, Iran rounded up children like these on the streets, gave them plastic keys (to paradise) and made them run across the minefields towards the Iraqis. This is probably why the Iranian women have managed to avoid having too many children since then to the demographic detriment of Iran. The park is in great demand to the families of the Revolutionary Guards – not so much for ordinary Iranians.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I wish the Iran-Iraq war had gone on forever.

      • reyol

        We were never safer than when the Sunnis and the Shias were going all at it.

      • #fuckyoumuslim


  • Stephen Honig

    They will provide safe haven to Obama and his family, because he anti American and a traitor to my country.

  • karl59

    Hope Trump can put a stop payment against Iran!

  • joe1429

    Our tax dollars financed it! 150 bil to iran, by our muslum in chief.. Now our traitor in chief is going on a farewell tour, if you can believe this nutcase. White house said his last 2 weeks will be touring.. copying trump.

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