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CNN’s Alisyn Camerota: Americans should wear headscarves in solidarity with Muslims


Alisyn Camerota is the CNN hack who cross-examined me after the jihad attack on our Garland free speech event, as if it had been my fault that we were fired upon by Muslims. So it is no surprise that she is calling on Americans to be sharia-compliant, and ignoring the fact that women are far more likely to be brutalized and victimized for not wearing the hijab than for wearing it. Where is Camerota calling for solidarity with the girls who didn’t want to cover up and were honor killed for it? Where is Camerota speaking out for Muslim girls who were killed by their fathers and/or brothers for refusing to wear the hijab?

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  • Rick Smith

    I’m glad she left Fox News. A dhimmi stooge if I’ve ever seen one.

  • Eric V Steiner

    I need to practice spitting more.

  • DocileConNoMore

    Never forget, 90% of political donations by Fox News anchors have always gone to Democrats. It’s just that Camerotta went public with her true feelings. Beware those at Fox who have not yet.

  • Robert W Butler

    Why don’t this lady go to that country where if you’re a woman you’re not allowed to speak unless spoken to or if you get out of line you get your ass beat or killed

    • Patty

      They have a different approach…it’s called being stoned to death. But yeah, she should live there for a bit.

      • sloanie

        She probably gets stoned after every show anyway :>)

    • Rebecca Landrum

      No, like the rest of those “People” she won’t be involved-she is way above that. She-like the rest- just wants to force the rest of us Americans, the poor, the elderly, the middle-class to conform to this crap. She needs some serious self-examination. What she evidently does not realize is that when they take over SHE will also be just like the rest of us- and a pretty young woman–well, I would not want to be her,
      , would you?

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Blondes are always popular slave girls in the muslum world.

        • aebe

          Are they listed on any of the commodity exchanges ?

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Only in muslum slave markets.

        • Robert Kahlcke

          If you believe this is her true hair color, I have a toll bridge I will sell you for one dollar.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            R U insinuating she has a black Peugeot?

      • ladywarrior

        In Islam these people like her are called “dhimmis”…..if and when the Muslims take over any country the first persons they kill are the dhimmis……the very people that paved the way for them to come in and take over a country. They rightly determine that if the dhimmi will help them destroy their own country and people that they will do the same thing to them some day…..
        ……if these people are going to continue to aid and abet the very people who want to destroy us then we should make sure President Trump takes a long hard look at their FCC license…..they are trying to influence people to follow Islam…..

        • jimmy

          you’re right they do call them dhimmis, and your post reminds me of the Muslim Brotherhood documents that got confiscated out of a house in Virginia during a raid back in 1991 and the documents laid out their grand plan to conquer America and a quote said “the Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the western civilization from within [liberals and leftist leaders] and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands [liberals and leftist leaders] and the hands of the believer’s [Muslim’s] so that it is eliminated and god’s religion [islam] is made victorious over all religions” so you’re spot on about what they’re trying to do.

    • United we Stand

      Are you kidding…bahaha, she better dye in U.S. and even from her own hermitage perverts then leaving U.S. …Bahaha

    • Speak the Truth

      I’ve noticed that leftist women love to “play dress up” with the scarves. They don’t like to talk about the fact they are free to remove it whenever they want. This is far different from being forced to wear the scarves at all times, and being beaten or honor killed if the woman dares to remove it.

      This reporter is actually mocking women who are forced to wear the scarf.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        An excellent comment.

        • Speak the Truth

          Thank you:-)

  • Patty

    I was walking down the street and a guy rolled down his window and gave me a wolf whistle, I was so afraid it was a dog whistle, I decided to wear a burka. Pffft. Give me a break. Was she attacked? No. Plus, when you spit out a window while driving, it hits the passenger window. Trust me, I know from experience. This is just a joke and it makes me sick. Report this type of crap now, when something really serious happens to a muslim based on their faith, we will chalk it up to another propaganda story. It recently happened on a college campus where supposedly a muslim woman came from behind and was pushed down a hill by two white males with vague descriptions, they held a vigil for her. (She was not “injured”) She was wearing a scarf only, and it’s been getting cold out and dark, how did they know she was muslim? Are these people serious? I live near the largest Arab community outside the Middle East, who neighbored a Jewish community. There has been no problems until supposedly now. Keep creating the b/s and you will have a revolution on your hands, instigated by you!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Screw you cupcake. Tell it to the kafir al najjis who are unfortunate to live anywhere muslums have political power — incl. Dearbornistan, Michigan.

    • Martin Altria

      you live in the USA, therefore you don’t live near the biggest muslim enclave outside of the middle east…. unless you think Sweden or France, maybe Germany are your neighbours ??? muslims have one objective and that is to subjugate the west !!!

  • MsMoomMist

    Well, she sure as heck isn’t afraid to spread her Bear Scat on television. Bah ha ha. The reporter can put on the scarf all she wants, it just continues the narrative that they are a crazy CULT and Political system instead of a Peaceful Religion.

  • NickRepublic

    This may well be the stupidest woman-cow on the face of the planet.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      That’s very unfair, Erin Burnett is also on the Crescent News Network and she’s just as stupid and/or dishonest.

  • Debbie Weiss Marler

    this is not the woman i used to watch on fox news. did she leave her common sense and brains behind when she joined cnn.

    • Knotalibby

      I think it’s a requirement.

      • If she wants to fit in with the rest of cnn lefty dhimmies.

    • yankeebean2000

      It’s a prerequisite to work at CNN. Good riddance from Fox

  • beachmom H

    First of all, I don’t believe one thing that girl said about someone spitting at her.
    These people on the propaganda channels will do and say anything for money and fame.

    • GI Joe

      I, for one, agree completely. Besides, islam teaches that it’s ok to lie to advance islam. It’s called “taqiyya”. In fact, they are encouraged to lie to one another through their tradition of “tawriwa” (probably misspelled).

      • ladywarrior

        Very true.

    • momsaid

      She was smiling as she spoke, her upper face not agreeing with the lower. She also kept looking off to one side. Two big tells right there. Add in that the SPLC is claiming that over 700 other victims are out there, and you can pretty well guarantee that they’re all fake.

    • Martin Altria

      its media subjugation, it goes with all the other forms of abuse that mudslimes come out with !!!

    • Dawn

      She said that these kinds of things started happening after the San Bernadina attacks and the attackers pictures were shown. It had nothing at all to do with the election or Trump.

  • Rolleth

    She says this when a Somali refugee just killed someone on Ohio State university yesterday. I hope she gets fired. What is this crazy woman doing? It will take Americans fighting back and cutting muslim’s heads off to stop the eradication of all whom aren’t muslim.

    • peterskm

      Fortunately, no one other than the attacker died at Ohio State yesterday.

  • Ding Bat

    Alisyn good idea but don’t stop there. Mutilate your genitals too according to Islamic laws for women.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Good idea, it would-be a great cnn news story for the intrepid reporter to undergo a clitorectomy on prime time tv, to show solidarity with muslim girls. The advertising sales would postpone cnn’s bankruptcy by a few minutes.

      • NickRepublic

        This activity alone should be enough to convince any civilized person that muslim philosophy and practices are straight from the pit of hell.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          There are so many proofs that islam is of demonic origin, one being its continued existence.

          • Martin Altria

            research Lebanon ….. Ex Christian country :(

          • Mahou Shoujo

            lebanon is a fine example of how islam totally destroys a country and its people. Why can the lessons learned from lebanon be seen and learned from? People really are bigots, in that they refuse to condemn evil, tolerating it out of sheer stupidity.

          • ladywarrior

            They’ve also destroyed many ancient buildings and artifacts across the middle east…..breaks my heart…they are gone forever. But this is what barbaric conquerors do….they destroy people’s past and history in order to create them a new one so they can control them……
            …I’m from the South and the Confederate flag represented to us the first time in history that “State’s rights” was tested….sad that it was over slavery.
            …..More people died in the Civil War than in all the wars America has fought in put together. Now Leftist people are rapidly erasing this history by tearing down the flags and statues of people who fought in that war all across the South……including that idiot Nikki Haley of SC who I dislike intensely.

            History is history….can’t be changed. Just like the concentration camps of Hitler’s ….they are there to remind us how a people can be led by maniacs… our Marxist Muslim President Obama who has brought this horror on our country of Islamic terrorists by shipping hundreds of thousands of them into our midst…..history will not be kind to him in the long run….decades later they will want to erase him from history in America……

            Churchill said: “Those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it.”

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I knew a Lebanese Christian. His village, which was Christian for centuries, was taken over by muslums who proceeded to bulldoze the ancient church and vandalize the graveyard (as the muslums regularly do to ancient Jewish graveyards in Israel).

          • Rebecca Landrum

            History can be changed. That is what is happening right now in our Southern States. My great-great grandfather fought in the Civil War, and I assure you he was NOT fighting for anything to do with slaves-he was one-just not a black one. He, like most of this countrymen were fighting the government over excessive taxation and regulation. The “North” was depriving the South of their livelihood, there was so much taxation and regulation on Southern Businesses that they could not survive. I doubt that you can find a history book in today’s world that will state the truth about the Civil War, all you get is the Lincoln and the black slave stuff. Now, I’m not saying that this was not part of it, but this part was mostly confined to the larger cities and richer areas of the South. The country folk were left to starve and to fend for themselves anyway they could. The small farmer was raided and his animals and crops were either destroyed or carried off. A lot of times, the wives and daughters I=of the farmers were raped while “soldiers” held the husband, father, and forced him to witness these acts, sometimes he was killed afterwards. War is Hell folks no matter where it is fought. But the TRUE history of it should be preserved for future generations and NOT changed to soothe the feelings of a segment of society, because it makes them feel better. We owe the TRUTH to the ones who suffered and dies in all the wars. They did not die for lies!

          • ladywarrior

            I was born and bred in Memphis, TN……I too am sick of people like Nikki Haley who took down the Confederate flag…..the only thing about her going to the UN was at least she’s to hell out of the South!

            The Civil War was the first test of “state”s rights” under the Constitution….It was trickery by the North to unfortunately make it all about slavery……Slavery is wrong, but that was not what the war was fought over….it was the cleverly disguised reason…..

            Just like today as the Progressives, Globalists, and Muslim dhimmis have concealed the real reasons for what is going on today…..with the help of crapola PC and paid anarchists by the likes of George Soros who is in bed with the Clinton and Bush Cartels, the Bilderbergs, and the New World Order…… I share your frustration.

          • aebe

            They would have killed each other -shites & sunnies off , every one . Add this , the acceptance the ‘normal’ world has for islam . Something is on their side , and it is no friend to mankind .

          • Rebecca Landrum

            Sir Winston Churchill stated, ” Islam is as dangerous in a man as Rabies is in a dog.” The man knew what he was talking about. In fact, the Founder of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations),Omar Ahmen made the following statement, “Islam is not in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim Book of Scriptures, should be the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” CAIR claims to be a civil rights group, but it is really Hamas in the United States. Please feel free to google him and check it our for yourself if you doubt this. Please pray, God Almighty is the only one who can truly stop this evil, and that is what it is, pure EVIL.
            God bless, and keep praying.

      • Todd Smith

        I strongly disagree with you Ding Bat!
        I say have Alisyn go the full Monty of Female Genital Mutilation which includes cutting away of the Labia Major & Labia Minor Lips which is done with a razor blade and no anesthesia!

        • Martin Altria

          and then sown up to stop them from being promiscuous !!!

        • Mahou Shoujo

          You softy, if it isn’t done with a piece of broken glass, it is not halal.

        • ladywarrior

          You are either one of those Muslim trolls that have flooded these sites or a sick jackass. Therefore I’m blocking you so I don’t have see anymore of your crapola!

    • here’s the thing

      Good one! That’s one of the best comebacks EVER!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Now that would be a show of REAL solidarity wouldn’t it? She should forgo anesthesia as well to get the full multicultural experience and authentic flavour.

      • aebe

        flavor ? Who gets to eat the bits that were hacked off ?

        • Mahou Shoujo


        • Boo

          Clit fries are a favorite muslime snack

        • Generalpatern

          Their dogs?

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I meant in the sense of:
          “a type or variety”, which is one of the definitions of flavour.

      • Rebecca Landrum

        You need to see a doctor immediately, you are a very sick person?, VERY demented.

  • 1NJNurse1

    What a bunch of BS.

  • Minoo

    This country have more serious problems than women wearing scarf. After the radical Islamic government took over Iran in 1987, they forced all women cover their hair and also forced women not to wear make up. Women would be jailed, harassed and raped if they did not obey the new rules. I totally get the fear of this young woman. America is a free country and most immigrants are attracted to this land of opportunity and move here. if people think there has not been discrimination under Obama administration, they are fool. The number of people who have been deported in the recent last 8 years is enormous, but Obama does it quietly and covertly, and control the media not to mention any of his wrong doing. It is very sad what Obama did to USA.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I used to know an Iranian Jewish woman, she told me following the establishment of the Iranian Islamic “republic” her, her sisters and mother were regularly shaken down by the all muslum authorities in Iran to insure they were properly attired.

    • GI Joe

      Virtually ALL of those deported were Hispanic, too. Barry Soetoro-Obama has been VERY busy importing muslims from the Middle East under the guise of “refugees”.

  • Lorraine

    Now you know how a lot of Americans feel when they have to pass a group of Muslims. Do you think the college students in Ohio are going to feel safe around Muslims after 50 of them being shot or injured from a shooter in the name of Allah! How about feeling safe around them in a night club like in Miami? Yes not all Muslims are radicals or terrorist but how do you know. Because of the media showing what is going on In France and Germany and many other countries people are afraid! Rapes and beatings from refugees they let in their country to help them.
    All of the attacks on Americans. For a religion to call for jihad on people who don’t believe in your religion is a very scary thing. Im sorry for the man spitting at you but I guess that’s better then getting your head cut off, raped, or blown up for just running a marathon. Get over it!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I’d think any university student or faculty member should be willing to die to promote the magic of muslum multiculturalism.

    • GI Joe

      Um, there were 10 casualties at OSU yesterday (28 Nov 2016). None were shot. All were either hit by the jihadi’s car or stabbed or cut by him with a “butcher knife”. And the only fatality was the jihadi himself. So far, at least. There was one victim in critical condition the last I heard on the evening of the 28th.

  • Nancy Condit

    I will NEVER cow down to their level of barbarism. I was born a free person and I will stay a free person. There is no religion that can take that away from me.

  • TopnColorado

    Leave it to the Clinton News Network to continue on the “fake news” bandwagon. Hey Ms. Camerota, you really have shown your true colors since you left FOX. Hopefully Megyn Kelly will join you soon!

  • Sharon ODonnell

    Ohh Good Grief .
    In 2008 Obama lied and acted like Muslims were all nice and peaceful around the World. Only 7 years after 19 muslims took down 2 American towers and murdered 3000 of Our Citizens .and he began importing them to Our Nation .
    You muslims beat, rape and murder Christians In the middle East and Africa ,so horrible is the violence against Christians over there , that Christians are, in modern times, Actually Put on A genocide Watch
    list !!!.The muslims in Israel stab little old jewish people in parks and young jewish girls on buses .Muslims in Africa went into a Christian School and murdered guards and stole/ kidnapped/ beat over 200 Christian daughters for their vile muslim sex slavery ..
    Since 9/11 2001.There have been over 26,000 terrorist attacks world wide And CNN trots out this muslim teenager Who says She is afraid of Americans is quite frankly this ” news” site working for The Enemy – foul dishonest CNN .
    Here lets look at Real Attacks . muslims respect no other Faiths and will “honor” kill their own daughters— I would tell her she’s got much more to fear from her muslim family then the average American citizen .Lets bring Out the Boston marathon bombing victims With no legs .Actual damage not spit – Or the San bernadino Paraplegic..
    .The WTC family members still missing their mothers and fathers .Or The orlando nightclub terror victims without their siblings .PTSD Veterans ..And Ask their thoughts of these peace loving muslims, Shall We? .If We wanted to be overrun with bloody muslims- Jihadkillary would be moving into the People’s House .Not President Trump.
    CNN. Is Pro jihad ,Pro illegal ,Pro domestic terrorists- BLM, black panthers –
    CNN your a filthy embarrassment to this Nation.nothing but Treasonous liberal jackals .


    I got to admit , those self defense classes will come in handy when their devout Master they call their husbands will decide to enforce Koran 4:34.

  • User34

    it’s a hoax. it’s all bullshit. stop listening to them, and “don’t believe the polls” right. they’re all wrong, crooked, Hillary, liars.

  • wildrosewi

    When in Rome do as the Romans do …….. THIS IS AMERICA.

  • Crystal Waters

    Why won’t the media ever suggest that Muslims remove their headgear to show solidarity with the victims of Muslims?

    • GI Joe

      Well, that’s just CRAZY talk! (sarc/off)

    • aebe

      Muslims are victims ! Muslims are victims . Muslims are victims !!! Now , go and hop under a burka .

    • Generalpatern

      Because its a one way street, to hell, joining them, supporting them will not spare you


        When Leftards and Muslims burn the American flag, burn the flags of ISIS, Fascist Iran and pictures of Castro, Che, Mao, Marx and so on.

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    She started out as a street reorter for 1010 WINS…………How does that qualify her for her instructions?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Street reporter, next street walker, she will bend over for anything, like the lame stream media whore she is.

  • pdxnag

    How about splattered blood tie die to show sympathy for the victims of Mohammad over nearly 1,400 years of Islamic conquest?

  • Fred

    Camerota is a C U Next Tuesday.

    Hey bitch, people I know have only 1 use for headscarves- picking up dog poop.

    Why don’t you wear one down under at your time of the month.

  • krjfla

    When this AWFUL PROPAGANA MEDIA starts suggesting that we should become SHARIA COMPLIANT to MUSLIM CULTURE, then it’s TIME to STOP WATCHING THEM!!
    THIS is how Muslims slowly bring Islamic SHARIA LAW to you city, state and COUNTRY! THEY can ASSIMILATE to our WESTERN CULTURE which is BEAUTIFUL by itself…or they can CHOOSE to go BACK to their MUSLIM COUNTRIES. VERY SIMPLE. YOU DON’T CHANGE….US!!!

  • Whirlwinder

    This feminazi used to to work at Fox. What a waste.

  • Kristi

    The Bible tells us to accept, help and then to assimilate strangers.’s the assimilation that’s the problem! They come here wanting help but then they want us to give them All we have, and assimilate us to their evil ways! But the bible says if they don’t assimilate they are to be cast out; I say cast them out!

  • James Hay

    You’re one stoopid brawd! You’d change your story if you had to suffer what many women have. Perhaps watching the line of refugees waiting their turn with your old body would make you see the truth.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Alisyn Camerota is another dry old cow that is rapidly becoming raw material for hamburger. Trying to get attention by putting a bag over her head would be more effective. She is at the point where her non existent skill as a reported can no longer be covered by catering to couch potato news watcher’s teenage boy fantasies, so, she will be constantly trying to get attention by being stupid.

  • dangerousfreedom

    This IS a country of religious freedom. But we come here to be FREE of repressive religions. Not bring them here. In Egypt up until 1980 they were wearing hardly any headscarves. When you put that thing on your head, you are saying, “i am bringing the bondage of this religion here instead of walking into the freedom that you offer me”. It’s like throwing a gift that’s offered back in our face.

    So you should go back, if you don’t get it so badly.

  • Poppey

    Message to Alisyn, think yourself lucky you don’t live in one of the ” culturally enriched ” parts of Europe because perfectly decent Western non Muslim women and girls are spat at, punched, touched up, insulted and called whores and sluts for NOT wearing the headbag on the street.

    If you hadn’t noticed, Muslim terrorists have taken the lives of thousands of your fellow Americans these last 15 years in America, why do you seek to reward that by taking public pity on one who refuses to change her ways to conform to OUR dress codes? You do know don’t you about the Koranic mandate which clearly implies that all uncovered women can be molested by Muslim males, are you OK with that ? Koran 33:59

    Watch this, You Tube Christine Tasin in Paris speaks to the murder of the policeman.

    Either wise up or shut up.

  • NotTheMama

    Hey Camerota! Being a Dhimmi will not protect you from being a Jihad victim.

    • Another Guest

      I think she should try it, and when of the muslim brothers sees her talking to a man who isn’t her husband they will stone her to death because of it.

  • Ayna

    Why don’t -you- wear a scarf.

  • Steve

    WTF is wrong with this chick? Can we go any farther away from reasonableness? Hell, let’s all go take flying lessons and practice crashing into skyscrapers on the simulator?

  • Bob

    Like clockwork, anytime there is an Islamic terrorist attack, the SMS propaganda machine immediately starts defending Islam.

  • Bobbie Lippse

    Try to make me wear a hijab and you will find an extra hole in your butt that matches a 38. That is a big NOPE on the hijab crap. I will not be subjugated. Where the hell are the feminists on this? If you think being called sweetheart and swatted on the butt at work is bad, wait until you have to wear a hijab, are not allowed to work and your husband can legally beat you all he wants to. It all starts with the hijab and making women feel that they are inferior to men.

    • NickandLynds

      Did you hear about the Lesbian mayor of Minneapolis declaring a “Hijab Day” a few years back on which female city employees were to wear headscarves in solidarity with their Somali colleagues? It defies logic, unless she had a death wish. If someone had asked city employees to wear a cross in soliditary with Christian colleagues, I’m guessing her’s would be the first head to explode in anger and outrage.

    • aebe

      In Afghanistan and other places the men will spend their time at the mosque or out making goo goo eyes at the neighbor’s goats . Women are forced to panhandle to feed the kids and themselves .

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        That’s very unfair to Afghani men — we all know they enjoy their dancing boys!

  • Has Alisyn Camerota ever asked us to wear Yamakas to show solidarity with Jews? Wear a cross for Christians?

  • just1guywhocares

    and the terror attack yesterday? Hmmm? Also they lie, you know that, right? They lie. But the terror attack really happened…

  • Ayse Wattles

    Where do these totally stupid, idiotic people come from. She is no lady she is a stupid broad

  • Just Straight Shooting

    True to form, this demonic democrat is calling for women to stand in solidarity with satan. How utterly foolish and stupid these fools are.

  • M Beh

    Such BS. A dear friend of mine who is Muslim refuses to wear a head covering, not because she is afraid of attack, but because it is a barbarick ritual.

  • John Perkins

    Don’t these people every look out of their towers? It is amazing how anyone can be so intellectually vacant. The media, as a whole is no more than willing whores political correctness. This one should seek a mattress and some straps!

  • Joseph Calitri

    Such a shame! I used to like Camerota when she co-hosted Fox And Friends way back when, but once she went over to “the dark side,” she lost all respect!

  • chercher

    She is sick ….no one is going after Muslims like that. Most people ignore them. They are not friendly people ….they walk around as if they are not a part of America or they are waiting around until they get the numbers to push us around.

  • Hugh Lunn

    The Koran is a premier sexist, Christ-ophobic, Hinduphobic, Buddhist-phobic, anti-Semitic document.

  • christian vidal

    Ban all muzzies from the US shut down all mosques for ever. Don’t forget

    when the twin towers collapsed 1 billion of their kind were dancing and chanting in

    the streets worldwide. They are our deadliest enemies since the inception. Their only

    goal is the erasement of the western and jewish civilizations!

  • NickandLynds

    I’m an Orthodox Christian of Syrian ancestry. Not once has any member of the MSM called for any acknowledgement of the Christian genocide taking place across the world, largely at the hands of Muslims. Those crimes are far worse than someone glaring at another or yell something, which appears to be the extent of the “hate crimes” that Muslims face in the US.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      You and your people have my sympathies. The west is corrupt and rotten to the core.

    • Frank Castle

      You have my sympathies also. What is going on in Syria and Northern Iraq is barbarous. May God Bless you and all of your people. I hope our new President will send help your way ASAP!

  • No more citizenship for ANY migrant who does NOT assimilate! Their mindset is to change America into whatever homeland they’ve come from! There’s a reason America is so great….it’s because we’re like NO OTHER COUNTRY!

  • Todd Smith

    If Alisyn Camerota want to show SOLIDARITY with muslim women I strongly suggest she do the following.

    I say have Alisyn go the full Monty of Female Genital Mutilation which includes cutting away of the Labia Major & Labia Minor Lips which is done with a razor blade and no anesthesia!

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Another talking head idiot on CNN like Erin Burnett. She should take the next flight to the UAE and go out for some drinks w/some muslum men there…

  • Patrick

    Leftist propaganda. CNN like the rest of the MSM are Islamic apologists. But you never hear from them in regard to Christians and Jews except when they are critical. The left is anti American heritage. They cleverly use PC to perform their stealth subversion of the country.

  • becky

    Oh yeah…she was spit at vs students were run over and stabbed. Who should be afraid?

  • disqus_1VhMJcA5Yv

    these muzz doubletalkers … hurl……

  • GI Joe

    So, if the woman interviewed in the video clip is so fearful here in the US, why is she still here? Why has she not bought her one-way ticket back to her family’s traditional homeland? She is not needed here, her attitude of fear is not wanted here, and she certainly will NOT be missed by the US.

  • yankeebean2000

    Did someone drop Allison on her head? She’s an idiot and getting worse.

  • ShootExpert

    when did Trump make any Islamaphobic statements, what a LIAR…these people are insane….headscarves to a murderous religion. it’s NOT islamaphobic to call a rock a rock, a murderous religion a murderous religion, they kill homosexuals outright by throwing them off the top of buildings, they kill women outright who commit adultery, in some countries the amount that woman does cover her face would get her beaten badly. and that’s the truth!!!

    • GI Joe

      I strongly urge you to go to Dr. Bill Warner’s site for factual information regarding islam. It’s NOT a religion. It’s a political movement with a pseudo-religion as a “front”.

  • David Rife

    Screw CNN the lefts globalist news brain wash. Did anybody tell them Trump won? This nation is sick of leftist lie and propoganda. They better open their eyes to the fact that the vote for Trump was a vote to tear down globalist. The next election will be about removing the rest of those that are in office who support it. If they don’t understand we said yes to the constitution this election they can air their crap to just that, the air. Let them sink as a corporate puppet.

  • United we Stand

    Woo, when I escaped from Soviets I didn’t blame anybody for not fair treatment by Americans because even as a Jewish immigrant I had responsibility for so brutal Soviets regime! Just recently I adopted my knick name Crazy Russian Jew…bahaha due to my activity in politics especially condemning even Russian regime and supporting Trump as a God Given in changing not just U.S. but the whole world!

    So what separates my commen sense with so stupid millennial pervert!? Even after so brutal Islamic Terrorists attacks, which reflect her personal live, beside her friends and familied…bahaha, instead of praising for Trump and condemn Obama/Clintons for created hell she spreading propoganda insanity and whether intentionally or stupidly crying for covering up her own insanity!

    So whether her pretty face would start matching the value of a brain in the house with glass walls or her rain of tears would continue help in killing even own innocent Muslims, its her choice beliving in God or Evil!

    BTW, hope she would brave anough responding even with the other twisted insanity…Bahaha

    • Craig

      Welcome, CRJ.

  • United we Stand

    Can’t wait seeing Allison and others, especially celebrities, alike waring solidarity skurf with most delusional Islamophobic propaganda perverts ..Bahaha

  • Areyoukiddingme

    Sick human being….go visit Somalia you mental patient

  • DrJackRyan

    What an absolute moron.

  • Cameron Novak

    How bout they tale the headscarf off to show solidarity with Americans?

    • Craig

      It is like Trump said ..”why do we always have to get screwed. Why do we always have to give or backdown?”

  • KPX-2016

    I don’t think anyone can call themselves a truthful, hones human being, and work for CNN. Selling your soul must be a prerequisite to even be considered in that pit of heartless snakes.

  • Frank Castle

    I think Christians need to wear large crosses for all of the Christians being slaughtered by MUSLIMS in the ME. How would that sound, Alisyn, you BS CNN newsreader!?

  • Joe Huang

    How about everyone start wearing a big cross in solidarity for the way the liberals been trashing Christianity. Or wear a cross whenever the Muslim are around to suppress their blood thirsting evil.

  • Dr Shoe!

    Well, it’s already been Proven that most of the so-called “racist attacks” have been perpetrated by libtards trying to create hate, where there isn’t any, so these people want to live under a totalitarian regime, they can now move to Saudi Arabia, Syria has some empty houses, and Cuba!

  • Don Wayne

    I have a better idea, how about everybody that comes to America, act like Americans and not try to force your culture down my throat! You live free, as long as your actions do not interfere with my rights, and I will reciprocate the favor.

  • Strum Pluckins

    When can we stop apologizing to muslims for their horrible religion?

  • Nancyr

    I’m very disappointed — this article is not what the headline described. Even the still shot in the beginning of the video, showing Camerota donning a red head scarf, was photoshopped & is not in the actual video! Come on Pam! You’re better than this! With so many Fake news sources out there, I’d really like to be able to continue using your site as one of the Accurate sources!

  • Craig

    Alisyn should demand genital mutilation to be in solidarity with the muslims she loves so much.

    Lara Logan, after being gang-raped and sodomized by muslims in Egypt, blamed her attack, NOT ON THE MUZZIES, but on the United States. Liberals are mentally defective.

  • Lori

    Seems To Me This CNN Reporter is very Ignorant of what she is saying or she has nothing more To Do In The Media than Talk about A lady That was spit on Due to Her Wearing A Head Scarf For Her Religion, Really This Is Pathetic. CNN is nothing More Than Provokers of Hate Crimes and What they talk about half The Time Is Just weird.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Showing solidarity is a Marxist class warfare technique, right?

  • wilypagan

    Camerota should get a clitoridectomy in solidarity with the women of the Maghreb.

  • Emmett

    Drop shipped to kaabaville with a cross tattooed on one cheek and a star of David on the other .

  • aebe

    Solidarity . One of those words , that when it shows up you know sense has fled . Solidarity with creatures who would kill and rape you , dumb dhimmi .

    Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights …….. Carry

  • Larry Coleman

    They are free to move to a muslim country if they want to to dress & practice the muslim faith. It is not for America.

  • Dawn

    Um, she said this started after pictures of the San Bernadino attackers was released. This had NOTHING to do with Trump. Why is she posing any kind of anything to Donald Trump about how he should talk. Come on now, listen to what your interviewee is saying before you post a video as if this were an election thing. It CLEARLY wasn’t. CNN Continues to be a horrible news source.

  • Mike Ellenwood

    Your upset because you’re looked at differently? Your own jihadists look at us differently too….before and after they cut off our heads! Go figure! Duh!

  • “Alisyn Camerota is calling on Americans to be sharia-compliant.”

    Hey, it’s a good idea, if you live in a Muslim country. But, we don’t. To apply it here, Alisyn Camerota should logically be urging Muslim women to give up the jihab. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in America, do as Americans do. Works better, every time.

  • Michael Deangelo

    The Amaz’n ignorance – It seems to breed over at CNN

  • Mahou Shoujo

    In the history of the world there has never been and instance when muslims voluntarily adapted or co-existed voluntarily and peacefully with anyone. It is alway someone else who has to give way to muslims. No more, muslims are to walk in gutters, learning their place in the civilized world.

  • Fascism has entered into America

    Is western culture destroying itself and allowing Islam to takeover and bringing in a New Islamic Dark Ages with Islamic Sex Slavery for all women starting at 9 years old, to be bought and sold? Yes it is.

    Standup and fight back! Join me in this battle of light with darkness or good with evil.

    Islam is Evil it is death with slavery: Judaism, Israel and Christianity is Life and Good

    Chose, which side you, are on!

    No you are not. The leftist media is becoming Fascist.

  • Elizabeth LeNormand Ragas

    News woman is delusional and the Muslim woman should go to Syria where she can wear her scarf all the time!

  • Frank Converse

    This broad is one clueless bitch.

  • Idadho

    Somebody get her a burka so we don’t have to see her face.

  • Gordon Miller

    Yes, it’s true, Alisyn has gone mad.

  • Fred8512

    alisyn needs to be deported to a mudslime country of her choice, as long as it is syria.

  • David

    Islam is not a (Race or sex)! It’s a faith.

  • Boo

    These women should prove their solidarity by getting some of that sweet female genital mutilation. Alyson should do a show on getting her clitoris chopped off.

  • Phillip Leech

    “Brainwashed” used to be the term.

  • Roar

    Why can’t the Muslims express solidarity with the nation they have adopted by integrating well by giving up their silly costumes and adopting western clothes.All upper class Muslims do.

    Why does the host appease the guest who wants to be accepted? Welcoming warmly and treating them well is done already.Now it’ s for the walkie talkie tents to reciprocate.

  • Suzie

    Another pile of excrement residing in the USA.

  • Drew the Infidel

    I always knew there was a solid reason why Fox News ran her ass off.

  • hal8196

    CNN’s Camerota is a useful idiot.

  • Larry

    Surprised she didn’t urge her viewers to go for the whole human bag/tent she seems had her brain removed by the same libtards her cucked co host has handed his b#lls over to .

  • Larry

    I will guarantee you if you drill down into the splc figures they’ll be highly dubious ..guarantee you ..they are notorious for their dishonesty and propaganda …on the other hand we have days of footage of the libtard/marxists openly attacking individuals ..burning looting ..destroying public and private property .

  • martin jenkins

    It would be much more relevent if muslims removed their Hijabs (and other supremist clothing) in support of the country they live in and accepts them.
    When are we going to understand what Trump meant? The vast majority of muslims in all countries where they live would vote for islamic rule and sharia law. They know this would destroy our cultures but islam is more important. This applies to all muslims not just jihadis and supposed extremists.
    The fact that all western mainstream media is complicit in covering up islamic atrocities and constantly apologsing on behalf of everyone for the treatment a few endure, tells us all what agenda they follow.

  • Outdoor1894

    And to think she used to be on Fox news! Now I know why she works for CNN!

  • SteveB✅ Deplorable

    CNN is continuing to Bleet themselves into obscurity.

  • Iplumeria

    Some people are really screwed up. If you come to a country and want to live there and become a citizen, you adapt to that country. The country doesn’t adapt to you. What is wrong with these people? I will never wear a hijab and I rarely ever say never.

  • ladywarrior

    I’ve decided that these MSM people and their network bosses are not just sick…they are seriously mentally ill….but they are also determined to destroy their own networks and America. Who in the hell even watches them anymore?!

    • Robert Batchelor

      Not me. Haven’t watched TV in years and I don’t miss it. Those people are absolutely nuts. They don’t share my values. In fact, their values seem to always be anti-American.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ DEPLORABLE 2020

    CNN: Americans should wear headscarves in solidarity with Muslims !
    Fox News: Americans should watch Fox News in solidarity with American Patriots !

  • notme123

    She should be fired! The head scarf is part of islam and sharia….NO NO NO to her and her solidarity.. If she likes it so much, let her go to Iraq and work there.

  • charlie baker

    I wonder what this Ex-Fox News twit would say if someone went on a network news show and stated that all women in Muslim countries should wear skimpy shorts and halter tops to show solidarity with Western women. She would think that was stupid, right?…Well…

  • Christopher Konway


  • Domionick Fanelli

    Where is her headscarf? Put up or shut up! How can any woman support a faith that treats them like slaves or worse?

  • Phuqewe Camerota.

  • jobird

    Now you should all know why Allison left Fox. Pretty face but a mushbrained liberal.Don’t miss her,what rubbish these people speak.

  • Robert Batchelor

    As usual liberals have it completely backwards. They should remove their hijabs in solidarity with Americans.

  • Mackie

    It;’s way overdue to openly discuss the 150 plus jihad versus among the 114 surahs in the Quran–I believe this is the thing that needs to be done,if not then we are still in the politically correct mode in America—

  • Robert Kahlcke

    Take your headscarf and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine you pig.

  • SafeSpace47

    I suggest that Miz Camerota have her clitoris mutilated, in solidarity with Muslim women. Let’s find out if the li’l CNN asshat is sincere in her beliefs. Heck, Yazidi Christians accept being murdered in solidarity with their faith. C’mon, Alysin, step up.

  • Mario Bailey

    I sure will, when muslims wear crucifixes to show solidarity for me.

  • Andinz

    The niqab is simultaneously symbolic of (a) a supremacist culture, and (b) submission (to male requirements).
    Believing opposites is one definition of insanity.
    Anyone who wears it (or wishes to but wont – like this female) demonstrates insanity – so who would take them seriously?

  • Metatrona

    Muslims should NOT wear headscarves in solidarity with American ways!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      What’s funny is that back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s women used to wear headscarves in the USA — even movie star types.

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