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Trump WON’T pursue case against Clinton


Hillary broke the law. And while I understand that this may very well be an olive branch to the Democrats, Trump is in for a rude awakening. There will be no quid pro quo. The Democrats will not play ball with him or give him an easier time or stop the violent rioting or calm their base. Like jihadis, they see kindness and peace offerings as signs of weakness.

I am sure many Trump supporters whose chant, “lock her up!,” is now a rallying cry for government corruption and lawlessness, will be hugely disappointed.

Trump should allow these investigations to continue and whatever will be will be. The good news is that Jason Chaffetz, the Utah congressman finishing his first term leading the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has vowed to continue to investigate Clinton’s email server.



Trump won’t pursue case against Clinton, Conway says

The Washington Post, November 22, 2016:

President-elect Donald Trump has decided that he won’t seek criminal investigations related to former rival Hillary Clinton’s private email server or her family foundation, his campaign manager said Tuesday

Trump’s apparent decison, conveyed by Kellyanne Conway in an interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,’’ is a change from his campaign rhetoric, in which he issued incendiary calls for a special prosecutor to reopen the FBI’s closed investigation of Clinton’s use of a private server while secretary of state and had also urged investigations of allegations of corruption at the Clinton Foundation. He nicknamed the Democratic nominee “Crooked Hillary” and encouraged chants of “Lock her up!” at his rallies.

Trump’s decision to pursue or not pursue a criminal investigation from the Oval Office would be an extraordinary break with political and legal protocol, which holds that the attorney general and FBI make decisions on whether to conduct investigations and file charges, free of pressure from the president.

Conway said Trump sees things differently. “I think when the president-elect, who’s also the head of your party, tells you before he’s even inaugurated that he doesn’t wish to pursue these charges, it sends a very strong message, tone and content” to fellow Republicans, she said. “Look, I think he’s thinking of many different things as he prepares to become the President of the United States, and things that sound like the campaign are not among them,” she added.

Trump has not spoken directly about his apparent change of heart but hinted at it in a post-election interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes.’’

‘You’d be in jail’: Trump swipes at Clinton during debate

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump responded Hillary Clinton saying that he shouldn’t be in charge of the law in the U.S. saying, “You’d be in jail.” The comment was met with rousing applause from the audience. (The Washington Post)

“I’m going to think about it,” he said. “I don’t want to hurt them, I don’t want to hurt them. They’re, they’re good people.’’

Trump’s about-face drew immediate criticism from legal experts, who said it threatens the integrity of the justice system.

“The president-elect has demonstrated his complete lack of understanding of how the government makes these kinds of decisions,” said Stephen I. Vladeck, a law professor at the University of Texas at Austin. “The attorney general answers to the president, but the department is supposed to be independent, especially when it comes to prosecutorial decisions. Any president, especially our next president, needs to both understand and respect that – or else they risk politicizing criminal prosecutions in ways that can be damaging.”



The president-elect’s new position also stands in contrast with leading members of his party. Jason Chaffetz, the Utah congressman finishing his first term leading the powerful House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has vowed to continue to investigate Clinton’s email server.

“It would be totally remiss of us to dismiss [the email investigation] because she’s not going to be president,” Chaffetz said after the election, referring to the defeated Democratic nominee.

While FBI director James Comey has repeatedly said the bureau did not find enough evidence to recommend prosecuting Clinton over the email issue, he questioned her judgement in using a private server, calling it “reckless.’’


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  • Patti York

    She needs to RELAX, and not fly the coop. I do NOT believe she is off the hook.

  • Cuda

    Trump is merely saying he will not pressure the DOJ to pursue charges, he did not say he would be discouraging anyone such as the Senate or the NYPD/ NYAG from continuing their investigations. Trump is doing what is correct and stepping back from the politicizing of the DOJ and letting the chips fall where they may….. he has far bigger issues to deal with such as the 20 trillion deficit the stock market being inflated with hot air, the real jobless rate when you look at people out of the workforce ( unemployment is listed as 4.9% when it is more than double that when including the rolloff people out of work over 12 months)

  • VLParker

    Big mistake.

    • undercover CIA agent

      I see a very dangerous pattern here.
      John Roberts, paid off by the Chicago Thug, declares Obamacare constitutional – even though it was a tax that did not originate in the House of Representatives as required by the constitution.
      John “cry-baby” Boehner (he must be a Democrat), and the house vowed to not pass Obama’s budget funding a bunch of garbage the voters did not want. He was paid off by the Chicago Thug and the budget passed.
      The Chicago Thug gives Iran $150,000,000,000 and a pathway to nukes, THEN, ships them well over 1.7 billion dollars in cash ON PALLETS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!!!
      Bill meets Loretta Wench in an airplane and the Hillary investigation is dropped.
      I believe Obutthole is paying Trump, and others, to go along with his One World Order agenda. I think this is a very serious problem. It’s hard to say no when they show you a room full of $100 bills and say “How much do you want?”.
      There are Trillions in stimulus, QE, etc that are sloshing around in DC – the Chicago Thug cannot resist using it to destroy us.

      • Brooklyn_Michael

        Points. Laughs.

      • Snoopy

        Wait! The FBI is still investigating. Why Trump would take the risk to give his plan right now, while Obama can still inflict damage to the transition and pardon her. Fake it and wait.

        • Sgtsnuffy

          YOU GOT IT .

        • SDBANX

          I think you are right!

        • jimbo

          its the only saving grace i have for this position by Trump. just maybe hes a lot shrewder than we give credit for. hes certainly much more intelligent than the media and most public make him out to be. so lets see. heres hoping your correct. god i’d love to see that BITCH in jail !

      • ncskeptic

        I don’t think Trump is being paid off, but he might be caving to threats against his family. Ultimately though, he is likely just distancing himself from these investigations because presidents are not supposed to put their thumbs on the scales of justice. This is up to the AG to pursue or not. 8 years of corrupt Obama have caused people to forget a president’s proper role in such matters.

        • JeromefromLayton

          I think he is just being patient since he is still about 50 days away from Inauguration.

          • jimbo

            yes maybe. im hoping

    • Sean

      Exactly. Imagine the headline ‘Clinton WON’T pursue case against Trump’ if Clinton had won and Trump was being investigated.

  • Dtoo

    Keeping low profile on investigation until obama out of office and no chance of presidential pardon.

    • Patti York

      that makes perfect sense

    • Cindy Kay

      That is a possibility. The investigation can and will go forth, but maybe the Clintons and their minions will let their guard down. Stranger things have happened. Trump’s supporters want her to face charges, so Trump should never say never.

    • DVult

      Exactly. If he pushes too hard now then Imbecile can claim that he is pardoning Hillary even though she is entirely innocent because Trump is pursuing a personal vendetta. This is like poker where you wait for the right moment before pushing in your chips rather than showing your hand right after the cards are dealt.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You can’t pardon someone for crimes they haven’t been charged with can you?


    ‘I don’t want to hurt them they’re good people” ? they’re fcukin trash both of them, lock’em up.

    • Brent Ball

      Again .. LOL you actually believed that he would after he’s done buisness with them for as long as he did..Sucker born every minute.

      • JUILLE


      • BigGaySteve

        He doesn’t have to do it, his AG can throw the book at her. In fact he would be better off busting her for something that the media has not defended her on yet. Remember the words ” Clinton Haitian Cheese” when the inauguration is over.

        • throwmout

          Exactly, a President is not a dictator like Obama thinks he is. It’s the job of the AG and Trump said investigations (against the Clintons) are not off the table. It up to Sen. Jeff Sessions who Trump appointed as AG to do his job.

      • RetiredNavyphotog

        Hillary troll – only 33 comments

      • Larry

        So now believe him yes there are indeed .

  • pdxnag

    She must give up her ill-gotten gains; million and millions.

  • Patrick

    This is truly a disapointment. The law must be upheld. Personal vendetta’s and olive branches notwithstanding we are a nation of laws and they have been severely broken. This cannot be allowed to stand.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I agree, he’s not draining the swamp by allowing it to fester. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if he failed to honor his promise to recognize Yerushalem as the capital of Israel.

      • tatka150

        And all the other promises. He already said that the “Wall” can be replaced by the fences in some areas???!!! So what’s the point to even build the wall, if it’ll be as a cheese holes? It’s a lousy start. What’s the next disappointment? Probably dumb Romney as a Secretary of State. Another “olive branch”. He called Trump a con-master. Is anything wrong with Trump these days? Too much of euphoria from the victory. Can I vote back:(

        • Ted Paine

          Some areas are not suitable for a wall due to natural formations. Meanwhile..obozo had ordered all air surveillance stopped

    • Sgtsnuffy


      • tatka150

        They will walk free any way

    • BigGaySteve

      Wait till the inauguration and remember the worlds “Clinton Haitian Cheese”

      • jimbo

        no idea at all whatcha talking about Gay Steve, but i hope your onto something. of ALL policies, the one i want the most is to see that horrific lying woman in jail for LIFE !

    • Mark Steiner

      You don’t offer a snake an olive branch. When the snake strikes, its venomous fangs will bypass the branch and bite your hand.

      • jimbo

        Take me in oh tender woman
        Take me in, for heaven’s sake
        Take me in oh tender woman, ” sighed the snake

  • ThisObamaNation

    I think Trump is just trying to sucker Obama into NOT pardoning Hillary Clinton before he leaves the White House. I suspect that prosecution will be back on the table once Trump is sworn into office. Assuming of course that she has not been pardoned by Obama.

    • Dean

      That was my first thought but Obama won’t fall for it and probably is already guaranteed a lot of money and has no serious downside for this pardon, which will include Bill and possibly the key subordinates. It just makes Trump look bad and such political stupidity surprises me.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The law is the law, the mess the democrats made will take a while to sort out.

    • Dean

      Hillary doesn’t need this from Trump, she and Bill are paying Obama well for the pardon and Obama has no serious down side for her pardon and will receive even more love from the Democrats and media, if that is possible.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        All they have is other people’s money, the power and influence is gone, that ins itself is hell for some one like the clintons, or most democrats.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    If a US attorney general wants to make a name for himself in the history books he/she would go after the C-l-i-n-t-0-0-n crime family like a house on fire.

  • Dave Mc

    Must be a relief for Hillary. Now she can dedicate herself to more important business, relax and let the months flow by. Interrupted on those nights when she’s drunk and drags the Madam President Newsweek issue out to cry over, alone at wee hours before dawn.

    All the danger’s over now, no need for silly pardons at all…

  • Voytek Gagalka

    That is extremely ill advised decision (if it is true). There must be some mole in team Trump to suggest that, someone who is apparently unable to learn anything from quite recent American history. Right after he became president, Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon and that action alone caused him chance to be reelected in 1976. So now if Mr. Trump does not wish to share similar fate, he better think twice! Otherwise he will be one term president only. There is nothing more unforgiving than electorate which feel betrayed on that his important pre-election promise. Prosecute well known criminals, Mr. Trump! No mercy! Justice must be restored and preserved by any cost. Nothing is more important than that. America cannot be “great again” if justice is ignored.

  • KristenSuzanneM

    We don’t actually know that Pamela, as yet. The Clinton Foundation is still under investigation no matter what the reliable lying leftist media keeps telling us. The FBI needs to regain its reputation and credibility so I doubt the Clintons will escape scot free. I don’t believe that’s in the cards for them…no matter what..just because the media tells us which is about nothing doesn’t mean the Clintons will skip into the sunset with no penalties. I don’t buy it…let’s wait for a bit to see the end result of this. The Clintons haven’t been charged with anything as yet…and perhaps this remaining in limbo is a good sign..

    • Mahou Shoujo

      All the muslims who paid for a piece of hillpanzee will not be happy with their investment being placed on a loser. There will be repercussions, there was a lot on money spent on her purchase.

      • KristenSuzanneM

        You’re absolutely correct and I couldn’t agree more. Of course, she does have Huma on her side, Ms. Muslim who knows? My guess is none of the 57 Islamic countries are too happy at the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency; and even less thrilled that all that money they spent to get in on the ground floor of an expected Clinton presidency has all been for naught. Bet they’re furious…I’m wondering if revenge is in the cards? Guess we may never know…

        • Mahou Shoujo

          There is a good chance we will find out, islam is not known for suffering in silence.

  • Snoopy

    This comment from Conway should be translated as: ‘not at the moment’. Of course The FBI is still investigating the foundation. Of course they wait for Obama and his DOJ to get out of the way.

  • flame

    Relax guys. Hysteria over the Trump election has not abated and the media continue to stoke it.
    Riots still continued, people still hurt. In this environment it would be not wise vocally go after Clintons, and Trump “First 100 Days” media will not report and report only vindictive move toward Clinton. Remember, FBI still continued to investigate Clinton Foundation.
    Trust in Trump, he knows what he is doing.

  • Sgtsnuffy


    • tatka150

      So why Trump told that “he is not going to hurt Clintons, because they are nice people”? Really nice?

    • bush regime?? u an idiot

      • edwin

        The only idiot is you and the only c-nt is you not Angela Davis, when are you leaving the country.

    • jimbo


      but im thinking now you and others are right.

      god i hope so. i feel GUTTED hes not going after her. but maybe just amybe there is more to it.

  • Xycep

    He may not be but the FBI is not done with them yet. Don’t let Obama give the chance to pardon her. Play along until he’s out of office.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      No pardon can be issued until there is a charge, by the time hillpanzee gets to court, obamgutang will be out of office.

  • Mark Steiner

    First of all, it is too early for him to make a declaration of this sort. He is not even President. It would have been much wiser to wait until after January 20 to make a statement (or suggestion) remotely related to Hillary. Much preparatory stuff to accomplish. First things first.

    Secondly, independent counsel may be appointed to move forward with intense investigation without the new administration fretting about Hillary.

    Third, it is the RIGHT THING TO DO to pursue the case against her. You DO NOT have justice when a felon walks free from the pains of juris prudens.

    Finally, I’ll be watching … that’s my line: Isaiah 21:6.

    • Ted Paine


  • DemocracyRules

    This is not over. Trump himself is not above the law, and no President can prevent all forms of negative consequences from following as a result of malfeasance. For example, Trump may do nothing, but the NYPD has enormous evidence against Hillary for child trafficking. They said so. She can be charged with Federal and State crimes. All that Trump can do is to restrain himself from initiating proceedings directly from the Executive Branch.

    There are may ways the Clintons can be sued. Lawsuits are not governed by criminal law, but by civil law.

    Trump knows all that, and so does everyone else. All Trump has done is to cross Hillary off his “day one to-do list.”

  • Robert Bayer
    • AGREE AGREE AGREE AGREE! Donald Trump has made his first political mistake in announcing he would not pursue charges against Hillary Clinton. NO ONE is above the law! President Donald Trump must allow his justice department (without the political interference of Loretta Lynch) do its job.

      • Ted Paine

        The president cannot order the fun or doj to cease investigations. Nor can the president order the congress to cease their investigations. Lull your enemy into a false sense of security before you hammer them. Ms lynch will be out of a job in weeks..comey might be looking for new employment also.

      • anthony edwards

        For what it is worth, I think DJT will, despite what he says, allow the NEW DOJ Sessions to pursue criminal charges. Her goons threatening to kill electoral college voters would be just one more reason to put her witch vile azz into prison for the little time this hag has left to live.

  • Robert Bayer

    All this is to calm things down … HRC and Bubba are going to prison …. Like Trump says .. never tell the enemy what you are going to really do ..

  • Dean

    How stupid is this, where is the Bannon influence? Obama will probably pardon her anyway so Trump could simply be presidential by saying he can no longer comment and cannot let politics influence the process and just leave it to justice and the FBI. Even if he was just posturing during the campaign, he didn’t need to openly betray his supporters, the rule of law and equal justice. I voted for Trump with my eyes wide open but even this stunning reversal so early after his election surprises me. How much more is coming? Obamacare? Iran Deal? The wall? Pamela is right, nothing will endear him to the Democrats and the fraudulent media.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Trump spoke volumes without actually committing himself to the Clintons being brought to justice. As pointed out, all he has to do is allow the Congress, Justice Department, and FBI to go about their constitutional duties without his being involved. He has no other choice since that is exactly the way our government is structured. After all, another of his campaign promises was to clean up the Justice Department and then get out of their way. Imagine what Sessions would do with his authority once he becomes AG.

  • Marcus Tectus

    Technically, Trump has done the right thing: POTUS and the Attorney General should be at arms-length (separation of powers). However, Trump could have spun it better. Better to have handed it off e.g.:
    “Hillary Clinton’s email usage and the Clinton Foundation are still under scrutiny. Investigations by the AG’s department and the FBI are ongoing.”.
    There’ll be a lot of disappointed Trumpsters out there…

  • Suzie

    Don’t tell me he is going to become wishy-washy and an establishment guy. He could have just said that the incoming Attorney General will see if charges are warranted. Saying that they are “good people” makes him look really silly after his earlier pronouncements. Why did he suddenly volunteer such a good character reference? Something smells.

  • throwmout

    It’s not the Presidents job to go after criminals, it’s the Job of the Attorney General who will be Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions. I’m sure he will do his job well.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      There is a child rape in twin falls idaho that requires immediate attention.

  • marlene

    But Congress CAN – it’s their job! Give Trump a Congress that will work WITH him. Throw them all out at the next election.

  • ninetyninepct

    If this hold true then nobody in America has to follow any laws. Period.

    Trump got elected because of his many promises. Now that he is backing off then we Americans have to take control of our own country and enforce our laws ourselves.

  • spudmans1

    Donald Trump is a brilliant man. With all of the turmoil being caused by protesters (paid and unpaid useful idiots) in the USA today just over his election and Hillary’s loss now is NOT the time to stir the pot and cause further civil unrest. You do not run a billion dollars worth of private business by being stupid and he is applying these same principals to organizing a new govt. He is “Taking care of business” by prioritizing what needs to be done now to right the good ship USA. Prosecuting Hillary at this time would be a mistake as he has bigger fish to fry than a personal vendetta against a failed political machine. They have been exposed for what they and the media really are and they are totally broken. Keep the faith people as we are in very good hands. President Trump only has the good of this nation in mind so let him do his job. He hasn’t even taken office yet and the naysayers are already after him. Patience people, patience

  • DCW left coast

    It is NOT part of the mandate of the President of the USA to exact judgement on the Klintons . . . .
    That would make Trump no different from the Banana Republic Obama . . . who sent the IRS after groups who thought a lot different than himself.
    There are current FBI and Congressional investigations in progress . . . they will present their Evidence to the NEW AG and the Justice department and the chips will fall as they should.
    This is NOT the job of the President . . . Trump understands this . . . what is confusing for you’all?

  • Bruce McKensey

    Donald Trump goes back and forth contradicting himself time and again. Either he’s got a split personality or he’s just a very needy guy who really only wants to be loved. He acts so desperate he doesn’t seem to even care who it is. Will the REAL Donald Trump please stand up! Sheesh!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Will the real Bruce McKensey please leave the forum.

  • ahem

    This is, what is called in chess, a ‘temporizing’ move. He is by no means pardoning her, letting her off the hook, or abandoning the rule of law. He’ll let the Attorney-General follow up on her—as he should. First though, Obama has to turn over the keys to the White House and Jeff Sessions has to be sworn in as A-G. Then the fun will really start.

    Be patient, and support the nomination of Sessions—and remember, the media is going to try like hell to estrange us from Trump by misrepresenting him any way they can, so take everything you read with a grain of salt for the moment.

  • unboundried

    The FBI cleared Clinton.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Then why was the investigation re-opened?

  • Badger

    He never said he wouldn’t let the dogs loose on the Clinton Foundation


    Something sounds fishy to me…. He KNOWS all she has done and that she has committed a list of crimes…. When he said not to prosecute her makes me think about what he said in his campaign… you never let your enemy know what you are about to do. Maybe it is not completely off the table….

  • Gene

    Hopefully, this is just an attempt to prevent a presidential pardon by Obama. If Trump continued to push for a prosecution Obama would certainly issue one. A pardon by Obama would make it impossible to take nay action against Hillary. On the other hand if there isn’t going to be a prosecution, issuing a pardon would not be needed and it would only serve to make Hillary look guilty. Personally, I suspect Obama will issue a pardon to be on the safe side.

    For the moment Trump cannot do anything, but position himself for when he takes office. As a result, it makes sense to down play “lock her up” now in the hopes that you can actually “lock her up” in the future.

  • To be honest…I know that many people love him now, but he actually was a registered Democrat for years, until 2001.

  • JeromefromLayton

    Donald Trump is a successful business executive. As such, he understands organizational management and, among other things, he isn’t about to preempt his Cabinet members’ jobs, including his Attorney General. So, first things first such as getting his appointments confirmed and put to work. A certain “lady” better hope for one of those Obama Pardons before the wheels finish the grist work.

  • joe1429

    I didnt know trump was the justice dept, judge and jury??

  • seesawq

    Kudos President Trump….I for one would love to see Hillary behind bars but know the process will be long, costly to the American public, and distract from more important things which need attention by our commander in chief. Life behind bars would be much easier for her as she doesn’t have to face as much public humiliation. With this pin in her balloon, I don’t think there will be a long waiting list for her to speak at too many college graduation ceremonies. This just confirms the sentiments of voters who saw someone with class and another as a liar.

  • jimbo

    Dont disappoint us Trump we voted you IN !! dont back off. BAB BAD call. your changing your spots. and im a UUUUGE supporter of you. really unhappy about it. i think your horribly wrong on this,. i trust your judgment on everything else. but this one you got wrong.

    the people of the USA want to see that witch, crooked, lying ,conniving, thieving, enabling, scam artist locked up for life !! how dare she rip off the world for her own greed and benefit !

  • notme123

    He did not say he would not allow the Justice department to pursue charges.

  • edwin

    when could you lock someone up when in Hillary’s case she has never been charged with anything in the 40+| years she has been in public office. Trump and his deplorables don.t have a clue as to what the hell they are talking about.

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