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[ September 21, 2017 ]

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Christians Sentenced by Sharia to 80 Lashes for Drinking Communion Wine


A Sharia court in Iran sentenced three Christians to 80 lashes each for drinking holy communion wine – a common practice in their faith but a blasphemous act by Muslim standards, which forbids the partaking of alcohol.

Specifically, the trio were sentenced not because they were Christians and took communion, which isn’t criminal, even in Iran. But rather they were sentenced because they were once Muslims who converted to Christianity – a crime, according to Sharia law – and therefore committed blasphemy by drinking wine because their conversions weren’t regarded as acceptable or legal.

The Express has the story:

“Yaser Mosibzadeh, Saheb Fadayee and Mohammed Reza Omidi will be flogged in public after being arrested at a house church gathering in Rasht, Iran, earlier this year.

“The trio spent weeks in prison before finally being released on bail, but will now be subjected to the cruel and degrading punishment after being found guilty by Islamist judges. …

“Security agents also raided the home of their pastor Yousef Nadarkhani and his wife Fatemeh Pasandideh and arrested them at the same time, but they were not detained.

“Iranian authorities later charged converts Mosibzadeh, Fadayee and Omidi for consuming alcohol during a communion service.

“It is not illegal for Christians to drink alcohol in Iran but under Islamic law, Muslims are forbidden from drinking and it is illegal for Muslims to convert.

“The trio’s conversion from Islam to Christianity is not recognised by Iranian authorities who subscribe to Sharia law.”

The punishment is harsh; some facing lashings actually faint after the first few.

Iran floggings
Public floggings in Iran take place with fair frequency.

Defense lawyers are planning to appeal the public flogging, the Express reported. And Release International, a Christian charity that does work around the globe, has petitioned Iran’s morality and governing authorities to quit persecuting citizens for their faiths, and to release the just-sentenced Christians from their punishments.

Again, from the Express:

“Release Chief Executive Paul Robinson said: ‘Why should Christians be lashed for taking communion?

“‘Why is Iran refusing to allow its own citizens that most basic of all freedoms, the freedom to choose their own faith?

“‘These men have chosen to call themselves Christians. The state should respect that.'”

Public lashings are commonplace in Iran, a country where Christianity has been forced underground and where morality police keep close watch on the few churches that are public. Of an estimated 108 Christians arrested in the past year for faith-based reasons, 90 or so have been imprisoned, the Express reported. And many of those prisoners have been beaten and threatened with torture and death.

  • Methuselah, Child Refugee

    Some mistake surely! According to no less authority than Amazon, Christians and Muslims are best of friends!

    • ljm4

      blocked now…

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Don’t buy products from Amazon. Amazon has banned the sale of Halloween costumes deemed “offensive” to f’ing muslums. I imagine in Amazon’s muslum friendly future all books deemed “offensive” to f’ing muslums will be similarly banned. Don’t support Amazon, don’t buy their products…EVER.

  • Tim Burrows

    You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.

    • movingwaters

      True, and yet they are leaving in great numbers. The leadership in Iran is panicked because the Gospel is spreading rapidly in Iran, by the Persian people. Jesus said the gates of hell will not prevail against his Church. Satan is already defeated, but we fight again the lies he has planted until we go home.

  • Mark Steiner

    Pastor Saeed Abedini went through hell in a Tehran prison for doing nothing more or less than trying to establish home churches in his native land.

    Jesus said, “If they hate you, remember they hated me first”. Not this wimpy hate (islamophobia, homophobia) you read about in the MSM – I mean REAL hate in the name of Jesus. Hate that lead to death even without a hearing.

  • freebird
  • Mahou Shoujo

    What say the pope on this latest plank on the bridge between islam and Christianity. Shall they turn the other cheek when their backs are stripped of skin? islam is the religion of demons.

    • Pathfinder0100

      You say it so well Mahou!! Hope that you NEVER quit!!!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Thank you.

  • ljm4

    Did I just hear the Pope say “No, not them, take me in their stead…” I didn’t think so.

    He’s staying the heII behind his WALLS!

  • Fred

    Iran should be wiped off the map

    • movingwaters

      But Fred. There are plenty of wonderful Persian people who despise the tyranny they live under. The problem is the Mullahs, the leadership, and the use of Islam to imprison souls.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        BulltShite. The Zoroastrians are the inheritors of Persian culture pig. The Persians who allied w/the Jewish people against the Byzantium empire were Zoroastrians, not the slaves of allah that Iranians are today. I’ve met Zoroastrians you POS, they’re being ethnically cleansed from THEIR country of origin by Shitites and the job is practically complete. The largest population of Zorastrians no longer resides in Iran but in India. FU.

        • movingwaters

          I am shocked that you would call me a POS. I am no defender of Islam. I am very happy that Iran has a large population that dislikes the tyranny they live under in that theocracy. Many Iranians are accepting salvation through the blood Christ shed for them. It is one of the biggest evangelical hot spots in the world. Those three men who have been sentenced to 80 lashes each are part of that movement. They were Muslims who accepted Christ. Islamists considers it such a wonderful religion that they condemn people to death for leaving, as you know.

          The Persian King Cyrus liberated the Jews. He gave them great wealth and let them go home with an edict to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. God has a long memory. It may be that people in Iran are more inclined to receive the Gospel that other Muslim nations because God has honored the seed planted by King Cyrus. I don’t know. I do know that rather than turn Iran into a sea of glass, I would prefer to see souls saved. You can’t understand that, and feel moved to cuss me for no reason, because your eternal address if you died today is exactly the same as those members of ISIS. By the way you talk to me, it seems your heart is no more humbled to God than is theirs. So, if you don’t want to spend eternity with Obama, Hillary, Angela Merckel, Soros, and all the other cast of characters on their way to hell, you might want to consider asking forgiveness.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Cyrus wasn’t a f’ing MUSLUM.
            The slaves to the Arabpig death cult in Iran are NOT the inheritors of Persian civilisation, the Zoroastrians are.
            Stop trying to piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.

          • movingwaters

            What in the world has happened to you? And what a foul mouth. I never said Cyrus was a Muslim. In fact, Islam did not exist. But the fact that a King of Persia allowed himself to be used by God to do good for the Jews could indeed mean he would bless the people of that geographic area by calling them to himself. Many of them say he visited them in visions and dreams and called them to believe on Him. God does not need your permission to be God. And to my knowledge, Iranians are generally not Arabs. And there are still plenty of Zoroastrians in Iran. But the real point is, there are three former Muslims who are sentenced to agony, and perhaps death, because they know Jesus is Lord. No matter what, they are better off than you.

            I may not want to bring any members of that false religion here. But I can be as happy over their salvation as I would be anyone else. Any person that has a problem with that can take their gripe about me to God.

    • Twilite

      The sad reality is this will be the ONLY way to stop this cancerous sickness they refer to as islime….The maggots of the planet. As we all are well aware, these monsters are teaching their little kids; not to play ball, love thy neighbor, have compassion for others like we Christians do, get a good education, excel in sports, etc..NOPE! Instead, they are teaching and infusing these once innocent little kids with HATE, MURDEROUS TENDENCIES, HOW TO KILL, SHOOT GUNS AND USE KNIVES TO CUT INNOCENT PEOPLES HEADS OFF and AFTERWARDS USE THE HEADS AS A BALL FOR “STICK BALL” FUN..!! Can anyone come up with a more disturbing or sickening view of what islime consist of? I certainly cannot..

      I have tried to imagine something worse than this, where they are infecting these little kids with such vomit-us, horrifying thoughts of this demonic severity of worship, but I cannot. THEY ARE HELL. THEY ARE THE DEVILS MESSENGERS AND EVIL DOERS.
      Total insanity and monsterous thoughts of killing anyone who does not succumb to their demonic evil worship of this made up rabid monster they call allah..For Islam then, it must be totally eradicated from the planet once and for all times…IT IS A MATTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY AND MUST BE DONE AT ALL COST. For anyone to ever have peace in their hearts again as we once had I see now other way out from under this super depressing ideology.

      • Pathfinder0100

        Well said Twilite

    • IzlamIsTyranny

    Ban Islam, save lives!
    The reason for this punishment is the Muhammadism-conspiracy’s law that commands death for leaving the Muhammadism-conspiracy.

  • Wayne Ville … a Deplorable

    Until this stops I will not care one bit about anything a muslim says, or wants. They should all be isolated to the middle east with a giant wall around them.

    • Pathfinder0100

      Hell yes Wayne!!!

  • michaelpc

    I hope Trump will help these people, instead of bringing terrorists to our country.

  • Jeremiah

    “The children of Ishmael were never to bright. After all, Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of ‘duck’ (venison) soup!”

  • Robert Batchelor

    Another reason why this phoney baloney religion needs to be eradicated from planet Earth.

  • durabo

    Those wankers are just begging for a neutron bomb strike!

  • Pathfinder0100

    Ya know what?? American Christians seem to just not give a damn!! SAD!!!

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