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ISIS Connection to Ohio State University Jihad Attacks


ISIS warned the West that they would be sending jihadis via a migration to Europe and the US. And so they have.

ISIS -linked Telegram channels are spreading word of the events at Ohio State University. Two days ago, ISIS called for knife attacks in the West.

This Muslim went operational.

Is ISIS Behind the Ohio State University ‘Shooting’ Today? Possibly.

Heavy, November 28, 2016:

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Following confirmed reports of an attack on the Ohio State University campus, online chatter has people wondering if the unnamed Somali suspect was inspired by the Islamic State. The use of a car to drive over people suggests this.

Witnesses have said on Twitter a fire alarm was pulled to get people out of buildings and the attack drove a car into a group of people, which fits tactics distributed by ISIS to its supporters.


Law enforcement sources told NBC News the attacker, who was killed at the scene, was an 18-year-old Ohio State student. The sources told NBC he is a Somali refugee and a legal permanent resident of the United States. CBS News is reporting the suspect is a “young man of Somali descent” who was about 20.

Nearly all people in Somalia are Sunni Muslims. ISIS is a Sunni Islamist extremist group.

There is communication about the school attack on known ISIS terrorist channels. If ISIS is behind the attack, an official claim could be expected in as little as a day.

Earlier this morning, an active shooter was reported on the north part of the OSU campus in Columbus, Ohio. Police tweeted just before 10 a.m., “active shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight. Watts Hall. 19th and College.” The Columbus Dispatch reported that one person in the car had a gun while the other had a “large knife.”

However, it was later revealed that no gun was found on the killed suspect or in the crime scene.

WBNS reports that nine people were injured. The station says that of those nine, eight are in stable condition while one is in critical condition. NBC Columbus’ Ted Hart reports that a person attacked with a large knife is a professor at the school.

WBNS reports that a suspect has been killed. NBC Columbus reporter Matt Barnes tweeted that two people have been “escorted out of garage in handcuffs and put into SWAT vehicle.” However, later reports state that the attacker worked alone.

The campus is currently still on lockdown.

Earlier this month, an ISIS magazine article targeting the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade suggested to jihadists how to carry out a successful attack as a lone wolf operative. In the article, ISIS suggested that a lone wolf use a vehicle to plow into a crowd and to carry a secondary weapon.

A similar attack claimed by ISIS was carried out this year on July 14 at a Bastille Day celebration in Nice, France by Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel. Bouhlel is responsible for murdering up to 84 people by ramming into them with a truck and shooting at them.

Yesterday, ISIS released a video encouraging knife attacks on non-Muslims in the West.

At least one planned ISIS-style attack has been thwarted recently by authorities in Ohio. 5 days ago the Washington Post reported that Munir Abdulkader, 22, an Ohio college student, “pleaded guilty to plotting an Islamic State-guided attack on a US military employee and a police station.” The attack was intended to be carried out in Cincinnati. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The FBI also recently arrested a New York man, Mohamed Rafik Naji, who had tried to join ISIS overseas and is accused of talking to an informant about possibly attacking Times Square using a vehicle.

Last year at this time, the world was still recovering from the November 13 ISIS terrorist attack in Paris when Syed Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, carried out a deadly assault on the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California.

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  • Dr. Doomsday

    Islam is, as Jihad does…

  • SJB

    BTW, the attacker WAS NOT UNARMED as some reports said, he had a large kitchen knife, and used a CAR as a weapon as well. That is Assault With a Deadly Weapon under the law, and lethal force is justified to prevent death or injury to more innocent people.

  • Oliver Grant

    Incident database – everything that looks like terrorism probably IS terrorism
    Exact same thing happened in St Cloud mall stabbing, Turkish ethnic muslim attack at Cascade Mall, Akihabara in Japan by likely North Korean sponsored terrorist.

  • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

    This happened at a gun-free zone. Parents don’t let your collegians attend at a gun-free campus…..actually don’t let any family member enter a gun-free place.

    • J Ian

      The Islamic Terrorist professors, need to be fired under Executive order, and brought up on charges , along with Keith Ellison, for Treason against the United States of America. The MSA is a terrorist organization along with BLM, CAIR, and the host of cockroaches that invest this country. I hope Trump shows no mercy on these fuckards

  • cojar

    I think their was a 2nd person involved in the Ohio State University attack. Someone pulled that fire alarm to get those students out into the street.

    • J Ian

      Everyone was involved. The Ummah, the Mosque, the MSA, the Students for Justice in Palestine, BLM,
      black panther party, CAIR, etc etc etc. They are all the same. Terrorize the unbelievers and destroy the United States of America.

    • Speak the Truth

      Also, multiple witnesses reported gunshots, as well as suspicious activity in a parking garage, probably planned as a distraction. Sounds like there was a group involved. The media will not report this, as it might provoke demands for vetting students by students / their parents.

  • felix1999

    Obama is SILENT as usual.

  • felix1999

    I can see the headlines now,
    Unarmed, vulnerable refugee gunned down by WHITE OFFICER

  • SuYu

    FRANKEN – STEIN – 2020

  • Drew the Infidel

    I faced a hell of a lot tougher enemy in Southeast Asia than I will ever see on some candy ass US college campus. It’s embarassing; coloring books, comfort dogs, and Play-Doh as coping mechanisms. And you wonder why I carry a loaded weapon at all times? It’s every man for himself now.

  • conan_drum

    Standard tactics of ‘palestinian’s’ and IS attackers, no question.

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