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[ October 17, 2017 ]

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At least 276 killed in Somalia’s deadliest jihad attack on record

60 Minutes carries water for al Qaeda


As advertised, 60 Minutes did a story on the The White Helmets: “The White Helmets,” 60 Minutes,

The White Helmets are a dubious organization, but 60 Minutes makes no effort to clear up any of the questions about this group. There is no mention of White Helmets leader Raed Saleh being denied entry to the USA. Likewise, no mention of the White Helmets being funded with millions of dollars by foreign governments like the Netherlands, the UK, and the Obama administration. There is no discussion of the fact that the White Helmets only operate in areas controlled by al Nusra Front, or that most Syrian people have never heard of the White Helmets.

Instead, the war in Syria is portrayed as a civil war, and that the Assad/Russian forces are portrayed as bloodthirsty killers who are guilty of indiscriminate bombing and targeting of civilians.


The 60 Minutes reporting is inconsistent – we are told the White Helmets have limited time to work because of “double taps,” i.e., return flights of the bombing aircraft looking for more civilians to kill, but then we are told they work for hours at a time digging people out of the rubble.

In a companion piece to the 60 Minutes broadcast, Scott Pelley interviews the women of the White Helmets who are veiled, and appear to be jihadists. The story they tell, of a child being shot through the heart while in the arms of the mother, doesn’t make sense. The Syrian army are the sons, and men of Syria. Why would they ever brutalize their countrymen? The question is never asked by Scott Pelley or 60 Minutes.

The White Helmets jihad mom says that her son will grow up to be a jihadi seeking revenge; Scott Pelley shrugs and says that’s reality. The reality is that this is a blood feud in Syria between the Sunnis, the Alawites, and of course the Shia Muslims. There is no way this should be encouraged or supported.

It is worth noting that the morning after the 60 Minutes broadcast, the Russian ambassador to Turkey was assassinated in revenge for Aleppo.

60 Minutes is engaging in fake news that could quite literally be the inspiration for murder.

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  • CrusadaBWinning

    A reporter on the ground said not to believe the corporate news groups…the exact opposite is happening on the ground in Allepo. These groups are not even in Syria. More fake news.

    • dfw63

      How about a link?

      • CrusadaBWinning


      • livingengine

        I would recommend searching Vanessa Beeley who is a coo-coo bird Leftist, BUT on this subject she is on solid ground.

  • Dommy

    When has the Leftist media NOT carried water for the bad guys?!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    60 minutes at a lie a minute, lame stream media as fecal as possible.

  • ColonelNeville

    Sixty Minutes has always been a largely worthless, opportunistic, biased leftist fraud regularly siding with evil.

  • livingengine
  • Drew the Infidel

    In all the media and government propaganda surrounding the turmoil in Syria, confusion runs rampant but one thing stands out. The media-created fake news narrative of the “Arab Spring” had absolutely nothing to do with it. Assad may not be such a bad guy after all. Who or what would take his place? You saw what magic Obhammud worked with regime change in Libya, didn’t you?

  • william carr

    Instead, the war in Syria is portrayed as a civil war, and that the Assad/Russian forces are portrayed as bloodthirsty killers who are guilty of indiscriminate bombing and targeting of civilians.
    Is the writer seriously claiming that is NOT the case? When people of the same nationality are fighting each other of course it is a civil war

    • Beatriz Vargas

      Muzzies imported paid and armed by Chief in Terrorist Obama are not the same nationality, and it is not civil war it is terrorist aggression organized and paid by Obama through his proxy Erdogan

  • Midniterider

    Quisling,pandering media mutants supporting the enemies of Freedom.

  • Michelle

    Who watches MSM trash anyway? Even when you see it by force feeding it is so obviously skewed that only an idiot would believe it. Hang on! Howmany votary for Hillary? Ahhhh But that simply proves that half of the population have an IQ of < or = 100. (please no one start me up on IQs and their value as it was just to make a point)

  • Robert Batchelor

    60 Minutes is a prime example of the Left and the Left is always on the wrong side. And, as usual, they’re too stupid to recognize that we can do our own research to discover how wrong they are.

    • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable


    • Beatriz Vargas

      They cater to idiots who are unable to find the truth. You think zombies, left manure, democraps, real dead and illegals following crooked Hillary would know the truth even if it hits them in the face?

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I remember a show called Sixty Minutes, it was on CBS and I haven’t watched CBS in nearly ten years and have no intention of ever doing so again.

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