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Ohio State Jihad Attacker Named Abdul Razak Ali Artan, Vehicle Used in Attack Belonged to Mohammad Ali


In a previous reports, the attacker was named as Mohamed Ali. NBC News is now identifying the attacker as Abdul Razak Ali Artan.
The vehicle involved in the incident is registered to Mohammad Ali from Columbus. It is unknown how many were involved in this jihad cell.

Ten people were wounded after Abdul Ali  drove into pedestrians with a vehicle and attacked others with a machete at Ohio State’s campus. one of the largest in America. Officials at Ohio State said the vehicle drove onto campus, hitting victims when the jihadi got out of his vehicle and starting attacking people in the area with a butcher knife.

Previous reports of gunfire appear to be in question. Vehicular and knife jihad are confirmed.

Ohio State attacker identified as Somali refugee, OSU student

KARE affiliate of NBC News, November 27, 2016:

COLUMBUS-The latest on reports of an attack on the Ohio State University campus Monday:


2:55 p.m.:

NBC News has identified the suspect as 18-year-old Abdul Razak Ali Artan. According to NBC, Artan was a Somali refugee and Ohio State student who left his homeland with his family in 2007. They lived in Pakistan before coming to the U.S., where Artan became a permanent resident in 2014.

2:10 p.m.:

NBC News reports that the suspect was an 18-year-old Somali refugee who was a permanent U.S. resident. He was a student at Ohio State.

NBC News also reports that the suspect’s motive remains unknown, but officials say the attack was deliberate and may have been pre-meditated.

1:50 p.m.: 

The Associated Press reports witness to an attack at Ohio State University says he initially thought a car had driven over a curb into pedestrians accidentally but realized it was intentional when a man emerged with a butcher knife.

Student Martin Schneider says he saw the attack take place Monday morning.

He says he saw the attacker hit several people with the car, then emerge swinging the knife.

Schneider says the attacker didn’t say anything.

He says he heard the car’s engine revving before it hit the curb because it was going pretty fast. He says he also heard yells from a frightened crowd.

1:20 p.m.:

The AP reports authorities are now saying nine people were injured at Ohio State University when an attacker purposely drove over a curb and into pedestrians and then got out of the vehicle and began stabbing people with a butcher knife.

Ohio State Police Chief Craig Stone says eight of the victims are in stable condition and one victim is in critical condition after the attack Monday.

Authorities said two people had been stabbed, four people had been hurt by a car and two others were treated for lacerations.

The injuries to the ninth person weren’t immediately clear.

Earlier, hospital officials said that eight people had non-life-threatening injuries.

Stone says an officer who was nearby because of an earlier gas leak shot and killed the male suspect.
1:10 p.m.:

The AP reports Ohio State police say the attacker on campus purposely drove over a curb and into pedestrians and then got out of the vehicle and began stabbing people with a butcher knife.

Police Chief Craig Stone spoke early Monday afternoon at a news conference.

Authorities also said police believe that there was only one attacker.

Ohio State said earlier that the suspect had been shot and killed.

The university had sent out a series of tweets at around 10 a.m. Monday saying there was an active shooter on campus and that shooters should run, hide or fight. About an hour and a half later, the university said a shelter-in-place warning had been lifted and the scene was secure.

Authorities said later that it doesn’t appear that the suspect used a gun in the attack.

12:15 p.m.:

The AP reports a spokesman for Ohio State University says injuries in the attack on campus included stab wounds and being struck by a vehicle.

Ben Johnson said Monday that there were also other injuries that were being evaluated.

12:05 p.m:

The AP reports hospital officials say eight patients they received from the scene of a reported attack at Ohio State University have non-life-threatening injuries.

The eight patients were split among OSU Wexner Medical Center, OhioHealth Grant Medical Center and OhioHealth Riverside Methodist Hospital.

11:35 a.m.:Ohio State University says a shelter-in-place warning has been lifted and the scene is secure following reports of an active shooter, the AP reports.

Ohio State tweeted Monday morning that all classes would be canceled for the rest of the day.

11:10 a.m.:

The suspect linked to an active shooter situation on the Ohio State campus is dead, police authorities confirm to our sister station WCMH.

Eight people were taken to the hospital, the station reports.

NBC4 says seven victims are in stable condition, while another person is in critical condition.

Another person is receiving treatment on scene, the station said.

10:30 a.m.

The AP reports Ohio State University is telling students there’s an active shooter on campus and they should “Run Hide Fight.”

Ohio State’s official Twitter page retweeted a post from OSU Emergency Management saying there is an active shooter on campus in Columbus on Monday morning.

The tweet says: “Buckeye Alert: Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight. Watts Hall. 19th and College.” Watts Hall is a materials science and engineering building.

“Run, hide, fight” is standard protocol for active shooter situations. It means: Run, evacuate if possible; Hide, get silently out of view; or Fight, as a last resort, take action to disrupt or incapacitate the shooter if your life is in imminent danger.

A Columbus police dispatcher declined to comment on the reports, but police vehicles were seen at the scene.

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  • SJB

    The report says that after running people down with a car, he emerged from the car with a BUTCHER KNIFE, not a machete. Now there are a bunch of freaking idiots out there yelling for more gun control. Hey, dummies, a GUN in the hands of a campus police officer ENDED the attack, and the attacker. Hard to believe that, even in face of facts, people continue to be SO-O-O-O STUPID!!

    • Olle Alberious

      Where did you hear anyone say anything about guns? Trying to expand your agenda? Don’t be SO-O-O-O STUPID!!

      • SJB Yous asked for it, here’s a link to just ONE story, and it is 5 hours old.

      • SJB

        You…….(minor correction)

      • SJB
        • boucle

          Haha, stupid Sheila Jackson Lee commented.

          • SJB

            And your point is…..?

          • boucle

            Read her idiotic comment.
            Excellent evidence for term limits.

          • SJB

            It certainly IS evidence for term limits in Congress. In fact, several of the original states had term limits for their state legislators written into their state Constitutions.

            It was discussed at the Constitutional Convention in 1787, but was eventually voted down. There was a tradition at the time, that the Federal Legislators would serve for a few years and then would return to their private lives and concerns.

            That tradition actually persisted until the early 1900s, but then came the professional politicians–those who wanted power and would stay, and stay. and stay to retain that power.

      • J Ian

        Gun control is the answer for knife & car attacks

      • Trevor Fortune

        Ah, the goat love is strong in this one. Seriously, don’t you get tired of being shown up for an idiot?

      • Drew the Infidel

        There was an initial confusion of “shots fired” but it was only the cop doing “pest removal”.

      • Phil Mckracken

        Your dopey Vice Presidential pick Senator Tim Kaine Tweeted “Deeply saddened by the senseless act of gun violence at Ohio State this morning. Praying for the injured and the entire Buckeye community.”

      • Phil Mckracken

        Here’s the link to Senator Tim Kaine’s GUN VIOLENCE Tweet:

  • Dommy

    Muzzies gonna Muz?
    Americans gonna BANG!

    Remember your ABC’s:

    A… Always
    B… Be
    C… Carrying

    Always Be Carrying.

    ALWAYS Be Carrying.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Run hide, fight, no, Shoot to kill, words to live by. muslims want to be seen as special ? Ok, they can all wear big red targets on their clothes to indicate what they have turned themselves into.

    • MrLogical

      Correct, the 5-step rule for responding to a muzzie terrorist attack should be:
      1) draw weapon.
      2) aim.
      3) fire.
      4) fire again.
      5) repeat steps 3-4 as many times as necessary, or until magazine is empty.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That will work too.

        • Ron Cole

          Down here in Ole Dixie they say,
          “Thut’ll work”.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            “Gitter done”.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    How can somalis be university students? They are dumber than monkeys, on the overall scale of intelligence, somalis are somewhere below lemurs and sloths.

    • guest

      Have you heard American college students talk and reason? Maybe at the level of an above average lemur. Kaepernick is an American student out of college only a few years.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Definitely an example of having a few too many head banging sessions on the field.

      • Drew the Infidel

        Agreed, but I was thinking more along the lines of a house plant. Who else would write, “Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin that he built with his own two hands.”? I taught for 26 years.

  • Jay Jay

    WE need a NEW LAW ….ALL US AMMO MUST BE Coated in PIG Grease!

    • Aurelius Moner

      A better law: deportations for everyone who has immigrated here since 1965.

      Grease coated ammo would cause your gun barrel to explode. If we just deport them all, you probably won’t have to shoot anyone.

  • m k

    The things people will do to get to their 72 virgins…………….

    • J Ian

      I’m glad the little cockroach is dead. May he burn in hell with allah.

  • m k

    This attack is about Islam.


    If you have a kid on campus for God’s sake- get her or him this:
    Alot of The girls at UC wear these on thier purses–

    • guest

      If a co-ed is going to be expelled for having a weapon on campus, just go all in and pack a small pocket .380 semi-auto after some training. A pig sticker is for close combat, not the best for a young woman. Dip the bullets in pigs blood first.


        firearms violations stick with a person bug time in obutph*k’s transformed America- buy the thing is–so few kids grew up around shooting and hunting these days
        best if they don’t carry a heater unless they get formal training and a lot of time at the range
        they are too bust for that– cell phone and video games come before self defense


        heck– my wife has one on her purse- it is so quick to whip it out- assuring to have something that can jab into a perps gut 5 inches- gives a victim time to run away

  • Lysy2

    Why are a goatf*ckers allowed into USA, especially from a backward s*itholes like Somalia!!!!? I bet the f’n Neanderthals had a civilization far more advanced that these goatf*ckers!

  • Jackie

    I am so tired of this stuff. These people should should NEVER be allowed in this country! Curious to know if the family was on welfare and how he was paying for school.

  • guest

    I want to know what idiot called the POLICE and not Black Lives Matter? And wasn’t their safe rooms enough? /sarc off.

  • MrLogical

    The correct 5-step rule for responding to a muzzie terrorist attack should be:
    1) draw weapon.
    2) aim.
    3) fire.
    4) fire again.
    5) repeat steps 3-4 as many times as necessary, or until magazine is empty.

    • Ichabod Crain

      6) Wooden stake through the heart.

    • Drew the Infidel

      Agreed. This would not have have happened at the University of Texas. A new state law allows concelaed carry on campus for those legally licensed.

  • Drew the Infidel

    The confusion over the source of the shots fired was caused when the campus cop killed the raghead attacker, which to paraphrase Obhammud on the musime call to prayer, is one of the most beautiful sounds on earth.

  • charlie baker

    Official Department of Justice version of events: The Victim, a Somali refugee, 18-year-old Abdul Razak Ali Artan, became momentarily confused while driving because in Somalia he would ordinarily drive on the Left side of the road as is the custom there, and consequently the car went up on the sidewalk where it accidentally bumped a few people. Witnesses to the accident, all hateful White people fostering feelings of extreme Islamophobia, when they saw the victim’s car jump the curb, immediately assumed based on the color of the victim’s skin it was a terror attack and swarmed around the car with the intention of injuring or killing the victim. The terrified victim, fearing now for his life, luckily just happened to have in his possession a large bread knife, which he used in his job at a local bakery and emerged from the car waving the knife, which the attackers stupidly kept running into, stabbing and cutting themselves numerous times. Just then, a homicidal, Islamophobic White police officer who arrived on the scene and misinterpreted the event as a terror attack, immediately drew his weapon and shot the victim dead. The officer, who later freely admitted being a fan of Fox News and the Rush Limbaugh show, will be charged with murder, as will the victim’s other attackers as soon as they are released from the hospital. President Obama is expected to travel today to the campus where….blah blah blah blah….a national day of mourning…blah blah blah…and we as Americans need to reach out to our Muslim brothers and sisters…blah blah blah…and let’s all be Muslims for a day…blah blah blah…We’re gonna rename the Campus Quad to…blah blah blah…The Beat Goes On…

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