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Islamic Girls’ School Outed as Teaching Ground to Beat Women, Kill Gays


An Islamic girls’ boarding school in Nottingham is facing closure after a student, Aliyah Saleem, went public with what was being taught within its walls – light on the history, math and geography, and heavy on the how-tos of killing gays and beating women.

Saleem, who was expelled in 2011 in front of the whole student body because she was found with a disposable camera – an apparent no-no at the school – spent the subsequent years speaking out about what was really being taught.

The Daily Mail reports:

“Following her expulsion Ms Saleem spoke out about her treatment at Jamia Al Hudaa girls’ school in Nottingham, saying she was not taught geography, history, art or music.

“Instead, she was taught that death sentence could be given to gay men; that Jews and Christians make Allah angry; and that men should be allowed to beat their wives.”

The school is now facing closure, while the residential halls have already been shut. But the big question is: Why wasn’t the entire investigated and closed when Saleem first starting talking about what was actually being taught?

Good question.

Again, from the Daily Mail:

“Despite reporting the school’s inadequacies to both Ofsted and doing an expose interview in a national newspaper, it is only now that the school finally faces closure.

“Parents have now been told to pick up their daughters from the school on October 18 after an Ofsted inspection in April found that there were ‘inadequacies’ in safeguarding pupils, including insufficiently trained staff and bullying, and ordered the school close its residential operations.

“The Times reports that since 85 per cent of pupils board at the school, this means it will effectively have to close.

“The inspection also found that the school does not promote balanced views or British values, and pupils can access ‘books that have been written by controversial authors, for example by one who is not allowed to enter this country.'”

The report did not provide names of the authors.

But Saleem indicated that when she was tossed from the school, she hadn’t even been taught about World War I or World War II.

She spoke to the Daily Mail about her expulsion and about what she was taught at the school just this week:

“‘The worst thing about the school was the national curriculum, it was restricted in every way possible,’ she told the Daily Mail last week.
‘We were taught English and science but we were not taught about evolution or sex education. I had to teach myself evolution at 20.’

“Miss Saleem, now in her twenties, was at the school from 2006 to 2011. She was ‘publicly expelled in front of the entire school’ for owning a disposable camera, which was thought to be a sign of ‘narcissism.’

“She wrote on her blog: ‘No regulatory body or authority ever found out about it and nobody ever confronted it, even though it caused me great humiliation and shame.'”

Inspectors deemed the school to be “inadequate”  on certain factors in 2015. But as Saleem noted: The poor ranking did not focus so much on the course curriculum, as it did other factors. For instance, why no seeming outrage from the government about the training of young minds that it’s OK to kill homosexuals, or beat women?

Saleem said, in the Daily Mail:

“‘It is obvious that for too long the government has stood by and ignored the utterly appalling imposition of conservative religious ideologies on British school children,’ she said.

“Miss Saleem, who campaigns about the dangers of religious education, added: ‘Just because independent schools are funded by parents and charities, it’s not that those children do not matter.'”

  • Mahou Shoujo

    “The inspection also found that the school does not promote balanced views or British values, and pupils can access ‘books that have been written by controversial authors, for example by one who is not allowed to enter this country”. Going by current british standards that would mean Pamela Geller and any other telling the truth about islam is forbidden to be read. However the qur’an is allowed although it promotes murder dismemberment, necrophilia, pedophilia, theft, lies and wife beating, in essence england has no standard over than a whimsical tolerance of islam.

    • Sharon ODonnell

      Folks who dress like molotov coktails should not play with matches+

  • jjjcccc53

    Why would any thinking society allow this ideology of hatred and death into their nation in the first place. ISLAM is an ideology that teaches death and murder of those that dont practice it so why would any country want to make people who practice that a part of their society??? Muslims are a cancer that spread this trash wherever they go. They need to be isolated to the middle east so they can practice their horrors on themselves and be seperated from civilization to live in,the dark ages they love so well. The only other option is to irradicate Islam so it cant contaminate the world.This is not a religion but a deadly cult who make terrorists and murderers of its followers!

  • berserker

    The more important question is: what were the parents doing? They were complicit is the likely answer.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Schools are baby sitting services, so long as the kid is more or less taken are of, it is one less thing for the parents to do.

  • Rosie Webster

    Check out the chilling report on the attempted Islamisation of Birmingham schools (still going on). For example:- Posters were found in the classrooms encouraging children to begin
    lessons with a Muslim prayer, one saying: “If you do not pray, you are
    worse than a kafir”, and staff reported that loudspeakers were set up in
    the school to broadcast a call to prayer. The few pupils that elected
    to study a Christianity unit as part of the Religious Studies GCSE
    course had to “teach themselves”, because the teacher focused on Islamic
    studies which the majority were studying.

    • JPD

      Ah, Birmingham, a stark indicator of Britain’s glorious self-inflicted multicultural future – Britain’s second-largest city, where only one in three school pupils is white, and 22 schools are listed as having no white pupils at all.

      • Jeanne Ballard

        Get the heck of of England

  • Diego Serrano

    Killing and beating is “conservative”. Oh sure.

  • Michael Copeland

    “Turning a blind eye” is what British government is doing.
    It is the malaise of our time.
    Public officials PAID to perform jobs are not doing them.
    It is failure.

  • Peter Joffe

    Islam is a disease that is invading all places of learning so that Islam can teach hatred and Sharia. CNN is a good example of how so many of its ‘anchors’ have been ‘educated’ in Arabs sponsored universities.Hatred is easier to spread than love for your fellow man.

    • Jeremy Steering

      What’s happened to the free world? Where is the courage, the will, the fighting spirit it showed when it rose up to defeat the forces of evil in Nazism, fascism and communism? The threat of Islam poses just as grave a threat to its existence. I despair and I am lost for words.

      • Generalpatern

        Its a greater threat than the NS, as we cant identify them easily, at least the gerries wore a uniform, gave us something to aim at.

  • Generalpatern

    Exactly what you would expect to go on, no surprises here, plenty more of them yet to be exposed and closed. In UK, Europe, USA, Canada, etc, need I go on.

    • Robert Batchelor

      Pretty much every Mosque.

  • Fred

    That young lady is lucky she made it out of that hell hole alive.

    Death to radical Islam. Death to sharia!

  • Jeanne Ballard

    The UK is committing suicide

  • Stephen Honig

    “Instead, she was taught that death sentence could be given to gay men;
    that Jews and Christians make Allah angry; and that men should be
    allowed to beat their wives.” The above is interpreted as Allah is an incorrect term for God, but Satan the great deceiver who is their god.

  • Robert Batchelor

    I hope she has bodyguards because she’s going to need them. The cowardly British Government certainly isn’t going to protect her from the nut jobs that will most definitely come after her from this insane death cult known as Islam.

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