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Hillary Clinton, Post-Election: Muslims, Gays ‘Scared to Death’


Hillary Clinton, loser of the presidential election, has been captured by the media in recent days commenting on the rising hysteria from the left over Donald Trump’s win – but instead of using her platform to ease tensions, she’s gone the other way and actually stoked flames.

Specifically, she’s pointed to both gay and Muslim communities appeared to commiserate with them – as if there were something to fear from a Trump administration.

The Hill has the story:

“In a speech thanking her staff Friday night, Hillary Clinton said she has spoken to Americans who feel ‘scared’ in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential victory.

“‘Today, I heard from one of the people I met who lives in fear of her parents being deported and she’s scared to death that it’s going to happen,’ Clinton said, according to Fast Company.

“‘I heard from a young man I’ve known for a very long time, who is gay, and he said, ‘What’s going to happen to me? And what’s going to happen to my friends?’ I’ve heard from countless women who know that the rights we’ve fought for for so long are on the line,’ she added.”

What kind of message does this send?

Hillary Clinton thanked supporters, but also stoked tensions about Donald Trump's incoming administration.
Hillary Clinton thanked supporters, but also stoked tensions about Donald Trump’s incoming administration.

To Clinton and her ilk, it’s like Trump will now dismantle and destroy all civil rights, upset equality between men and women, target gays and Muslims for prosecution and personal vendetta, and basically rule by tyrannical force, not law. It’s ridiculous enough that the far left’s post-election mantra has been one of fear and terror over made-up notions about what Trump stands for and what he doesn’t stand for. But note to Clinton: Trump is a president – not a king. It’s not like he can run the country by, say, a pen and cell phone, absent Congress and the courts.

Oh wait … my bad. That’s President Obama … But perhaps that’s what the left fears – that Trump will adopt the unlawful actions of Obama and use them to the right’s advantage.

Clinton certainly is trying to keep that from happening, using the one tool that works best for the left – fear.

From the Hill again:

“The campaign held a goodbye party Friday at the New York Marriott in Brooklyn, where her campaign headquarters had been located.

“The former Secretary of State was met with a long applause from her staff, who held ‘Thank you’ signs in the air, according to the report. Clinton reiterated that the fight was not over, despite the election loss.

“‘We can’t just throw up our hands and walk away from these fights,’ she said.”

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  • pdxnag

    She’s bitterly clinging to her hate. Jealous that it is Trump and not her that gets to potentially use or expand Obama’s new found magical powers of tyranny.

    • Mark Steiner

      If I were here I would keep quiet … but for one who had never learned to be gracious, a special prosecutor and grand jury should help her learn this concept – under oath.

      • Patti York

        She has not learned her lesson, she is way too prideful. I am not buying her fake contrite crocodile tears. This woman is a spiteful ,mean spirited nut job.

        • Mark Steiner

          What do you think Patti – is her favorite song now “Cry Me A River”? Or something else?

          • Patti York

            No I dont think so. I think her song is more like the Dixie Chicks “Not Ready To Play Nice” I do NOT trust this vile person as far as I could throw her. After telling her people to support our president in her “concession” speech. She goes on to blame Comey, the press, and even Obama. Thats one butt hurt bitch right there.

  • Hilly Billy

    Hello Mr. Trump !
    Well done !
    Keep them being grilled in their hypocrisy !
    Would like to help to end the liefull illusions of Islam being a “Religion” of Peace.
    If the West really wishes to help the Muslim World it has to Show up what Islam really is ….
    This cannot be done in a better way than to unveill completly how big a hypocrite liar Mohammed has been.
    Greetings The Hilly Billy from Austria !
    And about Killary Clinton … Den Haag is waiting for you and your husband because of War Crimes in Bosnia, Lybia and Syria …. a.o.

  • Herbert Lee Poteet

    The day after he is president Trump should have Hillary arrested and charged with her crimes, including the serious breach of national security when she revealed on TV our nuclear response time. She should have a long time in federal prison ahead of her.

    • Mark Steiner

      He doesn’t have to have this job done himself, but have his attorney-general spearhead the effort to appoint a special prosecutor and collect a grand jury to get working.

      • andrew

        I am recovering adequately from a medical hardship, which precluded serving Jury duty where I live… I will GLADLY serve on the Grand Jury that starts the indictment that puts that Devil-Woman behind bars for the rest of her miserable life !!
        Subsequently, I would travel to the prison that she is remanded to, just to thumb my nose, and remind her why she is there, and post a huge portrait of Mr. Trump on the wall opposite her cell, to keep her company.

    • Ooops_6805

      Obama will pardon her in some way that will negate any opinions Trump may develop!

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Trump doesn’t have to recognize the pardon, after all, how can the 0mahdi pardon someone for crimes that someone hasn’t been charged with yet?

    • notme123

      and he should add inciting riots to the charges.

    • hank

      A thief or criminal always has an exit or escape route for themselves. They always are planning because that is their nature of their delinquency behavior. She has so much money they could buy the prison then she would be allowed to roam around while everyone else suffers…that is more of her up bringing & delinquent behavior. And she will always believed that she was above everyone else.

  • That bitch wouldn’t tell the truth if it would save her soulless life.
    This is all out of ignorance, that anyone would believe the BS she try’s to sell these people that have never even listened to our President Elect. One trip to one of his rally’s would have shown them that the Hag is the one who should be feared. Trump has embraced all people from any kind of race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. Just listen to the man and he will make one great impression on you very fast.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Stupidity, thy name is democrat, it is not Republicans that are rioting in the streets, demanding the death of the elected president and rap of his wife. Keep it up, the lame stream media are giving you lots of advertising, like during the election, the world now can see the true tyranny , bigotry and stupidity of democrats. When it comes to loser, it comes to democrats.

    • Jim Fox

      Democrats “offended” like muslims? Rioting and burning, when do the beheadings start??

      • Mahou Shoujo

        democrats normally outsource murder to professional muslims and abortion clinics

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Great news for Canada, many of the snowflake generation in the USA are thinking of moving up the frosty North because they’re afraid of Trump:

      Maybe you can put them in coldest regions of Canada, where there isn’t any internet, Starbucks, Apple stores, Halal Guys or bagel shops.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That is most of the country. They can be used as bear bait, once they freeze.

  • Patti York

    Oh Hillary go away and stay gone. I am gay and I am NOT afraid, not at ALL. Here is why, this is MY president talking

    right HERE>>>

  • Craig

    Any student of history sees this as the usual socialist mantra. From the socialists in Spain, France, Venezuela, Cuba, China, etc., etc., they always spread fear and death in order to push the people to allow them to take over. Nothing new, just business as usual for the communists. It is a sorry thing the people are not taught about socialism and communism in the world and how they worm their way in. History (when it is taught) gets in the way of the socialists and their goals.

  • Speak the Truth

    Meanwhile, 7 News–WSVN–TV has reported post election calls to crisis and suicide hot lines have surged. I am truly shocked that we have such a large number of citizens with such severe emotional fragility and apparent lack healthy coping mechanisms.

    • Craig

      How many actual suicides? Zero. It is a scam.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Some people are too stupid to live.

  • roccolore

    Gays and Muslims are so much alike. No wonder gays never protest against Islam.

  • DancerTiffy

    Ha ha. Are the gays stupid? Don’t they know that Hillary would import tens of thousands of gay-hating muslims into the country. The regressive left is no friend to the gays. The liberals decided to go with the muslims and throw the gays to the islamic wolves.

    Check out the muslims WHINING about the Trump win. Advocating for thought and speech police on Twitter and FB.
    That oppression is already in full gear in the EU and Canada. This whining muslim here is calling for the same for America.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “We can’t just throw up our hands” of course you can’t, that would get them out of taxpayers pockets, where’s the profit in that?
    Specifically, she’s pointed to both gay and Muslim communities appeared to commiserate with them – as if there were something to fear from a Trump administration. There is, it’s called blind justice, where being a muslim is not government mandated permission to violate American law. And where gays are treated exactly the same as everyone else, no special considerations.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The gay and muslum community have a lot in common. One community wants to be victimised and the other community wants to annihilate them.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Very good observation, a symbiotic relationship.

  • bannedquran20

    Even though I don’t go for this gay lifestyle, there is NO need for them to worry. The ones who should worry are muslims and we know why (those that are NOT unsuspecting non-muslims)….don’t we now??!!

  • Dee Lee

    Ain’t seen nothing yet, the America-hating, white-hating, Jew-hating Muslim Socialist still has two months to sabotage both the transition and the US.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Yeah, right. Trump just named an openly gay man, Richard Grennel, to be the USrepresentative at the UN. And in case anyone had not noticed, the legal immigrant to whom he is married is about to become First Lady. And one of his foreign policy advisers is Walid Phares, a Muslim. Next fantasy.

  • Beverly

    Prosecuting her and Bill under RICO for the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scam should keep them quiet for a number of years. On reflection, George Soros also needs to be tried for sedition and all of his assets frozen while he is in prison.

  • ted

    Still pandering
    Hey, has anyone heard from the chozzer Khan since the witch lost

  • Peter Joffe

    Had Clinton won the vote and promoted Islam as she has, it would not be long before all gays and odd people would be getting flying lessons from the tallest buildings. Do these stupid people including Clinton really think that Muslims will be accepting of gays etc. 1,400 years of hate against those that Muslims see as perverts will not end now. Under Clinton the gay community need to be scared, very scared.

  • Brit

    Trump has, sadly, already been schooled by 0bama, and instructed as to how he is to accept his instructions from the real Soros/Bilderberg royal government. We will see very little change. Consider how very little our Congress has done recently… They too understand the real source of power in the world.

  • hank

    gays should repent because their sin is grave and muslims have no resurrection and will join mohammed in hell where he’s waiting giving bj’s for Hebrews are free but muslims have to pay though.

  • harleycowboy

    “…Americans who feel ‘scared’ in the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential victory.”
    Because they voted for Trump?

  • Lysy2

    Little fear will only do a good thing for muslims.

  • G P

    Might be time for some post election ads stating Trump will imprison anyone who threatens or injuries in any way a member of the LGBTQ community.

    Arrest rates will soar for the migrants.

  • NotTheMama

    Do nothing to quell the Muslim’s fears. The gays should really be fearing the Muslims, they’re the ones throwing them off of roof tops.

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