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After stunning defeat, Hillary Clinton looks like death


We dodged a bullet. This woman is clearly not well.

“One Week After Election Loss Hillary Clinton Looks Like Death,” By Jim Hoft, November 16, 2016:

One week ago Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election.Today she delivered a speech.
She looked like death.


She’s either been on a bender, or crying her eyes out… or both.

America, YOU made the right decision.


Hillary told her supporters to not give up on the values they share.
There’s always 2020.

More… Hillary Clinton REFUSED to condemn the violent leftist protests sweeping the country during her talk.

The media demanded that Trump condemn violent attacks by Trump supporters (were any of them real?), but says nothing when Hillary is silent about the violent protests across the US.
Hillary may be gone, but the media bias continues.

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  • Tanker74

    If she smelled like a “combination of boiled cabbage, urine and farts” before the election, the stench must be even worse now.

    • Curt Kingsbury

      LMFAO!! Yes, everything about her stinks – to high Heaven!

      • David Hill

        To the lowest Hell.

      • joe1429

        Can you blame bill for not screwing her since chelsea??

        • KimWilde

          Joe, bill didn’t even do her than. It was web hubbell that donated to that mess.

          • joe1429

            Just checked out the pic of hubbell. The similarity is striking to chelsea. Even the family is a fraud, lol

          • KimWilde

            It’s still hubbell ugly even though it spent lots of cash on plastic surgery.

          • Underzog

            Webb Hubbel is Chelsea’s real father!

          • Underzog

            Danny William is former Pres. Clinton’s real progeny

          • Jaded satyr

            LOL….Poor old Web Hubbell. That’s one ugly Mo Fo !!!

        • Gray Panther

          Not sure he’s the father of Chelsea, as some report she’s the spawn of Web Hubbel. She surely looks enough like him.

        • felix1999

          Are you sure Bill is Chelsea’s father? HiLIARy had LONG nights at the Rose Law Firm with Webb Hubbell. Compare HiLIARy’s face and Webb’s to Chelsea.

          Webb Hubbell:
          ‘No comment’ on fathering Chelsea Clinton


        • learningcurve77

          Chelsey is his daughter. Chelsey is the daughter of her one time law partner in Arkansas, Web Hubbell.

          But Bill, he does have a grown son in Arkansas! His mother is a black woman, but I’ve seen this boy and he’s the spitting image of Bill. It’s no secret in Arkansas about the above info. Anyone who live anywhere near Little Rock has known this for years!

          • Underzog

            You’re talking about Danny Williams.

    • Newsketeer

      No tax payer paid page to change her colostomy sack.

    • Dave Lawson

      LOL ! Agree ! I think the women who went to the debates , gave speeches was her Double. And this is the Real Hillary.

      Most voters have been taken for taken for Ride. While Bush and other RINO’s Pretend to be “conservative” Republicans and Clintons/Obama pretend to be Democrats to con the voters

      …behind your back they treat each other as family and have the same funders / donors like saudis , OIC etc

      Now you know why Clintons were never Prosecuted all these years for their multiple crimes ? And Now you know why they did everything to Subvert Trump ?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Don’t forget the sour smell of whiskey breath…

    • my opinion is mine

      I like cabbage. Dont be mean to cabbage.

      • Tanker74


    • The hounds of Hell have a pack leader, as do all dogs, what did you expect her to smell like?

    • Judi

      Yes, I read that. Apparently it was in a leaked e-mail sent by John Podesta.

      • Amethyst_2012

        They say that her college roommates and friends used to plead with her to take a bath. She hated them. Billy might have had a poor sense of smell. Although a nose like a vacuum cleaner for coke they said.

    • 3901

      Don’t forget the strong smell of sulphur.

    • durabo

      …and a whiff of sulfur, perhaps, as a message from her Lord and Master, Satan?

    • Rob Porter

      Is this factual that she smelled like a “”combination of boiled cabbage, urine and farts” before the election”? If she truly was wearing adult diapers, as has been reported, it would explain a few things.

      • Tanker74

        That’s John Podesta’s description of her in one of his emails. He also said he was acting, “retarded.”

        • Rob Porter

          Thanks for the explanation. I think you mean that ‘she’ was acting retarded.

          • Tanker74

            You’re welcome, and thanks for catching my error. I edited it, and now I’ll act like it never happened.

  • karl59

    Hillary Clinton looks like the character in the Oscar Wilde novel The Portrait of Dorian Gray.

    • 762x51FMJ

      Yea and with Chopin too.. like a million snowflakes landed on a hot griddle and burned to a crisp.

    • Bill, my butt hurts!!

      She had to be on some powerful drugs to force that fake smile for hours during the debates and speeches, etc. Bet her face was hurting like a sunovapooch.
      R’s best get their stuff in a pile – 2020 is coming. They need to be grooming someone or maybe a couple of someone’s. Shitlery was a weak candidate but Trump barely beat her – next time they might put up someone better as the nominee. 62.6% of Commiefornians voted to require background checks to buy ammo. Scary stuff.

      • Judi

        How about the buck-toothed donkey face Chelsea Clinton!!

        • durabo

          If my dog had a face like Chelsea Hubbell’s, I would shave her butt and teach her to walk backwards.

          • Judi


      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Her plastic smile reminded me of the one the talking heads on the enemedia seem to have plastered to their faces. It must take practice to smile like that.

    • shirley versace


  • Eddie frOly

    It looks like she forgot to put on makeup. Although I have to admit that the top picture looks doctored or photo-shopped in some way. Don’t get me wrong I totally think she’s sick and we totally dodged a bullet or six with her but that doesn’t take away from the pic being doctored.

  • Inayawan

    There was never a time when she was presentable. She is truly one ugly hag. I’ll bet under his breath Bill is laughing that he was the only one in the family that made it to the White House.

    • karpenter

      Clintons Bought The House Next Door
      So Chelsea Can Run For That Congressional Seat In 2018
      Doh !!

      • learningcurve77

        The whole family may wind up in prison for the investigation on their foundation, which is ongoing in four states right now. They implicated her into the scheme by paying her to be on the board. When Chelsea noticed some book keeping mistakes, they powers that be called her a meddling spoiled brat. Anyone on that board will do time if they find enough proof to shut the cell door. They ain’t gonna mess this one up like the email scandals.

  • MSMediacritic

    I am wondering if obama is going to show up for Trump’s inauguration.

  • Dave Mc

    Short timer. The Great Dissappointment better pardon her quickly.

  • 762x51FMJ

    she wanted to go to the white house.
    but it looks like she went to white castle.

    • Fred

      Awesome post!

  • 762x51FMJ

    Pamela: Shmooviyet says send the old devil an Urban Decay mascara. She needs a boost, and the label fits her ideology.

  • Trevor Fortune

    What’s this “after the loss” bit? She has looked like a bag of dog turds, minus the bag, for years. I refuse to believe that this is the actual person that did most of her public appearances since her 9/11 collapse, that is why whoever it was had to have an earwig and a teleprompter on their podium during the debates.

  • rambler

    Her health issues are getting the better of her. Too many meds, too many clots and too much stress.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Don’t forget being pickled in liquor! I wonder if her and lying Ted Kennedy ever went out for drinks together?

      • rambler

        If she did, I’ll bet he didn’t get to drive.

        • Craig

          Mary Jo Kopechne…she drowned in the car according to her autopsy.
          Typical democrat lies:…Kennedy, fat, old and pickled, jumped into the ocean and swam to Martha’s Vineyard for help. (he forgot about the gas station just back up the road).
          Of course, this would be directly in line with the Clintons as, they too, have many dead bodies around them (girl friends {both pregnant and not}, lovers, lawyers, enemies, etc.).

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          LOL, or maybe she wore a swimsuit.

          • rambler

            Well…. whales can float.

          • Dirty Dutch

            Hiya doll.

          • rambler

            Hiya Sunshine.

          • Dirty Dutch


      • learningcurve77

        I have a fried from Arkansas who can confirm that she’s been a big drinker since before he was governor! Even after he was govenor, they had huge parties, not the kind you invite real Christians to, kind of parties!! He had been to many before cleaning up his act and joining the military. Lots of snorting and drinking to excess went on back then!

    • Gray Panther

      Beyond that, parkinsonian syndrome from post-traumatic brain injury which was very serious in her case. Discussions were had (as revealed by Wikileaks) in some of her emails to the effect that she was not right in the head.

  • Fraley

    The photo in the FB tease is clearly photoshopped. Though I agree she doesn’t look very good in the video, she does NOT have those dark circles under her eyes as indicated in the photo that announces Pamela’s column. Just watch 20 seconds of this link to see what I’m talking about.

    • MattTarango

      Look like dark circles to me

      • Craig

        Not to mention she was airbrushed before she came out on stage. There is enough spackling paste on her face to put a dent in the Grand Canyon.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          “Spackling paste” LOL.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Embalmers wax.

    • ignatz22

      Watch it with the sound off: the condescension, the megalomania, the hectoring scolding, the primly pursed lips of disapproval: it’s all there.

    • Amethyst_2012

      She either had a tracheotomy or thyroid surgery. Unfortunately she survived it.

  • David Grisez

    I don’t think that we have heard the last of the Clintons. I read that Chelsea Clinton is running for congress. It would not surprise me if at a future presidential election Hillary’s daughter runs for President of the United States. I do not want to see any members of the Clinton Family in government office.

    • Jackie

      Yeah they will probally try to buy her a seat, but seriously the American people have had enough of the Bushes and Clintons. I bet Chelsea will do about as good as Jeb did.

      • Speak the Truth

        I may be mistaken, but didn’t Caroline Kennedy run for a national office, and then lost the election?

    • sodacrackers2

      Or the Bush family, or, God forbid, the Obama family.

    • Evil Otto

      The problem for them is that Princess Chelsea has accomplished literally nothing in her life that wasn’t handed to her. While the Clintons might find her some safe New York congressional seat to occupy she’s never going to go further than that because she doesn’t have Bill’s charisma and doesn’t have Hillary’s lust for power and control-freak personality.

  • MattTarango

    DEATH ON TWO LEGS (Dedicated To…. Hillary)

    You suck my blood like a leech
    You break the law and you preach
    Screw my brain till it hurts
    You’ve taken all my money- and you want more

    Misguided old mule
    With your pig headed rules
    With your narrow-minded cronies, you are fools of the first division

    Death on two legs
    You’re tearing me apart
    Death on two legs
    You’ve never had a heart of your own
    Kill joy, bad guy, big talking, small fry
    You’re like an old barrow boy
    Have you found a new toy to replace me
    Can you face me?
    But now you can kiss my a s s goodbye

    Feel good, are you satisfied
    Do you feel like suicide (I think you should)
    Is your conscience all right
    Does it plaque you at night
    Do you feel good- Feel good!

    (Ahh) Talk like a big business tycoon
    You’re just a hot-air balloon
    So no one gives you a damn
    You’re like an overgrown school boy
    Let me tan your hide
    Dog with a disease
    You’re the queen of the sleaze
    Put your money where mouth is, Ms. Know-it-all
    Was your fin on the back part of the deal… (shark!)

    Death on two legs
    You’re tearing me apart
    Death on two legs
    You have never had a heart of your own
    (You never did, right from the start)
    Insane… should be put inside
    You’re a sewer rat, decaying in a cesspool of pride
    Should be made unemployed
    Make yourself null and void
    Make me feel good
    I feel good!


  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I wonder if she fears a legitimate investigation into her criminal activities by a Justice Dept. cleansed of Demorat collaborators and muslums?

  • IsReal

    I never want to hear nor see her again.

  • hogsnort

    Will she finally admit that she has advanced Parkinsons in a bid to escape prosecution and imprisonment for her various crimes?

    • Dean

      She won’t need to use any excuse although she has already used the concussion excuse to avoid problematic questions from the FBI. I believe that there is no serious downside for Obama granting a pardon and the democrats will love him even more while the media will praise him for eliminating what they will call a pointless and unreasonable distraction so they can focus all of their energy on attacking Trump.

  • Jackie

    I think she decided against wearing makeup in an effort to look distraught. I agree with her staff she has bad judgement. She looks like hell. And waiting till the next morning to conceed was trash. Trump condemded the violence – she is such a lowlife not to!

    • Speak the Truth

      But, she and her pal Soros actively plan and fund the violence.

  • Tom Dale

    What’s the phrase people use when you drink too much? ^_^

    • ignatz22


  • Darren Brown

    This hag looks like death warmed over…

  • Poor Poor Hillary

    Hillary has lost her mind. Maybe she is having a bipolar manic episode.

    Goodbye Hillary and good riddance. You will not be missed.

    Glad Trump won. Hopefully it is not too late to save the USA.

  • Karma for the Clintons

    Hey Hillary what goes around comes around.

    Karma is a bit_h !

  • Merle not Haggard

    Woah. Hill does look terrible!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Time for her to pick a place for, like Lenin, she can be displayed so people can know and believer she is really gone.

  • dangerousfreedom

    The discussion has always been on right political blogs that she has an alcoholic problem that no one talks about. I’ve always resisted conspiracy theories, but they were right when they kept insisting she was really damaged from that fall and concussion, far more than people realized. Turns out that was true.

    • learningcurve77

      She had too many drinks when she fell. She had too many drinks when she knew she was losing the election. That’s why there was no speech to her supporters that night. Rumor mills are saying she had a psychotic fit before they even called the election. If that is true, that’s horrible watts treat the people that worked to get her elected. Those same rumors says she was throwing everything she could at her staffers that night. One said she was crying so hard that she was ranting but no one could understand her and that she was inconsolable.

      If it’s true, she needs to do right by those people.

      • dangerousfreedom

        I don’t like to see the worst happen to people, but I want this woman exposed in every way. When she did not come down and speak to her devastated supporters, or at least send her husband Bill, I thought, how classless. What is going on? And that they still don’t get it, how sad. I am furious with CNN. Where are the articles detailing “with Hillary while she waits”? I remember all of those they USED to have. They would have an actual timeline. But CNN decided to “protect” her? Thank God she didn’t get it. We’d NEVER find out what was going on with our president ever again. It’s like Trump said, Well now we know what she was doing at 3am. And the MSM would be protecting her forever and ever to keep people from realizing the president was a sick mess.

        IMHO, I’ll say what I’ve said before – the Powers that Be knew Hillary was Unfit, are terrified of Trump because he’s his OWN man, Terrified of Bernie because he’s a true communist (and they really DONT want to be taxed to death) so they were trying to get Hillary in long enough to make her VP president. IMHO Kaine was the PTB choice. And everyone besides Bernie and Trump are controllable anyway.

  • Jackie

    Blind gossip hss some juicy bits. Podesta has concede that night because yes she was crying but she was also very DRUNK on vodka. Also her hand shakes too much to do her own makeup. This is the real her.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    It is too bad that a person with her drive, initiative, intelligence and tenacity could not have been on the side of good. She would have been lionized as a champion of women, democracy and freedom. As is, she will be thought of, if thought of at all, as a criminally insane addict, dhimmi to whatever islamic whore master had her price.

    • Dean

      Some credible psychologists say that some of the healthiest people psychologically are those that are obsessed with some goal outside of themselves, despite other shortcomings, so I doubt that they were talking about someone obsessed with achieving political power just to prove themselves. I don’t think she was ever obsessed with anything else like children’s welfare or rights so it was all down hill from the start (she was fired from the Watergate committee for trying to conceal evidence favorable to Nixon and moved to Arkansas after she failed the DC bar exam) and only her marriage provided her opportunity. Her obsession was thwarted last week and I think she knows that it is over.

      • felix1999

        My song for HiLIARy,

        Tammy Wynette
        Stand by Your Man

        ALL for naught! She HATES him.
        She tried to run on HIS coat tails and it ALL back fired.

        • Dean

          Good one, Hillary’s is known to us only because of her man.

          • felix1999

            She tried to be this gallant feminist and HIDES behind Bill and tries to ride his political coat tails. Didn’t work. MAJOR FAILURE! Bill totally and continually humiliates her with other WOMEN to this very day!

          • Don’t forget her women Dean; she had many women partners. Yoko was the first if I remember correctly.

          • Dean

            Its her marriage the lifted her to national recognition, not her bedroom or her mind. Otherwise she was just another angry leftist.

          • Ross gave us Shitlery

            Ross Perot gave us Hillary. Had Ross not run for president, Bill would never have been elected president. Ross took enough votes from Bush 1 that Bill beat him. I think Ross did it on purpose.
            Makes me wonder how this election would have turned out if there had been no 3rd party candidates.

          • Dean

            Another Democrat after “read my lips” Bush, but we get no do overs, the peanut farmer gave us Reagan.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Her hair spray hair-do says keep away from open flame.

        • Amethyst_2012

          She should have been an actress. She was very good at that. Period.

          • She could play the part of satin’s wife. She would get an emmy.

    • Jim Fox

      Could not have said it better!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        It always was obvious, but somehow she fell in with stupid companions, getting turned to evil. It really is a shame, as she had the potential for greatness, as is, she is a nobody carpet bagger, traitor and stooge to criminal islamic intents.

        • Rob Porter

          “It really is a shame,..”, well I think not. I’m not convinced that she had potential for greatness. It seems to me that for decades she’s been propped up by someone else. Kicked off the the Watergate committee, failed DC bar exam, doesn’t exactly say an awful lot in her favour and after that it was all downhill with criminal activity and incessant lying. Bill put her in charge of creating a new health scheme that failed and cost the country millions. He later said it was the worst decision he ever made. Trump has said she had ppor judgment and it’s evident that she does. She degenerated in a foul-mouthed, ill-tempered hag who deserved a good knuckle sandwich. Had she been a man and spoken to people as she did, she’d have been beaten flattened – and deservedly so.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            True, in her favour though, she had a charisma that attracted loyal subjects, dedicated minions and a brain dead posse’. If directed properly, it would have been something, as is, another few pages of police reports on unruly behaviour in a public place by hooligans.

          • felix1999

            No, HilIARy was NEVER liked. She was a polarizing figure. That was a BIG part of her problem. Her likeablilty was dismal – NO charisma at all!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            She did have a large posse’. but, come tho think of it, the brain dead would follow her, not unlike newborn geese will follow a cow.

          • She’s a dud. Useless.

            You’re right. She had 69 years to accomplish something good. She didn’t do it. Her lofty titles are not accomplishments.

          • Rob Porter

            How such a rotten person got as far as she did amazes me. In some things she proved just totally incompetent and we now all know that she is a pathological liar.

    • Hillary Clinton looks like death.

      Who could be more deserving?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        … in addition to her, every muslim.

    • When I see her eyes; I see evil. I will be happy to see occupy one of her graveyards Mahou. She will have a big selection to choose from.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        True, she is a self made comfort woman to any arab who has her price. The lustre has left the rose, she is an old hag that wasted her life in pursuit of evil and greed.


      wtf are you talking about.? get a grip and rephrase your comment

      • Mahou Shoujo

        hillpanzee had potential for greatness but trucked up real bad.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    I’ve seen elderly ladies with faces that looked bruised like that, after having a fall. The picture doesn’t look photo-shopped, in other words, looks very realistic.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      A trip to the scratch and dint section a farmers market will have similar examples of her complexion.

  • Tom Validakis

    Clinton shows her true form.

    • Lee Piccini

      … the results of going too Low instead of going High will always end like this folks . The rehab nurse will be there soon to help Hilly along .

  • putupjob

    is this hag planning on coming back in 2020?
    you never know how delusional she is.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Return of the democrat dead, the dead vote democrat, it is reasonable for them to have a dead candidate next election.

      • Dravaa

        lol! clever

  • AmericanFaith

    looks like she got beat.

  • Craig

    Now you see the real baby-eating Hillary. Tonight she will sacrifice some babies to her reptilian god.

    By the way, the rat Marxist obama is overseas, “explaining” who and what Trump is to world leaders. THIS IS WHO THE MARXIST DEMOCRATS ARE.
    YOU are too stupid to handle your healthcare, only democrats know what is best for you.
    YOU are so stupid, that ALL lawnmowers must have blade brakes. You are such stupid children according to democrats.
    YOU are too stupid to understand most everything, you need democrats to do it for you.
    YOU are too stupid to spend the money you make on what you decide, only democrats know what to spend money on.
    (POS Bill Clinton said “sure, I could give you a tax cut, but how do I know you would spend it correctly).
    Democrats, by their sheer goodness and knowledge DESERVE to be filthy rich and in total control of everything and the evidence for that has been before you in Marxist rat obama and the communist Hillary.

    Actually, POS rat obama is spreading the seeds of discontent for the Trump presidency while taking an elaborate all taxpayer-paid ultra-luxury vacation.

    • Patti York

      An older family member who is a democrat attempted to educate me on how tax dollars should be spent. I stopped him after the first sentence, and said wait a minute WHO’s money are you talking about? He flipped the F&^% out on me and blocked me on social media lmao.

  • Mark Bailey

    “this WOMAN” is clearly not well.”: thank goodness you didn’t try to pass her off as a ‘lady’. Its even difficult to think of this liar being a woman, she’s more like a demon with ovaries and nothing more.

    • bostonbean

      She’s no woman. Hillary is 200% good ole boy, corrupt, protected, and unaccountable.

  • RevnantDream

    Progressives have no values, only power grabs disguised as virtue. How could anyone sane think killing babies being born is a virtue, or making people have mixed bathrooms a moral point? Demoralizing white males, Pretending people are different races not ethic groups, or pimping for BLM the black KKK, as well as becoming an Dhimmi ally for satanic Islam. As a biblical Christian i urge her to repent before G-D I don’t like to see anyone suffer including rejoicing
    in it. But our sins always find us out with consequences sooner or latter no matter how many layers of lies or protection.

    • learningcurve77

      Some people are just lost souls who were never in the book of life. Christ told us this. He says, they claim that they used his name, yet he will answer them that he does not know them.

      Hillary used the name of God many time during this election. But her works showed her to not know Christ. She even went to many churches during the election, but instead of being there to give the glory to God, she campaigned her herself. Doing so, she exalted herself above God. And she defamed Trump in church too, bearing false witness against him.

      She should be ashamed, but I think she’s just too narcissistic to even think she is ever wrong. Very sad!

  • Gene

    She looks totally like Darth Sidious when he turned Anakin into Darth Vader.

  • Charles Martel

    Bill would have been moving the strings from behind, and in the end we would have ended up with Timmy as PRE

    • ignatz22

      Roger Stone says Bill’s nickname for her was “The Warden.”

  • John

    Scary to think about half the voters wanted to elect her to be leader of the free world.

    • John Whitney

      Yes – that is the scary thing. How the hell do you get through to such people? Dismantling the welfare system has to be the start.

      • sodacrackers2

        We could start by actually educating our children again. Home school if at all possible.

    • learningcurve77

      Her looking this way after the election was planned for more sympathy. She does nothing without a strategic plan behind it!

      I personally think she only got HALF the votes that were counted. I think there were millions of false votes made for her, just like the primaries. There’s video after video of her people being caught stuffing the ballots at the primaries! Those are still being investigated. People are going to serve time when it’s all said and done.

      One county in Texas says they’ve caught over 30,000 illegal votes for Clinton in the presidential election!! Now imagine if that’s just one county, from one state. She couldn’t draw a crowd 1/10th the size of Trump. That equates to low voter turnout in the end. Only the propaganda machines in their pocket where propping her up making it look like she was a viable candidate with lies about Trump and fake polls. That and they were rigging the votes. That’s why she always had that smug look on her face at the debates. She just knew she was going to win, with all the planning they had done to rig it!

      She’s sick to with Parkinson’s disease, it fits her symptoms! She has one that most people don’t notice its the one where one of her eyes can’t lock in sync with the other. Also, she can’t be startled or it cause her to have a Parkinson’s loss of head control. I wonder if they’ll ever tell the truth about that or eventually just keep her out of public view? That’s why she cheated in the debates because she couldn’t even handle that, with the drugs they were pumping into her to keep her on her feet. She was clearly on Steroids, steroids give old people a more youthful look as well as excessive energy!

      What they didn’t expect to happen was that Trump got SO MANY to go vote, that it was enough to beat her “extra votes” that were placed illegally. The reason why she was so confident she would win, because they just knew those illegal votes would be enough! They underestimated the sheer will of us deplorables to stop her. Ha Ha

      Trump knew the poles were bogus too. He’s a smart man!! He brought in some pros from England to do real polls! His polls were him winning 74%/26% in real time results from even sampling. That’s how he knew where he really stood.

      Hr also knew they were rigging the election, he kept telling us over and over that we all had to go vote to beat their rigging the election! Thank the lord she still failed after rigging it!

      • John

        “The reason why she was so confident she would win, because
        they just knew those illegal votes would be enough!.”
        I agree. It was because of voter fraud and the massively corrupt Democrat government/media propaganda machine that I feared she was going to steal the election. Like Obama, everything was rigged in her favor to win. We must never let our guard down with the wicked left, who are always scheming to take control. Instead of moderating themselves, they are becoming more vile and deranged. They probably want Keith Ellison to lead the DNC, so he can play the “Islamophobe victim” game. The left thrives on hatred and division, which is why they are so dangerous.

  • Lysy2

    Good riddance…

  • Mark Steiner

    Do not be fooled by appearances – grim though they may be.

    This person (Hillary) has entered the “what goes around, comes around” twilight zone.

    Reality awaits. Crimes were committed, including treason. It will still be up to the new administration to address criminal behavior and deal with it Constitutionally.

    You can be derned tootin’ sure anyone posting here would get no breaks for serious crimes in the justice system!

  • John Whitney

    She looks like she’s aged 20 years in the past week. There’s only so much you can do with make-up and stage managing an image.

    • michaelofsydney

      Don’t forget that they doped her up heavily

      • Paitonboy

        Why bother-she was already a dope.

  • Dennis McMurtrey

    Always 2020???
    LOL The campaign of the Walking Dead!
    Well at least the graveyard voters will
    get their representative candidate!

  • Mike

    Hillary got it right – hope Trump can pack her and Obama out of the US for good ;-)

  • Gregg Jensen

    Looking like Death is a good start. Will Podesta grow a pair and complete the job? If he doesn’t then I’d like to read about Mook and Podesta being found on the side of a road, each with a hatchet in hand and dead.

    They blamed one another for Hillary’s loss, each had a hatchet in the back of his head.

  • Hillary should just retire, honestly…

  • joe1429

    Dont worry our merkel will still be here instigating and trying to undermine trump, along with obama. They have not told the protestors to stop, and obama today in germany, said the opposite. Right out of the alinsky playbook. Dont worry Trump will deal with these so called “protestors” with an iron fist. The party is over for the professional animals in t minus 61 days

  • crbynum

    Maybe she looked so bad to get sympathy from the public.

  • Peter Joffe

    I am not sure that I feel sorry for Hillary at all. She is such a sore loser. She used every dirty trick in the Clinton book. She has cupboards bulging with skeletons and should never have been selected as a candidate. Did the Clinton’s buy the selection? Probably. And now she fights on with more lies and misdirection. Hillary do the honorable thing and retire to Mongolia. More than 1/2 the American people are not “Deplorables”. Clinton and her close supporters are ‘corruptible’s!!

    • Evil Otto

      I don’t feel sorry for her. Not even slightly. She earned her defeat.

  • noreligon

    Wheres her love trumps hate supporters now?,on the streets spiting out hate.

  • Drew the Infidel

    She looks like someone set her face on fire and then beat it out with a track shoe.

  • deplorable ketzel

    Alcoholics often have bruises on their face. She either walked into something, fell down, or Bubba hit her.

    • Ruger 1

      Hopefully All of Thee Above!!!!!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      She fell out of the ugly stupid tree, hitting every branch on the way down.

  • Evil Otto
    • Robert Batchelor

      I thought she was the dark side.

    • IzlamIsTyranny


  • ted

    So she doesn’t make it to see Trump inaugurated

    Hillary for Hell 2016

  • Mudlark

    Clinton the Martyr. It is all they have left, portray her as the victim,keep the fires of hatred burning, more rioting on the street. Nothing happens by chance with these people.

  • The Profit MoeHamHead

    Give her a shopping cart, an old overcoat and a roll of trash bags and send her packing.

  • SCPOret

    Don’t be fooled by the look, the Hildabeast is dangerous as long as she’s not in jail. The disheveled look was planned to gain sympathy for a poor grandmother who has been mistreated and beat down by the campaign. Pure bull stuff. She’s trying to gain sympathy because she’ll need it at sentencing.

  • The Profit MoeHamHead

    The Hillary Clinton Zombie Apocalypse has begun!

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2016
  • notme123

    I saw an interview where she burst out laughing and the commentator said to her, I don’t see anything funny. Reminded me of the Danny Glover ad on TV about uncontrollable fits of laughter, any one else see it?

  • Roar

    The Face.

  • JAY

    Interesting that one of the largest elements of this election centered around plumbing. I know brilliant women who can bury mediocre men in a heart beat but to think that being a woman provides and entitlement – well that has to come from the pioneer days when women were few and represented the source for the coming generations – you know, just like the muslims are doing here now….. Well it is no longer the mode, women think they are equal in ALL ways and there is the fallacy. Mentally most women are so far ahead of men it is pitiful. A proper display, a smile and the proper touch and most men are jello. The thinkers among women know all this and use it all. The rest sit in awe of somebody like the hillary thingy and wonder how she did it. Well we now know that she didn’t. She got wrapped around the axle about herself. There is the beginning of the end. Her exchanges with Saul Alinsky I found revolting – she is a traitor. She mishandled classified information and for that should serve hard time. Benghazi is another matter. Now the press is picking like a bunch of chickens at anything they can find because they may be close to realizing they are dead meat. Newspapers are no longer relevant and most I expect to see close before long. Support HR 1205 the repeal of our participation in the UN great national debt reducer in one pass. Write call your representatives about this get it going the the UN GONE.

  • Ruger 1

    Looks like one Hellava Bender HilLIARy went on!!! And what’s up with the Bruises on her face…. Maybe Bubba got Tired of Hearing Her Scream and Cackle and Finally had to Lay the Pimp Hand Down!!!!! ?

  • Politically Accurate

    For those who have heard of life after death, the felonious sow in a pantsuit impersonating a human being represents death after life.

  • Jane Wilson

    That’s pretty funny considering she doesn’t have any values.

  • selwap

    This is reality.

  • unboundried

    See those people in the street? They think Trump’s election started a war. Trump’s people think the election ended a war. Guess who will fight harder and longer.

  • mike

    this is a ploy to gather sympathy, to stave off jail time. She is a media expert that has already moved her money offshore and has spent the last 10 days working on a non extradition world tour

  • Jim Fox

    Well, she is detested by many, myself included… BUT it’s hardly decent to mock her physical appearance.
    She is no spring chicken; women get it in the neck far worse than men as they age.
    If wishing to mock her, then do it with style–

    Winston Churchill to Lady Astor or Bessie Braddock: “I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober
    and you will still be ugly.”.

  • rickyoo

    Hillary was only ever interested in Hillary and being the first female President. She has always been a shallow fake POS who would say and do anything to achieve her goal. She cared nothing about the electorate, only if she could fool the weak and the blind to vote for her. One of her best supporters was Bill Maher who for months ridiculed Trump and has now climbed to the top of the idiot ladder where he belongs along with hundreds of the nasty left wing celebs that really thought that we were all as stupid as they are. I thought that most of them were packing their bags and going to Canada and Australia if Trump won. Strange how they have all be so quiet after the election.

  • Senseless_Violins

    I get that she maybe doesn’t have the hair and makeup people on permanent staff, now that she lost, but couldn’t she even take a shower and wash her hair before a public speaking engagement?? I tend to believe that leaked Podesta email about the way she smells. And I pinch myself daily, to make sure I’m not dreaming, that we are finally rid of Killary Clinton and her horny hound of a husband.

  • CTC Wilson

    Hillary is diagnosed by not one, not two..FOUR noted Psychiatrist as Clinical Sociopath/Psychotic. Two other Psychotics were Ted Bundy and Charles Manson.

  • CTC Wilson

    The reason Comey failed to indite Hillary Clinton is because she CANNOT, she is mentally and psychologically incapable of forming INTENT. She is that mentally ILL. A Clinical Sociopath/Psychotic, according to FOUR noted Psychiatrists, She cannot, is totally incapable of knowing right from wrong. Just like Ted Bundy, just like Charles Manson. She is a PSYCHO.

  • felix1999

    HiLIARy won’t live long… The Clinton global slush fund investigation is still on. Just how do you “PARDON” someone who “did nothing wrong”, Obama? HiLIARy was NEVER indicted.

  • Scorpio

    Schadenfreude….I’m so reveling in their anguish, tears and hate. I want them to suffer as much (and so much more) than what we felt when Obama was re-elected. It’s wonderful to see. I despise you way more than you could despise me. We WON.

  • Gene

    She looked like death before the election, which is one of the reasons why I didn’t vote for her.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I’d bet Shillariah’s former allies are heading for the hills. It’s very possible some of her former “allies” might turn state’s evidence on her once Trump drains the swamp of corruption that the DOJ and F-I-B have become. Trump needs to purge practically every agency that comprises the federal government today and initiate investigations of most of them, particularly the I-R-S, F-I-B, Skate Dept. and Department of Injustice.

  • VLParker

    She was probably so drugged up during the campaign that she had to cut back after the election. Now her symptoms are not being masked by medication.

  • boucle

    Too much thyroid med— eyes bugging out.
    She just didn’t bother with makeup.
    Makeup artist must have quit, now focusing of Chelsea in vain.

  • Mad Mike

    So when is Hillary filing for Divoce? Seeing as she has no use for Bubba any longer….on another note….Hillary looks worse than some Zombies I have seen in video games….me thinks she is not long for this world.

  • Hillary reportedly had planned to allow one million more Middle Eastern refugees into America if she became president. She would have continued the present Obama and State Department “Refugee Resettlement Program” that would have created an Immigration Nightmare in 2017.
    Now, It appears that the State Department and Clinton’s planned “Humanitarian Effort” has, unknowingly – or knowingly, aided and abetted the increased flow of Islamic immigrants who have come to America with one goal in mind; change laws and turn this country into an Islamic nation.

    The following excerpt from 1996 is very telling indeed where Hillary Clinton reportedly stated: “Islam is the fastest-growing religion in America, a guide and pillar of stability for many of our people…”[HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, Los Angeles Times, May 31, 1996, p.B3]…Within the 1996 article, Reporter, Larry B. Stammer, wrote, in part:
    “…Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday became the only first lady to address U.S. Islamic groups outside the White House and promptly urged them to become involved in the nation’s political life.” Now we know.

    Archived report from 1996

    • Amethyst_2012

      Say a prayer for Canada cause Turdeu is probably going to take in all the muzzies that aren’t going to USA now. Besides they get way more money from Canada. Plus Turdeau recently enacted a new law whereby every parent gets $500 per month, per child, automatically up to age 6. A little less thereafter. Plus the muzzies get free health care and free meds, free housing, etc. If they have 6-8 babies compared to our 1-2 babies, thats a lot of $500 cheques each month. Sometimes the muzzies even lie about how many children they have. Turdeau figured the same as his comrades – they would out vote us by out procreating us. It is working here in Canada.

  • WarEagle82

    Man, she really looks like the emperor from Star Wars….

  • Kathy Brown, Esq.

    She is death. She brings death. So why wouldn’t she look like death.

  • Steve

    I suppose we are all supposed to feel some sort of remorse for the fall of this sociopath despite what she was going to do to us but shakespearean as it may be all i have to say is

  • Carolyn

    Disgusting comments and I have been called rude for calling your new dictator…orange?! You sure set a great example…but wait…you voted orange..nuff said.

  • Le fromage grande

    Looks like she’s getting ready for a cameo in ‘The Walking Dead’.

  • Martin Larsson

    It looks like Hillary Clinton has been beaten up by somebody? Anyone else that agree?

  • Ken ✅deplorable

    She’s a monster. Thank GOD that thing won’t be our president for four years.

  • LegalDementia

    Everything about her has always been fake, exaggerated or staged…even her health! Thank God the hag is now irrelevant!

  • reeney reyem

    She’s covering up a huge bruise on her face with stage make up. Probably drunk and fell.
    She is very ill and you don’t see her doctor body guard next to her constantly like in the campaign.
    She has no class. She should have come out and talked to her supporters who worked hard for her. she used them and when she didn’t win – she could care less about them.
    Clinton wants people at war with each other and the democrats feed on violent protests.
    Kennedy once said, “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask, what you can do for your country.” Isn’t it about time the democrats looked up the word, “United? We are the United States and we have a democracy that lets the people vote for President. Even if you don’t like who is in – there should be respect for the position.
    Democrats are demon crats until they can promote peaceful change.

  • LegalDementia

    She was never anything to look at. But with all the millions she and her sleazy husband received from their pay-to-play money laundering foundation…you would think she could get a new set of teeth!

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