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Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: A Tale of Two Students: Ahmed the Clock Boy and Levi


In case you missed this piece at Breitbart:

“Geller: A Tale of Two Students: Ahmed the Clock Boy and Levi,” Breitbart News, September 28, 2016:

Sandy High Oregon High School student Levi Frunk has been suspended and will miss playing in his homecoming football game, because of a homemade phone charger he was using in school. He was suspended and he wasn’t Muslim. Hmmmm.

Was he suspended because he was Jewish? Would anyone even suggest that, even though hate crime against Jews is nearly 60% (where anti-Muslim hate crime is 11%)?

Oregon’s KATU reported Sunday that Levi’s “homemade electronic device… looked like a bomb, but to Levi Frunk and his family it was just the latest creation from a very smart 15-year-old. In reality the device was a homemade charger he used to charge his phone.”

But Levi “took it to Sandy High School and left it out in a locker room to charge his phone during weight training. His coach saw it and called security.” Levi was suspended for a day and a half.

Where is this boy’s invitation to the White House, President Obama? You remember “Clockmed,” aka Ahmed Mohamed. Mohamed took apart an LCD digital clock and stuck it in a box. What he put together resembled a homemade bomb. Ahmed brought it to school. When teachers and school administration officials became concerned for the safety of the students, they walked into Clockmed’s trap.

Ahmed became a victim of Islamofauxbia. Lauded by President Obama, the Pope, 97 world leaders, the UN, hailed by NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio, who declared “Ahmed Day,” he became a media icon and hero.

Levi Frunk has an exemplary school record, is one of the smartest kids in the class, and he actually did invent something, a homemade phone charger. Clockmed merely dissembled a digital clock (and admitted in an interview with the Dallas Morning News that he knew before even going to school that the device “looked suspicious”).

So he knew going in.

The clockmeister’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, declared, “I know you know the story and the world knows the story.” “But we will repeat it and repeat it until justice is done.”

Justice? This kind of justice: a GoFundMe page to the tune of $20,000.

Ahmed’s father, Mohamed ElHassan Mohamed, has a history of trying to make a name for himself with self-aggrandizing moments. With Ahmed’s clock, he hit the jackpot.

If Ahmed hadn’t been a Muslim, his story would never have seen the light of day. Ahmed is not at a disadvantage because he’s Muslim: on the contrary, as the reaction from Obama and the fawning media showed, he’s privileged. Unlike Levi Frunk, who actually cooperated with school officials and authorities and answered their questions.

Unlike Ahmed, he didn’t cry “Judeophobia” or “Jew-hatred.

Unlike Ahmed, there are no tête–à–tête with President Obama, the UN dignitaries, the chairman of Google or engraved invites to meet with world leaders.

Unlike Ahmed, he didn’t sue the school district and city and then leave the country.

Unlike Ahmed, he didn’t then return to this country and file more lawsuits against FOX News, The Blaze, Jim Hanson, Fox Television Stations; Ben Ferguson et al. This is a sharia suit. Clockmed and his family are suing people who criticized them. It is not illegal to disagree with someone, or to criticize someone, in the United States. They are trying to impose sharia blasphemy restrictions: do not criticize Islam. Do not criticize Muslims. This suit should be dismissed with prejudice immediately. But in Obama’s America, you never know.

Instead, Levi Frunk said, “I’m a little upset I can’t play in my game tomorrow, but it was pretty fair.”

No, it wasn’t fair at all. But it was another indication of the cynicism and dishonesty of Clockmed and his sinister handlers.

Pamela Geller is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), publisher of and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America and Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. Follow her on Twitter here. Like her on Facebook here.

  • tuffone3

    The nonmuslim world suffers from the drug of complacency and its powerless outrage.

  • BenghaziNazi

    Geller, I don’t understand. Maybe you can clarify on a follow up… Ahmed’s story created so much hype because he was arrested and taken to booking by police. Both boys were suspended, but only one was taken to jail. Was it the white one? Nope.

    Leftists don’t care about two boys being suspended for similar reasons, they care that one was treated with a harsher penalty. As should you. Ahmed was arrested and had his mug shots taken, Levi did not. Also, how does Frunk’s situation indicate clockmeds dishonesty? Ahmed had mass media conglomerates turning his white lie: “I made this clock from scratch”, and turned it into “Ahmed’s hoax” which was then turned into “him and his family are preying on our fears of Muslim extremists, knew he would arouse suspicion, and they used it to their monetary advantage”. That’s quite a leap don’t you agree? It’s not as if Ahmed and his family wrote public relationtion statements to mass media telling them to blow this story out of proportion. Mass media needs content, and maybe this time they were two wordy for the sake of providing that content (for the judge to decide). This article is unclear and just makes you seem like you’re complaining about equal rights for whites (when the dark skinned kid was arrested)? Also… defamation of character IS IN FACT against the law of The US. Your line about “imposing sharia law” is used as a device to arouse objection from your audience. If sharia law and US law both say the same thing about defamation of character then why do you even mention they are “imposing” law on us… gtfoh.

    I would love to sit down and have a talk with you about this topic. Pick your brain for ideas.

    • IVotedForTrump

      BenghaziNazi, I think you are missing a key point. Ahmed’s device looked like a bomb, was designed to look like a bomb and was built to be able to be used like a bomb. Ahmed admitted he knew the device looked suspicious. Levi’s device did not look like a bomb and was not intended to look like a bomb. Levi didn’t parade his device around the school. Ahmed, who’s device looked like a bomb and he knew looked suspicious, did show off his device. That’s why he was arrested and taken to jail.

      • El Cid

        Yes, Clock Boy’s objective was to be provocative. He was warned by a teacher.

        I think that Benghazi is making the point that the school admin could have handled it without police. I see the point. But, if it were your school and your kids what would you want?

        Understanding goes both ways. Clockboy’s parents and the President used it to create controversy–they made no attempt to seek understanding.

        My expectation would be that Clockboy’s parents would apologize for their son’s actions and seek to reassure the community. They did the opposite. They convinced us that they are Jihadists. They are seeking to harm the community.

        His parents completely reject America. What were they doing here?

        Even worse, Clockboy, the president, and Clockboy’s parents have modeled the behavior for others to engage in this type of ‘resistance’. And, to make it expensive for other schools to defend themselves against Jihadists.

        • BenghaziNazi

          Would you concede if you were in unfarmiliar muslim territories and they asked you to apologize for being an infidel? Or would you move back to the US and hide behind its laws which are farmiliar and inherently biased toward you.

      • BenghaziNazi

        You’re completely lying when you say he designed it to look and act like a bomb. Yes it used a digital clock, obviously. But does that mean, in our great country, no one from the Middle East can work on or build watches/clocks/time pieces (which is an art form). How will they get you your oil on time?

        • WhiteUptightOutOfSight

          He did not build a clock. He disassembled a clock and placed it in a suitcase. He did not work on a clock, build a clock or create art. He put a time-based detonator in a suitcase, just like his dad taught him. That is why he was arrested.

          • BenghaziNazi

            Right, he disassembled a clock (which is essentially “working on” but I’ll move forward)… show me anywhere in documentation by school or police that there was a “time-based detonator in a suitcase”. Ahmed was released by the police before being jailed because there was no evidence of malicious intent and no evidence of the threat of a real bomb. Or do you distrust the men and women of law enforcement to do their job?
            I think it would be more fair to assume you’ve been socially aligned with those who Are afraid of something you don’t 100% understand. And because human nature is inherently prejudice you have accepted this fear and used it as a defense mechanism to avoid any and all interaction with these people.
            Even if he and his family moved back to wherever his parents are from, that doesn’t remove them from our lives. You just inevitably grow this fear, instill it in your children, and create violence on both sides instead of squashing it with meaningful discussion and understanding.
            If I were to take a step back from my argument and ask you WHY you thought Ahmed might want to take a bomb to school and show everyone, I doubt you would come up with anything other than “create fear” or “he’s a stupid jihad”, because that’s all your mind can focus on. If you were a bomb creating, hate mongering jihad… why would you bring a bomb to school and show people (asking to get turned in) instead of actually blowing the thing up?
            I think the simplest answer is that he didn’t, that there was no malicious intent, and Ahmed just wanted to show off to people that he had an interest and skill working with electronics. We should encourage motivated young people like this, not completely harass and dispel them from our communities.

          • WhiteUptightOutOfSight

            I was just justifying the school’s actions. He built a device that looked like a bomb and could have very, very easily been turned into a bomb. Sounds like a good reason to call the police and have them investigate. Thanks for classifying me.

          • Nathaniel O.

            After you classified clockboy? Sorry, you don’t get to play the victim now. Nothing in your response shows an inkling of reasoned discursive thinking. You’ve drawn your ridiculous conclusion though it is not supported by any shred of evidence whatsoever. And you’re sticking with it … Hell, the police don’t even agree with you but that doesn’t seem to matter with people like you. How in the world can we operate a society this way?

            It wasn’t a bomb. It wasn’t a “time-based detonator” – unless in your paranoid mind, all clocks are. It wasn’t harmful. These are facts. But facts be damned, you’ve got your suspicions that better fit your myopic worldview. You said he did what his dad taught him to do, how in the name of heavens do you know any of that?!?

            I’ve wasted enough of my time already on this…

  • Rudra Kumar

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