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[ September 22, 2017 ]

A Stella Open Thread

[ September 22, 2017 ]

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Book condoning sex-slaves, stoning handed out at Ontario Islamic Heritage Month event


Why is anyone surprised? This is standard, ordinary, mainstream Islam. Obama says, “Respect it!”


“Book condoning sex-slaves, stoning handed out at Ontario Islamic Heritage Month event,” by Jonathan D. Halevi, CIJ News, November 7, 2016:

The first Ontario Islamic Heritage Month was celebrated on October 29, 2016 also at Jam’e Abu Bakr Siddique Masjid, a Sunni mosque located at 2665 Lawrence Ave. East in Toronto.

The mosque opened its doors to non-Muslims to learn about the true Islam from Islamic literature that was given away, by listening to speeches of Muslim imams and activists, participating in a Q&A session and a tour of the mosque.

The guest speaker at the event was Liberal MP Salma Zahid who said that Canada and Islam share the same basic value of equality that “makes is true Canadian.” She expressed her hope that such events will help young Muslim Canadians to learn about their religion and culture.

The following are excerpts from Salma Zahid’s speech (to listen to the speech click HERE):

Equality for all is a basic tenet of Islam and it also makes us true Canadian

As the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that we are stronger not in spite of our differences but because of our differences…

It is an honor to come here and enjoy and celebrate the Islamic Heritage Month…

Please preserve the heritage, preserve the Canadian values and be a part of society. Happy Islamic Month to all of you…

This is very very important not only to us, but to our future generation, for our kids and grand-kids. They’ll get to know what their religion is, what their culture is and how the Muslim Canadians are contributing to the social – economic fabric of this country.”

CIJnews obtained a copy of a book “The Quran” (Saheeh International) that was given away in the event. This is the same book that is being handed out by Muslim activists at the Islamic booth at Toronto’s Dundas Square.

The book explains the Islamic Law based on the Quran and Sunnah (narrations about Mohammad’s sayings and deeds) regarding the fighting (jihad) against disbelievers, enforcing a poll-tax on Jews and Christians who live under the rule of the Islamic State, legalizing taking non-Muslims women as sex-slaves during war, wife beating under certain conditions, punishing those of wage war against Islam by execution, crucifixion and amputation, regarding sodomy as an “evil” act, executing married men and women who were convicted of fornication by stoning them to death….

  • Mahou Shoujo

    The fact that muslims think everyone is as gullible and stupid as they are absolutely befuddles the mind. They believe the qur’an is right, because it says it is right. Notice that in islamic education there is nothing taught about the world before mutgonad, police beat upon him, critical thinking, questioning and reason are not part of islamic philosophy. Criminally insane violence and submission to islam are all it has. It appeals to the stupid. In Canada, which is a fairly bigoted nation, human rights legislation is replaced by shari’a.

    • joker

      “Critical thinking, questioning and reason are not part of islamic doctrine”, of course not otherwise there will be very little numbers of muzzrats on this planet.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Considering the low intelligence of most muslims, there is no real hope for them changing, they will have to be told to by their demon worship leaders.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Any muslum cleric, imam, mullah or ayatrollah trying to change islam won’t be breathing for very long.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      R U still hoping an early frost will wilt the muslum aspirations in Canadastan? You better be hoping for a second Ice Age. No offense intended.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        A couple of muslims I know have moved south, albeit still in Canada, with increasing thoughts of returning to their countries of origin, except that they can make money here that is unavailable or stolen in their homes.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          It’s sad to see Canada in the same sinking boat as the USA.

          • Catti

            Now that you guys elected Trump (congratulations, by the way) your boat isn’t sinking nearly as fast as Kanaduhstan’s. Your muzz problem will be scuttling across into our little Caliphate very soon. That’s why Trump is only building a wall down south, he’s letting the trash take itself out up north.

        • Roar

          Thanks,MS for updating me for my replies.

    • a6z

      The fact that Muslims think everyone is as gullible and stupid as they are is amply supported by Western immigration laws, don’t you think?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        That is true, the progressive politically correct who naively think islam is the same as any other religion, are very easy for muslims to manipulate, as islam is based on lies, muslims get good at it.

    • Stephen Honig

      I am xenophobic to only Muslims. I only accept is a convert or secular. All others who follow the Koran can die!

    • Catti
  • Fred

    Let’s give the savages a dose of their own medicine. Stone THEM to death.

    Hey savages, I’m eating a BLT and drinking a beer right now. Do something about you yellow goat humpers!

    If any of them comes near myself of family members – bullet to the head and a 1 way trip to hell so they be with their pedophile prophet!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is very liberal, women and lesser creatures are not equal to muslim men.

    Quran (4:11) – (Inheritance) “The male shall have the equal of the portion of two females” (see also verse 4:176). In Islam, sexism is mathematically established.

    Quran (2:282) – (Court testimony) “And call to witness, from among your men, two witnesses. And if two men be not found then a man and two women.” Muslim apologists offer creative explanations to explain why Allah felt that a man’s testimony in court should be valued twice as highly as a woman’s.s.

    Quran (2:228) – “and the men are a degree above them [women]”

    Sahih Bukhari (6:301) – “[Muhammad] said, ‘Is not the evidence of two women equal to the witness of one man?’ They replied in the affirmative. He said, ‘This is the deficiency in her intelligence.'”

    • a6z

      Would you really say “liberal” is the mot juste?

      • Mahou Shoujo

        If used to replace muslim, yes.

        • a6z

          My understanding is that liberals enable Muslims without actually being Muslims.

          Like Obama, who worships only himself.


    The only sex-slavery should be a woman’s slavery to her own lust. Save the clitoris, ban Muhammadism.
    Muhammadists win (temporarily) because of the superficiality of the people misled by Muhammadists & people misled by Muhammadists. To say that people are treated equal in Muhammadism should be prosecuted as it is a lie with the intention to enslave & mistreat others. Muhammadist colonization should be outlawed, where there are mosques there is injustice, is injustice cultivated.

    Did you know: There’s slavery today of Africans in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania(25%,50%?of population), new north Sudan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Algeria, Lebanon, Qatar (?), Pakistan, UAE, Niger, Libya, Nigeria, Chad, Mali, Somalia & elsewhere inspired by sadist, racist slaver tyrant, inventor of slavery of Africans, child-rapist & pederast, mass-murderer, theist psychopath, genital mutilationist, clitodirectomist Muhammad who owned Africans as slaves & said that his deity turned Africans black, so their descendants would be slaves to Arabs & Turks (Abeed means African & slave in Arabic,) (Read more about sadist, racist slaver Muhammad at WikiIslam). & IslamicState stated they want to revive African slavery in America.
    White Anti-African racists & Muhammadism Out of Africa!
    Ban Muhammadism & democracy, save lives!

  • Roar

    Quran is said to have been written 20 years after the Prophet died.There was hardly any difference but things went from bad to worse because of more and more territory being invaded and occupied.There are three to four types of schools in Islam.The worst barbarism was noticed in Africa and Europe.On the one hand a sentence” to you your religion and to me mine” is attributed to their Prophet but Quran 2:193 talks about “Waging Jihad till the world is converted to Islam”.
    The most surprising part is despite talking about equality ,there is justification offered for slavery,inhuman punishment,forced sex/rape and “lightly beating wives who don’t behave”. Obvious contrast is all that we can see.Yet many western people too call this cult a beautiful religion.Who is fooling whom?

    • Deplorable_JacksonPearson

      The Qur’an was compiled and written about 200/250 after Muhammad died. Nothing was logged, recorded or written down. Compilers got oral information that was passed down through generations of memory. How much was changed, lost or forgotten will never be known. What we do know, is that Islam is a religion of horror, darkness, death and destruction.

      • joker

        The koran was compiled out of many versions lingering about during the reign of Uthman, the third calipath. If I am not mistaken. A very good book on pilam or rather old mo was written by the renowned late French orientalist Maxime Rodinson called the biography of Muhammed (old mo).

      • Roar

        Thanks,DJP for your reply.

    • joker

      Be frank, if an ideology as vile as pislam cannot conquer the world in a time span of about 1400 odd years it is not going to happen. And the muzzrats know that.

  • Louise M.

    Nothing is farther from Canadian values than this dirty book. Lapidation, slavery, wife beating, crucifixion and amputations are simply illegal in Canada, aren’t they, Mr Trudeau ?
    Justin Trudeau has to read it aloud to us and explain why he thinks this sick propaganda should even be allowed our country.

    Please, read it to us and explain how each of these religious prescriptions can be accepted in Canada, and how you think this is ”enriching” us. Explain why children who will live among us have to be taught that they have to fight and tax the disbelievers – meaning the rest of us ?
    Do you really think that this teaching is promoting unity and harmony ?…Please, EXPLAIN.

    Enough political correctness, foolishness and senseless mental contorsions to accomodate what CANNOT fit in our culture and identity.

    Know – and tell – the truth and it will make us free.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      The the fools that meet in Canada’s house of mentally defective elected imbeciles resolved to make blasphemy against islam against Canadian shari’a, I asked the ndp to elaborate on shari’a since they sponsored the motion, no reply.
      So, as to try counteracting the legislated lies about islam here is a quote, would like to hear the half wits that voted for the resolution compare this clip with the Canadian bill of Rights and freedoms. Line by line.

      1. The mosque and state are not separate.To this day, Islamic nations that

      are deeply rooted in shariah, like Iran and Saudi Arabia, do not adequately separate the two realms, giving a lot of power to courts and councils to ensure that legislation does not contradict the Quran (never mind whose interpretation). Most of the laws listed below come from this confusion.

      Back-up article:Mosque

      and State

      2. Jihad may be waged against injustice or an unjust nation, as Islam defines the terms. Classical texts say Islam is justice, and no Islam is injustice. Therefore, a “just war” can be waged against a nation or people who do not

      submit to Islam. Yet we are told in the 1990 Cairo Declaration of Human Rights, which is based on shariah, that humane rules must be followed (Article Three)

      Does that article offer hope that modern Islam can move past old Islam? Maybe.

      However, the Quran, sacred traditions, classical law, and historical Islam contradict or balance out some elements in Article Three.

      Would there be a conflict between the old Islam and modern Islam, if war broke out? Many Islamic clerics issue fatwas

      (religious rulings) to wage jihad.

      Back-up articles: Jihad and Qital and The Early Muslim Community and the Sword.

      3. Jihad may be waged to spread Islam and force conversions — a holy war. Waging jihad to spread Islam and force conversions is a perfect description of “holy war.” See Quran 8:39, 9:5, 9:11-12, 9:14, and 9:29; and then see 9:33; 61:9

      and 48:28. Yet, we have been told for many years now that holy wars and forced conversions were never done in Islam. That’s a myth imagined by Westerners. However, read those verses and click on the back-up articles:


      articles: Jihad and Qital,

      The Mission of Muhammad and the Sword, and The Early Muslim Community.

      4. A captive in jihad may be executed, enslaved, ransomed for money, exchanged for

      other prisoners, or released freely. Quran 47:4 and 33:25-27, 4:24 says those things (and the last option — free release — is positive). Yet we are told that in a jihad today everything must

      be done humanely and justly. However, the back-up article, this fourth item, and the next four items in this list balance out that claim. Would there be a conflict between old Islam and modern Islam, if war broke out?


      articles: Jihad and Qital and Slavery

      5. A

      woman captive of jihad may be forced to have to sex with her captors (now


      Quran 4:24 and

      especially the sacred traditions and classical law allow this. The sacred traditions

      say that while out on military campaigns under Muhammad’s leadership, jihadists used to practice coitus interruptus with their female captives. Women soldiers fighting terrorists today must be forewarned of the danger.


      articles: Jihad and Qital and Slavery

      6. Property can be destroyed or confiscated during jihad. Quran 59:2 and 59:5 discuss those rules. Sacred traditions and classical law expand on the Quranic verses. Modern Islamic law officially improves on the Quran: see Article Three of the 1990 Cairo Declaration of Human Rights, which is nonetheless based on shariah, but it outlaws wanton destruction of property. Would there be any conflict between old Islam and modern Islam in a war today?


      articles: Jihad and Qital and The Quran and the Sword

      7. Jihad may be waged to collect spoils. Quran 8:1, 8:7, 8:41, and 48:20 show this clearly. Early

      Islam followed the old Arab custom of raiding caravans, but as its military grew, the raids were elevated to jihad. The spoils of war were coveted. Which Islam would prevail in a war today — the old one or the modern one?


      articles: Jihadand Qital and The Quran and the Sword

      8. A second-class submission tax, called the jizyah, must be imposed on Jews and Christians (and other religious minorities) living in Islamic countries.

      Quran 9:29

      offers three options to Jews and Christians: (1) Fight and die; (2) convert to Islam; (3) or keep their religion, but pay a tribute or submission tax, the jizyah, whileliving under Islam. In Islamic history, vanquished Jews and Christians became known as dhimmis. This word appears in Quran 9:8 and 9:10, meaning a “treaty” or “oath,” but it can also mean those who are “condemned” “reviled” or “reproved” (Quran 17:18, 17:22; 68:49). The word “submission” in Quran 9:29 can also be translated as “humiliation,” “utterly humbled,” “contemptible” or “vile.” It can mean “small” as opposed to “great.” Islamic nations today still seek to impose this second-class religion tax. Back-up

      articles: Jihad and Qital and The Quran and the Sword

      9. Slavery is allowed. It is true that freeing slaves was done in original Islam (Quran 5:89 and 24:33), and the Quran says to be kind to slaves (Quran 4:36), but that is not the entire story. In addition to those verses, Quran 4:24, 23:1-7; 33:52 allow the institution. Muhammad owned slaves, even one who was black (so says a sacred tradition). He was militarily and politically powerful during his later life in Medina, but he never abolished slavery as an institution.

      Officially, Islamic nations have outlawed slavery (Article 11, which is still based on shariah). That proves Islam can reform on at least one matter. Can it reform on the other shariah laws? And we are told that “no other nation or religious group in the world treated slaves better than the Muslims did.” The back-up article and next two items in this list contradict that claim. The legacy of slavery still runs deep in Islamic countries even today.

      Back-up article: Slavery

      10. A male owner may have sex with his slave-women, even prepubescent slave-girls. See Quran 4:24 and 23:1-7; but it is classical law that permits sex with prepubescent slave girls and describes them as such. Some Muslim

      religious leaders and others still advocate this practice, taking the slaves as concubines (though sex with prepubescent slave-girls is another matter).

      Back-up article: Slavery 11. Slaves may be beaten. That’s what sacred traditions and classical laws say. See Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery

      Back-up article: Slavery

      12. Apostasy laws, including imprisonment or execution, may be imposed on anyone who leaves

      Islam (an apostate). Normally this is a prescribed punishment, but it is also

      political, since it is about freedom of religion. Surprisingly the Quran does not cover punishing apostates down here on earth, though in the afterlife they will be punished. Does this modern Islam can reform old Islam? Quran 4:88-89,

      9:73-74, and 9:123, read in that sequence, might deal with earthly punishments. Mainly, however, the sacred traditions and classical law permit harsh treatment for anyone who leaves Islam.

      Islamic courts and laws still impose these punishments today, or religious scholars today argue for the law.

      Back-up article: Freedom of Religion

      13. Blasphemy laws, including imprisonment or execution, may be imposed on critics of Islam

      or Muhammad. These verses should be read in historical sequence, for they show that as Islam’s military power increased, the harsh treatment of mockers and critics also intensified, as follows: Quran 3:186, 33:57-61, 9:61-66, 9:73

      and 9:123. Sacred traditions, classical laws, and historical Islam are unambiguous about the punishments, recording the people, often their names, who were assassinated for mocking Muhammad and the Quran.

      Islamic nations and pockets of Islam in non-Muslim countries still impose these punishments


      Back-up article: Free Speech


      14. Drinkers and gamblers may be flogged. Quran 2:219, 4:43, and 5:90-91, in that sequence, show that

      Islam gradually prohibited alcohol. The last passage also prohibits “gaming” of sorts. The sacred traditions and classical law discuss punishing gamblers and alcoholics. One tradition says to execute unrepentant alcoholics who do not stop. But usually drinkers were flogged forty or eighty times, with garments, palm branches, or sandals in early Islam. Islamic countries can impose these punishments today, or religious and legal scholars still argue for it.

      Back-up article: Muhammad, the Quran, and Prohibition

      15. An injured plaintiff (a private citizen) has the options of forgiving or exacting legal and literal revenge — physical eye for physical eye. Categorized as qisas (like for like), Quran 5:45 is the main verse (and see 2:187-189). Sacred traditions and classical laws spell out which punishments should be inflicted on which offences. Islamic courts, depending on which way the plaintiff directs, today may ask a doctor to surgically remove an eye or disfigure the

      face or body in some other way. Currently, qisas can be applied to children in Iran.The whole purpose of courts is to remove the punishment of wrongs and injuries from the plaintiffs who are private citizens; otherwise, blood feuds and personal revenge make punishments uneven — never mind excessive. Back-up article: Law of Retaliation

      16. The hand of a male or female thief may be cut off. Quran 5:38 imposes this punishment. The traditions and classical law clarify that the theft has to be a valuable item; or mutilation might not be inflicted during a famine,

      But amputation is still done today in Islamic countries and argued for by religious leaders or legal scholars to understand it as if it is still valid. Back-up article: Thieves, Give Muhammad a Hand!

      17. A highway robber may be crucified or his alternate hand and foot cut off.

      Quran 5:33 permit these punishments. Yes, from that verse other punishments can be inflicted, but the point here is that execution for first-degree murder with aggravated circumstances is one thing, but mutilation and crucifixion is excessive. Some Islamic nations can still impose them today, or religious and legal scholars still argue for understanding the punishments, as if they are still valid. Back-up article: Crucifixion and Mutilation


      Homosexuals may be imprisoned, flogged, or executed. Surprisingly, the Quran is not all that clear on this subject, but the traditions and classical laws are. Islamic nations to this day still impose those punishments, and

      religious leaders still argue for harsh punishments. Back-up article: Homosexuality


      Fornicators may be flogged. Quran 24:2 says this. The hadith and classical laws can impose additional penalties like exile of the male for a year. Modern Islamic nations still inflict this penalty, and religious or legal scholars still argue for it.

      Back-up article: Adultery and Fornication


      Adulterers may be stoned to death. The verse that says to stone adulterers to death went

      missing from the Quran, so says Umar, a companion of Muhammad and the second caliph (ruled 634-644). But he left no doubt that this penalty was done under Muhammad’s direction, and the sacred traditions and classical laws confirm it. But a few rules of evidence must be followed, like confession of the adulterer

      or four eyewitnesses. In some interpretations of the law, if a woman is raped, but cannot produce four just and pious men who witnessed it, then she is slandering the alleged rapist (or gang rapists) — never mind that the four just and pious eyewitnesses did nothing to stop it, but stood there and watched it. Some modern Islamic nations still do this, and religious and legal scholars argue for it.Back-up article: Adultery and Fornication


      False accusers of sexual crimes may be flogged eighty times. Quran 24:1-4 speak of corporal punishment for sexual sins. Verse 4 says that if an accuser cannot produce four eyewitnesses to corroborate his accusation, then he will be flogged (see Quran 24:13). Some modern Islamic nations can still impose the penalty for slander, and religious scholars still argue for it. Back-up article: Adultery and Fornication Marital, Domestic, and Women’s Issues

      Quran 2:228 and 4:34 states that mankind is superior to womankind in a variety of legal and domestic

      contexts. Quran 2:223 says wives are fields, and their husbands can go into them whenever and however they

      like. How does this inferiority work out in the law and society? 22. A woman inherits half what a man does. Quran 4:11 says it, and the hadith (traditions) and classical law confirm it. Modern Islamic nations still do this, and religious leaders still argue for it.

      Back-up article: Women’s Status and Roles

      23. A woman’s testimony in a court of law counts half of a man’s testimony, since she

      might “forget.” Quran 2:282 says it in the context of business law. But the hadith (traditions) explains that

      women’s minds are deficient; classical law expands this curtailment to other areas than business.Modern Islamic nations still do this, and religious scholars still argue for it.Back-up article: Women’s Status and Roles

      24. A man may legally and irrevocably divorce his wife, outside of a court of law, by correctly pronouncing three times “you are divorced.” Quran 2:229 says

      this, and the traditions and classical law explain and confirm it. A judge in a modern Islamic country will ensure that the husband did not speak from a fit of irrational rage (anger is okay) or intoxication, for example. Then the court

      will validate the divorce, not daring to overturn it, since the Quran says so. Sometimes this homemade and irrevocable divorce produces a lot of regret in the couple and manipulation from the husband in Islam today.

      Back-up article: Divorce and Remarriage

      25. A wife may remarry her ex-husband if and only if she marries another man, has sex

      with him, and then this second man divorces her. Quran 2:230 says this, and the traditions and classical law confirm it. Supposedly, this rule is designed to prevent easy divorce (see the previous point), but it produces a lot of pain, in Muslims today.

      Back-uparticle: Divorce and Remarriage

      26. Husbands may hit their wives. Quran 4:34 says it, and the traditions and classical law confirm it. There is a sequence of steps a husband follows before he can hit her, but not surprisingly this rule creates all sorts of abuse and confusion in Islamic society today. Back-up article: Domestic Violence

      27. A man may be polygamous with up to four wives. Quran 4:3 (and 33:50-52) allow this, but only if a man can take care of them. The traditions and classical law confirm it. Modern Muslims still push for this old marital arrangement even in the USA, and many Islamic nations still allow it. But some Muslims are fighting polygamy. The hadith (traditions) paints a picture of Muhammad’s household that was full of strife between the wives. Back-up article: Polygamy

      28. A man may simply get rid of one of his “undesirable” wives. Quran 4:128 says this. The traditions say about the verse that the wife whom Muhammad wanted to get rid of was “huge” and “fat.” She gave up her turn to his favorite

      girl-bride Aisha. He kept the corpulent wife. There is heartbreak in Islam today. Back-up article: Polygamy

      29. A mature man may marry a prepubescent girl.Quran 65:1-4, particularly verse 4, assumes, but does not command, the practice. The hadith says Aisha was six years old when she was engaged to Muhammad (he was in his fifties), and their marriage was consummated when she was nine. The hadith indicate she was prepubescent at nine. She never did bear him any children. Classical law says a father may give away his prepubescent daughter, but she also has a few rights.

      Officially many Islamic nations have raised the legal marriage age, but pockets in the Islamic

      world still follow this old custom. The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia okays marriage to ten-year-old girls. Work

      is still needed to be done for the rights of girl brides, particularly for their sexual health. Back-up article: Marriage to Prepubescent Girls

      30. A woman must wear a head covering and maybe a facial veil, according to sound traditions and authoritative classical law. Quran 24:31, 33:53 and 33:59 are not as clear about the veil as one might first think. The verses say to dress modestly, but should the head be covered or just the neckline? What about the face (except the eyes)? Thus, modern Muslims are now in a big debate over the veil. However, the traditions and classical law are clearer than the Quran: the veil over the face (except the eyes).

      Respected Quran scholars in the past interpreted verse 4:34 with impressive candor. Tabari said that it means to “admonish them, but if they refused to repent, then tie them up in their homes and beat them until they obey Allah’s commands toward you.” Qurtubi told wife-beaters to avoid breaking bones, if possible, but added that “it is not a crime if it leads to death.” (source)

      Muslim (4:1039) – “A’isha said [to Muhammad]: ‘You have made us equal to the dogs and the asses'” These are the words of Muhammad’s favorite wife, complaining of the role assigned to women under Islam.

      Sura 8 of the Koran is entitled “The Spoils,” which refers to the booty that shall be taken from the infidels. Al-Awlaki says that taking money by force from disbelievers as booty is the “best and purest form of income.” The basis for his statement comes from the Hadith Sahih Bukhari, when Muhammad said, “the spoils of war are made halal for me” (see Volume 1, Book 7, Number 331).

      Al-Awlaki also cites a Hanafi scholar who says stealing from people in the dar al-harb “is considered mubah (permitted) just like hunting or wood gathering.” Al-Awlaki references other traditional Muslim sources who say that theft and embezzlement are different from booty because they are taken by deception or trickery rather than by force, but that such theft and embezzlement is still legal. Al-Awlaki’s full “ruling” is available at Jihadology.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        Islam: it’s like non-stop insanity on every page.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Sounds like “hansard” the record of the Canadian house of commons.

          • ninetyninepct

   Disturbingly like the recent vote where Canadian Federal Politicians voted unanimously to ban islamophobia. Is it now against the law to be afraid of Islam? I am willing to bet money that most of those in Parliament have no idea what the term means or have even heard the word infidel. I guess it gave them all a feel good erection to pretend they are politically correct.

            I am also amazed at Trudeau accepting so many women into his caucus when he clearly supports Islam. Islam says women are dogs and donkeys and are not equal to males. Which is it Justin?

          • Mahou Shoujo

            When I asked the npd for clarification of their position, there was not reply. The old statement of “Silencing a person does not convert them” will be driven home to the fools of Canadian politicians, again.

      • Catti

        “Stealing”, “spoils”, “booty”, “jizya”, “theft”, “embezzlement” = perpetual welfare, free handouts, VIP health coverage, free pass to the front of the line for housing and other assistance, taxpayer money for terrorist groups, Sharia anti-blasphemy laws and propaganda – courtesy of the “dhimmi” Turdeau government.

        “You have made us equal to the dogs and the asses” – Canadian taxpayers

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Canada voted for them. more specifically Ontario, they really aren’t all that smart in the east.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      “Lapidation”, I never even realized there was a word for stoning.

      • a6z

        Great, isn’t it?

    • a6z

      Well, it just might keep you free.

  • Deplorable_JacksonPearson

    Slavery of any kind, be it for man, woman, or child, should never be acceptable to a civilized society, or anywhere in the world.

    • a6z

      It is on that bedrock principle that the Republican Party was formed. It still applies.

  • Tatonka

    Nothing is more helpful to Muslims than to have the Canadian village idiot and Muslim convert Jihad Justin as head of state

    • Mahou Shoujo

      They lost obamgutang, trudeau is a squirrel monkey, intellectually, in comparison.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        LOL, but for a squirrel monkey, he has nicely styled hair and well-manicured paws, er hands.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          But of course, he also keeps cheese in his desk in case he has to surrender to someone.

      • Catti

        Trudeau with the intelligence of a primate? You must be feeling generous today!

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Yeah, I used to be a liberal, sometime I revert to previous insanity, midol helps.

    • a6z

      Freely elected head of government.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Some people don’t seem to understand that they still keep white girls as sex slaves, to this very day, as they have been doing for many centuries.

    • a6z

      You say that like it was a bad thing.

  • Vicky Lee V

    Those who did the research on islam know full well that this is a pack of lies. That’s it.

    • a6z

      Oh, well, all right then.

  • Caltiki

    These assholes from the middle ages need to be forcibly removed from North America and sent back to Pakistan or Afghanistan or wherever they came from. If they fight the forced removal shoot them and bury them at sea

    • a6z

      I protest your proposal of polluting the sea.

    • Catti

      Funny, I’m a member of Pegida Canada and our membership just got a big shot in the arm from Pakistani Christians. They are victims of Islamic oppression and genocide in Pakistan but Jihadi Justin refuses to let them in as refugees, preferring to treat their murderers as refugees instead. So no, don’t send the Islamoshite to Pakistan either. Drop them in the middle of the ocean without lifejackets in shark infested waters instead. Only the sharks want them, nobody else.

  • James Meletiou, Knoxville, TN

    Hmmmmm! I understand it, sexual slavery is OKAY as long as the women / girls are not Muslims.
    If the men were true Muslims, wouldn’t they be more interested in converting the girls to Islam, than making them sex slaves?
    Then they could not make them sex slaves. Where are the Muslim Imams who are trying to convert the girls / women to Islam?
    Perhaps the imams are more interested in having slaves than converts!
    Wake up, you Muslim men! You’re causing horrible oppression / abuse to little innocents. Is that what Islam teaches?
    James, Knoxville, Tennessee

    • ninetyninepct

      Slaves are preferred as they are possessions to be used and thrown away. Slaves aren’t family, as if Muslims males actually consider any women as family.

  • Jimmy Crackorn

    Islam is a sex cult full of perverts

    • a6z

      You say that like it was a bad thing.

  • a6z

    If this occasions a wake-up among Canadians, it’s all to the good. Alas, it won’t.

  • Steve

    It is really more and more obvious to me as time goes along that the culture clash between islam and the west will only continue and it will get worse. Islam is really about not assimilating with western culture as we see on a daily basis. In fact, islam really seems to have a lot more in common with cults with its rigid theocracy, its isolationism, its holding itself out as superior to others, its 5-6 prayer times a day routine, etc. Still, it calls itself a religion. But of course that’s just the racist, bigoted, misogynist, intolerant, phobic capitalist, misled christian in me. Forgive me if I really don’t understand the violent rules of sharia and calling for jihad violence. I guess i prefer my god of love and forgiveness in my confused infidel-ness for defining peace.

    In all seriousness though, its obvious a new christian or a revived christian of former times if you will is arising to meet this new barbarian challenge by an old enemy from the 7th century who has become even more dangerous adding western technology to its arsenal of destruction. Christians have and will rise to carry on the work of the lord.

    Here’s a link on comparing cult to religion so you can compare it with islam for yourselves. In my opinion we should quit thinking of islam as a religion. think it will be easier to deal with islam once we see it as the man made, brain-washing, violence-driven dogma force that it is and not give it the respect typically granted to religions.

  • Should Canada and/or Mexico become controlled by Shariah and Muslims, the lives of the people of Canada (non-believers in Islam) will be jeopardized because of the “political correct” drive not to upset anyone and to allow everyone to live as they choose and accommodate the few at the expense of the many, as has been done in many European countries.

    How can the Canadian people sit back and allow this crap to take place in their country? They have not had their arms taken away. If their government does not protect their sovereignty then the people must.

    Islam is not a religion – period! It is an ideology similar to Communism at its worst. Muslims are born into Islam and are taught from the start that there is not other way of life but Islam and to voice opinions and take actions that violate Islamic tenants is reason to have your body mutilated and/or your life terminated. There is no choice as to believing or not believing. Everyone does what Imams say or pay severe penalties. Anyone they meet on the street can assume that you have done something against “the law” and exact the punishment they feel is correct at that time.

    How people live when they cannot trust anyone they pass on the street or believe what someone tells them?

    What WE must do is convince Muslims that Islam is not what they have grown up thinking it is. We must not attempt to convert them to Christianity, just create doubt in their minds about Islam and Muhammad. They will do the rest themselves while living in countries where they can be protected from retribution.

    If we can’t do that we have but one choice, pack them up and send them to countries where Islam is permitted to exist. It must not be permitted to exist and have influence in North America!!

    • Catti

      Small point of order – Canadians haven’t had their arms taken away, only because only farmers with long guns are still allowed to have them. When it comes to weapons we can use for personal defense – forget it!

      • Catti, I seriously think that a black market in weapons for self and national defense would become popular quickly should one or more such venues take root under cover of oppression of freedom to protect oneself from government run amok. Haven’t Canadians got a Constitution which contains protections for the people from tyranny by your own government? If not, arming yourselves, despite the risks is the only thing to do. Else, your country will be taken over by Muslims and your will see your daughters and granddaughters sold as sex slaves to grimy old men that don’t wash or know what toilet paper is for let alone use it.

        • ninetyninepct

          A black market would become?? A black market is alive and well. Not all Canadians are Liberals.

          • I am glad to hear that, for sure! We may end up standing back to back at some point in time. Keep up the spirit of freedom and liberty, its the best.!

  • LindaRivera

    This is precisely why all Muslims must be deported. Our leaders’ first responsibility is to protect our people, NOT maliciously endanger us.

    • Catti

      And did you notice the CAIR leader calling a press conference the day after the Trump election, ordering all Muslims to rise up against the US government? All the more reason to kick their sorry enemy asses back to Goatfukkistan where they came from.

      • LindaRivera

        Muslim terrorist front group CAIR are guilty of sedition and treason. CAIR have not been prosecuted for treason and deported because Obama is a Sunni Muslim and Hillary Clinton’s very close assistant of many years, Huma Abedin, is a top Muslim Brotherhood family member.

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