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[ September 25, 2017 ]

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Ohio HONOR KILLING: Muslim Father Shoots Daughter in the Head — Twice While She Slept


When asked to explain why the father would shoot his own daughter, family members blamed a medical condition; they said Mansour is a diabetic. Yes, that’s it — diabetes.  And not only did no one in the media question this, they actually deliberated whether the medical case could be made. That’s how sick, broken and subdued our fourth estate has become.

“Neighbors: Family ‘kept to themselves’ at home where police say dad shot his daughter”, FOX 19, By Denise Zarrella, Reporter, September 27th 2016:
ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) – A 63-year-old father is facing murder, felonious assault, and domestic violence charges after Rocky River police say he shot his daughter twice.


Tahani Mansour was rushed to Fairview Hospital Tuesday morning. She died around 11 a.m., 10 hours after police say Jamal Mansour shot her. In front of a judge on Tuesday, he said it was an accident.

The victim’s brother called 9-1-1 for help at 1:15 a.m. Tuesday. He told the operator his father just shot his sister in her room at the family’s home on Vine Court. This is how a portion of the 9-1-1 call went:

Operator: “Go ahead sir.”
Caller: “Yes, my sister has been shot. Please send an ambulance, please.”
Operator: “OK, where has she been shot at?”
Caller: “In her room.”
Operator: “OK. Did she shoot herself? Did you see who shot her?”
Caller: “No, my father shot her.”


During the 911 call, the brother said that his father has diabetes. Police say the father shot his daughter twice in the head.

“We don’t have a solid motive other than an argument occurred between a father and his daughter,” said Lt. George Lichman with Rocky River Police.

Lichman says Tahani Mansour was one of six children. She lived at home with her parents and was the youngest child.

“We had the fire department respond and do an evaluation, it turns out (the father) was not under any medical care at the time of the incident and since he’s been in our jail,” Lichman said, when asked about his health.

The victim graduated from Rocky River High School, and went to Cleveland State. She had a doctor of pharmacy degree from Northeast Ohio Medical University. The university sent out a tweet mourning her death, saying counselors would be available on campus.

This is the first homicide in Rocky River in two years.

Before that, police say they hadn’t seen a homicide for 16 or 17 years. Neighbors were left stunned by what they heard happened.

Dr. Joan Horvath says the family lived on the street for years but kept to themselves. Other neighbors said the same thing.

“I understand that they have children. I have never seen the children. I would not recognize them. I’ve seen the father cutting the grass and occasionally the mother puttering with flowers, but I have never seen the children,” said Horvath. “The thought to me, of a father shooting a daughter, who is normally the apple of a father’s eye, is so heartbreaking. What drove him to that. What are the dynamics of that family that made him feel that the only way to stop something is to shoot his daughter.”

General Hospital by Rocky River Fire Department paramedics, where she later died.Jamal was arrested at the home on a felonious assault charge. He is now also charged with murder and domestic violence.

He is being held on $1 million bond.

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  • Rick Smith

    Notice the son started to establish a false medical reason, right away, during the 911 call. Shows me his colors, right off the bat. This will surely be another Islamic honor killing swept under the rug by the left.

    • luvbach1

      Diabetes never causes a murder!!

      • Mark Steiner

        If it does, I’m the Man in the Moon.

      • paul

        islam does….

    • Tripin S

      Well of course, there both Muslim.

    • Mark Steiner

      A resemblance to Rifqa Bary – with a tragic ending. What a horrible waste …

      Hang ‘im high!

    • paul

      caused and approved by the left you mean

    • Grandson Of TheGrumpus

      I’ve been a diabetic (take pills for it) for 27yrs.

      I suppose I’m “about due”!

      I hope I don’t accidentally awaken middle of the night and commit murder! /extreme sarc off

  • John Rustic

    To the wood chipper with this ahole.

    • David C. Telliho

      Feed him in feets first. Sell tickets. I envision tailgate parties,street dance,&block party,live band. You`d want to elevate the chipper, so all could watch and cheer before he goes thru the blades previously liberally coated w/pigs blood.

    • Jason Weishaupt

      Feet first.

  • Jeremy Cordon

    Notice her lack of Hijab. An apostate maybe?

  • joker

    It is fair when you are a muzzrat with diabetics you shoot your daughter twice in the head. Fair pislamic practice to cure diabetics.

  • anon

    Those who commit honor killings should get an automatic life sentence and their family should be deported posthaste.

    • John Rustic

      Nah just shoot em. Why spend all that taxpayer money on life in prison? I do agree with the deport comment though.

  • Adam

    Hey, what’s the problem? Shooting your own daughter in the head while she sleeps is standard treatment for diabetes in the muslim world. Nothing to see here… Go back to sleep!

  • christian vidal

    Ban all muzzies from the US shut down all mosques for ever. Don’t forget

    when the twin towers collapsed 1 billion of their kind were dancing and chanting in

    the streets worldwide. They are our deadliest enemies since the inception. Their only

    goal is the erasement of the western and jewish civilizations.

    • Waqar Khan

      oh boy, please don’t include in me in all of this…I’m the innocent one…I do go to a masque sometimes, and I do have friends who are Christians and other races, and oh please God save me from people like him….Ameen. what is the difference between you and these kind of people? that’s nothing to do with ISLAM…..this is a CULTURAL thing, that’s a HINDU Cultural thing, and don’t associate these actions with the religion. Should we go by the Hitler’s relgion?

      • Trevor Fortune

        You cannot even spell your own name, it’s spelt Whacker. And you obviously have been whacking it far too long.

      • Ronald Green

        Sorry, the Hindus don’t honor kill their daughters… that’s a Muslim thing.

        • harbidoll

          uh, yes they do.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Proof please.

          • harbidoll

            its called wife burning- not after he dies but because he wants a new wife (more like her dowry, which she must pay not him) & new wife’s dowry! Its a grease fire Usually. These days when husband dies she, the widow must leave his family’s house where she lives as a house slave, & her family feels shame cuz she brought death to her husband.(bad karma). 20,000 widows live in communes where they barely survive. This is if the female fetus survives the sex-selection abortions!!! Being born female means a bad past life. Everyone knows that.educate yourself!

          • conan_drum

            Very often it is because the bride’s family cannot pay enough dowery and are asked for more and more. The birth of a girl child is not celebrated in many poor Indian families but a son is with dancing and singing. Even in educated families the pregnant mother is often harrassed
            to get an abortion if the foetus is shown to be female. I saw this in a documentary a few weeks ago.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            “Everyone knows that.” What a convincing argument. Accusations don’t constitute proof. R U a muzzie ape?

          • Ronald Green

            But that is not honor killing. Honor killings are done because the girl or woman refused to marry the father’s choice, or she has done something that “embarrasses” the family’s “honor”, such as dress modestly or dated a non-Muslim. They are not the same thing. Your “moral equivalence” not withstanding.

          • harbidoll

            Ur right, sometimes its just hate or greed not shame or honor.

          • Guest

            Honor killings are very much alive in India. Do the research.


            In India they have a caste system, where in if you marry outside your stature some families feel justified to kill you.

            Plain and simple: murder is murder.


            Hindus do not value girls just like muslims. It is the primitive ancient way of pagans. Pagans do not honor life.

          • Ronald Green

            When you develop the courage of your convictions and stop hiding behind your “guest” status, come back and talk with us.

            Yes murder is murder but what the Muslims do and the Indians do have different motivations and still people end up dead. It’s the motivations of the murders that we are discussing. And yes both motivations are barbarous but they are not the same. Greed vrs. “honor”.

          • Waqar Khan

            Guest or no Guest, the facts are accurate, and that’s why you need…but I guess you want to know his name, so you can pre-judge his comments?

          • Ronald Green

            No,not that you would understand, but a man of Honer does not hide behind a veil of anonymity. If he does it indicates he is either lying or is afraid. So shut up.

          • Frankie

            What a rude person you are Ronald. And your arguments are pathetic. Were you not taught manners as a child? Your condescending tones are not necessary at all.

          • Ronald Green

            If you can’t handle a grown up conversation, that is your problem, not mine. Waqar Khan has spent all his time trying to deflect fault for Muslim “honor” murders to Hindus by implying that they do it too. My arguments have been that Hindus murder their wives out of greed and not some sense of religious “honor” like the Muslims do. If that is “pathetic” to you then perhaps you should examine your own lack of values.

          • Frankie

            It’s one thing to have an opinion, it’s another to have no manners. I don’t lack values, I merely think you could speak in a kinder tone. it’s not about the argument, it’s about the delivery that’s all.

          • Ronald Green

            Where polite conversation is valued, I am quite polite. Where civil discourse is practiced, I am quite civil. In this case I am dealing with some one who uses childish arguments to excuse the barbarous acts of those who practice his religion. I have no patience with such tactics. He isn’t bothered about a dead young woman; he is upset that people are putting the blame where it belongs, on his religion.

            I have lived among Muslims, did so for two years. I have read a good bit of the Koran. The current Whabi interpretation of Islam is a very fundamentalist 7th Century view. Women in this view are not valued above cattle, camels, or sheep. They are considered property and a necessary evil. If you find this view as offensive as I do, then perhaps you can understand my lack of civility with this Muslim apologist.

          • bill

            Oh, so you want him to be just a little more politically correct for you. Sounds like you need to go to your safe room and have a good, long cry, bitch!

          • bill

            Frankie, your a f**king pussy. Growup and TRY to be a man. Ronald is sick and tired of Muzzies coming into OUR NATION and trying to implement Sharia law. Try and grow a pair sissy boy!

          • Waqar Khan

            such as she dress immodestly and dated a non-Muslim? Now if a girl is a Muslim, and she is from an area where they practice the old tradition of Hindu-Honor killing…where would you find a Non-Muslim by her? If you do a little research, HONOR killing is very much practice in India and still is.

          • Ronald Green

            Do shut up, your “question” doesn’t even make sense. Your moral equivalence is absurd. You making excuses for what is no more than barbarism is pathetic.

            A Muslim girl tries to marry outside of her religion “offends” the “honor” of her Muslim male relatives and they
            stone her to death or shoot her in the head while she’s sleeping to satisfy their religion’s prohibition on Muslim women marrying a non- Muslim..

            The greedy little douche bag Hindu who isn’t happy with the
            dowry supplied by his bride’s family murders her so he can try to find another wife and maybe get more from her family.

            Both end up with a dead woman but one is based on the religion and the other is just greed.

          • Dallas dog

            This kafir says killing for any reason other than self-defense is murder.

          • Ronald Green

            I agree in basic principle. the exception is what soldiers must do in combat.

          • Dallas dog


          • bill

            The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called’hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter. Sell your bullshit somewhere else and I’m not even getting into the violence Muhammad encourages. Stop trying to indoctrinate/brainwash ppl that aren’t educated into your vile religion and evil practices. YOU FAIL!

          • bill

            Or if the woman gets raped, then they honor kill her, THE DAMN VICTIM!

          • Beeta


          • harbidoll

            I talk about in India, mainly Hindus

          • Guest


            Nearly 1000 “honor” killings are reported in India each year, murders by a family member for behavior deemed “shameful,” such as a relationship outside his or her caste (Religion ).

            Again, these folks are pagan and in all pagan cultures you have this kind of frap.

            There are only two sides spiritually, Jesus or satan.

          • bill

            Yes and there are TONS of Muzzies in India.

          • Toy Pupanbai
          • Guest


            You are right and Green is wrong.

          • Ronald Green

            “moral equivalence” is so pathetic.

            A Muslim girl tries to marry outside of her religion “offends” the “honor” of her Muslim male relatives and they
            stone her to death or shoot her in the head while she’s sleeping to satisfy their religion’s prohibition on Muslim women marrying a non- Muslim..

            The greedy little douche bag Hindu who isn’t happy with the
            dowry supplied by his bride’s family murders her so he can try to find another wife and maybe get more from her family.

            Both end up with a dead woman but one is based on the religion and the other is just greed.

          • Antonia Castillo

            More people like you are needed in this world… thank you for being angry at this acts of horror and abuse…

        • Landa Carter

          MUSLIMS has a SICK MIND , they R of ”SATAN”…..

          • Waqar Khan

            Landa, you look like you are Satan.

          • bill

            Keep running your mouth and you just may meet him, sooner rather than later, Punk!

          • William Drumm Sr.

            Looks and actions, make the difference. The Muslim way of life seems satanic to me.

        • Guest

          Wrong……….Hidus also do honor killing. Do the research Ronald.

          Hindus are another pagan cult.

          • Waqar Khan

            By the way if a Muslim killed or do the honor killing, it’s not promoted by Islam….so I don’t where they came up with Muslims do honor killing? so I think Christians rape women, and bomb innocent peoples village in the name of FREEDOM or war on TERRORISTS?

          • 2010K

            No. These actions are forbidden in Christianity.

          • Ronald Green

            I haven’t blamed the barbarism of what the Hindus have done on anyone except them. But you attempt to deflect the savagery of Muslim “Honor Killing” by saying, ” but look at what the Hindu’s do”.

            It is childish to do so.., to say the least.

          • Waqar Khan

            Really Ronald? You don’t blame and all of you guys sitting here and accusing my religion for the actions of others…wait not just that you guys even go to an extend, that MUSLIMS do this….so with your logic, it makes total sense to you to blame Muslim….

          • Ronald Green

            We blame Your Religion because your Religion directs men to do this sort of thing. It was a Muslim MAN here, who murdered his daughter for the sake of his Religion and the family “honor”. What Hindus do is on them, not what you Wahbie Muslims do. Not what some Christian did, but what your people DO.

            And all you are doing is trying to deflect responsibility for your Religion’s barbarity to some one… any one else.

            How about instead of blaming everyone else, You work to put an end to this practice? Oh, I’m sorry, then you’d be declared an apostate and killed. And we wouldn’t want that now would we.

          • Ronald Green

            Just more diversion? Is that all you have? But.. but.. look at what they do….. you sound like a cry baby.
            It was a Muslim man in this article that murdered his daughter for the family “Honor”. And you blame Christians and Hindus and the neighbors dog. Anything except who did it.

          • bill

            To me he sounds like a Troll, using a fake picture/profile and he doesn’t speak like a Hodji either. Bet he’s whiter than a sheet, lol. I wouldn’t put too much credibility in what this Punk has to say. When the time comes, they’ll all bite the bullet, because we can’t have these sort of Animals running g loose in our peaceful (for the most part, besides some gangs that are going to be dismantled under Trump) Nation, where ppl just want the American Dream, to live in peace, make a living and raise our families. Although, the time is coming when we’re going to have to eradicate this vermin and get back to the American way of living life.

          • chris dixon

            Christians don’t rape women and then prosecute the woman for not having four witnesses. Sharia Law is the evil Behind your demonic so called religion. Oppressive and evil. Your prophet married a child of only six years, he was a pedophile yet your most holiest? Sick. This must be why y’all are so successful recruiting prisoners. Because you justify evil in the name of your supposed God. Mutilating little girls genitalia. Stoning women. Throwing gays from rooftops. Islam is not a religion it is a cult of evil. May you all burn in hell where you belong with the devil you worship.

          • budabobnu

            Muzzies kill everything.

          • bill

            No, not everything. Not 320,000,000 pissed off Americans armed to the teeth. We WILL squash Islam like the greasy, little insect it is. Think I’m joking? Just wait and see, because it’s coming. We will do you a favor and send you off to your 97 Virgins. Afterall, that’s what ya want right? Like I say, we’ll give you a little shove towards that direction. BELIEVE IT!

          • Beeta


          • Beeta


          • Beeta


          • Frankie

            Oh, do you think Christians have never had honor kilings????
            At one point Christianity could have been considered a pagan religion. Get real.

          • bill

            We’re talking about the HERE AND NOW MAGGOT. Besides, just because you call yourself a Christian, doesn’t mean you are. In fact NOW HERE in the HOLY BIBLE, does it instruct followers of CHRIST to partake in such behavior. As a matter of fact, it speaks against this sort of barbarism that the Koran and the writings of Muhamed ENCOURAGES it’s followers to partake in. Like killing the Unbelievers and raping women is your favorite pastime, then you stone the woman to death THAT WAS THE VICTIM OF THE ASSAULT! You are swine and will be treated as such when the time comes,,, BANK ON IT!!!%

          • Beeta


        • Kathreen

          Definitely Muslim, Islamc. A Koran teaching.

        • Waqar Khan

          That was never a Muslim thing:-) read the History…Muslim banned these kind of stuff, including the practice of Saati where the Hindu Wife was burned alive with the dead body of her husband…why do you guys just come up with none-sense and blame it on MUSLIMS?

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        FU and mohamMUD your Jew hating, child molesting, mass murdering prophet for profit.
        Cultural thing my A$$ muslum…

        • paul

          its just following the koran teachings

      • Max

        We keep seeing “honor killings” all over the moslim world. We won’t tolerate these in the civilized world. If waqar is truly disturbed by such murders, he should look more closely at his religion and find another spiritual path.

        • Sifter

          “honor killings” …as though Muslims had any honor to begin with!

          • Landa Carter

            for sure, ”SCUM OF THE EARTH” !!

          • Will

            That has always been my take. They make excuses for rape and murder, based on the clothing people wear? Dangerous to the free world.

          • Sifter

            True. Amish and Hassids don’t approve of some skimpy Western dress, either, but they live and let live. These throat cutters are maniacal. Wonder of her “crime” was kissing a boy? Or just finally saying NO to daddy? ‘ Honor’…how Orwellian!

          • harbidoll

            Pride & honor is big in their religion! Wasn’t it Pride that infested Satan & caused him to get kicked out of Heaven? & what got Ishmael kicked out of the Tribe? hummm

        • tim1776

          They’re somewhat tolerated because our government knowingly “resettles” people in our country who believe that honor killing is not only right, that that’s it’s their duty to carry them out.

          Locking up the Dad after he’s done his “duty” won’t undo the murder of his daughter. If we were 100% against honor killings we’d bar any “refugee” who comes from a culture that believes they are just. But we don’t do that which suggests that someone powerful in our government doesn’t think it’s a big deal (i.e. they tolerate it).

          • Max

            Yep, true enough. I think the officials that order, acquiesce, condone and permit the mass import of 3d world muslims to the poor old u.s.of.a should be held accountable for the results. That may require dusting off Title 18 of the U.S. Criminal Code, which covers things like treason, sedition, subversion and what not.

      • How come it’s never any other brand religion doing these so-called honor killings? Waqar Khan can’t answer that one honestly. The honest answer is islam is of Satan, The Dark Angel who was banished & thrown out of Heaven by God. Moslems are innately evil creatures not even worthy of being called human beings…

        • 1MaryAnn1

          And, Obama is a muslim…should never have been POTUS! He is bringing them in by the millions…muslims want to overthrow the government and rule the American people. If Hillary becomes the POTUS it will be just more of the same. Muslims should never have been allowed in our country. Keep your guns loaded and make sure you have lots of pork on hand when they come after you.

          • Guest

            Evil nations get evil rulers.

            America now exports arms, drugs, pornography and immorality.

            We allowed 60,000,000 babies to be slaughtered all in the name of sexual freedom.

            We have our school system to thank for all the Communist, Atheists now in our midst.

            The single ideology responsible for the biggest number of murders in all of human history has been Communism which employs Atheism…….bar none.

            America turned her back on God Almighty and now is a country full of oh so smart, sophisticated Atheists.

            We as a nation are reaping what we have sown.

            And it’s about to get even worse.

          • jobird

            Well said and thanks for your post.Like the Bible says “Turn from your evil ways and I(GOD)will heal your Nation”

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Muslums, over the course of islam’s 1400 years of endless bloodshed, are estimated to have slaughtered 250 MILLION people and the slaughter has yet to cease. Muslums make even atheist Communists look like pikers.

          • Will

            Dunno about pikers, commies have killed 160 million just in the 1900’s. Islamics suck, very true, but 250 million? That seems a stretch.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The muslums have had over a thousand years to do so. The upper bound on the number of Hindus slaughtered/enslaved/forcibly converted by muslums in the Indian sub-continent is 80 million.

          • Guest

            250 million under Islam dead is over the course of 1,400 years.

            Communism has had 170 million in the 20th Century alone. Give Communism another 1,000 years provided the human race is still viable.

            Add to that 170,000,000 we have 60,000,000 + babies aborted in part due to our Atheistic / Communist ideology that has worked it’s way into the American ideology.

            And America is in the final phases of a Communist take over of which probably we are looking at least tens of millions will be genocided, provided we don’t’ have a war with Russia and or China, then we are looking at the possibility of hundreds of millions of us may not be around much longer thanks to our Communist / Muslim President.

            Again, there really are only two sides to this cosmic chess match: God vs. satan.

            Communists and Muslims both work for the same side, satan.

            Personally I will be surprise if 90% of us are still here in America within the next 2-3 years.

            Genocide is coming and satan’s one new world order Poppy Bush promised us is right around the corner.

            Will it be a Communist rule, a Islamic rule or a combination of the two……….time will tell.

          • Will

            I’ve come to a point where I see the luciferian international financiers as the rulers of the world governed world. Rothschild/Rockefeller elites, who really are convinced they, because they have more wealth, are more worthy to live where as we, who have less should be planned out of existence. The banking elite although jewish by heritage, were keen to support hitler financially, and the Bolshevik revolution before hitler. They really like the idea of a pre-made totalitarian government to take over. Looking at the love of towelheadism shot through our federal elected officials, and the alphabet news distributors, I’d say that the council on foreign relations has been requiring ‘tolerance’ for islam in this nation in hopes that we can be brought down. Who really knows?

          • Waqar Khan

            I’m not sure these figures are right, and even if they are right….it’s far far farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr less compared to how many innocent people the CHRISTIANS has killed, guess all of the NORTH SOUTH AMERICAN Indian, the Black Slaves, Crusader, Bombing of IRAQ and Afghanistan…….should I bring in an ADD Hitler tolls to Christians too? or was he a Jew?

          • 2010K

            No. Governments do war, not Christians. Black African nations brought slavery. Hitler was born to Christian parents but was not a follower.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            The only religion Hitler privately expressed admiration for (while deprecating Christianity) was Pi$$lam. The only religious figure put up at a 5-star hotel in Berlin at Nazi state expense? The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. The only religious figure to ever tour a concentration camp? The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. The largest Waffen SS division in terms of manpower was the all muslum Handschar division — reportedly elements of this division were among the diehard defenders of the Fuhrer bunker in Berlin in ’45’.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            ESAD lying muslum ape. Muslums slaughtered between 2.5 to 3 million Hindus in the early 1970’s and a million assorted kaffur in the Sudan in the late 20th century. As for your pitiful argument of false equivalence muslum ape? FAIL.

          • Ronald Green

            No Hitler was not a Christian, nor was he a Jew, but he did greatly admire Islam.

          • Duchess of Pork

            Supposition only until you quote figures and sources.

          • Will

            Well spoken Guest. I am sad to say that your words are true.

          • 1MaryAnn1

            I’m not part of the “we” you referred to and I didn’t have anything to do with killing those babies, exporting arms, drugs, porn or immorality and I used my vote to express my opposition…thanks to the atheists, communists and the liberals, we, the people, have little or no representation. I remain true to my faith in God and I believe we, as a nation, will reap what our government and those who support them has sown. The government, in all its iniquity, will continue on the same road toward destruction simply because they want all the evil to abide in/of their corruption. The latest abomination is changing our free nation into a muslim state where the most evil of evil will reside. Obama and those who support him, believe Islam is a people of a “peaceful” nature. Sorry, beheading people is not an example of that description. I agree with you that we are about to see worse. May God help our nation and the people who love and believe in God.

          • William Drumm Sr.

            News flash, Trump won the election. Hopefully Muslims will be getting out of here and America can start healing,

          • donojibway

            Speaking as a free market, golden rule atheist, your equivalency of atheism and communism is just wrong. Communism has more in common with religion in that in both cases you’re supposed to abandon common sense and either worship an invisible silent god, or take direct instruction from a communist leader who will tell you exactly how to run your life.
            The biggest problem in the world is false ideologies which include worshipping invisible gods or turning your life over to a communist ideology that has been demonstrated to fail wherever it is implemented. Christians are the best people right now, but after 1692 years of Christianity, they were still hanging witches in Salem, Massachusetts. They have only been on good behavior for 16% of their latest existence, and their Bible still instructs to kill witches. (Exodus 22:18)

          • William Drumm Sr.

            No not happening. Trump won and things will be changed very soon.

          • Will

            It’s very plain to see, but many don’t want to admit it, calling one islamophobic or racist some other made up disease, if you notice it.

          • Waqar Khan

            The day, you and all PROMISE to leave the land of MUSLIMS that Day we will leave your country…

          • 1MaryAnn1

            “The day you and all promise”….really? That is such a true statement of a third world wanna destroy the U.S.A., evil, islam-loving muslim. Were you ever a citizen of a nation you, personally, had control of the government? NOT! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here! You would have remained in your country! The only reason you’re here is to further spread your sick, sadistic way of life. You’re a prime example of why we don’t want you here in our country. No need for you to continue your pitiful dialogue for me…I will block you because you’re not worth my explaining how wonderful it is to live in a free nation. Take your Alla and get out.

          • 2010K

            I believe the people of the USA don’t want to be in your country. However, the War $ Machine wants more and more $ and power. Follow the $. It’s a handful of corrupt wealthy elites.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Maybe you’ll be leaving Western style countries whether your like it or not a lot earlier than that muslum — feet first or otherwise.

          • Ronald Green

            And give up Hijrah? Please stop lying. Oh, that’s right… your “religion” tells you to lie to infidels to advance your cult, doesn’t it.

          • William Drumm Sr.

            Guess what, Hillary lost twice.

        • Darren

          Julius B Carey, you are a shill, paid for by Soros and the Clinton Foundation. The ACT is heinous, not the PEOPLE. And then you go and have a Trump badge as your logo?

          Your effort to paint Trump supporters as racists and idiotic won’t work. Trump’s first rally, in Florida, at an airplane hangar, had 9500 people show up, with a line up that included thousands more. Must have been a bunch of deplorables.

          Get a real job. And then maybe come over and fight for what’s right.

          • William Drumm Sr.

            Good my friend, Trump won the election, I feel like I’ve gone back in time.

        • Landa Carter

          got that ”RIGHT” Julius B ….

        • Will

          Be careful with judging other humans. Even islamics. God wishes for all men to come to repentance. While a person is in a dead state, we don’t have the wisdom or authority to do anything but preach to or go to war with them. Only the living God can judge a person worthy of hell.

          • harbidoll

            how can they come if they have not heard? Dont think they read our blogs, we have to go out into the streets! Someone brought them To Us!! hummmm

          • don williams

            Correct. but the Bible also says, we shall know them by their fruits, Islam’s fruits are not the fruits of a forgiving God. Islam is of the devil.

        • harbidoll

          as once we all were, unworthy of Salvation! MeWe are to “set the captives (of Satan) free”! Till they cut our throats LOL. glory–

        • TruthWFree

          I agree with most of what you say. I also believe that any good people trapped in Islam should leave the Satanic death cult or be considered complicit with the Islamic Jihadist killers and Honor Killings such as these. I too can come to no other conclusion that Islam is Satan’s revalation to and possession of Muhammad. Islam is a recipe for eternal fighting and killing among mankind. Satan should be happy with his demonic religion.

          • don williams

            He is very plrased with what his religion, Islam, is doing to the people of the world. It’s getting worse because he knows his time is short.

        • Waqar Khan

          why Dark is being considered evil? So that’s why you guys hate Black people? What about the killing in the USA by the COPS and Law enforcement, are they HONOR KILLING? why are we not focused on the problems we have here, in the USA?

          • 2010K

            This happen here. Did you not read the title? It happened in Ohio. And, your argument makes no sense.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Um ur fellow muslum apes are busily slaughtering Nigerian Christians in Nigeria right now — ten thousand Nigerian Christians have already been slaughtered there by ur fellow muslum apes.
            Go blow a camel.

          • Ronald Green

            Your stupidity is palpable. Who started enslaving African Blacks in the 700’s? That would be 700 years before the Europeans moved in on your enterprise. Oh, that’s right it was you Muslims. Why do you Muslims hate non-Muslim Black people?

            And more of you stupid “moral equivalence”? Out of a Nation of 350 million people; the police kill, on average about 700 a year. The greatest majority of them are criminals doing criminal stuff, so they kind of asked for it.

      • Mark Steiner

        Why go to the mosque at all? To have Milk and Cookies and sing “Nearer My God To Thee”?

        Get out of the false religious system. Jesus is the BEST way, the ONLY way. John 14:1-6.

        • paul

          the mosque teaches hate

      • harbidoll

        True Hinduism is very Misogynistic, second to Islam in female rape,murder! (they dont practice sex-slavering) Thats why Pakistan is the worse in the world- ex Hindu Muslims.

      • Nocturn

        Hitler gave up his religion in his teen years .Did he say that Jesus wanted him to kill using religion as justification ? Catholic priests and clergy that opposed his regime were sent to concentration camps and killed .Maximillian Kolbe and Edith Stein being two of them.

        Pope Pius XI’s strong anti-Nazi papal encyclical Mit Brennender Sorge of March 1937 gave encouragement to Catholics to continue speaking out against the Nazi regime.

        • Guest

          Hitler was into the occult, particularly Aleister Crowley’s black magick (with a k). He was not Christian, muslim or anything other than a luciferian. Do some research.

          What does Islam and black magick have in common?

          Simply there are two and only two sides to this battle: God vs. satan. One is either a Christian (God) anything else, Hindi, Muslim, New Age, Wicca, Atheist, etc……..anything other than Jesus and you are dancing with the devil.

          Now folks put on your thinking caps. Which of the two below are characteristics of ALL muslim nations?

          Gods attributes: Love, life, creation, free will, peace, order, freedom

          satan’s attributes: Hate, death, destruction, oppression, war, chaos, slavery (enslave)

          Read the Qu’ran. Every single page says to murder, smite, cause terror, enslave, etc.

          Islam is satan’s kingdom on Earth and ALL muslims have been deceived BIG TIME.

          One of Jesus’s last directives was, “Love one another as I have loved you. Love one another.” and “NO ONE can come to the Father except through Me.”

          We need to deport ALL muslims. Islam is not compatible with our Constitution.

          I do not want this Sharia Law. It’s is satan’s laws.

      • We’ll do so,etching about it then. Don’t just sit there and say, ‘Don’t blame me!’

      • David C. Telliho

        We didn`t start this. In the past,we have been a welcoming,tolerant people. But we do have our limits. Unfortunately, all Islamist`s are considered to be the same. None seem willing to condemn ISIS, as an example. Shariah law seems to be the goal for the world. None speak against that either. What are we to think ? We didn`t start this .

        • Will

          The dynamic that keeps towels from coming down on murdering towels seems to be the same dynamic at work in American ghettos, where nobody sees any crime. I believe it has to do with not bringing the ire of the community down on them. Many towels are islamic simply to go along and get along, and are not really bothered by praying to mecca 5 times per day. They don’t believe the whole book, only the first part before mohammed went insane. There is much good scripture in the first part where he was copying Judaism and Christianity. It is the later portion after he had murdered and pillaged his way to medina where the really mendacious, murderous stuff was written.

          • David C. Telliho

            Thank you. I have a Qur`an, I`ve read what you say and found it confusing,angering. I saw the similarities with Christianity’the people of the book’ and the contrary verses. It seems that to-day, The hadiths studied, promote violence,not peace. I haven`t read those. I do have almost daily contact making deliveries to a Muslim shop owner. He made it very clear to me that” Jews are apes and pigs” (his words).He attends his Mosque regularly,has a prayer rug in his office,which I`ve seen him use. Not understanding Arabic, I`ve heard on his radio ‘jihad’ mentioned by an angry guy. I don`t trust him for a second&definitely not behind me. He treats me OK I think because I told him I had a qur`an. I asked him if he ever read the Bible.He says he can`t. If I understand the Bible correctly, Muslims are “the children of the flesh”. Ismael`s seed.

          • harbidoll

            Wow, they walk among us. Thats why Hollywood is making all the Zombie movies, to prepare us!

          • David C. Telliho

            Thank you for replying. I admit, I don`t quite know how to ‘take’ your post. Is it sarcasm. Or what does it mean ? My goal is to get the thoughts of this Muslim directed toward leaving Islam. With kid gloves. Heavy threats, and sarcasm will drive him deeper into it. What`s your goal ?

          • harbidoll

            Im sure some people in Hollywood are “appraised” of the situation. Hunger games?

          • David C. Telliho

            I`ve heard of ‘hunger games’. I don`t know anything about that. Neither do I understand what you mean by Hollywood people are “appraised”. Appraised, How and of what ? Or just forget it. I`m 70 and don`t have time for games. Hunger games,whatever they are, or any other mind games.

          • msjupiter

            I hate to say something but if this man is listening to a radio station that is mentions “Jihad” I think it is time to atleast let the FBI know that this is happening. If it is nothing, then fine but how guilty will you feel if something does happen and you don’t say anything when you had first hand knowledge? I know I don’t listen to radio stations that are trying talk people into killing other people.

          • David C. Telliho

            When I was a teenager, I believed the FBI was really something. I was so enamored with them, I wanted to be a FBI agent. I watched book shelves for the latest novel. Now, I think they could try to p in a toilet using both hands and still P all over their own shoes. And who changed my opinion of them? The FBI. They know they should monitor the Mosques, they know what they are doing. They`ll try to catch a terrorist,then spend days,weeks trying to figure out what the ideology was that drove the person. The person who screamed alluhu akbar while hacking at people with a machete. Respect is earned. I have called them. Twice. Homeland security, once. Our local city police,once. A middle east guy came up to me and asked what a gal. of water weighed. 81/3 lb. I told him(with out thinking)He was confused&wanted metric weight of a gallon. I had no idea. Afterward,I wondered ‘why a question like that from a guy like that. Profiling is a no-no. Not politically correct. Never mind the water question, we don`t profile people. No, I ain`t going to call again. It`s unfortunate there isn`t a single man in the country who would get an arrest warrant,march into the oval office,arrest Obama,then Lynch,Valerie Jarrett,&clean out the entire nest. All that`s needed is a man.Ain`t none in the FBI

          • 2010K

            as we have seen in the news lately.

          • don williams

            True, but he still wrote it and most Muslims believe it.

        • don williams

          But we should finish it before it’s too late.

      • Aaron

        But the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was Hitler’s friend and ally. Did you know that? It was he who gave Adolf the idea to exterminate the Jews.

        Today, the most popular, most widely-read book among Moslems is Hitler’s book, Hitler’s “religion.”

        But let’s forget that for a moment.

        Today, all over the world, tens of thousands of mosques–actively teach the hatred and annihilation of the non-Moslem. It is promoted. Funneling cash to Islamic fighters is promoted and expected.

        You say none of any of what’s going on all over the world has anything to do with Islam. So, do you have Jewish friends as well as Christian friends? Why not? Because of your book?

        But let’s forget about all of that too.

        Go to the Koran itself, and the other books of Islam. From those texts alone it is easy to discover that Islam is a most criminal religion, having nothing to do with the true God–the Almighty–the Creator–the King of the Universe. The Moslem’s “allah” god is NOT that one, holy, everlasting, God. It’s all plainly there–straight from the texts. Please educate yourself on these matters.

        No one here hates people who are Moslems. But the political expansionist ideology masquerading as a religion is poisoning the planet.

        Topics for your research, to start with:

        Islam and Slavery
        Islam and Sex Slaves
        Islam and FGM
        Islam and Sharia
        Islam and Jews
        Islam and Christians
        Islam and Women
        Islam and Child “Brides”
        Islam and Minorities
        Islam and Acid Attacks
        Islam and Suicide Attacks
        Islam and Honor Killings
        Islam and Rape

        Study the effects of Islam on daily life in the Islamic countries.

        Believing in a (truly) Holy Creator is one thing. Islam is something entirely other. One of the big problems with Islam is the idolatrous worship of Mohammed. Mohammed is like an idol to Moslems. Very sad.

        Start here:

        • conan_drum

          Hitler had plans to ‘exterminate’ the Jews long before he ever met the Grand Mufti. It is in Mein Kampf. Of course the Mufti thought it was great idea

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            I’ve heard exactly the opposite. I’ve heard the Nawzis were deporting Jews to “Palestine” until the Grand Mufti convinced them to start slaughtering them instead.

          • Will

            Before Hitler’s day, Iran was called Persia. The leadership of the towel’s was so happy that the Third Reich systematically murdered Jews, that they changed the name of the nation to Iran, the towlie spelling of aryan. I am completely happy with my nordic heritage, but no-one is more or less valuable to the living God (the God of the Hebrews).

          • harbidoll

            I read a study that Persians were light skin , light hair. & that Germans came from that region, The Arabs invaded & changed things! language, history ,religion.people.

        • don williams

          What you said is wise and true. To bad most, if not all, Muslims, will never do the research themselves, they will just believe what their religious leaders tell them to believe.

      • Juanita

        Okay, what are you doing to put an end to this kind of thing? Simply standing by silently or whining on this blog about “being included”?

        You want to distinguish yourself? GET OUT THERE AND PROTEST THIS TYPE OF CONDUCT LOUD AND LONG. Otherwise you are no better than that murderer and I will “include you in this”.

        • Guest

          I have been to around 21 “protests” in my 63 years of life.

          It is now too dangerous to “go out there and protests” as America has become just another South American Banana Republic.

          People are getting too blood lust crazy for a 63 year old , 115 pound, 5′ tall lady to just go out there.

          How many protests have you been to Juanita?????

          Again, I’ve done my part.

          My people go back to 1639 in this country. Four fought in the War for Independence, three died in that war.

          One was the fifth President of this once great nation.

          My father fought and helped liberate Europe from Hitler.

          And I am locked, loaded and ready when these communists, muslim jerks in DC decide it is time to tango.

          Been near death (twice) and have made my peace with the Lord…………..but I’m ready and would gladly choose death over being enslaved.

          • Will

            I think Juanita was responding too Waqar Kahn.

        • harbidoll

          during the BLM demos the the black street preachers were out in mass! Course he press didnt cover any of that!

      • Mahou Shoujo

        We are discussing the way American muslims live islam, try and focus. One of the reasons muslims are universally hated, other than their criminally insane violence, is they always blame others for their insane subhuman actions. Lets make it simple for you, it is your fault, you and you alone are responsible for your personal actions, not Hindu’s or generations long gone or, anything, you, personally, and the imbeciles you call imams, ayatollahs and mullahs.

      • Mahou Shoujo

        This is quoted by muslims when they commit murder, be so gracious as to rationalize it with anything non demonic.

        o1.2 The following are not subject to retaliation:

        -1- a child or insane person, under any circumstances

        -2- a Muslim for killing a non-Muslim;

        -3- a Jewish or Christian subject of the Islamic state for killing an apostate from Islam (O: because a subject of the state is under its protection, while killing an apostate from Islam is without consequences);

        -4- A father or mother (or their fathers of mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring;

        Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law

        Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri, Edited and Translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller (p. 508, o1.1-2)

        • Guest

          The muslim Qu’ran reads more like a satanic bible than Anton LeVey’s “bible”.

          Every single page, every single one commands to kill, smite, murder, cause terror, enslave, etc.

          In fact muslims break every single commandment God gave to Moses, every single one.

          They worship satan (unknowingly) satan is the grand deceiver, the father of lies.

          muslims have been inbreeding for the past 1,400 years and most have corrupted their DNA from inbreeding and are retarded. Sorry if that is not politically correct but it’s the plain truth.

          That is partly why they are being herded into the west to perform sexual Jihad (breed outside their family lines = smarter muslims)

          Anyone saying Islam is a religion of peace is deceived or lying. Islam is satan’s kingdom manifested on Earth and ALL muslims are his foot soldiers.

          “Honor killing” bs. Here this man had a beautiful, smart, sweet looking daughter and he shot her dead.

          May the good Lord have mercy upon that child.

          A beautiful daughter and he killed her.

          Insane basturd. Insane and possessed. All muslims are possessed by evil spirits that seek the destruction of humanity.

          All this bs goes beyond being simply a physical 3d battle. Ultimately this war is between God the Father and satan.

          Look at all the Christians being slaughter in the Middle East and Africa.

          I suspect antichrist will be a muslim and my money currently is on Barack Hussein Obama.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            hussain is not anything more than a cheap puppet of an ideology that bought and paid for him. He will be forgotten like every other fool and dupe that suckered a nation into destruction.

          • harbidoll

            Satan hates creation cuz it isnt nor ever will be his!! He rules over parts of it Now but he knows its temporary.

        • Will

          How is one to read this comment and Not see Luciferian doctrine? This filth is from a completely demonic soul. If you can think this way, re-think your belief system.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            Human sacrifice, especially child sacrifice is a mark of demon worship, islam is a demonic cult.

      • Mark 2112

        oh bullshit.

      • Guest

        If you are a muslim than you have been deceived. This young man in the video below explains how you have been deceived.

        The Quran ‘Admits’ Allah Is Satan! Jesus Is The ONLY Way To God!


        Keep in mind satan is a fallen angel, the father of lies, the master of deception. That angel in the cave with Mohammad wasn’t Gabriel. I could meet you and say, “Hi my names Mary” but my name isn’t really Mary. That angel that spoke with Mohammad was satan. Simply look at each attributes below and pick the correct one.

        Gods attributes: Love, life, creation, free will, peace, order, freedom, morality

        satan’s attributes: Hate, death, destruction, oppression, war, chaos, slavery (enslave), immorality (sexual perversion)

        Islam is satan’s kingdom manifested on Earth.

      • Waqar Khan, you’re not going to convince many people that it’s just Hindu Muslims who do this–right off the bat I can think of plenty of incidents involving Jordanian and Syrian Muslims doing the exact same to their daughters/sisters. Muslim may be the religion, but the Islamic Ideology is destroying itself and taking everyone else with it.
        You need to work on becoming part of the solution instead of merely trying to distance yourself from the problem.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Honor killings go on in Turkey, in the 21st century.

      • James M

        If it’s cultural, why don’t Arab Christians, and Christians in largely Muslim countries, do this ?

      • conan_drum

        Honour killing is in the Quran and sanctioned by Mohammad’s words
        so it is no use you trying to deny it. Young people and mostly young women are frequently killed because they are seen to be too Westernised, having a relationship with a non Muslim or turning away from their religion

      • jobird

        Guilt by association,sorry Waqar but as long as you and others who follow this cult don’t clean up these termites in your midst this is what you reap.

      • Deplorable Diane Pugh

        Izlam…nor any other religion….is NOT a race. However, this is VERY MUCH izlamic. Izlam is poison. Piss be upon it and your pedophile prophet MoHamBoy

      • Dude, dump Islam. Its a sham. Just walk away from it, and walk away from every Muslim you know if necessary. Set yourself free from the staggering bondage Islam places on all Muslims.

      • guymacher

        Christians and “other”races? What race is Christian?

      • Ed Helmboldt

        Do you cry out in anguish over what the terrorists do? Do you protest their actions? Do you say anything against those of your brothers who do these kinds of things? If you don’t then you’re implicit in it. Silence is tacit consent!

      • David C. Telliho

        I`ve read down thru the comments that reply to your post. I`m not surprised. There is much anger,&frustration among us. Myself,If I`m in a shopping mall,or some crowded area, when someone yells Allahu Akbar, there will be shots fired…by me. I will drop the individual,male or female,as efficiently as possible. We have been systematically terrorized. How shall we act ? We, or I have been brought up to treat others as I want to be treated. I`ve always trusted other people to do the same. Some times I get taken advantage of. I trust people until they do wrong to me. Muslims included. Altho, my trust in Muslims has been shaken and I`m more aware. One issue I have with Islam, is that if you wanted to leave Islam, there would be a death sentence upon you. I will defend your right to believe as you wish. Unless you get into jihad.

      • TruthWFree

        Your allah god (AKA Satan) tells you in Sura 5-51 not to make friends of Christians and Jews…so how can you have non Muslim friends? Your Satanic death cult religion is the cause of this girl’s death and all the Islamic Jihadist killings going on every day somewhere in the world. Leave your evil Satanic religion and come to the TRUTH of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. You are complicit with the Islamic Jihadist killers if you stay in Islam. It was Satan in the cave with Muhammad in 610 AD, not Gabriel, and Muhammad too thought so but was convinced by his wife Khadija that it was from God…deceit…allah is the best deceiver per the Quran. What about the Satanic verses where he agreed to other gods with the Meccans? Satan fooled Muhammad…and you…on the entire false hate filled religion.

      • G Bailey

        Islam has ceased to be a religion. It has become a political cult of bloodthirsty destruction.

      • Dallas dog

        You are a muzzlem your goal is to become more mohamid like. You can not be trusted. There are a lot of dead Christians in syria, who thought muzelems were their friend’s

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Ditto for the Christians of Lebanon, who are fast disappearing from that increasing islamised cesspool state.

      • Frankie

        Agree with you Waqar, one can’t tarnish all with the same brush. I feel for you. I have some beautiful Muslim friends and theyare nothing like the radicals. Peace be with you.

      • Shalmon Amnon

        Another evil liar!!!Waqar your not better then any other evil cruel muslim father that killed his daugther.
        “Inshallah” you and all evil cruel muslims will leave America

      • bill

        Keep speaking out against the part of Islam that behaves in this manner and standup against them, OR I CAN GUARANTEE YOU, WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE/PATRIOTS WILL. OH, ALSO IT’S AMEN, NOT AMEEN.

      • Mary

        First off, Christian is not a race. A follower of Christ can be from anywhere, have any shade of skin, and speak any language.
        From your comment I gather you just go along to get along…not really practicing your religion. It is obvious you have not read your own holy books. Please notice the Koran/Hadith/Surah have something in common with the Bible. Yours mention that every believer has a djinn. Ours contains a plea in Psalm 141:9, regarding keeping us safe from the workers of iniquity….which have gin! Demons. Considering that ISIS doesn’t permit any religion except Islam, and their actions do in fact appear to be demonically inspired, perhaps it is time for you to examine your beliefs with an extremely critical eye.
        (you know portions of Psalms as the Zabor)

      • William Drumm Sr.

        My friend, I don’t know you but that is part of Islamic law called Sharia law. You say your Muslm

      • Lynch

        Wager, you are very mistaken and mislead. Honor killings are primarily the product of a poor society. You will hardly ever find one such in a Christian society. However, they are common place in most Arab nations. Islam tenants dictate subservience of women. That, on it’s own, supports honor killings. So, do not fool yourself that it has nothing to do with Islam.

        If, as you posted “please don’t include in me in all of this” ……………. you showed how much the fool you actually are!

    • Bill Kay

      Rid our society of all of these maniacs and rid our society of all the fools that have allowed them into our country .

    • William Drumm Sr.

      I’m surprised they haven’t wiped there own civilization out by the way they treat there women and children.

      • christian vidal

        Women are just reproductive-machines in the muzz world!

    • Jenny

      Those weren’t Muslims who were dancing in the street after 9/11. Those were Jews and, get this, they were here to document the demolition of the WTC.

  • Freedom_For_All
    Please share it!! Muslims show their true colors

  • Delilah

    Poor girl! This is so awful. Why she was still living at home is odd. With pharmacy degree she should have been able to move out and it’s a downright shame that she didn’t.

  • James Davis

    He must have read and studied his Quran, and did what it demanded. Why is any other reason necessary?

    • Max

      muslims musliming… nothing to see here… move along.

  • JWitt


    • terrylblnc

      And taxpayers again on the hook for this miserable waste of air.

  • JWitt


    • GeneralLee

      Pretty and accomplished….but her vision was such that apparently she failed to realise the need to head for greener pastures, and to unplug from contact with her deranged pervert slime piece of syphilitic camel vomit fungus father (and probably the mother, as well).

      • Barry Alan Togal

        That’s great! Isn’t it amazing what you say using a choice of only 26 letters…….

  • Harmless Immigrant

    Death to America – Hillary 2016

  • lostlegends

    Let’s use him for target practice.

  • tewdc

    The problem is Islam’s lack of a “reformation.” They are stuck in the Dark Ages and show no desire to leave. Islam is not a religion, the religion is only part of what it is: A world conquest movement that uses mainly violence and the threat of violence on its men so that its women, who are their slaves, continue to crank out babies for emigration to unbeliever countries that are democracies and so their fair, hard-one laws can be used by Islam’s emigrating hordes to vote in Islam and Sharia. Islam does not mean “peace,” it means “the peace that comes from submission to Allah and Mohammad is his only prophet.” These people are either barbarians or scared to death to speak out or act out because there are so many barbarian Muslims. This won’t end well.

    • Paul Rush

      There will be no reformation, no enlightenment. It is expressly forbidden. Thus liberals feel the need to enlighten the rest of us as to why islam is good for us

      • Artie Galvin

        You’re correct. There will never be a reformation in islam. The koran expressly forbids any alterations. The koran is the exact and perfect work of allah handed down to mohamed. The change the koran undermines the entire religion.

    • Max

      One can argue that that the RoP has already gone through it’s “reformation.” It traces back to that Wahhab (1703–92) fellow. He advocated a return to the early violent and warlike Islam of the Koran and Sunna, rejecting later innovations; the sect is still the all powerful religious force in Saudi Arabia. We are learning more all the time about the Saudi private funding of all sorts of things, including islamic fanatics like Al Queda. The kingdom is at the center of the web promulgating all forms of jihad, financing hundreds of mosques, and training thousands of preachers to staff them all over the world, including Europe and North America.

      The nub of the problem is that the fanatics trying to impose caliphates or otherwise oppress the rest of us are rooted in Saudi style Wahhabi Islam. The kingdom finances the theology that supports gee-had all over the place. Osama bin Laden was not hit by a bolt of lightning. He found the ideas in the theology preached where he grew up. Big Al the sky fairy provided the oil, the oil provided the money, and here we are.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        One problem w/your theory, the f’ing Shitite muslums are just as barbaric — just ask Iranian Jews, Baha’i or the Zoroastrians still unfortunate to live in the islamic cesspool called Iran.

        • Max

          What’s your point? It’s not like schisms are unknown to Christian history, witness Roman Catholicism vs the Greek Orthodox variety. The issue presented was potential “reformation” in the land of big al the sky fairy. Luther did a pretty good job fragmenting the roman church. Saudi’s own native Sunni school of Islam is Wahhabism, which includes the prohibition of Shia Islam itself, as strict Wahhabis do not consider Shia to be Islamic. That’s life on the theological battle front.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Shitite muslums are not prohibited from going to Soddy Barbaria to worship at the Meccan pig’s anus. There was a schism in Nazism as well, but that didn’t make the SA any better than the SS.

    • MV

      Christianity underwent a reformation …and went back to the roots of the Bible. The New Testament didn’t ‘sanction’ or approve of the things that were being done, and things like ‘buying indulgences’ were an example of permitting sin if you paid enough to the church. The reformation was a focusing back on the Bible. The New Testament is not into forced conversions, killing those who you oppose or who oppose you. Even the Jews of the Old Testament were only told to conquer the ‘promised land’ and clean out the wickedness…and once that was done, the Jews did not go on drive to create a ‘greater Israel’ and force people to convert or die.

      BUT – Islam is based on the Koran, and the first part – the Mecca period – is fairly tolerant, but still strong on Islam controlling others who are not of the faith. The second part of the Koran – the Medina period – is full of requirements to drive out and convert, oppress, or kill those who won’t convert. It is full of intolerance to people of other faiths (or no faith). A reformation can’t be one of going back to the roots – because in reality, those radical islamists believe that their radicalism IS going back to the Koran. Their ‘reformatoin’ would require re-interpretation of the Koran, or finding ways of reconciling things that their ‘prophet’ said as being of that time and not present times.

      Consider that if people attending Christian churches were more like Jesus – society would be much better off. But if Muslims started emulating Mohammed – there would be all sorts of problems – killing off non-believers, marrying a child at age 6 but waiting til she was 9 to consumate the marriage, making treaties and then breaking them, etc. Mohammed was not a good guy, and society is worse if/when Muslims try to model their own lives after their ‘prophet.’

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        The peaceful Meccan verses have been abrogated by the verses of war which is obvious considering the mass murder and thievery committed by muhamMUD in Medina.

    • Guest

      Islam does not need a reformation because it is a totalitarian political ideology disguised as a religion that was founded by satan.

      Do your research. I suggest you read the Qu’ran in it’s entirety.

      Again, you cannot reform a satanic ideology.

      There is nothing worth reforming because the entire premise of Islam is to kill, murder, dominate, destroy, hurt, mutilate, war, conquer…………you cannot reform a total evil ideology.

      Islam comes from satan.

      One either dances with God or dances with the devil and muslims have been deceived BIG TIME.

      (As have Catholics). Before you reply read Malachi Martin’s book, “The Decline and Fall Of The Roman Church.”

  • JustThinking

    It would be interesting to hear the remainder of the 911 tape to learn more. For example, was Dad in the house when son made the call? If so, why didn’t dad present a threat to son and the other family members? What was the nature of the argument that led to the shooting? I would think the dispatcher asked such questions in order to assess the situation for the police and EMTs that were dispatched to the scene.

  • Mahou Shoujo

    Now it is diabetes, first it was work place violence, global warming, culture differences, unfamiliarity with the effects of alcohol, stress, any number of other excuses other than stating the fact that the problem is islam, the words of the prophet, police beat upon him, here is a quote fro the qur’an that allows and encourages the murder of children.

    Retaliation is obligatory (A: if the person entitled wishes to take it (dis: o3.8)) against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right. (O: Intentionally is a first restriction and excludes killing someone through an honest mistake, while purely excludes a mistake made in a deliberate injury (def: o2.3), and without right excludes cases of justifiable homicide such as lawful retaliation.)

    o1.2 The following are not subject to retaliation:

    -1- a child or insane person, under any circumstances

    -2- a Muslim for killing a non-Muslim;

    -3- a Jewish or Christian subject of the Islamic state for killing an apostate from Islam (O: because a subject of the state is under its protection, while killing an apostate from Islam is without consequences);

    -4- A father or mother (or their fathers of mothers) for killing their offspring, or offspring’s offspring;

    Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law

    Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri, Edited and Translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller (p. 508, o1.1-2)

  • clem_clone

    I’m sure this has “nothing to do with Islam” cough cough.

    From Sunan Ibn Majah, number 2540:

    ““Carry out the legal punishments on relatives and strangers, and do not
    let the fear of blame stop you from carrying out the command of Allah

  • DistantEarlyWarning611

    Get used to reports like this one. When the Teflon Hag becomes our next dictator she will import millions of people who believe this kind of behaviour is warranted .

    • jrt

      I’m 50 and didn’t even know what a Muslim was until I was 25 here in the good old US. those were the days

      • Waqar Khan

        Now Muslims are the many Police men, firefighters, doctors, lawyers, judges, congressmen, even President-Okay I know Obama is Muslim from the heart, and teachers, taxi drivers, like you name something…or in army, and many have lost their lives too, protecting the USA, yes better then you and me, tney have died for our country, they have died for the USA….yes they not sitting here, just posting nonsense…they actually went and fight for our freedom, they got killed…can you do that or I?

        • Trevor Fortune

          Well obviously you can’t, you need to be sane and literate to enlist and from you posts it it obvious you are neither.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          Yeah, the and the f’ing muslums who run Dearbornistan, Michigan are enforcing islamic blasphemy and heresy laws under other auspices. Wherever you muslum rats spread freedom, democracy and liberty always die. Go back to whatever sh!ttystan you crawled out of.

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Many died for the freedom that muslims use to destroy the freedom of t the free world. islam is a demonic suit cursed from ancient tie to today, There are a few decent muslims, there is nothing but criminal insanity in islam.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            You can’t be a “decent” person and believe in a Jew hating, totalitarian, fascist, vile violent death cult. Ask your “decent” muslums if they admire or condemn MuhamMUD, the mass murdering psychopath, profit for prophet and child molester — see if they condemn him, praise him or lie to you.

          • Mahou Shoujo

            There are enough non muslims who hate those you mention. What they say is one thing, how they act, is what is.

        • Nam Marine

          LEAVE my Country Muslime ! You are NOT wanted here !

  • The Informer

    Boil this Muslim scumbag in acid

  • Shadow54

    I just saw in the news that Denmark will now allow Muslims to keep their child brides,thus allowing pedophilia. This issue hasn’t been looked into enough. It is well known that Brussels and the huge EU political elite engage in a lot of pedophilia. An easy way for them to simply make it legal is to flood society with Muslims. This could be large reason why you see Billionaires, celebs, politicians shout their love for migrants. They want society altered so they can practice their vices openly.

  • knightsstrength

    Muslim females need to get away, never come back to Islam

    • terrylblnc

      Some are so brainwashed though, thye go along with the mens’ foolishness. And they’re just as violent and abusive as the men. Look at the family in Ottawa – man , second wife, & son killed his first wife & 3 daughters,no regrets from any of them.

      • Save Europe

        Very very true. Loads of Muslima mothers happily hold their daughters down while they get genitally mutilated. So many are completely complicit in honour killings. Surprisingly, so many LOVE donning a Burka, because, as so many realise – they’re not ‘being’ insulted, but are insulting us kuffars – we are unclean, non believers who are not worthy of looking at them. The insult is on us.

      • IzlamIsTyranny

        It was a muslimah slimebag that blew up the Sbarro pizzeria in Israel. When the bitch was told her bomb had killed a baby…she smiled.

  • Gary W. Searing

    Hay that means since I’m a diabetic. I can commit murder and get away with it.

  • Free Bacon 4 All

    Honor killing….What honor??? He is a murderer!!! Killing your own offspring…it does not get worse than that and they think justice is served. COWARDS!!!! Their people cut hands and heads, rape, sexual slavery, with no regards for human life and keep trying to explain to the rest of the world it is the religion of piece….they have no shame for what they do!!!! Parasites !!!!

    • jrt

      piece of shat

  • Duck

    Barbarians….and liberals/progressives claim all cultures are equal.

  • Indian Tech Support

    Muslims want all non muslims dead, so either we let them kill us all or we kill them first, the government has sided with the muslims, what option does that lead us?

  • jrt

    She was no fool and quite smart with a Pharm degree. what does her mother think or are they not allowed to speak. She was probably dating an infidel

  • Jacks Tellerphone

    please get out and vote this liberal disease away

  • Benji0804

    The reason they keep them inside is they don’t want them to be westernized
    and at the first hint of that they execute them without hesitation.
    Proving once again they will not assimilate and no such thing as a moderate
    or radical Muslim.

  • 1st Amend.

    It’s called “post term abortion”. I think its legal.

  • Waddymellons

    Sick Bastard! Should torture him as they do to others, then shove him off a 20 story building!

  • Tom Sims

    And 10s of millions of Diabetics didn’t kill anyone. So, Diabetes is not a factor. What factor could prompt a muslim father to shoot his daughter? That’s really tough to figure out. he didn’t even have the guts to do it while she was awake and look him in the eye.

  • Donald J.
    • IzlamIsTyranny

      LOL, your retarded Al Taqiyya lies aren’t going to work here dumb muslum ape.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Boolshitt, and lying boolshitt at that.

  • what a delightful breed muslims are
    girls- get these things- keep them close to the chest
    “The Point” is a good start

  • Rufrignkidnme

    Islam, ladies and gentlemen, the religion of peace and love or death and conquest?

  • Sgtsnuffy


  • Ronald Green

    SMH The stupidity of Dr. Joan asking “what are the dynamics….” The dynamic was Islam.

  • luis martinez

    I missed the part where this was an honor killing?
    Not that he shouldn’t fry for murder.

  • mackykam

    Post birth islamic abortion.

  • DeathFromTheShadows

    no guns for Muslims that should fix it. RIGHT HILLARY???

  • Shows how sick and perverted Islam truly is! What “honor” is there in murdering your child? Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul and their “Allah” is nothing more than the Biblical Satan, thus, all the perversities and atrocities within that sick Death Cult!

  • bash0001

    This Pig should have his nose and both ears cut off and be tied to a pole in the middle of a hog pen, eviscerated and his guts spilled out for the hogs to eat and so he can watch them till he dies. Then bury him in the hog pen.

  • Craig

    Well, oomoo mabooboo should be placed in a cage, soaked in gasoline and lit on fire, since he LOVES shariah law so very much. Tit for tat, so to speak.
    These muslim scum MUST be ejected from modern countries.

  • harbidoll

    what would you do if your daughter lost her hymen? Or refused to marry her cousin?/sarc

  • Janet

    See how weird their culture is with family members killing other family members. This is acceptable to them! They are nuts!

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      When muslums don’t have convenient non-muslims to kill they turn on each other like rabid dogs.

  • Russell Lolley

    One of the many common misconceptions people have is that suicide bombings are allowed and sanctioned in Islam. However, the Qur’an strictly forbids suicide.

    “O ye who believe! Eat not up your property among yourselves in vanities: But let there be amongst you Traffic and trade by mutual good-will: Nor kill (or destroy) yourselves: for verily Allah ‘God’ hath been to you Most Merciful!” – Qur’an English Translation [4:29]

    “Because of this did We ordain unto the children of Israel that if anyone slays a human being-unless it be [in punishment] for murder or for spreading corruption on earth-it shall be as though he had slain all mankind; whereas, if anyone saves a life, it shall be as though he had saved the lives of all mankind. And, indeed, there came unto them Our apostles with all evidence of the truth: yet, behold, notwithstanding all this, many of them go on committing all manner of excesses on earth.” – Qur’an English Translation [5:32]

    Clearly Islam outlaws suicide and the killing of innocent people. The Qur’an even goes so far as to mention how the killing of one innocent life is as if all of mankind was murdered. Also, it states how the saving of one life will be as if all of mankind was saved…Islam stresses the importance of a single human life beyond any shadow of a doubt.

    Also the media and some people commonly think that Muslims believe in a heaven where each person will receive 70 virgins…ha-ha which is actually laughable and very untrue. There maybe some crazy fanatics who believe in that but this definitely is not part of Islam’s Doctrine. Read the following link about Heaven in Islam. The page was actually written by a knowledgeable Christian:

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      LOL, what crap. To be killed while committing jihad is the only surefire way of getting into allah’s heavenly whorehouse.

  • Enchanted1

    What caused a father to kill his daughter?? Oh gee let me see, gee I’m not getting any answer here, hmmm, let me do some more research on this, OHHHHHH tell me it can’t be ISLAM!!! I just can’t believe it, the religion of PEACE?? Nooo, say it’s not so!! “They were quiet and kept to themselves, seemed like nice folks.” They don’t friggin assimilate ya nut jobs!! That is why they “keep to themselves!” Ya never hear a damned thing until something blows the hell up or there is a mass shooting or a beheading or a machete attack. God help us this world has gone deaf and blind.

  • Logic PrObe

    He is being held on $1 million bond.

    What does that mean?

    • Mahou Shoujo

      If he wants out of jail, he will have to have a million dollars posted to assure he shows up in court for his hearing and trial. Failure to do so, means the million dollar bond is forfeit to the courts. There are “bondsmen” companies that are sort of like insurance, for a fee they will post the bond, but if you don’t show up for court, and they loose their bond, you have bigger problems than any court will ever cause.

      • Logic PrObe

        OK, thanks.
        So if he paid the $1m………..he’d be out on bail?

        • Mahou Shoujo

          Yes, and if he didn’t show up in court, he would be out $1 m. Then a warrant issued for his arrest, with the likelihood of bail being not extended a second time.

          • Logic PrObe

            Yes………..but he’d probably be out of the country by then.

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Exactly. The Egyptian muslum who killed both his daughters disappeared, never to be seen again. It’s thought that he might be still living in the Islamic Puppet States of America under another name/SSN.

  • Mihai Mihaescu

    Sadly, western nations are down the drain… victims of political correctness

  • Fred8512

    He is what a lot of people refer to as a moderate mudslime. There is no such thing as a moderate mudslime, they all read the same koran, and inter-put it the same way. Animals that should be eliminated.

  • hal8196

    Diabetes? What utter nonsense. Islam is the scourge of the earth, but I also denounce all of the corrupt politicians that are promoting the takeover of the U.S. by the muslims. The have failed to follow their oath of office to defend our constitution, and therefore, are traitors to this nation. I hope there is a day of reckoning for them.

  • CraxyD

    PD saying they’re not treating him for anything but the older brother is saying the dad is guano crazy from diabeetus and that’s what pushed him over the edge.

  • paul

    To Mr shitstain, she is only property to be beat and sold… Whats the big deal? Less worth that a goat. Anyway, likely she was eating crap food he brought home. He fed her sugary garbage. Having a muslim parent is like owning a rabid dog. Its when, not if.

  • Damned 0bama brot these pigs in to kill us off – USA becoming another Islamic nation! Bill Clinton started bringing in these Muslim pigs when he was prez

  • Toy Pupanbai

    6 children and the only one with any promise, gone!

  • James Stamulis

    Gee Obama your religion of pieces love for their daughters is so touching isn’t it? I know but those Christian crusaders did some bad things too isn’t that what you always say when Islam does their demonic thing?

  • Rjack

    There is no honer in killing, what ever her and her father argued about was not a reason to take her life. This is not a teaching of a religion of peace and should not be viewed as such. Wherever it settles peace is disrupted for ever.

  • Zaphod Braden

    They should ALL honor kill one another.

  • Nam Marine

    Deport ALL of these Muslim P.O.S. !

  • Nam Marine

    Bring back the Crusades !

  • Juanita

    This is what Obama and Hillary want to bring to the US! This young woman was probably killed because she was not willing to continue to follow the Muslim party line from either the dress code to the selection of a husband. If they have no regard for the lives of their own how can we expect they will respect the lives of others who disagree with them or do not adopt their ways?

  • Mahou Shoujo

    This is how today’s American muslim interprets islam, lives islam and shows total contempt for law, humanity, even their own children. This is the world of the democrat, and the muslim.

  • Poke

    OH…John Kasich wuz seen departing on the Southern-Pacific Camel Express…

  • Maria

    Where in the hell did the title of his article become the truth? This article disgusts me and everyone who is involved with this. When a Christian mother killed her two teenage daughters a few weeks ago, religion was no where to be found in those articles. Shame on you for this horrible excuse for an article.

    • whodowetrust

      Because it is not an acceptable act for a Christian to murder, it IS acceptable in many parts of the Muslim world. They even have a name for it : “honor killing”.
      Look it up, study it and then come back and defend Muslims who murder their own children.

    • Guest

      Maria, a REAL Christian follows Jesus’s number one prime directive. One of the last things Jesus said was, “Love one another as I have loved you. Love one another.”

      Anyone not following that prime directive is either not a real Christian or possibly possessed. And yes there is such a thing as being possessed by evil spirits.

      Also, “honor killings” are quite common in the Islamic world compared to Christians killing their own children.

      You need to wake up and take the blinders off or else all of us are going to find ourselves living in a Islamic country……….that’s coming.

      Have to shake my head at your statement. Really really shows you have not done any research into Islamic Law, nor have you ever lived in a Islamic country.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      When a “Christians mother killed her two teenage daughters a few weeks ago”, um where did this happen Fatima Al Taqiyya?

  • whodowetrust

    I have two words: “honor killing”.

  • Mark 2112

    ho hum, just another of the so-called moderate muslims. lets have more come in this country. ok Hillary supporters……explain this one.

    • whodowetrust

      Same way they explain Washington, San Bernardino, Orlando, Boston, etc…
      Just some guy that went crazy…nothing at all to do with the religion of ”peace”.

      • Guest

        That is because we have a muslim President with muslim advisors that control most of the press and media.

        More of those type of killings are coming unless we get rid of these muslims.

        Every country they invade turns to (the brown word).

        They do not enrich any country they come to. They are simply sand pirates that seek to rape, pillage, plunder and devour.

        Most are inbred and retarded.

        They don’t like dogs…………..who in the hell doesn’t like dogs. You don’t want to hear how they treat dogs in the Middle East.

        They don’t like BBQ Pork……..who the hell doesn’t like BBQ Pork.

        They are not suppose to drink alcohol……no beer.

        They don’t like women…….Many muslim men develop intimate emotional and physical ties with other men / boys.

        They allow old men to “marry” (rape) young girls.

        The men can have multiple wives (adultery)

        They also are into bestiality (shakes head/no comment)

        They mutilate their females’ genitals so their women can feel no pleasure during sex.

        And in Germany they have to have signs telling these desert vermin not to poop in the shower and not to grope women.

        Most look like they haven’t bathe in years.

        On and on and on it goes……Islam is insane and anyone thinking it’s a normal way of life is delusional.

        Warning to any muslim men out there…… grope me and I will be the last women you grope.

  • Rumplestiltskin

    Please, please please please let me have him for my personal style of adjudication. He’ll get a speedy trial, (about two seconds worth), and then I’ll use my dull kitchen knife and cut off his manhood. If he survives that then I’ll take one of his hands, (the one which held the gun) and cut it off at the wrist. If he survives that, then I’ll ………

    You get the picture. Muslims need to know that what goes around comes around, including a Muslim style of unequivocal action to take care of those that offend us.

    That man does not deserve a trial as he was caught dead-to-rights. He should be publicly executed in short order instead of wasting tax payer’s money on a hyped up trial about how muslims don’t have to respect our laws because they want to live by Sharia.

    If you morons do not learn how to fight fire with fire, those radical jihadist will run over our American Life until there is nothing left but a shell of a once great country.

    I love the beginning scenes of the original Jurassic Park. When the black man was trying to fix a problem with the huge cage of the Raptor which was stuck, the raptor grabbed him and drug him inside the cage ostensibly to eat him.
    This is the good part; The hunter who was hired to keep unruly animals in line yelled twice, SHOOT HUR, SHOOT HUR in his inimitable Australian accent.

    In other words my friends when thugs are trying to eat the foundations of our society, as it were, our only alternative may be to shoot them if we want to save our country from Sharia !!!

  • tracy smith

    Stop feeding the fake narrative! Eliminate the term “honor killing” replace it with “cold-hearted, unjustified, premeditated murder towards a family member”!

  • RecoveringPublicEducated

    Where is the wife / mother in this story?

  • LouGots

    Premeditated first-degree murder.

    To bad it’s not Texas. Texas knows what to do with murderers.

  • Ron rockit

    At least this muslima will not be breeding. Trump is right, we have no need to import these animals.

  • ac287149

    Sure, officials don’t know the motive because our laws and culture don’t have such a thing as murdering your children when they ASSIMILATE to their host country.

    More evidence of how difficult it will be for Muslims to assimilate into US life.

  • Look…this is just beyond sad; the father has done a hateful thing for no reason other than irrational narcissism dressed up as religion. I’m Catholic, I have Muslim and Jewish friends and I’m very fond of them. I see them with their families and they are just as apple pie as the rest of us. But also, just like the rest of us, there are loose cannons among them–they don’t apparently want to harm our country–but God forbid someone in the family, especially a woman, “dishonors” the family. Guaranteed the the mother knew he was going to do it and did nothing to prevent it. I can’t imagine being the son who had to call it in.
    Yes, there are those that Obummer is letting in who mean us harm; that’s why this election is important–not only the Presidency is on the ballot, but about 80% of Congress is too. It’s time to get those defeatist elitist out of Congress and get some new blood! Do your homework and vote, so we can get this problem contained.

    • Guest

      There is the Islam / Muslim world you are allowed to see and another one you aren’t privy too.

      No they are not “apple pie” American.

      Being Catholic (I was born and raised Catholic) you are not taught to read the Bible.

      Those muslims that truly integrate will leave Islam because that angel talking to Mohammad in the back of that cave was not Gabriel…… was satan.

      Islam is satan’s kingdom on Earth and all muslims have been deceived.

      You really love your muslim and Jewish friends you better win them over to Jesus because I have a feeling time is short. The clock is ticking and 90% of us are looking at meeting our Maker shortly.

      Islam is technologically not a religion but rather a political ideology disguised as a religion. satan was smart, he is the master at deception.

      The coming antichrist NWO beast system will come out of Islam.

      The current “Pope” has made numerous statements that are heresy. My background is I have had 12 years of Catholicism.

      I suggest you read this article on the Catholic Church (see link) and before you reply to my comment read the Qu’ran……..I have twice and it’s more satanic than these Californian wannabes. Truly a demonic book.

      Your friends may say they are muslims but again, read their Qu’ran and see what you come away with.

      • I didn’t have to be “taught” to read the Bible in order to read it on my own! Seriously? When other Catholics say that, I have to ask–who told you NOT to read it?! You’re unbelievably pompous and arrogant in your assumptions. I have read the Koran…another reason why I’m still Catholic.
        I don’t recall Christ dragging anyone to him and insisting that they worship him; Christ was fairly laid back about it. He left it up to us to make our own decisions. Are you *sure* that YOU”RE a Catholic? Because you sound like one of those “evangelical” mouthfoamers who get “converts” by preaching (threatening) them with Hell fire. …and I’m pretty sure that my Muslim and my Jewish friends know who Christ is–it’s entirely up to them to accept Him. If they don’t, they have to answer for themselves; I am not required to answer for them….and 12 years of being a Catholic makes you an expert? Really…I guess my 53 years don’t measure up. Don’t presume, much less judge, your audience, Mr. or Ms. “Guest”. Glass houses and all that.

        • Guest

          Catholics are not Christians……..sorry Catholic Church was compromised when the Emperor Constantine converted over. Read Malachi Martin’s book, “The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Church.”

          Time is short. Be born again as a Christian, a follower of Christ and not the false prophet currently seated in Rome.

          Wake up, the clock is ticking and eternity is edging ever closer to 90% of us. (Read The Georgia Guide Stones).

          • IzlamIsTyranny

            Constantine wasn’t involved w/the Roman Catholic Church, he founded the Eastern Orthodox church.

          • Yeah…right. All of our ceremonies and services revolve around Jesus…but we’re not Christians.
            How long have you been drinking that particular brand of Kool-Aide? I only ask, because I think the chemical lobotomy you’ve been seeking for yourself is complete….

        • Guest

          The Scary TRUTH About The Catholic Church (Roman Catholic Jesuit Pope Exposed Full Documentary)

          • Oh puhleeez.
            A phony *exposé* and you hiding behind *guest* doesn’t impress.

      • Jay Dee

        You are a disgusting example of being “Catholic”..
        Jews do NOT need to “come over” to Jesus.. and Muzlims need to be euthanized on sight worldwide.

        • Guest

          I am not Catholic, I am Christian, big difference. The Catholic Church was compromised when Emperor Constantine converted over and brought his pagan ways with him. Hence your “Pope” wears a miter hat which is pagan.

          I am not disgusting, I am informed and born again.

          You are uneducated, misinformed and misguided.

          Listen to what comes out of “Pope Frankies” mouth, heresy.

          No all ways do not lead to Heaven.

          Only one way, read your Bible (which Catholics are not taught to do) “None can come to the Father except THROUGH ME.”

          — Jesus.

          This current “Pope” is the false prophet spoken of in John’s Revelation.

          • Jay Dee

            Hey moron.
            There is only ONE “Bible”. It is called the Torah, or the 5 Books of Moses and it is the ONLY ONE that JESUS Read, Preached and Believed In.
            The REST is a FAIRY TALE to CONTROL YOU!
            Carry On Fool.

        • Guest

          We are Former Roman catholic Priests and Nuns who has converted to the Biblical TRUTH!

          We are Former Roman catholic Priests and Nuns who has converted to the Biblical TRUTH! and we plead to all catholics to come out and read the Bible.

          Hear it right from the Horses mouth, former priest and nuns investigating the teachings of Roman Catholicism and comparing them to Scripture. Follow the spiritual journey of devout priests and nuns who courageously faced a crisis of faith and emerged with a life changing experience of Jesus Christ.

  • jobird

    Muslims men are deranged.I pity the women who are born into this cult.I would wish to have never heard that word” Muslim”There has been nothing but trouble and misery
    since they were allowed to leave the desert.

  • SK

    “Islam is a political agenda disguised as a religion” – Admiral “Ace” Lyons

  • conan_drum

    The proof that Islam is not a peaceful religion is plain to see. Whenever there is some perceived insult small or large, real or imagined to the Quran, Mohammad or Islam, Muslims quickly gather in mobs or huge demonstrations. Burning , breaking and even killing, however we are constantly told by Muslims and even by our so called leaders, the terrorism is nothing to do with Islam. Do we see massive world wide demonstrations against terrorist acts? No we do not, in fact what we usually see is celebrations. This is because the majority of Muslims support such actions and approve of them, anything which harms the non believer is fine with them. After all the infidel deserve it, it is the will of Allah. Yes there may be a few who view them with revulsion, but they know what will happen if they say anything!

  • 762x51FMJ

    She was murdered on 9:27 : The Ant An-Nami , Under Islamic sura, it is a warning emphasizing Disbelievers of the message of God will have no hope come Judgement Day. Qur’an 27: 83-85

    The revelation is a clear warning. Sura 27 reiterates that all humanity must turn to God/Allah without delay.

    Qur’an 27: 92-93
    The Queen of Sheba, one from disbelievers (Kafir) , converts and devotes herself to Tawhid ( Moses and prophets prior to the revelation ) in early Medina texts.
    later Mecca texts it is only to emphasize a strict warning to all women non believers , You will be forced to convert and devote yourself as a slave to Islam,

    The order of the Ants and Bees is greatly admired and revered under Islam, as the colonies of ants and bees and the order of workers, Queens and drones which protect and maintain the colony.

    the Society, resembles the order of Islamic societies and it is therefore compatible and known to assume that Islam is ant-equated Insect politics applied to human beings of the 21st Century.

    • Guest

      God is not allah……….allah is satan. And some of what you say is very heavily into the occult.

      The Quran ‘Admits’ Allah Is Satan! Jesus Is The ONLY Way To God!

  • Rob Porter

    Never before did I hear that ‘diabetes’ had such dire effects on individuals! And note how to 911 the son was already looking for an excuse for his father’s murderous behaviour. For pathological liars ‘any port in a storm’.

  • Mikey Hunt

    The religion of peace strikes again. Those are “love bullets” when them come out of the barrels of Muslims. Look for the media to call them just that.

    • Mahou Shoujo

      You are right, the western “cupid” shoots arrows of love, the muslim demon of hate, shoots bullets of lead.

  • Hooch

    Demonic Possession makes people do all kinds of bizarre and insane things.

  • BillRind

    give him the death penalty immediately, he should die a gruesome death as he did to his daughter, this is there peaceful cultist religion as Obama, Clintons, and G.Bush keps telling us about. these are a bunch of murdering demonic peoples.

  • Bruce Kamstra

    Other than the headline WHERE DOES IT SAY IT”S AN HONOR KILLING? Who made this leap?? I read it twice and still don’t see it!

    • Mahou Shoujo

      Perhaps you should read the qur’an once, making some attempt to understand it.

      • Bruce Kamstra

        The qur’an teaches you are to kill your daughter because she wants to be a pharmacist? Then blame it on diabetes?

        • Mahou Shoujo

          The qur’an is non discriminatory, it tells muslims to kill everyone, including each other.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      GFY ya lying muslum scumbag.

      • whatIreallythink

        NOT muslim or muslum as you spell it and don’t care much for goat humpers. Maybe when you learn to read you can make comments.

        • IzlamIsTyranny

          I thought I told you to GFY?

  • Jay Dee

    Koranimals… It would be a “honor” if they just killed each other off.

  • peakpower

    It shows how evil islam is. It is the only organized system that commands fathers to kill their daughters and calls it “HONOR”. Truly evil.

  • Alleged Comment

    Another sodomite Moslem confused about girls. Even when they are old they cannot understand their sexual confusion.

  • barfbag

    Cast your vote – and post on Twitter, Facebook, etc. – to have book “Beyond Terrorism” published:
    or then click on square in upper righthand corner. The click on “Blog”. then click on headline AN APPEAL FOR TWO MINUTES OF YOUR TIME. Then at the bottom of the blogpost click on ‘Beyond Terror’ by Anne Marie Waters. you are now on the page, where you can cast your vote. I’m from and live in Denmark. Have lived briefly in the U.S. (7777 Valley View Street, 90623 La Palma, Orange County, California, 12-13-1973 – 9-13-1974) I’ll be 55 years 29 November this year, and I would like to buy me a copy of this book if it is published. The most important books I have are: 1.A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind (by former member of the board of the central bank of South Africa: Stephen Mitford Goodson). 2.Hidden History.The Secret Origins of the First World War. (by Gerry Docherty & Jim Macgregor). 3.The Anglo-American Establishment (by Carroll Quigley). 4. How the West was Lost (by Alexander Boot).

  • Ed Helmboldt

    I don’t want an America where this kind of thing is a common occurrence. Banning Islam isn’t “Islamophobia” or bigotry, it’s *SELF PRESERVATION*.

  • Gabriel A. King

    The cure for diabetes? Islam.

  • mabera19

    There is no place in the civilized world for the religion of Islam _ Liberals Backwards Think.mhtml

  • D Lll

    sounds like a Clinton induced suicide.

  • Grandson Of TheGrumpus

    What a brave coward!

    Sneaks into a bedroom and shoots a sleeping woman half– or less– his size in the head twice!

    What manliness this creed of is-lamb produces! What manliness these people who copy Mo’Hammie display!

    I suppose that in his spare time he displays his superiority in other ways— like wetting the bed, flogging infants (after securely binding them), deflowering local wildlife, or whipping potatoes!

    The fruits of is-lamb are liquid-rotten!

  • Kathreen

    A very evil and cowardly man, to murder his own daughter while she slept.

  • G Bailey

    I’ll never, ever trust any Muslim. My spouse stopped going to Muslim doctors because they were bleeding us and the insurance companies dry with unnecessary tests and perpetual office visits. We only use our American family doctor now. And we told him the reason why we don’t use the Muslims any more. He was not surprised.

    • IzlamIsTyranny

      Your spouse is incredibly smart. My friend had a muslum doctor after he suffered a stroke. The muslum POS prescribed him a doseage of Warfarin that would’ve killed him or put him in hospital within a week if he hadn’t been scheduled to be tested at an independent clinic for his INR. The doseage was in no way therapeutic.

      • G Bailey

        The last straw for us, was when the Muslim doc insisted on stopping my spouse’s heart to “reset” it. The hospital did tests before the procedure and came back and said that the procedure was not necessary. My spouse’s heart did not warrant being electronically stopped and (hopefully) restarted again. It could have been a life or death event. Luckily, my spouse was smart enough to leave the hospital intact. I wonder how many others have not.

  • Richard Schaum
  • M QM

    i know both. The father and the daughter and you have no right to say it is honor killing! Before you write catchy titles and try to use people’s emotions , try to seek the truth and what really happened. I am not defending or justifying what happened. But stop those racist titles

    • Brian Kirk

      Islam is a race? LoL

      • M QM

        Ignorant! Check out your
        history first! lol!

  • Robin Banks

    According to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, honor killings should not be considered barbaric.

  • Dan Knight

    What part of ‘get a rope’ don’t we understand?

  • Sick Of Mental Misfits

    No, I am not Islamophobic OR Racist …………. Don’t bother with a Death Penalty, because there isn’t any (at times, the American Public is a little slow, but not Stupid).

    This depraved Muslim must be captured and locked up FOREVER, in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT, in complete and absolute isolation, no TV or Radio, no Library privileges, no visitors, no reading anything, no nothing. After awhile, this EVIL ONE will arrange his own demise.

    So called Liberal Democratic Humanitarians promote these Immigrants. This is a perfect example of what the fake and phony Humanitarians are forcing into our Country, in order to get their VOTE. We can give plenty of Humanitarian aid to many poor Mid-Eastern people, without bringing them here. Surely, they would prefer that.

    The current Administration provides FREE Citizenship sponsorship and Voter Training, Food, Medical Care, Housing. Welcome to the Washington version of Islamic Culture and Sharia Law.

    For an excuse, they say we are a Country built by Immigrants ……. I say we are a Country being overwhelmed by Washington DC Misfits.

  • tomkat1111

    Now this raghead can spend his life in jail with the same infidels that he hates so much.

  • Annie Pickett

    Islam in the koran is such a brainwashing psychotic ideology that it convinces people to kill their own children.

  • Roar

    Did he shoot her twice out of rage or he missed the head even at close quarters?

  • aVet

    scum of the fooking earth….Muslims need to be erdicated

  • Gene

    Yes he had a medical condition that caused this. It’s called “Islam.”

  • William Drumm Sr.

    If he gets out he will probably leave this country for a country that supports Sharia law. I see no honor in killing your child, but if we keep allowing Muslims in the country we better get used to this and a whole lot of other dysfunctional things of this way of life.

  • vercingetorix

    The question here is: why did he kill his daughter?
    It is an honor crime probably, but so far there is no testimony and no evidence for that.
    Let’s wait and see what the investigation will bring. If in fact in turns out to be a muslim “honor-crime”, i hope he’ll get the death penalty for that. And then the mother should also be thouroughly investigated. Often the mothers are in league with the fathers when they plot to kill their daughters because of some crazy islamic honor “offenses”!
    These (muslim) people will never fit in in our society!

  • chuckfaerts

    Honor killing has no place in American society and is done by sick people, the byproduct of a diseased and demented culture. I have no idea how to address the larger issue but this guy committed murder and that has consequences. Teddy Roosevelt said of immigrants to this country:

    “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

    That for me is the bottom line. If you can’t come here and become an American you need to go back to wherever you came from.

  • Jenny

    It was it was a “Honor Killing” – so where does that fit into this story?

  • britt

    cant wait for all you old racist trump supporters to die off, hopefully within the next four years so you wont vote that joke of a man in office for a second time

  • Jeremy


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