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Michigan Township to Pay $1.7 Million to Islamic School for Banning Its Construction


Obama’s Justice Department once again goes to war against decent Americans.

Pittsfield agreed to the $1.7 million settlement which was reached after two lawsuits were filed against it by the U.S. Justice Department and the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

‘”The township’s position from the beginning was and continues to be about protecting existing residents in this region from land uses that were not originally envisioned when they purchased their homes.”

Here again we see Islamic supremacists destroying a quiet, residential neighborhood. Demands for respect, tolerance and submission from the kuffar (non-Muslims) are coupled with contempt and disrespect for the kuffar. The opposition is not to the mosque per se, but to mega-structures going up on small, residential streets obliterating the quality of life and tranquility of residential living. City councils and local politicians have been co-opted, in many cases, bought and paid for, by the Islamic supremacist organizations behind these rabats. This is an Islamic pattern we see time and time again, in Sheepshead Bay, DuPage, Alexandria, Murfreesboro, Temecula, and Bloomington. And now, Pittsfield Township.

Millions of Muslims come to Western countries with a ready-made model of society and government, and establish parallel societies based on Islamic law. Back in 1999, the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) provided enhanced religious liberty protections in two specific situations: the use of land for religious purposes and religious liberty claims by prisoners passed. RLUIPA gives churches and other religious institutions “a way to avoid burdensome zoning law restrictions on their property use.” Ironically, it was legislation largely backed by Republicans, and was meant to scale back on the enormous implications of previous legislation passed under “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” during the Clinton administration. Like most legislation the government passes, the law of unintended consequences comes back to haunt us in spades. The original intent behind the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act,” while applied to all religions,  was  “most pertinent to Native American religions that are burdened by increasing expansion of government projects onto sacred land. In Native American religion the land they worship on is very important. Often the particular ceremonies can only take place in certain locations because these locations have special significance.”

By introducing this religious accommodation into law, the Republicans paved the way for the Islamic supremacists to destroy our freedoms and individual rights. The genie is out of the bottle, but RLUIPA ought to be repealed.

In passing these sweeping laws there was concern that  “while intended to safeguard the core constitutional principle of religious liberty, could undermine another fundamental constitutional concern, that of ensuring equal protection under the law.” Well, it has and it did.  Religious liberty for all? What if a religion is supremacist is steamrolls over the rights of non-believers, oppresses women, calls for the annihilation of Christians and Jews ….”


“Michigan Township to Pay $1.7 Million to Islamic School for Banning Its Construction,” by Michael Gryboski, Christian Post, September 30, 2016:

A Michigan township will pay an Islamic school $1.7 million as part of a settlement reached after a majority of the planning commission voted against a Muslim group’s request to build the facility.

Earlier this week, Pittsfield Township agreed to pay the sum of $1.7 million and allow the Michigan Islamic Academy to begin construction of a 70,000-square-foot school.

Pittsfield agreed to the settlement which was reached after two lawsuits were filed against it by the U.S. Justice Department and the Michigan chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

In a statement released Thursday, CAIR-MI said the settlement is one of the largest ever settled based on the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000.

“We welcome the settlement with Pittsfield Township and hope the outcome of this case will serve as a deterrent to other municipalities throughout the country seeking to deny Muslim institutions the right to build or expand their facilities on the basis of religion,” stated CAIR-MI Legal Director Lena Masri.

In August 2011, the Pittsfield Township Planning Commission rejected in a vote of 3-2 a request by the Islamic Academy to build a school in the area.

“About 125 residents attended and about 50 spoke during public comment. Most of those opposed to the plan stressed that they have no issue with the school being Islamic, but said their concerns centered around traffic, children’s safety and the school being inconsistent with the master plan,” the Ann Arbor News reported in 2011.

Later in October 2011, the Pittsfield Township Board of Trustees voted unanimously to affirm the recommendation from the planning commission to reject the rezoning request of the Islamic Academy.

In February 2012, the Islamic Academy and CAIR filed a lawsuit against Pittsfield in district court, accusing the Township of violating their religious liberty under RLUIPA.

The Justice Department eventually filed a suit against Pittsfield in October 2015, with U.S. District Attorney Barbara McQuade writing in a statement that they filed the lawsuit “to protect the right of all Americans to practice their religion and receive the religious instruction and education of their choice.”

“This complaint alleges that Pittsfield Township denied the Michigan Islamic Academy’s request to build a school in violation of that law,” continued McQuade.

“The law prohibits the government from imposing land use regulations that substantially burden religious exercise unless there is a compelling government interest and uses the least restrictive means of doing so.”

Township Supervisor Mandy Grewal said in a statement earlier this week that the board’s decision to reach a settlement on the two lawsuits does not mean that the Township admits to wrongdoing.

“The township and the board of trustees emphatically deny any wrongdoing, discrimination or violation of law,” stated Grewal, as published Thursday by the Detroit News.

“The township’s position from the beginning was and continues to be about protecting existing residents in this region from land uses that were not originally envisioned when they purchased their homes.”

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  • And Mudslime want to know why they are HATED, DESPISED & REVILED?


    • Mahou Shoujo

      Muslims don’t care, they hate, loath, despise and generally don’t like anyone, including themselves. Eventually they destroy themselves, a little encouragement to do it faster would be nice.

      • Alas, if that were true.

        Muslims have been destroying OTHER PEOPLE for more than 1,400 years, and I see no end in sight.

        Apparently, we must destroy them first – before they finish the job.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          isalm has no compromise, it is kill or be killed, there is no discussion that, the qur’an is very clear that non muslims must convert, then be killed, or killed outright.

          • Yes, except I am neither converting, nor do I have any intention of submitting or being killed.

            Any Muslim trying that will have the surprise of its very shortened life.

  • Dennis

    There is law that states that we shall not allow any belief system to present themselves here that preach for the violent overthrow of our government. Then we have separation of Church and State, involving first amendment rights of Freedom of Religion. Both of these legal pronouncements must be able to operate simultaneously, but we cannot allow any aspect of the purported religion to promote conduct which in any manner preaches and promotes “overthrow.” We would not allow Nazism, Fascism or Communism to run amok here, and we should not allow that type of poisoned philosophy to be pursued thru any claim that it is based on religion. We cannot stop Islam from practicing their belief system, as long as it is shown to be one that teaches and promotes GODLINESS as we understand that term, and as we use it to define what true religion is all about. Therefore, we MUST be able to certify that those who promote Islam, do not preach, promote or press any aspects of their belief system that involves denial of equal protection and due process rights to any person within our borders, and does not promote dominance thru Jihad. Therefore, monitoring should be acceptable to all and any of the belief systems, so that we can certify that they are not proselyting the overthrow of our Constitutional government.

    My country has always held itself out as the “melting pot” for all those seeking a life of freedom and safety. It is even written on our Statute of Liberty. Unfortunately, I believe that this Nation, as already has been done in Europe, is committing suicide by virtue of the refugee immigration of a people who cannot assimilate and simply cannot properly “melt” into what being American is all about. It saddens me that those who can do something about this severe problem, seem to ignore it and flood this nation with a political belief system, disguised as a religion, which must dominate and must reject and overthrow all that we here as free citizens believe in. Any belief system that promotes martyrdom through death following active malicious conduct with “fruitful” promises of an unknown afterlife, seemingly rejecting the concepts of a happy and productive life, should be seen for what it is: outright fallacy and fraud. How they can believe in the so-called “fruits” of an afterlife which is related to unconscionable conduct is so incomprehensible, while rejecting everything that is great about living, is clearly mind boggling. Why humans believe those promises, makes me wonder what the other animals of God’s and Mother Nature’s world can expect in their afterlife, if anything. Wake up world to the scourge that is Islam, and close our borders to these believers. NOW, before it is too late!!!

    • Mark Steiner

      As you know Dennis, and as the article stated, the locals who are responsible for zoning and land use have been paid off to either comply or remain silent – probably both – so this thing moves ahead. This will be happening with increasing frequency all over America where Muslims have achieved a significant presence in local or state politics – or influence by payoff.

      You are spot on about Godlessness – in many forms – that is the major threat this nation faced presently. A nation whose God is the LORD eschews Godlessness. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

      • Bill Hirr

        AMEN †

    • spacearcadian

      USA is the land of freedom. Muslims has the constitutional right of building mosques wherever the want. If islamophobic people oppose islam, they must pay! Muslims are a vulnerable minority who need to be protected by the government. When muslims reach the mayority then it can be different

      • Dennis

        There is nothing that I have stated above that denies to Islamic followers the right to practice their religion. I take umbrage with your statement, since it is dead wrong. If you re-read my opening statements, you should be able to conclude that I do not oppose the practice of one’s religion, and the use of Mosques, Churches, Temples to pray to the end that the congregant is able to reach for GODLINESS. I oppose what I have seen from Fundamentalist Islam, which has brought nothing but havoc to Europe and the rest of the world, simply because the terrorists do not seek GODLINESS, they seek dominance and overthrow. Simply stated, we should never countenance such conduct from any source. If you consider that Islamophobia, than the problem is yours, not mine.

        • Bill Hirr

          DENNIS — Preach/Teach, mY Brother.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Fundamentalist Islam eh? In what muslum state is non-fundamentalist islam being practiced?

          • Dennis

            This is how you spell “Muslim” in this country, not “muslum.” You sound and act like the three monkey’s who do not see, speak or hear what reality is. Reality is Fundamental Islam which can also be defined as activity of those who justify their barbaric acts on the writings and teachings of Islam. The reality steers you in the face, and, you, like Obama and his followers, refuse to recognize it for what it is, speak out against it, and hear the pain within this world that screams for help in crushing the scourge that emanates from the Fundamentalist’s. You cannot be that lacking in intellect.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I deny your implicit assumption that there is anything BUT fundamentalist pi$$lam. There is no “reformed” Pi$$lam, there is no “conservative” Pi$$lam, there is no “protestant” pi$$lam there is nothing but the same Jew hating, fascist, totalitarian bullshite that is pi$$lam.

          • DCW left coast

            Izzzzlam is NOT a religion . . . it is an ALL encompassing Political System that eventually Dominates the region when their numbers become large enough.
            Afganistan used to be a Buddhist Country . . . Egypt used to be Coptic Christians . . . today not so much.
            We only have to look at Belgium and France today to see our Future!
            By giving these savages “Rights” you are condemning future generations to the torment of alla . . .

            If this were my town . . . I would be setting up Pig Farms on the adjacent properties and a couple of gay bars!

        • Robert Bayer

          Islam will be utterly destroyed within 20 years … because that is what it is seeking to do the world … utterly destroy it .. The Hate and Murder and Rape that IS Islam .. is massive …

        • moose

          GREAT POST Dennis !!

        • Honkingoose.

          Dennis spacearcadian is a well known troll on this site…he’s not worth your time. He sometimes uses the name “Toro Huamain”

      • Szigetvar

        Muslims are a clear and present danger to the Constitution

      • And let us all hope & pray that day never arrives either. MOSLEMS have to get back to the rear of this bus. No foreigner is gonna push this native son around…

        • moose

          Keep your powder dry my friend, I think we’re going to need it .

      • katzkiner
      • moose

        There IS such a thing called ZONING laws. Nobody can come into your neighborhood and put up a structure of ANY kind if it doesnt fit into established zoning laws and their criteria.

        • Kenek

          These laws are overturned but a higher level of government. Just takes a little $$$$.

        • ninetyninepct

          A good spot for a drive-by on full auto.

      • ninetyninepct

        Pretty good sarcasm, particularly the part where Muslims need to be protected. Which terrorist mosque do you attend?

    • Bill Hirr

      i aM waiting for the LORD’s RETuRN & wiLL VoTe Trump iN NoV.===
      [[[[ GOD is iN ControL~~~~ J E SU S wiLL SooN Be BaCK aNd aLL wiLL bE PEACE & LOVE ]]]]]]]]]]]]]†….

    • Max

      It’s true that our leaders refused to tolerate or encourage the spread of nazism and communism when those ideologies threatened our country. Those leaders were made of sterner stuff. In contrast, today we have a sinister cabal dedicated to the mass import of 3d world devotees of Big Al the sky fairy. The government is guilty of treason for pursuing this project, but so are the NGO’s and religious charities being paid off to help settle the hordes of gimmeegrants. Then there are those behind the project, like Soros. The use of foreign money from the Saudis and others to subvert and corrupt our officials is also a factor.

      That said, Title 18 of the US Criminal Code is still on the books. It covers matters such as treason, subversion and sedition. Whether an ideology masked as a religion, like Islam, can pass muster under the law is a question that Trump and others should be asking. An ideology that mandates death to apostates, encourages jihad and polygamy, and enforces a Sharia law inimical to our Constitution should not be protected by the latter.

      • Honkingoose.

        Quite simply if it DOES pass muster then muster needs a shake-up and laws need re-wording or creating that prohibit islam. Islam will end up dominant if not, it is a coherant congregation all pushing in the same direction to do exactly that and has proven unstoppable anywhere it was tolerated.

      • Bill Kay

        Simply put our country is being sold out by sedition which is running rampant and anyone with any brain power knows how to fix this problem but no one has the will/ GUTS to hold those responsible for this TREASON .

    • Kenek

      “and flood this nation with a political belief system, disguised as a religion, which must dominate and must reject and overthrow all that we here as free citizens believe in.”

      Are you talking about the Democrats? or the Feminists? oh yeah they are the same. moslems are moslems, but democrats and liberals are traitors.

    • Honkingoose.

      AMEN to What Dennis just said!

  • Frank Castle

    Pay with CASH… soaked in PORK FAT…. if they are true to ISLAM they cannot touch it!

  • Mark Steiner

    This is the newest version of “eminent domain”.

    • pdxnag

      Yes, and paying for Mosques is a valid “public purpose.”

      • BS! The devil’s money…

        • pdxnag

          I was engaging in snark. The Mosques represent the new government headquarters, for our new totalitarian overlords who wield an ever-present threat of terror over us all.

  • hal

    The Islamic takeover of America has begun and Obama is behind it all. Americans will not be bullied by sham judges and courts. Bulldozers and wrecking balls will fix what the courts got wrong. Green tips will fix the rest where necessary. America is at war and losing. She is being taken over by migrants, Muslims, illiterates, and traitor White government officials. Suicide by the elites. If we are to save our country so our grandchildren can live as free Christians and Jews, the fight is now, and in our cities and towns. Mosques are Islamic armories and bomb factories, barracks and training centers for terrorists. They are military targets, not civilian Muslim worship halls. Prepare for a long slog, and expect no help, as the government is on the side of the invaders.

    • spacearcadian

      USA is the land of freedom. Muslims has the constitutional right of building mosques wherever the want. If islamophobic people oppose islam, they must pay! Muslims are a vulnerable minority who need to be protected by the government. When muslims reach the mayority then it can be different.

      • neil barron

        They or I don’t not have a Constitutional right to build anywhere we want. We have a right to build one. I see right through this it was an attack from the get go by cair to Islamify this country, the enemy within plain and simple. By the way that’s Constitution with a Capital C
        By your mayority it can be different as pig with lipstick in muslim wadi mud pit.

      • neil barron

        By the way it’s legal to kill feral pigs without lipstick any time of the year in Michigan, and being that most Americans have moral feelings of kindness and empathy for one another we would get together and deliver the carcasses to your community center for food for your needy, as in other states there are laws against wanton waste.
        Your Welcome

      • moose

        WHAT the FORK are U smoking? As I and others on this site have posted previously YOU CANNOT just put up a building where you want to ….ALL states have building codes on what and where you can erect a structure…….

    • Bill Hirr

      soMe Good Comments on this Thread

  • pdxnag

    The generally agreed upon Islamic penalty of death for those who leave Islam, the act of treasonous apostasy against the worldwide Islamic Ummah, should be quite enough to prohibit recognition of Islam as a “religion” protected by the US Constitution and not be covered under the federal statutes invoked here.

  • gfmucci

    No responsible local city planning can be accomplished while there is an out of control, all-powerful state or federal government with a political agenda. And the current federal agenda is to promote Islam at all costs.

    • Bill Hirr


    • moose

      That’s why we need TRUMP

  • Waddymellons

    BULLSHIT, any town has the right to ban any building if it doesn’t fit the neighborhood or area, including zoning and other legal criteria!

    • Bill Hirr

      NOT in the Present PoliticaL CLimaTe

      • Craig

        Since 1904, the people of the united States and the federal government have decided that the federal government rules all. Never mind that the federal government was created by the states to be their servant. The people are cowards. They will not give up their beer and football and will GLADLY live on their knees if they can keep most of their stuff. Texas and Wyoming are the only states I know of that refuse to bend over for the feds. 48 states full of cowards.

  • old003

    Just bide your time Pittsfield help is on the way.Trump 2016!!!!

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Another reason not to have anything to do with muslims. That is how they force their way into a community then demand tolerance, just say no to islam.

    • Craig

      Unfortunately, like in Twin Falls, there are no Americans left in the U.S., just welfare parasites, illegal aliens, muzzie terrorists and cowards. Voting democrat is the same as suicide.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        The disgrace that is twin falls is a blight on the American male, the firth estate, America’s legal industry, any and all religions that have a modicum of morals.

        • Craig

          Yes…the whole cowardly scenario made me want to vomit.

  • Ayna

    Minarets rise as middle fingers to the west. And traitors along with stupid and/or cowardly appeasers standing by and letting it happen.

    • Craig

      If you look ot the state of oregon, you will see that they have had all sorts of anti-American training camps in that state. The muzzie terrorist training camp in Eastern Oregon was established back in 2008….coincidence?

      • Ayna

        Not on par with those Oregon specifics, but within the islamic movement, nothing is a coincidence.

        • Craig

          In Oregon, one group, the Moonies, started murdering the locals to take over. Yes, the hippies of Oregon really are the soft-minded type. I grew up there. Once I went into the service, I never looked back.

  • jrt

    What???? ISIS training camps paid for by US tax dollars
    TRUMP 2016 can’t come quick enough

  • jrt

    what judge ruled in favor of this?????
    Hillary will only appoint more radical Islamic judges on the US

    • Craig

      She said she will be rat obama’s third term, only as an insane communist, she will rule with an iron hand and she wants to increase the unvetted muzzie trash immigrants by 600%. Buy a gun and learn how to use it.

  • jrt

    Federal or state taxes don’t fund any private schools
    if you want free schools then you need to go to public schools

  • Craig

    Hopefully they will sit on that money until someone with a BRAIN gets in, not muzzie terrorist supporters, like we have now.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    I wonder how the building of a mosque will affect the property values and rents of the najjis kaffur? Who cares? It’s allah’s will.
    Canaduh? This is your future.

  • Robert Bayer

    Here is a better goal .. Destroy every mosque in the world .. burn every Islamic writing in the world … Imprison anyone who wants to be a Muslim …

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Until we get the guts to declare that Islam is NOT a religion but is, instead, a murderous, racist, xenophobic, totalitarian ideology that cloaks itself in religious terminology, its zealous followers will continue to force it on others as both the sole religion and the law of the land – either through legal means or unlawful force.

    If it were a legitimate religion, Islam would not have stolen its concepts, characters and history from Judaism – which is what its founder and primary proselyte, (Muhammed) did. When he tried to sell it back to the Jewish people as the one, true religion and himself as the last Prophet of god (small “g”), the Jews (who knew it was a knock-off of their own religion) told Muhammed to take a hike.

    Which he did, but unfortunately, he came back with a band of bloodthirsty barbarians eager to slaughter those who rejected his unbelievable claims. I used a small “g” in the word, “god” because “Allah,” is not the God of Israel (in Judaism) or God the Father (in Christianity), but is the pagan Moon god (which is why there is a crescent moon put on all Islamic flags).

    Both Judaism and Christianity went through some major religious reformations beginning in the 13th Century while Islam remained unchanged from the 7th Century to the 21st. The other problem with Islam is its system of self-preservation: a Catch-22 that thwarts any efforts to reform it: by stifling dissent and by punishing those who question it and/or seek to change it.

    The only way that Islam can be reformed is to go back to the time when it was still basically a copy of Judaism and Christianity and had not morphed into the Fascist Supremacist ideology that continues to fuel the reign of terror in the West, in the Middle East and across the globe.

    Now, there are Muslims in this country (and abroad) who do have the desire to return Islam back to its original state before it metastasized into a religion of war and conquest. Personally, I don’t hold out much hope for that as those wishing to adopt the more militant variant of Islam (or the Sharia-compliant versions) vastly outnumber those who embrace its more civilized aspects.

    Additionally, the Qu’ran would have to be purged of its genocidal objectives and supremacist doctrines that command its followers to wage jihad on nonbelievers..

    • The only way to do that is to amend the Constitution. There isn’t any other way for government to do that.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Separating the ugly, violent, antisemitic, totalitarian chaff from the wheat in islam would be an impossible task. The ahadith ooze Jew hatred, some of it genocidal. How would you explain away the ahadith? How would you deal w/muhamMUD’s commandment to expel the Jews from Soddy Barbaria? How would you explain MohamMUD’s ethnic cleansing of Jews from Soddy Barbaria? The whole concept of reforming islam is as ludicrous as reforming nazism — you can’t reform evil to be good.

  • Logic PrObe

    What a joke.
    It’s about time that Islam was no longer recognised as a religion.

  • dangerousfreedom

    The only answer to this is to absolutely keep any more muslims from entering the country, and electing Hillary is deadly. Obama is bringing as many muslims as he can into the country and pouring them into rural areas, and when they completely disrupt the residents way of life, the residents are shocked to find they have no rights, and that they are completely ignored and the entire weight of the federal govt goes to war against them. But the bulk of the country is ignorant of this, and will be until it starts to happen to them – but that will be too late.

  • the_dhimminator

    and if the town opposed the building of a megachurch or a synagogue (again with good reason)… the department of “Justice” reacts with …[crickets chirping]….

  • Janet

    Why are they letting an Islamic school be built in a residential neighborhood? That’s not right and now they say that they’re not admitting any wrongdoing? Well paying them off sounds to me like they are. Muslims always get what they want! About a year or so Muslims bought a building about a block and a half from me saying it was going to be an Islamic Center of some kind. It mostly sits empty but every now and then you’ll see a couple of Muslim men talking outside of it. Have no idea why they wanted it here because we have no Muslims in this little town. Makes me wonder what they’re up to. I live right on the border of Canada so maybe that’s where they are from. Who knows but it seems a little fishy to me. With my luck they are probably stock piling weapons.

    • Craig

      Janet! Most of their schools are just propaganda centers. Any building the muzzies own, or rent, is a memorial to their conquest of that area. If you let them in, you have capitulated to the muzzies.

      • Janet

        I never thought of it that way but it’s makes total sense!

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I can only imagine what public schools and institutions of “higher learning” teach about pi$$lam and Israel in the 21st century, but lies and propaganda come to mind.

  • katzkiner

    The God of Israel tells them they may build but He will tear down, a little to much jihad and we will burn it down with them in it.
    Those jihadi fools must think they are in Europe.

  • Craig

    If the school looks anything like the picture above, then it is a memorial to muslim victory over Christians. Democrats are so stupid.

  • Drew the Infidel

    The flaw in the legislation is the blank check authority it gives to religious interests to override loacal zoning restrictions, widening the opportunity for the state or federal governments to ride roughshod over local authority. In other words, those who authored the law do not have to suffer those “unintended consequences”.

  • sony_dc

    It will be the most joyous time in history when Omama leaves office!

  • sony_dc

    People – whatever you do, just realize that Croooked Hillary will continue his admin choices and continue to destroy this great nation of ours. Remember all these evil deeds by this administration and vote for Trump.

  • James Stamulis

    Burn every damned Mosque in America to the ground!

  • Dan Knight

    As I recall – from memory – the GOP supported these provisions because many Leftist dominated regions of the country had already adopted the practice of abusing zoning laws to deny Christians the right to build Churches.

    This had reached a point where an affluent neighborhood in Cali – with which I am familiar – refused to even allow a Church to rebuild after a suspicious fire burned their church to the ground.

    The story here is again – the double standard. It’s likely objective research would reveal that zoning ordinances have been used against Christian Churches, Jewish Synagogues, and minority religious buildings of non-Muslim extraction. And these institutions have been blocked by many unsympathetic neighbors without ‘triggering’ any reaction from the Federal Government or any civil rights NGO.

  • Dan Knight

    Mosques should not be going up at all.

    Not because of zoning, but because no American can be an Islamist.

    Islamic-American is an oxymoron. Such a term can only exist because ‘American’ now has only two meanings: ‘evil whitey’ or ‘places on Earth where USPS delivers.’

    But America is a culture and an ideology. It is the culture and ideology the Left claims – all while trying to destroy her, and it is the culture and ideology the Right practices – more or less while trying to put out the fires started by Leftists.

    One cannot be an American in good standing, e.g., and believe the law of the land should be replaced with a disgusting effluent (Sharia) of an (actually) racist, discriminatory, inhuman and inhumane, intolerant ideology that condones misogyny, slavery, kidnapping, honor-killing, rape of adults, death for ideological disagreements, and child molesting.

    • Dan Knight

      Imagine the outrage if the Ku Klux Klan won a $1.7 million dollar settlement after being denied the right to open a White Supremacist Training Center with a Cross-burning and Lynching Practice Field …

  • 36/g

    now I now where I should build the hog farming or slaughterhouse operation…

  • Faisal

    Don’t you just love it when white supremacy and Islamophobia lose? ;)

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Islamophobia: “a word created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons.” So which are you allahtard?

      • Faisal

        Islamophobia: Claiming that 50 million European Muslims who lived in Europe for centuries don’t integrate solely because a couple of non-religious refugees molested Caucasian women.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          You’re not only massively understating how many teenaged girls and women have been raped by muslum apes as yourself (1000’s of teenaged girls in the UK alone), but completely ignoring all the people already murdered by muslum apes across Eurabia in the name of pi$$lam.
          MuhamMUD your prophet? He liked kissing little boys when he wasn’t molesting his 9 year old wife.

    • Craig

      How do you type with that camel dik in your mouth?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    With all due respect to American urban planners, here is a Canadian proposition to demonstrate how a piece of real estate can be effectively and tolerantly developed, giving several minorities consideration.

    Jiggs McDonald, NHL Hall of Fame broadcaster speaking in Ontario, says:
    “I am truly perplexed that so many of my friends are against another mosque being built in Toronto. I think it should be the goal of every Canadian to be tolerant regardless of their religious beliefs.
    Thus the mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance.”
    “That is why I also propose that two nightclubs be opened next door to the mosque; thereby promoting tolerance from within the mosque.
    We could call one of the clubs, which would be gay, “The Turban Cowboy,” and the other, a topless bar, would be called “You Mecca Me Hot.”
    “Next door should be a butcher shop that specializes in pork, and adjacent to that an open-pit barbecue pork restaurant, called “Iraq of Ribs.”
    “Across the street there could be a lingerie store called “Victoria Keeps Nothing Secret,” with sexy mannequins in the window modelling the goods.”, and on the other side a liquor store called “Morehammered.”
    “All of this would encourage Muslims to demonstrate the tolerance they demand of us.” Yes we should promote tolerance, and you can do your part by passing this on.”

  • pandainc

    To put 70,000 sf into perspective, a football field is 300 feet long. The square root of 70K is 265 feet — that is, a building that size, if square would be 265 feet each side. Chop 13 yards off the length of a football field, and you’ve got what these ragheads want to stick in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Wide as well as long.

    Right near Ann Arbor — a few miles from Dearborn and Detroit. Who knew?

  • Public_Citizen

    We can fix the majority of the problems with ISLAM by simply removing the protections afforded by our system of law for legitimate religions.
    ISLAM is not a “religion”,
    What it is, has always been, and always will be is a Blood Cult.
    Were this some new movement, recently arrived on the worlds consciousness it would be universally denounced for what it is and what it represents. It has survived and prospered for over a millennia by masquerading as a religion, using for its religious veneer a pastiche of second and third hand copied [often distorted in translation] texts from The Talmud, The Christian Bible, and a few of the Vedic Texts.
    Over half of Islams so called “holy book” is a manual, including self justifications, for the use of terrorism as a principal tactic for its advancement.
    It appeals to the basest of human instincts and lusts.
    It is inherently misogynistic in nature.
    It is responsible for the majority of the slavery inflicted on the world from its inception to modern times, including the black slavery of Sub-Saharan Africans, the consequences of which are still reverberating throughout the civilized world more than a century and a half after its cessation. Slavery is still occurring to this day in those areas longest under Islams control.
    Perhaps its most pernicious lie is the carnal appeal made to its ignorant subjects of a reward in an afterlife, a realm of the spirit where the fleshly body has been left behind, that is based in carnality and the basest of sexual lusts. I have yet to receive ~any~ explanation of how such a carnal reward is possible in a spiritual realm.
    Islam displays none of the uplifting or spiritual characteristics that are the hallmarks of the worlds Great Religions and Systems of Philosophy. It’s appeal is to the basest of human instincts and lusts and consistently works to oppress the higher spiritual thoughts and aspirations of the human consciousness.
    These and many other are the reasons why ISLAM should not only have its “religious protections” removed by all civilized nations but reasons for it to be declared an arch-enemy of all civilized nations and peoples.

  • Kenek

    Sharia law continues to progress, virtually unchallenged.

    In Canada moslems are circumventing local zoning regulations as well, to build their fortress-mosques. Here they can teach hatred and jihad on a massive scale. The US will need two walls.

    Go Trump.

  • Robert Hope

    Dump a tanker of pigs blood onto the ground along with pig parts . That will stop the construction of the school.

  • wilypagan

    Way for these ingrates to make themselves at home in America. Go Trump. Ban. Identify. Deport.

  • joe1429

    It needs to be appealed

  • Jacob Peters

    Muslims use the system to get their way. We Christians should have been doing that all these years. We would not then be facing the imminent death of Christendom in the West.

  • Merchantseamen

    Creeping in and getting rich of our own dollars.

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