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[ September 21, 2017 ]

90 Percent of Asylum Seekers in Austria End Up On Welfare

[ September 21, 2017 ]

Media Criticism: NYT Buries Nationalities of London Bombers and Omits Refugee Status in Report

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Trial opens for Muslim Accused Of Plotting To Kill Behead Pamela Geller: Witness Testifies, ‘Jihadi...

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Keith Ellison Compares Illegal Immigrants To Jews In Nazi Germany

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Have a sweet, happy and joyful Rosh Hashanah

[ September 20, 2017 ]

London bombing: Fifth Muslim migrant arrested at ‘halfway house for asylum seekers’

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Albanian Lobby Working On Trump For Kosovo

[ September 20, 2017 ]

ISIS calls on Muslims to commit jihad attacks at hurricane relief centers

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Muslim child sex trafficking leader STOMPED on fellow prisoner’s face for saying ‘terrorists should be...

[ September 20, 2017 ]

Two Muslim Migrants Arrested for Raping 16-Year-Old on German City Street

Happy Trump Thanksgiving


It’s time to celebrate and give thanks for our extraordinary bounty. What a week, what a month, what a year! Our prayers were answered on so many levels, I am still pinching myself. I am giddy. We didn’t just dodge a bullet, we dodged a MOAB.

So when I sit down at the Thanksgiving table tomorrow, I will give thanks for our many blessings and for you, freedom lovers and fellow activists. We did it. Despite the overwhelming odds, the massive leftist/islamic machine, the enmedia, academia, the entertainment complex — against all odds — Trump prevailed brilliantly.

G-d bless you and enjoy. Toast to freedom.


  • Patti York

    discovered this amazing voice for the first time today, the song is basically how I have felt since he was elected

    • Patrick

      Absolutely uplifting!

  • Patrick

    Thanks Pamela. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday and this one is extra special. Let us embrace these special days with a humble and grateful heart to God. “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever.” (Psalm 136:1)

  • Jimmy Savile was a Korandertha

    As a Limey, I only once experienced the Thanksgiving period in the USA. A great experience. All the best to you Yanks!!

  • Mark Steiner

    In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you: I Thess. 5:18.

  • Happy Thanks giving Pamela!

    Thank you for helping to keep us informed and for spreading the word to awaken people who have enough brain cells to care for their country. Relax, enjoy the holidays, and be safe. You are a very brave patriot and we all owe you for your work.

    • spacearcadian

      true muslims give thanks to mohammad, because 26 years after the 1st gulf war of usa in irak, after the usa invasion of afghanistan, after the 2nd usa invasion of irak…, islam still rule those countries and now islam is taking over europe and islam has made advances in usa. The hand of mohammad is stronger than trump

      • Susan

        No worries God will destroy your death cult. Happy Thanksgiving.

        • Mark Steiner

          Yes. Ezekiel 38-39.

        • Retiredextremelydangerous

          The hand of Mohammed as well as his neck can be severed as easily as any of his followers! The death of Islam is as certain as Life and Death itself! The death of the Third Reich is proof of that.

      • Mr Paul Middleton

        Islam “taking over?” Ha,ha, you can’t even spell Iraq! Keep dreaming of world jihad, moron!

      • PGMGN

        Mohammed is a creature, not God. So, while you wax poetic about the glories of Mohammed, you forget that God moves where and how He wills.

        Please, let us not give God’s creatures more than their proper due. To do so is to become misguided.

  • Black Eagle

    Thanks and same to you Pamela. But beware, a plot is emerging as we speak, Jill Stein acting on behalf of Hillary is aobut to launch a recount effort in three swing states that could throw the whole election back to Clinton. It is happening in concert with all the protests and media slanders which have not ended. There is a method to this madness of non-stop anti-Trump attacking, and it appears as the background and foundation for this last ditch effort at voter fraud to steal the election. Waiting until the last minute to block the awarding of the electoral votes as recounts proceed. Malignant poison from the Islamic-Marxist “Greens”. It is not over yet.

  • Happy Thanksgiving, Pamela! I know you must be upset with Trump’s comments against your event in Texas, as am I. But I think we both know that he has the potential to become the greatest president in our lifetimes.

    • Judi

      Pamela has put that behind her. Time to move on.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I think Mrs. Geller at one point opined Trump was educable about the threat of Pi$$lam.

      • Mr Paul Middleton

        Trump, I believe, knows a great deal more about Islam than he’s been able to let on. He has made a fair number of anti-Islam/Muslim statements, enough that we can be sure he knows a great deal about what a scourge it is. No one else was, or is, willing to say the things he said.

  • Drew the Infidel

    First, a very Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. All the advice from the etiquette gurus is to keep politics out of the family gathering. Around here, all the beaming faces over the Trump victory will speak volumes “where never is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day”. Sound familiar?

  • Fred

    Happy Thanksgiving, Ms. Geller

  • DemocracyRules


    FROM: Academic Board of Governors
    TO: All Faculty and Staff

    Owing to the current political upheaval, we have felt it necessary to terminate all our pro-Trump faculty.

    Please join us in welcoming their new replacements.
    Several will be appearing on campus just as soon as they are released from prison.
    We list them below, along with their principle areas of research.

    Dr. Killem ~ Peace Studies
    Dr. Starvemand-Shootem ~ Soviet History
    Dr. Shopvac ~ Neurosurgery
    Dr. Icky ~ Intestinal Parasitism
    Dr. Squashem ~ Arachnoid Ecology
    Dr. No ~ Affirmative Action
    Dr. Izzat Miwife ~ History of Matrimony
    Dr. Bafflegab ~ Tort law
    Dr. Ashburn ~ Proctology
    Dr. Ibn Saad Solong ~ Mood Disorders
    Dr. Ibetcha Khan ~ Self-empowerment
    Dr. Burningsky ~ Climatology
    Dr. Smackem ~ Early Childhood Education
    Dr. Icant Takit ~ Stress Management
    Dr. Hooze Next ~ High testosterone females
    Dr. Denwe Blastem ~ Nuclear Disarmament
    Dr. Bella Decibella ~ Italian Culture
    Dr. Waffler ~ Decision theory
    Dr. Confuzikated ~ Multi– dimensional Statistics
    Dr. Bilge ~ Edema management
    Dr. Bologna ~ Theories of History
    Dr. Crusher ~ Origami arts
    Dr. Laywaste ~ Roman Politics
    Dr. Tutu ~ African Homosexuality
    Dr. Ruby Rollin-in-dough ~ Poverty Studies
    Dr. Whipum ~ Human Motivation
    Dr. Mark Thisout ~ Landscape Architecture
    Dr. Popoff ~ Existentialism
    Dr. U.B. Runcome-now ~ Caribbean Linguistics
    Dr. Helmut Crakz ~ Neuropsychology
    Dr. Mustafa Blanket ~ Arctic Anthropology
    Dr. Burgerfries ~ Nutrition
    Dr. Itgo Poof ~ Ontology
    Dr. Doom ~ Environmental Predictive Modelling
    Dr. Irma Cutie ~ Feminism
    Dr. Imall Leggs ~ Dance
    Dr. Matt Trample ~ Theories of Co-operation
    Dr. Itinkwe Runout ~ Petroleum Resource Management
    Dr. Kablamie ~ Islamist Jurisprudence
    Dr. Gimme Dat ~ Marxist Politics
    Dr. Getcha Oen ~ Capitalist Economics

    • Steve

      Very good depiction of why our schools are so “progressive”.

  • Steve

    Happy Thanksgiving for sure but concerned over secretary of state pick. I hope the next time we do this we have a cabinet that is loyal based on promises — and their prior statements!

  • lostlegends

    Thanks to all of you freedom fighters. Courage is the first virtue.

  • Lee Piccini

    Who knew it would take just one ‘ Baby Boomer ‘ who had great timing in bringing a new type of Relief / Revolution for the souls of our USA citizens ? We can now thank all the faiths of the world for being in their right minds at the very time we prayed for it . Godspeed to the believers ..

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Happy Thanksgiving to Mrs. Geller — the Lioness of Judah!

  • Mr Paul Middleton

    Yes, the Trump victory will keep me warm all winter. Of course, as we folk will say – are saying, we wonder how much of his Islam agenda he will enact, but just remembering the dhimmi Clinton is nowhere, means a lot anyway.

  • livingengine

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