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Elementary school children taught how to pray at mosque, Parents OUTRAGED


Educationalists across the Western world have allowed themselves to be drawn in to the spread of Islam. They peddle a narrative of understanding, but fail to give our children the whole sorry story about this dark-age death cult — most likely because they are ignorant themselves and too lazy to find out the truth.

Rest assured, Christian prayer, Jewish prayer, etc. are not taught.

These same teachers would have been teaching the Nazi salute to their charges had they been around 80 years ago — too lazy and ignorant to work out what it all stood for.

What are your children being taught about Islam?

Parents OUTRAGED at curriculum as video emerges of children learning to PRAY at mosque

ANGRY parents have demanded a change in the curriculum after a video emerged showing primary school pupils in the Netherlands learning how to pray in a mosque.

By Ajay Nair, The Express, Dec 29, 2016

According to local media, the place of worship is said to be the Ghulzar e Madina mosque in Zwolle, which is believed to have been previously visited by radical preachers from Pakistan.Among them was M Anas Noorani Siddiqui, who promoted the death penalty for those who insult the Prophet Muhammad and once said the ”non-Islamic Dutch behave like dogs and b******.”In the footage, the Imam of the mosque is seen explaining to youngsters how Muslims pray, with the boys and girls separated to either side of the room.

The children, most of whom are thought to be Christians, are instructed to put their “elbows on the ground” and “put your hands close to your ears”.

Children praying at mosqueCEN

Children were filmed learning how to pray at a mosque in the Netherlands

While the video of the visit by the school is thought to be at least a year old, it resurfaced after a Dutch MP spotted it and called for schools not to participate in “so-called politically correct activities”.Harm Beertema, 64, an MP for Geert Wilders’ far-right Party for Freedom, also made a public call for parents to boycott mosque visits.

Mr Beertema, a former teacher, said: “Refuse to allow your child to participate in such ‘away-with-our-culture’ excursions. You are deciding, not the school.”

The clip has since caused a stir on social media, with hundreds of users reacting to it and sharing their own stories of “politically correct school curriculums”.

One parent said: “I recently found out my son was forced to sing ‘welcome, welcome refugee’ instead of Christmas songs.”A teacher said that his school was visited by education inspectors who raised a flag and reported “Year 4 classes have not visited a mosque yet”.

The Dutch curriculum currently stipulates that children have to “learn the main points about the religions which play a big role in the multicultural Dutch society”.

The video of the mosque visit comes after outraged parents slammed officials in July after discovering in a video that a class of primary school children at a Catholic school in the town of Dongen visited a mosque in Rotterdam as part of their school curriculum.

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  • superman2014

    I don’t know about Dutch laws but it is obvious that no one can force children to pray in a religion that is not theirs, what would happen if muslin children are forced to pray in a catholic church ?? that is very stupid.

    • Richard

      The schools are not just ignorant, they are complicit. They may not physically force this on the children, but the kids who don’t comply with the indoctrination are given poor or failing grades. The story happened in the Netherlands, but it is happening in the US also. Homeschool or, if you want to save our public schools, raise hell when this sh*t happens to your children.

      • HaplessChild

        Your are correct, sir.
        To call it ignorance is dismissive – this is a deliberate and well planned indoctrination.
        Adolph and his boys created the Hitler Youth and gave children no frame of reference or moral compass.
        You are also on point about this slithering into our culture.
        Stay Vigilant.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Stupid, is the mildest term that can be used to describe western europe.

      • Mike

        I would call it stupidity and treason.

    • sodacrackers2

      But they did.

  • Satan is Allah

    Christian Children should practice their soccer ball kick next time they’re required to visit a mosque.

  • Ray Shelton

    Funny how they never require the Muslim children to pray like Christians or Jews. Where are the men of Europe? Why don’t they stand up for their women and children?

    • Satan is Allah

      The Eurabian “men” have all been turning into Cuck liberal feminists fools who are submitting to the Islamic caliphate. They’ve surrendered. Muslim children should be force fed BLT’s ? ? ???

      • With a helping of pork rinds.

      • GabeM69

        This is what they want in Europe. It could happen also in the USA. Hopefully Trump will make changes but I’m a skeptic. You see Europeans have no chance as far as I’m concerned. The key to change is religious observance, marriage and family. In a perverted sort of way the Muslims have it so they will take over. Israel proved you can give these apes running water, flushing toilets, electricity, simply a much better life and they don’t care. The more you give them the more they hate you. They want what they want. In USA I don’t see Americans starting to flood churches again, marrying and having big families. They wont give up their BMW’s, $50,000 designer kitchens they never use & all the Carnival cruises. Materialism rules the day. People want dogs instead. All empires eventually crash.

        • Guest

          Unless Christianity returns to the 1940’s and 1950’s level we are probably in deservedly trouble….look for Muslims to start electing state ,city and county officials school board officials etc. in more numbers as well as some federal offices…those elected will appoint Muslim officials and so it goes…and with so many so called voters who don’t vote….well one can see what is going to happen…DONT LET IT HAPPEN AMERICA….DONT BECOME ANOTHER EUROPE.

          • GabeM69

            They will use democracy to gain control then all hell breaks out.

      • peakpower

        Muslim children should also be forced to drink beer.

        • Erica Ling

          In Germany they should participate in local culture–eat wurst.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Germanistan’s wurst is the best!

          • Erica Ling

            Mmmm. The best part of BAOR was avoiding free canteen meals to snack on bratwurst mit kartoffelsalat, etc. (Apologies to any ACC readers.)

    • As with Swedish and Danish and Norwegian and German men, Dutch men have been wussified by their PC education, just as our government encourages the wussification of American men via Common Core and multicultural education. The men no longer can claim that their women and children are theirs to protect; they are the state’s.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      There are no men in europoe there are ball bearing metrosexuals with elegant coiffures and well manicured fingernails.

      • Guest

        Looks like there may be a new addiction in Europe…islam…..well maybe not all that new.

      • AlgorithmicAnalyst

        That’s quite humorous, but also you made me realize, via your comments, that that is a common aspect of leftist popular culture in USA also, particularly in some left-dominated large cities, in MSM and with other celebrities as well.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          You can’t make this stuff up, that is what they are.

    • Persuader

      There are no more men in Europe just transgenders

    • Guest

      tIt for or tat should be the norm …Not really….
      Any Islamic standard should not be allowed in any public school…. and all Islamic schools should be monitored to insure they are not teaching terroism…Wait a minute… if they are teaching Islam ARE they not teaching terrorism???.

  • Fred

    The kids should crap on that rug

    • Persuader

      I wonder why a bunch of men want to keep looking other men’s behind on a rug 5 Times a day…I don’t know , what you think?

      • Fred

        Maybe not enough goats to go around

  • DancerTiffy

    So, does anyone have any clue as to how we are going to remove these islamists from our schools?
    Any ideas?
    As long as our universities keep on graduating cultural marxists, nothing will get any better; everything will just get worse.
    Our country has been hijacked by marxism, and we are being destroyed.
    There is not much time left, but there is still a small chance that we can save what is left.
    I don’t think we will though.

    • Persuader

      Vote conservative

    • Persuader

      Vote conservative and Christian

      • DancerTiffy

        We don’t have time to let the voting process slowly fix what is wrong.
        The situation is critical here in the US.
        Our Universities have been taken over by marxists and their muslim allies.
        The islamists are recruiting our children in our schools.
        We’ve lost our schools, and we are very close to losing our country.

    • Mike

      Thanks Dancer Tiffy. The best comment I read so far. you have diagnosed the root of the evil problem.

    • AlgorithmicAnalyst

      The first step is to stop them from coming in. Halt Muslim immigration.

  • Anti christ does not have to be one person it is these damn muslin

    • spfg

      It is both as the future will show…Coming soon in your lifetime..

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Typical islam, forced submission then death for apostasy afterward. islam is the dirtiest most lying dishonest violent cult of the criminally insane ever. Yet, socialists and there tax paying minions promote and support it. Have fun as submissive slaves, the dutch have once agin proven they have wooden shoes and wooden brains.

    • Persuader

      Wooden shoes and cheese brains, and the rats are eating it…

      • Mahou Shoujo

        You are absolutely right, I stand corrected.

  • Persuader

    The beginning of the muslim occupation. …

    • NickandLynds

      The beginning? This has been going on in the Netherlands for years. When I lived there between 2009 and 2013, the elementary schools in Amsterdam stopped a beloved tradition of having children visit a farm each spring because the trip offended Muslim parents who were concerned that their children might see a pig. I asked a neighbor why the Muslim children weren’t simply given the right not to attend, rather than spoiling the tradition for everyone else; I was told it wouldn’t be inclusive for the other children to have fun while the Muslim children were left behind. I never quite understood that, since, as per the Muslim parents, seeing a pig isn’t fun.

    • spfg

      The requirements for a muslim to have citizenship in Europe should be given a history lesson on how the Crusaders took back Europe from the invading infidel Muslims and conquered the Ottoman Empire and drove them back to their homeland. Then force them to take an oath to uphold and respect the traditions and beliefs of the Europeans as it was then and also as it is now. If they refuse to take the oath and also refuse to pay the cost of citizenship…(Yes they must pay to come here) or work it off then they cannot be admitted. It is the proud land of the Anglo Saxon European they are entering and not the other way around. Accept our traditions and beliefs if you wish to live here or go back to your hellhole from whence you came.

      Extraordinary measures must be implemented for accepting vicious savages into your homeland!!!

      • terrietime

        Someone needs to inform Obama!! He condemned the Christians in one of his speeches!!

  • Sgtsnuffy


    • IzlamIsTyranny

      No kidding, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least. Ditto for Canada.

    • Persuader

      Soon in a school near you…..

  • Persuader

    Do you think we could do the same in any muslim country ? Tolerance anyone ? Diversity anyone ? Multiculturalism? No ? For Sure ?

  • Persuader

    What about a gay parade on ramadan ?
    Any chance ? Tolerance is for all or for no one, just to be PC.
    Would be beautiful to see all those camels with rainbow flags on the desert going thru the streets of mecca with naked gay jockeys……beautiful ! Singing Cher and Beyoncé and shouting “all to the bar”…. poetic isn’t ?

    • Brightfuture

      If that’s divine then you are a Homo. The Mooslimes would slaughter you all in the streets before you could complete a twirl in your sparkly pants.

    • peakpower

      Ramadan would be a great time for a month long Pork Festival with street vendors in muslim enclaves making sure the sweet smell of pork would fill the air.

      • terrietime

        OMG!!! Stop already! LOL!!

    • terrietime


  • Emmett

    What about the Sikh temple or the Hindu temple, oh thats right the pro nazi religion is the ‘ strong horse ‘ !

  • Love 2 B Deplored
    • knightsstrength

      March 15, 2017

      • Love 2 B Deplored

        Can’t wait. Another nail in the globalist- liberal- elitist- cultist coffin.


    Mosques probably pay school-masters for fresh virgin hormone-smell aroma in their mosques as bait for their Muslims.

    Africans enslaved, children raped, atheists killed: Islamic tyrannies. Failed to being identified as problem by governments. Ban Islam. Save lives.

    These people carry out Islam as commanded by the Islam-guide.

    That government lives in a fantasy-world where Islam’s founder & his deity are in control of the world.

    If they can’t protect their minds from Islam they also can’t protect their state from Islam.
    & kissing the Koran like the last Polish Pope is not how you protect minds from Islam. On the contrary.

    Ban Islam. Save lives.

    This Islam-migration is an insult on the global culture of human rights & ecology.

    It’s ineffective to go fight against Muhammadist-conspirators if one is a Muhammadism-conspirator oneself.
    Condemn the Muhammadism-conspiracy in the media first & give people the chance to condemn it too. Then there might be no need to kill people as they condemn the Muhammadism-conspiracy & instead love human rights the new atheism/religion.

    While the government didn’t condemn the Muhammadism-conspiracy it has become more & more infiltrated by the Muhammadism-conspiracy even to the point where Barack Hussein Obama allegedly armed Islamic State in Syria, Lybia, released the Islamic State leader Al-Baghdadi from GITMO, supported Muslim Brotherhood terrorist-group in Egypt, Boko Haram & Al-Shabab supporting Omar Al-Bashir in new north-Sudan & Boko Haram, promoted Boko Haram as having “legitimate concerns” & tolerating enslavement of Africans in Islamic tyrannies.
    The US-government/army should be put on trial for arming Islamic State’s caliphate, crufixion & burning-campaign & all that.

    People have been indoctrinated to not be in control through the idea that a deity is in control.

    Governing, protecting human rights is not a spectator-thing.

    Islamic tyranny, terrorism & harassment is based on the Islam’s founder’s Islam-guide which is glorified & legitimized by Muslim-welcoming non-caliphate governments & their security institutions of media, police, electable parties, N.G.O.’s, academia & army, which intensifies & legitimizes Islamic conspiracy, harassment, terrorism & tyranny.
    Ban Islam, save lives.

    Why does Barack Hussein Obama promote Muhammadism-conspiracy army Boko Haram, who murder, burn alive 100?’s of 1000’s of people as having “legitimate concerns”?

    Did he instruct the Army to arm Islamic State while they crucify people while incarcerating innocent U.S.-soldiers?

    The Arabic word for African is SLAVE, (Abeed) & enslavement of Africans is happening in Mauritania (20% or more of people), Saudi Arabia, north-Sudan, Algeria, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Somalia, elsewhere & I’ve read also in Nigeria!

    The Muhammadism-conspirators want to ban fear & concern about the Islam-conspiracy in the media using theism to erase & relativize this fear & branded the fear of Islam Islamophobia, using Christian Jizya-organizations for their Islamic family-building project in non-caliphate regions.

    Governments don’t support save family-building to support the threatening Islamic family-building.

    Reviewing the headlines of the Geller-report should be a requirement for pupils & those headlines should be on every news-channel.
    Weighing the Geller-report headlines & information against what common TV-channels inform shows that common TV-channels & media are a dangerous hate-group.
    Media, political parties & academia are security institutions like the CIA, FBI, army, Police, government & all of these institutions have been infiltrated by Muhammadism-conspirators.
    Pamela Geller & Robert Spencer are cops of media, judges & kings as they prosecute the Muhammadism-conspiracy’s infiltration of the system in a global way.

    The problem is non-globalism which amplifies Islam. Political parties that say they will protect us from Islam say Muslim & non-Muslim foreigners are equal.

    The Muhammadism-conspirators infiltrated the security institutions (voteable parties, FBI, Army & media too) because they fear a global government.

    The Islam-conspiracy should never have a ‘moderate’ status that would make it’s criminal fundaments legal. Islam should be banned.
    Our social fabric is dependent on values that protect ethics: human rights & ecology.
    The overlooked legality of Islam facilitates Islamic harassment by Muhammadism-conspirators & tears down & exposes rotten elements of our social fabric that are superficially not dedicated to ethics: to human rights & ecology.
    & the solution is to ban Islam & to create an ethics: human rights & ecology protecting global government.

    We need to look how we can balance security & openness & not just in a national but global way.

    Banning Islam is reasonable & gives structure to security-laws just like a tree bears fruits.

    Banning Islam gives orientation in policy & law making: no Muslim immigration, no mosques, no idealization of Islam’s founder, no lies, instead the must to expose Islam thoroughly in fundamentals & history & to crush Islamic harassment & terrorism.

    Banning Islam is not persecution, it’s prosecution & in the interest of humanity.

    Democracy is a Police which is something the Muhammadism-conspiracy fears because Islam is a crime, racist, unethical & illegal.
    Ban Islam, save lives, worldwide.

    In Islam torturer, sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer, crucifier, genital mutilationist, clitodirectomist, child-rapist & pederast who ‘kissed’ little boys’ penises & sucked boys’ lips & tongues, theist psychopath, who burned people alive for not praying, for not being part of his conspiracy & to extort them, who gouged out eyes & cut off body-parts, gays-killer, Jews-killer, atheists-killer & child-beater, kidnapper Muhammad’s Muhammadism-conspiracy guide is the static law.

    Police & media is used as 1-sided interface of the government to program the people instead of as 2-sided interface to develop a law dedicated to the protection of human rights & ecology together.

    We are denied the facts critical to our security by the media as these critical informations are condemned as dangerous fake-news, blasphemous to the leaders of the anti-Islamophobia-caliphate.

    The TV-media & media in general doesn’t inform people about these things because education other than Islam is forbidden in the Muhammadism-conspiracy & facts educate the ethical ability, the judgement of people.

    Trump should pick me for secretary of defense instead of James Mattis who as I’ve read supports Hamas.

    People seem to identify with Muslims & not non-Muslims as Muslims have so much drama caused by Islam-indoctrination.
    Ban Islam, save lives.

    Let’s make a global culture without Islam.

    We need a concept:
    Ban Islam,
    Get the Muhammadism-conspirators out,
    Give the space non-Muslim global citizens,
    & make English globally optional official language.

    The believe in a deity gives people a false sense of security. 

    Politicians have power unlike a fantasy-deity & can destroy or save.

    This is an ideological problem not a nationalist or racist problem.

    Instead of a deceptive differentiation between Islam & soft-Islam there must be made a differentiation between Muhammadist immigrant & non-Muhammadist immigrant.

    Ban Islam, save lives worldwide & keep the Muhammadism-conspiracy OUT where ever possible.

    OIC-UN’s systematic Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism, deception & complicity should alarm us.

    Islam is clearly too systematic.

    Nations are part of a global system & the OIC-UN’s policies support Muhammadism-conspiracy deception, imperialism & tyranny to the detriment of those oppressed, harassed, raped, enslaved, tortured, imprisoned & crucified by the worldwide Muhammadism-conspiracy-tyranny.

    The OIC-UN closes the chances for freedom forever & must be stopped.

    We need a global counter-imperialism.
    Ban Islam, save lives.

    The creepy part is when people tell you that Islam wouldn’t command to kill & rob people. Muhammadist-reformers with their dishonest approach & life-stance are extremists, stealth, silent extremists of deception.
    That’s sad.
    Very sad.

    Logic is a necessary element of communication. When it is crippled & corrupted we lose an ethical standard of communication & connection & disconnect.

    I think that is the reason why the unethical, sick doctrine of sadist,…, Muhammad flourishes, because we don’t enact logic & don’t insist on it.

    We see this problem worldwide: George W. Bush proclaimed Islam would be the religion of peace & Pope Francis essentialy promotes the same dangerous, malicious, irresponsible, criminal & complicit deception.

    The Islamic deity is referred to as the greatest of all deceivers in the Muhammadism-conspiracy-guide  being the greatest of all deceptions in reality.

    Sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer,.., atheists-killer & child-beater, kidnapper, decapitator Muhammad’s Muhammadism-conspiracy-guide, commands war to be deceit & describes his unproven deity, a deity which must be assumed is a deception, as best of all deceivers.

    But the people are mentally enslaved by the Muhammadism-conspiracy’s deception so they don’t free the people enslaved & don’t  protect human rights.
    Ban Islam, save lives.

    Education about sadist,…,Muhammad & drones should be used protect people’s lives.

    The media, academia, government is run by the OIC (Organization of Islamic cooperation).

    Barack Hussein Obama talking about transgender bathrooms, giving superficial interviews to the Rolling stone distracts from the fact that his policies are dedicated to systematic Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism.

    People think they can just put on the Muhammadism-conspiracy identity on themselves, greet ‘Salaam Aleykum’, wear Islamic clothes without putting the Islamic guilt on themselves, the Africans enslaved today, the murders & crimes in Islamic countries, the murders & crimes commited by the Nazi-leader Amin-El Husseini & the murders & crimes of Islam since torturer, sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer, .., Jews-killer, atheists-killer & child-beater, kidnapper Muhammad. That’s not how it works. Who promotes the Muhammadism-conspiracy, puts the Islamic guilt on himself & amplifies this guilt by not admitting it.
    Ban Islam, save lives.

    It must be assumed that the systematic Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism invasion is happening to increase the indoctrination inside nations to kill & oppress anti-Muhammadism-conspiracy politicians. 

    Systematic Muhammadism-Conspiracy Mass-Murder, Systematic Muhammadism-Conspiracy Deception & Systematic Muhammadism-Conspiracy Imperialism are problems we as humanity are facing.

    It must be assumed that the goal of the systematic hiding of Islam’s past, present probable future developments is to establish a global Muhammadism-conspiracy Sharia tyranny.

    The effect of people not knowing about Islam’s systematical sadist & racist imperialism leads to people putting themselves in dangerous situations to the advantage of Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialists.

    It’s crucial how people handle this information & warnings. Who is capable of defending & enacting human rights worldwide & who is not?

    A government that systematically fails to inform people on relevant past & present human rights subjects & probable future-developments suggests, makes people believe that the government is doing the right thing & that people that talk about relevant human rights issues are illegitimate liars.

    A government that systematically fails to inform people on relevant past & present human rights developments & probable future-developments suggests that democratically powerful human rights-issues as Africans enslaved in Islamic countries (Saudi Arabia, Mauritania 20%, north Sudan, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain & more), Afro-mixed marriages annulled in Saudi Arabia, Africans killed by Islamists Boko Haram around Nigeria, girls institutionalizedely raped & forced into relationships, atheists, Jews, Christians, Hindus, non-Muslims systematically mass-murdered, harassed, killed, imprisoned, tortured, extorted (Jizya-tax), past developments of Nazis systematically murdering with Islamic authorities (Grandmufti Amin El-Husseini) that systematically fails to inform people about human rights endangering subjects of Islam (Sharia-law), that aggressively & systematically fails to educate & warn people about sadist,…, Muhammad doesn’t fulfill it’s duty to protect human rights & is illegitimate.

    The US, EU, UN hid General of the Assyrians-, Greek orthodox Christians-, Armenians- & other non-Muslims murdering Ottoman empire, Jews-hater Grandmufti of Jerusalem who murdered with Adolph Hitler in Europe, promoted the Nazis & led Muhammadism-conspiracy Nazi troops from history, it’s not even in memorials.

    The systematic & deceitful way in which Islamic Muhammadism-conspiracy ritual mass-murders & deception is carried out since torturer, sadist, racist, mass-murder,…,kidnapper Muhammad started it & indefinitely commanded it in his Muhammadism-conspiracy-guide & the systematic & deceitful way in which Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism invasion on the way of asylum is carried out should alarm us & motivate us to create a global electable party to bring human rights to the world, educate people & ban Islam.

    People are scared to speak about the Muhammadism-conspiracy because of systematic Islamic threats, harassments & killings.

    The more important it is to give us people harassed, killed, oppressed, tortured, imprisoned, enslaved & extorted by the Muhammadism-conspiracy tyranny a voice & to retake the power that has been manipulated & taken away from us. 

    We are the people.

    The Muhammadism-conspirators that infested government & media worldwide probably already plot the Islamic Jizya-extortion tax on every non-Muslims globally. Jizya-tax is extorted in Muslim countries & secretly enforced through taxes in seemingly non-Muslim countries.

    All those who made Islam-is-peace-propaganda, idealizing sadist…Muhammad & disrespecting his victims, burying alive the requests for help by non-Muslims worldwide are responsible for the Islamism-conspiracy indoctrination of the Muhammadism-conspiracy-tyranny globally.
    Ban islam, save lives worldwide.

    The closet Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism invaders have no choice but to accept freedom of speech & freedom of religion where they are in the minority.

    Just that people because of the danger emanating from Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialists are afraid & trained by the Muhammadism-conspiracy complicit government to not use their freedom of speech against the worldwide Muhammadism-conspiracy tyranny & are condemned, threatened, harassed, imprisoned, killed if they do.

    We must organize & create a united global resistance to the Muhammadism-conspiracy instead of being weakened & separated by nationalism.

    Ban Islam worldwide.

    Not condemning Islam & Muhammad must become a crime.

    There are things that must be brought to light & condemned so society can function. A necessary cleansing-process.

    Enslavement of Africans, mass-murder, torture, rape, pederasty, crucifixions, extortion, decapitation, harassment, murder of atheists, of Jews & Christians are all things that must be condemned if society wants to uphold an ethical standard (ethics: human rights & ecology), have integrity, credibility & maturity.

    All these unethical crimes just mentioned are attributed to sadist,…, Muhammad.

    That’s why it must become a crime to not condemn Muhammad & Islam so society globally doesn’t deteriorate ethically, morally.

    Barack Hussein Obama through his fake-news media-outlets told us that there are many Muslims living peacefully, what he didn’t say is that this is happening on countless suffering people, African slaves, raped enslaved girls, people tortured, killed. 

    The media’s lies & scrubbing should alarm us as it is the best indicator for the government’s policies.

    Taking a glimpse of the truth by stepping into the Geller-report shows, the governments are not legitimate.

    We need to organize a legitimate global government. It’s never too late.

    Every national pro-Islam-conspiracy government is an obstacle to freedom, that’s why we need a global empire.

    Politicians in non-Muslim countries think they can plant Islamic citizens inside their countries, while they can’t even manage to free African slaves in Islamic countries, girls in forced relationships or atheists & other non-Muslims imprisoned in Islamic tyrannies, while they can’t even speak about or learn the truth about torturer, sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer, crucifier, genital mutilationist, clitodirectomist, child-rapist & pederast who ‘kissed’ little boys’ penises & sucked boys’ lips & tongues, theist psychopath, who burned people alive for not praying or not being part of his conspiracy & to extort them, who gouged out eyes & cut off body-parts, gays-killer, Jews-killer, atheists-killer & child-beater, kidnapper Muhammad in their own countries.
    Something’s terribly wrong here.

    People that are aware of the Islamic threat globally, rise up for a global English language-empire with according electable factions. It’s ill-advised to delve in nationalist romanticism now. We need a global empire to protect ethics: human rights & ecology.

    We need to file a suit against the planting of Islam into non-Muslim- (& Muslim-) countries, at some global court, at the U.S., African, European, Australian court & we need to set up a new global non-Muslim empire court & government.

    Planting Islam has nothing to do with national sovereignty.
    National sovereignty has become a curse in that sense, so to speak.

    Nationalists underestimating the threat of global Islam undermine & threaten the work of global imperialism to counter & defeat the infiltration & harassment by the global Muhammadism-conspiracy since torturer, sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer, crucifier,…, kidnapper Muhammad. 

    Humanity floats around without concept while being infiltrated & harassed by Islam.

    We need a global, voteable party to establish a global empire dedicated to human rights & ecology, free the Africans enslaved in Islamic countries, the girls forced into rape-relationships & the non-Muslims imprisoned.

    We can’t afford division in these critical times.

    We need a party that is global, wants English as global, optional official language, that is dedicated to human rights & ecology & that condemns sadist,…,Muhammad. 

    We can have a global culture.
    But it’s a fail to assume that a global culture has to be superficial & uncondemning about the Islam-Muhammadism-conspiracy & that prosperity can be just achieved if we work nationally in the U.S., Europe, & Australia instead of imperialistically for human rights globally.

    We have to make clear that governance is no place for Nazis, violent nationalists or Muhammadists.

    We have an agenda. We want the non-Muhammadist conspirator prisinors freed, enslaved Africans freed, little girls forced to sex-slavery freed, Islam banned, Korans confiscated.

    Enough of the politicians like Theresa May, Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Mark Zuckerberg, Pope Francis who insult & deceive us, arm Islam & plant it into our systems.

    We have to make prosecutions & defend our honor & human rights in the long-term.

    Where is the love?
    Have we lost touch with reality?
    We, as people have lost touch with love.

    Love is what it should be all about.
    From a love & not corrupt perspective we understand the social media posts that condemn the Muhammadism-conspiracy & defend Israel for human rights.

    We are divided & made ineffective because of internationalism instead of globalism, because of regional languages instead of English.

    We need a global, English language party & TV-channel to develop an effective human rights protecting culture that condemns the Muhammadism-conspiracy & in an imperialist way enacts ethics, that is human rights & ecology, globally.

    We reject any forced idealization of sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer, crucifier,…Muhammad on people..

    Ban Islam, save lives.
    Close the mosques, confiscate the Korans.

    Muslims know Islam is not ethical, that’s why it’s only right to them to ban Islam.

    People with a mind-mix of no love & consequently uncondemning attitude towards Islam have made us be open to a culture that is open to hate against Africans, Jews, Christians, non-Muslims, atheists, women, children, gays, open to enslavement of Africans & girls, rape, crucifixions, stonings, gouging out of eyes, institutionalized & self-inititated decapitations, torture, amputations, clitodirectomies, circumcision, animal torture, pillaging, robbing, burning people alive, according imperialism & war.

    We have been lulled into culture of superficiality, products, bad music, nationalism, admiration for Islam, for Muhammad.

    We need to integrate ourselves to Islam & Islamic regions by banning Islam, enacting love & human rights, freeing the imprisoned, the Africans enslaved, girls & women forced to sex-slave-marriage & NOT the other way around.

    The pathological tolerance for Islam has become a collective dangerous mind-control movement we know from Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism regions & the Nazi-Muhammadism-conspiracy of Adolf Hitler & Amin el-Husseini that has to be be stopped NOW.

    There are those that claim to fight against Nazis but fight for the Nazis:
    History is being scrubbed from Hitler’s partnership with Muhammadism-conspiracy Ottoman empire general, Grandmufti of Jerusalem Amin El-Husseini who led the Nazis & Nazi-Muhammadist troops, his nephew Arafat called him the great leader.

    Barack Hussein Obama promotes Muhammadism-conspiracy army Boko Haram, who murder, burn alive 100?’s of 1000’s of people as having “legitimate concerns”

    & blocked an Israeli arms helicopter-deal to Nigeria to fight Boko haram before the Muhammadist president.

    Furthermore I’ve read that U.S.policies equip & arm Islamic State group in Syria for their crucifixion, terror, lynch & rape-campaign by the hands of Turkey & U.S. & E.U.-armed Saudi Arabia & the U.S.-army.
    A thorough investigation has to take place.

    We got armed drones-surveillance & the base of Israel, so I can’t understand why crimes like crucifixions & beheadings are happening.

    “Harass & kill them until Islamic law is the only governance”, says Koran 8:39.

    We need a global empire to ban Islam & free the people.

    No tolerance for Islam in society, no African slaves enslaved in Mauritania or Saudi Arabia or elsewhere, no children raped, no people harassed by Islamic-police, no Islamic torture, whippings, stonings, clitodirectomies & crucifixions & torturous animal slaughters & no Muhammadism-conspiracy terrorism & imperialism.
    Islam feeds on our tolerance, it needs our tolerance, respect, it breathes on our fear.

    Our respect for Islam is it’s oxygen.

    Without our tolerance the Muhammadism-conspiracy vanishes into oblivion.

    We need a global, ethical imperialism to defeat the Muhammadism-conspiracy imperialism & free the people.

    The world should be made an English-language protectorate & English optional official language globally.

    Did you know: There’s slavery today of Africans in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania(25%,50%?of population), new north Sudan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Algeria, Lebanon, Qatar (?), Pakistan, UAE, Niger, Libya, Nigeria, Chad, Mali, Somalia & elsewhere inspired by torturer, sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, mass-murderer, crucifier, genital mutilationist, clitodirectomist, child-rapist & pederast who ‘kissed’ little boys’ penises & sucked boys’ lips & tongues, theist psychopath, who burned people alive for not praying, for not being part of his conspiracy & to extort them, who gouged out eyes & cut off body-parts, gays-killer, Jews-killer, atheists-killer & child-beater, kidnapper Muhammad who owned Africans as slaves & said that his deity turned Africans black, so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks (Abeed means African & slave in Arabic,) (Read more about sadist, racist slaver Muhammad at WikiIslam). & IslamicState stated they want to revive enslavement of Africans in America as I’ve read here.
    Anti-African racists & Muhammadism Out of Africa! 
    Islam is intolerable. The Koran says: “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies” (22:19).
    Ban Islam, the Muhammadism-conspiracy & democracy & save lives & profound human rights globally.
    Help me to win the next election with my worldwide low-budget-campaign, for human rights & ecology, globally.

    Free GF-tracks – 
    Join Human rights the new atheism.

  • NickandLynds

    I have a feeling Geert Wilders will be elected PM in 2017 and this sort of nonsense will stop.

  • Patrick

    I don’t believe that this is being done out of ignorance or laziness. I believe it is a deliberate plan to train/indoctrinate.

  • Craig

    Parents..shut up and burn the mosque down. Or, become a muzzie.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I’ll bet the imams can hardly contain themselves seeing all those little boy butts — they’re probably slobbering all over their beards.

  • roccolore

    In America, trips to mosques are ACLU-approved religious instruction. Yet dare go to a church and they sue and whine.

  • Hap Harris

    “OUTRAGED” is not a strong enough word. This new age of Islam is an evil age and will destroy civilized society as we know it, if left unchecked. Islam is not a religion. Islam is an INSANITY-!!!

  • joe1429

    Makes me sick! These parents should be outraged!!

  • Janet

    You can’t even talk about Christianity in most public schools. If a student gets caught sharing their faith with other students they are reprimanded for it. Why is Islam constantly being shoved down our throats? It’s a false religion and shouldn’t be given the time of day let alone being taught to our children. It’s total crap!

    • terrietime

      It is my understanding some public schools provide a prayer room for Muslim students to use throughout the day!! Also, it is my understanding there is a prayer room at the White House under Obama Administration!! What the heck is going on???

  • william carr

    Do you ever get one iota of compromise towards other faiths? No in fact it is usually the opposite with deadly results.

  • Classroom Watch

    Classroom Watch has been set up as a resource for parents concerned about what their chidren are being taught about Islam:

    Please pass the link on to parents you know.

    Please let us know of items like this….mosque visits, biased curricula and textbooks, repercussions for resisting the indoctrination etc so we can publicise them.

  • Alleged Comment

    Your leaders around you are BETRAYING you. This should be obvious. Either either they are corrupted or deluded and all you have to do is take them out (arresting them) and this would STOP this nonsense!

  • ron ronson

    If Europe doesn’t do something right away it will be lost for ever more…

  • Drew theInfidel

    Besides the perverse indoctrination there is the prospect the children will be scarred for life with that skid mark between their eyes caused by the prayer rug. And given the ragheads’ disdain for personal hygiene, there is no telling what other filth resides in that floor covering.

  • Roar

    If this is meant to sensitize the children to the newly imported cult,why not the other way round as well?Integration has to be both ways.I am quite sure,once the parents start protesting a new enlightened policy( if it’s not already in place) will be enforced whereby the children will be taken away from their parents and into the Stat’es custody to save them from parents’ negative influence.

    How horribly morbid can things get ?Despite being aware that there is sufficient outrage already in the nation.

    I have always felt that if the common citizens go out in a massive and spontaneous protest,instead of the so -called right wing activists,it will be a more effective brake applied on such fascinating diktats. However,nowhere in our world the common man ever does that for fear of being ridiculed or punished.

  • This is what stealth jihad looks like in elementary schools. Stealth jihad in education is the deliberate strategy to manipulate unsuspecting children to accept Islam as equivalent and often preferable to Christianity. Left-wing liberal lemmings are Islam’s useful infidels and are too obtuse to see that they are participating in their own destruction. Islam is an expansionist supremacist socio-political movement with a religious wing that is intent upon re-establishing the caliphate and imposing sharia law worldwide. Parents have the power to stop this Islamist indoctrination in their schools if they collectively refuse it but first they must acknowledge that it exists. Europeans have been socialized to believe in multiculturalism and pluralism but have not been taught to identify Islam as the enemy of pluralism – they naively embrace the fiction that Islam is like any other religion. Islam is a supremacist movement and has far more in common with Nazism than Christianity. There is no freedom in Islam. There are no individual rights or equality in Islam. There is no pluralism in Islam. Islam is Islam and until Europe embraces this fact their towns cities and countries will continue to be Islamicized until there are no Christians left in Europe. It is cultural suicide for Europeans to allow stealth jihad in their schools.

  • Ordinary Logic

    This is just utterly F#@*K UP !!!

    I totally blame the Retarded Leftist for this !

  • Dow Jones

    Tsk tsk tsk….Credit where credit is due. (No pun intended)

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Sure she’s a moral retard and mentally challenged (or lying), but who nominated her to speak for Israel or the people of Israel?

      Let’s hear what another famous Jew said about mohamMUD:
      “Then I sh!t on your religion! Do you hear me? I sh!t on Islam! I sh!t on Muhammad! Do you hear? I sh!t on Muhammad!”

      • Dow Jones

        happy shitting if that’s what does it for you.

        P.S. I have no religion. I find all such primitive sects, cults, and “believers” a tad pathetic and child like in their rituals, dogmas and theatrical attire. But if it works for the sheeple then maaaaa maaaaaaaaa maaaaa

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I didn’t say it. Allen Ginsberg did, to a muslum’s face.

  • sanhein

    I’m not one for lawsuits, but if it was my kid there would be one against the school and the mosque, as well as the kid being pulled out of school.

  • Persuader

    How to destroy a nation ….

  • Persuader
  • Dommy

    Get the children to do it once. The second time will be easier.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Did the little girls get any multicultural muslum marriage proposals?

  • knightsstrength

    Islam in public schools

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    The West doesn’t seem to have an ideology of its own any more, to counter Islam.

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