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[ October 19, 2017 ]

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VIDEO: Muslim migrant throngs shout “JIHAD-JIHAD-JIHAD” in Lesbos island in Greece


Look what’s become of the lovely Greek isle of Lesbos. Utter chaos and lawlessness. How Obama covets this breakdown in law and order; why else import hundreds of thousands of these jihadis?

Video thanks to Nikos.

The bucolic Greek tourist island of Lesbos was once known as the perfect destination, with amazing food, beautiful beaches, pine and hardwood forests, rivers and over a million olive trees. It is now under attack by Muslim invaders.



Now: screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-4-18-03-pm


UPDATE: More on this event

Shocking video with illegal immigrants on Lesbos calling for “Jihad”

1. “The situation on the islands starts to be getting out of control. Illegal immigrants protest and cause incidents by damaging cars and by shouting “Jihad-Jihad” on the streets. This amateur video was taken last Saturday after the general and pre-planned rise of the migrants in various island of the Aegean such as Chios. The specific incident started when two Iranian migrants stopped the traffic by protesting in the middle of the street. The car drivers reacted and in response one of the Iranians threatened one driver with a knife. Today again (Sep. 12) , under aged illegal immigrants and “refugees” in the island of Kos , who are hosted in Pili hotspot, rebelled and began to burn mattresses and beds . The situation is unsettled and the locals are terrified. Islam begins to make its presence felt …

2. Video:  “Call for holy war by rebelled refugees and immigrants on Lesbos ”
CONCERNS about who else have penetrated among refugees and migrants. A shocking video about who exactly come into the country hidden between refugees , migrants and tormented souls sees the light of day after Saturday revolt in Mytilene, where certain emigrants ( ? ) caused extended episodes by breaking people’s cars who work at  Moria hot spot and later went to the streets shouting loudly ” Jihad – Jihad .” As we mentioned again on Saturday Mytilene was targeted by “black operations ” ( black ops ) as some ” invisible ”  phone calls and spread false rumors through consecutive calls ( ! ) Tried (and failed ) to cause uprising in hot of Moria spot which hosts temporary refugees and illegal aliens.  200 Pakistani illegal immigrants took to the streets of Mytilene at night and caused damages after the deliberate circulation of  false information regarding an accident with dead immigrants as victims.  But now there is a video showing them to shout the chilling phrase ” jihad ” inside a country that welcomed them in very friendly way .

Moreover, It is known, that the Islamists infiltrated Europe pretending to be refugees.

The incident can not be associated with what happened in Chios again on Saturday where two Iranian illegal immigrants moved out from the center of temporary accommodation Souda and protest that they are not allowed to continue their journey to the rest of Europe, they stopped traffic on the road.

Then, some car drivers came out of their cars and shouted at them to move from the middle of the road, resulting in one of the two Iranians to pull out a knife and attempt to injure one of the drivers . Note that Turkey plans the installation of thousands of refugees and migrants (in Greece) to later claim the “protection” of their religious rights.

It is very convenient for Turkey because it is easily access those people because of religion. In a hypothetical scenario of a military conflict with the neighboring country it could be possible the simultaneous uprising of Muslim populations in the islands and the challenge of an internal front against Greek forces.
The feasibility of this scenario was proven by the Saturday’s incident.

It was literally created out of nothing.

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  • Mary

    Painful to see.

  • Moozie

    The GREEKS Doing their Usual THING , BENDING OVER and getting it up the Ass !

  • Mahou Shoujo

    They are on an island, blockade it, nothing on or off or it.

  • RealEngineer2

    How can main stream media keep playing up “refugees” as mostly women and children, when just about EVERY PHOTO of them is 99.9% military age males, who don’t exactly look like “dynamos of economic recovery”?

    Greece has something like 30 to 40% UNEMPLOYMENT, particularly among their young adults. What are these guys going to do besides collect welfare in perpetuity?

  • The Mormon Prepper

    #Islam doesn’t respect Civilization, and most proven #PEOPLE Islamist must learn #Civility or it will be the downfall of Islam! #FallOfIslam #ClashOfCivilizations

    • Michael Copeland

      Just for the record…….Clash, yes, but only one Civilization.
      Stoning, daughter-killing, slavery, amputations, forced child marriage, girl-mutilation, wife-beating, animal cruelty, and on and on. That is not civilization.

  • AlgorithmicAnalyst

    Stop immigration by Islamic Inbreds.

  • Craig

    In the top photo did ANYONE see a female? Those were all fighting-age males. ISIS invades right before their “blind” eyes. Political correctness is suicide.

  • wilypaganthedeplorable

    Where are Sappho and an army of Amazons when you need them? Maybe the Yazidis soldier girls need some target practice.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Trump said it best, “If you don’t have a border, you don’t have a country”.

  • Robert Batchelor

    Looks like the island is already taken over. Where are the Greeks?

  • cylde

    “concerns about who was hidden” for Gods sake they are not hidden, you would have great difficulty find a decent human being among the whole lot.

  • Metatrona

    The schmucks from Islam…acting like Muslim schmucks again. No surprise!

  • 762x51FMJ

    200 years ago.In Greece:

    “The Revolution of 1821 is no more than the last great phase of the
    resistance of the Greeks to Ottoman domination; it was a relentless,
    undeclared war, which had begun already in the first years of servitude.
    The brutality of an autocratic regime, which was characterized by
    economic spoliation, intellectual decay and cultural retrogression, was
    sure to provoke opposition. Restrictions of all kinds, unlawful
    taxation, forced labor, persecutions, violence, imprisonment, death,
    abductions of girls and boys and their confinement to Turkish harems,
    and various deeds of wantonness and lust, along with numerous less
    offensive excesses – all these were a constant challenge to the instinct
    of survival and they defied every sense of human decency. The Greeks
    bitterly resented all insults and humiliations, and their anguish and
    frustration pushed them into the arms of rebellion. There was no
    exaggeration in the statement made by one of the beys if Arta, when he
    sought to explain the ferocity of the struggle. He said: ‘We have
    wronged the rayas [dhimmis] (i.e. our Christian subjects) and destroyed
    both their wealth and honor; they became desperate and took up arms.
    This is just the beginning and will finally lead to the destruction of
    our empire.’ The sufferings of the Greeks under Ottoman rule were
    therefore the basic cause of the insurrection; a psychological incentive
    was provided by the very nature of the circumstances.”

    Apostolos Euangelou Vacalopoulos

  • Gary

    Suckers. Some of those pictures are more than a year old and reflect something entirely different from what the article claims. And, the word they were shouting 2 days ago was “Freedom,” not jihad. And, most of the Greek people support the refugees, especially on the islands because most of their families were once refugees too.

    Why don’t you go there and see for yourself. I did. What? Don’t have the guts?

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