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Austin Offers ‘Support Our Muslim Neighbors’ Event to Soothe Tensions


Austin, Texas, religious officials of all faiths lined the streets of one local community to show solidarity with Muslims, post-election of Donald Trump.

More than 100 people attended the Support Our Muslim Neighbors event, carting signs with messages like, “Strength and beauty in diversity” and “Our Muslim neighbors enrich our community, ” and “United Against Islamaphobia.”

Religious people of all faiths gathered in one Texas neighborhood to support the Muslim community, post-Donald Trump election.
Religious people of all faiths gathered in one Texas neighborhood to support the Muslim community, post-Donald Trump election.

The participants wore green, the color of Islam, and tried to offer words of encouragement and comfort to those Muslims in the community who were fearful of the incoming Trump administration, according to the Daily Texan.

The newspaper gives more details:

“Matt Korn, organizer of the Support Our Muslim Neighbors event, said he was moved by the kindness and support Nueces Mosque imam Shaykh Mufti Mohamed-Umer Esmail displayed for the LGBT community of Austin following the Pulse nightclub shooting, so he moved quickly to organize a solidarity event in return.

“‘He wanted to show solidarity with the LGBTQ community,’ Korn said. ‘After the election, we decided we wanted to show that solidarity and support back.’ …

“Kevin Butts, Middle Eastern studies graduate student and a convert to Islam, said face-to-face interactions such as Friday’s event can help educate those that still harbor hate or fear towards Muslims.

“‘The most important turning point is getting to know people who are Muslim,’ Butts said. ‘Yhey’re people, they have a way of life, they have a way of life that is valid and really very beautiful.'”

But as Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch warned: Let’s not be fooled by the feel-good occasion.

From Jihad Watch:

“Yes, many are lovely people. The problem with events such as this one, however, is that it aids and abets ongoing efforts to stigmatize all honest discussion of how jihadis use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and supremacism as victimization of Muslims, and to silence it on that basis.

“Take, for example, ‘Matt Korn, organizer of the Support Our Muslim Neighbors event,’ who ‘said he was moved by the kindness and support Nueces Mosque imam Shaykh Mufti Mohamed-Umer Esmail displayed for the LGBT community of Austin following the Pulse nightclub shooting, so he moved quickly to organize a solidarity event in return.’ That’s great, but Matt Korn would doubtless never dream of being so discourteous as to ask Shaykh Mufti Mohamed-Umer Esmail what could or should be done about the systematic violence against gays in Sharia states. Would Shaykh Mufti Mohamed-Umer Esmail’s counterparts in Saudi Arabia or Iran be so kind to the LGBT community? Why not?

“‘I stand with Islam!,’ reads one sign that a smiling young lady is holding. But does Islam stand with her? She is probably not Muslim, her hair is uncovered — how would she fare in a state that implemented Islamic law?”

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  • Winghunter

    July 2015: When Muslims Betray Non-Muslim Friends and Neighbors
    “Days ago, after the Islamic State [IS] entered the Syrian city of Hassakè, prompting a mass exodus of Christians, a familiar, though often overlooked scene, took place: many otherwise “normal” Muslims joined ranks with IS, instantly turning on their longtime Christian neighbors…”

    • Mark Steiner

      Jesus Himself warned of these occurrences.

      • Steve

        No groups of people are more easily enslaved than those who are illiterate or those indoctrinated to the point they do not understand they are slaves, and no groups of people are more criminal than those who believe their acts are necessary and sanctioned by a god -real or contrived -enter islam.

        • Mark Steiner

          One thing that has amazed me Steve, is how willing so many in so-called civilized nations such as Britain and elsewhere Europe have been to lay down and become enslaved by PC so Islam could march in and take over. The same problem in America as well.

          • Steve

            I agree Mark. Its an amazing thing to me as well. I think part of it is that the west has long lived by the golden rule policy overall that has come face to face with an enemy that chooses 7th century rules. It has caused much hesitancy and confusion on our part at times plus that enemy has infiltrated its agenda and combined it with the left – at least for the time being – to further its goals. It truly seems the EU and UK are headed toward a major uprising or even civil wars with their governments but so far there hasn’t been enough good leaders.

    • Steve

      Perhaps one way to deal with the cancerous muslim intruders will be for the military to develop spies who can infiltrate strategically and take out the leaders and terrorists. Of course it may come to civil war before its all over but at least we have some reprieve (fingers crossed) with trump planning to ban the big influx of refugees! Hopefully he will go further and address the problem of islam already in the U.S.

  • Tanker74

    We stand with our Muslim neighbors so they won’t kill us. / I’ll gladly stand with any Muslim who renounces and condemns Islam.

    • billdeserthills

      Don’t forget the not fully trusting them until they eat that pork–Once they become unclean, they will have no further use for their religion and can begin to fully assimilate or just FOAD, I’m good either way

  • Willik

    I have a lot to be thankful for on this special day, one of which is that I don’t live anywhere near Austin or its environs.

    For a community who hosts our State capitol and the seat of the state’s premier university, y’all have GOT to be the most naïve or the stupidest humans in Texas. I just can’t decide which.

    Talk about allowing the dogs of Islam guard the butcher shop!

    Hey, LegisCritters, cut off all funds to Austin supplied by the rest of the state’s taxes. Let ’em support themselves for a while. That should go a long way in stopping this shyte!

  • Patrick

    Absolute foolishness.

  • harbidoll

    “Moderate” muslims are just biding their time till they can vote sharia into law of the land. & those who dont want sharia have resigned themselves to the “inevitable”.

    • faraway

      Devout muslims can appear ‘moderate’ for years,but they can all be reigned in with threats and promises to use violence in defence of islam.

    • Duck

      No such thing as a moderate muslim……there are some that simply do not understand their own “religion” and/or are content to watch other muslims behead infidels or blow themselves up in public places.

      There some of us infidels that will never learn until its their turn to be converted, subjugated or murdered.

      • sovereigntyofone

        Micheal Savage defined ” moderate Muslims ” this way.
        ” The difference between a moderate Muslim and a Radical Muslim is, A moderate Muslim will hold your feet while the Radical Muslim cuts your head off . “

      • imwithstoopid

        Not moderate muslims, chameleon muslims.
        Ya gotta feel sorry for the poor “knowledge ignorant ” Kafirs.
        Kinda looks like Sweden , Germany, EU fools only they are here in our own backyard.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Shari’a is part and parcel of PI$$lam, having a Shari’a free islam is like having a Jesus free Christianity.

      • Janet

        Great comparison!

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          On second thought I should’ve replaced Jesus with the Tanakh, because I don’t think Shari’a is as intrinsically important to islam (spit) as say, muhamMUD.

  • Roar

    All this is possible till they outnumber the indigenous people and either:(1) Convert them or (2) Make them pay Jiziya for their own sustenance{if all are converted or killed,who will pay the jiziya}(3) kill the locals.Unfortunately,by the time they realize this these “magnanimous” and “secular” people will be either dead or completely subjugated for even whimpering heir opposition.They won’t realize when some of their women start marrying them.Young girls are quite gullible to get carried away by sentiments of pity or attraction.Initially,they won’t convert but later they will as the children will be converted to Islam at the earliest.They can’t then afford to have a different denomination of religion .The neo-convert women are the most subservient and honestly taken in.There is no logic to explain why they are thus.All eminent Muslims are declaring today that there is no moderate Islam.

  • A Fried

    They should stand with the victims of Isis and 5000 other Islamic terrorist organizations.

    • Steve

      It would be too offensive for them to see reality!

  • Joe Schmoe

    Typical libturds; they worry more about the feelings of their enemies than the threat they pose to gays, Jews, women, and everyone else.

  • Mark Steiner

    From the article: “Austin, Texas, religious officials of all faiths lined the streets of one local community to show solidarity with Muslims, post-election of Donald Trump”.

    Ho, ho, ho. The University of Texas, with all those progressive professors and mushy college-edjumacated students. No surprise. Wear green, LGBT solidarity. The same mantra, the same rag. No moral foundation for the behavior.

    Feel-good stuff almost cost the nation dearly this past election, and, as poor voter turnout demonstrated, this nation is perilously close to losing its moral compass if it does not mend its ways with the God who provided the foundation for its enablement 240 years ago.

    • Amethyst_2012

      You have stated this well. Keep saying it.
      Canada and USA are close to a Sodom and Gomorah.

  • christian vidal

    Ban all muzzies from the US shut down all mosques for ever. Don’t forget

    when the twin towers collapsed 1 billion of their kind were dancing and chanting in

    the streets worldwide. They are our deadliest enemies since the inception. Their only

    goal is the erasement of the western and jewish civilizations!

  • 762x51FMJ

    Definition of Islamophobia?

    When a Free human reads and understands the Qur’an but refuses to submit as a slave to it’s demands.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    muslims and the fools who support and encourage them are a disgrace to humanity. Suckers at best, played by islam like the liberal democrat imbeciles they are.

  • Deplorable Kulak

    Texas dhimmis have to be the worst.
    How better to signal your commitment to ‘diversity’ than to welcome those who intend to kill you and your culture? Suicide ?!

    • Steve

      Every state has its liberal cities of “anything goes man as long as they got the fix”. The religious extroverted factions recruit these lost artsy fartsy into squads of sinners who go about absolving their guilt by earning brownie points and acting self-righteous.

  • Aztec01

    And then, in solidarity with the Muslims, they threw a gay couple off the roof of the Austonian. Muslims, in solidarity with liberals then murdered a bunch of infants.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Useful idiots.

    • Joe Schmoe

      They are the definition of Cucks

      • durabo

        Or WOGs ( the Victorian Brit term for “Worthy Oriental Gentlemen”

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    It’s sad to see this going on in Texas — I guess having a muslum collaborator like Perry (spit) as governor has consequences.

    • imwithstoopid

      Actually most Texans outside of Austin would say, as witnesses, in court “we disavow any knowledge of a place called Austin”………
      That city has gone “stupid rogue” sorta like the liberal Northwest Pacific states.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I never expected it would happen in TX though.

  • Jenkem Jones

    If we were invaded by aliens from outer space that ate us like potato chips, people would support and defend them too.

    • Dave from San Antonio

      …but only in Austin…

      • durabo

        …and Berserkeley, and Tucson, and FanSanFreako, and Hamtramck, and Dearborn, and….

  • Michael Copeland

    Suggested placard:
    Koran 60:4

  • pb2

    After muslims reach critical mass, you have two options, convert or die. How can you not understand something so simple?

  • Dick Ellis


    • billdeserthills

      And then they’ll say, “had the little boy been able to simply say ‘No’ in the language of his rapist, this crime could have been avoided” & then they’ll hafta begin teaching pre-school children to recite ‘No’ in every muslim language known & still the rapes and sodomizing of young will continue so long as the lower class of sub-humans that cannot control their animal urges remain living in civilized countries with civilized victims

  • particolor

    They remind me of the people hoping that the Crocodiles will eat them Last !! :-(

  • Dave from San Antonio

    By all means…stand with them and when…not if…the SHTF…continue to stand with them and possibly die with them. Better yet… go to an islamic country and stand with them there. People just haven’t got it…islam is at war with all humanity. This happened in Austin, which figures…”the” most liberal place in Texas.

  • Mindy Robinson

    They may learn the hard way, unfortunately , the lgbt won’t live to use their new knowledge. The quran and hadiths are specific , kill gays without being given a chance to convert to the evil of islam. No one has a problem with muslims, we have a problem with islam and it must be banned from this nation.

    • Tonya Parnell

      I AGREE

  • Drew the Infidel

    Only in Austin will you find that part of TX where the leftist snowflakes will “march in solidarity” with those whose chief intent is their slaughter.

  • Robert Batchelor

    I wonder, have they ever done a march to stand with Christians? And, secondly, how many Muslims do you know have a Coexist bumper sticker on their car? Just random thoughts as I was reading this article of the misguided in Austin.

  • durabo

    Austin is the FanSanFreako of Texas. Hey, y’all who are touchy-feely about Muslims, remember to sing “Kumbaya” as your throats are slit!

  • iprazhm

    They’re either muslims, traitors or just stupid.

  • Oracle9

    Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, security advisor, gets it. The first voice from any ruling party anywhere who has spoken the truth this clearly.

    Islam is a political/social tyranny. The veneer of religiosity is Mohammed’s evil genius which allows it to replicate through the generations by tapping into man’s quest for the infinite, unlike Nazism, Communism and other more secular tyrannies.

    As Erdogan said, Islam is Islam. There is no “radical” Islam – that’s a Western misunderstanding.

    In other words, a Muslim is either an Islamist (following the Sharia), or an apostate. Time for all Muslims in the West to choose.

  • Allen Farlow

    “Yes, Jimmy, there really are some very stupid people living in America.”

    They must realize there is NO diversity in countries where the vile islam takes over. I bet they voted for that pro-islam alien lizard woman Clinton, too. moslems in America are just waiting until they are strong enough in numbers, choosing to lie and fool the stupid Americans into believing moslems mean no harm. Once powerful enough in numbers those peaceful moslems will rise up and begin slicing children’s throats! Do not be fooled by them! There is no such thing as a pro-western-civilization moslem! The U.S. Constitution is not compatible with the vile sharia law! The vile islam must be eradicated from the entire U.S. if we expect to live in peace.

  • cjae

    These Christian churches think they’re going to acquire converts. They will be sorely disappointed, shocked and awaken too late in their own bloodbath. They need to talk to their partners in Jesus in Deerfield, Michigan. Most whites have moved out.

  • Midniterider

    Cowardice and Treason are part and parcel of leftist philosophy.
    Standing with the disciples of a FALSE god and FALSE prophet fit the billing on both charges.
    Semper Fi

    13% pork grease in EVERY bottle.

  • sovereigntyofone

    Let’s hope they don’t “lose their heads” over their decision to stand with the Muslim/Terrorists.
    How soon 9-11-2001 has been forgotten.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  • Karl

    Thank God for President Trump. We will finally get some adults in to fix the Muslim invasion.

  • Maureen Carr

    The iman is playing nice with them…soon he’ll be giving all gays flying lessons.

  • Guest

    The sooner one learns it’s not the NOW with Muslims but the LATER the sooner one Learns………..If anyone figures out the answer to this simple me.God save Texas!

  • DancerTiffy

    “Soothe tensions?” Ha ha. Fools. These fools have no comprehension of who and what they are dealing with.
    Pitiful. Perhaps they’ll figure it out the instant the swords come slicing into their necks.
    It’s no wonder that America is such an easy kill for the advancing muslims.
    Talk about easy: just look at how easily the muslims have devastated Europe. Pitiful. The Europeans just laid down and gave it all up—without a fight. I heard a few whimpers coming out of europe, but that’s about it.

  • DancerTiffy

    We are throwing our gays to the wolves. Perhaps we can muster up a prayer or two for the gays. Hell is coming for them.

    • Kathy Brown, Esq.

      Hell is indeed ‘coming for them’ Dancer. Meanwhile we’re not throwing them ‘to the wolves’. It is they who are rushing, headlong, into the animal’s maw.

      As idiotic demonstrations like this, illustrate.

      • Steve

        Gays and their sympathizers in the west seem to believe the golden rule will prevail upon islam but forgive and forget is something not respected above sharia that states homosexuals should be punished and/or killed. Ironically, islam is ambivalent at times with its hypocritical take on homophobia and outcomes often depend on rank and privilege. Check out this link-

        • Kathy Brown, Esq.

          Thank you for this Steve. More:

          My late [British, blonde, blue-eyed. gorgeous] husband joined the RAF when a very young man, and was posted to Aden in the 70’s. On one occasion he and his fellow soldiers were in a coffee house, when Brian was propositioned by one of the locals.

          Being a normal man, Brian responded to the solicitation by decking the pervert, whereupon the mu-slime drew a knife and attempted to kill him. Brian’s brothers-in-arms quickly beat the lowlife to a bloody pulp, along with the guy’s [similarly depraved] pals, who of course had all drawn knives too. The Brits did some major damage (yay) and escaped the degenerates.

          It was later explained to Brian et al that what had occurred was no insult in Aden; simply the perfectly normal result of islam’s degradation of women. Muslim ‘men’ prefer their sex with other males, preferably young beautiful ‘boys’. ‘Women are for babies, men are for fun’, explained the helpful muslim!

          God speed the day when Pres. Trump unleashes the full fury and might of our magnificent Military, against these sub-humans.

          • Steve

            You’re welcome! This isn’t the first thing i’ve seen with this islamic hypocrisy. Its hardly surprising given the miles long list of their negative cultural traditions. Apparently, as your post suggests too, their hypocritical behavior goes way back with the evil cult. Bacha Bazi is one tradition where young boys dress up as women and are often kept as slaves and used for entertainment for the men who later have sex with them for payment to the master. Its really just prostitution.

          • Kathy Brown, Esq.

            Very familiar with the ‘Bacha Bazi’ Steve.

            Of course the ‘behavior goes way back with the evil cult’. I mean, allah=Satan. So of course everything about them is depraved.

            Speaking of which: I wonder if Castro repented before he died? I mean, who can imagine something as awful as that? To have Hell yawning before you, for all eternity? I hope he repented; I always think it’s a good thing death is so scary; it gives us all the chance to finally repent.

  • Steve

    And as the locals took a deep breath of relief for all this religious peace and love it was sworn by some in attendance that they actually felt like birds soaring into the skies on their magic carpets – or was it simply the hashish they had bonged that morning in the sanctuary?

  • billdeserthills

    Keep standing with the muslims, while they rape and kill your friends and relatives.

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