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[ September 22, 2017 ]

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Angela Merkel’s Right-Hand Man Pleads for ‘German Islam’ of Tolerance


One of Angela Merkel’s leading political allies, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, is making the case that all Germany needs to quell the rising tide of anti-refugee attitude that’s emanating from citizens is to adopt a new form of Islam – a German form that teaches tolerance and a progressive approach to the the religion.

Schaeuble, boldly enough – and it’s bold, given the penchant for radicalized and politicized Islamists to chop off heads of those who are perceived as blaspheming their faith, which includes attempts to deviate from Allah’s teachings – took his plea right to the Muslim community in Germany.

Reuters has the story:

“A veteran ally of Angela Merkel urged Muslims in Germany on Sunday to develop a “German Islam” based on liberalism and tolerance, saying the influx of people seeking refuge, many of them Muslims, is a challenge for mainstream society.

“Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, stepping out of his usual finance remit, urged tolerance, saying the arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants required a better understanding among Germans of what is important to them and how they want to live.”

Nearly a million migrants have streamed into Germany from the Middle East and Asia, overrunning the country with a new way of thinking and a new culture that just doesn’t assimilate well with the heavily secularized society. And the backlash has been violent at times.

As Reuters noted:

“The arrival of large numbers of refugees has strained communities and led to a rise in far-right violence and attacks on migrant shelters, particularly in eastern Germany.”

Schaeuble, acknowledging the problem of Muslim assimilation, nonetheless misses the point: it’s the religion, stupid.

Islam and its teachings aren’t compatible with most modern and free societies, at least when Sharia is thrown into the mix.

And in what world does Schaeuble live that allows for Islam to be watered to include tolerance for the very things that Islam specifically does not tolerate – gays, for instance, or infidels, defined as those who don’t follow Islam?

More, from Reuters:

“Schaeuble, a stalwart of Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU), said: ‘Without a doubt, the growing number of Muslims in our country today is a challenge for the open-mindedness of mainstream society.’

“In a guest article for conservative paper Welt am Sonntag, he added: ‘The origin of the majority of refugees means that we will be increasingly dealing with people from quite different cultural circles than previously.’

“Schaeuble, 74, is seen as possible CDU candidate for Chancellor should Merkel not seek re-election next year.

“He acknowledged that sexual attacks by migrants in Cologne and two attacks by migrants claimed by the Islamic State militant group over the summer had soured the mood.

“‘We should not, in this more tense situation, allow an atmosphere to emerge in which well-integrated people in Germany feel alien,’ he said.

“Despite the rising number of xenophobic attacks in Germany, Schaeuble said he believed the majority of Germans would say: ‘Yes, we want you to belong to us.'”

Well, that’s doubtful, given Merkel’s massive fall from favor with the German people, due in large part to her open embrace of Muslim refugees.

From Reuters:

“[Merkels’s] Bavarian allies, the Christian Social Union (CSU), have relentlessly blamed her open-door refugee policy for the CDU’s poor showing in recent state elections and want to cap the number of migrants coming to Germany at 200,000 a year.”

But is Schaeuble learning anything from that opposition movement? Hardly.

“Schaeuble emphasized at an annual conference on Islam last Tuesday that people of all faiths are part of Germany, repeating a view that Merkel voiced in 2015 at the height of the popularity of the anti-Islam PEGIDA grassroots movement,” Reuters reported.

  • old003


  • pdxnag

    And the German Kafir is still just Kafir, target for slaughter subjugation and rape and on and on.

  • Mary Winters

    Unlike other religions, Islam has not evolved over the centuries. Its teachings are unchangeable and unchallengeable. Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey, who describes the EU as a ‘Christian club’ that he knows he will never be allowed to join because France and Germany are against it, said: “There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

    If any group of Muslims tries to create a modified, “moderate” form of Islam they put themselves in great danger.

  • berserker

    Yes, Mr. Schauble is going to fix a 1400 year old problem. Islam by design cannot be reformed. Asking for reform is to ask for something that claims to be perfect to be made imperfect.
    – Germans suffer from a strange pragmatism.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Well said.

    • Logic PrObe

      Not pragmatism.
      It’s guilt.

      • WheresMyReacharound?

        You may have read this already- interesting read on that very topic: ‘After Hitler: Re-civilizing Germans, 1945-1995’. *Little dated, but still relevant.

  • Michael Copeland

    Thank you, Herr Schaeuble, for acknowledging that Islam is intolerant and illiberal.
    May your message be widely received.

    • Generalpatern

      Id love to be there when some of them turn up at his door. You know, some of the more tolerant ones.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Why is there no effort being made to make colonists conform to german societies rules and conventions? Why is it everyone just cater to the subhuman criminal insanity of islam? It is time to clearly state that when in germany, one does as the germans, not as the muslims, who have clearly demonstrated in every islamic country, that they are not human.

  • Jeremy Steering

    Another dangerous fool. He says that people of all faiths are part of Germany, which is undoubtedly true, but only ONE of those faiths refuses to acknowledge, let alone respect, any other. A “faith”, which is, in fact, a political ideology that has as one of its core principles that all other religions are to be eliminated and replaced, either by persuasion or force, and that democratic “man-made “governments are blasphemous, and to be overthrown and replaced by a worldwide Islamic superstate under sharia law. There is no “moderate” compromise.

  • lagitane

    He makes no sense. Who is going practice this new German Islam? Germans or the invaders? Doesn’t Germany promote tolerance already? The guy gives no specifics of what he is talking about and it is total nonsense. Germans will not become Muslims and the invaders are not going to change their culture of rape and pillage and conquest of the infidel.

    • Toy Pupanbai

      “Tolerance”, comes from the Latin, to endure, to put up with.
      Why should we, the host country, endure these troublesome and dangerous newcomers?
      I think we have put up with far too much, already

      • lagitane



    Germany already dealt with people indoctrinated into Muhammadism in the Nazi-war: with a Muhammadist Waffen-SS led by Nazi Amin El-Husseini.
    This is not just about Sharia, this is about sadist slaver tyrant, theist psychopath Muhammad’s & his ideology’s absence of a natural sense for justice & human rights. Ideology is very important & a great tool to accomplish good things for ethics: for human rights & ecology.

  • gerardo

    an atmosphere to emerge in which well integrated people feel alienated ? The only integrated people are the population who developed and fought for the very freedoms that are, step by step, being denied and indeed are now aliens in the lands of their ancestoral birth. Ps. I’m not even near europe or usa, just have a spiritual interest in the sad state of these times

  • itchy

    hang the zombie jesuite kraut and the witch too

  • Save Europe

    It doesn’t get any more mindlessly insane as this. Another ‘ nutcase’ – and potential replacement to Merkel ?!?! And at 74 ?!?! What’s the age of HIS replacement going to be? 105? A German Islam – PMSL! There is NO moderate Islam – the very words of rat face Erdogan.

    • Toy Pupanbai

      The Moderates are the ones who keep silent when the activists carry out yet another attack!

  • joe kulak

    The German lemmings are goose-stepping over the cliff, right behind their delusional leaders.

  • cylde

    What the idiot is proposing is islamic blasphemy, i hope they issue a fatwa on him as an enemy of islam.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Islam and its teachings aren’t compatible with any modern and free societies, at least when Sharia is thrown into the mix. Why do these administrative and government fools refuse to read and understand the whole qur’an? It would not be islam if it was tolerant, compassionate, non violent or even vestigially sane. It is about time to have public televised debates with various “doctors” of islamic theology to answer some hard ball questions.

    • BrunoPBuhr

      Progressives would NEVER let it happen. They embrace Islam like black lies matter. No accountability, no responsibility for violence.

  • Mr. Man

    Let me know how he makes out changing a 1400 year old uncompromising ideology.

  • conan_drum

    Muslims are not going to change or become ‘tolerant’ their whole attitude is one of superiority to non Muslims. Their goal is to change infidels into Muslims.
    If they were going to change they would have done it long ago but nothing in the Quran can be changed and nothing in Mohammad’s words can be changed since it is the will of allah.

  • Peter Joffe

    Mr Schaeuble, your solution to the murder and destruction committed by Muslims is to surrender to them? That makes sense so lets have a Califate in Germany, the sooner the better so that the gun fire will stop? Unfortunately the executions of Infidels will not stop with surrender.

  • Logic PrObe
  • Drew the Infidel

    Can you believe the spirit of Neville Chamberlain (“Peace in our time”.) is very much alive and has switched sides?

  • Roar

    This is the same man who declared” If Germany closes its borders ,Germans will degenerate through inbreeding”–Breitbart 9th June 2016.He looks very photogenic there.Speaks without thinking when he should think without speaking.

  • David Square

    Islam is not a religion. It is an ideology that prescribes how a follower will live his or her life. This is why Islam will never be compatible with democracy. True freedom requires the separation of church and state, impossible within present day Islam, radical or not. At the moment, the number of radical Islamic ideologists in Europe and the West is relatively small. However, as their influence in business, politics and social organizations continues to grow, non-radical followers will decide to join their radical followers, much as Germans submitted to Hitler’s fascist ideology when it looked as if he would conquer Europe and, possibly, the world. Most people are sheep who will blindly follow the most powerful leader, not matter how corrupt or malicious. If we do not stop Islam now, a new Dark Age will descend upon us sooner than we think.

  • Merchantseamen

    These people re filled with evil….= the devil. Biblical

  • joe1429

    It took thousands of Rapes, murders, and robberies, but FINALLY, the German people are waking up!!!

  • Mattewis Kat

    When seeing the level of intellect emanating from Merkel and her allies, I find it hard to believe that the minds of the people who gave the world mastery of space flight also came from her country. She doesn’t even possess basic cause/effect common sense let-alone more advanced abstract thought.

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