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Paris city of light: a Parisian tells of the hell of the 19th district of Paris


Our man in Paris, Jean Patrick Grumberg, sends up the latest report of the rapid deterioration of daily life in Paris.

One of our readers, who lives in Paris France in the 19th district, speak about the hell his neighborhood became with the wild presence of illegal and dangerous muslim invaders that the government does not want to send back home.

Now my children are afraid to go to school by themselves.

Unsafe zones, infamous smells and attacks have become our daily life.

They even built toilets and showers and they say that the settlements are illegal and temporary. So they are legal.

La Ville des lumieres (City of Light) residents and store owners are totally abandoned, and there are no media coverage.”

Two migrant camps will open soon in the upscale west side of Paris to accommodate a thousand Muslims who will wreak havoc and destroy the local social fabric.

And if we publish the name of the resident who testified, he would be harassed for daring to report the truth. What a despicable world.

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  • peakpower

    It’s looking more and more like Eurabia.

  • Collin R. Hinrichs

    And how does a socialist president respond? “Accept Islam,” says Hollande. You still have choices, France, for now, but that window is closing quickly. You got to get this bum out if you hope to get the other bums out.

    • Craig

      No choices in a socialist country. The government makes all the decisions. You are owned by the government in a socialist regime. That is why it is so odd that Americans want a socialist government, that is, those in love with crazy communist Bernie and the baby-eating communist Hillary.

      • They have allowed themselves to be disarmed as well. No more safety net.

        • Jim Fox

          Were they disarmed? Please tell me.

          • Generally speaking…yes they were. Here in the US, we have to fight everyday to preserve our 2nd amendment rights everyday. I, myself, possess a permit to carry a weapon. If someone destroys my right to so, them I’m disarmed…n’est ce-pas?

          • Jim Fox

            Please give a reference. Your opinion means not much without evidence. Then you digress to the USA situation. NOTHING to do with France.

          • Enlighten me Mr. Fox. If this has nothing to do with France then explain to me about the average French citizen being able to defend themselves in what this article describes as a hellhole in the 19th district. If personal defense has nothing to do with it, then explain to me how one should react to the 19th district. Should he avoid it? Should he pretend it doesn’t exist? Should he hide in his apartment and never go out on the streets. Enlighten me Mr. Fox, then explain what you really object to here. Thanks.

          • Jim Fox

            Answer the question, Stevie. Enlighten me.
            I looked it up myself, since you haven’t the balls to back up your claim-

            In France, to buy a weapon, a hunting licence or a shooting sport licence is necessary.
            Since 1939, guns have been divided into eight categories [citation needed]:
            Category 1 : “Military” firearms. According to French law, a military firearm is a weapon which has a caliber used by the army since 1880. Some of them are prohibited; for example, fully automatic weapons, but semi-automatic rifles or handguns are authorised. Examples of military gauges in category 1 : 9×19mm, 5.56×45mm NATO, 7.62×39mm, 7.62×51mm NATO, .45 ACP, .50 BMG, .50 AE.
            Category 2 : Military material[clarification needed]
            Category 3 : Protections against military gas[clarification needed]
            Category 4 : Civil firearms. According to French law, a civil firearm is a semi-automatic long gun with a magazine that can hold more than 3 rounds that does not use a military gauge, or a handgun (pistol or revolver, including all magazine capacities) which doesn’t have a caliber used by the army. Examples of civil gauges in category 4 : .22 LR pistol, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .500 S&W.
            Category 5 : Hunting firearms. All long guns which don’t use a military caliber; manually operated long guns with a maximum magazine capacity of 10 rounds, and semi-automatic long guns with a maximum of 3 rounds.
            Category 6 : Knives[clarification needed]
            Category 7 : Shooting firearms[clarification needed]: .22 LR rifles, BB guns, etc…
            Category 8 : Historical firearms: firearms which were designed before 1880 and black-powder guns. (Except for firearms using black-powder metallic cartridges).
            France also sets limits on the number of cartridges that can be purchased per year, depending on the purpose of the gun. The total number of firearms owned by an individual is also subject to limits.[1] France has no limit on magazine capacity and you need a permit for category one semi-automatics.

            SO- Americans might consider this “disarmed” but as you see, the French can legally own and carry certain firearms. Therefore they are not “disarmed”

          • Your mindless cut-and-paste reply fails to mention two important points. One…the extensive hurtles to get approval to obtain firearms and ammo, and two, the endless limitations put upon individuals wishing to obtain a CCW. With that in mind, I’ll move on here since you haven’t the respect to address another in a cordial manner. Commenting about my male genitals is quite perplexing. Maybe you should see someone who will address that issue with you. I’m done. Have a great life.

          • Jim Fox

            I’m not. As you can’t refute the EVIDENCE I supplied, you resort to
            disingenuous remarks, viz ‘male genitals’. Surely you are aware that comment is about moral courage, not physical objects- or is that too subtle for a Southern good ole boy? “Mindless cut & paste” indeed- best ‘argument’ you can come up with?

            Hurdles, not ‘hurtles’.
            The ‘hurtles’ are a very GOOD thing but Americans have little idea why that is so, being wilfully blind to the rest of the world. Anyone who wants a lethal weapon MUST be vetted to ensure sanity, a minimum level of intellect and intelligence, responsibility and many other qualifying standards. Here’s more of that EVIDENCE you hate and can’t let yourself believe–

            The U.S. has higher rates of homicides from guns than Pakistan. At 4.5 deaths per 100,000 people, the U.S. rates aren’t much lower than gun homicide rates in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (5.2 deaths per 100,000 people). Annually, the U.S. has about two fewer gun homicide deaths per 100,000 people than Iraq, which has 6.5 deaths per 100,000.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Do you really think anyone is stupid enough to believe crime statistics reported from PAKISTAIN muslum? Most rapes aren’t reported in Pakistain Mehmet — because the female victims are worried about becoming honor killing statistics.

      • Collin R. Hinrichs

        While this is true, France still has the chance to get this bum outta there. I totally agree with how asinine it is that the kids here want a socialist government, I guess they haven’t taken a peek at Venezuela as of late. Or the fact that their beloved Bernie’s wife shuttered a college or that he bought a vacation home worth over $600K after ceding the nomination to the dark queen.

      • Warren

        Not all Americans want Bernie or Hillary.
        Trump 2016

      • movingwaters

        Many Americans are totally opposed to Socialism. Our mis-education system is designed to create morons who are “global citizens” with absolutely no knowledge of history and no discernment. Parents need to teach their kids what is going on, but that would require that they, themselves, bother to be informed.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Beirut used to be the Paris of the middle east, now, Paris is the Beirut of europe.

    • Ron Cole

      Beirut was lovely before the a`rabs trashed it.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        So was france, now it is a gutter flowing from the middle east into europe

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        I used to know a Lebanese airline pilot. He was finally let go from his airline in Lebanon because he wasn’t a f’ing muslum, but he had planned well for that eventuality and immigrated to the US. He made no bones about just who had ruined Lebanon — f’ing muslums

  • Libertybells

    This is no way to live, the French need to get organized and do it on their own, if that means picking off these parasites themselves one by one than so be it. This is a matter of survival so anything should go.

    • Rocinante44

      in the 1950’s, the french rioted and dumped hundreds of muslims into the seine over this same issue. that incident is considered shameful by the present french, but it looks like it will need to be repeated

      • Craig

        Shameful or not, this is life or Parisistan.

  • Michael Copeland

    France is a failed state.
    Hollande is an inadequate socialist bureaucrat.

  • Rocinante44

    you would think that tourism revenue would disappear in the near future. maybe that is what it will take to wake up the french

  • Hugo Cabret

    The photo looks just like the riotous mobs of Blacks who destroyed downtown Baltimore, MD after the death of a felonious thug, Freddy Gray.

    • Rocinante44

      anyplace governed by the democrat-muslim party, or its european equivalent, looks like this

    • Blitzcrraig

      Looks like a “Bernie the Bigot” rally

  • Blitzcrraig

    Obama’s aspirations for a Muslim planet on full display

  • Sgtsnuffy


    • Judi

      Unfortunately that was then and this is now!

      • Badger

        Yeah, but they caved in in 1940 just like they are doing today.

        • Judi

          True. To quote a line from “The Simpsons”……. cheese-eating surrender monkeys”.

  • Mr. Man

    Marine LePen is France’s last hope. If she isn’t elected the land of Charles Martel will be islamic.

  • Steve

    Oops, there goes the tourism.

  • Drew the Infidel

    It speaks to the character, or lack thereof, of the muslime interlopers that they have to turn one of the garden spots of the world like Paris into an absolute sh*t hole in order to make themselves feel more at home.

  • Badger

    When I say I hate muslims people say I’m a bigot.

    If I can be bothered to explain why, they become thoughtful.

  • AR154U☑ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ 2016

    I’ll let a muslim tell you the TRUTH about islam !!!

  • G P

    Gee, I wonder what the tourism receipts are looking like these days?

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      I’d imagine the United Kaliphate and Fwance are seeing their tourist revenue stream disappearing fast, just another fun-filled factor of mass muslum migration.

      • Cid Campeador

        Right you are and it’s up to the REAL French to go to town.
        It’s also up to US. After the latest NYC and Seaside Heights/ Park? it should be the call to arms.
        A WABC radio talk show host who calls himself Lionel, years ago while discussing the extreme spike in the Crime Rate said ” We have to make the CRIMINALS the ones who are afraid to go out at night.”
        If SHRILLary wins and goes after the Second Amendment and succeeds, we are in Deep S–t!

  • Paul

    What the muslims need is “a whiff of grapeshot”. This is what Napoleon would have said….

  • Cid Campeador

    People of France rise up and make the lives of these savages miserable. All they know is violence ; murder including Catholic priests, rape, beat downs and constant demands for what THEY WANT which is the Domination of the world by a demonic cult disguised as a Religion.
    Turn the tables on them and make THEIR lives miserable and they’ll leave. Elect a RIGHT WING LEADER. You defeated the Nazis, you can defeat these barbarians.
    Remember that it was the Mufti of Jerusalem who convinced Hitler to create the Holocaust. The Nazis made common cause with the Muslimin

    Resurrect La Résistance VIVE LA FRANCE. Show what you can do and it will spread all over Western Europe and hopefully here in the USA where everyone is paralyzed by PC. Sub Saharan Africans are pouring into Sicily and then further up to the mainland. There have already been incidents of Sexual Assaults of Sicilian women. A father took his daughter to a bus stop to go to school. He sat in a café with friends across the road so that he could watch his daughter. An African approached the girl and attempted to abduct her and God only knows what else. Papa and his friends beat the living crap out of this beast. Generally in Sicily that POS would have disappeared per sempre.
    We’ve become pansies here in the US. One can recognize the end of civilization when cops are being attacked and/ or murdered daily. “Please if we offend them they’ll hurt us.”
    TO HELL with Political Correctness. It is destroying Western Civilization.
    You want to make an omelette, you have to break some eggs.

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