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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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[ October 18, 2017 ]

Sasha Polakow-Suransky, Defender of the Faith

[ October 18, 2017 ]

Verdict reached in Boston trial over plot to behead Pamela Geller

[ October 18, 2017 ]

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[ October 18, 2017 ]

New campaign on London buses and trains against “Islamophobia”

Obama taking steps toward making Islam a race


The new race would be “Middle Eastern/North African,” so it would include some Christians, but mostly this is still more Islamopandering from the President. Hey Obama, would Israelis be included? Somehow I doubt it. This is about making the “racism” charge against counter-jihadis stick and securing for Muslims the perks that are available for racial minorities.

Obama Muslim2

“White House wants to add new racial category,” by Gregory Korte, USA Today, October 1, 2016 (thanks to Alan):

WASHINGTON — The White House is putting forward a proposal to add a new racial category for people from the Middle East and North Africa under what would be the biggest realignment of federal racial definitions in decades.

If approved, the new designation could appear on census forms in 2020 and could have far-reaching implications for racial identity, anti-discrimination laws and health research.

Under current law, people from the Middle East are considered white, the legacy of century-old court rulings in which Syrian Americans argued that they should not be considered Asian — because that designation would deny them citizenship under the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act. But scholars and community leaders say more and more people with their roots in the Middle East find themselves caught between white, black and Asian classifications that don’t fully reflect their identities.

“What it does is it helps these communities feel less invisible,” said Helen Samhan of the Arab American Institute, which has been advocating the change for more than 30 years. “It’s a good step, a positive step.”

On Friday, the White House Office of Management and Budget advanced the proposal with a notice in the Federal Register, seeking comments on whether to add Middle Eastern and North African as a separate racial or ethnic category, which groups would be included, and what it should be called.

Under the proposal, the new Middle East and North African designation — or MENA, as it’s called by population scholars — is broader in concept than Arab (an ethnicity) or Muslim (a religion). It would include anyone from a region of the world stretching from Morocco to Iran, and including Syrian and Coptic Christians, Israeli Jews and other religious minorities.

But the Census Bureau, which has been quietly studying the issue for two years, also has gotten caught up in debates about some groups — such as Turkish, Sudanese and Somali Americans — who aren’t included in that category. Those are issues the White House is trying to resolve before adding the box on 2020 census forms.

Adding a box on the census form could have implications beyond racial identity. According to the White House notice, the new data could be used for a wide range of political and policy purposes, including:

• Enforcing the Voting Rights Act and drawing congressional and state legislative district boundaries;

• Establishing federal affirmative action plans and evaluating claims of employment discrimination in employment in the private sector;

• Monitoring discrimination in housing, mortgage lending and credit;

• Enforcing school desegregation policies; and

• Helping minority-owned small businesses get federal grants and loans.

Adding the classification also would help the government and independent scholars understand more about trends in health, employment and education.

“We can’t even ask questions like that, because we don’t have the data,” said Germine Awad, an Egyptian-American and professor of educational psychology at the University of Texas at Austin….

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  • Correction, Obumble, ISLAM IS A DEGENERATE, VIOLENT IDEOLOGY with no place in a civilized world!

  • Chris Wolf

    That made me laugh, who should be included and “what it should be called.”
    Any name suggested by a white American will be de facto “ethnic intimidation.”

    • durabo

      Sand niggahs?

  • Dan Knight

    i.e. They want to create a new “Protected Classification.” This type of PC is what allows them to arbitrarily discriminate against Americans and for anti-Americans at will.

    Ironically, the drones who support this do not understand that these rules – applied only to white men when they were first invented – now apply to Americans of any tan.

  • Dr Moon

    Democrats always like to divide people by race, income, sex, and religion. Obama is just creating another aggrieved group of minorities.

    • Ron Cole

      Man I sure hope it does not discover us ole rednecks

    • ac287149

      This group will bomb us back to the 6th century, however.

    • Pugnacious Pete

      How fast will they stick us with (that bullshit propaganda of) “Implicit Bias” and expect our subjugation ?

  • Derek Sharron

    They are making it far too difficult. The colloquial term is raghead, or raggie for short. Which of the north African countries are included and which are not ? Where is the line drawn? What about the Black or White or others who are in these countries, but are not similar in appearance? Let’s skip it instead.

    • Micki Eisenberg

      Derek, that was lots of fun. My head is still swirling.
      Thanks for the thoughtful laugh.

      • Derek Sharron

        Races do not exist. We were raised that there were Black, White, Asian and Australoid (or Negroid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid and Australoid). Even if we create and include a Pacific Islander, the difference between a Filipino and a Samoan are great, and there are many more. Negroid : East Africans like Somalian and Ethiopian peoples look nothing like typical Sub-Saharan Africans. What are they ? Where do we put them? Who knows. Next : Arabs : Where do they fit in, as they are not Caucasian or any of the other groups. Traveling from South Africa to Egypt, there will be a subtle change as one encounters one new group of people after another. Where is the line to be drawn ? Who knows. India ? Negroid – Caucasian – Mongoloid ? Nope, none of the above. Anyone been to Burma ? Certainly not Chinese / Mongoloid, nor Indian looking nor nor nor nor? Then what are they ? There are 7 billion of us, all different, excluding twins and triplets!

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Toss muslims in with the lower primates, undeveloped monkeys or the dumber breeds of dogs. Pigs are too smart to be muslims.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Please don’t compare the loyal K9 w/muslums.

  • pdxnag

    Is brutal savagery a race?

  • gerbilcrusader

    When obama and his muslims start to violate our rights, they will be fought and their illegal laws ignored. Obama should be hung publicly

  • Ron Cole

    Impeach it*,
    Deport it,
    Ban it,
    Forget it.

    * it: Le perpetually lying incessantly groveling ever curtsying
    bath house blo fairy queen barbie hussein ∅’blamer a muslim fascist terrorist that is valkyrie jarr&tits alien puppet.

    (the ever innocent, not involved, and never informed)

    ÞЯesident hassan ѓouhani of iran Erected valkyrie jarr&tits to it’s Elevated iranian Post.

    Disclaimer: This Patriotic American made keyboard refuses to capitalize slime bag Enemy names. What can I do?

  • Jeff Ludwig

    Just see the list of perks that come as a result of being designated a this or that. The list is a symptom of a government that is too big, and freedoms that are becoming increasingly restricted. They most certainly should not be considered a “race”. They come from a region and from specific sovereign countries. That’s all we need to know for statistical purposes. For security purposes, we also need to know their “religion” and their personal connection with terrorism or lack of same. We at one time would ask people “Are you or have you ever been a member of the communist party?” Failure to answer truthfully would result in deportation. Likewise, we could have a nice list of terrorist groups. Additionally, we could ask if any members of their immediate family, with “immediate” extending to first cousins, had ever been a member of said organizations. And of course some kind of follow up investigative mechanisms should be in place even if there aren’t enough resources to follow up each and every statement. Additionally people who are Islamic should be restricted in emigrating to the USA until more effective vetting processes (Bruce Thornton calls them “inspections”) can be put in place also. It’s a tremendous mess, but common sense measures must be taken as we move forward step-by-step in the right direction.

  • NotTheMama

    Not quite buying that it would make Islam a race. Quite a large Muslim population in India, etc going east through Malaysia and such.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Gee it’s kinda interesting that this new “racial” status would be conferred on a geographic area consisting entirely of muslum religious apartheid states, but I’m sure that’s just coincidental.

  • ac287149

    Islam can’t be categorized a Race because it identifies people who are Muslim by both heritage and by choice through conversion.

    It can’t be a Race because Islam is represented by all Races and Ethnicities across the globe.

    Islam can’t be categorized a Race because it’s an idea/ideology.

    Just because there’s no legitimate or verifiable reason for Islam to be categorized as a Race, doesn’t mean it won’t be.

    • Honkingoose.

      Great points. Seasoned at the end with just a hint of cynicism.

      • ac287149

        Thanks Honkingoose.

        Once upon a time, I could have left the 3 points with no spice.

        But, now huge words and their concepts are being deliberately and publicly redefined to suit a pretty savage political agenda; and it doesn’t matter if it makes sense when put to the intellectual test, because the public is only meant to receive it on the emotional spectrum where it won’t be tested for truth or legitimacy.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Blacks have served the democrat party’s purpose, to the point that they are owned like the slaves they used to be. Now, they are, like the dhimmi they are, of no further call, they can be shoved to the back of the bus or thrown under it, to make room for new favourite toadies of democrats, the race of “muslims”.

    • huecityvet1968

      The democrats will throw the blacks under the PC bus and embrace their new professional under class American ethnic group and that would be Hispanics.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        Maybe, but blacks and Hispanics are already in the democrat’s pockets. muslims are seen as the new plantatioin for democrat carpet baggers.

        • BrunoPBuhr

          It’s like inviting cannibals for dinner and forgetting to bring anything!? um tastes like halal chicken!

  • RealEngineer2

    Look at the DOJ “hate crimes” report 2012; duly note, it “lists Hispanics as a victim category but NOT as a perpetrator category. Offenders can ONLY be White, Black, Indian/Eskimo, or Asian, so despite the fact that Hispanics are the second largest group in the country, as offenders they are lumped in with Whites”.

    So, what does this have to do with “Middle East / North African” being declared a race? When a “refugee” from this new “race” commits a crime against one of their own, it will be classified as a “White” crime against a “Middle East / North African” by MSM, to FALSELY emphasize how “evil” majority Judeo-Christians are.

    A quick “google” of “doj hate crime stats” rings up this charming headline, quote, “HISPANICS IN NEW HISPANIC AREAS EXPERIENCED HIGHER RATES OF VIOLENT VICTIMIZATION THAN IN OTHER AREAS”…

    After this new “race” is invented, MSM headlines will “legitimately” blare “Middle East North Africans in NEW refugee enclaves EXPERIENCED HIGHER RATES OF VIOLENT VICTIMIZATION at the hands of evil (indigenous) Whites…”

    Nice TRICK, huh? There’s a simplified you-tube explaining this, check out: “FBI- Crime Statistics Categorize all Hispanics as White”.

    • Micki Eisenberg

      On one hand that just might be what we need against the P.C. group. No longer a “religion” -would that be a nation? Could we bomb the hell out of them then?
      Somebody get on this. Maybe The Great One might hang himself after all.
      What a gutless cockroach traitor he is!

      • Micki Eisenberg

        Oh, re: “traitor” in my message above.
        Why haven’t our gutless Congress or FBI etc.etc. gone after him? My dear wonderful father must be turning over and over in his grave.
        This is not my world anymore. Stop world, I want off.

  • Maranatha

    Call it the Kenyan Transgender race

    • Honkingoose.

      or the Sandnidgians.

      • Micki Eisenberg

        We need a stage for all these comedians.

        • Honkingoose.

          There’s one leaving in five minutes. (high-hat)?

          • Micki Eisenberg

            We just need a mustache and a cigar.

            But then, I suspect you have both. (hope you are a guy)
            I should think this one out a little bit. It’s 2AM. I am going gently into that good night.

            Well, then again, Bette always told me to “fasten your seat belt. It’s going to be a bumpy night.”

  • Patti York

    Since when is race defined by nationality? Infuriating

    • Honkingoose.

      Do you mean an Irishman born in Beijing and residing in The Congo can’t identify as Hawaiian? DNA tests are like sooo Raaaacist. ?

  • Anneke9

    “drawing congressional and state legislative district boundaries”

    Guaranteeing Muslim-controlled districts that can advance the cause of Sharia. Just ducky.

  • joe kulak

    The middle east and north african countries were largely Christian before Islam invaded and slaughtered and/or force converted everyone to I slum.

    Obama’s seditious intentions are so obvious. Hating America is an Obama/Dunham family tradition. Being the spawn of a drunken, philandering African marxist and an America-hating harridan, he seems to have harnessed the worst characteristics of both parents. Only through the immense stupidity/gullibility of the voters could such a second-rate messianic figure ever reach the Presidency.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      “Only through the immense stupidity/gullibility of the votes could such a second-rate messianic figure ever reach the Presidency”. You’re leaving out the fact the Democracks regularly resurrect the dead to vote for their candidates.

    • huecityvet1968

      The sheeple were looking for that type of leader so they blindly follow him into oblivion with no questions asked and no would be asked. They have been raised from birth that the Gov’t will always be there to support you. No effort needed in self responsibility.

  • Save Europe

    Obama! Please explain to me how a Bosniak is the same ethnicity as a Shia Iranian and Sunni Indonesian!!!


    What’s next? Exchanging the word African for slave? In Muhammadism’s racist mythology Africans are turned black by Muhammad’s sadist & racist deity, so the descendants of Africans would be slaves to Arabs & Turks & the Arabic word for African is the same as the Arabic word for slave (Abeed). Consequently there is slavery of Africans in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania(25%,50%?of population) new north Sudan, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Algeria , Lebanon, Pakistan, UAE, Niger, Libya, Nigeria, Chad, Mali, Somalia & elsewhere. Non-Muhammadist-bloodthirsty Barack Hussein Obama should stop mixing Muhammadism with reality & step down.
    Reclaim your natural sense for justice & human rights, honor the victims of sadist racist theist slaver tyrant psychopath Muhammad, condemn sadist racist theist slaver tyrant Muhammad to save your dignity & ban Muhammadism.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    So much the better slam can join black in assorted ghettoes and no go does where it will destroy itself. As competition for dwindling welfare resources intensifies, the black and islamic races will destroy each other for nothing. This is a good thing.

  • Honkingoose.

    Race can be determined through DNA testing can’t it?. There will be a difference between an Algerian and a Malaysian, both of whom consider themselves do some English Redheads.

    • huecityvet1968

      If you did a DNA Sequence test on a true Muslim, they would fail because of the lack of healthy chromosomes in their genetic make up.

  • dad1927

    a race to hell

  • Peter Joffe

    This is a very good idea from the Ayatollah Obama. All Islamists should be categorized as a sub human offshoot of the genuine human race. A sub human race of Islam fits the picture perfectly. All ‘infidels’ are members of the human race and all Muslims are members of a sub human race.

    • Honkingoose.

      That would explain a few things. Might even lead to a check at borders for those who throw their passport away!

  • Drew the Infidel

    Obhammud cannot create another race. This is something that would have been done at the Creation and not by some dull-minded false prophet later as an afterthought.

  • durabo

    Of course, this “race” would immediately become a member of the USSA’s* “Entitlementarian” community.
    * Formerly the USA

  • huecityvet1968

    This is only done so Islam can play the race card if somebody bad mouths them. But with the UN running the internet all speech against Islam will be considered hate speech. With our losing control over the freedom of the internet as an unregulated venue we have lost the power of free speech. One of the main points that Hussein Obama made with relinquishing control to an Anti-American organization like the UN, he furthered his agenda to breakdown of American greatness and freedoms. He wants to put more regulations in the path of freedom by involving more international interference with our Constitutional rights. This whole thing about making Islam a race is direct slap in the face of Christianity. He hates democratically run countries, he hates Christianity, he hates Jews, he hates any former colonial countries like the UK and but he does loves Islam.

  • Badger

    Is the the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act extant?

  • tom163

    What it does is it helps these communities feel less invisible, – of course it does other wise monkey boy would be challenged to create the racial divide he has done such a good job at developing

  • And, once again, where are our useless representatives whose job it is to reign in this overstepping of the Executive Branch’s limited powers?? Obama would not have achieved the level of damage he has if Congress (with its Republican Majority) had done its job. Do not forget this when it is time to vote.

  • everyone these days in america needs protection that can be quickly administered-
    and it must be lethal. if you do not want the hassle of registering a firearm
    there is another way to have protection in your pocket besides registering
    a firearm in your name.
    the law currently allows for the direct purchase of a cap and ball black powder revolver-
    no registering it- unregulated-(for now anyway) and the purchase of what is called
    a conversion cylinder– take out the original cylinder that is cap and ball-
    and replace it with a conversion cylinder to accept modern ammunition-
    when the conversion cylinder is put into the revolver it technically becomes
    a firearm- but when it is taken out of the revolver the revolver reverts to a
    non regulated non-firearm.


  • obama is importing a million jihadists is truly transforming america
    obama is muslim brotherhood and you and your family are truly at risk
    get a gun that is not registered or tracable if you have to use it
    you can toss it in a dumpster and run
    search “conversion cylinder for cap and ball”
    we got a few of them. and carry them everywhere

  • Fred8512

    One tablespoon of lead will cure many ills.

  • notme123

    He just wants to legitimize the lawsuits claims of racism these mooslimes are using to destroy our country from within.

  • Benschachar

    I bet we’re gonna see a mass conversion and release of pedophiles- they were just doing their duty to emulate Mo’ after all and we can’t abide by racism, can we?

  • 762x51FMJ
  • joe booker

    He can juggle peoples as much as he wants, who cares, but he will not redefine ideology as race. They are different things.

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