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[ October 22, 2017 ]

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[ October 22, 2017 ]

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St. Cloud Mall Victim Says Jihad Knifeman Stabbed His Pregnant Girlfriend


The Muslim terrorist was  wearing a security uniform. “He walked past me and my girlfriend to this old lady standing on my right. He approached her, and it sounded like he asked her how she was doing and then he stabbed her several times.”

st cloud stabbing jihad

“St. Cloud Victim Says Attacker Cut His Pregnant Girlfriend,” By Dave Lee, CBS Local, September 19, 2016:

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — One of the victims in this weekend’s suspected terror attack in St. Cloud talked with WCCO and described the moment his pregnant girlfriend was attacked.

Nine people were stabbed at Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud Saturday night; are all expected to survive their injuries. Three were hospitalized overnight.

Authorities said the attack lasted five minutes and ended at Macy’s when an off-duty Avon police officer shot and killed the suspect. A source told WCCO the suspect is 22-year-old Dahir Adan and that he attended St. Cloud State University.

On Monday, one of the victims talked with WCCO Radio’s Dave Lee about his – and his pregnant girlfriend’s – encounter with the attacker.

Isaiah Mordal had just gotten off work at the Pretzel Maker at Crossroads Mall in St Cloud Saturday night. He was going to meet his girlfriend when they came across a man wearing a security uniform.

“He walked past me and my girlfriend to this old lady standing on my right. He approached her, and it sounded like he asked her how she was doing and then he stabbed her several times,” Mordal told WCCO Radio’s Dave Lee.

Mordal said they took off, and the man followed them.

“He backed me into a corner. He just stood there, maybe 10 feet away from me. We stared at each other, as I begged him not to do it,” he said.

Then the man ran at him with the knife cocked back.

“When he was close enough, I ducked and moved off to the side, but he still stabbed me in my right shoulder blade,” he said.

Mordal says that’s when the man went after his girlfriend.

“He then turned around and went after my pregnant girlfriend,” he said. “I ran after him screaming ‘don’t touch her, she’s pregnant,’ but he still grabbed her, attempted to stab her, but missed. But still cut her on the back of her neck, at which point I ran after him into the mall screaming ‘someone call 911, there’s someone stabbing people.’”

He said thankfully they will be OK, but admits they are both shaken by the whole ordeal.

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  • David Grisez

    We are now seeing some muslims follow the instructions of the Islamic State to attack unbelievers in any way they can, cars, rocks, knives, bombs. The Islamic State needs to be stopped. Also we need to restrict muslim immigration to the United States and not let in large numbers of Muslims, where a significant number will be terrorists.

  • Laura

    Dirty coward bastard!

  • 4True

    CBUH. Curses be upon him.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Terrorists should all be shot on sight, no questions asked, bounty paid in cash.

  • Mr. Man

    The moslem cowards always go after the most vulnerable.

  • Jon in MD 22

    So why wasn’t he carrying?

    • Gun free zone.

      As a matter of fact, I am quite surprised that non of the liberal outlets so far emphasized the fact that the terrorist actually obeyed the law and didn’t use a gun in a gun free zone. What a victory for the anti-gun lobby, right?

  • Where’s the photo of the man’s cut up back? Fb has taken the article off its site.

  • Feisty Hayseed

    Two questions:

    1) Is the perp’s name Muhammad, or Muhammed, or Mohammed, or Mohammad, or Mohamed or Mohamad?

    2) Did the perp shout “Allahu Akbar” as he commenced his murderous carnage?

  • Obama IS-A-POS

    Expel ALL Muslim trash! They can only stay if they publicly RENOUNCE ISLAM and MUHAMMAD the CHILD-RAPIST. They must convert to a religion or philosophy that doesn’t worship satan.

    • oldschoolpatriot

      That won’t work, you see, because Muslims are taught by their “holy” book that they are allowed to lie – so they could, without casting themselves out of Islam and the “grace” of Allah, renounce Islam. It’s like they have their fingers crossed, see. So get a copy of Usama Dakdok’s “The Generous Qu’ran and read all about it. The term for lying to fool the unbelievers is “takkiya”. It has been a time-honored tradition among Muslims for 14 centuries now. Keep up. If a Muslim says he is not a Muslim, just don’t bother to believe him. Islam needs to be contained until it can be eliminated. There is no way to admit immigrants except on a case-by-case basis, fully investigated as to background. Asking a Muslim to renounce Islam is like asking a very small child to promise not to get into the cookie jar. They’ll renounce, all right. But they won’t mean it.

  • Drew the Infidel

    Be advised, shopping malls try to dictate the Second Amendment rights of citizens by posting “no guns allowed” signs to show their policy. This has two effects, it makes them a victim rich environment and those signs attract the unstable like dog crap does flies.

  • More muslims means more terror… Don’t people get it??? That’s why I support Trump. He gets it…!!!


    That boy made three mistakes… 1. He was apparently unable to defend himself.
    2. He was not personally armed. 3. He begged instead of fighting and standing the line.

  • Shiloh

    Isiah better learn to fight.

  • IzlamIsTyranny

    Hey everyone let’s all hire muslum security guards to guard our safe spaces!

  • billdeserthills

    Arm yourself–Begging for your life only excites these scum

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