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Muslim migrants RIOT in Bulgaria’s largest refugee center


Everywhere Muslims immigrate, conflict ensues.

RT reports that law enforcement and riot police have been deployed to Bulgaria’s largest migrant and refugee camp, located in the town of Harmanli, after violence erupted in the center. Inhabitants damaged the facility setting the premises on fire.

More than 2,000 people clashed with police at the camp in southern Bulgaria, close to the Turkish border, on Thursday, local news agency Novinite reported, citing Bulgarian National Radio (BNR).

Migrant crisis: Riot in Bulgaria’s largest refugee centre

BBC, November 24, 2016:
Some 1,500 migrants have clashed with police in Bulgaria’s largest refugee centre, two days after the facility was sealed off following reports of an alleged infection outbreak.


Officials said the claims were false. The Harmanli centre is home to 3,000 people, mostly Afghan refugees.

Protesters threw stones at riot police, who used water cannon to disperse them.

Some 13,000 migrants are still stranded in Bulgaria, the European Union’s poorest country.

In an attempt to prevent illegal crossings, the country built a fence on its border with Turkey and reinforced its border controls.

]Residents of the town of Harmanli protested on Sunday, calling for the camp’s closure after local media reported on the alleged existence of diseases there.Authorities then temporarily sealed off the centre to allow health officials investigate, and banned people from leaving the facility.

“An artificially created tension led to this, following misleading reports that the centre is a hearth of infection,” Petya Parvanova, head of the Bulgarian Refugee Agency, was quoted by Reuters as saying.

Tensions have been high in Europe, particularly in Greece, where tens of thousands of migrants and refugees remain stranded. Last week, an attack on a camp on the island of Chios forced 150 people to flee.

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  • Lysy2

    Can these goat-humpers do anything else than mayhem, rioting, raping, pillaging and turning to S*IT everything they touch? WTF?

  • SSE

    From Afghanistan to Bulgaria? Evidently to cause mayhem and carry on jihad. Keep them caged until they go back to Afghanistan.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    After decades of soviet tyranny and a communist police state the Bulgarian people don’t owe ANY one else a damn thing.

    • Lysy2

      Bulgaria, except the capital Sofia and the coastal resort towns is a pretty poor country…they experienced almost 500 years of muSSlim-Turkish occupation and have little sympathy for wild goat-humpers!

  • This will just push more far right leadership in Europe, a much needed change.

    • Lysy2

      Not far-right….just common sense!

  • Peter Joffe

    Do not use water cannons. Do not use rubber bullets. Do not ask Muslims nicely as they will not hear. Use live ammo and deport the ones that survive. It is them or us – you choose.

    • JUILLE

      Exactly , the choice is clear take no prisoners.

  • Ooops_6805

    Why don’t they just bus them all to Angie’s Palace and let her deal with the infection that she created!

  • Jimmy Savile was a Korandertha

    According to some Bulgarians I speak to, they were also rioting over WiFi access and laptops. My heart bleeds. All they wanted to do was to Sex-Skype their goats, back in Kabul. I mean, c’mon!!!!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Send the all back to turkey, at gunpoint, muslims will be much more comfortable in the turns islamic republic then in the west, as they appear to dislike it very much so.

  • movingwaters

    Are Afghans alleged to be refugees from the Syrian War, too? It seems that Muslims from all over the Middle East and Africa are being established all over every nation state that has a Christian tradition. And yet these same Middle Eastern nations are not asked to reciprocate with kindnesses toward Christians. Could it be that many leaders of western nations have an agenda that requires that their citizens be raped, beaten, murdered, and their cities turned into crime plagued dumps? That would be treason.


      Of course they have an agenda:

      The so-called “refugee” invasion and the continued toleration of the INVASION of illegal aliens – particularly from Third World countries – constitute the “shock troops” of the globalist, oligarch “New World Ordure” cabal. The plan: destroy whatever hegemony the nations of the West still retain. Destroy their sovereignty. Cause as much strife, economic hardship, crime, mayhem and murder as possible.

      When the situation gets bad enough the sheeple of the once-free nations of the West will beg their so-called “leaders” to “do something”. Then the NWO cabal will come out with their “solution”: WORLD GOVERNMENT. (Translated: enslavement of all who are not part of their cabal or the government drones that do their dirty work.)

      • movingwaters

        I am sorry my being a bit facetious put you through feeling the need to answer that for me. But you did a good job. Yeah; they have an agenda. And it is the invasion and balkanization of their own countries, out of which horrific crimes will occur that will increase and cement their control. Out of the chaos they intentionally create comes the New World Order they have been semi secretly implementing for a long, long time. They desire to own not just outward compliance to their controls, but to own the very thoughts and souls of every person on the planet. Unbelievably wicked.


    Let the muzscum live in the ruins they created!

  • Metatrona

    If they set the refugee center on fire…let them die in it!

  • joe1429

    BULGARIA…. You are a POOR country! Dont listen to EU. Deport all the 13,000 back to shitistan, not another eu country I have seen bulgarian women. They are gorgeous. Do not have the become a Rape Recpticle for these animals, like in sweden. The EU, if it does not close the borders, will unravel, soon. especially since the dear leader, hussein will be gone. Look out for yourselves, and your women

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