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[ September 21, 2017 ]

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[ September 21, 2017 ]

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[ September 20, 2017 ]

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VIDEOS: Violent Democrat Protests Continue For Third Night #ThisIsFascism


This is evil. Pure evil, and that is what we are dealing with, and that is what we are up against — the hatred of the good for being the good.

When President Obama won, we didn’t like it but we accepted it. This generation of thumbsuckers want to start a civil war because they didn’t get their way. Well. they just may get it. The enemedia is feeding this hate and violence and they too will be upended.

UPDATE: There is some question as to the origins of a video I posted previously of a protester defecating in public. I am removing that video for now.

Police in Portland, Oregon, say they’ve received “reports of attacks on drivers” as anti-Trump protest turns violent (more here ABC News):

Check out this video of a mob brutally beating a Trump supporter:

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WATCH Video: Vicious Hillary Mob Beat Trump Voter #TrumpLivesMatter

Hillary supporters RIOT, burn Trump in effigy, BURN FLAG

Anti-Trump Protesters Were Bussed in to Austin #FakeProtests

Soros-Funded Group Organizing Massive Anti-Trump Protests Nationwide

UPDATE: Anti-Trump protests, some violent, erupt for 3rd night nationwide

 For the third night in a row, anti-Donald Trump demonstrators took to the streets in several big cities and on college campuses across the United States, including an outburst of smashed windows and a dumpster fire in Portland that police countered with pepper spray and flash-bang devices.


The new Democrats look just like the old national socialist workers party.






NPR:Anti-Trump Protest In Portland, Ore., Turns Destructive, Declared A Riot,” November 11, 2016:

A Portland, Ore., demonstration against President-elect Donald Trump included a group of people who engaged in “criminal and dangerous behavior,” authorities say, leading police to declare the Thursday night gathering a riot.

Some protesters smashed windows, lit a dumpster on fire, threw objects at police and lit firecrackers, according to The Associated Press.

Police say they responded with non-lethal munitions fired into the crowd, and that 26 people were arrested. The AP has more from the scene:

“Officers began physically pushing back against the crowd that at times threw objects at them as midnight approached, arresting several people and using flash-bang devices and types of smoke or tear gas to force people to disperse.

“After several orders to leave, police said officers used “less lethal munitions,” such as pepper spray and rubber projectiles. Live video footage showed officers firing what appeared to be the non-lethal items. It wasn’t immediately clear if anyone was hit.”

Property damage was “widespread,” according to The Portland Mercury.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports that the evening’s protests were largely peaceful at first, with thousands of marchers blocking roads and chanting. As the march continued, there were occasional confrontations with bystanders, including one smashed windshield and a few incidents of graffiti.

“Later in the evening, what appeared to be a small subgroup of self-described anarchists began to damage cars at a Toyota dealership and ignite fireworks, before moving through the Pearl District and damaging several businesses,” OPB writes.

Portland Police also attributed the destructive behavior to a subset of the protesters, tweeting at one point, “Many in crowd trying to get anarchist groups to stop destroying property, anarchists refusing.” The would-be peacekeepers were met with threats not to interfere, police said.

“Those not wanting to be associated with anarchists should leave the area immediately,” the police later tweeted, directing peaceful protesters to another area of the city.

OPB reports that several activists groups are working together as “Portland’s Resistance.” One activist said in a press release the group was looking to “survive President Trump” with the hope that Portland would “become a beacon of light for the rest of the nation.”

Friday morning, the group said on Facebook that “the violent actions that occurred last night had absolutely nothing to do with our group” and invited supporters to donate to help repay businesses damaged during the protests.

It was the third-straight night of protests in Portland. Protests also continued across the country, including in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and Oakland, Calif.

President-elect Trump tweeted twice about the protests — first, on Thursday night, accusing the protesters of being paid off and blaming the rallies on the media. Trump, who had frequently spoken of the voting system being “rigged” during his campaign, called the election “open and successful” and the protests “very unfair.”

  • Patti York

    Oh Pam these people belong in an asylum

    • Suresh

      Agree !

      Most voters have been taken for taken for Ride. While Bush and other RINO’s Pretend to be “conservative” Republicans and Clintons/Obama Pretend to be Democrats to con the voters …behind your back they treat each other as family and have the same funders / donors

      ………now you know why Clintons were never Prosecuted all these years for their multiple crimes ? And Now you know why they did everything to Subvert Trump ?

      • Hell yes!!! Hillary is another neoconservative

        • Grey Winters

          And a neocon is no more a conservative then todays liberals are really liberal. Both have their roots in Marxism

          • Lol well I don’t think that’s true. I think people see Marxism as such a foreign ideology that it’s easy to assume anything with the smallest similarity is rooted in it. Neoconservatism and neoliberalism are probably less destructive in the now and worse over a longer time period. While I find Marxism to have good intentions but be very misguided, and often resulting in far more suffering then they set out to fix, at least morality and ideals drive the cause (well they should, but envy often takes over and then power). The Neo-ideologies don’t destroy the status quo, they spread it and mutate it. They are based in free markets which are the easiest road to total inequality of outcome. So not very Marxist no matter where some may find roots. I know about the Trotskyite influence on neocons but that only manifests itself as endless war. Nothing else is Marxist about it

    • Honkingoose.

      My thoughts exactly, this is mental illness.

      • Darren35

        Liberalism is a mental disease–Michael savage.

        • Janet

          I love Michael Savage!

          • Ed Mamps


          • Bob Trower

            your lack of brains are showing, big time.

          • Grey Winters

            Shut up liberal turd worshipper.

          • joe1429

            Me too…. Everyday between 3 and 5pm. Savage is a Genious, Like Trump!!!

          • Wes Workman

            A genius with a low IQ?

          • Rusty

            That’s why he is where he is and you are just making comments from your sofa.

          • Wes Workman

            He is where he is because he’s a lying POS.

          • Lewis Yost

            How is mike savage a lying pos everything he said would happen has happened…everything not just some things everything!!!!anyone who refuses to see it are lying to themselves that includes you

          • joe1429

            Thank you

          • Joanna McGinn

            and obummer isn’t???? really????

          • Mack Olsen

            Trump met with Obama and said he found Obama to be a good, even honorable man. Can you shoehorn that into your peasized world view or will a new idea make your head explode?

          • Joseph Karniewicz

            Trump was being polite and gracious for a change and Obama didn’t want a photo taken with the President elect. But that was okie dokie with Bush! The protesters are the ones with with a pea sized world view. After seeing some of them interviewed have to wonder how many of them actually voted, and how many are illegals or others with their own agenda at stake!

          • suetiggers

            love it thanks Mack

            Trumps’ a salesman/phony who will say anything one minute and something different the next…the ultimate con man…. incredible that he could con so many Americans into electing him though…that’s pretty scary

            now all we know for sure is that the worst is yet to come…

          • WutDixLibsR

            Showing your lack of intelligence aren’t you?
            Most people did NOT vote trump, like me, I voted anti-hillary. No matter what you say about Trump, and even if you’re right, hillary is much worse.
            But then you have know way of understanding this, being such a brainwashed liberal and all

          • chaim silver.

            …and you a sofa sitting puss. very brave behind your walls’

          • LLB

            And we’re are you? Have you even came close two doing what he has done in his life? Have you even touched what that man has made in his life? I seem to get a hint of jealousy from you.

          • suetiggers

            I seem to get more than a hint of being too impressed w/ someone who lies and cheats and steals his way to the top with you Did you see the video of the man who actually wrote “The Art of the Deal”?



            Now that’s the TRUTH ABOUT TRUMP !

          • WutDixLibsR

            It doesn’t matter how bad Trump is, hillary is worse. Almost all who voted for him admitted he was bad, but they knew hillary would ruin this nation. Most people did not vote FOR Trump, they Voted against the evil witch bitch hillary

            I’m not saying Trump won’t ruin us, don’t know… not sure. With hillary, I’m sure

          • James M. Kirwan


          • James M. Kirwan

            So, does that mean that you’re jealous of Hillary? Or J. K. Rowling? Or Mother Theresa? Or Princess Diana? Because they’re more famous than you? Can you possibly post anything more senseless and irrelevant? Maybe you can become famous doing that, but i doubt it.

          • Allen Farlow

            And your fav Queen of Mean told nothing but the truth? Ha! You don’t know it but YOU are part of the problem in this country.

          • Pamela Griggs

            and there it is…when you can’t refute with facts so turn to slander and name calling. How progressive

          • JoanniePissemoff

            Well said !! Trump is intelligent, a businessman, and will reduce the National Debt. These crybabies and downright rioters should be arrested. Try doing something like this in Saudi Arabia: they and their families would be tortured very well and then put to a slow death.

          • Mack Olsen

            And if he doesn’t are you woman enough to admit you were wrong? Spare us your ignorant predictions, ridiculous generalizations, and vast oversimplifications. Time to head back to community college and finish your associate’s degree.

          • Allen Farlow

            Like you did when Obama was installed? (He wasn’t elected. He was installed using massive voter fraud to make Americans believe he actually won something…same voter fraud used by Clinton…)

          • James M. Kirwan

            I can post a video of Trump saying the election was rigged if anyone needs to see it again.

          • rb

            Yes rigged for Hillary. With all the cheating and rigging and ballot box stuffing as was caught on video around the country, she still lost because Americans came out in droves and said “NO MORE CORRUPTION”

          • James M. Kirwan

            LOL there is not a single video proven to show anyone cheating on either side. You’re a mess.

          • suetiggers

            and RIGGED in his favor by all kinds of tricks (maybe the only truth he ever told but his followers just didn’t get it) .. He esp. used hate and fear… puts him in very good company with other dictators
            but James you’re wasting your breath…Allen and his ilk are brainwashed …

          • WutDixLibsR

            The only fear was made in your own feeble minds. Trump never said anything that would cause fear, but little wimpy minded fools just get overwhelmed with fear when you think you might not get your way.

          • James M. Kirwan

            Said the white Christian person who fits inside a perfect white box.

          • James M. Kirwan

            …but no voter fraud when Trump wins? lol okay. Nice hat. Is it Reynold’s Wrap or a dollar store brand?

          • Lerae Clark

            With 2 associate and 2 Bachelors of science and 4 certificates, Donald Trump is American’s answer to poverty, crime in government, our freedom in all areas, our jobs, our safety, our retirement, I stood tall and proud to vote for this man because I know By God, he will do what he says he will do or he will try his best to fight for the American People and the American Way. People who sit and nay say needs to go wander and ponder their decision and ask why do I want her in office? because she is dem? woman? cheats and lies? she is a clinton? bill was once prez and she first lady? she is pretty? rolling eyes now. love her voice? gives away American jobs? steals money from countries in disaster areas and are dying? steals the American money? Sells our enemies weapons that are used on our soldiers and they try to cover it up by have emails outside of the government regulation so no one can track what they, as in obama and her, are talking about? tell me please. We do not have to be educated to know who is a crook and who is not. We do not have to be educated to see that Mr Trump our future President, will work for the People not to steal our money and pocket it. he has his own why would he want ours? I have great respect for what he is going to try to accomplish. You need to sit down and think upon your decision.

          • suetiggers

            Trump’s already backtracking… praising Obama, not talking about jailing Hillary, accepting the word “fence” now…for “maybe part of it” :) very funny that so so many didn’t see through this chronic liar… and re. Obamacare…? now he’s going to keep the “good parts” uh huh…. let’s see but he’s got some VERY dangerous people around him who helped him get in so I’m sure there will be a real mudslide of our democratic system

          • James M. Kirwan

            Fight for the American People and the American Way? By making America hate again? What do you mean by “the American people”? The ones just like you or all of us? Sit down, Mr. Cleaver. June will have dinner ready for you in a minute.

          • Linda Patton Wallace

            Yup just as you as a real man will apologize when proven wrong..

          • DeeLee

            In just one short week, President elect Trump has done more for the US than the current resident of the White House has done in nearly 8 years, unless you consider allowing men in ladies room a positive accomplishment, that is. And lest you accuse me of an educational deficit, I’ll circumvent that by telling you right from the start that I am the proud recipient of a Master of Science in Neuroscience. You accuse others of over simplifications, but you are just as guilty. I suggest you face the fact that Donald Trump is the 45th President, let him do his job for the next 4 years, and if you don’t like what he does, vote him out of office in 2020. But at least give him a chance. We gave Obama his chance, didn’t we?

          • James M. Kirwan

            Actually, you didn’t. It is a proven fact that the Republicans in congress were instructed to say no whenever possible. The rule was obstruct, obstruct, obstruct. Sorry but education does not negate xenophobia, hatred and a penchant for cruelty. Ted Bundy is a good example. Your education – if I even believe it – is obviously irrelevant.

          • David Lashof


          • James M. Kirwan

            By all means let’s become like Saudi Arabia. That’s very American of you. Freedom and all that. Maybe I should put you in a burka so you won’t be tempting to men. I mean, if you even are now.

          • Linda Patton Wallace

            No where did she say to become like Saudi Arabia, she made a comment about how it would be handled there, but as about typical leftist you put your own spin on it and make to be something it wasn’t meant to be

          • Pamela Knight Delgado

            Baloney. If she didn’t want to talk Saudi Arabia she shouldn’t have said it. No one is responsible for what comes out of her mouth or keyboard, except her. Bad analogy.

          • Bill Hunt

            Moron, it was not a suggestion she made but a point to consider. And wtf does a burka and being attractive have to do with anything under discussion or anything said? Smoke up tard

          • Ken Weeks

            Did actually bother to look at his tax and spending proposals? Spend 10 minutes.

          • Kessman

            Did you? His tax proposal is one element to grow the ecomony! Hillary’s, would kill a tepid 7 year recovery that doubled the national debt to $20trillion! Do you want more of the same?

          • Pamela Knight Delgado

            If Trump was so intelligent, this wouldn’t be happening.And as for Saudi Arabia….if we let you have your way this country would be the same damned way. People are just fighting for the rights they think they will lose. Just touch social security and see what happens next. Want a civil war? You’ll get one. Now that is something to really fear.

          • Bill Hunt

            War from the leftist army of screaming hippies armed with pipes and bongs and fat liberal dikes with looks that actually could kill. Scary oh my

          • suetiggers

            what a simple-minded man you are…and you women on the political right…even if you don’t care about hateful, ignorant misogyny, Bill here’s a good example… his emphasis is on women’s “appearance” I guess it hurts his delicate eyes but he’s a very ugly thinking man, no matter what he looks like

          • Bill Hunt

            Suetiggers, unfortunately I did word that rather crass. And I will work on my maturity or lack there of. But considering that I live in Portland Oregon and seeing this beautiful city being used a a platform to protest democracy is bad enough but to see the form and way these vile individuals are “protesting” really is upsetting. And it is uncharacteristically of me to group all in this group

          • James M. Kirwan

            I guess that applies to you too then, armchair warrior. Enjoy your waffles.

          • joe1429

            Low iq? Look in the mirror, lol

          • Joanna McGinn

            wes… that was a really moronic comment… do you even have a clue as to what it means…. my IQ is equal to Savage’s and I’ve managed to shut him up on items he doesn’t know anything about (teaching and the reality of ‘medicated kids… although the reality has caught up to his estimates recently) Savage IS a genius when it comes to holistic health and green living… I lived in the Bay Area when he was just starting out…

          • chaim silver.

            wes, without casting aspersions, you do not have one..

          • Allen Farlow

            I’m sorry, Wes, but are you a billionaire businessman who just became the next president of the United States of America? I don’t think so, liberal!

          • Julia Wood

            No! And neither is Trump…except paper and at the expense of many people he used and abused on his way to where he is. No…I also am not a Billionaire…not even on paper but at least I am intelligent enough to recognize evil when I see it and both he and Hillary certainly fit that description…LOL

          • suetiggers

            see the real author of “Art of the Deal” video above chump

          • suetiggers

            and you spelled genius correctly, unlike joe1429

          • Darren35

            Yes, Mr. Savage is a great man to listen to. He’s been great and his book Scorched Earth and appearances on the show by Mr. Trump helped Trump win. So if the looting rioters got somebody to blame, well, he’s on KSFO if they ever want to call him up and whine about it.

        • This is not a liberal, this is a sick and twisted control freak. I am a classic liberal and laugh at these crying Hillary supporters as do most real liberals…lmao

          • Dan

            This video clip is from 2012 and is not related to US elections. It’s a kind of human “show” made by Rocío Boliver; for more info google-it

          • albu dumitru

            And what matter does it has? You agree with such behaviors, so you are as much insane as that she scoundrel.

          • JodeBlampette

            It matters because she’s not an American or a liberal. She’s a performance artist it has nothing to do with the point Pamela is trying to make.

          • Grey Winters

            I think it’s quite representative of today’s liberal fascists. Remembr occupywallst. lmao. Fkn scum liberals pissin and shitting and fkn all over the streets.

          • James M. Kirwan

            Serious question, Grey. Is the KKK representative of all Republicans? Of course not. But you’re dumb as hell so I expect you to take the low road.

          • Grey Winters

            Illiteracy will get you nowhere.The KKK is representative of the democrats who funds democratic pols including Hillbillary and always have. Hillary and Bill both embrace klan members. Occupy Wall st Mad city , every were you pigs rally you create filth. You people have the low road covered in fecal matter .Face it in every aspect of culture you people are returning to barbarism. With human sacrifice as your core tenet.

          • James M. Kirwan

            Typical. We prove something is wrong or fake but you WANT to believe it so you compromise with “yeah but you agree with such behaviors”. No we don’t! LOL shut up with that. You’re being ridiculous.

          • Grey Winters

            And you are illiterate. If you don’t believe in this behavior why do you support it.

          • James M. Kirwan

            Show me where I support it. Copy and paste it please. Do it. I dare you. Also show me how I am illiterate. I can read your stupid post so obviously I am not illiterate. I think just maybe you don’t know what it means: stick to words with fewer letters if you have to. I’ll understand. lol every time you post I beat you like the meat you are.

          • James M. Kirwan

            It’s not a real video, dork. wasn’t even done in the USA.

          • ONE happy Lady

            What difference does that make she is in need of mental help. THAT is about as nasty as you can get.

          • Patricia Dalton

            ONE happy Lady, it matters because some despicable person has altered it to claim that this is an American Liberal defecating on a Trump sign. The Fake version has already been shared 6 million times in 16 hours. As a disgusting peace of performing art, as altered political attack against good Americans just for being Liberals is beyond the pale. I am furious.

          • RSan631012

            I think most people share it because that is just unreal someone would do that in public. We can tell it’s not a part of what’s going on but at the same time, it doesn’t seem beneath what some of these people would do.

          • Peter Handy

            Oh I see what you mean. A bit like showing Trump holding a child with the headline, ‘ Trump the Pedophile’. Then saying, “We know it’s not true but it doesn’t seem beneath what he would do”. Yes that seems very logical.

          • James M. Kirwan

            Right?? Thank you. I posted something similar.

          • James M. Kirwan

            “it doesn’t seem beneath what some of these people would do.”…that’s why I share the video of Trump eating a baby: it doesn’t seem beneath what you satanic Republican witches would do at one of your coven meetings.

          • Grey Winters

            As a liberal you are not an American. Give it up. You can’t be on the side that wants to destroy America then call yourself an American. I mean how fkn stupid are you people.

          • Jim Stoughton

            That was the stupidest thing I’ve read all day. And I’ve read a lot of stupid things today

          • JoanniePissemoff

            Sorry, I read your statements wrong: I agree with you, stupid people. I am a white educated woman, hold 3 degrees post High school, and am a Donald Trump supporter. Most women who support Hillary Clinton cannot even name one policy that she supports or even can tell what she would do, post-Presidency. I have studied both sides. Donald Trump was the best person chosen as President and remembered the middle class White Americans that seem to be forgotten with Obama in place. Sorry, the worm is on the rotisserie for the next 4 years for the Libs.

          • Deplorable_JacksonPearson
          • Peter Handy

            The USA seems to be in it’s own insular bubble as far as politics is concerned. Clinton stood as a democrat which most Americans class as left wing. From the perspective of the rest of the world they are both Far right wing. You also seem to get confused about liberalism. The republicans are about the most liberal party in the world.

          • James M. Kirwan

            I just threw up a little bit in my mouth.

          • James M. Kirwan

            white white white white white. White white white white. White. White. I’m sorry did you say you were white? White? White Americans? White? Are you white? Not sure if you’re white or not. White. PS Video is fake.

          • Lerae Clark

            Why do you say white? does color matter to you? if your skin was taken off and a colored persons skin was taken off, you would not be able to tell the difference between the two. If we want this races division to stop, we need to stop enlightening the difference. Hillary has set us against each other and against the refugees by bringing in terrorist among them. We have been divided 4 ways. blacks, refugees (terrorist) hillary supporters and Trump supporters. we need to UNITE people or we will fall. We the people, not we the white people or we the black people or we the Asian people or we the native American people, ITS WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. UNITE

          • Chelonia


          • LMC5

            Funny you say that. I have been telling people that they are not African American because they are not from Africa. They are American and Black if you like. or Black American. I also tell them that the burden they carry are from their own heads because we never enslaved them they enslaved themselves thinking that we owe them anything for what the past did to the people in the past. We just need to stop the racism and stop calling people what they are not and stop calling ourselves what we are not. in a nut shell this is the plan, their plan to DIVIDE AND CONQUER. UNITE PEOPLE

          • Chelonia

            Thank you for that responsible and common sense commenting. However, I don’t think Blacks will ever get rid of the “African” it seems to me that by keeping it it legitimizes their claim of being in slavery because they were from Africa. I personally am tired of hearing everything that comes out of their mouths is about White people so when they complain I turn them off and find better things to do.

          • James M. Kirwan

            You were never forgotten, you just became too whiny to deal with. I hope you got in line early for your presidential p***y-grab. Your second-hand citizenship is assured; now please remain silent and 10 steps behind me. Stay pregnant if you are able.

          • James M. Kirwan

            Well that is one of the more crazy posts I have ever seen: you have to be an uber-religious gun lover who doesn’t care about the ecology and hates gay people or obviously you’re not an American. Thanks for bringing an appalling level of hysteria and bat-poo crazy to this debate about a fake video, loony-tunes.

          • James M. Kirwan

            Can I get a list of how I’m destroying America? Is it the taxes I pay? The kindness I show? The way I keep up my yard and give my support to charitable organizations? No wait…is it the cat I adopted from a shelter? omg I’m sorry. Now, you said I was destroying America eight years ago. How long is it going to take? I mean, eight years is a long time. You’d think there would be the death panels you promised us, but that didn’t happen. Nor are we destroyed. You’re a black-hearted mess, jealous of everyone that has it better than you. The one reason you support Trump is that you think he’s going to hurt everyone you don’t like and everyone you’re afraid of. Hate isn’t an American value, you ninny. You’re a senseless, irrelevant, feeble minded armchair warrior for evil and I’ll always beat you. Always.

          • Lerae Clark

            I realized that after I posted so I changed my post but yet we have brought so many of the same kind of thinking people over here to live with us and they dont have any concerns with American people. they are not dedicated to American. If I was taken out of a forlorn country and given a silver platter I dont scream for a gold platter. this rioting that is going on is ridiculous. I see the black population beating people. What is that all about?

          • Peter Handy

            It makes no difference at all, because misinformation and outright lies seem to have become the norm, and if people want to believe something because it fits in with what they want to hear or see, they will believe it no matter how outlandish or obviously false it is.

          • Ibulena

            Good to know

          • Shrijss Do’arn

            Fake news debunked. Nice work. :)

          • Miss Rhonda ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            It doesn’t even look like a US city, although I could be wrong.

          • Patricia Esposito

            it is not in the Us

          • Tommy G Myers

            It isn’t.

          • Ahh ok. Thanks for the info.

          • Rick Smith

            Still leftists. A rose by any other name.

          • James M. Kirwan

            Republicans, KKK…same thing?

          • Rick Smith

            Democrats, Communists….same thing?

          • Peter Handy

            Hmm you may have highlighted a point that has for long seemed obvious to me. It seems that whatever stance you take as an American you are never a moderate anything. You seem to have a country that is largely populated by extremists. I have visited dozens of sites like this, and when the thread is written mostly by Americans, you seldom come across a well reasoned intelligent conversation.

          • Rick Smith

            I’m not American. You seem quick to judge and incorrectly as well.

          • Peter Handy

            Well I’m sorry if being thought of as an American offends you, my mistake. I was mislead by the style of your debate.

          • Rick Smith

            So how did you come to the conclusion from my pointing out your mistake, that being mistaken for an American, makes me anti-American?

          • Peter Handy

            How did you come to the conclusion that my words “I’m sorry if being thought of as an American offends you” is conclusive. It is not, the word ‘if’ is asking the question not stating the fact, so is inconclusive. .If we pretend for the sake of your argument that that it was indeed intended to be conclusive,how did you deduce from my saying that I think you were offended by my presumption that you were American, to mean that I think you are un-American?

          • Rick Smith

            How did I come to that conclusion? Your apology.

          • Grey Winters

            Give it up pal, you are making a fool of yourself.

          • James M. Kirwan

            You can trust Grey Winters to know about making a fool of yourself. He’s an expert.

          • Grey Winters

            Oh the borish foreigner. Yawn

          • Peter Handy

            we are all foreigners

          • So many stupid comments in here. I don’t know one person that is a democrat that is a leftist, or a state communist supporter ie. Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, China. I do know leftist and they do not consider themselves democrats or liberal. They consider themselves anarchist, anarcho-communist, etc. Which means no government, but the citizens, the workers owning the means of production. And that is far removed from the Soviets and other state communist. The actual liberal I do know prefer what Norway, Canada, and other social democratic countries have as far as healthcare and such, but still prefer capitalism. The classic liberals like myself, otherwise known as a Libertarian, well…. We just want freedom, and to be left the hell alone to do what we want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else or infringe on their rights. These definitions that so called conservatives like to throw around, like leftist and such, don’t really mean what you think it means. Btw… Hillary is far from a leftist. She is a statist, corporate, neoliberal, wallstreet crony. She loves capitalism and is in the worlds eyes, not much different than the neocons that have hijacked the republican party. ;)

          • Peter Handy

            Well said.

          • Grey Winters

            You live in a tiny world. .More libertarian then genuine classical liberal. A classical liberal understands the free market…….I think you expect a commie to wear a big furry hat with a big red star on it… Hillary’s book “.It Takes A Village ” ring any bells at all You’d could be in a tough spot one day because you thought a commie could never be a central banker or a corporate CEO. Communist planks in practice. Public schools because parents are unfit to rear their own children, wealth redistribution, attacks on our constitutional freedoms, centralized banking Federal Reserve,,,,,progressive tax system, rights to private property rights to inheritance,,,,all communist planks.installed in our system or being promoted and soon to be thrust upon us

          • What in my comment suggest you know anything about me personally? The only personal statement about about my views was “The classic liberals like myself, otherwise known as a Libertarian,
            well…. We just want freedom, and to be left the hell alone to do what
            we want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else or infringe on their
            rights.” What can you make from that, that tells you if I am the real deal classic liberal/libertarian? I am a fan of the free market, I think it provides the best solutions and offers more freedom, options etc. Remember, libertarians are economically conservative usually, and socially liberal. ;) I already explained that Hillary is mostly a capitalist lover with some typical socialist leanings, ie. Norway, Sweden, Canada etc. Real left wing communist do not support a state form of communism, they support anarchy and are opposed to democrats, because democrats are statist and capitalist, just like republicans. Most socialist democracies are actually more capitalist than the US. They have way fewer regulations and more free market.

          • James M. Kirwan

            Are you actually trying to engage Grey Winters in intelligent conversation? Do you have pets? I encourage you to talk to them instead: the blank stares you get from your furry friends would be of equal value. Hint: you used too. many. words.

          • ahahaha… It happens so often. I try to not be overly educated with people and break it down, but it is really hard to go that low sometimes. One thing I know is truth and should be able to comprehend is… FREEDOM, LIBERTY, The Pursuit of happiness for all! Including gays, pagan heathens (like myself) nomad vagabond leftist hippies, Mountain Men, Debaucherous Bohemians, Gypsies, Zombie Atheist Hitler Bikers, and all other sorts! If you stand for freedom and not only freedom for your Christian Theocratic wanting brethren who are basically akin to their counterparts in Saudi Arabia then I am your brethren! F#ck anyone who says they are patriots, freedom lovers, and defenders of our constitution if they would deny all people of all sexual persuasions, all religious/spiritual beliefs or unbeliefs the same natural rights we all are born with engrafted from the cosmos that birthed us all. We are children of the stars!

          • Chelonia


          • James M. Kirwan

            You keep bringing up how the KKK got started. It’s irrelevant: the KKK is now a Republican organization. Indeed, every time I see someone being a racist, a gay hater, or a xenophobe, they are also a Republican. Conservatism seems to attract some vile, hateful people. Are you ruled be fear or what? And what’s with all caps? Is that the only way you can demonstrate what a stark raving mad person you are? I fear for your heart.

          • Chelonia

            James I guess you haven’t been watching all the violent Killary supporters beating up on people that voted for Trump and in my former neighborhood in Phila a 51y.o veteran was beat to death with a hammer and 2×4’s. Where is your proof to show how vile and violent Republicans are? Besides that try comparing the KKK of today to BLM that communist violent hate group. I type in caps because I can and because so far Liberal asses are the only ones who mention it. You think I’m mad well try coming around me and I’ll show you just how mad I am and being the liberal ass that you are makes me even crazier. I also carry and am very good at hitting my target and since my brother is a cop I get to use the target range whenever I want. Peddle your anti-American self somewhere else because, Trump my hero is president and finally all the perverts and illegals will be put in their place. Don’t fear for my heart my knowledge, experience and marksmanship protect my heart.

          • James M. Kirwan

            All there is left to say is that you’re ignorant, scared and unAmerican. You’re obsessed with “putting people in their place” and hurting and killing. You have a sickness of paranoia and a need to feel superior: you’re not going to drag me down with you. I am now and will always be more courageous, smarter and better. I’m not afraid of your guns, your prejudice, or your mouthy, impotent online bravado. I’ll fight you now and always will: your sickness will never take me. Have a lollipop and go lie down, mental infant.

          • James M. Kirwan

            I’m not afraid of your invisible hood either, you murderous wuss: and I have a gun too. Are you actually threatening me online now??

          • Grey Winters

            Sorry your uneducated opinions do not hold water. the klan were democrats stupid.

          • James M. Kirwan

            Okay, a couple of things. I was pointing out the stupidity of labeling all Republicans as KKK members, and not saying they are: I know plenty of Republicans who are nice people, yourself excluded. You just don’t know how to read. Having said that though, David Duke and the KKK is currently celebrating the results of the election, so while the grammatically incorrect phrase is correct (“The KKK ‘were’ Democrats”) they certainly are not now. In 2016. the KKK is a supporter of the Republican party. I’m not uneducated, but your incorrect grammar and lack of proper punctuation tells me…well come on, 6th grade should be easier for you this time around.

          • Lerae Clark

            This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen pertaining to human
            behavior. What is the purpose of being naked taking a dump in public and
            on video? There are refugees brought to our country to give them
            opportunities they were not getting where they were at. They need to
            rounded up and sent home then maybe they may appreciate something that
            has been handed to them on a silver platter. I want you all to realize,
            our social security is being used to give them free housing, new cars,
            free healthcare, free education, food stamps, welfare checks and they
            dont have to work but one hour a day to get all of this. I heard it from
            the mouth of a refugee myself. Do you get a free 8 bedroom house? a
            brand new car of your choosing? or an education you dont have to worry
            about paying back student loans. They do not want America great again
            because they will lose all their freedom to take our retirement. You
            younger people dont understand yet and hopefully you wont hve to
            experience what is to come if Trump is not successful in what he is
            trying to do for our Country and our Freedom. We support these refugees
            and terrorists and when that support ends, this is what they will do to
            America all over America. Are you ready? You had better get ready. They
            are haters and have their own homes they can return to after they
            destroy ours. American people wake up WAKE UP, THE ALARM IS SOUNDING.

          • GI Joe

            The Democrat has largely been co-opted by socialists and communists. The CPUSA in fact has not run a candidate for president for several decades because, by their own estimation, the Democrat platform conforms closely enough to theirs that they just support the Democrat candidate. With Barry Soetoro-Obama, we see a classic communist supported by the Democrat party and elected through the efforts of the national Democrat party “elites”.

            Unfortunately, there is no place in either major party for a “classic liberal”. Conservatives have finally asserted themselves and have carved out a place in the Republican party, along with a “libertarian wing”. But the Democrat party has broken with liberalism and now represents a sort of totalitarianism we haven’t seen in the US before.

          • Bingo. You sir are exactly right. I voted for Gary Johnson btw,

          • Grey Winters

            lol You don’t get it at all, the libertarian party has been co opted by the establishment globalist with CFR Gary Johnson and his CFR lifetime board member VP choice. The warmongering Counsel on Foreign relations is owned by the elitist central bankers. You just voted for WW3..Thank god you’re a loser.

          • Ok Mr conspiracy Theorist. Jeebus people like you need to quit feeling your brain with so much internet bs. And to be truthful, I didn’t expect Gary to win. I voted for the principles of libertarianism. I don’t think many of us libertarians cared too much for Johnson and Weld, and just seen them as a stepping stone and platform to say eff you to the establishment two party system. Trust me though, I have read and studied all about the CFR, Billateral Commision, Bilderbergs, etc, etc. For over 15 years or more and have heard it all. All the way down the rabbit hole.

          • Grey Winters

            Conspiracy theorist is always the first two words that come out off the mouth of the uninformed. Your defensiveness is also uncalled for if you understood what I was saying. My post was not an anti libertarian message at all.

          • Grey Winters

            lol So you have been down the rabbit hole but you can’t tell just by listening to Johnson or his CFR VP that they know absolutely nothing about libertarianism. You need another 15 year stay in the hole.

          • I don’t think many of us libertarians liked Gary that much actually. But he was the nomination and was a step towards the right direction. I would rather cast my vote to him over the other two that know very little of what liberty and freedom really mean.

          • Grey Winters

            So then you are not even a real libertarian . Man have you ever read Mises or Rothbard ?

          • I love Mises. .)

          • mumz1

            Sorry, this is not funny. I was not for either one of the two, however, the election is over. After seeing this action, many will start questioning. In life there is always a winner and a loser. Buck up and accept what is. Many of these people are only crying because that is how they have lived their entire lives. If I don’t get my way, I will make everyone unhappy, stomp my feet and destroy. This solves nothing and makes that person look like a fool. Who knows, maybe he will surprise us. One can hope and pray!

        • Tricky Dick

          Actually Ann Coulter was the first to make the diagnosis!

          • TheOverviewerdotcom

            I have been saying that Mass, extreme Liberalosity is a unique mental disorder exacerbated by Obama, the Clintons and their sycophants.
            It however has its roots in the ‘permissive’ upbringing of the Baby Boomers starting 70 yearrs ago and of which, almost all in Congress belong. Go to and click on the Baby Boomer page. It will open your eyes to why these nanny-state Liberals react violently when they do not get their way like they did with their spoiling parents.

            Parents never taught them how to accept defeat since they never let them lose at anything.”Everybody wins.”

        • enubus

          Larry Elder: The truth to a liberal is the same as kryptonite to Superman! The truth is the Hilldebeast is done and Trump made a brilliant execution of gaining his presidency with the help of awesome Kellyanne Conway!

          • James M. Kirwan

            I’ve been out of town. Are you still hunting for those weapons of mass destruction?

        • Clifford S

          It actually is! its called Contrarianism

        • Peter Handy

          Get some help then. If you are a republican you are a Liberal.
          Liberalism is all about individual freedom to do what you want and every man for himself. So if you want to keep the right to bear arms that is a Liberal thing. Your gun laws are liberal. Small government and low taxes is liberal. In short [ liberalism is a political or social philosophy advocating the freedom of the individual, parliamentary systems of government, nonviolent modification of political, social, or economic institutions to assure unrestricted development in all spheres of human endeavor, and governmental guarantees of individual rights and civil liberties.] text in brackets copied from dictionary. So it was liberal laws and attitudes that allowed the US banks to shaft us all and create a world recession, with virtually no punishment because liberalism allows the individual and the corporations free rein within the system, and the individual has the right to survive and thrive or be trampled underfoot by the Liberal system that you have created.

          • Darren35

            Trump won the popular vote 62, 972, 226
            Clinton 62, 277,750

            Gun laws are called CONSTITUTION. But I guess you were not born in the real world like I was back in the 1960s before schools now became a real F UP and you are part of the problem. Also dummy, I’m not a radical with a gun. My gun is used for sport.

            Anything you got to say is misguided propaganda from teh poison you learned as a kid in school, so I suggest you go back to school, DUMMY!

          • Peter Handy

            You are correct sir, I wasn’t born back in the 1960’s when all those liberal schooling methods started to come in and ruined our youth, but the 1940’s. Back in those days they taught us to read and write, and to check our spelling and grammar before we ‘sent’. Your constitution gives the right to bear arms. Your gun laws define those rights and can vary from state to state and from city to city. Most people who quote ‘CONSTITUTION’ as an argument have never even read it properly.
            You really should look to yourself before you go calling complete strangers dummy. Back in the 40’s we were taught that good manners cost nothing.
            I don’t know you, I didn’t call you a radical, in fact I never used the word radical, so please get of your high horse and have a popsicle.

          • Darren35

            I don’t know you, I don’t care you’re a liberal, I don’t care you raise your kids to be PC and go out on protest marches that I disagree with for it’s not the first amendment at all to have an unlawful gathering in a foolish attempt to overturn an election that was won fair and square. I am very sorry that California has more population then Florida has and you think your rights have been infringed by the election, but the process was done fairly and I still have NOT heard ONE THING that is wrong with Mr. Trump. All I know from Mr. Trump is he had 3 marriages, and NOT A BIG DEAL IN HOW THE TWO ENDED, I DON”T CARE! I see an entire family that gets along in the 3 groups and like each other. He has done standarized business dealings, don’t care about who he hired and what not. I see no evidence at all about what Trump wants to do because it’s called ENFORCING THE LAW. If you elected Hillary, we would’ve done away with laws and let out all the prisoners. That’s a FACT.

          • Peter Handy


          • Darren35


        • Vijayalakhmi Menon

          This is not liberalism, but intolerance and disrespect for democracy!

      • Lady

        They know what thgey are doing. They choose to be and believe in evil..just like serial murders.

        • Bucky

          She’s gonna prepare a spirit dinner for Podesta and the Clinton cartel

          • Gerard C.Myers

            Oh; BuCKy. ….You Are So Right….& IT Won’t Be Their, First, Either…..Check it out on YouTube, Jus How ” EViL “, These Two Are…..Hate Begets Hate & EViL Begets EViL…..These People Protesting are, A Testament To Their, EViL. ……..Enjoy…….C ya……..G…….

          • Lady

            Sorry for the misspelling in my post.

          • Bucky

            Lady, your post was just fine, and don’t attend any spirit dinners whatever you do.

        • James M. Kirwan

          Like serial murderers?? If America is going to heal, you drama queens have got to be shut the eff down. I mean seriously stand down and shut up, you hysterical nut.

    • It’s getting scary!

      Here is more proof that they need to be in an asylum. A video of butt-hurt Hitlery voters crying. This is absolutely Hillaryous:

      • MMiller

        They haven’t cried enough.

      • Lyn Gray

        That was so funny but I must ask the question, what the hell is wrong with these people. Candidates I follow have lost, I accepted the umpire’s decision and got on with it. I’m Australian I don’t know if that makes a difference. Maybe but if I were American I’d be damned proud of the choice you all made on the 8th November. Cheers from Down Under.

        • Peter Joffe

          The use of foul language is an indication of a limited knowledge of the English Language. Clinton herself swore a lot or, so I am told by the secret service who were blasted with her foul mouth and now I see her supporters think that they can change things by swearing. These fools are like soccer thugs who tear a stadium to pieces if their team looses. That is it in a nutshell, Democraps are sore losers.

          • aintnolibtard

            They are nothing like soccer fans. Don’t compare these retards to any soccer fan (even the bad ones).

          • Peter Joffe

            Don’t blow a fuse. Some Soccer fans can and do behave like retards and the reason is the same as the Democraps who go mad if they lose.

          • aintnolibtard

            I am not keen on violence, but there is often provocation when sparks fly. The press then love to present the dumb working class English fans in their worst light. We all know the Russian fans attacked the English fans in France.

            Personally, I am not aware of any cases where a soccer fan has dropped their pants and shat in public. I could be wrong on that though!

          • Peter Joffe

            Ainnolibtard. It was just a simile, so don’t take it personally. You could say the irate soccer fans wreck the place but don’t crap on the pitch. I have never heard of a Republican crapping on the White House lawns, Have you? Whatever the case may be this behavior is most unbecoming and indicative of a reduced ability to realize the result of ones actions. The ‘lady’ concerned was just disgusting and hopefully will not be standing, or should I say squatting as the next Democrat candidate for president.

          • The Wicker Man (BWF)


      • Omg that one is too funny. Am I sadistic for enjoying this? Lol

      • Trump 2016

        That was great, I to am perplexed by why these ppl freak out and cry, I mean are you fkkn serious..I didn’t cry when BHO became president with NO experience, I said we’re fkked for year’s and we were..Thank God Trump won, we cldn’t have 4 more years of BHO!!!!

      • NonIslmophobicAthiestPedoHater

        Could be the one’s that said they would leave of Mr. Trump = President Trump won.

        Reality sucks doesn’t it. Or they work for DeStillry Cliton maybe,now no cushy job for tomorrow?

    • Bharath

      Left-liberal journo’s in india shame us indians here by comparing with US highly civilized society ………………. NOW I FEEL INDIANS ARE HIGHLY CIVILIZED…. There’s a limit for everything and these US liberals crossed all….

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Indians are highly civlised — at least the non-muslim ones.

    • Kent

      IT’S FAKE! Mexico 2012 protest. Check your sources… Google “Rocío Boliver – ¡PARA CAMBIAR AL PRI HAY QUE CAGAR!”

      • Fiodora Fyodora

        You are so correct!! This took place in Mexico City, Plaza Mayor/2014. I ADORE PRESIDENT TRUMP!!! Please stop misinforming the public. It does not help our credibility. Please go to 3:31…

        • Dorrie

          He isn’t president YET . . .

          • StanS

            1461 days of gloating because Trump beat the wicked witch, while you can have a miserable crappy, dejected life.
            Life is GOOD.
            In 2020 we will be chanting 4 MORE YEARS!!!

    • Schrödinger’s Cat


    • shirley versace

      that is one of the most disgusting acts of self-abasement I have ever seen. I feel really sorry for this deranged individual. She needs help.

    • The men in white are coming to get them

    • enubus

      Wrong, they all escaped from Bedlam!

    • lostvyking

      …especially since Canada has expressed that it does not want them…

      • Mahou Shoujo

        They never last, once they see what liberalism is really all about, they are headed for the border as fast as their teslas’ can take them.

    • Kelley Brautigam

      Unfortunately, the liberals got their way in the 1960s and all the asylums were shut down. -K

    • Joanne13

      You’re closer to the truth than you may know Patti. Decades ago many of those doing these despicable things WOULD have been in asylums but because many of them ended up being cruel places of torture they were closed. But we NEED them just the same. The crazies literally ARE out in public and we see them all the time. Sadly in our PC society they aren’t locked up but are coddled instead. This is the new American we are forced to tolerate and it’s frightening for sure…. and sad.

    • qina

      “These people” in the picture were protesting in 2012 in Mexico.

    • Nancy Jean Goding Haley

      these people need to grow up

    • knightsstrength

      Fed to the Sharks, to clean America

  • JibberJabber

    That gluten free vegan academic elitist appears to need some fibre in her diet.

    • RestlessGypsie

      I thought the exact same thing.

    • Amela

      Im a gluten free vegan republican.

      • Dorrie

        I’m gluten-free as well, but too intelligent to be vegan. And I’m no longer Republican, I’m Independent.

        • Grey Winters

          We fought the repub estblishment won and now you want to drop out ? lol Enjoy your glootoon fixation.

          • Dorrie

            FYI, Trump is PART of the establishment and has paid into it for 4 decades!

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            He has admitted as much, that doesn’t necessarily imply he doesn’t want to change it for the better.

      • Grey Winters

        Do you have a super spiritual man bun ?lol

    • gail

      Perhaps too much fiber. That causes constipation too

    • Utterly Deplorable

      Bullwhips are fibrous.

    • Ozraeli

      They say that “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…” and “Life imitates art”… This is what I posted ~3 hours ago:

      “That’s about her job ability level – “Working the [stripper’s] pole”…
      Nice derriere, although she definitely needs more fibre in her gluten free
      Vegan diet!”

      “Great minds think alike…” (or) “Fools seldom differ”…

      • Robbie Campbell

        The fools are easily convinced This video is from 2012 and not even in The USA……. If anyone can show that building in the US I’ll wire you 500 bucks

        • Ozraeli

          I agree with you – when viewing it, I actually thought that the architecture was much more European than American, and couldn’t see anything that “placed” its locale. With that, I was unable to read placards, and thought that even if foreign, the anti Trump sentiment was real, and could not resist the “Working the pole” analogy, and the initial comment i responded to was indeed very similar to mine elsewhere…

          I’m glad the fraud was exposed and its origin detailed.

          Still happy to accept the $500 – how many Photoshopped examples have you received so far?

  • Dennis Opihory

    her mother must be so proud

    • Dee

      HAHAHA! I just posted that as well!

      • Darren35

        Spanking and woodshed time is a good idea.

    • Tiina

      You mean Mama Hillary?

  • C’mon.
    Is anyone really surprised?

    • Suresh

      Maybe she is upset she won’t get free college education that Hillary promised .

      • You could pay that one to go to college.
        Still would not help her one bit.

  • Ruth

    Deplorable act! Reflects their personality. This person belong in a mental institution!

  • Robert W Butler

    Nice way to put your ass out there on video so you can be arrested eventually because last time I checked public nudity in some places and defecating on a sign is it illegal

    • Dee

      Jail will never accomplish what the absolute humiliation of this video will give her for the REST OF HER LIFE!

      • Underzog

        I fear if she sees this video she will not be humiliated. Our culture may be that far gone.

        • Dee

          Sadly, perhaps you are correct. She may look at it with pride. :/

          • not a career move

          • Get over it libtards

            She will use the video as a campaign ad in a few years as she runs for president and will probably WIN!!!!!
            Stock up on guns and ammo. We may need it soon.

          • Ozraeli

            Depends on the career… She”ll be good “Working the pole”…

      • Sixstringer✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

        I disagree.
        This nasty SCRUNT will forever carry this memory and video as a badge of honor.
        That is where the morals and intelligience of todays youth are.
        In the toilet.
        She deserves to be thrown into a max security jail, into general population.
        Let’s see how far her social justice crap takes her.
        I guarantee that the inmates will teach her what REAL LIFE PROBLEMS are.

    • Darren35

      ARe you kidding me? where was the other half in her bush? What kind of a video was this? If a girl can’t show her front, she needs to NOT show half the package like a BUM! Needs to be arrested.

  • Alex Peshansky

    No one ever accused leftists of either class or civility. But they are always quick to accuse conservatives of rudeness, hate and all the sins they themselves are guilty of.

    • Informed & Concerned Citizen

      Libtards PROJECT all of their wrongdoings on Conservatives. It’s laughable.

    • conan_drum

      They learned this from studying Hitler, Dietrich and Goebbels, who were masters of the technique of projection.
      Nothing was ever Germany’s fault, it was all part of the plot to destroy the German race, masterminded by you know who!

  • Bert Mc

    they are on drugs for sure!

    • Alex Peshansky

      No, that’s their normal behavior. It’s even worse when on drugs.

      • Bert Mc


  • Lynette Obeck

    And why should you be credible when you lift your clothes and take a bowel movement in public then smear it with your hands on a protest sign? Now maybe if you picked it up and ate it I just might believe your s#!+ …but then again, NOT!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is why democrats can’t have nice things, like control of the government, they can’t even control their bowels. Who would want trash like that making decisions about anything? They are no different than muslims.

  • Dee

    What a proud moment for her parents… *sigh*

    • John

      Pity that her mother did not get an abortion.

  • over it!

    Ok its safe to say the mentally ill are needing to be rounded up and hospitalized…..this is such a public health issue now….this is beyond disgusting…..These people are animals and behave like them….what the hell has become of America…..smdh

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    I’ve heard of the anti-Trump ‘movement’ but this is ridiculous.

  • Lilith

    Not that I’m not surprised but are you sure that’s the United States?

  • overboosted ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ

    Is a dog crapping in public against the law?


    • Mahou Shoujo

      Curb your democrat. And clean up after it.

      • Darren35

        Where was the plastic baggie at? Oh wait, it got BANNED in California and it costs 10 to 50 cents for PAPER.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          This came in the mail, substitute Caliph-porn-ya for Ontario
          · The Premier of Ontario is jogging with her dog along a nature trail. A coyote jumps out and attacks the Premier’s dog, then bites the Premier.
          · The Premier starts to intervene, but reflects upon the movie “Bambi” and then realizes she should stop because the coyote is only doing what is natural.
          · She calls animal control. Animal Control captures the coyote and bills the province $200 testing it for diseases and $500 for relocating it.
          · She calls a veterinarian. The vet collects the dead dog and bills the province $200 testing it for diseases.
          · The Premier goes to hospital and OHIP spends $3,500 getting checked for diseases from the coyote and on getting her bite wound bandaged.
          · The running trail gets shut down for 6 months while the Ministry of Natural Resources conducts a $100,000 survey to make sure the area is now free of dangerous animals.
          · The Premier spends $50,000 in provincial funds implementing a “coyote awareness program” for residents of the area.
          · The Liberal Party spends $2 million to study how to better treat rabies and how to permanently eradicate the disease throughout the world.
          · The Premier’s security agent is fired for not stopping the attack. The Province spends $150,000 to hire and train a new officer with additional special training for the nature of coyotes.
          · PETA protests the coyote’s relocation and files a $5 million suit against the province
          · The Governor of Texas is jogging with his dog along a nature trail. A coyote jumps out and attacks his dog.
          · The Governor shoots the coyote with his pistol and keeps jogging. The Governor has spent $.50 on a .45 ACP hollow point cartridge.
          · The buzzards eat the dead coyote.
          And that, my friends, is why Ontario is broke and Texas is not.

          • kkh

            ALL THAT!!

          • Janet

            I was cracking up reading that!

          • Mahou Shoujo

            That is how things are done in Canada, there is more truth than fiction, suspect Caliph-porn-ya is very similar.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The only people who seem to have guns (and carry them) in Caliphornia seem to be gangbangers because no one outside of Hollywood can get a concealed carry permit.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Typical, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. Sounds like the democrat elite of caliph-porn-ya.

        • Trump 2016

          ALREADY enacted, went to market yesterday and had to pay .50¢ for my fkkn bags, stupid!!

  • skoot skoot

    – Haha.. That didn’t happen in the US…..

  • RestlessGypsie

    That’s not free speech. That’s public indecency. And feces is a biohazard.

    • Darren35

      Where were the cops at to arrest her?

      • kkh

        If it was a Trump supporter shitting on a Hillary sign, you can BET that there would have been an arrest. Just like that bullshit on the Berkeley campus. If that would have been White kids blocking people, it would have been ON. Fucking sick world.

      • RestlessGypsie

        Good question.

  • john

    The Trump of G-d has sounded, the vile will remain vile and the blessed will remain blessed. The seal has been opened. True Christians will support Israel with all resources. We are sheltered under the wing of G-d as spoken in Psalm 91. With bernie sanders support of a muslim as dnc chairperson their fate has been sealed. The sickness and depravity for cursing the Living G-d will no longer be tolerated. This election was about calling out the chosen elect. Can you honestly tell me that you would ever want to visit Paris anymore in its current condition. We are the worlds last stand against islam, perversion, hate, debauchery, lies, deception, main stream media etc. The meeting between Mr. Trump and Mr.Netanyahu cannot happen soon enough,

  • Underzog

    This is our culture. How else would Hillary get as far as she did? Didn’t Pamela write about the pooh generation? (eech)

  • aVet

    just proves whose basket the deplorables were really in !

  • Deplorable Diane Pugh

    That has to be the most vile, vulgar thing I have ever seen anyone do! No human dignity. Evil is putting it mildly. Disgusting!!!

    • Darren35

      That’s nothing during the primary some vulgar black woman wiped her black butt on our American Flag and did the middle finger. Vulgar too.

  • PJ

    REALLY? , And “conservatives” are the ones they label as intolerant and
    hateful ? Did anyone see violent protests in the streets and disgusting behavior like this during 8 years of the most “Divisive” administration since the civil war ?
    Thanks to Obama, we have black vs white, gay vs straight, rich vs poor, male vs female, young vs old, open borders,etc.
    However, these Self Proclaimed “All Inclusive”, “All Equal”, All Accepting, So called “Liberals”, have reached far beyond epitomizing all of those false labels they and the media have slammed conservative people with for decades.
    Liberal can now legitimately be categorized as more than hateful, it’s Maniacal, Loathsome and Deranged.
    Even Subhuman, and Demonic !

  • slimgrin

    They apparently want 8 years of Trump.

  • Roger Culver

    That’s just nasty!

  • Chris

    Damn that’s gross. Hope you went and washed your hands

    • Susan Nichelson

      I washed MINE, it made me feel so creepy, and filthy!

  • Bob

    Soros pays large for chit. Ya think m

  • Jim Oberg

    On the youtube site there are suggestions the video is several years old and from somewhere in Western Europe. Is there any documented provenance?

  • Ross M. Bagne

    I thought she was going to eat it. These people are making SOME progress. We should encourage them and teach them how to use a rest room.

  • She is a Extreme Left-Wing Liberal DemoncRAT!! and she is Anti-Christian and Jewish People / Anti-USA Everything and more!!

    United We Stand With Israel-Yisrael and Our Judeo-Christian Nation USA, Divided We FALL!!

    Please Pray for Our Judeo-Christian Nation USA and Israel-Yisrael Everyday!! “Pray Without Ceasing.” ( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV )!!

    Love Always and Shalom ( Peace ) Everyone, YSIC o/

    Kristi Ann

  • Ross M. Bagne

    Clearly these people have to be “toilette trained.”

  • Rebecca Gee

    These people are sick!!

  • Chad Haller
  • Anna McG

    Oh good, so it’s come to that. I have seen monkeys at the zoo do something very similar. They pick up their own dung and fling it at the visitors, who are luckily behind glass.

  • Bradford Greene

    oh yea i’m going to take her side now,

  • Kimberly

    This looks like a European city …

  • Al Farley

    these fucking animals

  • Mental illness is ignored here in the USA. Less money, less care.

  • ta2t2o
  • Heny Jacques Meow

    If this is how democrats vote, no wonder their candidate was not elected, but oh well….

  • Jimbo

    Classy! REAL CLASSY!

  • David

    Where are you at in life when your shitting in public and then playing with it?

  • Alyndrael Myst

    Not pure “evil” just plain disgusting LMAO



  • Theta Trader

    Hillary’s bus spread feces in the street. Maybe that is the theme of the Democrats spread feces biohazards. I know I’m on the right side of history. I’m proud to be a deplorable because, Final Thoughts: This is disgusting!

  • R Daneel Olivaw

    she sure showed us. I bet Trump himself is sad he ran

  • Joanne Covert Baker

    And THEY talk about how dumb Republicans are! You can’t get anymore asinine than this!

  • letitia

    This is not in the USA but in El Zocalo, Mexico. If you traced the video, going back to Facebook, the original video has a writing in spanish which reads in “Para cambiarlo hay que cagarlo” Which basically says “to change it it has to be defecated” I think it is a protest against Peña Nieto in the plaza El Zocalo, Mexico. It even gives the name of the person. This is really disgusting. Absolutely appalling!!

  • Ron Kendrick


  • Theta Trader

    Not so sure this is US but not certain. old phone in the picture

    • Susan Nichelson

      This video was filmed in Zocalo, Mexico, July 7, 2012.

  • Jamocha Queebus

    Give me a break
    Give me a break
    Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.

    • Sighted In And Ready.

      I don’t care what anyone says….THAT was funny.

  • ken

    trash follows trash that’s why they are mad they will be getting punished for their trash soon oslima out Clinton out we will get our country back and scum will be made to work

  • Lieli

    I have never been embarrassed for being a woman until I saw this disgraceful, vial PIG in a skirt.

    It amazes me how ignorant our society really is, people are stooping to this kind of erratic behavior because Trump is President, HELLO IDIOTS, we as in the citizens of the United States are the ones that determine by our votes who becomes our president, so my question is why is everyone protesting Trump?

  • Duchess of Pork

    That Dem’s going High for Michelle and Hillary is with her.

  • letitia

    This video is in Youtube, it was posted on July 10, 2012.
    Name of Person: Rocio Boliver
    It reads in spanish: ¡Para cambiar al PRI hay que cagar!
    Translation: To change PRI you have to defecate.
    Location: Zocalo, Mexico.
    Video was filmed on 7 July 2012.

    But what a disgusting act, the person spreads the fecal matter with her hand on the sign, a little bit more, and she eats.
    The state of mind is of crazy person. No matter in what country it is done, it is absolutely demonic.

    • Reply•Share ›



  • jessib

    I believe this is in Mexico City and she was protesting the election of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

  • Bruce Thomson

    This video is actually from several years ago, at the Zócalo in Mexico City.

  • Utterly Deplorable

    Stay classy, libs. I would have been sore pressed to hold off kicking her in the teeth. But I’m old, and brought up properly.

  • Paul B

    This actually happened 4 years ago at a protest in Mexico and has NOTHING to do with US political protests. It’s bad enough that places like CNN and MSNBC are lying to people which makes the Democrats look stupid and vote stupid. Now this makes Trump supporters look stupid. Enough of spreading lies because it does not help us combat these protesters. Quite the opposite, if gives them a counter argument that we don’t know what we are talking about and are sheep.

    • Utterly Deplorable

      In what way does the reporting of this event make Trump supporters look stupid? You’re just one of those blaming the victim. Highlighting the mental illness of these people is a public service, either then or now.

      • It makes you look stupid, because you’ll believe anything.

      • Paul B

        Allow me to try again as you obviously didn’t get what I was saying; anyone sharing this video saying it is anti-Trump protesters here are going to look stupid because that is NOT what it is. As mentioned, it was taken 4 years ago in Mexico. The audio shows them all speaking Spanish which is why the audio in this video above has been removed. It’s NOT even a sign with Trump’s photo on it. Get my point now?

  • Laura Lee

    Nasty ASS BITCH

    • Utterly Deplorable

      I like dogs. Please don’t conflate this degenerate with man’s best friends.

  • H. Mueller

    Good Lord, these people are awful. Nasty dirty things.

  • draghci

    Liberalism is mental desorder! They looks like they have no soul. Like zombies

  • cuchulain

    Well, not to brag but I already knew they was full o’ chit.
    They jus’ lettin’ some o’ dat out, so’s dat dey feels better.
    We can’t have commies feelin’ too bad.
    That raises up the real danger level to … orange.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    If news weak was around in the 40’s.

  • faraway

    It’s hard to imagine Trump supporters being such bad losers.It was the same with brexit;the vindictiveness is interminable…

  • cuchulain
  • kim

    posted this on fedbook and a good question was where was this taken? it is US isn’t it?

  • cuchulain

    Strangely … considering the context… very apropo
    Dr. Strangelove – Precious Bodily Fluids

  • livingengine

    Talk about prole drift!

  • jstan442

    this is what happens when you think you are descended from monkeys–you act like them in public

  • Drew the Infidel

    What does she do for an encore?

  • jstan442

    who in their right mind would want to marry or even be associated with this lowbrow woman–thank God some of them do not reproduce—i think we should give every lib a free vasectomy or tubal ligation–that is worth paying for!!!

  • pb2

    The diseased liberal mind in action.

  • Karamy Renfrow

    Bunch of lies. There’s no Trump sign, this happened in Mexico in 2012 in a protest against the PRI.

  • This happened four years ago in Mexico. Nice try.

  • jd

    Pamela, I think the correct description for these beings is very young petulant whining children in adult bodies. They have clearly never grown up. And they clearly have never been prepared for adult life in the real world. I feel sorry for them.

    However, never grown up or not when they start destroying or defacing other people or other people’s property they must be stopped. And there should be no limit to the means used beyond “appropriate for the environment.” Bullets seem to me to be proper in the environment usually described as “riot.” They MUST be convinced to grow up and take responsibility for their actions and practice the acceptance they require we deliver unto themselves.

    Respect them? Not a bloody chance. They must earn respect. But first they must learn what being worthy of respect really means.


  • kkh

    This is bull. This happened in Mexico 4 years ago and has NOTHING to do with Trump.

  • Peregrine Falcon

    Undoubtedly real intellectuals… What have they been saying about Trump’s supporters?

    • kkh

      This is from Mexico 4 years ago. Nothing to do with Trump.

      • Peregrine Falcon

        Really? It is quite possible, but I can see more white people than typical Latinos. And there should be more Latinos than whites in Mexico. Can you, please, give me some link which proves your claim?

  • Janet

    She looks so proud of herself! What a disgusting human being! Clinton supporters are a bunch of loons everyone of them. What do any of them think they are going to accomplish by their protests? Trump is the president elect so deal with it!

  • Mohammad Izzaterd

    It’s ok, he picked it up on the clean end!

  • Her ‘cable’ news was better than some on CNN lately.

  • AtoZ

    This is in Mexico and that was the Mexican President’s pic lol. Do we all just spread anything that fits our bias?

  • MMiller

    I am no longer shocked by the depraved vulgarity of subhuman leftists.

  • Kennedy Emetulu
  • Jim

    Giving birth to baby Hillary voters.

  • Kennedy Emetulu
  • marlene

    Just like the “palestinian” occupiers to Israel – over the walls onto the people walking by, in front of the churches.

  • Lyn Gray

    Absolutely disgusting and she makes me ashamed of being a woman. Horrible vile filthy thing that she is.

  • Dom in nation

    Pamela Gellar, you’re a lying bitch spreading misinformation and fear to stir up trouble and hate.
    This is from four years ago…

  • Dennis Ray Wall

    I think someone mentioned this pic of a couple of black people with a lot of class. It’s all low… but they have a lot of it!

  • Bessie Yannopoulos


  • SonOfSA

    I wonder who are the real Deplorables? I always new, never had any doubt! It must be modern “college education! “

  • Gooseontheloose

    Not worth the paper she deficates on. But her parents must be proud.

  • Peter Joffe

    I think that this is fantastic as it shows the level of rubbish who supported Hillary and Obama. No wonder the Demcrats did so badly but then, on Tuesday I did not know they they are really the Cemocraps?

  • hawkcat

    This is exactly why we can’t let them run our country.

  • itchy

    Sad thing is it will breed and so the cycle repeats again. Satan’s finest dump o craps

  • cb
  • feminism is a contagious mental disorder

  • rickochey

    obama could not have made it anymore simple. She could have used ANY restroom.

  • EnglishGit

    Everybody participating in these atrocities should be put in prison or an asylum

  • Frank Okolo

    She should have used period blood.

  • Curt McLawhorn

    All you other liberals take note. This is your future self. You think not? When you come to the conclusion something is wrong with the way you think, the way your brain works, you MIGHT not be that far gone and there may be help for you. If you deny it, you’re in real deep doo doo.

  • Iatemine

    Wow….this chic is a mental midget….her train is off the rail bigtime. Animals don’t even grab their own sh!t. This is an example of the mentality of a Hillary supporter!

  • vercingetorix

    This is simply disgusting and a huge public offense. Why wasn’t she arrested? Has that woman no shame?

  • Russell Wood

    A real; credit to their families and an indication of the intelligence of the intitled generation

  • BonniePrinceCharlie

    Tells you all you need to know about the mentality of Democrats.

  • Tom Johnston

    ummm yeah…this was posted to youtube in 2015. The reason there is no sound is because it was probably from a protest in Mexico. Is there any fact checking done on this site or is that by design because you assume that your readers are too stupid to use google and find out the truth?

  • AKsnowgoose

    She clearly didn’t learn from hillarys mistakes, this stuff doesn’t go away and can always be found somewhere on the Internet, as she gets older she’s going to realise what a dreadful mistake she made when trying to get a job, or a promotion that requires vetting or maybe a nice husband. Your actions today will affect your future, just ask the Clintons.

  • harish thakkar

    Sore losers all Democrats.

  • Thnkthinkthink Tank

    Yeah, open all the closed asylums, these people need to be bused to them with their pants on.

    • Askjrsk

      Strapped in

  • Bobby

    Its time Soros was charged for inciting these riots. These are not protest but criminal terrorism bought and paid for by outside terrorist. George Soros should be jailed as well as his paid goons.

    • craig_oz_land

      Russia has an arrest warrant out for him.

  • maxbyer

    It’s a video from 2012. You’re being conned

  • Marco

    Sorry, guys. This is not a Trump protester; it happened in Mexico around 2013. But i wouldn’t be surprised if a Trump protester did this.

  • Lynne Larson

    This is from Mexico, 2012.

  • Kent

    It’s from a protest in Mexico in 2012. Such lies from Republicans! Learn to check your sources if you are sourcing from non MSM :) Google videos: “Rocío Boliver – ¡PARA CAMBIAR AL PRI HAY QUE CAGAR!”

  • Craig

    Not too long ago – a person like this would have been immediately arrested and taken in for a psychiatric evaluation. And rightfully so. THAT SAID….. it’s important for democrats to see this. To see what has become of their party. And not just this vile act – but all of the so-called ‘protests’. This is the consequence of an ‘everybody gets a ribbon’ generation. They are rarely ever denied. ANYTHING. So ANYTHING GOES.

  • Don Clarke

    Trump’s election was not so much a victory for the conservatives as a defeat for the left. And frankly I’m not surprised. They deserve it.

    There was a time when left-wingers were deep, softly-spoken, ruminating, intellectual, hippie pacifists who went about their protests peacefully using colourful banners, poetry and music. Sometimes they were just academic types who smoked a lot of pot and handed out their worthy, but often impractical doctrines in public, like sweets at a child’s party. They were called bleeding-heart liberals, and that sort of thing, but generally they were pretty harmless.
    Until social media came along.
    Then, suddenly, these mild mannered conscious-stricken philanthropists had a new weapon. And almost overnight they turned into snipers of the most vicious kind. Given that they could now cast their opinions with impunity behind mighty cyber-doors, they became inordinately hateful.
    In all my time on social media, I have not encountered anyone as seethingly disrespectful, vehemently disparaging, intolerant, savage, malicious and generally iniquitous as the far left. I call them THE VICIOUS LEFT. These dark little creatures, also known as Social Justice Warriors, seemingly troll the empty hours of the night clutching their keyboards like assault rifles and spitting out the most toxic form of vitriol imaginable at anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who may seem to have strayed even slightly from the fetid confines of the bitter, dank left wing. EVERYTHING is offensive to them. And if not offensive, it is politically incorrect. The females seem to be the worst. I can only imagine that these unshaven. overeducated, make-up free, gluten-hating Amazons get off on an atmosphere of body-odour, low lighting and bitter conversation delivered in the most erudite possible language between sips of cheap wine. That’s how I see the females amongst them, but the males are equally unpalatable.
    In fact, Social Justice Warriors, the keepers of the far left, remind me of punk rockers. Punk Rock was almost entirely made up of people who’s desire to perform music was way greater than their ability. So, more often than not, they resorted to the last hope of those truly bereft of talent…controversy.
    A lot of SJWs are the same. They are dying to be seen as deep, intellectual giants who can change the world, but when they become frustrated by their lack of talent to do so, they resort to hate and controversy instead.

    But here’s the thing. People are sick of the Vicious Left. They are sick of being called racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic, xenophobic and bigoted when, perhaps they’re NOT. They are sick of being ambushed in cyberspace without clear proof .
    So, when a guy comes along who has the guts to defy, in public, the onslaught of senseless political correctness as fired at the world from the slimy trenches of cyberspace by the Vicious Left, of course the people will embrace him with both arms. Donald Trump represents discipline, self-discipline, good old family values and has the balls to talk openly against corrosive immigration, both political and economical. He represents the sheriff in a wild, small town who has the courage to take on the bad guys without first checking his pocket-bible on Political Correctness. Donald Trump represents a return to an order built on the simple tenants of right verses wrong, and not based on the risk of personally offending those who probably deserve to be offended anyway.
    Donald Trump is your Sergeant Major, your Marine, your Cowboy and your Headmaster, and heaven knows, right now, America, and the world need him.
    If only to avoid the impractical, dripping fungus being fed to the masses by the Vicious Left in the name of uncontrolled liberty and, ultimately, a form of spineless anarchy which will serve NO ONE!

    I never thought I would see people thanking the Vicious Left for anything, but I’m sure many must be thanking them for seeing that Donald Trump got elected.

    Don Clarke – The Drakonteur.

    • Stormgal

      Well said Don. Best post in this comments section.

      • Don Clarke

        Thanks Stormgal! I’m a South African, and I’m so sick and tired of the SJWs in my country calling everyone racist! What a hateful bunch they are!
        I’m a professional songwriter. You may like my song BLAME IT ON THE WHITES…..

        Much love! x

  • thisismine

    I went to the Facebook post, and some comments are saying that it’s actually from some protest in Mexico, 2012.
    edit: still fcking messed up though

    • Kent

      Yep – Google “Rocío Boliver – ¡PARA CAMBIAR AL PRI HAY QUE CAGAR!”

      Don’t believe everything you read. Check your sources.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I think Pri is one of the political parties in Mexico, it might be THE prominent party in Mexico.

  • Gustavo

    Is thiis evil? It is certainly disgusting. But Evil is to bomb countries for oil, killing thousands and thousands of inocent people just for oil, money and power as the United States has done. That is evil.

  • joe1429


  • Janine Largent

    I am speechless

  • Roman Beattie

    As hilarious as this would be if it were from the riots (and totally not out of the ordinary for Hillary supporters), this isn’t actually from the Trump protests. It’s from Mexico in 2012 when some people were protesting against the government: (NSFW video), I wonder why they didn’t show this video with audio.

  • The Wicker Man (BWF)


  • Nab TP

    Look this crazy woman doing this in public is sick.. I think something has to be mentally wrong with her.. I don’t support Trump but I’ll be damn if I sh*t in public.. This is beyond gross.

  • Melanie Lynn

    STUPID PEOPLE sharing this?? This is NOT even the UNITED STATES!!! Make sure you check what you are sharing IDIOTS!!!!!

  • Roar

    True face of those opposing peoples’ verdict.Plain ***holes.

  • Gemma Tell

    Typical of Killary stunts.

  • The Wicker Man (BWF)

    Disgusting “anarchists” are the fake punks you find on an interstate exit. They never shower, never shave their bodies, and smell horribly because damn the man! We will show them by being homeless and subjecting ourselves to assault and rape. THAT WILL SHOW THE PATRIARCHY!

  • Roar

    According to many psychiatrists Liberalism is a psychiatric disorder.This act endorses it and now none of those idiots,despite their jargon ridden language and opaque theories ,can deny how wonderfully liberated this woman felt during the catharsis.

  • Uncle Slick

    This is disgusting.

    Can the police do something about this already?

  • Schrödinger’s Cat

    From yesterday’s fetal position to today’s fecal position

    • Unfckngblvbl

      And neither is any more successful than the other

  • Unfckngblvbl

    Silly b!tch could not even pass a decent stool. How insulting. It just shows how far the DNC and thier retarded supporters have regressed

    • Schrödinger’s Cat

      Exactly. I thought these liberals were full of sh1t

      • Unfckngblvbl

        They empties thier bowels on the announcement of the results

  • Catalin Petre

    And they call that “progress” =)))))

  • Mal M

    It’s the same all over the world. Left wing democrats can’t accept defeat in elections. It happened now in the US, Brexit and in Israel election 2015. It is the same behavior and the same mentality. More, they can’t accept a different opinion that opposes their one.
    That why I love to see them blame the entire world about their loss, except themselves.

  • E65

    Its not Pam. Apparently from Europe somewhere in 2012. cheers

    • E65

      Sorry Paula, did not see your post.

  • halevi

    Great persuasive technique! LOL

  • terrylblnc

    There are a number of mental illnesses that involve smearing feces. what a pig.

  • Ray Garcia

    Lunatics and morons, one and all.

  • Robbie Campbell

    This is total BS, please people check the validity before you post, This is from 2012 not even in the USA, that’s why they have removed the sound… These type of post do nothing to help the USA and even less for the credibility of the posters , here is the link

  • Carpediem L’attimo Fuggente

    Voi non siete americani,il popolo ha votato Trump,la maggioranza.Alla minoranza ora non va bene?Una delle due metà,sono dei cretini,cosi facendo sembra che la minoranza si comporta da cretini.

  • Caryn Cann

    Hon, you need some roughage in your diet.

  • Damian Potesta

    This is video from a rally in Mexico 4 years ago.
    The author of this article is lying.

  • Gordon Harvey

    Hilary supporters at their best…

  • mezcukor

    very classy people

  • SK

    Looks constipated. Probably too many pain meds. She’s lucky she didn’t do the Elvis.

  • Wes Huffey

    This is a complete lie. It’s not even in America.

  • B Gainey

    Quite disappointed you did not check your sources Pam. This was filmed two years ago in another country. Posting Crap like this will only get people more angry and violent. Mr Trump does not need these lies causing a ruckus.

    Here is the ORIGINAL Video from four years ago!!!

  • Angela

    morons. better about yourself face smeared!!!!

  • CreoleGumbo

    I have learned that this video is from Mexico and we cannot really see if this is a Trump sign.
    Does any one out there know if this was really an anti Trump thing?

  • a French Chef

    Just when I think it can’t get worse the liberals prove me wrong.

  • anomalousprime

    So much for their “values” of inclusivity, tolerance and compassion. They are none of these things as their words and actions attest. Exclusive, intolerant, hateful.

  • Daryl Kabatoff

    The Republicans will join with the Democrats (and with the Catholics and Protestants) every winter turning trees into decorated idols, they are brothers and sisters in pagan fertility filth.

  • The Reincarnated Sausage

    HAHAHAHAHA! These people are fucking insane

  • Zweideutigkeit

    Вы там красавцы, Трамп – это что-то похожее на ваш классический капитализм, а Хиллари – просто порождение Бездны.

  • minute-man

    “indecent exposure”…”Public Lewdness”,..”inciting a riot”

    …. why wasn’t this CRIMINAL ARRESTED and charged?

  • sean

    This is an old video and not even from the United States. Look at the architecture. .

  • Reg Borrow

    I checked it and it is false..

    “The Facebook account named “Braden Walter” from (hint, hint) “Troll Station, Antarctica” posted a very NSFW and graphic video
    of a woman pooping on what Braden claimed was a Trump sign. The first
    odd thing about the video on Walter’s Facebook page — which has swelled
    to more than 8 million views in the 16 hours since the fake Trump
    protester hoax was published — is that it has no audio.

    The second clue is that Braden misspelled the word protester in the description of the hoax video.
    more at

  • Patriot

    There must be a city ordinance where this “person” should be arrested, fined, and required to clean toilets in
    a local prison for at least a year.

    • Trump 2016

      Not in Mexico, that’s probably why their all jumping wall’s to get here, lol..Build the wall and put snipers on that wall, so ppl like that deranged lady and her ilk won’t come to America and sh#t on our streets!!!

  • Fred

    What a nasty whore. Every single person who works in HR and or a personnel office and keep a copy of this video. If this C U NEXT TUESDAY comes looking for a job they should show it to her and throw her the hell out.

  • DON W

    With her hands GROSS!

  • Mr Paul Middleton

    Gonna look good isn’t she, being prosecuted? Ha,ha,ha,ha. How many dollars is that going to cost? heh,heh,heh.

  • ERIC

    She should have run for the Democrat Nomination – she was only doing what Clinton has done to America for years.

  • george

    Remember the hippy age, is it still around, must be.

  • bgtsllc

    You do realize this occurred in 2012 in a different country and has zero to do with our elections right? If we’re gonna show stuff at least show the truth. Makes one look no different then the people one is finger pointing at.

  • cindyj

    it is not a democrat from the U.S. This video is from 2012 in Mexico City.

  • Roderick Bickert

    A liberal doing this isn’t surprising actually. They are like pouty children that didn’t get their way. A real embarrassment to our country.

  • They say liberalism is a type of mental disorder. What more proof do you need watching all the insane things they are doing now.

  • Rayne

    And these are the “EDUCATED” liberals… Bunch of childish monkeys…

  • Beki Stewart

    Talk about someone needing to be locked up!

  • The Reincarnated Sausage

    Unfortunately, this was filmed in 2012 and I don’t believe it was filmed in America either. What a shame. I’m actually disappointed this isn’t for reals. It would have been hilarious

  • Ibulena

    Tell me these people are not mentally ill! What garbage!

  • Brenda Limon

    She is Rocío Bolívar, an international performing artist who speaks out about women’s oppression. This video is from 2012 in Mexico during a political protest . Pam Geller you take information form FB without informing yourself first! What a lousy work, you are unreliable and give false information.
    Please people read And inform yourself first!!!!

  • Tricky Dick

    She probably licked her fingers when she was done. Need you any more proof that liberalism is a mental illness?

  • Fuckobama

    How’s that trump train ? feel you sick nasty skank

  • Martha Dennis-Hyde

    Trump Riot Photos: Fake Video Hoax Claims Woman Poops On Trump Sign, Gets 8 Million Views In 16 Hours [Graphic Hoax] – The Inquisitr › trump-riot-photos-f…
    1 hour ago – “Trump protestor drops her pants, craps, PICKS IT UP, and then wipes it on a … Democrat Defecates in Public, Picks It Up, Wipes it on Trump …

  • Martha Dennis-Hyde

    Drops pants?
    There are no pants.
    I see a skirt.

    Who says she is a democrat?

  • june bug

    They need to be arrested and fined $3000.00 or stay in jail!!!!

  • Freddy Merks

    The asylums need to be reopened and enlarged.

  • Martha Dennis-Hyde

    This video clip is from 2012 and is not related to US elections. It’s a kind of human “show” made by Rocío Boliver; for more info google-it

    It is irresponsible reporters like Pam who gave us trump.

    You throw your garbage out there and fools scarf it up.
    Stop fueling the fire.

  • Uncle Larry

    At My “Late Age”, This Is Difficult To Believe. Certainly One Of The Reasons For Trumps Victory. We Almost Lost Our Country.

  • gerryz

    I wonder where Hillary is today? consoling her embattled, tearful, wailing, life-halted, CRAZED supporters, like this nut? likely shopping & lunching & laughing on 5th Avenue with Chelsea and the babies. Clinton Foundation, baby!

  • Fugi Man

    … very lady like … and Hillary called Trump supporters deplorable .. lol. At least Trump supporters can keep their pants up and KNOW how to use a washroom facility. This is one NASTY woman pictured in the video ….

  • Candice Hinderschied

    This is in Mexico and it has nothing to do with the election.

  • ЦШЭБ1963

    Liberal whackos who took Marijuana and beer, before they began actions !

  • missnellie

    Mentally ill or not…..she should have been arrested and put in jail. Just think….the world is watching this!!!!!!!!! And these protests funded by Soros go unchecked. Now Hillary wants the electoral college vote investigated. No…I will not tolerate or make excuses for what is going on. Enough is enough. Our country is in dire need of moving forward…just how and where who knows if this crap keeps continuing.

  • I’m thinking a bit more fiber in your diet wouldn’t hurt, ma’am. And remember, it’s more about relaxing and letting it happen than straining and pushing…..

  • put ’em up against the new wall…

  • Lisa

    sick pig belongs in psychiatric hospital. It takes a mentally disturbed person to crap on the sidewalk and then pick it up to smear on a sign. Disgusting!!!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    This behavior goes beyond childish petulance, and reaches the truly detestable and disgusting.

  • The children have certainly lost their minds but not this one. This a hoax!! Its.from 2012 from some gross performance art in Mexico I think. Here is the original video posted on YouTube. I don’t speak Spanish but look at the date

    I’m not saying they wouldn’t do this but notice in the link I listed there’s audio…its in Spanish as u can hear which is why it was taken out.of the new one saying it was the liberal scum…at least we can be glad they aren’t to this point just yet. But I wouldn’t put it past them when they’re done crying

  • Gunplay52

    I’m saddened to see that he stopped the video showing her licking her fingers clean, proving that she is truly an animal that needs supervision!

  • OH NO!, oh yes.

    Sorry Pam , this a performance art from another country made back in 2012. I guess you need to go dig up some new lies now. LOSER!!!

  • prozacforradicals

    She looks like a pathetic fool…what did she prove? Oh wait, the porn sites are now calling! If this is the caliber of Hillary supporters…

  • Jose A. Ramirez
  • Joe Mcg

    A perfect illustration into just what the democrat party has devolved into.

  • billykidwell

    This is the kind of welfare trash going nuts because they will have to work, and stop using welfare money yo buy drugs, now that we have a President with morals.

    And it PROVES what kind of trash Democrats really are.

  • MRB

    Seriously??? This is in Mexico, get your facts straight and stop spreading lies. You’ve all done enough damage as it is.

  • Billy Bong

    This is what the democraps have become. I hope they never get power again.

  • Kathy Rheinfrank


  • White Lightning

    i HOPE all these being captured on video have or will be arrested. That is some nasty trash right there.

  • Василий Матвеев

    Selected nation teaches world democracy …

  • Rick

    bare handed

  • Bill Strickland

    non of this happened in tennessee or alabama,,,,,and what do the big california and north east cities say about the intolerance and ignorance of the south??? Please explain all that to me one more time,,,my memory is not all that good

  • Shrijss Do’arn

    It is curious how easily these sheep are led.

  • Brasher

    Rubber bullets for each and every one of them. Yeah, you have a right to “protest” for your safe space you’ve been stuck in most of your worthless lives, but this should be treated as an attack against America. Homegrown terrorists and nothing less

  • Puppy Bonz

    She shouldn’t be allowed to breed. Please get a sex change or go gay.

  • PopeofWisconsin

    Now we are seeing the long term effects of Progressive parenting…

  • 7thDoctor

    Sub-humans. They’re disposable and easily replaceable.

  • richard_head

    go to the streets and prevent lawlessness and disorder.

  • Darcy

    If you honestly consider yourself a journalist, you should be ashamed of yourself for scraping this old video that was shot outside of the United states to further whatever cause or message you’re trying to get across. This public act had no relevance or ties to Donald Trump. Therefore, you’re spreading wildly inaccurate information to a bunch of clowns who believe any click article they read (see below).

  • TheAnthem

    A ship of fools. Also, I’m glad to be out of Washington, that loser of a liberal state full of suicidal hypocrites.

  • wildjew

    I am not a religious Jew. The ancient Hebrew prophets wrote that in the “last days” (whenever we reach them) the world will be judged by fire. Is there any question this country and planet is becoming more and more evil as the years progress?

    • Dorrie

      I’m a “religious Jew.” And yes, God WILL judge the world with fire, but scripture tells us that His people are not appointed to His wrath. We will be taken up before that happens. :)

      • wildjew

        You are a “messianic” Jew?

        • Dorrie

          Yes, a completed Jew :)

          • wildjew

            Not to stir up a debate, this isn’t the place for it. Consider the following when it comes to complete:

            “It came about, when Moses finished writing the words of this law in a book until they were complete, that Moses commanded the Levites who carried the ark of the covenant of the LORD, saying, “Take this book of the law and place it beside the ark of the covenant of the LORD your God, that it may remain there as a witness against you. (Deu 31)

            The law of the LORD is perfect (complete), restoring the soul;
            The testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple…. (Psalm 19)

          • Dorrie

            If you’ve really studied Torah and the Prophets, you’d see that Yeshua is concealed, but spoken of all throughout, then revealed in the Brit Chadasha.

            Shabbat Shalom

          • wildjew

            I am not going to argue your point. The only reason I posted this is because my Christian friends tell me Jesus had come in order to fulfill the law of Moses because it was or is not complete or is incomplete. Clearly it is complete.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Isn’t the concept of mashiach still present in the Tanakh?

          • wildjew

            Yes. It is a big part of the “eschatology” of Orthodox Jews.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Let the fireworks begin!

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        You know what proves we’re in the last days? The Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

  • Tina DiVello

    Everyone, please please please do what you can to fact check! This video is actually performance art from 2012, and it took place in Mexico City. Here is the YouTube clip:
    I Googled the headline of this article in order to find background information:

    I don’t even know how to begin to undo this damage. I’m a Democrat, but I see people being played on both sides and I abhor it. I hope we can continue to stop the dissemination of propaganda for both sides so that eventually there won’t have to be more than one side.

  • Brian

    We all had to deal with Obama! We accepted the fact that he had won twice! We didn’t march, riot, or take a crap and smear it anywhere!!! So, children of the democrats, grow the F*ck up!!! Trump will fix this system that made all these childish millennials, that fear everything and create their own problems and phobias.

  • Cindy Cochran

    “A week ago the Democratic Party insisted that everyone accept the legitimacy of the election. What we are seeing today is that much of the left think that, like so many other things, it is a one way street.” – Erick Erickson—Aren’t these the same people who told us we need to be tolerant?

  • stevenaquinn

    Their First Amendment rights do not give them permission to block commerce or traffic, start fights and fires, or cause bodily harm to another person. They should all be arrested and thrown in jail until their Mommies and Daddies can come and bail the little dickheads out.

  • Jeffrey Rosen retired NYPD SGT

    On the 78th anniversary of Kristalnacht no less

  • JB Tee

    That video is from S America 2012, but thanks for the lie.

  • harleychevroletUSA

    I’ve seen this and don’t discredit it, but where was this video shot at?

  • Dave Mc

    The crapping vid is N/A, but the other vids show the current tantrums. In another few days the police in these towns will have had enough and respond more forcefully to those intent on breaking the law.

    I appreciate them being there and doing a difficult and unpleasant job. And I’m glad Soros made such a poor investment in Hillary.

  • freepetta

    These are paid protesters by Soros and Media Matters. They need to be arrested along with their bosses who should have to pay for the damage.

  • riffraft

    The “party” that preaches peace and tolerance, how is all that working out for you!! Idiots!

  • Charlie Stevens

    Hillary supporters gone wild. Hillary basket of deplorable. This person should be arrested. It is agaisnt the law to do what she did.

  • Conservative Witch

    With all due respect, Pam Geller — and I respect the hell out of you — this isn’t “pure evil.” It’s silly and pathetic. I had a good laugh over it. Some stupid ninny bared her ass and took a dump in public to make a political statement. I think it’s hysterical.

    Laugh. It’s more effective than outrage, anyway,

  • Rick Bertrand

    I’m still trying to figure out how getting rid of ILLEGAL people that are MORE THAN WELCOME to come back the LEGAL way is racist ?? CAN SOMEONE INTELLIGENT EXPLAIN THAT TO ME ????

  • iamcrm

    Hope EVERY employer in the country gets a chance to see it too. Even a Hillary-supporting employer might not want THIS fellow supporter in their organization.

  • wildjew

    After Trump win, officials seek Jerusalem building spree

    City Hall official says he is ready to approve 7,000 housing units in neighborhoods over Green Line

    BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF November 11, 2016, 9:14 am

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      But for WHOM are they building these housing units? Muslum vermin? Or loyal Israeli citizens?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Good, develop more real estate kicking palestinian trash to new gutters.

  • Ruth Rivera

    This is what they have learned from Hillary and the Democratic Party. Really does it has to come to this? Did Gorge Soros and his puppets get that low. I know we have the right to protest in this precious country but this is not liberty. This passed immorality and gross for sanitation. Grow up and suck it up already.

  • Roscoe

    Isn’t that something they did back in biblical days as a way to dominate one religion over another? So much for “progress.”

    • wildjew

      Mankind has not progressed morally or spiritually.

  • Deplorable Stubborn belly fat

    I do not know why this would surprise anyone?, for eight years the liberals owned the sandbox. Now the Conservatives own the sandbox and the liberals are screaming mad. The liberal fear that their penis sucking will be inhibited, opportunities to spy in little girls undressing, and all the other perverted fantasies that are hidden in the liberal mind.

  • mickey_moussaoui

    who say’s liberalism is not a mental disorder?

  • NonIslmophobicAthiestPedoHater

    That is a used before clip from some place else. I re,member seeing it somewhere maybe when Slick willy was elected?

  • AnnaGraceS

    Michael Savage said Liberalism = Mental Disease… my thoughts exactly!!

  • wildjew

    Terri wrote: This video clip is from 2012 and is not related to US elections. It’s a kind of human “show” made by Rocío Boliver; for more info google-it

    Terri wrote: Please learn to “research” before you just post any old thing that passes your newsfeed…

    • wildjew

      I try to be careful but in my busyness, I do not always have time to confirm things like this.

      • wildjew

        I am relying on Pamela and other bloggers….

  • This is what happened when you build your campagine of fearing your opponent and calling them ist over and over again. Trump prevails

  • laurence Persad

    stop the Violence every one who doesn’t like the fact Trump’s in should go to Standing Rock Indian Reservation stand against the Clinton’s & Trumps investment in the pipeline that will poison the water when it leaks #NoDAPL
    make him keep his words and unify america and recognise native americans
    #Trump #WaterisLife #KeepitintheGround

  • Jeff McClearn

    Young and dumb, George Soros paid agitators. Wait until they have to feed a family and pay a mortgage they always vote republican then..

    • Dorrie

      As a very conservative person, I didn’t vote for Trump and don’t like him, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and will pray he does good things for America.

  • wildjew

    Andriano wrote: sorry to break the party but this is fake, this video was done 4 years ago unrelated to America. But I do agree that the video pretty much does depict what the winging portion of Democrats are doing on the streets.

  • Carlos Ricardo Guatimosim

    A esquerda é podre em todos os lugares do mundo.

  • Jim

    Protesting like this is only so much crap. Oh, oops.

    Don’t forget, as an employee of the group that paid you to do this, remember their sign: “All employees must wash their hands after using the restroom.” Oh, I forgot, you have hands but no brains.

  • Anthony Maccaronio


  • Jim

    BTW, since Hillary inspired you to do this filthy act, the rest of us are glad we did not vote for her. In fact, all the evil we see is inspired by her, not Trump.
    This kind of behavior just gives the Democrat party a “black eye”.

  • Sue Denim

    I understand why they used to separate people by class. It haunts me that my kids might spend time in school with children of a person like this filthy woman. I guess its time to home-school after all.

  • John Kovin

    This is not real, it’s paid for by the DEM’s

  • Cindy

    They should be arrested. A new generation of whiners. If they don’t get their way they throw a tantrum. Those of us that didn’t vote for the mighty O didn’t go out and act this way.

  • Guest
    • Mahou Shoujo

      Its hard to drain a swamp full of crocodile tears.

  • PHJim

    Well, it looks like it’s not just the Trump supporters who act like idiots, and they don’t even have anyone offering to pay their legal fees. Looks like Don IS witnessing a return to “the good old days”.
    I sure don’t approve of the violent demonstrations any more than I approved of the Trump supporters beating up protesters. Bad behavior is bad behavior no matter who does it, but most of the protesting has been pretty peaceful.

  • Len Mullen

    We should be able to sue their parents and teachers.

  • Rex S

    These are rioters not protesters – arrest them – they are breaking the law! Physically Stop them, they must be stopped. Sens a message that this type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated!!!

  • Angela Shaw-Smith

    Pam is a sick racist bitch that spreads hate just like her dictator leader DRUMPF…

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Any proof for that statement troglodyte? Or is that just your butt hurt feelings talking?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      You are a stunned cow that is so open minded your dried shrivelled brain fell out.

  • mcd1948

    Looks like she is having some bowel movement problems. Maybe needs a colonoscopy. lol.

  • Mike Oconnell

    if these are your children you are a Failure.

  • Brendett

    Seriously! You people need mental health evaluations you all have lost what brains you had after the street drugs! Its time to call out the National Guard President Obama for once do your job! Fascism- A political theory advocating an authoritarian hierarchical government (as opposed to democracy or liberalism) This is a TERRORISTS ACT!

  • Kalar Walters

    Seems to me that I’ve seen “the good” display their own dark side which manifests as equally “evil” in the eyes of many. This article is a gross misrepresentation. This election has elicited feelings that are beyond political party. How do you know she wasn’t a Stein voter or even voted at all? She could be protesting Trump’s horrid attitude and behavior which was equally disgusting in the campaign and in his life.

  • Brendett

    This Is Fascism / A terrorist attack on America call out the National Guard President Obama arrest all the people! burning the American flag is treason A crime that undermines the offender’s government! Treasonist Someone who betrays his country by committing treason!

  • Jeová Goss

    America see now the same Brazil has seen for years. My condolences.

  • Mike Stacey

    Mass hysteria controlled and orchestrated by the enemy of freedom, thank God they are still the minority.

  • piano king

    These people must just be thrown out of America – especially the radical feminists. They are the main reason for alll these problems.

  • Suzanne McElwain Blauvelt

    These people who claim to be Democrats are simply finding any reason to create violent situations. How are you going to cause such damage and injury claiming to want peace

    • Fifty Ville

      Those who live by violence…

  • Benjámin Kurilla

    If their candidate wins: Victory for Democracy!
    When she looses: Nazi dictatorship!

  • Tirekicker

    I thank God that these people (I use the term loosely) did not choose the POTUS. There is something wrong with a system that allows the most ignorant and clueless among us to select the president. If you cannot name the VP, do not know a little about US history and have no idea of current events you should not be allowed to vote. The President should be chosen by those that are informed.

  • Iveta Image

    Well that’s surprising! They should have made it into spiritual cooking!

  • ModdKenwood

    on election day eve,I said this election was a precursor to the “battle between good & evil”…I was correct.

  • Fifty Ville

    LGBT Rights Activists Fear Trump Will Undo Protections Created Under Obama

    Yet straight people in California didn’t riot after a single gay judge overturned THREE elections that nixed gay marriages, completely disregarding the will of the people and proving that gays can do anything they want.

  • Trump is the best thing that America can happend ever!!!

  • Eddie Hughes

    The worst mistake in the world is to allow someone to determine how you will protest and how you will voice your concerns. This is just the beginning…..I’m loving it

    • Mahou Shoujo

      As it progresses, there will be fewer protestors as the law of the jungle thins the herd.

  • Lenin-McCarthy

    Leftists don’t respect our democracies. If things don’t go their way they resort to violence and riots. We see this happen all the time. We see this in France, Germany, Sweden, England, Belgium, the Netherlands and now America.

    • GI Joe

      This is the first time since the 1968 Democrat National Convention in Chicago that we have seen this level of violent riots related to a political event. It is also the very first time such “protests” have been organized in response to national election results. Those responsible MUST be held accountable. The alternative is that we concede the death of the Republic and allow the creation of a totalitarian state in its place.

  • GI Joe

    “…Police say they responded with non-lethal munitions…”.

    This is a typical “news agency” misstatement. There is no such thing as a “non-lethal munition”. Rubber bullets WILL kill, and do, on occasion. They are “LESS lethal munitions” because they are not designed to kill or penetrate the human body but merely to generate a painful, non-penetrating injury. However, they CAN and WILL penetrate the body under the right conditions.

    What truly concerns me is the dramatic increase in the numbers of anarchists participating in these events. These people, along with their radical communist colleagues, are seeking to initiate a “revolution” to supplant the US Republic with their brand of a totalitarian state. Because they support the violent overthrow of a peaceful government, I cannot understand why the US government has not taken significant steps to arrest those committing violence, even if only against property, and haul their sorry behinds into federal court on a wide array of charges, all felonies, and why the feds have not worked as vigorously against these agitators as they have against Christians who refuse to be involved in events they believe are counter to their religious beliefs.

    • Grey Winters

      The are hardly anarchist if they are rioting over wanting more government interference and government dependency. They are Pro Archists thugs, most are actually hired by the hierarchy.

  • Sheera

    Well aren’t those Protestors classy? I think somebody needs a pacifier

  • Pray Hard

    Brrrrrring it on, Tyrone. I’m the white guy yo mama told you not to mess with.

  • Darwin’s Monkey

    You need to read up on cults and cult behaviour. Liberalism is a cult, that’s why there is such a visceral and emotional reaction to any opposition. It’s identity politics and it is not based on intellect, reason or debate. Sargon of Arkkad does a good video on this on youtube.

    • GI Joe

      This is NOT liberalism in the historic/classic sense. This is a totalitarian mob. These are anarchists, socialists and communists who want to destroy the Republic and replace it with a dictatorship.

      • Dorrie

        You nailed it! You’re absolutely right!

  • Al Jones

    kill them all and let God sort them out.

  • Edward_Teach

    These people are more dangerous than any Nazi, kkk, racist than I’ve ever seen.

  • David Smith

    It’s time to bring in the military to restore order. Mrs Clinton and the President need to step up to the plate, and tell these people to knock this crap off. This is not what America is about. It’s what it has become, and it needs to stop. This kind of behavior is part of what pushed Trump into winning the election. When will people ever learn!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Not a word out of obamgutang, the factor the matter is, when viewing the rioters that, with reference to muslims and democrats “That is who we are”.

  • Scott A. Voss

    The video of the young youths beating on the older man started with a minor fender bender and the man initially struck their mother, the driver. Happened in Chicago suburb.

  • gadsdenamn

    Keep it in the Demo Rat run cities, if you come out to the suburbs or rural areas your toast.

  • Shawn Poland
    • IzlamIsTyranny

      The only people I notice who are ranting and raving about gassing Jews allahtard are your fellow muslums. Maybe this will ring a bell allahtard:
      “Hamas, hamas, Jews to the gas.”

      • Dorrie

        Only totalitarians want someone like Hillary in the White House. She believes she’s above the law and they do as well. Those of us who live by the law and accept what we can’t change, will be required to hold this Republic together in the months to come, when these little snowflakes continue their meltdown!

  • Jason Krueger

    A bunch of criminal thugs just like Killary…

  • Christopher Grothe

    I see black supremacy

    • Mahou Shoujo

      You will see blacks in jail.

  • John Seychel

    The Buddhist philosophy would see Trump as the man who exposes the real
    racism’s in the USA. The underbelly of the beast is exposed now. This is
    going to bring a cleansing of racism. Usually what people are worried
    about never happens. What is happening already will prove to be the
    beginning of the cleansing of this beast. Voting for Trump was basically
    the same as flipping a rock over to see whats really under it and just
    the same we see the slime.

    If you see the anti hate groups hating, then you know things are really going to change.

    • Dorrie

      No, little John, your post just did that. I’m praying for you and others who are like you. You’re just a delicate little snowflake and you’re melting down – the liquid from that melt is obnoxious and will require a lot of prayer and care.

    • Corps-74

      John Seychel, Very well stated.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      So what would voting for hillary have been?

  • TonySilveira

    It puzzles me why there is no one arrested in the USA for calling up for the assassination of Donald J Trump? The law is very clear and if they do not intend to apply it there will be serious consequences.

    • Dorrie

      They’ll be arrested if they continue with their threats after he is sworn in. Right now, he isn’t president, so they can get away with it, but later, nope!

      • TonySilveira

        Actually the law is clear mentioning that it applies to the elected president as well

        • Dorrie

          Well if that’s fact, then they should be expecting a knock on their door from Secret Service

    • Scooter Biggs

      Calling for someone to do it and saying you are going to do it are 2 different things. The former is unfortunately not a crime.

      • Dorrie

        That’s inciting and inciting has always been against the law.

  • MsFreedomWatch

    Do any of these people think for themselves, or do they just do as they are told? They have NO IDEA why they are so angry. A generation of hateful, evil, angry, unmotivated, pathetic waste of society. If only they could put all of that spun up energy into hard work and prosperity.

  • ratso

    You can Thank GEORGE SOROS for this mess…..

    • suqsid4

      Hitler’s final and fleeting tether.

  • ralph

    They are terrorist

  • dbb1031

    these people are idiots…..Donald Trump grew up and lives in NYC……to you honestly think is socially restrictive in terms of gay rights and other “minority” freedoms ??? Such freaking morons..

  • She cried for Moe Moe Moe

    They’ll grow up one day, look back and say gee I was and still am an idiot

  • Clifford S


  • Schumm

    This female that has her bear behind showing for all to see, and pooping in public, is the people that are voting for Hillary Clinton, this is the new America that we have voting for President and this is who we have to run our country. WHAT A HORRIBLE MESS!

    • Dorrie

      Those are the WRETCHES that George Soros is paying to pollute Americal


    This is why EVERY American should be able to own and carry a gun. When these idiots destroy property and block traffic so the WORKING people can’t get to their jobs, they need a bullet to change their minds.

  • Sam

    Liberalism is good but problem is that it helps opportunists to thrive. It is not only a problem we are encountering in USA,, it is a global issue. Europe is now near collapse because of this liberalism. India has paid for it and will pay more and more in future. Democracy is under challange by liberalism. We protect USA and democracy whoever speaks against democracy should be considered as fascist. Trump has been elected , period. Democracy can not be compromised with liberalism.

  • freddie smith

    The simple truth to the frustration of 98.6% (warning: exaggeration alert) of those who are devastated at the outcome of this election comes down to this FACT: they are fearful of losing their ‘right to sin’ ( ?️‍?LGBT, Abortion, racism, marriage equality, total inclusiveness, ‘illegal’ immigration.) and ‘express themselves’ freely as well as protecting other’s rights to do the same. Sin is the problem, the PRESIDENT is not…….

  • Tatiana Covington

    I could “doo” better than that!

    • Grey Winters

      I bet you could.

  • David Oltmans

    Let me get this straight: They live in a blue state and then riot and tear the heck out of the businesses, damage or burn the property of people that may have voted for Clinton.

    • Dorrie

      They are being bused into the cities where they’re rioting. And George Soros is funding the rioting, but hiding under layers and layers of his different businesses so he can’t be charged with anything.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      liberal democrats are really, really stupid.

  • hsfred

    Everyone proud of their little darling daughters and all that they have to protect from that monster D. Trump?! If this weren’t so terrifying – it might be laughable, but Obama does nothing – Crimes are committed in DC and no charges – threats against a President elect – no arrests for that…….Soros still behind it all and he is DANGEROUS!

  • snoebay88

    All these protests are fun and games to the people involved. Free speech is one thing this ,is not. Just waiting till someone gets seriously injured or killed. The media is promoting this by the coverage they’re given and the administration is showing its true colors by not speaking out on this. Glad I live in the part of Oregon that has common sense.

  • Robert Bayer

    Fascism ….. pure evil fascism exuded by these cretins ….

    Real Americans and Real America will TRIUMPH over these fascist scum any day and every day of the week … in any kind of contest … politically … morally … militarily …

  • n3n5n1

    I was Left all my life and I’m proud of it. I still am.

    I’m all for equality. Racial, gender, sexual orientation, political, whatever. I fucking fought for that, chipped teeth and ruined clothes and all that.

    The current leftist movement is a disgrace. The smugness, the fascist silencing of opposition got Trump elected. Great job people.

    Corrupt DNC conspiring against Sanders and corrupt media trying to sell Hillary — despite her white noise machines and email shenanigans — got Trump elected.

    For the first time in my life, Republicans are not the problem.

    It is a sight.

  • dodger4754

    Ms. Geller…you do not help our cause by posting lies! This was in 2012 in Mexico City and is “performance art”, or simply gross indecent exposure. Please do your research before posting!…/trump-riot-photos-fake…/

  • Jay Himelfarb

    These are the ones who voted in Obama! Thank God our country came to it’s senses! The libs are showing the world the amount of ignorance and degradation they’re willing to lower themselves to! This is why we call them DEFOCRAPS! And this disgusting example of life in this photo I’d in fact the poster child for ALL the DEFOCRAPS!

  • copper

    How much is this costing Soros?

  • Suzanne Tegroen

    He wont but God will !!

    • Dorrie

      “ont” ??

  • CraftyCrud

    Never go full retard!

  • Ballistic45

    We need to cover our men and women in Blue during these Marxist Terrorism acts.. Armed Patriot Groups need to form together and let Local police commissioners and/or Chiefs of Police know if needed we have their backs… We would follow their orders and lead but be an unpaid resource for them to increase safety for all…

  • Adam Wilson

    The liberals have become terrorists against america.

  • chaim silver.

    this proves what i said. soros and clinton, want to create an anarchistic society, in order to invoke another holocaust, to finish off hitler’s final solution. compare the peaceful way trump supporters carry on and the violent, even, maybe paid supporters of the evil, lying crazy clinton/soros contingent. it wouldn’t surprise me none if it is a rent a crowd syndrome. g d save america. oh bomber wanted to split the people,causing internal strife to dis-

    unite the citizens. to implement hate between the people. this all in the name of licking his muzzie masters’ arses. well t.g. he lost out. the clinton/soros/oh bomber guys, can go lick their wounds. it is too late for their agenda to succeed.

  • Sandra Chung
    • Mahou Shoujo

      snopes? You quote snores?? That is publicly admitting you are an idiot.

      • Sandra Chung

        And you just publicly admitted you’re a asshat. That video is YEARS old… and the only people that don’t like SNOPES are the ones cold busted by them. Pam is a psychotic liar. Her followers are brain dead drones.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          So what are you doing here talking to an asshat following this forum?

      • Sandra Chung

        Here, the link to the original video, 4 years old. Who’s the idiot now? Again, the only people that don’t like SNOPES are the ones cold busted by it.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Har de har har haw haw haw… snopes, giggle, the only people who like it are those too stupid to figure anything out for themselves.

  • Demfollies

    This is NOT a “peaceful protest” They need to get the National Guard to load weapons with rubber bullets and tear gas and go open fire on these ANARCHISTS!!! What has America come to???
    This is ALWAYS the Left, you NEVER see the Right doing anything like this!!!! This is a RIOT, and should be dealt with!

  • Mack Olsen

    ‘Enemedia?’ I don’t know who this author is and I’m sorry to have stumbled across this article, but she’s pathetic. How about attempting to be a force for good in the world instead of writing this unoriginal hackneyed diatribe? Surely you’re as miserable in real life as you sound in this ‘article.’ There is an unbiased news source out there if you choose to avail yourself of it (although I’m certain you won’t because your financial incentive is to spew bile and hate. You’re a wannabe, a poor-man’s Ann Coulter. A really, really poor man’s — like, a homeless-man-living-under-the-pier poor man’s Ann Coulter). It’s called PBS. As a ‘writer’ you’re just as biased and corrupt as the ‘enemedia’ you attempt to villify.

  • Rajib Ranjan Das

    She is sick, a faggot infested dung brain…needs the mad doctor

  • Ren Gill

    It’s all a plan to bring in marshal law, you watch.. itll happen

  • mee we see the communist scum comming out !

  • Mahou Shoujo

    As the democrats are made up of the “every one’s a winner” cult, they are totally incapable of living in a world there they must face the reality of losing, sometimes. Liberal democrats are behaving like the fools they idolize, communist proselyting tenured humanities and liberal arts parasites in universities. The reality of a couple of months in jail would definitely be a education for the precious cupcakes that milliners are.

  • duder1897

    Use live bullets. Kill them all.

  • Sandra Chung

    Pam Gellar is still a psychotic liar… there is the original video listed on SNOPES that goes to YouTube. So, Mahou, who’s the idiot now?

    • wildjew

      In our busyness it is not difficult for one or two things to pass through the cracks. Give her a little leeway.

  • David Lashof

    When did you ever except Obama? You did nothing to work with him and everything to fight his every step. You were birthers, obstructionists and Islamophobic racists. He still managed to turn around the shithole of a economy he was given by your boy. YOU created Trump, now deal with him, reign the school yard bully in, grab him by his pu$$y and keep him in his place, that’s how you can start to heal this country.

  • TimUwe

    This is not evil. Evil is killing or harming innocent people without remorse. The above is ignorance and greed brought on by government instilling fear.

  • Allen Farlow

    Anyone resorting to violence, such as physically attacking others, lighting things on fire, destroying property, should be shot in the legs and jailed, simple as that. These are paid anarchists, paid to instigate and destroy. They are not protesters against Trump, they are employees of George Soros and those folks who want to destroy the U.S. and rebuild it in their liberal/progressive New World Order agenda. Cloward-Piven, ever hear of that? Clinton nearly has a masters degree in Cloward-Piven. They continue to destroy and attack people because they are getting away with it. They don’t believe anyone will attack or hurt them, so start shooting these jerks in the legs and jail them, believe me, if they know they ARE going to get hurt they will leave and the violence will stop. I won’t treat them kindly. I will give them what they deserve. They’d best stay out of my neighborhood. Trump’s the next president – get over it!

  • Peter Handy

    These are Americans, they love a good riot.

  • Lee Onion George

    Funny how Trump voters were smeared all year as violent, hateful bigots.

    Yet it’s Hillary voters who turn out to be violent, hateful bigots.

    Try and drag me outa my car because of my Trump stickers
    and you will be met with a surprize. One you might not survive.

  • joshua1779

    This is mass media problem. Our mass media has become a propaganda tool for the left. They smear and lie to incite anti Trump attacks.

  • Tim

    well, well, the bad guys know that the time of corrupting the nation is ending, that is why the huge unsimpathy. Shame to see in some videos, that Black “citizens” attacks whites, just because they think they can do it. I think it is time, to get hard and toughen the string and get rid of the filth of the earth. Let`s be honest, Blacks, Muslims can not get socialized, behaves like Apes. Our siciety does not need this kind of agressor filth. Go Trump Go.

  • DerekJR321

    These people are absolute trash. Every single one of them. I hope that someday in the future, they will look back on this and realize how truly pathetic they really are. Here is my main question. Where is Hillary? Why isn’t she condemning this? Where is our CURRENT President???!?!? Why isn’t HE condemning this?!??!?

  • hipertracker

    It’s obvious, they are stupid brainwashed lefties, but I don’t believe it’s all a spontaneous reaction…

    • Dorrie

      They’ve been BUSED to those cities in order to raise hell!

  • Peter Theofanopoulos

    ALL this low life”s should be shot……

  • Vijayalakhmi Menon

    What a shame that these so-called democrats do not know the meaning of ‘democracy’! Trump was democratically elected as ‘President’ by the majority of Americans. True democrats are those that honor the verdict of the people!

  • Mark 2112

    and what protection has Obama given you? while you’re too busy with being self absorbed in all things you, there is a wave of people coming into this country that will kill you for being gay – tell me, who is responsible for that? Remember the Pulse Nightclub – or does that interfere with your safe space time? The very gov’t you had under Obama and even more so with Hillary are bought off by nations that will kill you for being gay. the very people that Obama has allowed to come across our borders unvetted. take a damn good look at the picture kids – this world will eat you alive if you don’t have some dignity, integrity and be willing to sacrifice. the boys that went to war after WW II weren’t given cry rooms or pizza and a break on their mid terms. keep pushing……the very reason Trump is in office is due to YOUR behavior, YOUR decisions and guess what YOUR consequences. Keep pushing but don’t flinch when we push back

  • John Doe

    I don’t think most republicans have anything against LGBT rights. Sure there are some, but not all of them I don’t think the revocation of their rights would make it through the senate and the house. I think the main reason Trump was elected was based on jobs and enforcing the laws we already have. While these people have the right to free speech and if that means burning the flag that they bought I am fine with it, but the minute they steal a flag and burn it is the minute I would step up and correct them.

  • Randy822

    As a Vet all of this deeply saddens me as this is not what I fought for.

  • James Taylor

    They need to grow a brain, someone makes up signs and saying for them and sends them out to disrupt and destroy, they have no clue what or who they are working for. If they knew and understood that the Communist party is behind it all, and what they really stand for and what Communism is about and what life under it would be like, they would shut up and go home trembling in their rooms.

  • musikfanat22

    Nice how this page twists what is really going on, but, gellar is a fascist in th goebbels mold, so I’m not surprised. Hey, Pam, why don’t you show how trump supporters burned a black church or show david duke giving his support to trump. you are like emil maurice, the ss man that was jewish, yet, killed others jews because he loved hitler. you’re a phony!

  • Rabbit

    Anarchists? Bullshit. Why would an anarchist care that Hillary lost? If I called myself a petunia that doesn’t make me one.

  • rlibos

    This site is nothing more than reactionary bullshit and you fools know it. Please die in your sleep.

    • Azsteve53

      By all means, YOU first. Be sure and go the Jim Jones way.

  • Joanne13

    This is European style anarchism we’ve been watching for years on our TV’s when something doesn’t go their way over there. They’ve been paid for and imported to our own nation by the likes of George Soros, etc to bring the exact kind of turmoil we’re seeing here now and have been seeing increase since Obama took office nearly 8 yrs ago. The purpose is to bring civil war to a head. TRUE Americans need to keep cool heads during this time while HOPEFULLY the government will soon start putting down these types of protests which are NOT ‘peaceful’ but rather violent by design. They are NOT allowed by law and should be put down NOW before more is allowed. Where’s the National Guard in these cities?? DEPLOY THEM NOW!

    • Dorrie

      uhh … that’s called Martial Law, is that what you want? With Martial Law, the Constitution is set aside!

      • Azsteve53

        Not. No one needs to set aside the Constitution to call in the National Guard, sorry.

        • Dorrie

          If the National Guard is called in for every city that is rioting, it WILL be Martial Law. Take off your blinders!

          • Azsteve53

            Dorrie, no disrespect, but there will be no martial law, these freaks will peter out after a few more days, I doubt the national guard will appear anywhere unless these freaks manage to put a serious criminal effort forth, and I doubt that is going to happen.

            I have no blinders on, I am very much a pragmatist and to a lesser degree an optimist

          • Dorrie

            I hope you’re right, but so far, it’s just spreading…

          • Azsteve53

            Dorrie, yes these protests will continue to spread, no doubt. I will go out on a limb and predict by this time next week, they will have run out of steam, more or less after running out of Soros funding. There will be protests especially on inauguration day but after this week, the protest balloon will dramatically deflate.

          • Dorrie

            I guess you’re a pretty good fortune teller …

            My guess is that they will continue and get progressively worse. Soros is trying to help Obama with Martial Law.

          • Joanne13

            And don’t forget… it’s going to get SNOWY, WET AND COLD in many of these areas soon too (thank goodness for Winter). ;o)

          • Joanne13

            Nope… you’re incorrect. They NEED to be brought in when the situation is out of hand. Trouble is that too many Govs, etc don’t want to do that since they want the votes of the liberals protesting and taking charge makes them more angry.

      • Joanne13

        Having the National Guard is in NO WAY declaring Martial Law. They had to be brought in during the riots in Ferguson and have been in other lawless situations. That’s actually what they’re FOR… defending the citizens of the U.S. from those that want to do harm…. nothing about Martial Law.

    • Joanne13

      I actually found this video and it was from Europe a couple of years ago
      and was considered ‘performance art’. And it was SO artistic too, yes??
      OMGOSH… What human being could be SO shameless to do such a thing…
      for ANY reason? Art? Um… NO.

  • x8h

    Mentally ill. TRump could make America Great again if these people got shipped one=way to Mars.

  • April Jeanette Lee

    i hope he repeals everything obama done in 8 years

    • Azsteve53

      And quickly.

    • Dorrie

      He has walked back many of his campaign promises already, including repealing Obamacare. Now he wants to keep some of it and have “Single Payer” which is what Obamacare was meant to lead up to and which is Socialized medicine, which has never worked well in any country it’s been used in. It’s basically government control of who gets medical care and who is left to die.

  • Azsteve53

    Typical brain dead anarchistic marxist leftists, this is just like the Bolsheviks and how they screamed into power, at least the left thinks so

  • Leona Tipton

    to m uch bad dope

  • CNAR

    If they dont stop..they are going to be sprayed with RAID.

  • Adam Mcculler

    I will give them something to protest about…

  • debra jamieson

    Its sick..apparently they know nothing about martin luther king…they are afraid they have to wirk .what they doent understand the more people (refugees) the more GMO..which could kill people..but hey farmets gotta grow alot of crops to feed PEOPLE who dont appreciate where their next meals coming from !!!! Billonares send refugeez so they dont have to…it’s NOT AMERICA PROBLEM…WAKE UP FOLKS!!!!! GIVE TRUMP A CHANCE ,IM PART AMERICAN INDIAN HOW YOU THINK THEY FEEL…WHITES,BLACKS,REFUGEES..WAKE UP AMERICA. QUIT WORH THE B.S. EXCUSES…ALL PROTESTERS NEED FINED…SECOND TIME JAILED …ENOUGH EXCUSES BEGONE!!!! Period.

  • Hoovers

    many protesters have peaceful intent. small faction are anarchists looking to stir the pot. they are causing the trouble. Portland police report:

  • vudonix

    yea… most protesters had peaceful intentions. even police reported its anarchists are making things bad. protesters are actually trying to stop them.

  • Nathan Hunter

    They lost the election, they lost the house, then they lost their minds. A great legacy for obama, perfectly fitting.

    • Dorrie

      Yep and every bit of it was his fault, including the police being shot the past couple of years! He still hasn’t spoken out about that!

      • Nathan Hunter

        Exactly. I recently googled for news stories of obozo or killary denouncing the rioters. There are NONE that came up which can only tell you that they are at least silently supporting the idiots. And that’s the type of leadership we’ve had for 8 years and were about to be stuck with for another 4 or 8. We seriously dodged a bullet this time. Please watch and share this video, if it will allow me to post it that is……

        • Dorrie

          Soros knows Trump’s weaknesses and pretty much owns him for $65 million. Trump is not now, or has he ever been, a conservative. He’s a liberal and has already walked back some of his campaign promises, like repealing Obamacare and building a wall, saying “they were just suggestions.”

          Trump is a Trojan Horse and no better than Hillary, he will just make his changes more slowly than she would have.

          • Nathan Hunter

            Firstly, don’t believe all the lies you here in the msm about trump “walking back his promises”. Secondly, I don’t care if he makes his changes more slowly, as long as he does as much as possible in the way of his promises. Thirdly, ANYTHING is better than hillary, anything. And lastly, it isn’t all about the president anyway. As long as we have the house and he appoints conservative constitutionalists to the supreme court, we will be in good shape for many years, even if the democrats win back the govt. in 2020. That’s all.

  • Saskia L’Oreal

    Gellar, Rioting is wrong. It’s not a new phenomena, it has been done many times, many decades, you just did not care about the other times, but most of us did. It does not matter who or why, it’s just wrong. Rioting is NOT perse politically affiliated, just research it. *PEACE

  • Make America Venezuela again.

    Infantilism meets Asperger’s Syndrome… The perfect progressive storm…..or taking your kids to soccer games where they don’t keep score . Hemp shirts and eaters of kale…[ tastes like stinging nettles ] . Kumbaya to all and to all a good night !

  • Jeanne Cody Hilko

    Fireman w/ Hoses, spray the Crap out of them.. Sick Bast*&^%!!

  • Perry Roberts

    i want to see the little dirtbags run when the silent majority of real americans reach their boiling point and start taking things into their own hands.

  • 1janicebeaty5


  • Vladimir Sojo

    Disociados se volvieron locos, ese es el peor gente salvaje mas notorio que he visto en mi vida los animales son mas racionales.

  • Bill Hunt

    The vile liberals are in the death throes of existence and all there reprehensible ideas are going down the toilet and they know it. In one night there entire world and crusade of evil has been blown to hell. I LOVE IT. Die Die you nasty gross fucks. GOODBYE TO THE LEFT. A NEW GREAT CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT IS POISED TO TAKE OVER A NATION AND IT’S FUTURE

  • Demfollies

    When will they say the truth- This is not protests, it is Riots & Looting!

  • ALS
  • WutDixLibsR

    I work with them (liberals) every day. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE CAPABLE OF. There is no means unjustified towards their ends. If they have to kill everyone to achieve their idea of utopia, they will.
    You are not entitled to your own opinion. You are entitled only to THEIR opinion. Cut them the wrong way, you’re a sub-human who should be exterminated if you can’t be quickly brought around to agreeing with them.
    You wonder how some of the greatest atrocities in human history could happen? People like this. There is no humanity in them whatsoever. They are deeply bitter, resentful people who ENJOY destroying people they find disagreeable or objectionable. A group of little dictators all going around, bullying, destroying, throwing temper tantrums- whatever it takes to get their way. And I mean WHATEVER it takes

  • Joanne13

    I actually found this video and it was from Europe a couple of years ago and was considered ‘performance art’. And it was SO artistic too, yes?? OMGOSH… What human being could be SO shameless to do such a thing… for ANY reason? Art? Um… NO.

  • suetiggers

    for the gullibles who believed the one of numerous lies spread on the net about the woman defecating on the American flag, chew on this

    and from everything I’ve seen and heard, the Trump people won the BIG LIE contest hands down, using the net to spread them to their true believers. AND haters.. very scary election indeed…. the winner of the biggest liar club beat the most qualified ever (but little least partly of course, due to the lies and exaggerations re. her character) meanwhile, there’s pretty solid proof about all that Trump did…with videos of HIM saying the crap he said.

  • James R. Porter

    Whoops. This article’s already been debunked. Various counter-protestors and tag-along psychos and anarchists have committed occasional acts of violence in the vicinity of some protests, but the protestors themselves have not.

  • James M. Kirwan

    “When President Obama won, we didn’t like it but we accepted it.” That’s because you had nothing to fear from Obama. Oh I know, you said he’d create death panels, but that never happened. But honestly, you had nothing to fear. You may not have liked his foreign policy, or his ideas about jump starting the economy, or his health care plans, but you weren’t fearful, just disappointed. Irritated at worst. But you lost nothing. You still had a place at the table. You kept your dignity. Many of you became employed again. Some of you became millionaires. Your economy didn’t tank. I know you hated having a black man in the White House, but again, you knew you’d survive with your life intact.

    This is different. This man can wreck lives, and you want him to. The only reason you voted for him, in fact, is because he’s somehow going to hurt people you don’t like and people you’re afraid of. He’s going to hurt them, and badly, and you want it to happen.

    If I ever needed proof that the Republican party is overflowing with cruel, vile, childish and embittered people, as far from “good Christian values” as you can get, you’re it. You’re making America hate again. And four years from now, it’s not going to be better for you. You’ll he just as unhappy and just as hateful and just as stupid.

  • Patricia Harrington

    I am one of the few who is old enough to remember the 1950’s when the KKK was quite active and these little cupcakes would never survive an encounter with a group of Klansmen. Maybe they should stop using the KKK as a reason for their rioting and get home to protect their families. Just because they read about it does not mean they know how bad it can be when they are involved in it. Stop pretending that you are bad asses because you have no clue of what it’s like in real time. It’s never going to happen again so, your fears are unfounded…idiots!

  • Paul

    I would beat the living snot out of that mob that beat that Trump Supporter. For one thing I voted for Trump, and if they ever cross paths with me wanting to beat me up just because I voted for Trump. They’ll get what’s coming to them!

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